September, 2012

One week later, healthy again!

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The Texas Attorney General lies to a public high school in order to try and convince them to waste tax-payer money on a lawsuit they're going to lose.

Some people claim that Jedi is their religion, but what would it be like if they actually acted like religious people?

Again, Republicans require photo id laws to stop, what they claim is voter fraud, but in reality, it stops the poor, elderly, and minorities from voting. But who is it that actually commits voter fraud? The Republicans!

Talking about the new drug referred to as "Bath Salts".

The Pure Michigan Statewide Sing-along is pretty cool.

It's great seeing an animated version of an iconic Portal 2 scene.

Holy cake in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Doing an adopt-a-highway cleanup this weekend, perfectly timed to coincide with Blasphemy Day!

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More sex abuse from the Catholics. The Australian diocese admits to over 600 cases of child molestation and rape since 1930, the majority happening from the 60s to 80s, with an uncounted amount left unreported.

If the popular kids use you to cheat, use them right back!

Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher has nothing better to do with tax-payer money than draft bills saying how great Christianity is and how believers should be allowed to practice their religion (already covered by the 1st amendment), that Christianity played a strong role in the formation of the US (an outright lie), and that we should reject efforts to remove religion from the government (i.e., go directly against the 1st amendment). What a waste.

Bill O'Reilly says that Fox is the only news station that hard journalism [citation needed], Koppel reminds him that few people watch the channel when they do news. O'Reilly counters by saying that they're popular, which means they're accurate. Ted Koppel reminds O'Reilly that there was a time when he was a journalist, but now, he and Fox news are nothing more than an editorials. O'Reilly says he's still proud of what he does, and Koppel gives him a nice kiss-off. Priceless!

Mr. Deity explains why there won't be any signs.

Sarah Silverman is wonderful, as always, in her new message, Let My People Vote (Get Nana a Gun). However, it seems the only ones committing voter fraud are the Republicans.

The Christian home-school movement has had a pretty bad rap for years, but it seems to be getting worse with the Christian ideals of no sex ed, no family planning, etc. The families are so large, and the state requirements are so lax, that kids are "graduating" from homeschooling without even being able to read.

Joel Osteen admits that people don't choose their sexuality, but still says it's wrong and refuses to comment as to why. He's a bigot, he just doesn't want to be called a bigot.

Don't swear an oath in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Soooo close!

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Homer Simpson votes in the 2012 presidential election.

99 behind the scenes pictures of popular movies.

A lecture regarding evolution.

The story of a child-molesting professor is kept out of the local paper by a Christian private school's president, but one student took it upon himself to bring the story to light.

That's a lot of fucks.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The state of Arizona has been doing everything in their power to remove women's abortion rights and remove sex education from public schools. This, of course, has caused the birthrate among poor couples to increase greatly, and since they can't afford to pay for the pregnancy, the cost falls on the state's Medicaid program which now pays for 53% of all of the children born in the state! When asked what should be done about it, Republican Senator Linda Gray said that parents and churches should encourage more people to marry. Good call, that would certainly prevent pregnancies!

Don't touch your uncleanness in The Blasphemer's Bible!

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One of the medicines I took last night kept me from sleeping. I woke up practically every hour! Feeling a bit better though. Mostly just a runny nose left.

I wrote a rebuttal to an article about Christianity and atheism.

Can't force your religious views into a public school? Get your kids to do it for you.

Dr. Andy Thomson gives a wonderful talk about evolution and why it's important in understanding our brain.

Eddie Izzard talking about history.

Don't plead the Fifth in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Ready for a cure

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Got mildly sick over the weekend, but I made up for it by playing tons of Left 4 Dead 2, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

The Boy Scouts of America has lost their largest backer, Intel, because of their policy of excluding people based on their sexuality. Hopefully, the rest of their backers will follow suit so that the BSA will see how hateful their policy truly is.

