October, 2012

Happy Halloween ladies!

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What if Mike Myers played Michael Myers in the Halloween movies?

The filming of upcoming Noah's Ark movie has been delayed due to flooding.

A friend from my local skeptics meet-up has put together a documentary on the health care industry and will be screening it for free tomorrow. Take a look!

Former FEMA director Michael Brown, the man responsible for the massive failure in helping people after Hurricane Katrina, criticises Obama for helping the Hurricane Sandy victims too soon! Sorry Brownie, but we can't all sit on our collective asses while people are without food, clean water, and shelter like you did.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covers the last presidential debate.

Why Romney doesn't actually donate money to the Mormon church, but still gets the tax breaks associated with church donations.

When people try to justify not allowing same-sex couples to marry, they just sound like hateful assholes like Dennis Prager.

Appreciate your right to live a secular life, because it's not so easy in other countries like Turkey.

Tina Fey mocks Todd Akin for his rape comments.

Here's a fun book from 1851. It's called, "Bible Defense of Slavery: Or the Origin, History, and Fortunes of the Negro Race".

There are two things I really don't miss about church. The first is the constant demand for more money. The second is their constant need to take secular ideals and bastardize them to Christianity, thereby removing any and all value and humor. This video does both at once. It's a couple who steal a Saturday Night Live skit while changing the lyrics of pop music, things a good Christian shouldn't know anything about, in order to guilt trip their congregation into donating money, why would God need money?

Sexy pinups doing silly dances!

Science is for everyone!

God discusses camel toes in The Blasphemer's Bible!

La la la la la la, la la la la la

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Spent the weekend doing Halloween stuff. Cider mill, Halloween parties, and enjoying friends. On Sunday I sorted out all of the 45s I bought at the auction. I'll be posting them online soon if anyone wants to buy some. The rest are going to be dumped on a record shop for super cheap. This morning I got a clean bill of health from the doctor. Rock it!

Republicans passed a whole bunch of laws all around the country to require voters to have a photo ID to vote. This was done to eliminate votes from the poor, elderly, and minorities because they tend to vote for Democrats. But it turns out that the only people who seem to commit voter fraud are the Republicans.

More news coverage about atheist billboards.

What is a blazer? It's like a quasar!

What if The Crow was turned into a sitcom?

Jon Lajoie publicly opposes same-sex marriage.

And now for something completely different. Animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Back to the weather girl I like best

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If you tell the TSA not to molest your 14-year-old daughter, you can expect to get arrested and sentenced to a year of probation.

The Big book of Missionary Positions for Mormons.

And not, another exciting episode of Ow! My Balls!

You know, considering the self-mutilation problems that upset kids deal with, maybe we shouldn't be starting them at such a young age? But then, with a brand name like "Kum On" what can you expect?

Don't vote for the South Dakota Democrat, he's too smart!

An atheists street preacher? Why I've never heard of such a thing!

Eddie Izzard comments on Moses and the Ten Commandments.

Even though he was expelled, attacked, and threated with death, to the point where he had to leave his home country, 20-year-old blogger Kacem El Ghazali continues to speak his anti-religious message. It's interesting how the commenters use the exact same dismissals as those in America. You're young and just trying new things, you'll come around! It's your family's fault for not properly leading you to God. It's the priest's fault for being overbearing. They never seem to realize that logic and rational thinking lead people away from religion, not rebellion.

Barney Frank talks about Mitt Romney's backward view towards gay-rights.

Sympathy doesn't exist in The Blasphemer's Bible!

These excuses, how they've served me so well

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A Saudi Arabian conference was held on women's issues, but not a single woman was allowed to speak or even witness the conference. Now, before you moan about how ridiculous this it, and how the US would never be so sexist and backward, don't forget in 2012, the USA held a panel on Women's contraception and every person on the panel was a man.

PBS does another interesting Off Book video about the Effect of Color.

Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, sent out mailers that had the wrong date for voting. I wonder if this was a simple mistake, or another example of Republican voter fraud?

It seems that shooting a girl in the head for wanting an education has created a bit of backlash for the Taliban!

A writer for Christianity Today tries to put out the fire started by Republican Richard Mourdock (who said that God intends for women to get pregnant from rape) but ends up just throwing gasoline on the fire by saying that it's disrespectful for not to tell survivors of rape about the " wondrous redeeming power of God!" Maybe this is why God is distancing himself from the Christian Right.

This video attempts to persuade the viewer to abolish the Electoral College, but it doesn't address all of the main points the proponents make.

Atheists are not monsters, despite what Fox News says.

