July, 2012

Not healthy, but not painfull ill

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Ronald William Brown is a Christian puppeteer who does a show called Joy Junction for Christian Television Network where he and his puppets act out bible verses. Here's an example of his creepy puppet talking about how bad pornography is. Now, I know what you're thinking, he was found out to have tons of gay porn, right? Typical of these hypocrites. No, Brown actually was just caught with child pornography, and has been recorded talking about how he wants to strangled children to death and eat their corpses.

The Disney princesses ranked in order of their feministic traits.

Poor Mittens is having a hard time. First he insulted everyone in London, now he's insulting everyone in Israel.

When sushi attacks!

William Lane Craig is a liar.

Here's what the International Space Station sees, and some interesting high-res video of lunar craters.

Dick Cheney says Sarah Palin was a "mistake". Just now figuring that out?

The Firefly 10th anniversary panel receives just a few cheers.

Chik-fil-A and the bible.

Get your child a Dream Light!

Getting sick again? I was just sick three months ago!

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Progressive churches are in decline. It seems that if you're progressive, you don't actually need a church, but if you're a crazy psycho religious freak, you're not the kind that would go to a progressive church anyway, you'd prefer a church that won't marry black people.

Long time climate change denier Richard Muller has changed his stance. Climate change is real, and humans are the cause. Certainly the right thing to do, considering that even the studies paid for by the anti-global warming Koch brothers show that the Earth is warming due to the pollution of humans.

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland is illegally sponsoring a marriage workshop by anti-gay, pro-corporal punishment, bigots who sponsor Newt Gingrich. Pro Tip: If you're a marriage workshop, it's probably a bad idea to support a man who cheats on his wives and demands that they allow him to sleep with other women.

There is a 16-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic who has acute leukemia and needs aggressive chemotherapy, the problem is, she's also pregnant. If she receives the chemotherapy, her fetus will certainly die. Now, the fetus is only six-weeks along, so it's hardly a person yet, and the girl is still very young and probably won't have any trouble getting pregnant after the cancer is gone. However, if she doesn't get chemotherapy, she'll most certainly die and lose the fetus as well, though she might be healthy enough to take it to full term. This is a horrible situation to be in, and it's one that requires her to make a very big decision about her health. Except, due to the Christian political influences of the Dominican Republic, the decision has already been made for her: abortion is illegal. And while this particular scenario isn't specifically covered by the law, not a single doctor is willing to risk their license on her. She'll most certainly die, and her fetus probably won't make it either. This is the result of a religion who claims to value life over all things. They aren't pro-life, they're anti-choice.

Elected officials from Texas would rather read the bible than the US Constitution.

Hope Christian School is a private school in New Mexico that won't allow a little girl to enroll because her parents are gay. If the school were fully funded by private backers, they'd have every right to be awful bigots, but as it is, Hope Christian School receives $60,000-a-year of tax-payer money. Essentially, the citizens of New Mexico are paying somebody to discriminate against them.

A good portion of the civilized world now allows same-sex marriage, but just like allowing women to vote, and banning slavery, the United States is way behind the times. In fact, Vietnam might have same-sex marriage before we do.

A couple youth pastors held a raid on several children in their care. The children had no idea what was going on, and found themselves being kidnapped by men, one with a real (but unloaded) pistol. They were dumped into a van with pillowcases over their heads, driven to a basement, and interrogated under a bright light. One child was injured. The point of the raid was to teach children what Christian missionaries have to deal with in foreign countries. Needless to say, there were complaints by the parents. The men involved were arrested and charges have been filed. Now, the whole terrorism raid idea was obviously a lapse in judgment, but I can imagine a football team or fraternity hazing new freshmen in such a way. The thing that really bugs me about this is the cry-baby Christian persecution complex. They are the largest religion in the world, they have more political influence than any other group on Earth, by FAR! It's sad that they can't seem to understand why other people don't want them to show up and fill their children's head with lies and turn them against their parents.

