November, 2012

How do I go back to college?

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Obama signs one of the most comprehensive whistle-blower protection bills into law. Win for government transparency!

Ken Reid, one of the supervisors on the board at Loudoun County, Virginia called atheists "terrorists" for fighting to remove religious iconography from being displayed by the city. After receiving flack for his insinuation, he apologized by saying that not all atheists are terrorists, just those who try to stop the government from promoting religion!

This is an awesome prank!

Got an awesome weekend of rock climbing, pub crawling, and lunches all lined up!

Nearing the solstice!

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At lunch today, there was a woman sitting a few tables over that had a super-loud, super-manly laugh. It was awesome and a little scary.

Male gamers can be especially nasty to women and should be ashamed of themselves.

Monogamy is ridiculous, thus sayeth Dan Savage.

Long outta date, but here's a secular guide to the 2012 election.

A Fox affiliate ran a story of a man claiming to have filmed a fleet of UFOs. CNN, the Huffington Post and the New York Daily News all reran the story as well. The verdict? He was filming out of focus insects!

Privately owned companies that are open to the public have to follow certain guidelines. One in particular is that they can't discriminate against their customers. For example, a grocery store can't accept a coupon from a white customer while refusing a coupon from a Latino. Well, last year John Wolff noticed that a local Pennsylvania restaurant offered discounts to people who brought in church bulletins, but they wouldn't offer discounts if you brought in a bulletin from a non-church organization. Wolff and the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained saying this was discrimination, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission approved an agreement; the restaurant (Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen) must accept any bulletin from any organization that talks about religion, even those that condem religion.

On the topic of religious privilege biting the dust, Buhler, Kansas is going to have to change it's city seal because it violates the first amendment.

The FDA doesn't regulate "natural" supplements which are often highly toxic. They also account for about 1/3 of the total out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs! All that, and most of them have been demonstrated not to work! The restaurant went on to claim a victory from this since they still get to

Now this is a baptism, Texas style!

Bill O'Reilly claims that Christianity isn't a religion, it's a philosophy, and therefore, it can be endorsed by the US government. Fine by me! Since it's not a religion, you'll cheerfully give up your automatic tax-exempt status then, right?

The boys of summer are certainly gone now!

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Need a reason to boycott the Catholic church? Here's fifty!

Pat Robertson says that young-earth Creationism is a lie?! Stop the presses!

The Onion votes Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive, and the North Korean press publishes it as fact!

When two parents fight over the health of their child, one parent opts for effective safe vaccinations, while the other opts for proven bunk homeopathy, what happens? Well, in Australia, science wins!

What would the menu of an atheist restaurant look like?

A new extremophile was discovered living at the bottom of a -13 °C salt lake, beneath 65 feet of Antarctic ice, without access to oxygen or light!

According to Fox News, this Christmas is going to be the scariest one yet!

Russell Brand interviews two members of the Westboro Baptist Church and hilarity ensues.

Tim Minchin sings his new song, Peace Anthem For Palestine.

What happens when you take a VHS and make a copy of a copy of a copy? Silly analog!

Bad lip reading highlights from the 2012 presidential debates.

The entire story of the universe condensed into a single minute.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation places a wonderful Natural Nativity Scene in the Wisconsin Capitol building who can't seem to understand what separation between church and state means.

Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush!

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More than one ex-Republican goes on record saying that the voter laws created by the Republicans were canards. They were tauted as being created to eliminate voter fraud, but they were really designed to keep liberals from voting.

Oh snap! Planned Parenthood is offering discounts on abortions! Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't trust Christian rags for my news.

Here's a tip for Republican Scott DesJarlais, if you and your wife had two abortions, it's probably best not to talk about how you're so anti-abortion and how all life is sacred. People might think you're a hypocrite.

This online German magazine points out some rather upsetting facts about the USA. We're seventh in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, number four in labor force and number four in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: Number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real, and defense spending, where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined. Time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps people!

In case you didn't know it, there's a war on Christmas because of those vile atheists!

