January, 2013

Evlyone's a ritter bit lacist!

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Dentist visit this morning. No cavities, like a boss!

Victoria, Australia may be changing some of their laws so that they can properly prosecute child-raping priests, because right now, their churches have special protections from the law.

Richard Dawkins comments on morality.

Some of the more awesome feats of human skill.

Yes, there still are Christians who believe the Earth is the center of the universe because the bible says so. Here's why they're wrong, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

On January 25th, Pastor Alois Bell went to Applebee's with nine other people. After ringing up a bill of over $200, Bell tried to skip out on the normal 18% gratuity applied to large groups by having the bill split up, and then paying each bill with the same credit card. Rather than leaving a tip, she crossed off the amount, wrote in $0.00, and the following text, "I give God 10%, why do you get 18?" Then signed her name as "Pastor" Alois Bell. Then, possibly feeling guilty, she tossed down $6 in cash, just shy of 3%! In an effort to publicly shame the pastor, the server posted a picture of the bill online. Once the boss found out, the server was fired, but luckily, the pastor has felt the sting of her awful behavior. She's saying how awful she feels, but I'll bet it's not nearly as awful as the server who was fired.

If you're raped and get an STD, you're a sinner according to The Blasphemer's Bible.

Yes, sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie, I put that envelope under that garbage.

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Most people wouldn't give their child a tattoo... unless they're religious.

How much of a Humanist are you? I scored 100%.

Doctor Oz is aware that there is no evidence that his treatments work, but he has anecdotes, and that's good enough for him.

Hate Group, the Westboro Baptist Church has filed a lawsuit. Take a look at the Table of Authorities. Notice anything odd about them? Over half of the "authorities" listed are bible verses!

In countries where Christians get their own way, like the Philippines, they will lock you up for merely protesting their control over you. Carlos Celdran received over a year in prison for the horrific crime of offending a Christian.

I'm sure I posted this before, but you can never see it too many times. Neil deGrasse Tyson's fascinatingly disturbing thought.

Greta Christina explains why atheists are so angry.

What's the deal with the debt limit, and why are people blaming the president?

Who could possibly think of a better name for a laundromat than, White's Only?

Republicans spent a whole bunch of time and tax-payer dollars to pass a bunch of bills to prevent voter fraud. At least that's what they claimed. The reality of these bills is that it made it much harder for people who usually vote Democrat (e.g., the elderly, African Americans, Latinos, Low-income families, etc.) to cast their vote. Voter fraud is also a crime that barely even exists. In fact, in 2012, only a single person was convicted of voter fraud, and they were a Republican!

You would think that the CEO of Whole Foods would be some unshaven hippie who really wants to help the sick and save the environment. It turns out, he thinks health care for everyone is like fascism and he doesn't care much for those people who are trying to stop global warming.

Republican Rick Brattin must think his state is too smart, so he's re-introducing another bill to teach Creationism in public schools at the tax payer's expense.

A simple primer on evolution.

What if Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had an honest trailer?

Don't let a dirty person spit on you in The Blasphemer's Bible.

No song unsung, no wine untasted

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Republican Cathrynn Brown, after being publicly shamed for trying to pass a law that would make rape women who get abortions guilty of a felony (tampering with evidence), has reworked her bill to be less offensive. Now it only makes the doctor who performs the abortion guilty of a felony.

Rather than do their job to make the state a better place, Republicans in Missouri are trying to force Creationism down the throats of their public school students using tax payer money using the old "teach the controversy" argument that has been shot down numerous times in the past.

As if you needed another reason not to watch The View, how about the fact that one of the presenters doesn't know if the world is flat, and doesn't care enough to learn.

Remember the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin? When that bloke got bit by a snake he asked for a closeup!

The Boy Scouts of America has been receiving a lot of bad press recently with numerous Eagle Scouts resigning their badges until the group allows homosexuals to join, and their actions might be working! Numerous news outlets are reporting that they may actually be deliberating over removing the ban!

One of Rowan Atkinson's more popular sketches.

More evidence of the correlation between church attendance and crime. That is, the less religious a society becomes, the less crime they have.

Two disgusting Christian pigs talk try to explain what feminism is in the most disgusting manner possible. If you're not already a feminist, this will turn you into one.

Don't you hate it when a little boy points out the gaping flaw in your worldview.

