May, 2012

It's a shame you couldn't just say you were hurtin'

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Yet another pastor calls for the mass execution of homosexuals, while these two children sing out a song with the line, "Ain't not homos gonna make it to Heaven." Then there's this lady trying to defend her pastor's stance on fencing in homosexuals until they all die.

A long list of heartfelt photos.

David Silverman talks about atheism and the ideals of the Christian nation.

New Hampshire has decided that churches can be taxed on their property that isn't being used for religious or charity reasons! It's about time! Let's do this in every state, it's about time they pay their fair share!

Mitt Romney's iTunes app mispells "America". This has led many people to create their own backgrounds for it.

Republican Rep. Pat McElraft of North Carolina is trying to pass a law to prevent rising sea levels. The proposed law won't involve recycling or alternative energy, instead, it makes it illegal to use recent scientific data about the rising sea level. How recent? Only data that is older than -112 years- will be allowed!

World wide, religious people are becoming atheists. From 1998 to 2008, atheism grew in 20 of 28 countries sampled. In the USA, theism grew a bit, but the number of people who doubt the existence of God has also grown.

Ever wonder how Christians are able to teach the bible's genocide to children and still make it sound legit? Here's how they do it.

God needs your poop in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And I hit a speed bump and I spilled my chi-latte all over the hemp-covered seats of my Prius and the speed-bump turned out to be a homeless Native American so I apologized and gave him some land, I stomped out his cigarette and took away his gun and shot myself in the nuts on my way to my frivolous lawsuit for sexual harassment where I was suing myself 'cause I masturbated ó against my will!!

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It turns out Wikipedia isn't nearly as liberal as the Young-Earth Creationists at Conservapedia want you to believe.

It turns out, rattlesnakes are poisonous!

Dr. Steve Hefner, superintendent of Irmo High School in Columbia, South Carolina decided to go ahead with a school-sponsored prayer for graduation because, get this, the seniors voted to have it. That's right, Hefner thinks a person's constitutional rights may be violated just so long as some 18-year-olds decide that they can. Would he honor their decision if they voted to have a whites-only ceremony?

Hank Chien sets a new high score in Donkey Kong, beating the previous record holder, himself.

Susan Grady allowed her 9-year-old son to die of diabetes because she decided to treat him with prayer rather than medicine. She is currently serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence after being convicted of second-degree manslaughter. I hope judges continue to put people like this in prison where they belong. Everyone is free to believe in whatever bat-shit crazy religious crap they want, but you don't have the right to let your son die.

The United Nations wants more control over the Internet. Yes, that's exactly what we need, a group that wants to make blasphemy illegal in control of the Internet. Speaking of which...

Moses bitches about the Sabbath in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Liars for Jesus!

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Emily and I had a wonderful weekend. Progress was made in cleaning up the apartment, she got a nice tan while I got a nice sunburn, we had a cookout with come friends,

Microsoft is following Sony's plan to eliminate class-action lawsuits by making people to sign EULA where they must give up that right. Is this legal? And if so, why do we allow it? Most people have no choice but to use Microsoft software through their work and/or school, so they are essentially forced into giving up their rights. When is this going to end? Will we allow automotive manufacturers to make us sign contracts preventing us from suing them even though they made a dangerous product? Suing companies for gross-negligence is often the only thing that is able to remove them from their abusive place in power.

The Taliban decides it's better to poison women rather than let them attend school.

CISPA is still a problem that needs to be stopped! The Senate will be voting on it soon enough. Make sure your senator votes against it!

The Cornerstone Methodist Church decided to put up a cross to remember out-spoken atheist Pat Tillman.

Oh TSA, you're really not even trying to avoid scrutiny are you? They recently hired an ex-priest who was fired for molesting little girls, putting him in a job that might involve him patting down children.

Lying for Jesus runs in the Hovind family. Kent Hovind is serving time for tax fraud, and his son, Eric Hovind, is selling videos of debates in which he has edited out the parts that show his side losing.

Moses puts on a veil in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The only way out is through

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It's not enough for children to be allowed to pray to whatever god they desire in public schools (which is currently protected by the US Constitution), they should be forced to be involved with prayers to the god that the majority of local citizens believes in! At least, that is the sentiment of people in Columbus Georgia.