God burns people alive in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Can't we teach science? That would be swell!

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Over my lunch I had blood drawn for an upcoming physical. I have to hand it to needle manufacturers, it hurts more to remove the bandage than it does to get the jab!

Finally! Someone made a computer that a women can use. Fujitsu doesn't bother with any of those lame programs that crunch data, but it does have a built-in horoscope provider, an opening latch that's easy on your long fingernails, lots of bling, and special scrap-booking software!

Cream Collon kind of looks like Cream Colon!

If you want to enjoy the fun of camping, hiking, and fishing in the Boy Scouts, you had better believe in God!

Scientists are trying to crack a 5,000-year-old undeciphered writing using computers.

Republican Richard Mourdock says that rape is all part of God's plan.

When the rest of the world is taken into account, 50% would vote for Obama, and only 9% would vote for Romney!

How to avoid getting sued for libel as a skeptical blogger.

Daniel Dennett explains why dropping the faith card in rational debate is useless.

The latest Halloween light show.

Several atheists take a trip to the Creation Museum.

Mr. Deity explains why Creationism is so appropriate for kids.

Obama's recent appearance on The Daily Show.

Mitt Romney says what everyone else wishes they could say, Fuck Science!

Still even more animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

It's what we call overkill. It's what we call psychotic!

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What would it be like to spend a year living according to the bible's rules for women? Not very easy!

There's really no nice way to put it, Italy's legal system is composed of fucking morons. They've sentenced six scientists to six years in prison for failing to accurately predict... an earthquake! Next up in Italy, the police will be behind bars for failing to stop murders before the occur, the economists will be locked up for failing to predict economic collapse, and the meteorologists will be executed for failing to predict rain.

This milk carton has a rainbow on it, which has outraged many Russians who think it's promoting a gay agenda, which is actually illegal in St. Petersburg!

The Public Religion Research Institute's survey data shows that the USA is becoming more and more secular, echoing the results of the PEW forum's research.

Evan Segev explains the Barbra Streisand effect and how it applies to skepticism.

Still more animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Hey wait, this is wine!

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Went to the casino Saturday night, hated the smoke, lost $55 of Emily's money, and enjoyed seeing friends. Sunday night, I watched the movie The Smurfs and the Magic Flute. I watched this movie religiously as a child, but it's been about 25 years since I last saw it. Surprisingly, many of the lines were still in my memory, and I could remember the timber of the voices and line delivery of the actors after all this time. It's a lot worse than I remember, but you can watch it online!

Some of the more crazy religious beliefs out there.

Bill Nye needs your help to save planetary exploration.

Remember when Illinois decided to stop allowing state-funded adoption agencies to not let same-sex couples adopt children and all the Catholic adoption agencies shut themselves down rather than allow foster children to have loving parents? Well, it turns out that everything is running just fine without the Catholic bigots.

Dungeons and Dragons can make you a more confident and successful person.

Ira Glass on being an atheist.

Plant Reproduction is weird.

Romney will undermine all the progress we've made toward the civil rights of homosexuals.

Lucid Dreaming is pretty cool.

The church banners at sporting events in Kountze, Texas appears to be over. The school district's superintendent has decided to respect the law and tell the students that they may no longer hold up religious banners on the field. Though the man is a Christian, and strongly agrees with message on the banners, he realizes that the law is against him, and, rather than go through a lengthy and costly legal battle which will waste millions of tax-payer dollars that could otherwise go to the schools, he has decided to simply put a stop to the banners. From now on, the students will only be allowed to praise Jesus before the games, after the games, privately during the game, in the stands, before school, after school, privately during school, at church, at home, and -that's all-!

Aaron and his sons are anointed in The Blasphemer's Bible!

When I hear that rock and roll, it gets down to my soul

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Picked up a bunch of massive load of old 45s, a couple of Tele-Match 4 Model 6600 Pong games, and a few arcade marquees at a local auction. Not bad.

Republican Joe Walsh (Rep. IL) says that a pregnant woman's life can never be saved with an abortion!

Investigations are still underway, but it looks like the Boy Scouts are going to have to hire the Vatican's lawyers now that they're being accused of so many cases of covered-up child rape!

Curiosity has found a strange shiny object on Mars.

Atheism continues to rise in Ireland!

Christian apologist Dinesh DíSouza is resigning from his position as president of King's College. It turns out, getting caught cheating on your wife isn't the kind of thing that goes over well at Christian schools.

There was a really interesting Skepticism and the Humanities panel at TAM 12.

