February, 2013

Nor porcines

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Turns out you can wire together two brains! One step closer to replacing my brain with a computer.

Michigan judges send a pretty straightforward message to everyone, if you're a Christian, the state will publicly endorse your religion over all others, especially over the non-religious.

Pat Robertson suggests that demons can attach themselves to used clothing!

Elois Zeanah, president of Alabama's Federation of Republican Women, says that states adopting rigorous education standards is just a ploy for those unionized environmentalists to turn America into the world of 1994. No, not 1984, the amazing book by Orwell, but 1994... Chances are, if you're invoking literature and you can't even get the title right, you haven't actually read the book in question.

The Washington Post takes a moment to bash Creationism.

Don't have sex with your father in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm not a huge fan of equines

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False Christian persecution is a wonder to behold. The majority religion of the world, the majority religion in the US, over 90% representation in government, special groups in nearly every public school, etc. They pretty much run the country, and if it wasn't for the US Constitution, they would. Despite the fact that they are bullies who cry persecution whenever someone makes them stop bullying, Christians did have a pretty rough history. From the time of Jesus, until the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as it's primary religion, they had a pretty rough time of holding secret meetings in caves lest they be tossed into an arena with hungry lions. That's what you'll learn about in church, but is there any evidence of such persecution? Well, very little. It looks like Christians have been good at trumping up persecution for centuries now!

Since when is telling the press about the man who raped you a crime? Since when is it a reason to face expulsion from college?

Thanks to Islam, a 15-year-old girl will be receiving 100 lashes for allowing herself to be raped.

Last year, CFI brought Richard Dawkins to Michigan to speak, but the place that was originally going to host his lecture, the Wyndgate Country Club of Rochester Hills, refused to let him speak after the Conservative owner learned that he was an atheist. CFI had to quickly and expensively find a back-up location due to the owner's bigotry. Well, CFI filed a lawsuit for discrimination, and the judge sided in their favor!

Camille Beredjick dissects some hate-speech by anti-gay bigot Matt Barber, a Christian who says, gay people don't exist.

Malcolm Gladwell makes a pretty good point comparing the smoking-doesn't-cause-cancer argument to the football-doesn't-cause-head-injuries argument.

Nonstampcollector nails down all of the bible-doesn't-promote-slavery arguments.

Conservative bloggers are surprisingly better than Fox News at asking the president tough questions.

Don't see naked your father's many wives in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I like lagomorphs

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Here is how atheists are depicted in television. Jack is dating a Christian woman and meets her Christian father. It comes out that he is an atheist, and for the whole dinner, he is belittled by the Christians even though he is a well-educated perfect gentleman. In the end, the girl dumps him, not for being a bad person, but for not having a "good heart" and her father is very relieved. The end. The sad part is, this is what it's like for atheists in real life.

News flash! Christians are prejudice against homosexuals!

What's it like when a gay Mormon comes out? The reactions are pretty awesome. I hope his friends and family are able to help him through all hostility he's going to receive.

What happens' when God meets his God?

What happens when naïve girls read randomly from the bible?

It's tough work being a pope!

Poor Larry Mendte has his panties in a bind because atheists dare mock his religion. Us atheists are pretty much running the show; if only Christianity could be taken seriously. Imagine if we promoted Christianity in front of courthouses, or on currency, or through tax-exempt status, or by recognizing special holidays, or in pledges, or at town halls, or through prayer breakfasts... no, only atheists benefit from that stuff!

What is the long term effect of school bullying?

God is a racist in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I like ferrets

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What has religon contributed to February, 2013?

Despite a constantly decreasing number of congregants due to that whole protecting child-rapists scandal, the Catholic Church still has an awful lot of money, and they're using it to buy hospitals and clinics. Let's hope you weren't wanting any birth control or access to abortion.

We need feminism because people are still writing articles about how women are now equal and should shut up about being mistreated.

Throw away your medicine chronically ill patient! Jesus has healed you!