Most people would consider it crazy to challenge the IRS, especially if it means losing your coveted tax-exempt status that you had to work so hard for. But churches are not afraid, not even a little. Over 1,000 church pastors are giving a figurative middle finger to the IRS showing just how untouchable they really are by endorsing specific candidates from the pulpit. Actually, churches have been doing this for years now, and other tax-exempt groups have been complaining about their special treatment, but the IRS is too scared of the backlash they'll get if they force churches to follow the same rules as everyone else. Christian privilege is thick in this country, to the point where churches don't have to file taxes or even prove they're contributing to society in any way; they automatically receive tax-exempt status.

Obama has been a strong supporter of Christianity, much to my dismay, but that doesn't stop Phyllis Schlafly and Fox news from talking about what an atheist he is.

Iranian women have been banned from 77 college subjects due to Islam's influence on their government.

In Germany, you're forced to pay a tax to the state-run Catholic Church, unless you declare yourself as an atheist, in which you don't have to pay the tax. However, many people have been pretending to be atheists in order to get out of paying the tax, but still attend Catholic mass. The bishops have been getting wise to this and have now issued a decree saying, essentially, that people who don't pay the Catholic tax will go to Hell!

More sacrificing in The Blasphemer's Bible!

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Like most Apple products, their mapping app is just awful.

This Arabic was told to cover up one too many times!

This is an amazing study in how little people understand their own stances on moral issues.

Texas Governor, Republican Rick Perry says that the concept of separation between church and state wasn't the idea of our founding fathers, it was the idea of SATAN!

Sins are all the same to God in The Blasphemer's Bible!

I'll see you there!

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For years Kountze High School in Texas has been waving large banners emblazoned with bible verses at their sporting events. These are especially effective at alienating every non-Christian in the school and in the crowds, and, since the it is a public high school, a violation of the first amendment by using a public institution to promote a specific religion. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote a letter to the superintendent explaining why these banners are illegal, and sure enough, the banners will no longer be displayed. One more point for the US Constitution and the found fathers!

What would it be like if political ads were nice?

How women have changed the the face of the Free Thought Movement.

If you wondered what the full XKCD large image looked like, here's a zoomable graphic.

What would it be like if God wasn't invisible?

700 comics in The Blasphemer's Bible!

If there is a hell

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If Muslims want to be treated with respect, maybe they should stop marrying off their prepubescent daughters to adult men. And maybe they should stop staving and beating their daughters so severely that they become brain dead.

Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists are all responsible for the illegal slaughter of endangered elephants to make religious trinkets.

The Internet reacts to the Mitt Romney 47% video.

Christian hate group, Mission: America, says telling a child it's okay to be gay is just as bad as not turning in a child-rapist.

Steven Pinker on taboos, political correctness, and dissent.

God is the prince of slaughter in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And no one cares

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Conservatives often say that the US can't afford to give it's citizens free health care or free education because we just don't have the money. Meanwhile, we're spending about $711,000,000,000 annually on the military. To put that in perspective, the US spends as much on military as China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Turkey COMBINED! Of the entire world's military, 41% of the spending is because of us!

Here's where memes come from.

Rick Santorum laments that smart people will never side with Republicans. I agree.

That Rachel Bloom chick is pretty funny, right?

Conservative Christians are edging closer and closer to the burqa. Ladies, if a man stares lustfully at you, it's the man's fault, not yours. If he can't keep his hands off you, he should be punished, not you.

Apparently, Barack Obama's dead mother just converted to Mormonism.

At Dragon*Con, James Randi gave a retrospective of the skeptical good deeds he's performed throughout his life.

Mitten says that 47% of Americans pay "no income tax" and won't vote for him because they believe they're entitled to food. Those greedy bastards! Actually, as it turns out, the people who pay the least in income taxes are precisely the same people who will be voting for Romney since it's the Southern states that pay the least amount of taxes. Of course, all of this is coming from someone who foreign bank accounts an extremely large investments allowed him to pay a lower tax percentage than most people in the country. Hypocrisy runs deep!

Christian ideas always tend to fall apart when you expose them to truth.

God wants steak sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible.

God is dead

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It looks like the Boy Scouts of America have been taking a page out of the Vatican's playbook by covering up cases of child molestation.

The new iPhone is still crap.

The state of Virginia approved a bill designed to make it harder and more expensive for citizens to get safe legal abortions. It doesn't matter that abortions are legal, the lawmakers are doing everything they can to enforce their religious beliefs on everyone in the state.