Aaron and his sons are now priests in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright

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Romney demanded more women in areas of authority in Massachusetts? Nope, just another one of his lies.

When did it become acceptable for American politicians to be so damned anti-science?

Christians are liars, and dog bites man.

Stay classy Chick-fil-A.

Eddie Izzard comments on Noah's Ark.

Women's hygiene product manufacturer Body Form responds to a sarcastic letter in a sarcastic manner.

Retconning in The Blasphemer's Bible!

When you're dying in America at the end of the millennium, you're not alone

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Strong defender of "Traditional" marriage and Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza has been cheating on his wife with a younger woman for some time, and now he wants to get a divorce so he can marry his mistress. What a class act! I'll bet Newt Gingrich is proud!

Will it blend? The iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy S3. I'd say the Galaxy lasted much longer.

You can get the details of Romney's tax plan here.

Religious extremists have no problem justifying the attempted murder of a 14-year-old girl by simply saying, her beliefs differed from ours.

If we pray enough, crime will go down, that is according to Devon Clunis, chief of police in Winnipeg.

Mormonism is racist. It's really not possible for them to deny it anymore.

This is why we can't let Romney win.

Why does it seem like atheists only sue Christians?

More animal murder in The Blasphemer's Bible!


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I'm back to school! One of the blogs that I frequent mentioned the website coursera.org which provides 200 free online college courses prepared by professors from top universities. You watch lectures, take tests, get graded, etc. The only catch is that you don't get college credit for your work, which is just fine with me because I prefer to learn for the sake of learning. Anyway, I'm currently in week 2 of Introduction to Genetics and Evolution being taught by a professor from Duke University! Dog bless the Internet!

The typical religious response to people desiring effective STD preventative measures is, that just gives teens the go-ahead to become sluts. Despite that being ridiculous right out of the gate, there's now evidence to demonstrate it.

There is a yearly tradition in public schools performed by anti-abortion Christian students where they put red tape over their mouths in an effort to draw attention to the abortion issue. There is another tradition called the Day of Silence where students do roughly the same thing but it's meant to draw attention to gay and lesbian students who are bullied because of their sexual preference. Christian hate groups are very vocal about how disruptive the Day of Silence is, but are highly encouraging of students disrupting class in order to protest abortion.

Lawrence Krauss explains a universe from nothing on CNN.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard lays the smack down on misogynist Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. In other news, I still don't understand why they allow all the groaning and cheering through their speeches. So unprofessional.

Christopher Hitchens explains the myth of Jesus.

Bill Maher's new rules for October 2012.

Steve Goldman explains the history of atheism.

If you have sex before you're married, PREPARE TO DIE! I'd like to think public HIV/AIDS discussions have advanced a bit since this rubbish, but modern Christians tell just as many lies.

Eddie Izzard explains God creating the Earth.

Human sexuality is actually pretty complicated stuff.

No fat or blood in The Blasphemer's Bible!

You're the one

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Mitt Romney claims that in the US, people don't die because they don't have health insurance because they can still go to the emergency room. Never mind the 45,000 people who die every year because they don't have health insurance.

Republican Roger Rivard (Rep. WI) said that "some girls rape easy" in an effort to dismiss the statutory rape of an underage girl who was sexually assaulted by a 17-year-old high school senior.

According to a survey in the UK, more people believe in space aliens than believe in God!

The Italian government is revoking to tax-exempt status of their national Church in an effort to curb the nation's debt.

The Ukraine is trying to make it illegal to depict homosexuality in a positive manner.

Sally Quinn, Faith writer of the Washington Post, says that people who don't believe in God should not be allowed to be American citizens. Why? Because we have "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. This is the kind of ignorant backward thinking that atheists have to deal with. This woman isn't a nobody, she's a writer for a major newspaper!

The cake is a lie in The Blasphemer's Bible!

There's a field of flowers and they smell like you

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I wrote some commentary on this crazy Catholic video which is just a string of lies about contraception.

You've probably already seen this, but it's always worth watching again, zombie fungi!

Tea Party Republican Scott DesJarlais (Rep. TN), a strong anti-abortion advocate and wife-abuser, is accused of pressuring his mistress into getting an abortion.

The Simpsons IRL.

Jennifer Bennett accused Thomas Bray of raping her, choking her, and beating her. Bray's defense attorney subpoenaed Jennifer Bennett's personal journals, emails, Facebook posts, and search engine records so they could comb through her personal writings in an attempt to find anything that would get Bray off the hook. Feeling that was well beyond what the case called for, Bennett broke protocol and went public with the unreasonable demands placed on her. Bray was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Richard Dawkins' acceptance speech for the BHA award.