Andrew Hacker published an opinion piece in the New York Times wondering why we still bother to teach algebra in school. His reasons are that it isn't used much in the work place, and it prevents students from finishing high school. First, if algebra isn't used much in the workplace, this is a symptom of a failing workplace. Any form of technological ingenuity, be it engineering, physics, biology, etc., requires math, and if the US isn't using math, it's a pretty good sign that we're failing. Second, if students are failing, you don't keep making the classes easier just so they can get their diploma. All that gives you is a worthless diploma. If students are failing, they need to work harder to succeed. I think he believes that the purpose of learning is so that you can get a job. Wrong! The purpose of learning is so that you will be educated, so that you will understand the world around you, so that you can come up with new ideas and better ideas. There are more than enough drones in the world.

Special HDMI cable that prevents you from getting viruses on your television?

I like Chinese!

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Just got an email of someone saying they used my Owl and Fox poem for their wedding. Awhile ago someone used it for the motto of their store. Who knew my folklore had such influence?

Windows 8 is looking to be a catastrophe.

Lots of Eagle Scouts are returning their medals to protest the groups exclusion of homosexuals.

Childish vandalism may be lowbrow, but it's still funny.

The vaccination rate of pertussis in Alberta, Canada has dropped below the level needed to maintain herd immunity, and, as predicted by immunologists, the rate of pertussis has rocketed to over 20 times the normal rate!

30 Conservatives Under 30 seems a bit... white. There are 1, maybe two of them who aren't Caucasian?

Creationists photo-shop the hell out of an embryo to make it look more human.

How much money does alternative medicine cost tax payers? A lot!

Amphetabeans and jellymines

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Where did our vocabulary of electricity come from?

Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisor warns him against plans that would aid the "Soviet Union." Yes, the country that hasn't existed for over 20 years. This is the mindset of rich white male Republicans. They still think the Reds are after us. This is the same guy who wants to install a filter on your computer that would eliminate all pornography, and continues to support Chik-fil-A after their horrible bigoted remarks toward gay people. Finally, here is a wonderful pro-Mitt Romney song.

Brand New Voices has some things to say.

Matt Dillahunty gives a speech called Unsafe Assumptions.

75 years of manic pixie dream girls!

A fringe Catholic sect destroys two schools in Mexico.

Free Thoughts Blogs Podcasts, one, two.

Keith Lowell Jensen gives an atheist comedy routine.

Point of Inquiry covers the case against Alexander Aan.

The evolution of PC games, turned into a pretty cool song.

PBS talks about the art behind logo design.

Amphetamines and jelly beans

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Stem cells have made great strides at treating Alzheimer's disease.

Torrence Brown, Jr., a friend of one of the victims of the Colorado theater shooting is suing. No, not James Holmes, the man who murdered everyone, Brown is suing the theater for allowing the shooting to take place, the doctors for not saving his friend's life, and Warner Bros. for making the movie. Torrence Brown, Jr., you're a dispicable leech. You deserve nothing.

This year we had the hottest spring -ever- recorded in the USA, and it's only looking to get hotter, and yes, it's most likely our fault.

August 3rd is National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A!

Capturing the perfect moment on film.

Smutty lines from classic literature.

Yang Yuanqing of Lenovo computers just shared his $3 million bonus with all of his fellow employees. Why can't Americans be this caring?

Heterosexual Eagle Scout Martin Cizmar returns his medals until his homosexual friends can receive theirs.

Gorillas are destroying poacher traps. Clever girl!

Lots of Catholic news today! Doctors say that David Cairns died from pancreatitis, but Catholic bishop Philip Tartaglia has a different theory. He died because he was a gay! Also, Catholics don't mind if you use condoms... as long as they're not for sex. Finally, William J. Lynn has received 3-6 years in his part of covering up the massive sex abuse which infests Catholicism.

Louisiana is prepared to spend $11,000,000 of tax-payer money in the form of private school vouchers to teach Creationism, and Mitt Romney is totally on board.

