June, 2013

"Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?

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Brian Sims, a gay representative in Pennsylvania was silenced by God! And by God, I mean Republican Daryl Metcalfe who didn't want to hear anyone talk about the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA, because that goes against God. And by God, I mean Republican Daryl Metcalfe.

For over 100 years, Catholics ran the Magdalene Asylums in Ireland where trouble Christian teens were sent to become slaves, to be abused, and ultimately, to be dumped into mass graves. Well, years have gone by, and while the scars will never disappear, Ireland is trying to make right. They're giving $45 million dollars to the survivors of these "asylums" and offering their sincerest apologies. But what is the Catholic Church doing to apologize? Absolutely nothing.

Time Magazine not only prints the completely inaccurate statements of Joe Klein saying that secular organizations didn't help with the Oklahoma tornado clean up (many did), then they printed his response to criticism which was to say that individual secularists may have helped, but no secular organizations helped (again, many did). But now, Time Magazine is lying about the entire issue. They misrepresent Klein's lies, by using softer language, then they take blogger Richard Wade's post out of context, but finish it all by saying that Klein will write more about the -decline- of secular organizations (they're actually growing quite rapidly!). Shame on you Time!

Michigan Republicans tried to ban giving benefits to domestic partners, but a federal judge shot it down!

Beckie Francis was the coach of the women's basketball team at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, a public university. I say "was" because she has since been fired. While the details of her firing are unclear, one of her players, Jenna Bachrouche, a Muslim, explains her side of the story. Her coach required her team to attend a Christmas party where they read from the bible, required her players to attend a church of her choosing, pressured Bachrouche to convert to Christianity, and even said that the team was a Christian basketball team.

At Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana, on public land, stands a big Jesus statue. The Freedom From Religion Foundation petitioned to have the statue removed, but the park refused. A lawsuit ensued, and shockingly, Judge Dana Christensen ruled that the big statue of Jesus may stay, apparently, in Christensen's eyes, a Jesus statue, icon of Christianity, is not religious in nature.

God wants you to chase down fleeing enemies and stab them in the back in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Son of a submariner!

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Rick Perry is upset that Texas, the state that has executed more people than the next five states combined, wasn't able to demonstrate that they think all people have the right to life. Since Texas couldn't remove its citizen's ability to exercise their protected right to abortions, Perry is calling for a second special session to try it again. I wonder if they'll have to dishonestly end a filibuster again? Well, at least they're not as bad as Iowa, where if a woman on Medicare wants an to abort a life-threatening fetus, she has to get approval from the state's governor. That's right, not a doctor, the governor!

The FBI doesn't want to talk about how they used a 17-year-old boy as a mole to steal information from Wikileaks.

For those who think that in this modern age women are treated as equals to men, think again.

The Irish Times published an interesting article about how religious people are misinterpreting scientific data because of their religion, and why that shouldn't be tolerated.

Some interesting poll results about how people feel about religion and the non-religious thanks to Bertelsmann Stiftung. Another poll put together by YouGov shows that religious leaders have practically no influence on British youth, and a record 57% don't believe in God! Only 25% of Britons aged 18-24 believe in God anymore.

Vsauce wonders about the greatest honor.

Yahweh is strikingly similar to an agricultural god in The Blasphemer's Bible.

My name is 905, and I've just become alive

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Obama has done a few good things, but like most politicians, he's a huge liar. For example, take what he said about the Keystone XL pipeline. Essentially, the project should only be approved if it's ecologically safe. First of all, there has -never- been a safe oil pipeline. Oil pipelines are very spill prone, and when they spew toxic sludge, it's a disaster. Second, procuring petroleum from tar sands is an extremely dirty process by its very nature. Third, the builders of Keystone XL are purposely avoiding the latest leak detection methods because they care more about money than safety. Fourth, if Obama is worried about limiting carbon emissions, why is he favoring energy from burning carbon-heavy fossil fuels? Why not focus more on wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, hell, even nuclear fission is safer!

Democrat Wendy Davis planned a 13-hour filibuster in order to prevent the Texas Republicans from passing a bill that would cripple Texan women's right to abortion, but she was cut off when Republicans deemed her talk about mandatory sonograms was "off topic." Yes, according to Texas Republicans, a government-enforced restriction of abortion was not on the topic of government-enforced abortion restriction. Well, this didn't sit well with the crowd, and the began shouting and screaming at the unfair practices of the Republicans. The tumult prevented the Texas Senate from even hearing each other, but they somehow passed the vote just prior to midnight. However, the computer record showed that the bill wasn't actually signed until 12:02, meaning that the bill failed by default. There has been talk of someone attempting to change the computer record to show a time earlier than midnight, but I could find much evidence on that.

