June, 2012

Almost July!

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Who needs feminism?

For the first time ever, slightly more than half of Americans would consider voting for a qualified atheist! We're still the lowest group on the list, but it's an improvment!

Aron Ra's talk entitled, "Faith Is Not a Virtue" is amazing!

Physicist Lawrence Krauss explains why reality is liberating and biologist Richard Dawkins explains the problem with religion.


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SUCK IT REPUBLICANS! The US Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act is constitutional!

Forget pi, today is Tau Day!

Conservatives oppose "higher order thinking skills" and "critical thinking" because it undermines their beliefs. I have to agree with them. If we actually taught children how to effectively value and judge evidence, they would stop being religious.

This robot will always beat you at rock, paper, scissors.

Georgia court rules that counselors can be fired for refusing to do their job on religious grounds.

I keep having dreams

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Turns out metal detectors work a lot better when they're plugged-in.

Republicans in Mississippi are trying to shut down the last remaining clinic in the entire state that performs abortions.

Is your computer running slow? Got a virus? Try the Institute of Holistic Computer Wellness!

Some lichen can survive conditions similar to that of deep space. Very helpful for the argument of panspermia.

Christian modesty is getting a lot closer to Muslim modesty.

The first Pharyngula podcast is online.

Don't be a sexist gamer.

There's a new Simon's Cat.

Some talk about 8-bit art, including music and graphic work.

Neil Patrick Harris had a swell number for the opening of the 2012 Tony Awards.

Beware the beast, but enjoy the feast he offers

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Obama is trying to turn the Boy Scouts into a the Gay Scouts! Thus spake Chuck Norris!

Got hit by a boy's bad pitch in a Little League game? Sue the sucker for $150,000!

The Supreme Court is on a roll! Arizona's racist immigration laws were shot down, and the Mount Soledad Cross on public land will have to be removed. Let's just hope they keep this up with the universal health care bill.

Here's a debate between Bart Erhman and William Lane Craig about the resurrection of Jesus. Craig is his usual dishonest self as a good portion of what he says is demonstrably false. He spends all his time on straw-man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and well-poisoning. At one point Craig even tries to use math to prove the likelihood of a miracle, which Erhman rightly mocks. Erhman points out that Craig's unwavering belief that a historical source (the bible) is 100% perfect and inerrant is contentious with historical honesty and asks him several direct questions like, "how can we decided which parts of the bible are accurate?" and, "there were many people in the same place and time as Jesus who were written about as performing miracles, why aren't their miracles just as valid?" and, "Which is more likely: the biblical story occurred similar to what is written, but Jesus' body was simply stolen, or that a miracle occurred?" Craig dismisses these questions and sticks to his argument which essentially is: the bible is trustworthy because I want it to be, all other books about miracles are not because the bible says so, math proves Jesus was resurrected, and Bart Erhman is a doo-doo head. He's seriously this juvenile, only he uses big words to do it.

Germany declares circumcision for religious reasons a crime! Well done Germany!

Potential for Anything!

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Spend the weekend working on a game with a friend. It's a pretty ambitious project, let's hope we can stay the course!

Who said it? Zapp Brannigan or Donald Trump? I got 100%!

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, the man who was raping children and protected by the football team, has been found guilty of 45 of the 48 counts of child sex abuse.

The Vatican is currently under more fire after the pope's butler was found with several documents that show the Vatican involved in money laundering. Rather than pray to their god, the Vatican has hired a Fox News employee to use their patented system that absolves responsibility, known under its code name: lying.

Louisiana students know that the Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution. And he also needs about tree-fitty!

Churches are practically daring the IRS to remove their tax-exempt status with their political backing, but the IRS appears to be too afraid to do their job.

Off the pee on the wizard

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So proud of Emily landing a new job!

PZ Myers wants to sack the city of God.

Everyone is related to everyone else.

Everyone's favorite Catholic, Bill Donahue, made a thinly-veiled threat to those "long nose" Jews who are "full of hate."

Bart Ehrman doesn't mince words when he answers question about the reliability of the bible.

Slinky's in slow motion seem to defy gravity!

Atheists... still the most hated group in America.

Here's a supercut of pre-mortem one-liners from action movies.

10 bets that seem impossible, but that you'll never lose.

Game progressing nicely

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Futurama trivia.

