July, 2013

July was cold and short and disappointing

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Some of the more embarassing Fox interviews over the years.

A new Gallup poll shows that Liberals and the non-religious are very much in favor of marriage equality, while heavy church attenders, Conservatives, and Republicans are very much for telling LGBT people that they less-than-human.

Kirk Cameron is a big fat liar. For years and years he's been giving a very false view of atheists saying that they claim to know there is no god, and that they hate this god they claim to know doesn't exist. He's been corrected of this fallacy many times by actual atheists, yet he continues to present this claim; case in point. Hemant Mehta explains why his position is completely wrong. But even worse than his dishonesty is his view that he's being persecuted for his religion. Formerly Fundie puts his cries in perspective with actual persecution. The reality is, that Christians get uncountable privliges over non-Christians in this country. For example, Gene Connolly, principal at Concorh High School in New Hampshire, allowed a woman to come on their property every day to pray for the students. And in fact, Christians are often quite discriminatory toward non-religious people, even in a governmental capacity. Take Ensign Sean Cruz who was told he couldn't get married in the chapel at the government owned US Naval Academy in Annapolis, because he wasn't a Christian.

Love songs are always better when they involved nerdy talk and kittens.

Mental Floss talks about 49 hoaxes people actually believed and 50 common misquotations.

Honest Trailers takes on Independence Day.

SciShow discusses how animals live through crazy pressures and some new discoveries.

And lets look at the censorship on Nintendo through the ages.

Aran Ra talks about the evolution of Genesis.

I shall craft a mine

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Started playing Minecraft again last night. Good-bye free time.

Home schooling usually results in a poor education, but in Virginia, it often results in no education.

Mental Floss describes 26 alcoholic drinks and 45 Odd Facts About US Presidents.

Tim Stanley, a blogger for the Daily Telegraph, is very upset that atheists have the right to state their opinion about his religion.

The Friendly Atheist talks about being moral without god and whether it's wrong for an atheist not to come out.

Yet another Christian author writes the story of their amazing conversion from horrid scum to perfect angel. And, yet another Christian author is discovered to be a complete fraud who lied about their life.

David Mitchell talks about living in the moment.

Movies in the movies. How meta!

Libertarians are dumb.

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I beat Half-Life: Opposing Force over the weekend. It was a fun game, and I liked the new weapons, but the game had some serious bugs. I became trapped in floors several times, and my save games became corrupt twice over the course of beating it.

Domestication of plants has brought the human race to the point that it is today. It's increased the quantity and quality of food a thousand fold. However, it has its own problems in how we fight evolution. Natural selection wipes out those species ill-fit to survive based on the pressures of the world, and most domesticated plants, while delicious, are now highly ill-fit to survive. Just domesticated animals, domestic plants are large hulking brutes that are slow to reproduce and completely defenseless. So when bacteria, viruses, and fungus come along, it's usually a huge chore to keep our food safe. Thankfully, an understanding of genetics and evolution might allow us the understanding we need to fight these diseases before we lose entire species of plants, like oranges.

Neurologist are getting to the point where they can implant false memories into animals. I don't know if I should be afraid or welcoming of the impending Total Recall.

Billy Coleman is a school superintendent who deserves to be fired. Not only is he an adult man who still goes by the name "Billy," but he wants to bring a Prayer Caravan to the schools in his district so that they can "lift our schools up to God and ask His blessings for the upcoming school year." The schools in his district also recite The Lord's Prayer over the loud speaker every morning! Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is on the scene of this gross violation of the Bill of Rights.

Scientifically Accurate Duck Tales! Woo-ooo!

David Mitchell addresses social signals.

An a capella version of the Wizard of Oz with various fashions and styles aptly titled, The Wizard of Ahhhs.

Scishow talks about tornadoes hating America, the women of primatology, and delicious food mold.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Gandalf vs Dumbledore and Hitler vs Vader, part 2.

Dan Dennett talks about the Clergy Project.

Rachael Hurwitz makes Alanis's song finally ironic.