Bill O'Reilly continues to embarass himself with his awful lack of historical knowledge, presented as fact, of course.

Here's a pretty cool introductory Science and Skepticism workshop from TAM 2012.

Remember those Christians who got fired because they refused to do their jobs? Well, some people have been defending them, very poorly.

Brian Cox gives a wonderful interview about the physics of the universe.

You're not allowed to go to the bathroom in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by, when hope was high, and life worth living

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So much for winter. All the snow we received last night is melting away as the temperature goes well above freezing again.

A Boy Scout group tried to go rouge and enact a policy where they would allow all boys to join regardless of their sexual identity, but the policy didn't last very long. Once the head office got wind of the policy they demanded its removal, or the local group would be completely severed from the Boy Scouts, to which they complied.

So, you just spent $500 on a new smart phone. Like any piece of property you own, you should be able to do with it whatever you choose, right? Wrong. You don't technically own your smart phone, the phone company that you initially signed up with owns your phone.

Ten ways Creationists are lying to your children with their text books.

Want a fun way to point out just how bigoted someone is? Ask them to comment on a quote said by an obvious bigot and see if they agree. Bonus points if you can get this done on television like Soledad O’Brien was able to do to bigot Kingsley Browne. O'Brien used the same argument a colonel used to try and keep blacks out of the military (without revealing the source), then asked Browne to comment on it. Browne was in agreement with the argument, until O'Brien revealed why it was first said. Then he spent the rest of the talk backpedaling.

There used to be a time in America's history when Creationists could just come right out and say they were trying to force a literal biblical view on public schools. As people started realizing that the first amendment doesn't just protect us from Muslims and Jews, the Creationists stopped getting their way, so they switched to Creation science. Scientists pointed out their ruse to the courts, and the Creationists switched to Intelligent Design, which also failed, and the tactic became "teach the controversy." Scientists pointed out this as the canard it was, and now the Creationists have evolved into a new tactic, teach critical thinking skills! Of course, the scientists aren't tricked by this lie either.

What happens when you don't vaccinate your children? They get horribly sick!

Remember that youth group that did a mock terrorist raid on a group of teenagers to show them just how scary life can be like to poor persecuted Christians (who are apparently only persecuted by other Christians)? Well, they're looking at a $10,000 fine to ensure they won't do it again!

What are Christians preaching about homosexuality? Here are some of the power point slides from a Christian preacher. You'll notice that they're lousy with pictures of half-naked men.

Irvine City Council meetings in California will once again have the first couple minutes wasted on endorsing Christianity, at least until the city council is sued and thousands of tax-payer dollars are wasted on lawyer's fees.

The Barna group, a research organization specializing in Christianity, recently published a list of The Most Bible-Minded Cities In America. The worst cities, that is, those who prefer the bible over reality, are in the South (huge shock!), and the best cities are found in the New England area. My home state's cities Flint and Detroit were pretty dead centered. Looks like I still have a lot more work to do!

Dead birds clean up mildew in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm lying through my teeth, your tears are all the company I need!

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I finally finished listening to the audio book version of Charles Darwin's, The Origin of Species. A little dry, certainly out of date, but I'm hugely amazed at how much this man had figured out by 1859! Even without knowing a single thing about DNA, he solved the most important problem of biology!

Esus is lord!

Thanks to American Atheists, a Christian cross comes down off a military base in Afghanistan. The cross actually violated the military's own code of conduct, and yet it took a non-military organization to point it out to them.

Republican Bobby Jindal, a man who is convinced the Earth is 6,000-years-old because some Bronze-age desert nomads created a lineage of people they claim lived 900+ years, said that the Republican Party is needs to stop being the "stupid party" and be the party "that talks like adults."

Republicans have introduced a new bill in New Mexico that would make it a crime for raped women to get abortions, because that would be tampering with evidence!

Community Foundation of Ireland recently asked 1,000 citizens to prioritize 119 different issues based on quality of life. The country certainly has the right idea because the top ten was filled entirely with education and environmental issues. Even more impressive, the issue that took last place was religion!

It's finally winter!

Mildew can be really serious in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I am the millipede, I am mysterious!

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Catholics are constantly trying to get a fetus defined as a person with rights, but when they find themselves at the losing end of a massive malpractice lawsuit, suddenly person-hood doesn't mean so much!