After writing that the Voting Rights Act was successful in giving voting access to minorities, justice John Roberts voted that it was unconstitutional. Let's see, he's old, white, male, and Christian. Yup, that sounds about right!

Also from the Supreme Court, in Hollingsworth v Perry, California's Prop 8 (the ban on same-sex marriage) has been shot down!

David Barton, one of those liars for Jesus, has been putting out tons of dishonest "history" lessons. Well, after his last book was pulled from the shelves for being full of lies, he's been doing a bit of defensive editing to his other materials. In particular, he's been silently altering the voice-overs of his YouTube videos. However, he isn't making them true, he's just making them slightly less dishonest.

Time Magazine is at it again! A few days ago, they published an article saying that organized secular groups were nowhere to be seen in the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado. When it was pointed out the the author that in fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars, tons of supplies, and thousands of person-hours of works were donated by secular groups, he reneged and said, sure, secular -individuals- helped out, but no -organizations- did! What a lying asshole! Time Magazine, you're quickly becoming Fox Magazine.

Some wonderful Scichow episodes. What is salvia?, weird pregnancy tests, and the top 10 new species of the year.

How do many atheists answer the question, what happens when you die?

God is still repeating Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

How long will it last, before we go insane?

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Christians continue to lie about the legality of prayer in the USA.

Italy doesn't allow its prime minister to get away with sleeping with under-aged hookers, so why can't we convict Bush of war crimes? Speaking of other countries doing good, Australia is coming down hard on antivax groups that spread misinformation.

An IUD is a perfectly safe form of birth control with a lot of benefits over the pill, so why do women still have a hard time getting one?

Don't let the wine-tasting experts fools you, they can't tell the difference between $100 wine and $5 hooch.

New Jersey's Republican administration wants to give $11,000,000 of taxpayer money to private religious schools, including a sexist all-male school and a theological seminary.

Bigot Vanquisher talks about what it's like arguing with religious people.

The Lonely Island spell it out for you.

Republican Jodie Laubenberg, who is the sponsor of a bill that is causing severe limitations to a woman's right to an abortion, doesn't even know what a rape kit is!

Boy, the US is very upset that Edward Snowden is still at large. Snowden, of course, is the guy who blew the whistle on the US government's massive operation of spying on its own citizens, all they while lying about it. Obama says he isn't breaking any laws, but if that's the case, why are they so secretive about it, and why do they want to arrest Snowden if all he did was expose perfectly legal practices? Edward Snowden is a patriot.

God creates a wonderful loophole to screw-over foreigners in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Father of mine, tell me what do you see when you look back at your wasted life and you don't see me

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The local government in Evansville, Indiana has given a local church permission to put up 30 Christian crosses all over the city's public land. The government's justification for this blatant violation of the US Constitution is that, since the crosses don't have any writing on them, they are not religious symbols, ">merely pretty statues. Riiiight! I look forward to their upcoming lawsuit and subsequent loss.

Kickstarter shows how to make a real apology for letting misogyny slide. Now if only CFI could follow suit.

Even Buddhists aren't above forming lynch mobs.

Time Magazine points out that secular humanist groups didn't do anything to help out after the Oklahoma tornadoes. Really? Nothing? What about all the money, work, and supplies? Way to suck at research, Time!

The US government walks a fine line when they decide which religions are "real" and which ones are "fake". Just ask the guy who wants to wear a pasta strainer on his head for his driver's license photo.

After receiving his special clergy tax breaks, Archbishop John Sentamu takes a moment out of exploring his enormous castle to tell people to give more money to the poor.

God is totally into slavery in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Spitter! Charger! Jockey! Boomer! Hunter! TAAAANK!

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If it wasn't for Christians, husbands wouldn't know how to spank their wives.

Women have played an important role in American history.

The HPV vaccination has wiped out over half of the cases of HPV in women between the ages 14 to 19. Meanwhile, the antivaxers are claiming that the HPV is nothing but mercury and autism in a syringe.

The science behind why people have a hand preference and which trees are the oldest in the world.

Think only Muslims mistreat women? Strong Rock Christian School kicked one of their football players off the team because, she was a girl, and Jesus doesn't like it when girls play boy sports.

The new Lonely Island single, Spring Break Anthem.