Come on now touch me babe!

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Squee! Official Cosmos Trailer. It truly surprises me that the show was picked up by Fox, the most anti-science channel on the air.

Remember when Jesus said, if your country legalizes same-sex marriage, burn the capitol to the ground and murder homosexuals? That's almost in accordance with turn the other cheek.

Steve Wells, the guy who runs the Skeptics Annotated Bible website, once calculated that God kills close to 3,000,000 people in the bible (while Satan only kills 10), but this is only based on the times when the specific number is mentioned. There are many kills that can only be estimated. Well, he's finished his estimation, and it comes out to around 25,000,000 people directly killed by God, while only about 60 are killed by Satan.

Pop Fiction tackles the hidden areas of Metroid, the Czar Dragon of FF6, and minus world in Super Mario Bros..

Rock has had some serious sequel-itis problems.

Hemant Mehta comments on praying atheists, Secular Humanism, and Jainism.

Lovely ladies, waiting for their customers who only come at night

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The Internet is where religions come to die because adherents are suddenly faced with a huge amount of evidence disproving all their closely held myths. Furthermore, since churches are not in the business of critical thinking, but are in the business of glossing over the truth, believers are usually completely unprepared for dealing with what they learn about their religion. But there's still a chance to set things right! You can always block yourself off from the Internet! Take the Mormons for example, they have created their own search engine that only indexes pro-Mormon web sites! No more learning about Joseph Smith's incarceration for fraud, or why ancient America was filled with non-indigenous animal species for these fundies!

Thanks to religion, science education remains highly stunted in this country. Teachers are afraid to teach science, parents complain about science being taught, and it is the brain of the children that suffers. Thankfully, one of the best science popularizers in history, Carl Sagan, is getting his most popular work, Cosmos, remade by another super popular scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Jenny McCarthy will soon be on that abominable show, The View, spouting her ridiculous and dangerous views about medicine. Sadly, an amount of people in this country will listen to her and take her words seriously, even though she is completely unqualified, even though all the real doctors disagree with her. A common tactic among conspiracy theorists like her is to soften their position toward the press to make it seem less insane, for example, Creationists don't want to teach religion in schools, they want to teach the controversy of evolution. Likewise, she doesn't like the title anti-vaxer, she prefers pro-safe vaccinations, which seems very reasonable. Of course, she only starts with that. Once she has a captive audience, she then moves on to explain how medical companies are greedy and will kill you children for a buck, and that until we can have 100% safe vaccinations, nobody should use them. There are several problems with this line of reasoning. One, most vaccines are very safe already as approved by actual research doctors. Two, those vaccines that aren't as safe, already have doctors working to make them safer. Three, there's no such thing as "100% safe" medicine, all medicines carry unavoidable inherent risks. Four, someone who has zero training as a research doctor, such as McCarthy, doesn't know how to determine safe from unsafe. If you actually care about the life of your children, research the hell out of their health, and never trust completely unqualified loud-mouths over the consensus of the entire scientific community.

If you're freaking out about the health and environmental risks of wind power, but you're cool with coal power and smoking cigarettes, you should really question yourself.

Right now, in the US military, 22.5% of soldiers have no religious preference, 0.7% are atheist, and 6.7% didn't specify a religion. That accounts for just shy of 30% of the US military that is secular, an amount larger than the number of Evangelical Christians or Catholics, and only just shy of the largest group which is 32% "Other" Christians. Because of this, Democrat Rob Andrews suggested adding secular chaplains to the US military so that they'll have someone to talk to who understands them. To this, Republican Mike Conaway said that non-religious people, "don't believe in anything," and that they'll tell parents that their child is, "worm food." Republican John Fleming said that they tell soldiers, "there is no hope for you in the future." In fact, the Republicans didn't stop at ridiculing secular people, they even created a separate bill that would prevent chaplains from being hired by the military unless they were endorsed by a church!

Russian Orthodox leaders warn tell us that marriage equality is a sign of the apocalypse! Quick, someone tell Harold Camping know!