Savants occur in primates!

The list of candidates for the future pope don't look so hot. Luckily, it won't be Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Great Britain's senior-most clergyman, who now finds himself in a quagmire of several sexual assault charges going back 30 years!

This bird poop looks just like Jesus!

Republican Drew Springer is trying to cut benefits to any school district who is offering the same benefits to same-sex couples as those afforded to heterosexual couples.

Vsauce tries, and fails, to defend Comic Sans.

A Latin American approach to the history of music.

Four people are killed and over 200 injured in Bangladesh after a bunch of Muslims tried to lynch several atheist bloggers who had the audacity to question their religion.

No more delicious dinners in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I like dogs

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Even though mutations occurs at random, when the same natural selection pressures are put on a species, its evolution can be predictable.

From Australia's snake-oil salesmen, to Africa's witch burnings.

If YOU touch your wee wee, it's a mortal sin. But if a priests touches you wee wee, it's a harmless mistake.

Ignore the low quality, but here's a cool question asked to Sam Harris by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Gabe Newell of Valve talks about the videogame industry and answers questions.

Pastafarians have Christmas carols too! Even if we aren't allowed the same rights and privilege's as other religions.

I can't be the only one turned on by this Japanese ice cream.

What would happen if Richard Dawkins were to die?

The Good News Club is all about indoctrinating four-year-old children into thinking they're terrible people.

What happens when the Internet goes to Washington DC?

What's going on in your head when you fall in love?

Christians continue to weasel their dogma into public schools, now under the guise of "academnic freedom."

No more vampires in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I like cats

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Skiing was loads of fun, and Emily learned the basics and had a blast doing it. We did some solo skiing later in the day and I bombed down some steep black diamonds. Twas a good day!

The Republican Party continues to prove it is the party of rich white old men who are completely out of touch with reality. The latest comes from Jimmy Duncan who said that, while he opposes the Violence Against Women Act, he submits that he, like most men, is against violence against women even more than violence against men since women can't handle a beaten as well as men.

Speaking of Republicans marginalizing women, Mary Sue McClurkin got her bill passed that places heavy restrictions on abortion because she argues that a fetus is an organ.

Speaking of Republicans ruining education, they're passing laws that allow students to put down the wrong answer on tests and, as long as they believe the answer to be true, the teacher can't mark it wrong! Thanks Gus Blackwell!

North Dakota politicians passed a law stating that they are far better qualified to give a woman medical mandates than her doctor.

It turns out, a company that enforces copyright law that makes a parody of a file-sharing web site might be guilty of copyright violation. Oh the irony!

Any colonies look really awesome when you fill them up with molten aluminum!

Ten reasons why separation between church and state is so important, brought to you buy a country that doesn't have separation between church and state.

Despite all that ACLU crap about protecting the first amendment, Anderson County officials in Knoxville, Tennessee have voted to put the phrase, "in God we trust," on their courthouse. I guess the thinking is, a judge can't be effective unless he believes in an invisible man in the sky who hates homos and darkies.

Why rich people just don't understand poor people.

Ken Ham, the guy who thinks Adam and Eve rode vegetarian dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, believe that Pat Robertson is hurting Christianity. That's like a redneck bigot calling a Republican a racist.

No more sex with Mr. Tumnus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Soylent people is green!

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PZ Myers talks about the rather sad state our educational system is in right now.

Want to be fiscally conservative? Promote the HPV vaccine and help decrease the $2 billion a year we spend to treat the virus.

Liz Lemon wants to know why Jesus would ever do something so stupid as to die for our sins.

What if real life had achievements?

Epic Rap Battles does Adam versus Eve.

Are they psychic, or did they just hire some hackers?

How to be Daniel Radcliffe.

Hemant Mehta talks about how to get more atheist groups in public schools and why it's so important.

Lawrence Krauss echos Richard Dawkins saying that teaching Creationism is child abuse.

Stephen Hawking questions the universe.