There's a problem in the geek community where date-less dweebs are alienating women by telling them they're posers because the women aren't quite as obsessed as they are. This video explains why they're totally right to mock women.

Where do the most racist statement on Twitter come from in the USA? You probably never would have guessed it, but they come from the most politically conservative states.

Late on this, but it's important to point out. Just before he was defeated, Romney threatens that his band of Rethuglicans won't work with the Democrats to fix the economy.

How big is the universe? About this big!

Christians claim that having sex with demons makes you gay!

I'm gonna wreck it!

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Wreck-It Ralph is an awesome movie. Sarah Silverman is type-cast, but incredibly wonderful.

Fox News reports that women just aren't subservient enough anymore. The fact that they aren't spending all their time in the kitchen is hurting manly men of manness.

Australia's doctors are going to bat against the anti-vaxers in their country. Let's follow their lead and explain to people why vaccinations are so important! One thing you can do to help is read about and understand how the human immune system works.

Republicans sure don't like it when the colored folk show up to vote!

A reporter essentially asks Nancy Pelosi politician, "Aren't you too old to be doing this?" And she responds perfectly!

Eric Hovind loses an argument to a 6th grader.

Where did our massive national debt come from? It's not entirely the fault of Republicans, but they sure made the biggest contribution.

In his latest book Pope Ratzy admits that the church got all sorts of stuff wrong about their religion, but they should still totally be considered infallible.

Michael Shermer's talk on morality at TAM 2012. And DJ Grothe explains meaning and purpose without gods.

Some up-to-date facts about human evolution.

The science of morning wood.

Will we ever run out of new music? Didn't we already? Also, a humorous explanation for why MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. Although, I call bullshit on the piracy issue. There is little evidence that piracy really hurts content providers.

Do you remember your president Nixon?

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I think I did really well on my genetics midterm, but I won't see the score for a few days still. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, I had a wonderful dinner at Emily's parents, and then enjoyed good conversation at my parents.

Quantum levitation is just so cool!

While the US continues to slash NASA's budget, the cash-strapped EU invests $12.8 billion into the European Space Agency.

Dear Mr. President, maybe our students should know a little bit more about physics? Like, from this century? And speaking of presidents, they do silly stuff!

Don't you hate it when Satan gay-rapes you?

Ian McKellen does commentary for Lords of the Rings.

In order to get around that pesky first amendment, Superintendent and born-again Christian James Hockenberry is allowing his students to have three minutes of "say whatever you want" time, and if the majority of students decide to have a prayer that excludes the non-Christian minority, well then, so be it.

Reddit has been known to make atheists look bad.

Taking a holiday break on The Blasphemer's Bible.

Way to go wing nut!

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The citizens of Alsip, Illinois will not see a tax-payer funded cross erected on their public land this year. Another win for the first amendment and for the FFRF!

Hobby Lobby has a history of forcing their religious beliefs on their employees, the most recent case was the company's attempt to be excluded from having to offer birth control, including the morning-after pill, to its female employees because the company claimed that the morning-after pill causes abortions. It doesn't, although Mifepristone does. Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton saw through their lies and shot down their request.

Why do British singers sound American? It started out because they were emulating the pioneers of the genre (Americans), but continues because they're emulating the emulators!

People are seeking exorcisms because it's far more cool to be demon possessed than to have a mental illness.

Young Muslim women are casting off the shackles of their oppressors thanks to courageous women like Dana Bakdounis.

In 1987, the first woman was made a deaconess in the Church of England after 1,390 years of exclusion. In 1994, the first woman was finally ordained as a priest. In 2005, the church began to move toward allowing women the right to become bishops, and it took until 2012 to finally vote on it. So, after fighting for equal rights since 597 CE, the church finally made a decision on female bishops. NOPE! While I sympathize with these women who will continue to be treated as second-class members of a governmental organization, I think it shows just how pathetic and degrading Christianity.

