August, 2012

They keep gettin' younger, don't they baby?

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Republican liars: Mitt Romeny and Paul Ryan.

The reviews on Amazon for the Bic Pens For Her are hilarious!

Atheists on religion, science, and morality, via The Point. And, don't miss the Q & A.

This trailer is beautiful.

One of the great things about civilians having cameras everywhere is that it makes it awfully harder for government officials to get away with their abuse.

Bettin' on the bull in the heather

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The Scale of the Universe 2! This makes me emotional.

The truth about alternative medicine.

Gay sex causes hurricanes. Didn't you know?

Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson, explains how he came up with the exclamation, Doh!

The Republican party is trying to claim ownership of the concept of Internet freedom. This is amazing considering that both SOPA and CISPA, two bills that would completely undermined Internet freedom, were created by Republicans. Of course, their idea of freedom means eliminating all oversight for businesses at the expense of individual rights. Regardless, I'm pleased to see they're claiming to be in favor of Internet freedom, even if they're misguided about it, as usual.

As it turns out "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan", is an anagram of "My ultimate Ayn Rand porn". And here's a song about it.

500 different achievements? Yes, that's what Goime 500 has. The controls are pretty difficult, but the game is fun for awhile.

Rick Warren would still hate gay people even if it was found that they are gay because of their genetics.

In reference to priests having sex with children, Catholic Friar says, "The youngster is the seducer."

Here's the video of Curiosity as it lands on the surface of Mars.

How do exorcists cast out demons? Now we know.

Rachel Bloom, of Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury fame, sings Seasons of Love in Klingon.

Goodbye blue sky

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My NES Cheat Archive has been updated considerably.

I'm thankful that my boss doesn't force me to attend Romney speeches without pay, and then force me to donate my wages to his campaign.

E. O. Wilon gives his advice to young scientists.

The Flight of the Conchords have a new song out.

Iran continues to sink into a cesspool of religious hatred. They're now banning women from universities, something that was common in the USA until we wised up.

Blowing up asteroids with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Dan Barker makes a case for atheism.

Bibles are being distributed to students in Canada, so why not books on atheism? Well, there's a possibility that might happen!

The benefits of using contraception.

If you were at South Dakota State University, you were no doubt handed a bible. This is great news because there is a fiction for fiction exchange booth where you can exchange a bible for another work of (considerably better) fiction!

A rap about the loss of Nintendo Power.

Mitt Romney dubbed with bad lip reading.

Another party's over, and I'm left cold sober

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Women are still getting the shaft from Republicans. Mr. Deity explains the Mourning After Pill. Taylor Ferrera sings a song about legitimate rape, as do the Renegade Raging Grannies. Matt Bors illustrates what white men have to say about rape.

Some fish have see-through heads. Who knew?

The New Normal is an upcoming show about same-sex couples raising their children. This happens all the time, so it's about time we see it on television... unless you live in Utah. The NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air the show because it's run by Mormons!

The Republican party has shifted its stance on pornography. It is now dedicated to completely abolishing it! Not only is this impossible, but it also goes against the principles of a free society and their motto of small government. They don't mind saying women magically can't become pregnant during rape, but they want to stop nude pictures. How incredibly Taliban of them. I'm all for them shooting themselves in the foot, and I hope they continue to do it.

Scientology is a nasty cult, and here's why.

UK hate group "Society For the Protection of Unborn Children" says that if we allow same-sex couples to marry, there will be a huge increase in abortion. Yes, that's right, couples that can't even biologically have children unless they make a great effort to do so are far more likely to have abortions than couples who routinely become pregnant accidentally.

Several stupendous supercuts: temper tantrums, iconic sunglasses, and bikini fails.

Mitt Romney has a long history of completely changing his views to get elected. He's essentially a voter whore.

Bill Nye tells us why teaching Creationism is crap.

I has a camping.

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Camping was amazing! For the first time, I hiked between the upper and lower falls. It's only 4 miles, but it's over lots of rolling terrain with lots of bare roots and rocks to trip over. The only real downside was the rain the first night and the small amount of tent leakage. Not enough to do any damage, but enough to warrant buying a new tent for future outdoor adventures.