Eddie Izzard comments on intelligent design.

You can never have too many faceplants.

Enter the Freeman is a neato Half-Life short film.

Want to have a safe anonymous abortion? You can't do that anymore, it's the law!

Expedia.com promotes same-sex marriage with this heart-warming commercial.

Still more animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

She got outta town, railway New York bound

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The debate last night was a lot of fun. Frank Turek debated Eddie Tabash about which is more likely, the atheistic or theistic worldview. After the debate I got to have dinner with Tabash and a couple of CFI staff members. It was a blast. As for the debates, Turek was all over the map arguing pre-suppositional apologetics, misusing the anthropic principle, the design argument, the and was so deep in the moral argument, he essentially used the Euthyphro Dilemma and the Problem of Evil as arguments -in favor- of the existence of God. I think his low point was when he said that jumping defies the law of gravity (I'm not joking). He also used a Power Point, not just for his opening remarks, but for his rebuttals! I.e., followed a script, didn't really address the points. I took notes for the whole debate, but mostly just played "Spot the logical fallacy" during Turek's points. Tabash used the standard naturalistic approach, giving evidence for how the big bang, abiogenesis, and evolution account for nearly everything, and then saying the remainder is unknown, but as history has shown us, it's probably not magic. Tabash's closing remarks were very inspired, and he definitely brought out his lawyer voice!

Republican (Rep. AR) Jon Hubbard asks, "If slavery were so God-awful, why didn't Jesus or Paul condemn it?".

PBS explains the creativity in indie videogames.

The useless TSA ruin a dying woman's final vacation.

Halloween costumes for women get progressively sluttier as their target age increases.

The Taliban are proud of their latest attack. They shot a 14-year-old girl because she said that women have the right to an education, and when she gets out of the hospital, that plan on finishing the job.

Most people don't need to be told that executing children for not obeying their parents is bad. But a Republican running for State Rep. in Arkansas apparently does.

Even more animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

8-bit 4-life

Feeling: Retro


Protestant Christians are no longer the majority in the US! Secularism now accounts for 25% of the US population! In particular, the younger generation is the most likely to be non-religious, at about 30%, which means that we're probably heading toward an even bigger gain. But, in an effort to remind us that they're no longer relevant, Newsweek declares Heaven Is Real! Why? Because a doctor offers nothing more than anecdotes.

The Oatmeal has illustrated that study which found out how much murder cat's commit.

Eugenie Scott talks about the history of including evolution in the textbooks of Texas.

Don't forget to vote for stuff.

Go behind the scenes in the making of the Hipster Disney Princess Musical.

David Silverman talks about what's coming up for the atheist movement now that Reason Rally is over.

These kids are just a little too young to understand the presidential election.

More animal sacrifice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Heading to a theism vs atheism debate tonight! Fun fun!

Loves me like no other lover

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People may have favored Romney's rhetoric in the debate, but he had to lie his ass off to win their favor. It's easy to win a debate when you're not bound by reality.

A six-week-old baby is dead after her mother shoved pages of the bible down her throat.

Canada decides to eliminate nearly all of their non-Christian chaplains from their prisons, even though only 57% of inmates are Christian. I wonder what their goal is here?

Here's how time travel works.

Rachel Held Evans wrote a book about living for a full year in the modern age while following all of the laws in the Old Testament. It sounds very interesting, but now she's having a very hard time getting the book published by a Christian publisher because the book contains the word vagina.

According to the Vatican, atheists aren't even human!

Dan Savage makes some incendiary comments about the Family Research Council, including when a homosexual child commits suicide, they see it as a victory.

Eddie Izzard comments on religion.

PBS takes a look at fandom, and how it can change society.

Is the USA really a Christian Nation?

Disney's princesses are total hipsters.

Orlando, Florida is seeing an outbreak of violence, but the local sheriff knows how to stop it. No, not by doing his job, by praying for the crime to stop!

Burning grain for God in The Blasphemer's Bible!

I have scaled these city walls

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Remember Republican Todd Akin? The Republican who said that women can't get pregnant from rape? Well, he's got a new wonderful quote. Now he says that doctors are terrorists and they give women abortions even when they're not pregnant!

New Simon's Cat!

Mormons can now let their magic underwear be its whitest with Tide for Mormons!

Various scientific facts.

Eagle Scouts are returning their badges in droves to protests the Boy Scouts of America's exclusion of homosexuals.

Babette Josephs, Dem. Rep. PN, refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance until they return it to the way it was when she was a child, without the phrase "under God."