Justin Sheiber debates that the Christian god doesn't exist. His opponent simply drudges up William Lane Craig's pathetic arguments.

This terrible man is the kind of person the US Navy allows to be a chaplain! He thinks gay people are causing the apocalypse!

Dorkly brings up an interesting point, wouldn't Donkey Kong just destroy Mario?

Penn Jillette explains how reading holy books will make you an atheist.

God summarizes The Blasphemer's Bible.

Six popular thought experiments briefly explained.

Doing my Evolution and Genetics midterm tonight.

Busy, busy!

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When asked how old the Earth is, Florida Senator Republican Marco Rubio said he didn't know if the Earth was created in seven literal days, or seven figurative days. No dumb-ass! It was 4.6 billion years! Then he asks, what does the age of the Earth have to do with the economy? Indeed. How could understanding science possibly affect the economy? How could does knowing how oil and coal form possibly affect the economy? How could knowing the cause of global warming affect the economy? How could understanding the geothermal or hydroelectric aspects of the planet possibly affect the economy? If the only science you're familiar with is economics, you probably shouldn't be leading an entire state.

A judge rules on the Santa Monica Christians that were suing the city because they couldn't put up their religious propaganda on tax-payer property. You can probably guess the outcome. They lost!

Lawrence Krauss talks about dark matter, the Higgs boson, and our ever-increasing understanding of the universe.

Lindsey Stirling does the Skyrim Main Theme with Peter Hollens.

God summarizes The Blasphemer's Bible.

Heading to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner tonight at June's!

Is there life on Saturn?

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Recently I posted about companies like Intel and UPS threatening to pull their funding from the Boy Scouts of America unless the organization changes its policy and lets homosexual boys join. It's a real joy to see our culture stop accepting organizations who injure our society. So, why then do people still give money to the Catholic church? This is an organization who routinely protects convicted child rapists and does their damnedest to keep them surrounded by children!

31 common arguments against same-sex marriage and why they're wrong.

In order to be fair, the city of Santa Monica, California has decided that it won't put up any holiday displays on public land this year, be they religious or non-religious. Of course, anyone may erect religious displays on their own private land, precisely as the first amendment says, but Christians are suing the city because they they city isn't handing over the public square for their religious views, precisely as the first amendment says they shouldn't.

How not to be a paranormal investigator from the paranormal investigators they don't let on the Discovery and History channels because they actually expose the truth.

How and why caffeine affects your brain.

Lisa Biron, affiliated with an anti-gay hate group was just arrested for transporting an under-aged girl out of the country, coercing her to have sex on camera, and possession of child pornography. Why is it that all the people who are so anti-gay are also seriously fucked up?

The American Humanist Association created a program where they teach children that they should be nice to each other, help others and consider their feelings, be honest, and to take care of yourself and the environment. How does Young-Earth Creationist Ken Ham respond to this? He says they're acting just like Hitler!

Jeremy Beahan explains why aesthetic values might be able to be objectively measured.

Yet another horrible atrocity against women that the Catholic church is responsible for.

It must be tough being a Christian in this country with so little people who fight for your rights... except for over 90% of Congress.

God does the creep in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ten bottles of lemmings on the wall!

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So, Oklahoma illegally erected a Ten Commandments monument on state land. No doubt it will have to be taken down soon at tax-payer's expense, but this story does have a happy ending. The people who engraved the monument spelled the word "Sabbath" wrong!

Speaking of Oklahoma, a 17-year-old teen drove while drunk, got into an accident, which killed his 16-year-old friend and passenger. Obviously, this teen needs to be punished for his incredibly stupid behavior, so Judge Mike Norman told him that he has to attend church for 10 years, something that he does anyway. This is what passes for justice in Oklahoma. I think I would love a court-order, every Sunday I would wear my "Thank God I'm an Atheist" shirt!

Bill O'Reilly tells Wisconsin that they're going to Hell because they followed the law and moved a nativity scene to private church property rather than public tax-payer land. And this, he cries, is proof of the war on Christmas.

