May, 2013

I know I'm lonely but I like myself

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Got to hang out with my homegirl Kelly down in Rochester last night. Good times!

New obsession song.

These high resolution pictures of molecules give me a huge nerdgasm.

Nigeria is controlled mostly by Christians and Muslims, which is probably why they have a shiny new anti-gay law.

A recent Pew survey shows that women are the head of 40% of American households, and Fox News is very upset about that fact.

How can you make those awful communion wafers taste better? AussieMite!

Rick Perry says that those people who had the audacity to allow equal rights among the Boy Scouts of America will have to answer to God which is almost as bad as having to answer to Count Chocula!

71 reasons why Rush Limbaugh is a really horrible person.

Yet another priest-friendly feast in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Nineteen, shit / Twenty, peaked / Twenty-one, I ain't done!

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Christians are the cause of another woman dying because she couldn't get a life-saving abortion.

Another example of Ray Comfort lying for Jesus.

Tennessee's state requirements do not require information about teaching sexual education to be medically accurate. In fact, the teachers don't even have to be qualified!

Remember 1986?

Part 2 of the Damsel In Distress section of the Tropes vs Women In Video Games series is up.

Some German politicians want to gender-segregate students in state schools in order to accommodate their growing Muslim population.

Christians actively break the law to keep their Ten Commandments monument on public land, but it allows for a great chance for atheists to put their monument right next to it!

Roman Polanski, the guy who drugged a 13-year-old girl and raped her, thinks that the birth control pill has ruined women by making them too masculine.

A public school in Texas was trying to do a school play all about how Jesus is the reason the USA exists, but for some reason the FFRF got upset about it. The play was drastically altered to get all the God talk taken out, and went on. However, a local church was appalled that they couldn't preach their religion from a tax-payer funded institution, and decided to rent the school's auditorium and do the original play after hours when it's legal.

Is the bible instructions for an agricultural cult or a priest's con in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And I took her to the closet in my mind

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Another survey shows that the most religious cities in the US also view the most porn. I'm surprised I didn't personally skew Grand Blanc's numbers.

Can science tell us right from wrong? Here some people who are actually qualified to answer that question debating about it.

Ever since the news broke of the Vatican's systematic child raping cover-ups of several decades ago, the Vatican has been cooking it's books to keep all of their hush money payoffs out of their normal ledgers. And while child-raping priests begged to have these documents destroyed, lest they fall into the hands of law enforcement. Well, it looks like that's precisely what's going to happen now. I don't know how much more damage the Vatican will take, but I do know they deserve it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out the problem with the so-called religion of peace.

Princess Zelda's life drawn out.

The latest Gallup Poll shows that most Americans now believe that religion is losing its influence in the US, the highest it's been in 50 years, but they still believe that it would be better for the country if more people took leave of their senses and became religious.

Catholics are throwing out all the stops and really hunkering down to stop same-sex marriage. They're calling for all their followers to get all worked up and... pray for a miracle!

Here's a fun cartoon about the But I'm a Nice Guy syndrome young males tend to have.

More preferential treatment for priests in The Blasphemer's Bible.

One heckuva Memorial Day weekend

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Emily and I had all of the besties over for the Memorial Day weekend. Good food, people, and conversation was had by all, in addition there was volleyball, vidjagames, and trivia!

I am pleased that parents who cause the death of their children because they would rather pray than take them to the hospital are now going to prison.

The Australian diocese is now undergoing its investigation into their own child-raping priests.

Now that ignorant parents aren't vaccinating their children, we're seeing a huge surge in diseases that were once on the fringe. And when a poor child dies from whooping cough, these trolls are quick to point out that it wasn't because they've blow heard immunity and pertussis is now running rampant, but it's because they didn't give the child more vitamins, or they gave the child antibiotics, or that the hospital is lying about the cause of death because they're getting kickbacks from vaccine manufacturers. No. This child is dead, and it's because of the antivax community.

Republican Stephen Fincher thinks poor people should be expected to starve to death, and to justify this, he quotes the bible.

Islamic terrorists successfully keep freedom of speech out of Australian National University. The newspaper can make all the jokes they want at the expensive of Christians, Scientologists, and Jews, but when they dared mock Islam, suddenly the administration had step in censor their works.

Iowa effectively eliminates all standards from home-schooled educations.

God creates some "good" feasts in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Almost healthy again. A nice weekend of rest should fix that up.

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I think it's hilarious when people buy the super ultra high-quality gold version of their favorite album, and then rip it to MP3.

Dear, everyone who prayed to keep gays out of the Boy Scouts. Our sense of social justice is stronger than your god!

Christian pastor Christine Daniel is being sentenced to 14 years in prison due to massive fraud. Shouldn't that be the case for all of them?