10 quality facts that will make atheists shut up.

You can use sound to levitate light objects.

Anthony Pinn explains how you can live a purposeful life without gods.

Lawrence Krauss talks about the poetry of the universe.

Apple's latest mapping software can't even compare with Google's maps from years ago.

Bonuses for one family over the other in The Blasphemer's Bible!


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Ohio courts rule that just claiming "religious reasons" is not enough to not vaccinate your kids, and not doing so is tantamount to child abuse! It's about damn time that the courts sided with science!

More Americans are approving of torture. That's disconcerting. Evidence suggests that torture isn't very helpful because people will say anything while being tortured, true or false, The information is so highly unreliable that you waste your time rather than be productive.

I bet you didn't know that birth control turns men into gay dog-rapers and makes women murderers!

The US military is dealing with a growing suicide problem by forcing soldiers to attend religious services. I know I always want to live in an environment where my civil liberties are trampled upon!

Arkansas' Republican Rep. Justin Harris is trying to funnel tax-payer money into a private Christian school where he's on the board. Of course, the school requires teachers to say pray with the students, preventing them from getting tax-payer money. To get around this, Harris made the kids -sing- their prayers rather than say them! See, everything's fine now, give them that tax money!

Christian hate group, the American Family Association, is urging parents to keep their kids home from school during "Mix It Up Day", a special day when students are encouraged to mingle with people they don't normally talk to. The Christians say this is dangerous because your kids might talk with gay students and realize they're humans too!

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers and Mormon, says that he knows about his Mormon roots. Dawkins points out that Joseph Smith was a convicted criminal, and Flowers says it's not true. So, I guess when Flowers was asked if he knew about his Mormon roots, he should have said no! Part 1, Part 2.

Christopher Hitchens rails on religion for awhile.

Kill more animals in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Make new friends, but keep the old

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The Saudi Arabian catalog for IKEA went through and removed all of the women! That's a lot of photo-shopping!

Scientists have successfully created a Bose-Einstein condensate out of light!

Roy Zimmerman's new tune is called "The Wedding of Church and State".

Fox News reports that Obama took a nap! I'm curious if the Onion bought Fox News.

Christian Hate Group Focus On the Family has made their predictions for the END OF THE WORLD! The ends will come when certain milestones are met, milestones like: when the Pledge of Allegiance is returned to its original form without the word "God", when gay people are given equal rights, and, Heaven forbid, when you can't have guns anymore!

Those Christian camps where they try and "fix the gay" are now banned in California! I hope this spreads to the rest of the world!

People can argue that civil unions are just as good as marriages, but the idea of separate, but equal has never been true.

The MythBusters finally take on the ultimate myth! Does God exist?

Michele Bachmann tried to flash her Jew cred by showing up at Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago, but it turns out the place is quite Liberal! People left because of her and then donations to the Jim Graves campaign, her opponent, sky-rocketed!

God almost gives good advice in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Night came out from under each tree and spread

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The Flint Skeptics did our Adopt-a-Highway project yesterday. It went well, except we found the contents of a possible discarded meth lab along side I-475 near Pierson Rd!

An Afghan woman living in Canada stabbed her own daughter in the back of the neck in attempt to murder her for being rebellious. I should point out that killing your own children for misbehaving is precisely what the bible says you should do! If only they had followed the advice of Muslim clerics and married her off at 9 or 10. It's hard to expect much from those who would burn down Buddhist temples because a local Buddhist was tagged in a photo of a burning Quran. He didn't take the photo, he wasn't in the photo, in fact, he had nothing to do with the photo other than being tagged by a friend!

An interesting video about why weird games are good.

Republican Rick Perry is terrified of Satan and hopes that you are too!

Rivers on Mars were a real thing.

How atheists are able to find meaning in their lives.

The Republican party has gone through great strides to convince Americans to support voter fraud bills in order to require people to show picture ids in order to vote. In reality, they're doing this because people to tend to vote democratic (minorities, the poor, and the elderly) are less likely to have picture ids. Ironically, the only ones who are committing voter fraud are the Republicans.

Amazing video footage taken high in the Alps.

The Arctic sea ice sheet is now the smallest it has ever been in recorded history.

Truth For Youth is pretty lame.

I bet you didn't know that there was an American Holocaust!

Can you spot the atheist?

Holy scary eyes Batman! This chick is really creepy and wants you to vote against Obama because he wants to kill children!

There are two kinds of people: supercuts, and supercuts.

Chimera cats and your mom!

Christianity is dieing in New Zealand.

More contradiction in The Blasphemer's Bible!