Anderson County, Tennessee is about to spend an awful lot of their tax payer's dollars trying to defend their decision to put up plaques of "In God we trust" over their courthouses. They also really don't care much about the Bill of Rights--preferring a majority rules style government--and think that the phrase "In God we trust" is good for everyone, including Buddhists that don't believe in gods, Hindus who don't believe in just one god, and non-believers.

Finally, Justice Antonin Scalia is a huge hypocrite in his practice, doesn't understand his history, and really likes pushing his Catholic values on the country.

The reason most folk songs are so atrocious is that they were written by... the people

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The horrifying thing that is faith-based education. It's frightening how scientifically illiterate these people are.

Several vaccine denialists claims debunked in a single article.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder is actually a heartless asshole.

Eugenie Scott talks about the latest efforts by Creationists to try and remove evolution in schools and preach religion.

The beauty of pressurized oil extraction. Why are we still doing this?

There's some talk in Congress about finally adding atheist chaplains to the military.

Pop Fiction tackles the Chris Houlihan Room, Jumping the Flag Pole, and Luigi in Mario 64.

Why it's okay to mock the religious.

Ocean life is just plain freaky.

Christians are very upset that their state right to be bigots is being trampled upon.

Men like you can never change

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What it's like to be LGBT and live in Russia.

The UK government decides to legislate morality in the most impossible way possible, by trying to end online pornography!

More evidence comes out about multi-vitamins, here's the basics: You get enough vitamins from your food that you don't need to take vitamins. Taking multi-vitamins won't prevent you from getting sick. In fact, you will be at higher risk for various diseases when you take daily vitamins, and you'll most likely die sooner than had you not taken them at all. Why do we think vitamin C will cure a cold, or that vitamins will make us live longer? Blame Linus Pauling.

The girl who made the sign, "Jesus isn't a dick, so keep him out of my vagina," gets treated like filth by Christians.

This is why I boycott Hobby Lobby and encourage others to do so as well.

What about redshift?

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Had a fun garage party at Nate's, picked up trash on the side of the highway, went swimming, beat Half Life: Blue Shift, and am currently enjoying sore muscles!

Pious Christians Louisiana are trying to shame attenders of bars for being responsible and using the services of a designated driver. When the people return to the bar the next day, they find religious tracts on their cars telling them that if they keep enjoying life, they're going to burn in hell. The bar owner decided to fight back by offering his patrons a free beer for each religious tract they brought in off their cars!

Christians are slow to learn. They give special discounts and benefits for people who share their religion, and that's fine when they do it in their private church, but it's actually illegal to do that in a public company. Yet companies keep trying to offer discounts for patrons who attend a specific church of their choosing, and the FFRF continues to threaten them with lawsuits ensuring freedom for everyone!

Daniel Dennett explains the new ides of the new atheists.

Welcome to the Internet, where religions come to die.

Betty Bowers explains to us why America is a Christian nation.

Is atheism a religion? Well, no. Not even remotely.

It turns out it is possible to get General Leo as a playable character for a good portion of FF6, provided you perform some serious glitches.

David Mitchell lets you rank your emotional intelligence.

Who names their child Barney?

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Zenni Optical messes up my second pair of glasses, and has awful support staff. I wonder if a third pair will work? On the plus side, I'm making progress in Blue Shift.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli wants to make it illegal to have oral sex, even among straight couples, even if they're married.

Michigan governor, Republican Rick Snyder eliminated democracy Detroit by kicking out the elected officials and replacing them with his hired goons with enormous salaries, and yet for some reason, Detroit is still declaring bankruptcy! But don't worry, Snyder has also removed democracy from several other cities as well! Problem solved!

Texas is trying to make it even harder for a woman to exercise her right to an abortion by making it a crime to have an abortion once a heartbeat is detected. Embryologist PZ Myers points out how incredibly arbitrary this is. And here are ten other reasons why Texas is one of the most ignorant states when it comes to abortion.