People -still- doubt Obama's birth certificate. Still?!

For over ten years, California's Department of Consumer Affairs has been claiming that NCCAM endorses acupuncture and found it effective. In face, NCCAM doesn't endorse it, and has on numerous occasions found acupuncture to be just as effective as a placebo.

The psychology behind privilege, and why the privileged don't understand it.

The Blasphemer's Bible is back online with the beginnings of Leviticus.

New chapter in a book.

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I picked up my new car last night. It's a 2011 BMW 128i convertible, and it's gorgeous! Today I sell Chloe back to the dealer I bought her from four years ago. It's going to be sad.

I try my best to boycott Hobby Lobby due to their crazy religious views which they keep confirming.

New comics in the Blasphemer's Bible start on Monday, don't forget to look!

The Curiosity lands on Mars, now in HD!

Thomas Amons, principal at a Texas public school, shut down the school's cosmetology program because of the students there looked gay. When a teacher spoke up about Amons's reasoning for shutting down the class, Amons fired her.

The Catholic Church now publishes a magazine for exorcism.

Getting ready to purchase my new car!

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NASA's temperature measurements from 1880 to 2011 show a constant increase in overall temperature.

You know a candidate is full of it when even his own party won't back him.

Christian hate group Focus On the Family has admitted to probably losing their fight against same-sex marriage.

Ohio Republicans think Mitt Romney had more to do with killing Osama Bin Laden than President Obama.

What if the Earth were hollow, and what if you you fired guns in space?

The difficulties of being an atheist in America.

Spoiler Alert: A Harry Potter retrospective through the movies.

Modern videogames have a hard time fighting against the difficulty of old school games.

Christians lie so they don't have to pay taxes. What else is new?

A wonderful time-lapse of the Pacific Northwest.

Everything's changing

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I've been putting more work into my NES Hacker Wiki. I'm currently in the process of adding a programming index to the site which covers the instructions of the 6502 processor.

Also, don't forget the on-going updates to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation. 347 games and growing!

According to Republican Bob Marshall, women birth children with disabilities as punishment by God for having abortions.

What's the harm in "natural" medicine? Well, there's Death.


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15 phrases that will never be spoken by a gamer.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's football staff has decided to be more inclusive. Rather than alienate their players with a mandatory prayer before each game, they're switching to a moment of silence. This, thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Officer Robb Gary Evans, a cop in Arizona, got drunk and groped a woman's genitals in a bar while abusing his authority as a police officer. Despite threatening to arrest the bouncers who threw him out, he ended up arrested himself for sexual assault. But rather than face the expected sentence of 6 months to 2.5 years in prison, he received probation with no jail time. And to add insult to injury, Judge Jacqueline Hatch partially blamed the woman for being sexually assaulted because she was at a bar saying, "If you wouldn't have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you," and, ""When you blame others, you give up your power to change." Judge Jacqueline Hatch should lose her job for these comments.

Eugenie Scott discusses science and spirituality.

Simulated yellow.

Rachel Bloom is just plain awesome.

Friar Thomas Doyle talks about how the Catholic church systematically tried to cover-up hundreds of cases of child-rape over the years.

Off to the gym

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Allowing students to publish pro-gay articles in a public school yearbook cost this teacher his job.

Ever want to see a transparent mantis eat a fly?

This Ten Commandments monument has been boarded up, and is about to be removed from government land, as it should be.

Ontario Christians are suing a local school board for access to early school curriculums so they can make sure their students don't learn terrible things like science or history.

A bunch of Muslim women rallied in Pakistan to show their solidarity on their desire to cover up their faces and bodies for their husbands, which totally isn't sexism. Several speeches were given at the rally, and not a single one was given by a woman... which totally isn't sexism.

Emmett C. Burns Jr. wanted to show off his understand of Jesus by writing a letter telling a football owner to silence one of his players for saying that same-sex marriage was okay. The response is awesome!

You know in the end, I'll always be there

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Why the Republican Party has a chance at winning the election.

Somewhere In England, 1928 is a pretty fun, but too short, game.