Want to take an interactive tour of 100,000 stars? Also, the oldest galaxy so far detected is MACS0647-JD, which is 13.3 billion light-years away, which means that it formed 13.3 billion years ago!

Gordon Klingenschmitt rails on about how allowing gay marriage is tantamount to crucifying Jesus a second time. And this man used to work for the Navy as a chaplain who counsoled depressed and vulnerable soldiers!

Conservative states that vote Republican are usually the ones to accept the most government assistance, the same thing that they routinely vote against. Recently, a lot of citizens from these states created petitions to leave the USA and form their own government. Though the USA won't just let them leave, it would actually be very beneficial to the economy to let the go, since they're mostly dead weight!

This toaster is possessed by Satan!

Sean Faircloth talks about what it's like to be an obscenely wealthy church leader.

Touching dead things is verboten in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Let's Go!

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The Oatmeal makes another wonderful Internet comic!

Mr. Deity discovers the New Testament.

The the US, if you want to declare your organization as a non-profit, and thereby obtain tax-exempt status, you have to jump through hoops to prove to the IRS that your organization does good works for the community. Unless you're a church for one of several major religions, in which case, you're automatically granted tax-exempt status without having to prove anything. You don't even have to do good works, it's just assumed that you do. But being a tax-exempt organization doesn't come without responsibilities. Non-profits are not allowed to make partisan political statements (that is is reference to Republicans or Democrats) through their organization--however, they can still talk about political issues (like abortion, economics, etc.) and the workers can still make private partisan political statements, just not as representatives of the organization. The US has this law because, as we see it, if you're not paying into the system through taxes, you shouldn't have a say in how it works. Besides, as a non-profit, your first concern should always be helping people, not steering political matters. So, non-profits have to be careful not to make partisan political statements lest the IRS come in and take away their coveted non-profit tax-exempt status. However, for years now, churches have been making partisan political statements from the pulpit, and the IRS does nothing about it. Despite there even being a special day of the year in which preachers promote specific political candidates, it has been -three years- since the IRS has investigated a church for breaking this law. Well, for some time now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been recording all of these violations and has been sending them to the IRS, yet the IRS has done nothing. Finally, the FFRF has brought a lawsuit upon the IRS and intends to sue them so they'll do their job.

Over the past 100 years, dance has really evolved on the silver screen.

Yet another cross on public land is in the works for removal, and a whole bunch of privileged Christians are crying foul.

Obama already won, but Will Ferrell will do anything to get you to vote. And because of you, Obama is proud!

Sarah Silverman continues to amaze.

What does it mean to be born a skeptic?

God hates fertilizer in The Blasphemer's Bible.

You're all lemmings!

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I'm trying to get rid of my boxes of 45s. Wanna buy some records?

Interesting question... what color is a mirror?

Mike Huckabee tries to defend his commercial that implies if you vote Democrat, YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!

Everyone loves a good villain!

So here's what's going on in Venice, Italy right now.

Because she couldn't get a necessary abortion due to a Catholic hospital, this woman died, along with the fetus.

Pat Robertson just doesn't understand 50 Shades of Grey, and his co-host just doesn't understand erotica.

UPS has joined Intel in refusing to donate money to the Boy Scouts of America until they drop their anti-homosexual policy! I long for the day when groups start doing this for atheists!

Trees are freaking awesome!

Polluted wells are totally safe to drink out of in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Tuesday the 13th!

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The Vatican was unable to continue covering-up the numerous cases of child-rape in Australia, but unlike a lot of governments, the US included, who down-played the scandal, the Australian government is actually going forward with a massive investigation!

Brett McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords, sings the song he wrote for the latest Muppet movie with Kermit the Frog.

Jerry Coyne wonders why the IRS hasn't bothered to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches who use their pulpit to endorse political candidates. The IRS responds by saying that they haven't even looked into a single case since 2009!

Eddie Izzard on the origin of Christianity.

Another religious group erects a Ten Commandments monument on state land, even though they know it's illegal.