Remember the pastor who wanted to fence-in gay people until they all die? Well, here's one of his followers trying to defend him.

Here are a couple of documentary trailers about secular life.

Ready to enjoy my three-day weekend.

The new Ten Commandments don't quite add up in The Blasphemer's Bible.

One more point for human rights

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Here's Eve 6's new single Victoria, and the making of video.

IBM bans its employees from using Apple's Siri because every question you ask gets sent back to Apple where it can be recorded and analyzed, and IBM is afraid company secrets will be handed over to Apple.

A Republican New York lawmaker is trying to ban anonymous posting on the Internet. Good luck with that!

Yet another reason why I try my best not to fly. Airlines are planning on making you pay extra to have a window seat.

It must be very difficult to be a woman on a dating site. As an experiment, this woman made a rather revolting profile, and responded with rude and insulting comments. Yet, she still received numerous propositions for dates and sex.

Daniel Dennett explains how you can tell if you're an atheist.

The NAACP is now in support of same-sex marriage, as is Colin Powell. This is a big deal because the black community has, for a long time, been highly opposed to same-sex marriage.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef doesn't think Jewish should be treating non-Jewish patients on the Sabbath, even if they're about to die. What a dick.

Pastor Charles Worley calls for the death of queers and homosexuals. Praise Jesus!

The Mythbusters face Team Nerdist at bowling.

God's repeating the Ten Commandments in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'll see you on the other side of the curtain

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Eve 6 was a hella-good show. The VIP pass was totally worth it, as I now have a complete catalog of signed Eve 6 CDs.

Street Fighter II doesn't need a Portal gun.

The world record for the tallest structure has been taken away from the Burj Khalifa and given to the Tokyo Skytree.

Orthodox Jews rent out Citi Field in order to discuss the dangers of the Internet while women watched elsewhere because they're not allowed to be near men. News flash, if your religion segregates men and women from even mundane educational events, maybe the Internet isn't your problem.

Norway has successfully voted to remove their state church! Well done!

American Catholics are sueing the Federal Government for forcing them to cover birth control as part of their insurance, claiming it's against their religion. Never mind the fact that almost all Catholics don't agree with the Vatican's stance on birth control, and actively use contraceptives.

God's repeating the Ten Commandments in The Blasphemer's Bible.

She's doing body shots off Italian guys in Mexico

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Bill Maher gives a little speech about Mitt Romney's talk at Liberty University.

Congressional speeches have been dumbed down an entire grade level in the past seven years. Let's hope this isn't a trend.

Thunderf00t talks about Draw Mohammad Day.

AC Grayling talks about what's next for atheism.

Former Navy Chaplin says that homosexuality is caused by gay demons.

Going to see Eve 6 tonight!

God starts talking about his terrible plans in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm kind of nifty

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Vermont bans fracking. Good on you! Other states need to learn from their example.

Republican's hate the Violence Against Women Act. Hear what a survivor has to say.

Here's a pretty awesome Saturday Night Live time line.

How well do you know your cartoon eyes?

Richard Dawkins supports the effort to get bibles into every school, but not to help religion.

A rapid-fire rap about Your versus You're.

Mississippi Republican, Bubba Carpenter (yes, that's his real name), brags about his vigilante efforts to prevent rights granted to citizens by the US government, namely, legal abortion.

A cool documentary about a new adventure game getting funding on Kickstarter.

Catholics are up to their old scare-tactics with this political video, which I'm sure didn't get taxed. If you don't vote against same-sex marriage and pro-choice, you're going to go to Hell!

It seems Damon Fowler was successful in removing the Christian prayer from his school's graduation ceremony. Well done!

How people like Mitt Romney get so rich.

Muslims won't appreciate today in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Shawarma King!

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Judges rules that prayers the open the city board meetings in Greece, New York are the result of religious favoritism. Out of the 130 prayers between 1999 and 2010, only four weren't Christian, yet the city argued that that wasn't favoritism. Why does a city have to have prayers in the first place? Can't they just do their jobs?

This video covers much of what has transpired so far of the Exodus story in the Blasphemer's Bible.

Heading to a beerfest tonight with some friends. I don't like beer, but I do like friends, so I'm sure it will work out just fine!

Pronouncing names is Final Fantasy is hard.