Imagine what would happen if a senator spent $20,000 of tax-payer money to repair a massive statue of Shiva for a Hindu temple. You can bet that everyone would be up in arms over a clear violation of the first amendment, and any lawsuit stopping the senator would find him guilty. Well, replace Shiva with cross, and replace Hindu temple which Christian church, and then everything is cool. Even our mostly Catholic Supreme Court doesn't have a problem with the cross!

Which country is the most likely to violate a citizen's privacy by reading their emails? North Korea? China? No, it's the USA! Thankfully, Google is getting better at keeping the police out of your private life if they're able.

Charlie the Unicorn, episode 4!

Let's say someone suggests that their car has 500 horsepower, and then someone denies their claim by making the point, quite seriously I should add, that there is no way you could fit 500 horses in your car! On-lookers giggle because they know that anyone who makes such a stupid argument can't possibly know what horsepower means. This is what happens when you hear people say, evolution is false because I've never seen bacteria turn into a human. Naturally, Mike Walksworth is a Republican senator.

Religious leaders have never had a problem lying to children in order to scare them into faith, so it's no surprise that the anti-abortion site 1Flesh would create a graphic full of lies.

Mildew laws are really dumb in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I could knock-out punch the Death Star!

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Here's a couple recent stories to remind us how safe guns are. A man hired to teach gun safety leaves his loaded gun in a school bathroom. Five people were accidentally shot at a gun shows on the nation's very first Gun Appreciation Day. Who's to blame for gun violence? Republicans say, welfare moms! Another Republican explains how it is God himself who wants us to buy and use guns. A guy who murdered his mother with a shotgun went to prison, got out, and immediately went to a store and legally bought 13 new guns. Despite everyone in Texas owning a gun, another school shooting took place in Houston.

40 years after Roe v. Wade, the USA now has a majority in favor of keeping abortion legal.

Finally! A politician creates a day honoring science rather than an invisible man in the sky! Democrat Rush Holt introduces Darwin Day!

I read about Christians complaining that their rights are being infringed on because they are no longer allowed to force non-believers to pray and they can't discriminate against gay people anymore, but they don't seem to mind firing people for being in favor of same-sex marriage.

Christian school, Bob Jones University has a long history of being just plain awful. All the way up until 2000, they had a ban on interracial dating, their students aren't allowed to listen to rock or jazz music (even if it's Christian rock), they're only allowed to watch PG rated movies, and any student who publicly says anything bad about the university will be expelled. Their latest letter to their students is to tell the men that, when sharing a hymnal with a girl, they shouldn't allow the girl to hold the book, because the man should be doing that.

How much of your food is what it says on the label? A lot less than you think!

How does a 42-year-old avoid being charged for statutory rape after having sex with a 15-year-old? Get married, and then they can't testify!

Garfunkel and Oates make yet another quality family song, about anal sex.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the ridiculous God of the Gaps arguments.

What is the Christian response to the problem of evil? God is morally justified in murdering innocent children, and even in telling you to murder children!

A Muslim gang of thugs film themselves as they walk around the streets of Great Britain enforcing Sharia law on the citizens. Nothing like being a bully for God.

This cat meets snow for the first time.

God purposely infects your house with mildew in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I could jump the bridge at Khazad Dum!

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Churches, who claim to be able to cure all manner of sickness and disease through the power of Christ, are telling their congregates not to share a communion goblet because they might get the flu.

According to this study, people who pirate music are much more likely to spend more money on music than people who don't pirate music.

Schools in Texas are having a wonderful time using the bible to explain how black people are inferior to white people. Praise Jesus!

The Catholic child-rape scandal is still making headlines as even more damning evidence is uncovered.

Thanks to the British Humanist Society, the non-religious members of the Air Cadets will be allowed to take a modified version of the organization's pledge. The original requires pledging to do you duty to God, but the new version doesn't include this. Naturally, Christians are claiming that they are being attacked because they can no longer discriminate against atheists.

Young-Earth Creationist Ken Ham, who is desperately trying to teach your children that the Earth is 6,000 years old, is accusing Zack Kopplin of brainwashing the minds of youth.

More sick bloody rituals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm the maker of a generation!

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Benigno Aquino III, president of the Philippines, recently signed a new law that would provide sex-education and contraception to the nation's poor. Naturally, the Catholic church is fighting him.