How to ruin your radio career in three easy steps. Step 1: Call Obama a monkey on your radio program. Step 2: Admit that you did it, refuse to apologize, and claim freedom of speech as a valid defense for racism. Step 3: Say you can't possibly be racist because your last name is Spanish, and then say, "I voted for the white guy!" Here's the thing about free speech. Yes, you have the right to make racial slurs. However, your advertisers also have the right to take their business elsewhere, and your employers have the right to fire you.

Remember Joe the Plumber? The guy who became a major talking point for the 2008 election? Well, he's back, and he's quite crazy. He believes that the Holocaust of WWII happened because of... gun control! And hey, why not slavery in the Americas too?

Atheism is on the rise in Australia.

What it means to choose to have an abortion.

Deepak Chopra has been replaced by a PHP script.

Nate Phelps, son of Fred Phelps, head of the Westboro Baptist Church, explains why he left.

Makes me feel like a madman on the run

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Fox News reports an unsourced story as fact. The real source? Someone on Twitter.

If you think that Obama will simply veto the Republican's Internet freedom killing bill CISPA, think again. Do something about it, and Speak up!

In the UK, it's perfectly okay to post signs on your own property when the majority of people agree with the sentiment, but post a sign that people don't agree with, and you might be arrested!

Jerry Coyne gives another talk about why evolution is true and how to combat the ignorant.

David Silverman on the future of religion.

10 lesser known natural wonders.

The girl who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance gives her side of the story.

Felicia Day makes a cute music video about a gamer girl falling in love with a country boy.

The US military uses tax money to convert soldiers to Christianity, and is quite proud of it!

Nellie McKay sings Mother of Pearl live.

All around, things to tantalize my brain

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The three main Abrahamic religions have hardcore sexism built right into their scriptures, but that doesn't mean other religions can't take a page from their book. Ogad Singh, a Hindu, chopped off his own daughter's head and paraded it through his village before being arrested. Why did he do this? Because his daughter had a divorce and then remarried.

News casters are a funny lot.

Sam Harris gives a detailed talk about death from a secular perspective.

If you haven't visited the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation in awhile, there have been a mess of new soundtracks.

Still you'll never get it right!

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Awesome weekend included the following: trip to an art museum (Golden Age rocks, abstract sucks), worked on videogame, yummy food from my woman, gossiping Christians saying how great they are and how awful everyone else is, bloating from Chinese buffet, skating to remove said bloat, watched the first half of The Two Towers.

How much money would the country receive if churches lost their tax-exempt status? Oh, about $71 BILLION!

Fony is an wonderful bitmap font editor.

Republican House leaders in Michigan have banned Democrats Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum from speaking on matters of women's health because they said the word "vagina" in reference to women's reproduction. The Republican House said that saying "vagina" was unprofessional conduct. In reality, the Republicans are trying to ban abortion in the state, and they don't want anybody who can actually speak awful that would be, so they're coming up with any reason they can to block Democrats (i.e., sane people).

Candace Conti was nine-years-old when she was first molested by Jonathan Kendrick. However, Kendrick isn't a Catholic priest, he's a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. As it turns out, the Jehovah's Witnesses had a policy similar to that of the Vatican, where they wouldn't report child molestation cases and instead handle them internally. California courts decided that such an awful policy should cost the church 40% of a $28 million fine.

Republicans are way behind on Latino support, probably because they keep passing laws which treat them like second-class citizens, so they tried appealing to Latino voters. Trouble is, they didn't know the difference between Latinos and Asians!

The life of a ten-year-old girl was saved by the first ever successful transplant of a stem-cell generated vein. Pissed off Christians demand her death (well, indirectly, of course).

The UK has passed a bill that will start teaching evolution in schools earlier than before, while here in the US, we're still trying to make it illegal so we can teach that an invisible man in the sky created 6,000 years ago. How embarrassing.

Here's a list of 20 things Conservatives have compared to homosexuality. Take for example, Republican Mayor of Troy, Michigan who compared being gay to smoking! This is the same woman who wanted to tell students in the Gay-Straight Alliance that homosexuality was a mental disease.

My sister is getting married tonight. Got a solid two days notice!

Teaser for Leviticus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

YOLO could also be called YODO

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Places I would like to visit.

Friday is here! Time to enjoy my weekend and plan for making a videogame.

Recap of Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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This is why we need health care reform.

You're probably familiar with The Oatmeal, but you might not be familiar the creator's pending lawsuit. It's a dilly of a pickle!

Muslims consider declaring a jihad on the polio vaccine. Needless to say, polio is on the rise in Muslim communities.