Want to become depressed? Watch this disgusting display of childhood indoctrination.

God wants more slaves in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We can hide the bodies on the ride home

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Alan Chambers, the man who heads Exodus International, a Christian camp for abusing homosexuals in an effort to turn them straight, is shutting down the camp, and publicly apologizing! The acceptance of homosexuality in the culture is really pissing off Christians. Take a look at this circle jerk of Christians claiming that they're are being bullied because they can no longer bully homosexuals. You'll probably only go a few minutes before the nausea set in.

Trying to explain Trinity is often blasphemous!

Bill Nye narrates this science video showing how global climate change occurs.

Not all charities put the majority of their money toward helping people, in fact, some of them give less than one percent of donated money to their cause!.

Big shocker, one of oil pipelines in Canada burst and spilled 9.5 million liters of oily waste water into Canadian wetlands killing the majority of life and ruining the area for decades.

Awhile back, Richard Dawkins visited an Islamic school. Here is that visit with additional commentary.

Christian bigot Cindy Jacobs talks about how Mexicans and Native Americans are inherently evil because their ancestors worshipped demons.

What if super heroes behaved like the god of the bible?

All Levites are special in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Would would actually want to drink the dew off a mountain?

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Disney posters with honest titles.

No more Western black rhinos. Like so many species before them, humans have killed every last one of them.

Texans don't understand why it's illegal to hire based on a person's acceptance of same-sex marriage, abortion, political affiliation, or religion because Texas.

The Arab Spring may have helped end corruption in Egypt, but with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge, blasphemy charges are clogging up the courts.

Sorry New Hampshire Republicans, but tax dollars will no longer be given to churches.

Louis CK does Abraham Lincoln.

Do you remember 1997?

Sam Harris discusses how religions are failed sciences.

Bill Nye the Science Guy explains why Creationism is not appropriate for children.

Obama is totally okay with spying on you in pretty much every form of communication you use.

Sad dogs write in their diaries.

God is a jerk landlord in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Republican Michael Burgess says that we need to stop abortions because fetuses are masturbating. But Burgess, considering your Victorian sensibilities, isn't that a perfectly reasonable reason to abort them?

Man do I hate those fake nerd boys at cons!

Putting their hands down your pants isn't enough, now the TSA wants to tell you how to dress.

Animation Domination creates, FU Science!

Hemant Mehta talks about coming out to your parents as an atheist.

NPH once again nails the Tony Awards.

If Superman punched you, there wouldn't be much left.

Is math real, or do we just make it up as we go?

What wonderful things has religion contributed to the world this month?

Legal-ease in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Appetite for instruction!

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Anyone who's seen a cop drama on TV knows the Miranda warning which begins, "You have the right to remain silent," which is meant to remind an alleged criminal of the fifth amendment to the US Constitution which grants everyone the right to not self-incriminate. Not self-incriminating is such an important aspect of a free society that if you're not made aware of your rights, prosecutors may not use your testimony as evidence against you. The right to remain silent also ensures a person that guilt cannot be established by their refusal to answer question. Well, at least that used to be the case. In Texas, of course it's Texas, a man was convicted of murder because he refused to answer a question prior to having his Miranda warning read to him. Naturally he fought this judgment, but the US Supreme Court, which is currently controlled by 5 Conservative judges (Alito, Roberts, Kennedy, Thomas, and Scalia), ruled that testimony given before a person receives their Miranda warning and prior to arrest can be used against them! In fact, you now have to actively tell the police that you are invoking your right to remain silent rather than the other way around! This ruling won't have much effect on those who are highly educated, but it will have a severe impact on the poor, immigrants, and younger citizens.

Which is worse, the fact that we are causing devastating global climate change, or the fact that Conservatives don't believe we are?

Can you tell the difference between the ramblings of the insane and the ramblings of insane Republicans?

At least Americans aren't the only ones who are stupid. In the bible belt of The Netherlands they're having a big measles outbreak because the religious people are too ignorant to vaccinate their children.

In Malaysia, Ruduan Masmud, a 40-year-old Muslim man raped a 12-year-old girl. But he paid off the parents $1,700 and is going to marry her, so it's all good.

Grace University, a Christian college that bans prolonged hugs, also forbids homosexuals from being educated. Danielle Powell was just a few months from graduation when the school found out that she was a lesbian. Naturally, they expelled her, but to add insult to injury, they're demanding that she payback $6,000 in tuition! Another Catholic school, Holy Trinity School in El Cajon, California, decided to fire Carie Charlesworth, mother of four, not because of anything she did, but because she's being stalked by her ex-husband, and they don't want to deal with that drama.