When Ahmed Al-Khabaz discovered a gaping hole in his college's security system, to the tune of having access to the personal information of over 250,000 students, he reported his findings to the head of the IT department. Two days later, Al-Khabaz was discovered checking to see if the security hole was fixed. The security company threatened to have him arrested, and then his school expelled him. The moral of this story is, if you ever find a security flaw, never report it.

Catholics are leaving their churches in droves, so priests have been trying to figure out ways to make them stay. Rather than alter their message to be slightly relevant or even make better sermons, one church in The Netherlands is trying to shame their attendees into staying!

I hate it when the government turns me into a transvestite. Thankfully, nut-case Alex Jones sets me straight! Get it?

A Florida public school invites Christians to distribute bibles to their students provided they just leave the books on a table and allow the students to take them if they choose, but have anyone there actively distributing the bibles. But, when they day came, sure enough, the Christians broke the rules and manned the tables and coerced students to take the bibles. Several non-religious groups are now demanding that they be allowed to distribute their own materials.

Andrew Seidel points out numerous flaws in Bill O'Reilly's Christian-tainted view of history.

Christian Radio Host Juli Roys thinks that Christians should purposely try and lose the culture war because only minorities have their loss of rights taken seriously. However, as Hemant Mehta points out, Christians aren't having their rights taken away, the rest of us are finally getting equal rights!

Don't forget to keep up with God's Tumblr!

Yet another public school tricks it's students into going to church by hiring a public speaker who doesn't reveal his Christianity until they visit the "after-school" special event, which is actually a church service. The whole event cost the taxpayers, $12,000!

Shaved heads and useless baths in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Smear my lips with Vaseline

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Catholic Priest Ed Avery had a long history of molesting and raping young boys. Despite this fact, his higher-up in the Catholic church, William Lynn, refused to alert the authorities, fire him, or even let him retire early so he wouldn't be around children. Instead, they kept on moving him to new churches. Both were finally arrested, Avery received only 2.5-5 years, and William Lynn received 3-6 years. This is not nearly enough for a child predator and his accomplice!

Speaking of Catholics, the "ethics" commission of a Catholic hospital in Cologne decided that they shouldn't give rape victims pelvic exams, because, if the victims turn out to be pregnant, the hospital didn't want to be responsible for advising the woman about what to do with the pregnancy. After the press started making a big deal out of it, as they should, suddenly the hospital changed their tune.

What happens when a fetus is treated like a person? A lot of women go to prison for choosing not to have a C-section.

NPR details how non-believers make marriage work when only one spouse believes in a god, how non-believers cope with tragedy, and how religious leaders are trying to prevent their youth from leaving.

I'm sure you've all seen pictures of dead babies on billboards and signs by Christians. These pictures usually depict stillborn fetuses rather than abortions. Most abortions these days look like a little blood in a jar.

Is the Republican Party really anti-science? Well, let's look at Dana Rohrabacher, he doesn't believe in global warming, but says, if it were true, we can solve it by cutting down the rain-forests!

You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Matt Dillahunty's We Are Atheism response.

What happens when a good Samaritan releases a mouse back into the wild?

What has religion contributed to society in the past month? This.

God demands you perform crazy bloody rituals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Demonstrate that you have free will, without using time travel

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After Obama delivered his executive orders to help curb gun violence, Republican Mike O'Neal quoted a Psalm praying for his speedy death so that his wife may be a widow, and his children be orphans and wandering beggars.

You may be suffering from the widely undiagnosed Forer's Disease and not even know it!

It's often said that the Internet is where religions come to die. This is because, when you open up a religious person to the collected knowledge and criticism of the Internet, it becomes very difficult to maintain a ridiculous belief. In fact, some people are claiming that religion might be on a permanent downward slide from which it may never recover.

Catholic support group for homosexuals, ironically named "Courage," has a simple answer to help struggling gay Catholics: never have sex again, with anyone! Needless to say, this is ruining their numbers.

Pat Robertson's advice to couples having trouble? The woman needs to lose weight and dress better!

Dan Dennett talks about determinism and evolution.

Laci Green points out that slut shaming is a bad thing.

I hate it when my pastor tries to get me hooked on meth.