Christian pastor Aaron Buer has never met anyone who was happy they had sex before marriage! Either he lives an EXTREMELY sheltered life, or he's a big fat liar.

All the pop culture of 2002.

Why are non-religious people unhappy at the growing number of non-religious people?

I love the flagrant hypocrisy of American preachers.

Numbers teaser in the The Blasphemer's Bible.

So many idiots!

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Lit off some fireworks last night. Fireworks are always more exciting when lit off by complete idiots!

Jeremy Hunt, the politician in charge of Great Britian's health care, believes in homeopathy (aka, using magic water to treat disease). Not because he can offer any evidence that it works, but because patients ask for it. Medical professionals have a duty to inform their patients of medicine that has evidence of working. It is unethical to give them a treatment when all the medical research shows that the treatment can't work regardless of whether they ask for it!

Australians are getting progressively stupider when it comes to basic science questions like, "How long does it take for the Earth to orbit the sun?" or, "Is evolution still occuring?" Pretty soon they'll be on par with the USA!

Eric Ohena Lembembe, an activist who was speaking about the violence targeted toward the LGBT community in Cameroon was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered for being gay.

Two more victories for the US Constitution! First, the city council of Lake Elsinore, California wanted to erect a monument to US soldiers, a good thing indeed, but the design they chose was covered in Christian crosses and a single token Star of David. Though the city council was warned by their lawyer that the monument would probably be illegal, they went ahead anyway, but Judge Stephen Wilson shot them down, saying that what they were doing violated the US Constitution. Second, Rhode Island Republicans were trying to get an anti-abortion license plate passed with a percentage of civilian money going to a religious organization focused on ending a woman's right to choose. The Democratic governor, Lincoln Chafee, shot them down!

Hallucinogenics might make for good medicine, but our anti-drug culture won't let us test them.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong-Il and the Mario Bros. vs the Wright Bros.

The Pope's theologian, Wojciech Giertych, is actually a horrible person who lies about pretty much everything.

Gary Glenn, of the hate group, American Family Association, tells local governments to ignore the ruling of the US Supreme Court when they said you can't ban people from getting married based on their sex. To try and add weight to his plea for political defiance, he points out that Abraham Lincoln refused to enforce the ban on interracial marriage. That's right, he's encouraging us to ban marriage because Lincoln refused to ban marriage. Gary Glenn is a moronic bigot.

Leviticus is done in the The Blasphemer's Bible.

I apotheosize big words

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Want to cut down the amount of time you spend pissing away the boredom of purgatory? Sure, you could climb the sacred steps of the Vatican, but we can't all afford a plane ticket to Rome. Instead, the Holy See has given us a new way to expedite our path to Heaven, you just need to follow the Pope's Twitter account.

The New Yorker points out the danger of giving a microphone to Jenny McCarthy.

Atheists are often said to make up only 0.2% of the US prison population, but this is based on poorly sourced data. However, the Friendly Atheist did some research and found that the actual percentage of atheists in federal prisons is far lower at only 0.09%!

Richard Dawkins explains what a meme is, and proves his point by creating one.

Same sex marriage is now legal in Great Britain.

A wrap up to the Joe Klein Time Magazine fiasco.

Pop Fiction takes on the challenge of finding the secret ending to Portal.

What's it like for the first day on the job as the new pope?

Leviticus ends with a demand to tithe in The Blasphemer's Bible.

These are sad times

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This homebrew Atari 2600 port of Super Mario Bros. is pretty awesome!

Jenny McCarthy will be the next co-host of one of the most vacuous shows on television: The View. No doubt she will be peddling her dangerous nonsense of having a magical indigo child and curing her son's autism that she thinks he got from vaccinations (not possible). Several people have been writing to ABC, asking them not to have such a ignorant co-host, but they determined to get better ratings by appealing to the lowest common denominator. This is even a step down from earlier host, Sherri Shepherd who isn't really sure if the Earth is round. If you want to injure your brain, watch this show!

Scishow talks about starfish eyes and octopus blood.

