December, 2012

Another year ends

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A Catholic Cardinal argues, homosexual's can't get married, because they can't have children. I guess it didn't cross his mind that there are millions of children in need of adoption, many of who were dumped by Catholic orphanages when the US forced them to include homosexual parents as potential adopters. It probably also didn't cross his mind that we allow infertile and elderly couples to get married even though they can't have children. No, this is just another smoke screen for their true agenda, the hatred and control of anyone who doesn't conform to their views.

In India, if you protest the government's response to the gang rape of a woman, expect to be beaten by the police.

To quote Hemant Mehta, Jesus might forgive and forget. Google Cache doesn't! In response to Christians editing their inflammatory posts, and then lying that they ever made them.

Was Mohammed a pedophile? Probably. But, even if he wasn't, a lot of modern Muslims are okay with using a child's thighs as a masturbatory device.

Quantum physicist Richard Feynman is my hero!

Happy new year folks, even though the Winter Solstice is a much more logical transition point.

Synchronize your minds and see the beast within him rise

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Four incredibly idiotic morons who are, sadly, highly influential.

According to this asshole priest, women bring violence upon themselves because they don't dress more conservatively and do enough house work.

The NHS Homeopathy Hospital is a place where you're sold really expensive water instead of medicine. Well, they're thankfully losing patients, and are being downgraded! The fact that they still remain is a scary thought.

Don't lie to your children about Santa, lie to them about Jesus!

David Silverman is on Fox News and tries to explain his goals to a completely ignorant host.

Herp a derp!

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The writing is on the wall, same-sex marriage is going to happen everywhere on the planet. All of the major trend-setting countries have spoken, and now it's just a question of how long the followers (e.g., the USA) are going to embarrass themselves before joining the civilized world. Soon, the only non-assimilated outliers will be the massively religious and/or third world countries of the Middle East and Africa. Speaking of which, the Pope has called for other religions to join forces with the Vatican to try and stop same-sex marriage.

How do you get back at an asshole who is sexually harassing you on the Internet? Post everything he said online then send it to his mother!

People are finally starting to catch on to global warming even if are politicians aren't.

It's been awhile since I posted anything about the Angry Videogame Nerd, so here are some of his videos: Atari Sports, Bible Games, Part 3, Schwarzenegger Games, and Super Mario 4: Rambo.

The chemistry and physics of snowflakes.

A nice interview with ex-preacher Dan Barker.

Daniel Dennett talks about creating meaning in life.

A Christian host on Liberty Counsel calls for Christians to physically assault atheists. He calls us bullies (because we control the government, right?) and says we should be punched in the mouth!

Angels we have heard on high, tell us to go out and buy!

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I had a fun break playing videogames, watching Star Trek: TNG, and working with some JavaScript programming. JavaScript is really easy to begin coding in, but I find the language highly constricting, especially when it comes to having to clone an object or sort an array of objects.

Want to impress someone with your code cracking skills?

The top 10 scientific advancements of 2012 (including: discovery of the Higgs Boson, Curiosity rover landing on Mars, and the mapping of Dark Matter) are much more impressive than the top 10 religious advances of 2012 (including: Nothing!).

I'll see you on the dark side of... Saturn?

I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that Fox News had zero coverage of Uganda's Christian-backed bill to execute homosexuals, or the fact that CNN spent more time covering Gangnam Style. Thankfully, MSNBC was able to treat it with its due diligence.

Anita Sarkeesian talks about the dangers of being a woman in gamer culture.

Ireland beats the US in another category. This time, it's allowing non-religious people to perform marriages.

Don't make assumptions!

West Milford, New Jersey has no problems letting slide destruction of property, provided the property was owned by atheists. After local atheists won the right to display their own banners on public land, which until recently was only allowed to the Christians, City Councilman Joseph Smolinski said he would look the other way if anyone tried to vandalize or steal the atheist banner. Sure enough, the banner was destroyed and stolen. When asked to comment on it, Township police Lt. Keith Ricciardi said that they couldn't be sure it wasn't the wind, and refused to say if there would be an investigation. New Jersey is quite clear, equal rights as long as you're Christian!

Ex-pastor Jerry DeWitt talks about his transformation to an atheist.

Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. refuses to allow an student-led LGBT group because they fear they will try and turn people into homosexuals.

Colm Kelleher explains to us what color is, but I'll bet he can't explain it to a blind man!

Gun nut, Wayne LaPierre defends our right to carry missile launchers and rocket propelled grenades. In speech about Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, he didn't murder all those children because he was mentally unstable, but because he was evil and driven by demons.

When I'm one with the world!