Fox isn't news because they do mostly opinion pieces, they're not news because they create their own stories and report them as news.

Lepers must wear a fake mustache in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Bumped into a UPS truck while backing out of my parking space last night. A dark brown truck, sticking out further from it's spot, in a dimly lit lot spells disaster. At least for my rear bumper. The truck didn't have a scratch on it, but my car is going to need some fixing. :-(

All the adults in Lousiana couldn't be bothered to ensure their children were learning science, so student Zack Kopplin took it upon himself to force the schools to do so.

In an effort to show how unfair the new Obama taxes are, the Wall Street Journal published this helpful comic of the average Americans. The only problem is that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the average American single mother kicks back $260,000 a year, while the average family survives on over half a million!

A teacher at Haydock Intermediate was fired for working in the adult film industry, and then lying about it. The members of the Oxnard School District Board should be ashamed of themselves. First of all, it's none of their damn business what the teacher did for a living before becoming a teacher, second, sex between consenting adults is not immoral you uptight pricks! I'll bet every single one of them have viewed and enjoyed pornography in their lives.

Obama was going to have bigoted gay-bashing preacher, Louie Giglio, deliver his invocation. However, due to the outcry of rational people, Obama instead chose to go with Episcopalian Luis Leon, who doesn't have a problem with homosexuals. An optimal choice would be to have a scientist or humanist give the invocation, but I guess this is better than a hate-monger.

Christians and Muslims in Australia are assured by the prime minister that they may continue to be hateful bigots for as long as they like.

Here's an interesting lecture by Steven Pinker about language and the brain.

Want to see the test footage of The Next Generation cast when they were still playing with costume ideas?

Lepers must wear a fake mustache in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Just throw a red shirt at it!

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Morning Edition talks about the growth of the non-religious. Be sure to check out the graphs as well. Then, Morning Edition asks, why are more young people turning away from religion?

You probably didn't know this, but rich white male gun-owners are the new Rosa Parks!

The latest out of Turkey, the mostly Islamic nation, is that they're going to censor the publication of any book that mentioned facts about evolution. The only books that will be allowed on the topic are those that comdemn it as evil. Oddly enough, at the same time, several Imams are accepting major aspects of evolution.

The EU has issued rulings on several cases involving alleged religious discrimination. The cases are pretty interesting and raise important questions. Case #1: Shirley Chaplin worked for a hospital, and was told she could no longer wear her cross necklace because it was a health hazard. It could easily transmit disease around the hospital. Chaplain claimed religious discrimination, but this was hardly based on her religion, as the hospital wouldn't let anyone wear any jewelry. She lost her appeal. Case #2: Nadia Eweida worked for British Airways, and was told that, due to the new dress code, she would not be allowed to wear her cross necklace any more, yet Muslim employees could still wear their head scarves. Eweida claimed religious discrimination, but the first court ruled that since there is no Christian edict which mandates a cross necklace, but there is a Muslim one that mandates head scarves, BA isn't violating her religion. At first, I'm in agreement with Eweida. I'm sure BA wouldn't prevent married employees from wearing their wedding rings, so what's a little non-intrusive personal jewelry? Then, Eweida claimed that she needed to wear the necklace in order to proselytize her religion. For that reason, she lost my vote. BA doesn't have to let their employees peddle for their religion on company time. The courts, however, sided with Eweida and overthrew the case. Case #3: Lilian Ladele's governmental job required her to officiate marriages, but even though the UK government now allowed same-sex marriages, Ladele refused to officiate over them. She was fired for not doing her job. I completely agree with the court's decision. You can officiate over a marriage and still not believe in it's validity in the same way a Mormon doctor can give blood transfusions to a patient and still believe the patient is a sinner. Ladele also lost her appeal. Case #4: Gary McFarlane worked as a counsellor. He said he would treat same-sex couples, but he wouldn't offer them the same treatments he would offer hetero-couples because he believed they were sinners. He too was fired for failing to do his job, and lost his appeal. I have the same thing to say as above on this case. For more info.

Richard Dawkins is interviewed by a Muslim for Al-Jazeera.

Mikhail Gorbachev is a leper in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm a cat!

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Worried about those poor welfare cheats stealing your money? Turns out it's the upper class that are more prone to dishonest behavior, and when they cheat you, it's for a hell of a lot more than a pack of cigarettes!