What if Super Mario Bros. and Ghostbusters had a love child?

Westboro Mingle, where hate and love meet.

I'll be taking the day off tomorrow so I can take Emily skiing for her very first time ever!

God loves the smell of poop in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Oh Zelda, will you ever stop being in peril?

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Minish Cap, beaten!

A NY Times reviewer gave a scathing report of the Tesla Model S, and the company fired back saying that, according to the car's detailed computer logs, the guy purposely sabotaged his trip. The original author fired back, blah blah blah. So, CNN decided to do their own test. The final result? The car worked just fine.

This Republican woman argues that Obamacare can be related to deer crossing sings which waste taxpayer money since deer can't read signs!

In the Gospels, Jesus is said to have made the blind to see. Of course, there isn't any real evidence of this. But there is evidence for modern science allowing blind people to see again! And if seeing visible light isn't good enough, how about the ability to see infrared?

In the 1950s the Dutch Catholic Church was castrating boys in order to cure their homosexuality. The Pope would try and defend them, but he's busy running from the law. The Church continues to shoot itself in the foot by ending the LGBT masses that have been going on for the past six years at Our Lady of Walsingham.

Why is it we have thousands of untested rape kits, some over a decade old?

Cardinal Roger Mahony, one of the many Catholics responsible for covering up child-rape in the Church has decided to forgive the people who have been mistreating him because of his efforts to protect child-rapists. Well, that's awfully kind of him. It's almost as if he doesn't understand how awful he is. No, it's exactly like that!

If your school discriminates against homosexuals, they can be brought to see reason. Sadly, it usually takes the threat of a lawsuit, but the school will hopefully do the right thing before they need to go to court. However, if you sue your school because you're too lazy to learn the science of vaccination, I hope you're counter-sued.

Poor, poor scapegoat in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I expect to have beaten Minish Cap by Monday!

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Don't you hate it when a meteorite strikes your city? Russia sure does! Thankfully, we live in a time when cameras are everywhere!

What happens when the anti-science Discovery Institute ask for permission to use the photos of a science teacher in an upcoming book? Smackdown.

Despite 22 Republicans voting "No," the Violence Against Women Act passed the US Senate.

After begin subject to four years of Christian proselytizing, Blake Page, dropped out of West Point just before graduation. Despite being subject to the first amendment, the school has no problem pushing Jesus on students. Luckily, he was honorably discharged, which meant that he wouldn't be expected to pay back his student loans. And then the Pentagon reneged and is now considering him to cough-up $200,000 and possibly return to active duty!

Success in Illinois! Same-sex marriage is now legal! If one of the most backward states in the Mid-West can pass this, Michigan has no excuse!

Things get pretty messy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

ACE is the place for Valentimes!

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Emily makes awesome chicken curry! And I got the fourth and final element in The Minish Cap!

Wannbe-historian David Barton, the guy who has been caught numerous times making up quotes about the founding fathers, is now saying that nobody ever accidentally shot each other in the 18th century, because gun use was taught to children in schools. Of course, he couldn't offer any evidence of this, and there are plenty of cases of accidental deaths from guns, but lack of evidence and mounds of contradictory evidence doesn't convince him.

Arctic ice is the lowest it's ever been since we started recording it... but global warming isn't true.

Senator Whitmor is not amused at the men cutting abortion, but keeping Viagra.

Emily gets a Valentine teddy bear... and guts it.

Canadians have been taxed over half a million dollars in order to help the Ugandan government execute homosexuals.

Christians say the darnedest things.

According to Gallup, Mississippi is the most religious state. They're also the least livable and have the worst at offering affordable food. All that pray doesn't seem to be working very well.

It's not just the various denominations of Christianity that have a problem with covering up sexual assault from its preachers. Even Zen Buddhism does it.

God talks about demons in The Blasphemer's Bible.

A man is many things, let's count them all tonight

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Hooray for extremophiles! Life has been found in the Antarctic lake buried under 1,000 meters of ice.