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What does a science lab look like in Creationist circles? It looks like a green screen.

You may think you're a nice guy, but the way you answer questions proves that you're actually an asshole.

A never-seen-before state of matter has been discovered at MIT. It's called a quantum spin liquid!

Another wonderful Dawkins interview.

Apple continues to be evil.

Lad I don't know where you've been, but I see you've won first prize!

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We've heard all sorts of Christians and Republicans saying that the Newtown shootings was the fault of too much tolerance for homosexuals, educating children about evolution, allowing atheists to have civil rights, and even teacher's unions, but we've yet to hear a single Conservative give us the truth about what caused the shooting, until now! The National Review informs us that the reason the shooter was able to kill so many people is because... there were too many women working at the school. Either that, or it's God's way of reminding us of the true spirit of Christmas.

Charlie Brown goes to his Christmas reunion.

There may be an exoplanet within the habitable zone a mere 12 light-years from Earth!

It turns out that the bible is just God's embarassing diary.

Roy Moore, a guy who was fired from his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for illegally installing a Ten Commandments monument on public land, has been re-elected to the position, and certainly hasn't learned anything. Now he's bashing evolution, because he knows that humans were created by God! He also says that if you believe in evolution, it means you think you're better than everyone else because you're "evolved." Thankfully, Christians never think they're better than everyone else! Mr. Moore, I don't think I'm better than you, but I'm obviously more scientifically literate than you!

Jessica Ahlquist explains her legal case in school.

Link just really loves smashing pots!

Every year, Cheboygan, Michigan displays a nativity scene on government land until this year when the FFRF asked them to put a non-religious banner up along side it. Not wanting to give atheist's a voice, but at the same time not wanting to lose a lawsuit for their religious discrimination, the city decided to remove all displays, including the nativity. This suits me just fine, as government buildings are not the place to be promoting religious views. There are an unending supply of churches, homes, and private businesses for that.

Every man's dream is to fall in love with a manic pixie, but usually we have to pay for it.

Mr. Deity's stocks take a huge crash when it turns out that Christianity isn't a religion!

Richard Dawkins presents his 1991 Christmas Lectures, which are very informative.

The Hobbit's unexpected rap.

Some friends of mine created a zombie movie called Wii Can't Escape.

That poor girl's about ready to vault herself onto a fencepost

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Abortion is illegal in Ireland, though there was a gray area if the mother's life is at risk. However, that gray area didn't help Savita Halappanavar who died, along with her child, due to pregnancy complications. Due to the strong Catholic influence, the doctors were afraid of giving her an abortion, even to save her life, son instead both mother and child died. It's sad that a woman had to die in order for the country to realize this, but they finally decided that abortion will indeed be legal in cases where both the mother and child will die. From this, they hope to minimize the total death and suffering. As expected, Catholics are up in arms over this decision, leading one bishop to comment, "[Abortion] can never be morally justified in any circumstances." This bishop speaks for many Catholics who believe that the only life worth respecting is fetal life. Once a child is born, they would rather rape it or allow it to die, than respect it.

Rebecca Watson explains how women evolved to shop, and points out the bullshit involved with evolutionary psychology.

Louisiana finally does something right in the way of school text books by banning books that teach as fact Creationism, Intelligent Design, or revisionist history!

Mia Gentile advertises Stanley Steamer through various genres of song.

Young Earth Creationist Eric Hovind tells us that dragons are real, just like the bible says, and Animal Planet agrees with him! The only problem is that the Animal Planet show he cites as fact was a work of docufiction, that is, intended to be viewed as fiction. Either Hovind is too stupid to realize this, or he's lying to his viewers. These are the usual possibilities for YECs, stupid or lying; usually it's both.

Albin Wonderland comments on fake geek girls.

New Simon's Cat.

Who needs sleep?

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Forgot to mention that I finished up my Intro to Genetics and Evolution class on Coursera. It was awesome and I look forward to my next free class!

The latest Pew Forum study shows that 16% of the world's population self-identifies as non-religious, which is now equal to the largest Christian denomination, Catholicism!

In Australia, there is a group called the Australian Vaccination Network, only, they're actually an antivax conspiracy group. Luckily, Australia has an organization that requires groups to have non-misleading names, and are forcing the AVN to change their name to something less misleading. If only the USA could have this done to all those anti-family "Family" organizations!

Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson of Southern California has received a public reprimand from The California Commission on Judicial Performance after he made a comment that the female body can somehow prevent rape unless it's extremely violent, and since the rape victim in his court room wasn't severely beaten, there couldn't have been a real rape.