The logo of Wyoming, Michigan, a city in my backyard, has a Christian church on it. Local atheists are not amused, and are demanding the logo be changed. Wyoming Christians are incredibly upset that they too have to obey the law.

Same-sex marriage is going to become legal in Scotland. And we're still embarrassing bigots.

You better get your coat dear, it looks like rain

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11 moons you should get to know.

Nick re-enlists in the military as a non-religious chaplain. His enlistment speech is amazing.

Fun with 224 9-volt batteries connected together.

Do you suck at your religion?

Jon Lajoie shows what would happen if people were completely honest.

Yup, it violates the first amendment to force students of a public school to graduate in a Jesus-pushing church when other options are available.

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame speaks at TAM London, 2009.

How people who don't believe in an afterlife deal with death.

In what seems to be a reaction to Lincoln, Nebraska making it illegal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, multiple men broken into a women's house, tied her up, stripped her naked, carved homophobic slurs into her skin, dumped gasoline all over her house, lit it on fire, and left her to be burned alive. Thankfully, she was strong enough to crawl out of the fire and find help.

Done walking in the woods

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The Secular Summer Retreat was just plain wonderful. The people were awesome, the food was the best I've ever had at an outdoor event, I had several nice conversations, played lots of fun games, listened to Jeremy Beahan and Luke Galen of Reasonable Doubts talk, and just overall had a blast. Heading back next year for sure!

The non-religious in the USA have reached an all-time high at 19%. This means that nearly 1 in 5 people you meet in the USA self-identifies as non-religious!

Texas is trying to reach their goal of a balanced budget, but that means cutting their already threadbare down another 10%. Meanwhile, Governor Rick Perry spends $25 million of taxpayer money rebuilding his mansion.

If you take the bible literally, then it's impossible to lie with a man the way you lie with a women.

Despite New Age people claiming you have to be in the right state of mind to walk on hot coals, it's actually something anyone can do. Even though wood burns easily, it's a poor conductor of heat. This means that as long as you keep moving across the coals, you won't get burned. However, if you move too slow across the coals, like the people at the New Age camp of professional bullshitter Tony Robbins, then you get burned!

Top ten fictional atheist characters in television.

There's this Conservative Christian political group in the Netherlands that really doesn't respect women. They've even publicly states something nearly identical to Animal Farm, all people are created equal, but men are more equal than women in that only men should be allowed to run for office. Women weren't even allowed to join the group until 2006! Well, the European Court of Human Rights just ruled that they either have to give up their caveman ways, or lose their political influence. Well done!

A walk in the woods

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Heading to the woods today for a weekend of camping!

If you don't like supporting a company that donates millions to continue discrimination, but at the same time can't live without Chick-fil-A chicken, now you can make it at home!

Thanks to an Obama tauted watchdog group, Capital One gets hit with a $210 million fine for predatory lending. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to claim that we need less governmental oversight in banking.

A Muslim cleric explains why women are getting raped in Quebec. It's not because the authorities aren't doing enough to crack down on it, it's not because society objectifies and sexualizes women, it's because the government gives women too many rights and allows them to dress in clothes that aren't burlap sacks.

Another cross on public land is coming down, another victory for the US Constitution!

Japanese has an interesting quirk where there is tense on the phrase "thank you very much". If someone has done you a favor, thank you very much would be spoken, "domo arigato gozaimashita," but if someone is in the process of doing you a favor, you would say, "domo arigato gozaimasu."

Blah blah blah

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Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A is not only unapologetic of his anti-gay statements, but continues to make new ones.

A teen from Texas makes a wooden cross and wheels it around, and all the Christians praise his amazing feat. But why? What contribution to society did he make? Yesterday, I picked up 10 bags of trash along the side of the highway. Not a big deal, I confess, but it was infinitely more beneficial than walking around with a hunk of wood.

Turns out Mr. Wizard was kind of a dick!

Sarah Silverman's Obama video from four years ago is still true today, just replace McCain with Romney.

Richard Dreyfuss laughs a lot.