I for one welcome our new avian overlords.

Liberal Media? Nah, in fact, it's just the opposite.

Republican Steve King says that Multicultural Groups are just people who feel sorry for themselves.

Texas is following Louisiana's approach to use tax-payer money to fund Christian private schools. They're also requiring a photo-id for voters, which is supposed to prevent voter fraud, but since voter fraud is a practically non-existent problem, all it really does is prevent poor people and minorities from voting.

A camping we will go

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If you're ever in Sri Lanka, don't even pretend to kiss a religious statue or you might find yourself in prison!

New Hampshire sheriff candidate, Republican Frank Szabo, thinks people should use deadly force in order to stop abortion.

According to the US military, you can't be a good leader unless you're religious. Honestly, I think the opposite it true. Being religious shows that you're really good at doing what you're told and not asking questions!

We're not the bigots, they are.

Frank Mandelbaum just died, but that doesn't mean he's not a horrible asshole. In his will, he leaves his son a nice share of his wealth, but only if his son stops being gay.

I'm off tomorrow and heading to the UP for camping! Huzzah!

I ain't no stranger to love

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Random numbers based on quantum mechanics? Yes please.

Newsweek's last cover story was written by Niall Ferguson, who claimed that Barrack Obama failed on all of his promises. This, of course, was untrue. While Obama is from from my ideal president, I have to admit that the economy has become stronger, he's helped science, and our foreign image has improved. Ferguson either was ignorant to these facts, or he was lying. Either way, Newsweek was barraged by professionals pointing out the serious errors of the story, and Newsweek admitted that they made no attempt to fact-check the article, and in fact, doesn't even have a fact-checking department any more. Sadly, Newsweek is nothing more than Fox News, an opinion source which bears little resemblance to journalism.

A bonobo has been taught to mak and use stone tools.

Fittingly, "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram for "My Ultimate Ayn Rand Porn." This, of course, is a mere coincidence, yet eerily apt.

Despite losing support from his own party, Todd Akin is pushing on as the Republican candidate for the Missouri Senate. He gave an apology and says that his statement was in error (though he still hasn't changed his policy), and hopes that voters will forgive him. Luckily, he has important celebrities backing him, like... Kirk Cameron. This is wonderful news for the Democrats because it pretty much guarantees at least one Democratic Senator.

Don't do the dilly dally, or you'll get AIDS.

The terrorists have won. TSA agents don't like comedy in T-shirts.

Richard Dawkins responds to using psychedelic drugs as a window to spirituality.

The USA continues to get stupider.

You know when I'm down to just my socks, it's business time!

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Thanks to Samael Wolf for bringing this to my attention, but Republican Todd Akin's moronic claim that raped women can't get pregnant isn't anything new. Republican Stephen Freind made such a claim back in 1988. Where did moron Freind get the notion? Well, if you keep backtracking it, you will find this belief in the 1600s! This is what happens when people don't learn about their own biology! Of course, Christian radio personality Brian Fischer agrees with Akin, because he's an idiot. Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, says that sure, women can get pregnant when they're raped, but a lot of rape babies turn out to be good people. Apparently, a woman's right to control her body isn't quite as important as the possibility that her rape might give us the next Oral Roberts.

More chiropractors are giving their patients strokes from useless neck alignments.

Prague High School, Oklahoma refuses to give their straight-A valedictorian her diploma because she said the phrase, "how the hell do I know?" in her graduation speech.

Jamie Ian Swiss talks about the differences between skepticism and atheism at TAM 2012.

Just because it's been awhile since I saw this explanation of God's forgiveness.

Did you know that Kurt Russell tried out for the part of Han Solo? And did you see Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford's screen tests?

A compilation of the trippiest movie scenes.

This is who I am

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According to Republican Todd Akin, we don't have to worry about women who are raped needing abortions because their bodies will spontaneously abort the fetus if they were genuinely raped. I guess this means that if a raped women doesn't spontaneously abort, she wasn't actually raped. Where did he learn this bullshit from? Possibly, Physicians For Life.