Cloud God makes another covenant in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you've got my back, I'll go on

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Progress was made on the new computer last night. Most of my data has been transferred, all my common programs have been installed, and my PS2 to USB adapter is working.

Openly gay man pulls support from Mitt Romney and gives it to Obama. Wait, there was a gay man in support of Mitt Romney?

Roy Zimmerman pokes fun at Mitt Romney's "prank" where he held down a gay man and forcibly cut his hair.

Skechers finally has to pay up for their spurious claims about their goofy-looking Shape-Up shoes.

Mrs. Betty Bowers has a little chat with Mrs. Romney.

Jim Garlow says that if gay marriage advances, it will force the church underground and may even cost Christians their lives! Because giving people freedom means eliminating freedom.

My 5-year-old children will learn important skills, like lock picking.

What would God's checklist look like prior to creating the universe?

Cloud God appears in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Fire! Fire! Pyscho Soldier!

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My new computer arrived yesterday. She's running an AMD FX-8150 (3.6GHz), 8GB DDR3, and AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB. Her name is Mabel.

I kind of accidentally left my car's convertible top down through the rain storm last night. Luckily, the carport was angled just enough to allow the rain to get on the trunk cover, but not enough to get into the back seat. Crisis averted!

Catholic Vicar refuses to perform burial for lesbian.

Cats questioning God.

Turns out the state of Texas wrongly executed a man. The confusion occurred because he had the same first name as the killer. Even after the real killer admitted to the murder, Texas still carried out the execution.

Matt Dillahunty and JT Eberhard debate god's existence. I hate the format of allowing both people on one side to speak before letting the other side comment, but then, debates are terrible ways to learn.

Moses needs to make new tablets in The Blasphemer's Bible.

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Although the majority of the Earth's surface is covered with water, the actual percentage is small. To compare the size of the Earth with the amount of water on it, picture a marble next to a basketball. The basketball represents the Earth, and the marble represents all the water on it.

BBC did a documentary in which they took several 9/11 conspiracy theorists and put them in front of experts to answer their questions about 9/11. Amazingly a couple of them actually accepted the evidence, but the bulk of them refused to accept evidence even when it was displayed right before their eyes. This is really worth a watch to see the mindset of a conspiracy theorist, and how they dig in their heels and refuse to budge.

Republican Jeff Flake decides that an entire field of Science is not worth funding because, as a politician, he knows which fields of science are worthy.

After a lesbian couple was turned away from their prom, they and several other sympathetic students blasted their car stereos and danced the night away in the parking lot of the bigoted school.

Tony Perkins calls out Republicans on their lies about marriage historically being between one man and one woman.

Here is a nice long debate between four speakers about whether science has refuted religion. Kind of a poorly worded topic as it's generally impossible to ever refute things in this manner. However, it's a good debate none-the-less. Shermer and Carroll present good arguments. Dinesh D'Souza has a few good rebuttals, but he's dishonest through pretty much the whole thing. He states that Young Earth Creationists are a minority, even though it was pointed out to him in previous debates that they account for almost half of the US population. He calls atheism a world view, even though he's been told in numerous previous debates that it is not. Lies for Jesus are pretty standard.

Norway has officially severed ties with their state-funded church and become a secular nation. Good on you!

Dean Brown, a sexy and smooth stud, wants to erect the world's largest cross (also known as a gigantic idol) in Branson, Missouri in order to combat secular Americans from removing "God" from the Pledge of Allegiance and our money. The sad part is, Dean Brown appears to be old enough to remember back when paper money and the Pledge of Allegiance didn't have "god" in them. Who's rewriting history?

Moses check's out God's backside in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Across the Nightmare

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I spent the majority of the weekend ripping videogame soundtracks and chitter-chatting with my homies. Good times.

You know, you just don't see enough videogame-themed dominoe runs these days.

Rand Paul doesn't think Obama's views toward gay marriage could get any gayer! On the topic of people who have their heads up their asses, Republican Allen West claims that LGBT people are not the subject of workplace discrimination. To use his poetic phrasing, "That donít happen out here in the United States of America."

Former church member gives church bad reviews online, so her former pastor is sueing her for $500,000. Turn the other cheek doesn't apply when there's profit to be had!