What is the Christian response to stopping STDs? Stop using condoms!

Want to understand how are conspiracies formed? Take a look at the people behind the Sandy Hook truthers. These are people who believe the Newtown shootings were nothing more than a government plot to convince Americans to ban guns.

Tea Party members sure love their racist T-shirts!

Since Darwin first accurately described evolution, it has been consistently demonstrated as fact for over 200 years. It is now viewed as the foundation of all of biology. But being the most important principle of and entire field of knowledge won't stop Republican State Senator Bill Stanley from proposing a constitutional amendment allowing parents to opt their children out of learning it or even having to hear about it. His bill would also force tax payers to pay government officials to pray and promote their religion.

Leprosy makes women grow yellow beards in The Blasphemer's Bible.

He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence, moving from topic to topic, so that no one had the chance to interrupt him

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Why don't we think rationally? Because our brain conspires against us!

When it comes to preaching religion from public school, Joelle Silver is a heavy weight. She doesn't just plaster the walls of her classroom with bible quotes, but she invites Christians to speak about God in her science class, and tells the children in her class that oppose her indoctrination that they're as guilty as those who cheat on tests! So what does she do after the superintendent demands that she remove all the Jesus crap from her classroom? She sues the school!

Faux News says that the distributive property of algebra is pushing the Liberal agenda by teaching kids to distribute wealth. Here's the full video if you can stomach it. The pundits then go on an on about how they can't understand basic mathematical concepts.

What do sugar, worms, and space have to do with each other? More than you'd think!

A nice motivational video about a naturalistic approach to life and death.

Jerry Coyne explains why science and religion shouldn't intermingle.

Perfectly timed cat photos.

Betty Bowers has a little chat with the Westboro Baptist Church.

Reverend Austin Miles, the guy who compared atheist writings to "water-boarding Christians with words" tried to cover-up his post, then lied about ever having written it, then lied about lying about it, and finally, in his un-apology, lied about why he lied about lying about it. Thankfully, the Christian Post, whom he was blogging for, has some integrity, and fired him. But Miles wouldn't acknowledge his mistake, and claimed that the Christian Post was the voice of the enemy because they allow atheists, Communists, and homosexuals to voice their opinions, and that they were like Soviets for removing his blog from their site. Yeah, it's probably best to get rid of that nut-case!

And another new symptom of Leprosy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Well above freezing, snow's almost all melted, middle of January, global warming's a myth!

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I love the fact that there is a tiny remnant of not-quite-black blueish-orange from a passed sunset in the sky when I leave work now!

Stiffing your waitress because you don't want to have to pay your fair share of taxes won't make the waitress demand lower taxes, they'll just think you're an ass.

When Obama was sworn in for the first time, he chose Christian hate-monger Rick Warren to give his inaugural address. This time around, he picked Christian hate-monger Louie Giglio. This term isn't off to a very good start.

Selling cancer treatments that have never been shown to work to dying people pays awfully well.

Even religious people should support the separation between church and state because you never know what religion the state will end up teaching. Tony Perkins, head of the Christian hate group the Family Research Council, has no problem with chaplains pushing Christianity in the military. However, when he discovered that the US military is employing the Hindu practices of Yoga and meditation to soldiers, he flipped out! Perkins has no problem with the US military teaching religion, just so long as it's his religion!

Why the skeptic community should avoid the Huffington Post.

New symptoms of Leprosy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I run away, but it always seems the same

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Which is worse? Finding a blood blister on the inside of your cheek, or eating some food and then realizing it's gone?

Stephanie Messenger self-published a children's book called "Melanie's Marvelous Measles" which explains how contracting measles is prefectly natural, unlike vaccinations. Yes, nothing is more natural than a child being maimed or dying of an entirely preventable disease because the parent was too ignorant to give them a relatively harmless vaccination.

What amazing things did religion contribute to the world at the end of 2012?

Finally, the general public is starting to agree with scientists about the fact of global climate change. Another bit of evidence comes from the fact that the temperature maps of Australia had to add a new color as their temperatures jump to over 52º Celsius (126º F)! All the while, Republicans continue to claim that the Earth is cooling.

Despite have an intense hatred of Mormons, the other Christian groups know less about the religion than non-religious people.

Lee Lemon has some fun things to say about apostasy and Christian Nations.