A crazy Texan Teabagger demanded to know how much Muslim indoctrination was going on in their school, and an investigation was made. It turns out that the school's curriculum was in fact was indoctrinating their children, only it wasn't Islam, it was Christianity!

Science allows a quadriplegic to feed herself with a robotic arm connected to her brain!

What counts as female rebellion in Mormon circles? Wearing pants to church!

Uruguay is one step close to approving same-sex marriage at the same time the Pope gives his blessings to the Ugandan Parliament which is trying to pass a bill that will make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Perhaps this has something to do with the massive decline of Christianity?

Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, is suing the federal government because he doesn't want to pay for his employee's contraception because it goes against his Catholic views. Although, since 82% of Catholics claim that contraception is morally acceptable, it's kind of hard to take him seriously.

According to James Dobson of the hate-group Focus On the Family, the murder of the 20 children and 7 adults was God's Judgment falling upon us. And then there's this asshole, John Rennard.

Julea Ward is a terrible human being. Wanting to help people, Ward became a grad student in counseling at Eastern Michigan University. A student came in who was suicidal and Ward offered to help, but when the student explained that they were suicidal because of the abuse they received from being gay, Ward refused to help. She claimed that, as a Christian, she couldn't help the student feel better about life if they were gay, she wouldn't even try to convince the student not to commit suicide. EMU, seeing that this was a serious problem for a counselor, demanded that Ward take LGBT sensitivity training. Ward refused, so EMU dropped her from the graduate program. Ward tried suing the school, claiming religious discrimination, but the judge sided with the school. But when the Republican controlled Michigan House of Representatives passed a law making it illegal for schools to drop students for refusing to do their work on religious grounds, Ward appealed the decision. EMU, rather than pay costly defense fees, decided to settle with Ward for $75,000. They didn't admit wrong doing, and technically didn't lose the case, but hate-monger Julea Ward, and her detestable religion call it a victory. Imagine if Ward was a Mormon who refused to console a black person because their religion says that black people are evil, would be allow that?

They keep dragging me back in!

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If you're wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth, rest assured that I have not. I had actually forgotten that I had taken a week off of work, showed up in the morning, bright and early, had the shortest day of my career, and returned home for a week of sleeping in. I did get a lot done though, I rebuilt my TV computer, loaded my new arcade computer, beat Half-Life 2 again, did some shopping, attended a party or two, and watched a ton of Star Trek: TNG. Over all, it was quite a productive holiday. Then, Sunday, I find that my web host has shutdown my web site due to malware, but their report doesn't show a single infected file for me to fix. It looks like an over reactive false-positive on their side, but I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it.

There was a shooting that left 20 children and 7 adults murdered (also the shooter). This is a tragic and terrible thing, and we should be doing what we can to prevent it from ever happening again. However, instead of commiserations, we're receiving nothing but apologetics from Conservatives. Christian pastor Sam Morris says that this is the result of schools that teach evolution and "how to be a homo." Republican Mike Huckabee implies that removing God from the town square is why the children were killed. Victoria Jackson likens the shooting to the millions of abortions that President Obama personally conducted. Bryan Fisher tells us that God could easily have stopped the killers, but the victims didn't want him to!

According to Fox News, if women are abused in their relationships, maybe they should make better relationship decisions!

Yes, global warming is real, yes, we're the cause.

Young-Earth Creationist Paul Nelson sent a letter to biologist Jerry Coyne linking to a talk where he quote mines several prominent biologists making it seem as though they don't believe in natural selection. Unfortunately, Nelson doesn't realize that quote mining people who are still alive is a disastrous approach. Coyne knew every single one of the biologists whose words were taken out of context, sent each of them a copy of Nelson's letter, and asked them to comment on it. Every single one of them disagreed with Nelson's interpretation of their quotes! This caused a big stir over at Why Evolution Is True, and rather than drop his massive failure, Nelson actually responded in the comments implying that, despite their complete disagreement with his interpretation of their work, he knew the views of these biologists better than they knew their own views! How disillusioned can you get!

Tangled up in blue

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Rather than allow the citizens to vote, or even allow our elected officials to vote for us, Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder has used the Emergency Manager provision to replace Democrats in the House with Republicans who will vote in his favor. He has turned the birthplace of the U.A.W. into an anti-union state. Michigan had the chance to stop this back in November, but we refused to add worker's rights to the state constitution. But even without adding it to the constitution, that doesn't give Snyder the right to eliminate the democratic process to get his way. Good-bye democracy, hello monarchy.