According to Christian Mat Staver, when the Supreme Court made it illegal to ban homosexuality, they made the USA like Stalin's Russia. The only problem with his analogy is that homosexuality was criminalized in Stalin's Russia, which means that Staver's utopia is Stalin's Russia!

Cult of Dusty tells us to stand up to Christian terrorists!

Shed Science explains some of the math behind evolutionary fitness.

Sean Faircloth speaks in Australia about countering religious extremism and organizing secularism.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga and King Leonidas vs Master Chief.

It's tough to be Cutman.

Odd execution taboos in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Videogames are often better than people.

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The Secular Summer Retreat was amazing. I returned sore, scabbed, and filthy, and full of wonderful memories! Since my car is still in the shop, I ended up walking a 7-mile round trip for dinner on Sunday. Like a boss! FF6 run is going well too. I'm in the World of Ruin with everyone collected except for Locke. Picked up the Doom 3: BFG Edition on the Steam sale.

According to George Zimmerman, it was "God's plan" for him to chase down and kill Trayvon Martin for buying candy. The editors of The Guardian have taken this article down, but it sums up my feelings of the Martin / Zimmerman case perfectly. And racism is alive and well in America.

It's not enough that the Republicans of Indiana have made same sex marriage a felony, now they're trying to ban it in their state's constitution!

A Harvard study shows that water fluoridation causes children to have lower IQs? Is this legit? Well, they study is real, it's just severely flawed.

The Hubble Space Telescope discovered an exosolar planet that looks blue. Not from water, but from extreme heat like a blowtorch! It's a gas giant very close to its star where it gets so hot that it might rain glass!

Magic water AKA homeopathy is big in the UK, but thankfully, the local Advertising Standards Authority is taking the purveyors to task by requiring them to provide evidence of their product if they want to keep putting claims on their packaging. Needless to say, they couldn't.

James Knight fired his assistant for being "too attractive". He was worried that he wouldn't be able to control himself and start an affair with her, so he fired her. Naturally, she challenged this, and the case went all the way to the state's Supreme Court. The all-male court sided with Knight. In Iowa, it's perfectly okay to fire someone because you can't control your penis.

Limbaugh cries that doctors telling us to eat healthy food and exercise more is part of a Liberal conspiracy. He's also super fat and gross.

What happens when a county's board decides to violate the First Amendment? They cost the county tax payers huge settlement. Jefferson County, Tennessee used to have an alternative high school for students who were doing very poorly in the usual public high school, or who were expelled. The Board of School Commissioners decided they could save money by shutting down the alternative school and sending all of the problem students to a Christian school to get indoctrinated. A lawsuit was filed, Jefferson County lost, and now they're out tens of thousands of dollars.

21 things that atheist girls love.

Dan Delzell of the Christian Post believes that stage magicians are actually performing real magic, and that it's powered by SATAN! (Link removed because christianpost.com had viruses!)

Worthless footnotes in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Heading to CFI Secular Summer Retreat tonight and not coming back until Sunday. It's going to be fabulous!

Atomic clocks may be hella accurate, but compared to laser clocks, they're sand dials. We're talking accurate within one second after a period of 300,000,000 years!

In a perfect example of legislative riders going too far, Oklahoma Republicans have affixed a rider to a motorcycle safety bill in order to eliminate a woman's right to an abortion!

What's the big idea with all these so-called Christian women going around without a head scarf? Christian? Surely I mean Muslim? No, the bible actually says that women should keep their heads covered. You did know that Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion, right?

Give priests all your land in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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On my way to work this morning I was tailed by a chubby white guy with a buzz cut doing some serious dance moves while singing along to a gangsta rap and smoking a joint.

The Vatican is under new pressure from the United Nations to release more information on their child rape cover up fiasco.

Did the Romans have huge orgies? No, that was a lie created by early Christians. But surely the Romans threw Christians into the Colosseum as lion food? Nope, the Colosseum wasn't even completed until after Christianity was the state religion of Rome.