The Republican Party wasn't always a Christian group.

The Australian Christian Lobby had something that any lobby would love, a chance to directly interact with their nation's leader, prime minister Julia Gillard. However, just before they were supposed to have their talk, the Christian Lobby made a comment that homosexuality is deadly similar to the way smoking is deadly, so we should teach children than homosexuality is wrong. I guess people involved in monogamous homosexual relationships are at risk for lung cancer? Well, the prime minister did something that you'll never see an American have the guts to do, she canceled the talk, saying the views of the Christian Lobby are unacceptable. This is exactly what Australia needs when they have their churches prescribing medication to try and stop homosexuals from being gay.

Lewis Black talks about evolution.

Moronic Christians who believe the universe is 6,000 years old almost had their way in South Korea. For a short while, they were able to convince the schools there to remove fossils and evolution from their text books, but luckily, they were able to get some people with a lick of sense into the school boards, and fossils and evolution are back in the curriculum.

Vietnam veteran talks to Mitt Romney about same-sex marriage.

Chuck Norris and his wife say that if we don't vote for Mittens, we're ushering an age of 1,000 years of darkness! I knew he was a Republican Christian nutjob, but holy shit! It's about as crazy as this guy who thinks that his prayers grew back a man's severed finger, except when they stopped praying prematurely, it stopped growing back, and oh yes, he offers no evidence at all. Or what about this guy who thinks National Geographic is a racist porn outlet for children? To him, all nudity is pornography. Let's hope he never visits the Sistine Chapel!

Hemant Mehta comments on how atheists need to fill social roles rather than just criticize religion.

Stanley Kubrick really loves himself some one-point perspective.

Republicans do not want women to have birth control. And also, dog bites man.

If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger

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Boston Dynamics has made a robotic cheetah that can run faster than the fastest human.

PZ Myers talks about Atheism+ at the Ascent of Atheism Convention, and on Google Hangouts.

Astronomer Pamela Gay's TAM speech entitled, "Make the world better (ask if anyone minds later)."

Trannies bash Todd Akin.

The Conservative Lorax.

Boobies (the bird) have a rather awful, but effective, insurance policy with their hatchlings.

Marriage has been changing for years, and religion always wants to make it as bad as possible.

Forgot to make a new title

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Obama vs Romney on matters of science. Neither puts enough effort toward the sciences, but Romney is a climate change denier who thinks we can help education, not by buying better books and raising the salary of teachers, but by taking away money from public schools and giving it to charter schools that only wealthy people can afford.

Richard Dawkins debates Alister McGrath. The debate is pretty typical for an educated believer. He agrees with evolution and the big bang, but still attributes God to the current gaps in science, and he uses numerous logical fallacies to maintain his faith.

Yet another rich white man complains that women are ruining everything!

Ken Ham is attacking Bill Nye's credibility. Got that? The Science Guy himself who has spent decades teaching children about real science is being criticized by a kook who thinks the entire universe is 6,000 years old, and Noah's Ark is historical fact.

Stiefel Freethought Foundation gives a $10,000 grant to help the Black Atheists of America teach science.

Just another supercut of the apocalypse.

Wake me up when September ends

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Dan Savage has a debate about same-sex marriage with hate-group leader Brian Brown.

What was it like to get a back-alley abortion in the 1960s?

There were an awful lot of family-loving Republican men looking for casual encounters with other Jesus adoring Republican men at the National Convention.

Bill O'Reilly probably won't be receiving any science honors any time soon.

Laurence Krauss talks about searching for life on Mars.

Scientific discoveries that happened totally by accident.

My Little Pony with unnecessary censorship.

You're probably not a very good person if you plant evidence on an 11-year-old girl with down syndrome in order to get her convicted of desecrating a Quran, in order to have her executed. Then again, doing that probably does make you a good religious person.

Ricky Gervais goes over his primary school activity book about Noah's Ark.

Today is the first day of school for millions of American youngsters. Here's some advice that you won't care about until years after you graduate.

Advice from seniors.

Republican Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, has just signed a new law that allows bible study classes to be taught in the state's public schools.

Fox News fan threatens to murder his Liberal girlfriend.