Ever hear someone say, "You're just being an atheist so you can sin all you want!" Lee Lemon points out the flawed logic of the claim, that is, the dogma of Christianity states that God will forgive you of any and all sins. Thus, if you wanted to be a huge sinner, it's to your benefit to be a Christian.

Some old pictures from the show Freaks and Geeks.

Highly Catholic Oaxaca, Mexico passed a law banning same-sex marriage, but Mexico's Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the ban is unconstitutional. This sets the stage for an upcoming law to allow same-sex marriage! Good on you Mexico!

Elders React to Gangnam Style!

Mr. Burns explains the Fiscal Cliff to the average American.

Don't you hate it when you're possessed by gay demons? Luckily, Bob Larson can exercise them from you, and somehow alter you genetic structure to remove the gay!

Everyone loves the old dead body comes to life in the elevator prank.

Rudolph the Regular Reindeer would really suck.

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the atheist groups!

Pull your fillings out of your mouth from a quarter mile away? Now that's a magnet!

Who's worse? Oprah or Joel Osteen?

I won't treat you like you're oh so typical

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Stayed up until the wee hours of the morning running undelete software on my old hard drives trying to find old files that I eventually moved to the now dead drive. I always like running an undelete on an old drive, it's like reading journal entries from when you were a teen. Sadly, I've only recovered less than 1% of what I lost, and none of the really good stuff.

Well this won't ruin education at all! Indiana Republican Dennis Kruse is trying to push a bill that will force teachers to have to back up everything they say with iron-clad research if any student disagrees with the teacher. His objective, of course, is to let pious children make teaching evolution impossible by demanding proof for every single statement the teacher makes. The problem with evolution, or any complex theory, isn't that there isn't any evidence, there's overwhelming evidence. The problem is that in order to understand the evidence, you must also have a competent understanding of biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, and math. Schools function by teaching broad knowledge when kids are young and increasing the complexity as they mature. A teacher can tell a six-year-old that the sun is a giant ball of hydrogen gas, but to back that up with research, the kid needs to be able to understand spectroscopic measurements, the properties of the chemical elements, the propagation of light, the physics of waveforms, interpretation of scientific papers, and so on. Kruse is just wasting tax-payer money on this ridiculous bill. Imagine if a math student demanded proof that

What goes on in our brain to cause addiction?

People always say that even though religions do bad things, like hate people because of their biology, they also do good things, like charity work. Well, sometimes they do charity work, but I find for the most part, they advertise their religion. This Christian scare-you-out-of-an-abortion center in Vermont is a prime example. Rather than simply give needy mothers supplies for their children, they force the mothers to pass bible classes before they can receive help.

Now you can purchase skepticism for only three easy payments!

Gallup asked those Americans against same-sex marriage why they're against it. As expected, religion was the number one response with 47%, and variations of "it's tradition" accounted for the majority of remaining responses. I think both responses stem from the problem, and would be corrected if we could teach people to think critically, and think for themselves.

Tegan and Sara's new single, Closer.

Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback is calling on all his fellow citizens from all religions and creeds to pray to God to restore the state because, apparently, he's too pathetic to do the job he was elected to do. Maybe next time Kansas will elect somebody who is competent rather than someone who burns their tax dollars on this crap.

My friend June interviews her parents regarding the first snowfall.

Dorkly makes a comic about fake gamer girls.

You've got you mother in a whirl, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl!

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Last night, I powered down my computer, cleaned out the fans and heat sinks, powered it back up, and found that one of my hard drives is now emitting a constant click and won't boot. This is usually associated with a bad actuator arm or read head, something that's nearly impossible to safely replace. It was my gaming drive, but it also contained a lot of my writing, music, and documents that I've collected for several years. I can work to replace most of the data (100+ hours of work ahead of me), but there are several pieces of data that are gone forever that are really hard to lose. I'm considering paying the $1,000+ cost of hard drive recovery. Samsung... from hell's heart I stab at thee! I'm currently purchasing new hard drives to back up my remaining drives.

2012 in pictures, part 1.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks with Alan Rickman about science!

It's probably best to never driver or ride in a car in Russia.

The most recent Gallup poll shows that 31% of Americans self-identify as are non-religious! That's more that those who self-identify as moderately religious!

Michael Shermer does some Q&A in the classroom.

Bristol University Christian Union, a private college in the UK, has decided that a woman can't be allowed to teach unless her husband is present. This is actually quite generous of them since the bible says that women shouldn't be allowed to teach at all. I hope God doesn't smite them for being so lax on his laws! On the topic of Christian colleges being horrible and backward, Patrick Henry College threatened to sue an anonymous LGBT school group. Then, after realizing that they had no grounds whatsoever, they gave up and went back to their earlier policy of seeking out the anonymous students and expelling them.