Despite my vitriol for Republicans, I don't have much love for Democrats either. I view politicians in general as terrible people, but I still have to give kudos to Democrat Robert Andrews who stood up for atheist recognition in the military.

The Hands-On Children's Museum charges an additional $10 for memberships of same-sex couples due to their "personal beliefs." I wonder if their personal beliefs include being sued?

Jubilee isn't so jubilant in The Blasphemer's Bible.

In the Hall of the Mountain King

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Fox News' Sean Hannity is a hypocrite. He completely supported NSA spies when the Republicans were in power, but when the Democrats do it, it's the most evil thing ever!

It is important to publicly shame bigots.

Republican Duncan Hunter doesn't think the first amendment should apply to war memorials because, well let's face it, every US soldier ever to live has been a Christian!

The US Supreme Court ruled that genes cannot be patented, which is wonderful news as PZ Myers explains.

Religiosity is much lower among the LGBT community than the general public, but it's still surprisingly high for a group constantly attacked by religion. Thankfully, when you look at the age groups, it's considerably lower in the youth, which means there is a coming change toward reason.

More of Sam Harris on Big Think including his take on death, and on interpreting the scripture.

Why supernatural thing don't exist.

Sound becomes light because of shrimp?

Every seven years you must give up eating farmed meat in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It is the distant future, the year -2000-!

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Michigan senator Carl Levin has been a decent senator, so I'm surprised to see him vote against a bill meant to give more power to the victims of rape in the military.

For those who keep saying we need to have guns all over the place in order to combat terrorism, you'll be disappointed to know that more people were accidentally killed by toddlers this year than by terrorists.

More reasons why the antivaxers are just ignorant conspiracy theorists. There's also been this meme going around saying that the Amish don't get autism, and they also don't vaccinate their children. Wrong on both counts.

Thank you ACLU for not taking government spying lying down! And if you're the kind of person who says, "I have nothing to hide," you should read this.

Sarah Palin is an ignorant wreck, and easy pickings for insult. There is no need to make fun of her disabled child.

You'd think Republicans would have learned by now that you can't claim that raped women can't get pregnant and expect to have a career. Enter the end of Trent Franks' career.

Holy crap! Kansas just got new science standards that focus on teaching evolution and climate change! Looks like I'll have to find another state to pick on. Thankfully, we still have Mississippi. And Alabama. And Kentucky. And Tennessee. And Georgia. And the Virginias. And the Carolinas. And Texas. And Louisiana.

Peter Heck is a teacher at Eastern High School in Greektown, Indiana, and a huge sexist. At a graduation ceremony he told the female graduates that they were free to pursue a career, but they're greatest challenge would be being a house wife. Also there are enough female CEOs. Also, dress modestly, and don't have too much sex. What an asshole. Then in an effort to cover-up his sexism, he only published the less-offensive part of his speech online, hoping nobody remembered the event. At least he wasn't as bad as the administrators of Mountain View Elementary School in Taylors, South Carolina who had their public school graduation in a church complete with mandatory prayers.

According to the most recent Pew Forum, Christians are changing their views on same-sex marriage.

We're still on Mt. Sinai in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Revenge is gonna be so sweet!

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More children are dying because their ignorant parents refuse to vaccinate them.

Fox News says that emergency contraception is going to increase abuse against women and child rape. Hard to argue with such a persuasive argument!

Russia is on a downward spiral into the same dark ages as the Middle East and Africa. They're currently looking to pass two new laws. The first would make it illegal to talk about homosexuality, the second would make it illegal to criticize religion.

Mayor Craig Fletcher, the Mayor of Vero Beach, Florida, the man who said he would not support any organization that didn't believe that Jesus is God, made a public apology.

There are several states that have "In God We Trust" on their vehicular license plates. Well, just recently, and Oklahoma man sued the state because his license plate had a religious symbol on it, and he won! Of course, the religious symbol was that of a Native American statue, not a message proclaiming belief in the white man's god, so it's okay to get rid of that.

Christian writer Jennifer LeClaire has a message for Jason Collins, the basketball player who recently came out to the public... just stop being gay!

God plagiarizes Hammurabi in The Blasphemer's Bible.

There's no crying in baseball!