No, chiropractic will not cure cancer.

Asking for proof for the existence of a god leads to two and a half years in prison for Indonesian Alexander Aan.

Ardmore, Oklahoma is practically asking to be sued by opening their meetings with Jesus-specific prayers.

We've reached the end of Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I just -really- love boobs!

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Scientists are working on curing milaria, not by stopping the disease, but by genetically altering mosquitos, preventing them from being able to spread the disease!

Pastor Teresa MacBain talks about leaving the faith and becoming an atheist.

50 Great Guitar Riffs from the Early 90s.

Religion is very good at keeping women in an abusive relationship.

God is back to being a cloud in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I just really love boobs!

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How well do you know your 90s videogame music?

No, it's not illegal for people to wear LGBT supportive shirts in public schools, and no, trying to say they promote sex does not give you the right to ban them. Get over your pathetic social hang ups.

The Saudi Arabian version of America's Got Talent, is only slightly different from the original. Two minor changes make it stand out. They don't allow music or women. But other than that, it's the same!

Thanks to Richard Dawkins' Clergy Project, over 200 church pastors across the country have come out as atheists!

Blink-182 lyrics make for pretty awkward pickup lines.

History revisionist (i.e., liar) David Barton wondered if those people who are on welfare are well versed in the bible, implying the two were related. Well, Addicting Info took him to task and compared Gallup Polls between how much welfare money each state receives and how religious the states are. Turns out there is in fact correlation between the two, only it's the opposite of what Barton expected. The most religious states require the most welfare!

Andy Samberg gives us a new public service announcement.

The Tabernacle gets an erection in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm getting too old for this...

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Cedar Point was a blasty, and fun was had by all. However, I can certainly tell that I'm getting too old for an entire day of coasters in the hot sun. Being able to take a nap an air-conditioned cabin certainly helped though!

One of those Try-To-Make-Abortion-Illegal bills has hit in my home state. Michigan's new bill that's being fast-tracked by Republicans, would prohibit all forms of abortion after 20 weeks, including those due to rape or incest, and even those that are expected to result in the death of both mother and fetus! It would require all abortion clinics to have a surgery room, even if they don't offer surgical abortions. It will prevent pill forms of abortion like Mifepristone, but even plans to provide the morning-after pill, AKA Plan-B, which are not even abortion pills. To make matters worse, Committee Chair Republican Gail Haines has been preventing nearly all dissenting doctors to speak against the bill. The bill has already passed committee and is expected to pass the Republican controlled House and Senate.

Creflo Dollar chokes and punches his daughter, and is proud of having to be in jail, just like his heroes in the bible. But he totally didn't punch or choke her, the devil did it!

Zachery Swezey, son of Greg and JaLea Swezey, is dead from appendicitis because his parents are Christian Scientists who don't believe is using medicine. In any just society, they would be in prison for extreme negligence, but in the state of Washington, they merely receive a slap on the wrist.

Gay-hating Christians are not going to be happy about their law being ruled unconstitutional. And those who live in Denmark can now be married in state-run churches!

If you're going to pretend you're not married to a model, it's probably best not to do so to a woman who is posting the conversation online.

Republican Timothy Walberg and several other Republicans want to introduce prayer into school board meetings at the expense of taxpayers.

What is good evidence for the existence of God? It's not what you'd think.

Louisiana's approach to education: let the majority of uneducated citizens (mostly Christians) decide what should be taught to all citizens, and have government pay for it.

Virginia Republicans eliminate "climate change" and "sea level rise" from the politics, because they're "liberal code words." I never knew facts were liberal code words.

What's the wind like in your area?

Mr. Deity has a wonderful friend in Joshie.

The EU is preparing to protest the anti-Internet freedom bill, ACTA.

Moses makes more money in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Get to the Point!

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Woke up to an odd dream. I got fired at work for gross negligence, and then ashamedly traded in my awesome car for a beat up work truck. The weird thing is, I actually liked the truck.

I'm not sure how he feels about Jews or democrats, but Pastor John Hagee would be thrilled if all the atheists would just leave the country. Ah, bigotry.

Not only is non-religious the fastest growing group in all 50 states, but it's especially fast for Generation X.

War on women? Nah, Susie Sampson knows her place!

There's little to like about Mitt Romney.

Dawkins talks about the late Christopher Hitchens.

Aron Ra talks about the various issues with modern phylogeny.