The best of National Geographic's 2012 photo contest.

Woman are now allowed to ride bicycles legally in North Korea!

Remember the pregnant 16-year-old Dominican girl whose doctors refused to treat her cancer because Dominican law forbids abortion? Well, she's dead now, and so is the fetus. Pro-life indeed. Speaking of abortion, did you know that countries that outlaw abortion tend to have more abortions than countries where abortion is legal? And since the women can't get safe abortions, they end up getting dangerous back-alley abortions which lead to severe infections and death.

New Zealanders are about to get a little stupider. Their new Associate Education Minister, John Banks, is a literal Creationist. He doesn't believe in evolution, stellar formation, plate tectonics, radiometric dating, or any of that fancy-schmancy science stuff. He believe in Genesis! This raises the question, how can you be the head of education if you don't have any?

Kentucky's new law says that the state's "security is unattainable without reliance on Almighty God." This kind of makes you wonder why they even bother with guns and training. Naturally, American Atheists sued the state, claiming that this was an obvious violation of the first amendment. It's essentially requiring you to affirm the Christian god to be involved in the state's security, or even be protected by it. The initial judge agreed, but the state's Appeal's court reversed the decision. The American Atheist's appealed to the state's Supreme Court, but they decided they didn't want to do their job, and threw the case out. So, the law stands. If you're not a Christian, you have no place in Kentucky.

According to a popular Catholic web site, Catholics can wear condoms whenever they want... just not during sex.

Pat Robertson's advice to Christians, don't adopt. You don't need to take on someone else's problems. That's right, an orphan is a problem.

Remember David Barton's book that was pulled from the shelves last week because NPR pointed out that it was nothing but out-of-context quotes and outright fraud? You know a book has to be bad when a Christian book publisher pulls it for having too many lies! Well, it's been picked up by Glenn Beck, a man who's never had any qualms about lying to the public.

A child, too young to have yet been vaccinated against whooping cough, has just died of the preventable disease. If herd immunity was strong, he never would have been subjected to it, but anti-vaxers have killed yet another infant.

Proponents of same-sex marriage are now the majority in this country, which means it probably won't be long before it becomes legal. That's very good news. However, there are still several demographics that are very much against same-sex marriage. A Washington Post poll was recently conducted that ranked people's views on this topic based on their political views. As expected, Democrats and Independents are in favor unless they're religious and Republicans are almost entirely opposed. The thing I found really interesting is that the Tea Party, the group that claims small government, is even more opposed to same-sex marriage than the Pro-government Republicans. This isn't surprising, Teabaggers are major hypocrites.

Where will I be tomorrow? Will I beg, will I borrow?

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Christian "Family" organizations are being added to lists of hate groups. It's not enough to just hate gay people, but they also use discredited data to lie about the homosexual agenda. The Family Research Council, for example, said that a primary goal of gay people is to eliminate consent laws so that they can have sex with children and recognize themselves as pedophile prophets. Never mind having to show evidence.

eBay's new policy bans the selling of magical spells. In related news, people purchased magic spells on eBay?!

It turns out that if you force a young girl into a marriage that she doesn't want, she's libel to have a nervous breakdown. Well, in Chechnya, the only way to cure this problem isn't to stop forcing women to marry, it's to perform exorcisms on them!

What if we could fast-forward through the formation of a galaxy?

Thanks to the atheist community exposing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's plan to give $11 million of tax-payer money to private Christian schools, the state is now rethinking the idea.

Missouri's new state law means that students don't have to learn anything they think might make them question their religious beliefs. Again, I don't understand evolution, and I have to protect my kinds from understanding it!

It turns out that, in the USA alone, the Catholic church spends about $171 billion each year. That's enough money to pay off thousands of raped children.

Happy birfday Emily!