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I had a dream last night that I was at a Mormon Summer Camp with an Irish bunk mate. We sneaked out at night, but when it turned out that he wanted to pull a B&E, I had to sneak back into the cabin through the weeds at the edge of a field. There were security cameras, and I hoped that they weren't infrared, because that would make me look really stupid! I managed to sneak back in, but I was covered with filth from crawling through the weeds, so I went to take a shower, but there were bugs all over the bathroom.

Another day, another disrespectful man has his unsolicited nude pictures sent to his mother.

Everything on the ocean floor is terrifying.

In the wake of the USA dismantling its space program, China carries the torch. I guess it's only fair, we've moved all of our manufacturing over there, we may as well move our space program there too.

Compare the advances of science in the past 50 years to the advances of religion.

Pat Robertson seems to think it's still 1980 because he's still talking about the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons.

Sam Harris on BigThink talks about the dangers of religion and considering a creator.

Turns out blasphemy is bad in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you're not offended, you're not paying attention!

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A 15-year-old boy was tortured and then shot and killed in Syria for not embracing the religion of peace strongly enough.

How do you get back at your Catholic school for hating on your business? How about by doing a nude sacrilegious photo shoot on their campus?

From his cold dead hands.

The state of Oregon is combating science-ignorant parents by making them actually learn about vaccinations prior to opting out of the program. The measure passed despite strong opposition from Republicans, naturally. Now if only California could do the same as ten more infants lie dead from whooping cough.

Ellen Greve AKA Jasmuheen, the woman responsible for several people starving themselves to death, is going to prove that she can derive sustenance from sunlight rather than food by live-streaming herself not eating. 30 days into the experiment, and she's lost 20 pounds, big shocker!

US law prevents tax-exempt institutions from supporting political candidates. They can talk about specific issues like abortion or taxes all they want, but they can't back a politician. Well, except churches are getting tired of having to play by the same rules as everyone else, and their privilege continues to get the better of them, and since the IRS won't do anything about it, they've decided that they're going to back political candidates and dare the IRS to intervene.

One of Virginia's politicians makes it clear that he believes that only Christians deserve freedom of religion.

God doesn't like autonomous justice in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Can I play with human centipedes?

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You probably didn't know this, but Battletoads predicted Human Centipede.

You know what's really sick? In the Steubenville rape case, the two boys (Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays) who were filmed raping a passed out 16-year-old girl received a mere one and two years in juvenile detention. And all the other boys who watched, filmed, and cheered them on received absolutely no punishment. This didn't sit right with the hacking community, and they uncovered evidence that the local authorities were trying to cover up what was really going on, and it turned out that the Ohio law enforcement was keeping a lot of stuff hidden from the public. Well, one of those hackers was arrested by the FBI and accused of cracking the football team's web site (big deal, right?). Well, that hacker is looking at a possible TEN YEARS in prison, longer than all the combined sentences of everyone involved in gang-raping an under-aged girl. And while numerous reporters commented on how sad it was that these clean-cut football players ruined their athletic careers, nobody seems to be upset about this young man having his career taken from him.

And by the way, if you use any service owned by Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, AOL, or PalTalk, the government is reading your emails, watching your videos, and listening to your conversations. But on the plus side, you're paying them to do it!

Texas decides that Grand Theft Auto is a good model for a legal system.

Catholic organizations are buying up hospitals left and right, and at the same time, our government is giving them more control to refuse treatment, and even refuse to tell patients about their options. What does this mean to you? That you'll probably get seriously screwed over!

Where the hell did this story come from in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Can I Play With Madness?

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At the end of an Australian study on the children of same-sex couples, it's declared that the couple's children are as healthy, if not more than different-sex couples. And while Christians continue to argue that biblical marriage is between one man and one woman, biblical scholars disagree.

Here are 22 maps that show how people in the US accent various words.

Want some good sex tips? No? How about some bad sex tips courtesy of the religious right!

Old White Man Republican Saxby Chambliss says that military men rape women because it's part of their nature.

Republican Steve King says that the USA is a Christian nation because we say, "I'm sorry," and, "forgive me." No really, that's his argument. Moron, not only are the concepts of apology and forgiveness not specific to Christianity, they're not even specific to religion!

There are more Evangelical Christian chaplains by far in the military than any other religious group, which is a bit odd considering that Evangelical Christians are not even in the top three largest group of soldiers. But there is even a bigger problem when non-religious soldiers account for the second greatest group, but there are absolutely no non-religious chaplains for them to talk to. When asked about this problem, Republicans said that non-religious chaplains would be a mockery of the position.