Just to prove their paranoia, Texas Republicans are going to pass a law that will make it legal for government employees to say "Merry Christmas" even though nobody has ever tried to make it illegal. However, the real purpose of this bill is to skirt the first amendment and make it legal to put Christian displays on public property.

AT&T tries to raise its rates without letting anyone know. Send them a message and switch carriers!

Even though Pope Francis just put in some kind words toward atheists, making it sound like they are good people too, and even that they may go to heaven if they're really good, a spokesman for the Vatican reassures that atheists will indeed be going to hell! That's a load off my mind! I'd hate to spend eternity with a bunch of self-righteous child rapists.

Republican Mike Wilson is very upset that public schools will be teaching science in science class.

Glenn Beck says that the atheist woman in Oklahoma is a conspiracy.

More crosses have been taken down from public structures thanks to the hard work of people who actually care about the first amendment.

God talks about testicles and animal sacrifice at the same time in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm getting better! I think I'll go for a walk...

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Pope Francis says something along the lines of, "atheists who do good works can get into heaven." Sorry, but when a virgin man in a dress tells me condoms cause AIDS, while at the same time he sits atop his golden throne and tells people to be frugal, and runs the world's largest child molestation ring, I'm strangely not interested in his moral judgments of my character.

Some amazing 2013 NatGeo photos.

Although Arizona has a tradition of opening their House of Representatives meetings with a specifically Christian prayer, Democrat Juan Mendez did things a little different and instead of calling on a specific version of a god, he asked people to actually work harder to make a better world for everyone. Republican Steve Smith was very upset about this and said that Mendez should have just kept his mouth shut if he didn't want to say a prayer, and then went on to offer a prayer of repentance for allowing the meeting to be opened without a prayer. It doesn't matter that many of his constituents aren't Christians, Smith demands that a Christian prayer be heard by all, even though it violates the first amendment of the US Constitution. What a bigoted dick.

Oklahoma was just devastated by a massive tornado. Many people have had their entire homes demolished and lost everything. Emma Sutton, bless her heart, decided to start a fundraiser to help out all those poor souls. Her goal is to raise enough money to purchase 1,000... bibles... and have them sent to the victims of the disaster. If you've just lost everything you own, you're probably looking for help that addresses more immediate concerns like, food, clean water, shelter, clothing. Probably the last thing you're looking for is a book that contains a story about how God allowed all of Job's children to be crushed to death in their house after a tornado hit it.

The most venomous animals in the world, courtesy of SciShow.

This is probably going to shock you, but country singer Trace Adkins is a bigot. Saying that someone is ethical, despite being an atheist, is like saying someone is ethical despite being black. It's probably worse that he relies on Jesus to win on Celebrity Apprentice.

God prevents priests from feeding the poor in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sick as a dog, who is sick

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If you're an NES player, go take a look at the NES Hacker Wiki. It's been updated with a whole slew of new information recently.

Wolf Blitzer sticks his foot in his mouth when he asks a family who survived the Oklahoma tornado if they thank the lord... but they're atheists.

There has been this Christian rallying video called The Thaw in which a bunch of Christian teens read a prepared script about how much discrimination they face in the USA. It's basically a laundry list of complaints like, I can't pray in school, I get bullied, and people get upset when we violate the 1st amendment, just a long line of bullshit that shows just how ignorant these teens are to US law. Thankfully, The Barking Atheist rips it apart so I don't have to.

Dogma leads people to throwing acid in the faces of women.

Jerry DeWitt may no longer be a Christian, but the man can still preach like a boss!

Dave Silverman talks about why it's important to wear atheism on your sleeve.

What if email spammers came to your door?

Dawkins and his crew give a talk over brunch in Charleston.

Lawrence Krauss hosts and Origins lecture involving several wonderful scientists talking about xenophobia.

99 life hacks.

God isn't winning any "Nice Guy of the Year" awards in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Mi garganta se siente como la muerte

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Emily gave me throat Ebola. I took the day off yesterday and slept, so I'm feeling better already, but my throat is still all scratchy.

People often claim that atheists are Islamaphobic and cite that the average Muslim is about as liberal as the average Christian rather than Westboro Baptist Christians. While this is partially true, there is a bigger problem at hand. Christian groups like the Westboro Baptists have no political power whatsoever, but ultra-conservative Muslims do. There isn't a Christian alive in the modern world who would get re-elected if they opposed a bill that made it illegal to sell women to settle a dispute or a bill to prevent men from marrying child brides, but in Muslim-controlled Afghanistan, not only is this legal at a national level, but attempts to ban it get shot down.

Ladies, don't you hate it when guys put you in the Girlfriend Zone?

Some of the more hilarious predictions from the Religious Right and Fox News that didn't come true when President Obama won.

That massive tornado that hit Oklahoma and killed numerous people was sent by God because there's a homosexual in the NBA.