Thanks, that was fun

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Should courts rule on whether a law was broken, or whether harm was done? In Arizona, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued Governor Jan Brewer for forcing Arizona citizens to recognize a Day of Prayer. Now, the law is relatively clear that this is illegal, but the court refused to rule on the legality of this practice. Instead, they threw out the lawsuit because they claimed that the FFRF couldn't present anyone who had been directly harmed by the Day of Prayer. The reason I don't like this is because it's often difficult to demonstrate that something is harmful, even when it is. Take segregation in the southern US for example. White people claimed that separate-but-equal treatment didn't cause any harm, and it was difficult to show any immediate harm to the black community. However, we now realize that wide-scale harm was caused by segregation because it marginalized a group of people. This is how I see a government-led Day of Prayer. It doesn't cause direct harm to a single individual, but rather massive indirect harm to an entire group of people.

Germany's largest publisher of erotic novels is owned by the Vatican.

Helmet-cam of a falcon killing a catching dinner.

77 years later, Social Security is still saving people from poverty.

Obama may have been able to pass universal health care, but one of the casualties in the fight was sexual education. Republicans were able to get $50 million a year to tell teens not to have sex. Of course, states that don't institute sex-ed programs have the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies and STDs, and numerous studies have shown that not teaching teens about sex id directly correlated to this. Overall, I think universal health care is still a victory, because it doesn't matter how much you know about sex if you're dead. However, now that it has been passed, it's time to fix these problems by demanding sex-ed for students.

Reverend Angel Armando Perez is now in police custody getting a 12-year-old boy drunk and then taking nude pictures of him in his sleep.

Author of the article "Dawkins Doesn't Get God", doesn't get the point. Graham Veale commented on an interview between Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath, in which Dawkins points out that God poofing into existence is impossibly unlikely. Veale responds that Dawkins just doesn't get God, because Christian theology states that God has always existed, and therefore didn't need to pop into existence. He claims that Dawkins misses the point, it is Veale who is confused. Whether God popped into existence or always existed, the probability of a god that transcends space and time is still zero. How often do we observe things that transcend space and time? Never. And until we see evidence of something that does transcend space and time, the probability tentatively remains zero. This doesn't mean that it won't one day change to a positive number, but for now, it's zero. Veale's next point is that God is perfectly simple, yet he attributes consciousness to God. So far, nobody has ever observed consciousness outside of a highly complex natural being. He also assigns omnipotence, omniscientience, and omnibenevolence, a trio of self-contradicting properties which can't even be logically defined. Finally, he says that God is outside of nature. Perhaps, but as soon as God affects nature he must, by definition, be part of nature, if only in effect. This effect should be able to be observed, measured, studied, and yet, nobody has every been able to do so. Veale has fallen into the trap of religious thinking where he defines his god as being both completely unintelligible and completely unfalsifiable. Despite the author missing the point, it's still a positive article because it shows how the concept of God, once mighty and Zeus-like, is drifting into a nebulous nothingness.

Republicans in Kentucky don't understand evolution, and they have to protect their children from understanding it.

Religious belief continues to drop not just in the world, but also in the US.

Big shocker... women are marginalized in American churches.

The Supreme Court already ruled that corporations are people, but, according to federal district judge John L. Kane, that means they should be awarded religious rights in addition to individual rights.

Into the night, you make me cry

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I've been communicataing with a couple Japanese composers about their work in the videogame industry for several weeks, and then it dawned on me that my profile picture is a cupcake with the phrase, "I have a very tiny dick," written in Japanese. Hm... probably should have changed that.

Csanad Szegedi is a leader of Hungary's Jobbik Party, a political group with openly anti-Semitic views. He even referred to Israeli Jews as "lice-infested, dirty murderers." You can imagine his shock when he found out his mother was Jewish and his grandmother survived Auschwitz.

What does it mean to lack a belief in gods?

The story of Moses as it's actually told in the Bible.

Religious conflict, animated.

A couple of the attacks of women's rights that have occurred recently.

Now that the Higgs Boson has been discovered, let us reflect on why some scientists didn't think it would turn up.

He won't be driving home officer, I promise you that!

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Do you enjoy layered sand art?

One nation, under surveillance.