Superintendent Phil Howard says that the painting of Jesus hanging in a Jackson, Ohio public school will remain. He says that he did "research" and has concluded that the school is not violating the first amendment, because a student donated the painting. All I can say is, Howard didn't do very much research. After about 30 seconds of Googling, I found Joki v. Board of Education. In 1990, the school board refused to remove a painting of Jesus, arguing that it was a donation from a student. Sound familiar? The courts ruled that this was indeed a violation of the first amendment, and the painting had to be removed. I couldn't find a price tag associated with this case, but these cases usually cost a couple hundred thousand dollars of tax payer money that would otherwise have been spent on better books and teachers.

Looking forward to Wild Sex!

How are women depicted in Conservative media? Not well.

The Angry Video Game Nerd special, SNES vs Genesis. Part 1 and Part 2.

Lawrence Krauss explains why a godless universe is so precious.

Leprosy is totally healthy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sup, yo?

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Charlie the Unicorn... part 3!.

Fireworks in reverse are pretty cool.

Some helpful tips on how to deal with religious people, part 1 and part 2.

One popular Christian argument is to claim that God always intended Adam and Eve to live in the Garden of Eden forever in peace and harmony. Well, what would actually happen if they did follow his intentions?

Lawrence Krauss explains why we have such a hard time wrapping our minds around quantum mechanics.

Some Catholic women are trying to convince a bunch of white-haired virgin geezers who wear dresses to allow women to be ordained through the persuasive power of pop music parody. I don't think they understand their demographic.

Some of the biggest YouTube sensations come together to make Rewind YouTube Style 2012.

Sam Harris gives a speech on free will and answers questions.

More repeats in The Blasphemer's Bible.

When I was born, they looked at me and said, what a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy

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It must be very difficult being a Christian when you have so little government support. As it is, the number of non-religious Congressmen is on the rise. Our newest congress has a whopping ONE person who calls herself "unaffiliated," that's Democratic Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who swore in, not on a bible, but on the US Constitution. Then, there are a massive ten who put down "don't know/refused" for their religion. Finally, a mere 483 refer to themselves as Christian. Full numbers here.

America's rape problem, is the fact that we refuse to accept that we have a rape problem.

Oprah's servant, Dr. Oz, is now touting green coffee bean extract as an effective weight-loss treatment. He knows it works because he had some TV viewers give anecdotal evidence that it works, and how can you argue with TV viewers? Now, if Oz were just stupid git like Deepak Chopra, I wouldn't be as angry, but Oz is a practicing surgeon and researcher. He knows what kind of thorough clinical trials are expected by the scientific community before a treatment can be said to actually work. Yet, when it comes to the snake oil he's peddling on Oprah, no such research is required. This means that he is knowingly lying to people.

Another good use of tax-payers dollars, Indiana Republican, Rep. Dennis Kruse is trying (for a second time) to introduce a bill that would force students to recite The Lord's Prayer in public schools. His first bill failed to pass, what with blatantly violating the first amendment and all, but his second attempt allows students to opt-out of the prayer (also already ruled unconstitutional).

Anglican's are now allowing homosexuals to be ordained, the only catch is, they're not allowed to have sex or get married. However, straight priests are still allowed to have sex and get married. It's a step in the right direction, but it's dragging your feet the whole way.

Father Tom Donovan, pastor of St. Aloysius church, called 911 back in November and explained to the dispatcher that he didn't know how it happened, but he had accidentally found himself in handcuffs with a gag over his mouth and needed assistance.

Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital, like many hospitals, took the advice of the CDC, AMA, and ANA, and required its employees to get flu vaccinations in order to help curb the spread of the virus through the hospital. Eight employees refused to get vaccinated, and were fired. They're now trying to sue the hospital on religious grounds, but this will probably fail. For one, the hospital is required to care for the health of its patients, and having vaccinated employees is a very important step in doing so. Two, employees are not protected by their Religion if it prevents them from doing their job (if a cop didn't believe in arresting people because of her religion, she could be fired). Three, very few religions actually have an anti-vaccination dogma--the only one that comes to mind is the Mormons, but there is no mention of these nurses being Mormon, so they probably aren't.

Stem cells allow blind mice to see again. Why aren't we funding this more?