Christians are debating whether the Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer. You know, the prayer that is only attributed to the Christian God, found only in Christian scripture, and recited only by Christians. Yeah, that one. Those in favor of it not being a Christian prayer seem to side as such because if it is non-sectarian, it makes it easier to recite in government institutions that are often lax on the first amendment when multiple religions are covered by a prayer.

Matt Dillahunty debates whether God exists. As usual, his opponent argues about morality rather than the existence of God.

A message from your your child's teachers.

Moses wants to see God's glory in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Thank GOB it's Friday

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Man re-steals his bike from thieves who tried to sell it on Craigslist.

Eugenie Scott talks about science education upon receiving the Stephen Jay Gould award.

Biblical marriage billboards that accurately depict the bible.

Darwin sings about the Origin of Species to a possibly recognizable tune.

Loyalty to religion trumps reporting child molesters, but this time it's not the Catholics!

Although, Catholics can't go very long without making asses of themselves. How about this Catholic school that forfeited the state championship because the opposing team had a *gasp* girl on their team!

John Carmack talks about the development of Wolfenstein 3D 20 years later.

Sorry Colorado, you're not allowed to favor people just because they pray.

God is love... but he's also just.

If you're using one of these arguments to defend sexism, you're probably an asshole.

God changes his mind in The Blasphemer's Bible.

No, I don't believe you went to bed at 10:15

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During my lunch break, I could hear the people in the apartment below me having sex. I wanted to cheer them on, but from the sound of it, they didn't need my help.

Obama came out in support of gay marriage. Another plus for him. Of course, Fox News reports it as his war on marriage and the Republicans in Colorado still think he's a Muslim in league with Ahmadinejad.

Suspected car theft and resisting arrest are not adaquate reasons for beating a man to death.

Tyson foods should probably switch suppliers.

Roy Zimmerman takes a few more jabs at everyone's favorite punching bag, Rick Santorum.

Sean Faircloth talks about how wealthy religious leaders are abusing the tax code at our expense.

God is a cloud The Blasphemer's Bible.

Come on spring, don't fear the reaper.

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Fox News continues to be a mouthpiece for the most ignorant bigots in the world. Ron Brown isn't known for having friends with Sean Hannity, but he's a horrible bigot just the same.

Bradford County, Florida is begging for a lawsuit. The Community Menís Fellowship erected a huge Ten Commandments monument on the public property of the county courthouse. This is ironic since the first four commandments violate the first amendment to the US Constitution, as does the monument's very presence. Pastor Don Davis said, "Prayer is omnipotent Ė it can do anything that God can do." Really? Can it heal amputees?

Republicans... get in my vagina!

Sean Faircloth discusses the National Day of Reason.

Bill Maher explains what he meant when he said Mitt Romney's wasn't giving to charity when he gave money to the Mormon Church.

Moses tries to be Jesus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We're three cool white friends in Japan (In Asia!)

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I disagree with a lot of what Obama does, but he is planning on vetoing CISPA, and that makes me happy.

Shortly after Sheriff B.J. Roberts of Hampton, VA was elected, he fired six of his employees for liking the Facebook page of Jim Adams, the man running in opposition of Roberts. The six ex-employees filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Roberts claiming that this was an infringement of their first amendments rights. U.S. District Judge Raymond Jackson ruled that liking people and pages on Facebook did not constitute free speech. The Judge Jackson said that free speech must be more substantive than clicking a like button, but I'm curious what they judge would have ruled if they had instead posted "I like Jim Adams." Would that be free speech? Either way, I think Roberts is a dick.

Vice President Joe Biden endorses same-sex marriage.

The Heartland Institute, the same group that worked with the tobacco industry to try and convince everyone that second-hand smoke isn't dangerous, is now working with fossil fuel companies to try and convince everyone that global warming is fake. Their latest attempt at this is a billboard with a picture of the Unabomber saying he believes in global warming. This is a logical fallacy called poisoning the well. If a terrorist believes in gravity, does that mean gravity is false? Of course not. A fact is a fact based on the evidence, not whether a terrorist believes it, and when it comes to global warming, the evidence shows that yes, the Earth is warming, and yes, humans are most likely the cause.