James Holmes, the guy who murdered several people in the movie theater in Aurora, CO, would never have gone on a shooting spree if only he had gone to a chiropractor!

Turkey censors John Lennon's "no religion" lyric from Imagine.

DarkMatter2525's new comic is all about dinner with celestial beings.

He decided to put his information to good use, and make a little money out of it. What could be more American than that?

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Didn't fall asleep until 5:00 AM last night. Whatever, I had a wonderful time gaming with Cody on Sunday. On Saturday, Emily, June, and I went to lunch at Zehnders and got their wonderful all you can eat fried chicken. Then, Emily and I had our first Clue rehearsal!

High speed video of cats landing on their feet.

The top ten differences between white terrorists and non-white terrorists.

Mitt Romney's running mate is Paul Ryan, a lover of Ayn Rand. Yes, that's what Romney needed to balance him out, a rich white man who is only concerned with himself and thinks charity is wrong. Here are some of the gems from his voting history, the full list can be found here, No on stem cell research, Yes on making abortion illegal, No on forcing banks to become more accountable, No on allowing same-sex couples the right to marry, Yes on banning adoption to homosexuals, Yes on deceasing taxes for the extremely wealthy, No on enforcing anti-gay crime, No on education increases especially to blacks and Hispanics, Yes on increasing off-shore oil dependency, No on incentives for renewable energy, No on controlling greenhouse gasses, No on ecology eduction, Yes on removing endangered species protection, No on maternity leave for women, No on most form of health care assistance, Yes on increasing surveillance on US citizens, Yes on all war spending bills, Yes on decreasing social security, No on funding for NPR, No on Net-neutrality.

Having religious parents is the biggest buzzkill ever!

People have been known to walk into stuff.

Why are we still funding NASA? Well, here are numerous things the organization has done to make your life better.

Cat owners are appalled when they learn that their cats are actually efficient killing machines. By attaching tiny cameras to the collars of pet cats, a study shows that domesticated felines are still quite capable at murdering tiny woodland creatures.

This summer camp will make your child a psychic!

The science behind why we believe in gods.

God tells this preacher to kick women in the face with biker boots... to show Jesus' love.

Sean Faircloth explains the obscene amounts of money that Christian preachers make.

Dr. Peter Boghossian discusses the ethics of atheism.

Can't start a fire, sittin' 'round, cryin' of a broken heart

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Sigh, the victims of EA.

Christian radio personality Bryan Fisher says that kidnapping children from their same-sex parents is like freeing slaves.

Internet Archive now features over 1,000,000 torrents of free content including audio books, eBooks, free movies, live concerts, and more!

Christians decide to pray against same-sex marriage and euthanasia. Translation: Christians decide to do absolutely nothing about same-sex marriage and euthanasia. I'm fine with that. When they actually start voting about it, then we've got a problem.

Some infinities are larger than others.

There's a new Mr. Deity episode!

A British web site was court-ordered to remove false claims about vaccinations and autism. Since numerous tests have shown that there is no correlation between vaccinations and autism, the site is indeed showing out-right lies with their claims and harming the general public. Now, under normal circumstances, I don't like censorship, but in this case, the site is a business selling vaccinations. This means that they fall under consumer protection laws and aren't allowed to lie to their customers. The UK government did the right thing, I only wish the USA had the balls to do it themselves.

After six people were murdered at a Sikh church in Georgia, local Christians want to reach out to the Sikh community... by converting them to Christianity.

Mega64 makes me sad to be a modern gamer. So many promises left unfulfilled.

After NPR reported on the numerous factual errors in David Barton's book, the publishers pulled the book from shelves! I love it when companies take responsibility for their mistakes!

New Simon's Cat.

In Kansas, a mentally ill 10-year-old girl was raped and impregnated by her uncle. Naturally, her doctor terminated the pregnancy. But because it's Kansas, state officials are trying to prosecute the doctor and have her license revoked.

Clue rehearsals tomorrow!