Republican James Inhofe was against Federal funds helping victims of Hurricane Sandy, but since a disaster just hit his home state of Oklahoma, now he wants them.

Christian priests lead the charge in an attack on peaceful protesters in the nation of Georgia.

Pastor R.A. MacDonald is asked how a Christian can witness to an atheist, and gives a response so inane it's clear that he doesn't even know what an atheist is, let alone that best way to witness to one.

The Blasphemer's Bible is back up and running after my vacation. Learn what God thinks about priests with STDs!

Tengo una gran cantidad de costras en mi pene

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Here are some fun tidbits from Mexico. Emily and I stayed at Secrets Silversands in Cancún, part of AMResorts. It was a wonderful place, with fantastically nice workers, and we would definitely return. Cancún is very warm and humid. We had a solid week of sunny skies which gave me a sunburn every single day despite my constant application of broad-spectrum SPF 36 sunscreen. In the Cancún area, Nissan and VW were the most common cars on the road, and I also saw some Seat cars which made me happy. There were too many Americans in the resort, but we thankfully spoke with several non-Americans. Emily and I went snorkeling at Cardona Reef off of Cozumel island and saw many beautiful fish. We spent a lot of effort trying to learn more Spanish, and the workers were happy to teach us. Unlike the majority of Mexico, the entire area operates on American dollars due to all the tourism, and a good portion of the natives speak English well. Emily successfully haggled a shop owner from $25 down to $10. Silver tongue on that girl!

Pope Francis, the guy who literally sits on a golden throne, is calling for Christians to stop being involved in what he calls the cult of money. Strange that he wants everyone to renounce their Catholic heritage.

Speaking of Catholics, yet another child raping priest has been brought to light.

Videogame armor that women are forced to wear.

Tim Lambesis, front man of the Christian metal-core group As I Lay Dying has been arrested for trying to hire a hit-man to murder his wife. Can I get an amen?

Christianity is not only declining in Great Britain, but it's declining faster than previously thought!

New polls may show that the average Muslim is more liberal than Americans believe, but they don't seem to have much political clout because Iran is still barring women from political positions.

In the event of a night time fire at Pensacola Christian College, women are expected dress properly before leaving the building so that they aren't seen in their sleeping clothes. I'm not kidding!

Dusty comments on Jack Schaap, the preacher who convinced a 16-year-old girl that Jesus wanted her to have sex with him.

The Republican-controlled Arizona House of Representatives, in particular Steve Yarbrough, passed a bill that makes religious bigotry perfectly legal.

George Takei responds to awful same-sex marriage protestors.

Quiero que los nińos para el desayuno!

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Attorney General Eric Holder has a novel idea. What if cops had to get a warrant before reading your personal mail?

Very much looking forward to the Cosmos reboot hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

After informing the press about her public school's mandatory Christian proselytizing, Katelyn Campbell will no longer be speaking at her school's graduation, despite her 4.8 GPA.

The Taliban has decided to stop resisting the polio vaccination, making them, at least in this way, better than Jenny McCarty.

In what will probably go down as the biggest mistake of his career, John MacDougal, President of Canada's National Research Council, has declared that no federal funding will be given to any scientific endeavor unless it can show obvious economic or social benefit. MacDougal must not have any understanding of the history of science because the majority of scientific breakthroughs have come, not from scientists trying to make a buck, but from scientists who are genuinely curious about the universe and want to understand it.

Creationists claim they are raking in bug bucks for teaching their children to be ignorant.

Why is it always the women who are distracting the boys, but never the other way around?

Scientologists make poor photo-shoppers.

Superintendent Dewey Moye of Lumpkin County High School in Georgia doesn't mind that 50 students skipped class to pray all day long with school officials.

The human genome is about 98% non-protein-coding, meaning the majority of it seems to be useless. We know what the majority of this non-protein-coding DNA is, it's mostly viral DNA parasites, or parasites of parasites, but there's also a lot of pseudogenes which are remnants of our ancestry. For example, humans have most of the necessary genes to grow a tail, they're just not switched on any more. While this is interesting, there are some species which have an extremely small amount of non-coding DNA, one interesting specimen is the bladderwort who's genome of only about 3% non-coding.

Turns out, having Jesus endorse your political career means you'll finish dead last!

Yet another school falls prey to the law and must remove their 10 commandments plaque, but things are tough for the children who raise these lawsuits.

No violación mi cabra!

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Back from Mexico! It was amazing, and I'd highly recommend it, and I'll have a full write-up tomorrow, but for now, I'm glad to be back sleeping in my own bed, with my own pillows!

No war on women? Of course there is. Why else are even the Democrats afraid to make women's birth control available to citizens even after all the science says it's safe?