Matt Dillahunty explains the superiority of secular morality.

This week or last week, I don't really care about it anymore

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Finally getting some rain to stop this drought, and we didn't even need our governor to tell us to pray for it.

Sarah Silverman makes an indecent proposal to rich white billionaire.

Here's an interesting game that requires you to answer questions logically. One of the questions requires you to prove the existence of a perfect god, but it doesn't ruin the game because it rightlly points out that you have to use circular logic to do so.

The Boy Scouts of America addressed the petition with over 100,000 signatures to allow homosexuals to join, their decision: NO WAY!

Star Wars re-imagined with cats.

Christians should write in "Jesus" for president rather than voting for a candidate? I kind of like this idea, because anyone who is crazy enough to follow this religious ranter's advice is a person I don't want to have voting power.

What drink goes best with the band to which you're listening?

Markus Persson talks about developing Minecraft, and Renaud Bédard talks about developing Fez.

10 obscure SNES games worth playing.

Still recovering for picking up trash!

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Women in secularism and femenism. A must watch for all secular men.

The six super villains of nerd culture.

Louisiana Christian schools could receive as much as $11,000,000 of taxpayer money due to the state's voucher program.

Jimmy Kimmel's This Week In Unnecessary Censorship strikes again.

Aw crap, the police are trying to make me marry a gay man!

Pictures of celebrities who are now old, back when they were young and sexy.

John Cleese and Michael Palin defend Monty Python's Life of Brian from two up-tight religious geezers.

Shell's new ad campaign backfires hilariously.

If you're going to break the law to prevent students from forming a secular group at a school because you won't abide their godlessness, it's best not to brag about it online.

The Secular Student Alliance presents, I Am an Atheist.

Jiminy jillikers!

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Sunday's Adopt-a-Highway project was very hot, and I'm very sore, but it was very worth it! Sadly, we only finished less than half of our road.

In God We Teach is a documentary about the first amendment in US public schools.

Some quotes that could have saved Star Wars: Episode I.

Is Dawkins the most polarizing figure in the atheist movement?

The UK is going to start making all publically-funded research freely available to its citizens.

Point of Inquiry interviews Michael De Dora, Ed Brayton, Jessica Ahlquist, and Jamie Kilstein.

A faceplant into the sand is called a sandplant. Here are some examples.

PZ Myers talk entitled, Scientists! If You're Not an Atheist, You Aren't Doing Science Right!

I don't remember knowing this much about particle physics when I was 9-years-old. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't know this much about it now!

R> Elisabeth Cornwell and Katherine Stewart walk about The Good News Club.

He's fully functional, and anatomically correct

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Betty Bowers explains why God loves abortion.

California might pass a bill that would allow more than two people to be recognized as the legal parents of a child. Meanwhile, the religious right complains that if a child has more than two people looking out for them and caring about them, it'll ruin traditional family structure.

Facebook is monitoring everything you say including wall posts and chats and handing it over to the police.

Faith-based TV repair shop is severely backed up.

The Clovis people weren't the only prehistoric North Americans capable of making spearheads.

According to Gallup, confidence in organized religion has reached an all time low!

Scientists successfully place a 500 million-year-old bacteria genome into modern E. coli, and it lives again!

Please God bring us 100,000 gay people to be fixed so they can preach the Gospel and cure AIDS.

A super-cut of all the Chinese swearing in Firefly.

Hemant Mehta and Jesse Galef talk about why Millennials are increasingly doubting the existence of gods.

Mitt Romney gets a serious booing by the NAACP for wanting to remove the Affordable Health Care Act.

Oh crap! Christopher Hitchens has arrived at the pearly gates, and he has some demands that Mr. Deity can't meet!

Sex determination in mammals is pretty straight forward, but an X&Y chromosome isn't how all animals do it!

Can't remove the pain

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This is why I don't buy most games.

Lawrence Krauss has a wonderful debate over whether belief in a god is prohibitive. He makes a lot of great points about how awesome science is and how ridiculous religion is.