Fayhan Ghamdi wasn't satisfied with the purity of his 5-year-old daughter so raped her to the point where her rectum was torn open, then tried to burn the tear closed, then beat her to death with a cane. But thanks to a Saudi Arabian judge, he served one month in jail, paid a fine, and was free. This man and this judge are barbarians. We should be cease all commerce with the country until they get their act together.

Those Indiana Christian students and parents who are creating their own prom to exclude homosexual students in order to show them Jesus' love are having a bit of a hard time finding support. Even one of the local churches is distancing itself from matter. Diana Medley, a special-education teacher at the school even compared the homosexual students to her disabled students, but while she believes that God gives us mental retardation for a purpose, she can't think of single purpose for homosexuals.

Democratic Congressman Rush Holt recognized Charles Darwin in the House of Representatives. Good on you mate!

In the USA, a private organization has the right to hire and fire people based on their beliefs. However, when they exercise that right to fire someone for being a decent human being, all it does it demonstrate how awful and irrelevant your organization is. Case in point, the Catholic private school that fired this man because he supports same-sex marriage.

God bless The Onion!

Aaron practices black magic in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I hope the next gay is hard pope

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Minish Cap is progressing well. I've finished the water temple, got the lantern, and am making my way through the back door of the castle. Still a solid game, but the kinstones are making the game a bit boring. Most of the time, I'm matching up a kinstone to reveal a chest that just contains another kinstone. I do like the occasional special item or side quest, but they're too few and far between. Also, the game is really easy. I still haven't died or even came close to death!

A private Muslim school in Australia is forcing all of its female employees to wear hijabs or be fired, regardless of their personal beliefs. I doubt this would fly in the USA because the first amendment bans religions from forcing their crazy rituals on other people. It would be like if you worked at a Christian private school and the school wanted to fire you for not wearing a giant cross around your neck. Sure, a school can try and make the hijab or cross part of the uniform, but since these articles are universally viewed as religious, it would be difficult to pass. Of course, US laws do allow Christian private schools to fire employees that don't believe in unicorns and dragons (seriously!).

24 lies society continues to shove down women's throats.

Turns out, forcing someone to perform oral and anal sex at gunpoint doesn't count as rape in New York.

Liz Lemon points out why it's actually the atheists who would win Pascal's Wager.

Aaron prepares for life as a serial killer in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I hope the next pope is hard gay

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Every time we get enough snow to ski on, it gets rained away. Damn you global warming! I usually avoid, Jägermeister because it is flavored with both licorice and anise, two flavors I dislike, however, a friend explained that it is quite delicious when mixed with root beer. This led me to drink enough of it Saturday to give me an awful headache the next morning. Jägermeister, even when you taste good you are evil!

15 questions atheists are sick of answering. In fact, they're so lame, they're answered with images about as in depth as bumper sticker.

Repressed homosexual, Pastor Will Coats, is terrified of the Trojan Horse that homosexuals are using to deeply penetrate his church.

Joey Ratz is resigning as leader of the Catholic church. He claims it's because he's too old to carry out his duties, though I wonder if it has anything to do with the major part he played in covering up confessed child rapists? In honor of the pope finally leaving, Matt Bors has posted his wonderful Pope comics! Also, fuck the mother-fucker.

Fox News has liars. And Dog bites man. Want some more lying from them? When asked why Germany is able to make solar power work so well, they claim that Germany has more sun than we do.

Republican Rick Brattin, who claims to be a huge science buff, wants Missouri students to learn Creation mythology and Christian destiny to be taught in science classes. He also want the word "theory" to be redefined to allow faith-based philosophy to be counted as evidence.

In order to show Jesus' love, several Christian students are forming their own private prom so they can exclude their homosexual fellow students.

The school board of Jackson Middle School in Ohio voted to keep a giant picture of Jesus on their wall after a formal legal complaint was raised. Now they're shocked that they're being sued. They were really hoping to try and convince the FFRF and ACLU to let them keep it, but it's as if those terrible champions equality didn't even want to hear their lies!