It didn't matter that Wendy Davis slogged through a 13-hour filibuster, the Texas House still passed the highly restrictive abortion bill to take away Texan women's right to choice. Texas is trying to be the next Chile, a country that won't let this 11-year-old girl have an abortion, despite being repeatedly raped by her step-father.

Chinese students are told that they can come to the US and be taught English, but in reality, it's just a bunch of Christians who want to convert them.

Pay a priest to take your house away in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Quarter life!

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Uh oh! I just picked up the complete Half Life collection on Steam for $10. There goes my summer!

Matt Bors makes a cogent point: Millennials aren't the lazy worthless hipsters they're made out to be, they're just trying to survive in an economy annihilated by the 1%.

Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender's Game, which will be on the silver screen soon, is also an anti-equal rights advocate for homosexuals. It's not just that he works hard to prevent LGBT people from even being considered US citizens, he even advocates violently overthrowing the government if they get the right to marry. Well, a lot of people are calling for a boycott of the film adaption of his book because of this, and Card's response is deliciously ironic. He's upset at their intolerance toward him!

Catholic priest, James Martin Donaghy is a true monster. He told a little boy that he could get his dead grandfather into heaven if the boy would perform various sex acts on him. The boy tried to tell a priest in confession, but the priest ended up being Donaghy!

Epic Rap Battles of History: John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly and Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates.

You must pay a lot to not have your pets killed in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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For those of you interested in DOS game modification, take a look at ModdingWiki. I've contributed by reverse engineering several game formats.

Also, new soundtracks can be found in the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Dawkins and Krauss talk about their upcoming documentary, The Unbelievers.

The origin of alcoholic drinks, by Mental Floss.

The difficulties that face a clergy member who stops believing in God.

God lays out the pricing of human beings in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Had a pretty sweet weekend. Went to a barbecue at Sarah's and did a bunch of retro gaming with Jonathan. We beat both Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, full completion, no warps!

Iranian officials refused to record the time of long-distance swimmer Elham Sadat Asghari because her bathing suit, which included a full body covering, loose-fitting jacket, and head scarf, was too revealing.

This is what passes for a miracle these days?

Murderers and rapists often find sanctuary in the church, but when they become preachers and get power and trust, they sometimes become murderers and rapists again.

This Christian pastor is perfectly okay with institution the death penalty against homosexuals, as the bible demands.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about what it means to really be free and equal.

If you're truly repentant, God won't murder all of your children in The Blasphemer's Bible.

All of my fingers are still attached.

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Over the holiday, I found and recorded the music from a program I spent a lot of time on in the mid-1990s, Recreational Software's Game-Maker. Turns out the music was actually "borrowed" from various copyrighted sources!

Need a new liver? Stem cells can do that!

Eden Alexander, the neurosurgeon who wrote a book about his totally true experience in Heaven during a near-death experience, was interviewed by a skeptical Luke Dittrich. Luke grills him on various points in the book, and forces Alexander to admit he was lying about numerous points. Yet, even after admitting to lying on a number of occasions, Alexander pleas that we don't miss the bigger picture by focusing on his lies. Apparently, he doesn't understand that a rational person will call into question so-called "facts" that are surrounded by lies. Add Eden Alexander's name to the list of pious frauds.

Your tax dollars at work to buy Facebook likes!

Zanokhanyo Mnyukulo, a church pastor, was using his divine gift to cure a poor teen's awful headaches. Like many faith healers, this divine cure involved rape.

It's 2013, and people are still burning witches. Thanks bible!

A small victory in Adelaide, South Australia, where a local atheist group was able to convince the local museum to reinstate their display on human evolution. Add that to the victory in Ohio where a planned class on the US Constitution using the Christian revisionist David Barton's material was shut down after it was pointed out to the school how big of a liar Barton is.

God is still ranting in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Does freedom actually ring?

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It must be nice being a Christian, what with all the privileges you get.

The courts still haven't been able to decide if police can covertly put tracking devices on your car for no reason other than to spy on you. Why is this even an issue in a country that claims to be free?