Penn Jillette talks about Christmas from an atheist perspective.

Well, it took Bill O'Reilly about a solid week to back down from saying Christianity wasn't a religion, but a philosophy. Big shock.

Mr. Deity comments on the Old Testament.

Miami is just begging for a lawsuit. The Christian Family Coalition, which only cares about Christian families, convinced them to vote to remove their all-inclusive moment of silence and replace it with a Christian-specific prayer. In a time when cities are losing lawsuits left and right by having government-sponsored prayers, this is going to cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars of their taxpayer's money in legal fees to fight a case they're almost guaranteed to lose.

Richard Dawkins interviews Ricky Gervais on religion and atheism.

Some Pastafarians demand equal rights at a County Commission. How do they go this far by keeping a straight face?

You can't please all of the people all of the time, and last night all those people were at my show

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Apple is trying to patent wireless charging for its phones. Of course, wireless charging was invented in the early 1900s by Nikola Tesla, so Apple didn't invent it. And it's been used in home devices since at least the early 1990s, so Apple wasn't first. And it already exists on Palm, Nokia, LG, and Droid phones, so Apple wasn't even the first to put it in phones. So what is the reason they believe their deserve a patent for inventing technology that has been around since before I was born? Well, their wireless charging has slightly longer range, and they have a buttload of lawyers.

Bill O'Reilly and Keith Ablow try to explain Psy's Gangnam Style, but only succeed in showing how racist they are.

Fantastic Super Mario stop-animation.

A very simple way to deal with annoying street preachers... just strip!

It's almost 2013, and there are still Americans who would rather disown their daughter than be happy with the fact they're dating a black man.

What happens when you put a tiny camera on the collar of your cat?

Jeff McClintock's 7-year-old daughter attends a public school in New Zealand. New Zealand doesn't have separation between church and state, like the USA, so even public schools teach students a government version of bible study. Naturally, McClintock didn't want his daughter being taught stories of murder and torture from the bible. Luckily, the school had an alternative program for parents who prefer their children aren't indoctrinated with stories about rape and incest. McClintock went to his daughter's school and found out exactly what that alternate program was. They had been forcing his daughter to sit in the "naughty corner" while they did the bible study several feet away. Not only was she being punished, but she still heard everything the teacher said!

UK Scouts are all set to welcome atheists after over 100 years of denying them! Now if only we could get the bigoted American organization to follow suit.

There is a lot of bullshit in martial arts like Kiai, a sort of "psychic" fighting technique. It's certainly showy, but when they actually have to fight someone who doesn't buy into the pretend, they get their asses kicked.

Another public school Nativity bites the dust. Score one more for the first amendment!

I haven't slept for ten days because that would be too long!

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Had a blasty of a weekend. Went rock climbing, bowling, and dinner in Ann Arbor!

Cat gifs. What the Internet was made for.

We now know that global warming is real, and it's our fault, and yet, we allow carbon emissions to rise.

England is demanding that all non-private schools must teach evolution as a "comprehensive and coherent scientific theory," even for religious schools that get public funding! Good work boys!

Here's an awesome way to surprise your new bride.

An animated rendition of Neil deGrasse Tyson's answer to "Does the universe have a purpose?"

It's official! Louisiana will not be allowed to give tax-payer money to private Christian schools that promote Young-Earth Creationism! However, not all states feel the desire to uphold the first amendment. Indiana had a lawsuit in which secular citizens argued that if religious people are allowed to marry people, non-religious people must be allowed to marry people as well. Indiana essentially ruled that non-religious people -can- marry two people, they just have to first get approved by a religious organization.

If we don't burn fossil fuels to the point of obliterating the environment, we're insulting God! And don't forget, the chronically unhappy atheists are trying to ruin Christmas so other people will be as unhappy as us.

Are you possessed by demons? Now you can call the Vatican's exorcism hotline! Way to demonstrate your irrelevance!

Doc Brown vs Dr. Who in Epic Rab Battles of History!

One of those lovely caring Christian schools in Oregon refuses to let Anika Bjornson, a 5th grader, enroll in their school because she needs a service dog. Service dogs are highly trained, and rarely create problems, but the school doesn't want the animal there on the off chance that some students might be allergic or distracted. Service animals are normally required to be allowed anywhere a person can go due to the Americans With Disabilities Act, but since the school is a private organization, the law doesn't apply to them. Instead, Bjornson has to enroll in a public school, where I think she'll be much better off since at the public school, a teacher specifically requested to teach her!

Kids In the Hall - These Are the Dave I Know.