We're going back in time in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I went numb when I learned to see

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Life has been pretty much put on hold ever since I started playing The Minish Cap. It's not quite as good as A Link to the Past, but it is pretty darn amazing.

A whole bunch of men wearing pink and black dresses, some of whom are child rapists, the rest are quite proud of keeping their virginity well into their sixties thank-you-very-much, want to decide the birthcontrol policy of the United States. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Lutheran Pastor Rob Morris took part in an interfaith service following the Newtown school shooting. Afterward, he apologized to his church for treating non-Christians with love and respect because he never should have shared a pulpit with non-Christians.

Republican Mike Rogers of Michigan and Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland are trying to revive the hated CISPA bill that would let law-enforcement spy on you. Remember their names when it comes time to vote again, but until them, email them about how awful they are for doing this.

It turns out Teresa of Calcutta, a woman the Catholics call the "Blessed Mother Teresa", used her influence to return a convicted child-molester (Donald McGuire) to work with children. He was then accused of an additional eight charges of child molestation. That probably won't be her second miracle toward sainthood status.

Walter Clonopas quit his job because his W-2 tax form contained the number 666. I would like to say that his ridiculous superstition is a one-off among Christians, but I've met plenty of others who are equally as superstitious. Would it matter to him if he learned that the number might be a typo?

Right now, in the USA, the only people who are allowed to officiate a wedding are religious people. Enter Democrat Tommy Wells, who is trying to give equal rights to non-religious people!

We're just inches away from eradicating polio from the earth forever, and then superstitious thinking causes this bullshit.

Why do people die when they don't follow God's law? Because he kills them! Read about it in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The reason most folk songs are so atrocious is that they were written by the people

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Five really awesome tales about astronauts.

The city council of Rapid City, South Dakota will continue to have a Christian minister perform their opening prayers (until they lose their future lawsuit, that is), and they will continue to scoff at anyone who points out their Christian privilege, especially younger people who, according to Bill Clayton, can't have wisdom because they're not old. No privilege there, right?

Michigan women, Republicans really want to take a look in your vaginas!

After doing everything in their power to keep child rapists out of prison, the Los Angeles archdiocese took a massive hit financially in lawsuit from all of the raped children. Now, they might be facing

The population of Papua New Guinea is 96% Christian, but it doesn't share the secular thinking and infrastructure of modern societies. Because of this, they are still quite infantile in regard to their belief in the supernatural, especially notions of black magic. What happens when you both believe in sorcery and take the bible seriously? You find a twenty-year-old mother, strip her naked, cover her in gasoline, and throw her into a fire to be burned alive. As the bible says, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

The Catholic arch diocese of Los Angeles is being sued into bankruptcy because, as it turns out, people don't mind taking money from an institution that does everything in their power to keep admitted child rapists out of prison. One of the things the church is considering is a fundraiser to get $200,000,000 to help pay off their lawsuits. If you are considering donating, bare in mind that you are essentially paying the salary of convicted child rapists.

The Catholic University of Dayton will allow various clubs to form including a club for Muslims, homosexuals, and birth control advocates, but they refuse to let an atheist club form because that goes against their beliefs!

Murdering bird for periods in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cuz all I ever wanted's so far gone

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Illinois is making strides toward legalizing same-sex marriage. On the topic of same-sex marriage, when did different-sex marriage become the standard?

Republican Paul Broun, the guy who said that the sciences are lies straight from the pits of hell, is running for senator!

Slow motion ink in water is pretty.

Menses is flowers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

A baby girl named Jennifer born here, born here, in room 8

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Many Muslims force women to cover their entire body in loose-fitting draperies because they believe their body causes men to lose control and rape them. However, pre-pubescent girls don't have to hide their bodies because they don't yet have the features that men find attractive. Until now. Muslim clerics, due to the increasing problem of girls being raped in Muslim countries, want to institute a burqas for babies campaign. This is typical of male-dominated societies. It's always the women who are the temptresses, even when they're four-years-old. Allah forbid the men should be expected to change.