Lyz Liddell talks about the Secular Student Alliance.

California is the only state in the union whose student's rank an A in science standards. How very, very sad.

Despite warnings of a severe decrease in financial support, Uganda, a highly-Christian country, is passing a law which mandates the death penalty for homosexuals. To be fair, most Christians in developed countries are against this law, even though their holy book agrees with Uganda.

Two videos of commonly misheard lyrics: One, Two.

Matt Dillahunty debates with Kristine Kruszelnicki about whether secularists should allow abortion. Interestingly, the "secular" arguments seem to be identical to the religious arguments.

Honey badger don't give a shit!

Keep Link away from your pots in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Get the heck out of here you nerd!

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The funeral service was pretty God-heavy, but aside from that it was nice. I swear, if anyone even mentions God at my funeral, I'll resurrect myself, and kick them in the sexual organs, whichever type they may have! But the service was for the family as a whole, so I kept my peace. Goodbye Grandpa.

Richard Dawkins's new project, Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life, episode 3.

Republican speech writer and pundit, explains how Conservative entertainment has been lying to Republicans for years.

What's this? Forbes is getting on the skepticism bandwagon?

Same-sex marriage continued to gain ground all throughout the world last election. Even corporations are stepping up, like Intel who threatened to stop donating to the Boy Scouts of America unless they stop discriminating against homosexuals. But the Vatican continues to show-off their irrelevance by fighting it whenever possible. What more can you expect from an organization that finds itself in yet another child-rape cover-up, this time in Australia.

Mitt Romney had thousands of people working to help get him elected president. They each traveled all around the country, charging their expenses to a special credit card funded by the campaign. However, as soon as Romney lost, all the credit cards were cancelled, leaving several of his employees stranded hundreds of miles from home. These workers had to pay out of pocket to cover their travel expenses to return home. Imagine if your company sent you on a business trip, and then fired you while you were away, and refused to bring you home! I guess Romney wasn't lying when he said that he loved to be able to fire people!

The videogame alphabet.

I'm glad I wasn't the only person pissed off about having to vote in a hightly-political church with tons of Romney signs.

Always keep a clean sack in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Feelin' low

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Heading to my grandfather's viewing today. Funeral's tomorrow. Not looking forward to this.

Wonderful answers to some of the more difficult questions regarding abortion.

Brentalfloss and Pat the NES Punk team up for Nintendohemian Rhapsody.

Yet another Christian pastor tells us that we get hit with hurricanes because God hates dem queers, not because of global warming.

Richard Dawkins's new project, Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life, episode 2.

Springfield, IL taxpayers may be interested to know not only how much of their tax dollars are being spent by their mayor on a prayer breakfast, but also, how much money he's making by citizens to attend his government sponsored religious service.

Eddie Izzard talks about Jesus and the dinosaurs.

Even the Christians are beginning to preach against the bigotry of their spokesmen.

Princess Leia is to become a Disney Princess!

Democrats can go here to enjoy some schadenfreude.

Oh man, I didn't know what it truly meant to vote!

No touchy the dead animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

One big media conglomerate run by one megalomaniac, for your safety and convenience

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Last night, the United States narrowly avoided voting into its highest office a racist, homophobic, sexist, religious bigot. While I'm thrilled that Obama won, I'm sickened by how many people still wanted Romney to rule over them as though they were the planet Kolob. There are also wasn't nearly enough change this election. Brain-dead Republicans still control the House and Michigan failed to pass any of the prosperous proposals, although we did strike down two detrimental ones. Also good news at the amount of women who were elected to the Senate, a couple more states legalized same-sex marriage or at lease prevented it's restraint, and most of the moronic Republicans who were so blasé about rape lost. Over all, we're still looking at another long four years ahead of us.

Note to twelve-year-old girls in Northern California: If you get sexually abused by two of your teachers, you can't sue the school because it's your fault you were raped because you were "careless and negligent" about being raped, and you are "responsible for the acts and damages" you sustained.