Have a child in Kentucky public schools? Be on the look out for The Louisville Area Christian Educator Support, a group who feels it is their duty to teach children about Jesus in public schools, especially if the child's parent's won't force them to go to church. One of the members is Bryce Hibbard, the principal of Southern High School who admits to doing just that for the past 20 years!

Kudos to Michigan for joining the 20th century on their opinion of same-sex rights, but we've got a lot of work to do if we're going to reach Minnesota who just made it legal. Also, if you see anyone spouting this list of 77 non-religious reasons to oppose same-sex marriage, Rational Wiki has already debunked it.

And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart, "I drink, therefore I am."

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I'll be in sunny Mexico for the next week, so don't bother contacting me via phone, but I'll still be checking my email and Facebook from time to time.

One of my favorite artists, Max Collins of Eve 6 is putting out an new solo album on Pledge Music, and is offering amazing prizes to those who pledge extra cash. Smaller prizes include a signed CD, unique T-shirts, and the ability to ask personal questions of the artist. Pledge lots of cash and you can spend a day with him, get guitar lessons, write music together, or even get matching tattoos! This is a pretty awesome distribution method; allowing fans to customize their involvement.

Republican Eric Cantor doesn't think companies should have to pay time and a half for over time. He prefers the good old days when companies would demand overtime at regular pay or you're fired.

It's a shame when you have to threaten legal action to get a school officials to stop using public schools as churches, but it certainly works!

Penny Nance, CEO of the Christian activist group Concerned Women for America, said on Fox News that the Age of Enlightenment was the cause of the Holocaust. Good job Fox News.

With Rhode Island allowing same-sex marriage, we're one-fifth of the way there! Progress, but it's far too slow for my tastes.

Up until now, tax payers have been footing the bill for the water consumed by Illinois churches. Due to dire financial straights, the state is planning on making churches start coughing up the money themselves, and they are not happy about it!

Priests get the pick of the litter in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Mother June I?

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Getting ready for our trip to Mexico! Still haven't found a new pair of sneakers, but the sunglasses problem is squared away. In other news, Clairol has re-released their old Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. My hair thanks you!

Obama is trying to prevent women from having access to birth control. Specifically, he doesn't think women under the age of 18 should be allowed to purchase morning-after pills without a perscription, even though the FDA says the drug doesn't carry with it any healthrisks beyond that of other over-the-counter medication, and the Justice Department says it should be available to everyone. This is just another example of men trying to control the reproductive cycle of women. Fuck you Obama.

If you live in Morocco, and you decide that you don't want to follow the nation's official religion, Islam, any more, government officials may show up and execute you!

I expect this ultra-stupidity from a Republican, but Democrat Elbert Guillory doesn't want to repeal Louisiana's act to inject Creationism in science classes because he was once diagnosed by a witch doctor. What is the result of teaching magic in the science classroom? It means you state won't attract any science and technology businesses, and your students lose out on science-related jobs, severely hindering your state.

Coming out as a Christian is not impressive. That's like coming out as white or male, you're already in the vast majority. Coming out as gay, in a sport that frowns upon homosexuals, however, takes courage.

Gail Horalek of Michigan is trying to get her daughter's middle school to eliminate the Diary of Anne Frank from the cirruculum because, according to her, it's pornographic. In the diary, like most teenage girls, Frank writes about her genitalia, and Horalek can't fathom the idea of her 7th-grader daughter knowing that she has a vagina! But she's totally not trying to shelter her daughter!

Problems from the 90s that are no more.

Wow, some politicians are actually taking this Day of Reason thing seriously!

Gasp, a contradiction in The Blasphemer's Bible? Say it ain't so!

Mother May I?

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Today is the first day of true convertible weather. No clouds, no chance of rain, and consistently warm all day. It's about time!

A little girl has her windpipe regrown with stem cells. It wasn't prayer that saved her life, it was science.

The world of nano is getting bigger!

This logrithmic scale model of the universe really puts things into perspective.

John Corvino talks about homosexuality in the bible.

It's not just the atheists who disapprove of Christian prayers being spewed by on-duty government officials. The Jews don't like it either.

Russian leaders do some epic rap battles!

Richard Dawkins says, science, it works, bitches!

A cute little song about religions not making any sense.

What happens when you wring out a wet washcloth in zero gravity?

A four-year-old boy was given a .22 caliber rifle as a gift. The parents kept the rifle loaded and sitting in the corner of their house. A year later, when the child was five, he picked up the rifle while his mother was in another room of their house, aimed it at his two-year-old sister, and shot her dead. The coroner of Cumberland County, Kentucky, Gary White said it was, "Just one of those crazy accidents." If you give your-four-year old a rifle and keep it loaded in a place where they can easily reach it, it's not an accident, it's massive parental neglect.

Burn your daughters alive in The Blasphemer's Bible.