Republican William Stanley, Jr. id trying to pass a bill that will amend the Virginia state constitution to allow school-endorsed prayer and allow any student to opt out of any lesson that may conflict with their religion. Thus, Christians will no longer have to learn evolution or genetics or embryology or geology or astronomy or chemistry or physics or history.

What are priests telling girls about rape? How about this gem of wisdom, if you're about to be raped, it's okay to kill yourself to save your virginity. God will understand. However, what God won't understand is if you try and kill the rapist.

Not all of these lines are cheesy, but a good portion of them are.

Bob Grisham, the psychology teacher who told his class about how he "don't like queers" and that they were an "abomination against God," is receiving a punishment of a mere 10 day suspension without pay and mandatory sensitivity training, AKA a slap on the wrist. One of his supporters said that "He’s a good Christian man." Yes, that's about all I expect from a "good" Christian man.

Despite being shot in the head for trying to get an education, fifteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai continues to call for education of women in Islamic countries.

Greg Quinlan is a homosexual, but he says he became a homosexual after being molested, but luckily, God turned him straight. Translation, he's gay, but his religion requires him to hate himself. Anyway, he doesn't want gays in the Boy Scouts of America, because they'll rape children. Evidence... none to be found.

Here are a list of songs by women about men from 1964 to present, sung by a woman who looks like she has ashes on her face.

It's best to not have a menstrual period in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Hey, what troubles you?

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Iceland officials kicked the FBI out of their country after they showed up unannounced to investigate Wikileaks. Good on you Iceland!

Pickens County School District in South Carolina just voted to keep on praying before their School Board meetings. This will no doubt result in a very expensive lawsuit for the local taxpayers to have to pay.

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin is finally leaving Congress. This is a man who for 30 years pushed all sorts of quackery into health care including numerous untested and disproved treatments that have a history of injuring and killing people. Why would he promote these awful therapies? Because he received a lot of money for doing so.

Ultra-conservative radio host Kevin Swanson informs us that women who take birth control pills have little dead babies stuck in the walls of their uterus! That's totally not bullshit!

Muslim clerics do not approve of an all-woman band. In fact, they want them dead!

A private Catholic school in New Jersey is forcing it's female students to swear not to swear, but the boys won't be taking such an oath.

3 out of 10 Americans are complete morons because 3 out of 10 Americans believe that God plays a role in the outcome of sporting events.

An anonymous man wearing a niqab threw acid in the face of a woman in London, a Muslim punishment usually reserved for a woman who isn't submissive enough.

American's United helped Taconic Hills school district in New York defend themselves against a lawsuit filed by the parents of a student who was not allowed to preach Christianity at her graduation. AU argued that this wasn't a violation of free speech because the school never prevented the student from praying in school, or even proselytising to other students. However, it's illegal to give her free-reign over the school's loudspeaker system to preach the bible. The courts fully agreed.

Self-proclaimed ex-lesbian tells Christians that gay people are all addicts because you'd have to be intoxicated to have gay sex. It couldn't possibly be that they're using drugs to escape from the constant torture they receive from Christians.

It's best to not have a menstrual period in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Semen isn't supposed to be red? I think I need to go to the hospital!

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At any given time in the USA, there are Republican lawmakers in multiple states that are trying to eliminate very important subjects from public school curriculums. This includes topics like global climate change, the bioethics of stem-cell and cloning research, and of course, evolution.

Thankfully, we now live in an age when public school teachers would never use their position as an educator to mock people because of their sexual preference and preach their religion.

Imagine if a student had the gall to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic! One nation, under Allah!

Are guns really as safe as the NRA claims they are? Not at all.

Zach Kopplin gives a talk and answers questions in Houston.

Semen is evil in The Blasphemer's Bible.