Why your brain sucks.

A tax-payer funded charter school removes religious text from their creed. No lawsuit needed, the way it should be.

Richard Dawkins's new project, Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life, episode 1.

Steve Pinker explains why people are already committed to reason.

Four-legged insects in The Blasphemer's Bible!?

Vote Green Party!

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Don't forget to vote today! Here are a few last-minute videos to consider: Mr. Burns for Romney, Chris Rock wants you to vote for the white guy, this is the intellect of the average Ohian Republican, and Epic Rap Battles of History: Obama versus Romney.

If your son fails to memorize the Quran, you should probably murder him. And if you daughter glances at a boy, you should probably throw acid in her face.

Michelle Bachmann claims she doesn't engage in "political speech" and the crowd roars with laughter.

Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs.

Richard Dawkins on the Late Late Show with some ignorant windbag. Part 1, 2, 3.

Secular Coalition of America's Congressional Briefing (audio only).

Many a bird is not eatable in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Remembering a king

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My grandpa Albert Simkins died Saturday. He was a wonderful man a mighty laugh and a powerful work ethic. I'll always remember enjoying myself when I stayed over at my grandparents home, the wonderful movies they had for the grandchildren, the well-tended yard with thousands of trees to adventure through, and drinking orange pop, eating popcorn, and playing cards late into the night.

I kept myself busy over the weekend, I walked to work, a five mile jaunt that took me an hour and a half, and I stripped all of the electronics out of my arcade cabinet. If you know anyone who wants to buy the internals of a Blood Brothers cabinet (minus the monitor), I'll sell it for cheap. I also finished up the course work for week 4 of my Intro to Genetics and Evolution class and watched a lot of documentaries.

It doesn't matter how a woman dresses, she will be harassed.

Aron Ra debates Ray Comfort. Ray knocks down a bunch of straw-men and makes false analogies, but refuses to learn about evolution, yet says it's false.

These old people don't much care for Romney.

North Carolina is trying to skirt the law by putting up Christian flags on the war memorials, but this veteran isn't having any of that. Of course, North Carolina is also breaking the law by spending tax-payer money on Christian public schools.

Conspiracy Road Trip: Creationism. Pretty much what you'd expect. A bunch of science illiterates claiming to know the truth.

The Adventures of Lil Cathulhu!

Why can't scientists convince Republicans of climate change? Is it their politics, or their religion?

More religious leaders are breaking the law and endorsing political candidates and comparing Obama to Hitler, all the while the IRS sits idly by.

A older debate between Christopher Hitchens and professional racist asshole Bill Donohue. Parts 1, 2, 3. Donohue reminds me of a rabid dog.

A wonderful science-rich talk by Sean Carroll at TAM 12.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Only certain fishies are eatable in The Blasphemer's Bible!

Enya don't got nothin' on us!

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Several not-so-subtle dirty references in children's cartoons.

Eddie Izzard comments on religion, science, and atheism.

Mitt Romney and the Mormon curse upon black people.

Watch this video to get a basic understanding of the theory of evolution.

Some comments about the whole PZ Myers / Thunderf00t drama.

A bit late, but here here are 50 Halloween costumes from television shows.

Even the Republicans don't want you to vote for Romney!

Don't touch your dead pets in The Blasphemer's Bible!

I know you're out there somewhere

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It's a day late, but here are 30 scary animated GIFs!

Republican John Koster says abortion should always be illegal, even when it involved "the rape thing."

If everyone prays for Mitt Romney to win, he will win, that's science!

I don't remember their being any voting in the bible, but it turns out, if you don't vote biblically, you might cause an American Holocaust! Ironically, the candidate that so many Christian preachers are illegally telling their congregations to vote for isn't even considered a Christian by most Evangelicals.

What is it like to be an atheist running for office in a state that doesn't allow atheists to hold office?

The kind of thing that goes on behind closed doors in the Mormon Church.

New Simon's Cat.

No rabbit stew in The Blasphemer's Bible!