Our military budget at work here folks! The Pentagon's internal web filter prevents the military from viewing most LGBT civil rights sites, including suicide prevention sites, and site with information about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but they can view anything by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter.

Reverend Austin Miles lies about using the term "waterboarding", then lies again to cover it up, and finally, lies in his apology. That's about par for the Reverend course.

Super scabby lepers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

You've been thunder struck!

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The headline is a little misleading, but scientists have been able to increase the amount of energy in atoms by super cooling them to essentially have an anti-heat value. The headline reads that the temperature is below absolute zero, but I think it would be more accurate to say that it is the opposite of positive temperature. Either way, it's really awesome! More info here.

The Pope would be a much better person if he had two mommies.

A Muslim-controlled city in Indonesia demands that women abide by God's law and ride motorcycles side-saddle, rather than straddle them. Pretty sure that's not in the Quran. Indonesia is also the same country that will shave a man's head and imprison them for being too punk.

Republican congressman Tom DeLay gets 3 years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy for his part in the Republican campaign of buying politician's votes.

Sony's latest patent will make it impossible for you to resell your games. To play a game, you must connect it to your account, and from that point on, only your account can ever play it, and no other. This means that when you get tired of your games, they're worthless. Sony's motive is simple, it forces people to buy all their games new, thus earning them more money, provided there isn't enough customer backlash. And this is why I only play DRM free computer games!

Back in 2008, Christian hate group Focus On the Family compiled a list of things that would happen if Barack Obama was elected. Among the list, polygamy would be legalized, Christian TV and radio programs would be outlawed, and cities named after saints would have to change their names. My favorite item on the list is that Conservative Christians would be treated like black slaves! Not only is it horribly racist, but it would actually be just deserts. Needless to say, none of these predictions came true.

If we allow same-sex marriage, ministers will be forced to marry homos and it will create another civil war!

The SSA of Sugarland, Texas explain some of the difficulties they face, and the goals they've accomplished.

You probably didn't know this, but the the minority that's under the worst assault right now is... the Christians. It must be tough being the world's majority who is also a minority.

2012 in videogames, according to Game Stain.

An older video of Rebecca Watson giving a brief overview of homeopathy.

The Blasphemer's Bible: Enter the Leper!

I wish it didn't take so long to charge my phone. #First world problems

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The Republican House failed to vote on the Violence Against Women Act. Not exactly helping their "we hate women" persona.

Faux News commented on the rise of non-religious people, brought on two pundits to talk about it. One was a Christian, no big surprise since it's the largest religion in the country. The other was a... now you'd think they'd get a non-religious person as a counter-point, right? Nope! They bring out a Jew to represent one of the smaller religious minorities in the USA. Both then rail on and on about how non-religious people can't have morals and how school shootings are the fault of atheists when everyone knows it is the fault of videogames! How about we actually hear what an atheist has to say about the issue?

"Doctor" Oz recommends taking weight loss pills that are no more effective than placebos.

Alijah Williams almost died from tetanus, a completely avoidable disease, because his mother refused to vaccinate. His parents learned a valuable lesson!

Saudi Arabia's Labor Minister, Adel Fakeih, is trying to create jobs for women, but this has left him open to a terrorist attack. However, this terrorist attack doesn't involved suicide bombs, no, Fakeih's terrorists are going to pray him to death! If only we could convince all terrorists to be an ineffective as these Muslim clerics!

Hobby Lobby would rather throw away $1.3 million dollars a day than pay for their female employee's birth control. Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels are probably both perfectly okay with this!

Charlie the Unicorn... part 2!

Here are the best of the news bloopers from 2012.

A little late, but here's A Jesus Christ Christmas.

Teresa MacBain talks about her transition from being a minister to an atheist.

When a woman gives birth, she must sacrifice a goat as a sin offering in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Another year begins

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My friend Cody gifted me with Civilization V for Christmas, and I fell prey to the "just one more turn" disease which consumed my entire day off. Though, sitting in front of a computer is a much easier way to deal with a mild hangover than heavy lifting.

The Church of Scientology is having a hard time in Belgium which is currently in the process of placing criminal charges on the "religion". Scientology may be a highly litigious group, but thankfully the Belgians aren't sissies like the American IRS.

Had a glitch in The Blasphemer's Bible with the year not switching over, but everything is right again, so go catch up on the missed comics!