Roll, roll me away

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As of 2009, Texas students had the lowest rate of high school completion in the country. As of 2011, Texas ranked fifth from the bottom on overall SAT scores. Not so surprising when you look at how they handle their textbooks. It's fair to say that Texas has a serious problem with education. Luckily, they have a solution, they built a $60 million football stadium. Unfortunately, this is still only the 5th largest high school stadium in the state.

The top ten countries that have seen a 10% or greater drop in religious belief since 2005 are Vietnam, Ireland, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Iceland, Ecuador, the USA, Canada, and Austria. The northern European countries are nothing new, they've been dropping for decades now, but Ireland was a ">bit of a shock considering their history. I'm also pleased to see the USA with a 13% drop in religious adherents since 2005!

It turns out that if you destroy someone's property, and potentially become an arsonist, during a pro-bigotry speech, you can get fired!

US Olympians respond to the comment on Faux News that they aren't wearing enough red, white, and blue.

Seven television channels that don't show what they claim to show.

I have a lot of friends who have a lot of student load debt that is making it very difficult for them, and you probably do as well. So why is it that Ben Bernanke is telling us that it's not a problem?

Windows 8 may be highly ridiculed by everyone at Steam and EA, so, to fix this, they've decided to cater to gamers everywhere by adding achievements to... Mine Sweeper?

How to be a proper female athlete in the Olympics.

NPR fact-checks professional liar David Barton, and it turns out, he's a liar.

Missouri passed a "Right to Pray" amendment. It grants people the right for people pray in public and on government grounds and prohibits the state from coercing religious activity. This, of course, is unnecessary since the US Constitution already grants these rights, good use of tax dollars there! However, the amendment goes a bit further and grants the right for government employees to sponsor prayers. As the US Supreme Court has ruled numerous times, having government employees lead prayers while on the clock is coercing religious activity. The Anti-Defamation League of Missouri and Southern Illinois is currently in pursuit of a legal case.

I will never write a letter like this to my children.

Gun-happy Americans continue to embarrass us around the world.

Bible-toting protester threatens to rape and murder a woman because she's a lesbian, and the Grand Rapids, MI police claim there is nothing they can do about it.

You too can be a gay Christian if you interpret the bible in this way.

Desperately wanting

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Back in 2009, Homeland Security warned that our internal terrorists (white supremacists, fundamentalist Christians, and disgruntled veterans) are more of a threat than Islamists. Rather than believe the experts, Republicans demanded an apology (after all Republicans tend to be fundamentalist white supremacist Christians) and continue to believe their preconceived notions. And just a few days ago, a white supremacist disgruntled veteran murdered 6 Sikhs.

Is dub step avant garde musical genius? No. No, it isn't.

Republican Lindsey Graham wants governmental employees to be laid off before the election in hopes that they'll be scared into voting Republican.

Weddings of a religious nature have been nose-diving in Scotland.

I kissed a nerd and I liked it.

Delhi Charter School, a charter school in Louisiana, is now forcing its female students to take pregnancy tests, and expelling them if they become pregnant.

Star Trek in rock form.

The world is still crazy

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Private Christian school, Wheaton College, demands to be exempt from covering its employee's contraception... not realizing that it already does.

Rachel Bloom strikes again.

How did our single-celled ancestors become multi-cellular? Here's a possibility.

NPR releases its listener's top 100 novels for teens.

Australian parents fight against the tax-payer funded forced Christian indoctrination of their children.

Bill Nye tells us how to tie a bow tie.

The Illinois Family Institute wants to remind good Christian parents to attack any of their children's teachers that may have the audacity to teach scientific facts that disagree with the parent's pre-conceived notions.

Women think their body belongs to them? What insolence is this?

Pat Robertson blames the Sikh shooting on atheism, even though the shooter was most likely from a Christian background.

Drunk people are silly.

David Mitchell talks to the British public. And speaking of Brits, want to know more about the City of London?

If you're looking for a good education, you best steer clear of Louisiana.

Feeling much better now

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Felt gradually better over the weekend, and now there is just a phantom of my earlier sickness. Got a blister on my lip that may have been a cold sore on Saturday, but valaciclovir, acyclovir, and vodka made it disappear.