Sturgeon Heights School, Alberta, Canada has come up with a nice compromise for Christians and non-Christians. Rather than cease saying a Christian prayer to all the students, the school will simply segregate the non-Christian students to a room that won't have the tax-payer funded Christian prayer.

Penn Jillette talks politics from an atheist perspective.

We've reached comic 666 in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Yay, no longer sick!

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The game Closure has a pretty cool game mechanic that I've never seen before.

Lenior City High School, Tennessee published an article in their most recent yearbook titled, "It's O.K. to Be Gay." This has led to a shitstorm through the community, and one school board member (a Christian) is trying to get the Journalism teacher brought up on criminal charges for allowing the article!

Mario warps past world 2 and Toad's house is rigged.

Sarah Palin wants to get rid of child labor laws.

The Hobbit Song, by Allie Goertz.

Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry talk about the Ten Commandments.

Moses makes people drink the golden calf in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Feeling better while waiting for nose to heal up

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The DEA wrongfully detained Daniel Chong, which is kidnapping by US law, and then forgot about him for five days. The young man had to drink his own urine to stay hydrated and ended up going insane due to the confinement and lack of food and water. When the DEA finally found him, he had to be hospitalized. In the end, the DEA said, "Sorry!" and promised to review the incident. Chong is considering a lawsuit.

11-year-old boy pisses on a stack of apple computers causing an estimated $36,000 worth of damage. My hero!

As it turns out, you have a higher chance of getting a computer virus from visiting a religious web site than a pronographic web site!

At one point, Cardinal Sean Brady had the names and addresses of several children who were raped by priest Brendan Smyth, but he refused to pass that information onto the police who would be able to do some good with it. Brady says that he recognizes that he was part of "an unhelpful culture of deference and silence in society, and the Church," but refuses to step down from his position.

Probably the most ignorant sexist person I've ever seen. Why are they always Christians?

It turns out that Creationists are actually accepting evolution now, they just don't call it evolution!

Mr. Deity and the Latter-Days.

An illustrated version of the Book of Job.

An explanation of the burden of proof, and why claimants have it.

Moses breaks the stone tablets in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Almost healthy again

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This morning my noisy upstairs neighbors moved out. I'm thrilled that this will be the last time they'll wake me up at some ungodly hour.

Sorry Oklahoma, embryos aren't people, no matter how much you want them to be.

Christian Pastor Sean Harris advocates physically abusing your children if they start showing signs of being gay. Once he realized that you can't say something like that and still have sane friends, he backpedaled and said he was only joking. That's almost as funny as the jokes Mitt Romney's gay spokesman, Richard Grenell, received forcing him to resign.

Billy Connolly rails on about ghost hunter TV shows.

Another thorough deconstruction of Pascal's Wager.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson gives another one of his amazing speeches about space exploration.

I'm going shopping at the Fashion Shack! And after that, I can go skating at Roller Kingdom!

Queen's Don't Stop Me Now illustrated in comic book form.

Jimmy Falon's SNL audition tape. I wouldn't have hired him from this, but it had some good parts.

Oh Mitt Romney... do you ever get tired of lying?

Ron Paul quite clearly states that he does not believe in evolution. Is he really that ignorant, or is he pandering to Conservatives? Either way, not worth voting for.

Joshua confuses a party with a war in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Getting better, but not healthy yet

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I updated all of my Wikis to version 18 and fixed the Ogg upload bug in the VGMPF.

Dave Allen tells a funny story about Adam and Eve.

After removing sex-ed from the states school curriculum, the State of Tennessee began seeing a large upswing in the number of unexpected teen pregnancy (go figure), so, to combat this problem, the state passed a new bill which holds teachers and other authority figures responsible if students are caught kissing, holding hands, or even hugging in school.

This is an awesome comic video that explains the Higgs Boson.

Dan Savage doesn't pull any punches when he attacks the bible for being anti-gay. A lot of students can't take the criticism and walk out, but plenty stay and cheer.

Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than non-believers.

The Advertising Standards Authority rules that No, Jesus does not cure cancer.

Christopher Hitchens gives a pretty good response to a pastor who tries to shirk the burden of proof.

Dan Considine is pretty good with accents.

Being a militant atheist is very different than being a militant religious person.

The latest talk by the National Center For Science Education regarding evolution.

Well, this is terrifying.

God really cares about his reputation in The Blasphemer's Bible.