What sad cats write in their diaries.

The Salvation Army wants to execute homosexuals. You may want to hold onto you quarters come Christmas time.

More crap about bread in The Blasphemer's Bible.

They call them the diamond dogs

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The Easy Cheats section of the NES Hacker Wiki has been updated with all the lastest NES cheats.

Republicans would prefer it if black people just didn't vote, thankyouverymuch!

Despite conservative whining, the same-sex marriage bill was kept in tact by a strong majority in the House of Lords in the UK. Looks like they're going to be another country who gets there before we do.

What did religion contribute to the world last month?

God wanted us to kick those wild savages off their land via Manifest Destiny, and now, according to Christian Cindy Jacobs, he wants them to repent their animism. You can trust her to know God's will because she had shoes that never wore out!

The US Military has a disturbing history of trying to sweep sexual assault against female soldiers under the rug. To deal with this problem, they created a panel of top brass to understand the problem and stop it from happening. This panel consisted mostly of women from various walks of life and... ha, yeah right! Take a look, nothing but old white men!

Three years of staring at the sun!

Christian Minister David Brassfield writes a critique against the non-religious, saying that no atheist group helped out after the Oklahoma tornado. If only he had learned how to Google, he would have seen that in fact several atheist groups have donated tens of thousands of dollars and plenty of work.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati learns a hard lesson that you can't fire a teacher for becoming pregnant through artificial insemination.

Iconic dancing moments of the silver screen set to Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

God wants you to hang out in booths in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Rape is a word with a face

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Astronomers have identified around 900 extrasolar planets with another 18,000 potential planets to be verified. This is pretty amazing considering the fact that only a decade ago the idea was unknown to most people. Most of these planets have been identified by measuring the affect they have on their local star, but just recently astronomers have taken an optical picture of the closest extrasolar planet yet.

The Creationist Museum has a new attraction, Dragons! Seriously.

French school children have mandatory philosophy classes while Ohio politicians are trying to give students extra credit for attending church. At least they're not as bad as Louisiana who is still trying to force the church into the school.

Videogames have had a long history in the movies.

Republican Marsha Blackburn reminds us that women don't want laws to force employers to pay them equally.

Lake Elsinore, California spent $50,000 of taxpayer money on a Christian monument, and now they can't explain why they're being sued.

Being an atheist blogger in Bangladesh can get you murdered.

Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham is very upset about the nation's intolerance toward Christians. Why just yesterday he had a personal meeting with the Vice President of the United States, and he told Joe Biden... wait a minute. He had a personal meeting with the second most powerful person in the country, and he's complaining that he doesn't have enough privilege? How many other organizations in the US have direct access to the VP? Anyway, he goes on to say our economic problems exist because we've been disobeying God's word. Really? Because I'm pretty sure George W. Bush was a major contributing factor in our economic downfall, and he forced Christianity down our throats. He then goes on to talk about how God orders people to commit genocide, and how not fully carrying out God's orders of genocide is a bad thing. We must always be willing to murder an entire race of people for God!

Some of the better running gags in Arrested Development.

According to Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, if you don't capitalize the g in God, you're a heretic who can't produce anything beautiful and are a stony barren field. However, not capitalizing the a in Allah is prefectly fine.

Really tired of lame feasts in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy June

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So much hanging out with friends over the weekend! Lovely. Also, did some major cleaning of the second bedroom. How can I accumulate so much crap over the years?!

Christian bigot Larry Tomczak tries to explain where homosexuality comes from. His reasons don't involve genetics or embryonic hormones, but rather abuse, molestation, drugs, pornography, the media, absence of a father (but not mother!), a bad home life, but most important of all, a self desire to become gay. I'd like to think this was just old fashioned ignorance on the part of Tomczak, but I presume that he at least did a little research on his article, in which case, he's purposely ignoring the genetic and embryonic components entirely, and is therefore just another Christian liar.

Republican Steve King says that the USA is a Christian nation because we apologize.

How to deal with pre-suppositional apologetics.

If only Church and State could break up!

Now that's a funky Jesus rap!

Lee Lemon talks about why the "evidence" of a believer isn't actually evidence.

Actor and singer Adam Pascal talks about atheism and Rent.

Dale McGowan, author of Atheism For Dummies talks about what he learned while researching for the book.

An illustrated version of Richard Dawkins' "It works, bitches!" answer.

Another musical version of the periodic table of chemical elements.

The perfect song for Internet trolls.

Yet another stupid feast in The Blasphemer's Bible.