The latest Mars rover, Curiosity, was a total success!

How are Republicans so skilled at getting people to consistently vote against their interests? Here's the psychology of Republican voters.

On this date, in 1945, the atomic bomb Little Boy was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. Here is a photographic retrospective.

The Air Forces is basically a Fundamental Christian organization now.

More celebrities reading Tweets about them.

Why would someone want to murder a bunch of Sikhs?

Melinda Gates recently wrote an article explaining how helpful contraception can be for family planning and STD protection. And of course, Catholic Bishops are saying it could "lead to destruction of the human society and by extension the human race." How far escaped from reality can they get?

Eugenie Scott talks about Reason and Creationism.

The sign-writer at this church has apparently never been to a farm.

Here in America, we allow non-profit organizations to be tax-exempt. We only give this to organizations that are able to prove that they helping the community in some way, usually through charitable works. Churches are automatically given tax-exempt status, and do not have to prove they do charitable works, it's just expected that they do. Now, non-profits have to file special documents with the IRS and keep track of every penny that goes through them to ensure they're not skipping out on taxes, but churches don't have to file or even keep any records at all. Again, it's just assumed that churches would never push taxable money through their tax-exempt system in order to avoid taxes. Another caveat of non-profits is that they're not allowed to endorse a political canidate. They're allowed to push political issues, like pro-choice or gun control, but they can't say, "I want you to vote for such-and-such a canidate." However, just like how churches get special privilidge with not having to prove they help the community, and not having to show tax writeoffs, they're also not being stopped from endorsing political canidates. Case in point, the Silence Is Not an Option video.

Hope to be feeling proper by Monday

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How foreigners view the USA.

Six things to which Republicans compare birth control.

Mitten's tax plan would actually raise taxes for most Americas.

Chinese parents lied to their daughter about the death of her grandparents for several years so that she could stay focused on winning the gold.

There are 13 times more cases of Pertussis in Washington D.C. this year!

Yet another pastor is caught making out with a teenage girl. Pictures were recently discovered on the cell phone of pastor Jack Schaap, age 54, where he is making out with a teenage girl.

Cook out tonight!

Feeling a little better today

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The Organ Trail, is kind of like the Oregon Trail, but with zombies.

Thou shalt not commit logicial fallacies.

Steve King a Republican Rep. from Iowa, doesn't want to make dog fighting illegal, because right now it's perfectly legal to rape a 13-year-old girl, kidnap her, drive her across state lines, and force her to get an abortion.

Women will now have their birth control covered by their insurance, and Republicans liken it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Pastor Jack Schaap who wrote a book about Christians dating which has tips for women like, don't get fat, do your hair every day, and don't try to set trends, has been fired from his pastoral duties because he was having an affair with a 16-year-old girl.

The North Dakota judges rule that doctors must lie to their patients. North Dakota doctors must tell women seeking an abortion that thy will be at a higher risk of suicide, even though there is no concrete evidence to support the claim.

Still have a sore throat, but it has yet to progress

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Richard Dawkins is praising intelligent design? What's this?

The teacher who bragged about blocking the Secular Student Alliance from forming at the school he works isn't bragging anymore. He argued that his students shouldn't feel the need for a safe haven, and, "We are not, however, obligated to protect those who choose to be deviants in society." Actually, if you understood your duties as a school teacher, you are obligated to allow every student group equally, and thanks to the SSA, his school now is!

The universe is weird, so says this song.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. What would happen if atheists ran the world, from the perspective of Christian forum posts.

Focus On the Family tried to get pornography banned in the 1980s. It didn't work, but it did give us a pretty hilarious video to mock!

Saw this talk live a couple of month ago. Steven Pinker explains how the world is getting less violent. There's a more concise version of the talk here.

What humanism means to various humanists.

Celebrities have feelings too!

Another cross on public land must come down, this time less than hour's drive from me.

What the gay community has to look forward to if Mittens is elected.

A little repetitive, but I'm With Neil is a pretty fun song.