Your favorite characters could have had very different names.

Oh man, Jesus really is everywhere!

An abridged history of Western music.

The Republican controlled House of Representatives voted for the 33rd time to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. The Senate keeps shooting them down, and Obama will certainly veto, so it's entirely pointless. Your tax dollars at work.

Fox news reports that a man was jailed for holding a bible study in his house! Oh what is this would coming to when a man can't even worship with friends and family in the privacy of his own home? It's enough to upset even the most ardent atheist until you remember that this is Fox News. This probably isn't a shock to anyone, but Fox News misrepresented the story. The man was holding church in his house. Churches are commercial buildings that must be equipped with fire exits, sprinkler systems, etc. In fact, the man lied to the authorities and told them it was to be used as a game room, not a church. So, no, he was not arrested for having a bible study, he was arrested for lying to authorities and holding church in a building not zoned for church.

As if Graphene couldn't get any cooler, it turns out it repairs itself with a couple loose carbon atoms!

What would the signs read if there were atheists churches?

A new moon was discovered around Pluto.

All it took was the threat of a lawsuit to get Henrico County to stop breaking the law and quit saying prayers before their meetings.

I really hate Adobe. The latest updates for Flash don't store the volume control, and always overwrite your settings back to 100%. Thanks Adobe, I really love it when annoying ads blast my speakers.

What happens when you light 500 fireworks all at once?

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes

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What a real abortion looks like compared to what Christians want you to think abortions look like.

Rich white kids bitch about their maids on Twitter.

Here's a pretty cool video showcasing the Aurora borealis.

After Bradford County, Florida allowed a Christian men's group to put a massive Ten Commandments monument on public land, they received a letter from American Atheists reminding them that such a monument was illegal must be removed. The county did nothing, so AA threatened to sue. After assessing the issue, Bradford County discovered that they would most likely lose a lawsuit brought to them, and asked the Christian men's group to take the monument back, because it would cost the county a lot of tax-payer money to move it themselves. The Christian men's group prayed about it, and finally decided to do nothing and let the county tax-payers foot the bill.

What can an atheist possibly celebrate?

Eugenie Scott explains why Creationism isn't science.

Here's a pretty cool science video about how we're now able to see things that the human eye isn't normally able to.

Hemant Mehta explains how we can help young atheists.

Smith's hints are always so useless!

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Very few Nobel Prizes are awarded to scientists in Muslim countries, and it's probably because the people in those countries hate their scientists.

Pretty sweet car crash physics engine.

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado were accused of burying a live kitten halfway in concrete and the local authorities, also FLDS, laugh it off.

What if Lucas actually had Star Wars planned out properly?

Oh snap! Here's 25 facts that evolution can't answer!

In need of a little inspiration? The future is ours!

Sean Faircloth talks to Katherine Stewart about how the religious rite is trying to take over public schools.

You're in the right house baby, you were sorted this way.

Even preachers have to squeeze out a little fanny burp from time to time.

Ready for a face full of sand?

This is the kind of stuff your children will learn if they go to children's church.

In an effort to show how unsexist they are, male gamers create a game where you are encouraged to beat a woman to a bloody pulp.

She's doing bodyshots off Italian guys in Mexico

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Went rock climbing with my homies on Saturday. Then went to a tea party on Sunday. Like a boss!

Bill Johnson was the CEO of Duke Energy, an illustrious career that he held for a solid 24 hours before resigning. However, due to the company's compensation rules, he stands to take $44.4 million with him as he leaves. Other employees get a swift kick in the ass as they leave. This is why you need to stop voting for Republicans!

100 rock riffs through the ages.

Italian courts rule that the MMR vaccine causes autism even though there are numerous clinical studies which show that children who receive the MMR vaccine are just as unlikely to develop autism as children who do not get the vaccine. Way to embarrass yourself Italy.

Christians dance to dubstep!

Some of the chemistry that goes on in fireworks, and what chemicals give the various colors.