12 aspects of Mormonism, and why they're complete crap.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Ohio with several of my friends to stay at a cabin in Cedar Point. We'll be there two nights, and head back Sunday. It's going to be tiiiight!

Moses is a rich bitch in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Here comes the sun again.

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Venus made a trip across the sun, and the BBC has the low down.

Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett have a wonderful chat about science and religion.

A postmortem of Doom by John Romero and Tom Hall.

The Religious Antagonist antagonizes people celebrating the National Day of Prayer.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's second "We Stopped Dreaming" video.

The tribute video for Christopher Hitchens.

A bill that would allow women to sue for being paid less than men for doing equal work was shot down by Republican senators. This is why sane people hate you.

The pieces of the Tabernacle are finally created in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Thank you, I -am- a nerd.

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A group that calls themselves the "Good News Club" has an after-school program which teaches children that genocide is just great!

Garfunkel and Oates perform their new song, 29/31.

The number students who are not affiliated with a specific religion has been on the rise for the past four generations.

Eugenie Scott talks about the National Center for Science Education's inclusion of climate change and how the tactics of deniers echo those of Creationists.

There is a loophole in US law when it comes to giving money to religious institutions. A politician can't just give money directly to a church, that violates the first amendment by favoring a specific faith over another. However, what you can do is give money to something nebulous like a beautification project, and then give part of that money to making a church look better. By using this indirect approach, which has the same effect as giving it directly to the church, it's perfectly legal to spend tax payer money to put a specific faith over another. An example of this taking place is when Illinois State Senator Democrat Gary Forby gave $20,000 of a $5,000,000 pool of tax payer money to beautify a huge metal cross. Rob Sherman sued the state because they were giving money to a religious institution, but the district court refused to hear the case since it was indirect money rather than direct money. Sherman appealed and the U.S. Court of Appeals who agreed to hear the case, but ruled that, as long as the money was given indirectly, they wouldn't prevent the government from favoring a specific religion. If the $20,000 went to a mosque, would they have changed their minds?

Laurence Krauss talks about Christohper Hitchens.

Mr. Show's Swear to God sketch.

Jimmy Kimmel puts out some more unnecessary censorship.

Moses creates the Mafia in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's not your fault, you're innocent, it's the world that's wrong

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Friday night, Emily and I went bowling with Wallee and Allan. Emily kicked out butts two times in a row! Sunday, I went rock climbing in Ann Arbor with Allan and had a lot of fun, now I'm just waiting for my muscles to heal! I'm on level 32 in Magic Carpet; finally beat the irritating no-castle level.

I made a cool info-comic about The Nightmare.

Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!

A couple of women infiltrate an AutismOne convention to see just how awful these things are. The people there eschew proved medicine and advocate useless and often dangerous treatments. Even a past Nobel Laureate who now pushes crazy quack medicine was trying to cash in.

According to this Louisiana newspaper, Democrats want to murder Christians.

Another town has ended it's tax-funded, town-endorsed prayers!

Maybe we'll go to Mars after all?

Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth said the following, "Letís hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who wonít abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector." Well, here's what it looks like when men throw acid in the faces of women.

If the bible doesn't like tattoos why are people getting tattoos of bible verses?

31 Nerd jokes.

We need to go deeper in The Blasphemer's Bible.

No, you're not as smart as a doctor

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When it comes to issues regarding women, nobody seems to care what women think.

Suck it Christians! Massachusetts law preventing same-sex marriage has been shot down by the courts!

In an effort to fight for good health, New York City will be banning the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Meanwhile, alcohol and tobacco remain perfectly legal. No double standard there! Good thinking New York!

Those crazy Brits have made some pretty awesome scientific breakthroughs in the last 60 years.

According to Gallup polls, 2011 measured the highest year on record for belief in evolution and disbelief in Creationism. However, the 2012 results show that this trend has dipped a bit. I'm not that disheartened, as these hills and valleys are common among public opinion. When you look at the long term, belief in evolution has been on a steady rise over the years, and that's a victory in and of itself.

How much are Catholics willing to pay to cover up the fact that their priests raped children? Cardinal Timothy Dolan thought $20,000 would be enough.

Donald Trump still thinks Obama wasn't born in American. He even claims that many people who are qualified to answer such a question agree with him! He isn't capable of naming any, but take his word for it, there are many of them! No Donald, you don't sound anything like a conspiracy nut job! Good work Wolf!

DarkMatter2525 addresses whether Hitler was a Christian.

God only grants certain people gifts in The Blasphemer's Bible.