Who doesn't love Epic Rap Battles of History? Check out Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers and Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley.

No more yummy bread in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Something, something, in the month of May!

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Had a couple warts frozen off the sole of my foot yesterday. Nothing says "comfortable walking" like controlled frost bite on your feet.

The Mandelbrot set, converted into 3D is freaking awesome!

Microsoft has never been all that quick to update their security bugs, which should worry you if you use Windows, but it turns out that they tell the NSA about their security flaws before anyone else, which should worry you even more! Prism ensures that you are being spied on by the US government, but now they even have temporary back-door access to your computer! Furthermore, the big telecommunication companies (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Level3, and CenturyLink) all willingly hand over your information to the NSA, and have been assured that they cannot be held responsible for violating wiretapping laws. I guess it's not for a judge to decide, the NSA transcends due process.

Another bloody nose for Cardinal Pell of Australia as the victims of child rape in his diocese call for his resignation. And Cardinal Timothy Dolan has it even worse. Now that more Vatican documents are being released, we discover that he tried to move $57 million into a cemetery trust fund so that the victims of sexual abuse cases couldn't be awarded it as damages.

Russia passes new laws making it illegal to point out this immoral and evil hypocrisy of religion, but they're still not as bas a Pakistan when two teenage girls and their mothers were murdered for the horrific crime of enjoying the rain.

Vic Wang discusses Young Earth Creationism.

Garfunkel and Oates mocks the Christian teen loophole!

God will seriously murder your children in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Welcome to July!

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I've heard some folks argue that they don't care if the US spies on foreign communication because they never call anyone in the Middle East. Well, Obama's administration doesn't care where you call, thanks to courage of Edward Snowden, we now know that the US has been listening to your phone calls and reading your emails if you've contacted anyone from France, Italy, Greece, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, or several other friendly nations.

Windows 8 is so bad, even though it's been out for almost a year, it's only just now supplanting the ill-fated Windows Vista as the 4th most popular OS for home computers! There are still over 7 times more people using Windows XP than 8, and I'll bet a heckuva a lot more that still prefer XP, but are forced into 8 at work!

Pedophile priest, Don Patrizio Poggi, explains how he worked as a pimp for an underground gay-prostitution ring at the Vatican. On the coattails of that story is the sexual abuse records of 42 other Catholic priests which are about to be made public.

Barronelle Stutzman had a log-time customer who had been purchasing flowers from her flower shop. One day, the customer asked for a huge order of flowers for his upcoming wedding. Even though Stutzman didn't have any problem selling to this man in the past, suddenly she had to refuse his patronage. The reason? Her customer was marrying another man. The worst of this story isn't that Stutzman is a bigot, but that she doesn't understand she's a bigot. She is quoted saying, "I was not discriminating at all. I never told him he couldn't get married. I gave him recommendations for other flower shops." What if she refused to sell to someone who was Asian or disabled? Would she see the light then? Despite losing a good portion of business from customers who refuse to shop at her store anymore, Stutzman is not dissuaded, rather she gives some advice loaded with sexual innuendo, "Donít give in. If you have to go down for Christ, what better person to go down for?"

Jewish leader Pete Moses has been found guilty of murdering a child by shooting him in the face because he thought the 4-year-old boy might be gay. He also murderer a 28-year-old woman who wanted to leave his cult.

Egyptians are not at all pleased with their leaders, and have made and even bigger demonstration than they did back during the Arab Spring!

Another day, another city agrees that the Christian cross isn't a religious symbol, and therefore should be allowed on public land. While we all know that these people are lying for Jesus, they're lies are opening a Pandora's Box of trouble because now all sorts of groups are demanding that the city put up their "non-religious" symbols.

Christians have long been known as the people who refuse to have fun, but they take it a step further by ensuring that you can't have fun too! See, for them, it's not enough that they get an exception from the Affordable Health Care Act, they just don't want women to have access to birth control, even if someone else pays for it.

God is getting pretty evil in The Blasphemer's Bible.