Another poster child of the Christians attempt to "cure" homosexuality reminds the press that it doesn't work and is extremely damaging.

The Higgs Boson... more relevant than god.

If the bible were written today, it wouldn't be sold in Christian bookstores.

Videogames from the bad guy's perspective.

Christians want to tax atheists for not going to church because religious people tend to live longer than non-religious people (at least, when they don't blow themselves up).

T. Ryan Gregory explains why some genomes contain massive amounts of non-coding DNA, and why others do not.

This is the kind of Christian textbook that is getting taxpayer funding in Pennsylvania.

Climbing? Climbing.

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Mitt Romney's legacy in Massachusetts.

This Is Our Planet, a look at the Earth from the International Space Station.

Stephen Hawking officially lost $100 to Peter Higgs. And this happened.

This is what the YouTube complaints department would be like.

Australian Girls Scouts drop God from their official promise.

Sean Faircloth discusses the US Military's Spiritual Fitness Test in which soldiers can only score high if they claim to be religious.

An interesting recap of the making of Jaws.

Eugenie Scott talks about what Darwin would say to today's Creationists.

When Republican Rep Valarie Hodges help pass a law that would give taxpayer money to religious schools, she didn't mean for that money to go to non-Christian religious schools!

Tim Minchin's new three-minute song.

25 popular Creationist fallacies with examples.

Bloggers at Freethought discuss social justice issues.

Alan Alda searches for the next Carl Sagan.

AC is out at my office, and I'm getting awfully hot!

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Landing a probe on Mars is no easy task.

Welcome to the Annual Pastors Conference of Alabama. Whites only!

It's official, the Higgs Boson has been found!

56 things learned at the biggest Christian music festival in the world.

Rush Limbaugh's most recent quote, "When women got the right to vote is when it all went downhill."

Proving the equation behind the area of a circle.

Part of being a modern Republican means doing things that the Taliban likes to do. For example, rich old white guys trying to teach women home to be properly feminine. It also means trying to prevent minorities from voting and teaching critical thinking skills to children.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates in Epic Rap Battles of History!

We're not One Nation Under God, we're One Nation Under the Constitution.

Stoning someone to death for picking up sticks on the Sabbath is perfect morality.

Got some badly needed rain

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Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke, and Stephen Hawking give a wonderful interview about the universe.

Bowser has a fun weekend with the kids.

The Salvation Army is very anti-gay, even to the point where they don't mind the execution of homosexuals.

What if Internet commentators were in your business meeting?

How high can we build? Actually, pretty damn high!

This is a rather interesting explanation of how the camera moves about in Super Mario World.

If you didn't make it to the Reason Rally, you missed out on Jami Kilstein's wonderful rant.

This is why commas are important.

You'd think Republicans would have learned about stealing back when they used copyrighted photos to enforce the Internet freedom bills, but now they're using copyrighted photos for gay bashing.

One joke for every episode of MST3K.

Where the hell is Matt... 2012.

Day off tomorrow, have a blast on the 4th!

Now it -is- July!

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I had a wonderful weekend! Hung out at Great Lakes Crossing with my homies, had lunch, kicked a soccer ball around, saw some fireworks down in the Detroit area, and didn't get enough sleep. It was a good day.

Catholics have tried telling people not to use birth control and it's failed. Their more recent approach is just out-right lying about it!

Mercury vibrating at different frequencies is awesome.

Australia currently has 30 times more people declaring their religion as Jedi than Scientology.

Don't do the following with your fireworks.

North Carolina's sea level continues to rise despite the state government trying to make it illegal.

Just how powerful is an MRI magnet? Oh about this powerful.

Around 150 Mormons are planning a group Exodus from the church in order to protest the church's handling of same-sex marriage and polygamy.

Dinosaurs may have evolved feathers much earlier than previously suspected.

What drug causes the most social ills? Cocaine? Heroin? Meth? Nope, it's our good friend alcohol.

Atheists brought us Obamacare? I had no idea, but I'll cheerfully accept the blame!