August, 2013

Long weekend starting in 3... 2... 1...

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Plenty of horrible racists came out of the woodwork after Obama was elected, and many of them made terribly racist statements statements. It's pretty bad when the general public says something like that, but it's even worse when a Republican candidate repeatedly says, "shoot the nigger!"

A truly amazing panel of science popularizers all at once telling stories about science: part 1, part 2.

In an effort to join the 19th century, Saudi Arabia finally passed a law making domestic violence a crime. It's actually now illegal to severely beat your wife!

Scishow addresses our oil consumption.

Progress! The US military will no longer prevent same sex couples from receiving veteren benefits.

IFL Science talks about the olinguito, dog lions, and jet packs.

This is why blasphemy laws should be eliminated.

Vlog Brothers explain why the price of American health care is so high.

More progress! Rather than having to resort to costly lawsuits, school administrators are taking care of the problem themselves when teachers feel the need to hand out bibles in class.

Remember the pop culture of 1999 and 2006?

August almost over

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Judge G. Todd Baugh is rightfully under fire right now after he ruled that a 14-year-old girl was just as much in control of the situation as her 49-year-old teacher who raped her. There is a reason we have statutory rape laws, especially when the rapist is in a position of power, and Baugh doesn't seem to realize that, because he only gave the rapist a 1-month prison sentence! The girl later killed herself.

The IRS will now let same-sex couples joint file, regardless of whether their home state allows same-sex marriages!

What if we started naming hurricanes after deniers of climate change.

Every bibliophile's wet dream, a list of the most beautiful libraries on Earth.

More news on Christianity disappearing in England and France, it seems the remaining congregants are all quite old, and there are even few younger people to take their place.

Remember that school that gave children "science" tests about Young-Earth Creationism? Well, they're shutting down due to severe lack of funding.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Batman games, part 1 and part 2.

Professional liar, David Barton says that if we don't have Christian prayers to Jesus at public school graduations, that's an endorsment of atheism.

Vsauce explains why we clap.

Thunderf00t takes a swing at the ridiculousness of Conservapedia.

Sixty Symbols discusses thought experiments involving a different number of dimensions.

Try to grasp the huge magnitude of the universe, it's unimaginable... But let's try anyway.

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The USA may claim racial equality, but the truth is, segregation still runs rampant, as the color-coded maps attest.

The first ever American Pastafarians is allowed to wear his colander on his head for his driver's license photo, and in Texas no less!

This is a wonderful panel discussion on the science of deception, and the Q&A.

Now here is some courage to be envious of! Asif Mohiuddin is an atheism promoter in Bangladesh. Recently someone tried to murder him by repeatedly stabbing him, but Mohiuddin survived, and right when he was healthy enough to do so, he went right back to writing about the strengths of atheism!

Remember that mega-church that was telling all its sheep not to vaccinate their children because Jenny McCarthy AKA God told them it causes autism, and then their children started breaking out with measles? Well, it turns out God changed his mind, and now they're telling the parents to vaccinate their children. Huge shocker!

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Dragon's Lair and Star Trek.

Mike Matei explains a some Mega Man glitches.

Scichow talks about animal cannibalism and how pornography affects your brain.

Sometimes you make me feel so small
Can't comprehend your size
Yet I'm a giant in your eyes

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Makers of sham medicine are lobbying congress to force insurance companies to pay for things like acupuncture, homeopathy, and other treatments that have been proved not to work. They're claiming that insurance companies discriminate against them. I think I'm okay with my insurance company discriminating against pills that have been proven not to work!

Fox News's male "medical expert" thinks he should be allowed to pay less for health care because he doesn't have breasts. Not only is he a sexist ass, but he doesn't understand the concept of insurance! If we only paid for what we needed, it wouldn't be insurance, it would be payments. The point of insurance is to have a large group of people pay into a pool so there is enough money to help the unfortunate person who will need help. You may be lucky and never need it, but you may also be one of the unlucky ones who gets brain cancer. When that happens, unless you're in the 1%, you will never be able to afford your medical bills. Even if you remove the sexism of his statement, he's essentially saying, "I don't have brain cancer, therefore, I shouldn't have to pay as much as the person who does!" This type of incredibly stupid statement is spoken by people who are either extremely privileged, or extremely ignorant.

Scishow talks about 3D printing and the American bat die-off.

This professional liar for Jesus has put out a video of himself creatively editing scientists and college students to make it look as though they can't offer evidence of evolution. The main problem is that he is using an erroneous definition of evolution, one that he has been corrected on many times before. If you can't stomach that abomination, at least watch Jaclyn Gleen review his steaming pile, and then her rebuttal to his further lies.

Did You Know Gaming covers Sonic games, parts 1 and 2.

Aron Ra talks about what 9th grade Texan students should be learning about evolution, and why the teachers aren't teaching it.

Watch the latest Richard Dawkins Documentary about Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

This lady performs Total Eclipse of the Heart in style of several different divas.

With filaments that feel inadequately described as humongous

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Had a wonderful hot weekend, probably the last of the summer! Spent most of it hanging out with friends swimming, talking, and enjoying a nice fire. I also whore this song over and over again on my car stereo with the top down, forcing everyone else to hear it!

It's a sad world when you have to force parents to give their child a life-saving treatment because they don't believe God wants them to have it.

John Cleese mocks extremism.

Started forming a cold sore on Saturday, but quick application of acyclovir kept it at bay. Thank you Western medicine for making stuff that actually works!

Dr. Scott gives a great talk about the legends, hoaxes, and frauds of science.

Jacob Drake, an editor of, will edit your eBook for a fee, but will gladly inject a whole bunch of religious nonsense into your book free of charge. Hell, he'll even do it whether you want him to or not!

Aron Ra corrects all the many mistakes of Creationists.

Russia not only hates homosexuals, but now they're cracking down on atheists. Some Pastafarians were doing a harmless parade when Russian police arrested them, and they're currently being charged with hurting a Christian's feelings, a crime that carries with it a sentence of three years!

Top 5 Metroid games, top 5 Castlevania games, and the top 10 Metroidvania games.

Is the universe intelligently designed?

Thug Notes reviews The Hobbit.

Vodkareening through the hotel door

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That feeling of dread when you know you've typed in your email password properly and it gets rejected. I've been hacked! Scramble mode, change all passwords NOW! Oh wait, I had caps-lock on.

That feeling of smugness when you get in line behind a family of Muslims while wearing a shirt that reads, "Infidel".

Megachurch pastor tells his followers to not bother with vaccinations, and for some reason there is a measles outbreak in his church. Huh, I wonder if the two could be releated?

I think I already posted this years ago, but either way, it's important to rewatch the James Randi Nova special, Secrets of the Psychics.

Only Christians can be expected to get a job at Subway.

Lawrence Krauss talks about the origins of the universe.

Yay, it's Super Mario, and he likes to stomp things and be racist!

School officials usually prefer to waste valuable tax-payer money in lawsuits rather than take down pictures of Jesus, but it's amazing how quickly they'll take things off the walls if the content is Islamic in nature.

Here's what religion has contributed the world this past month.

Here's to all the pretty words we will never speak
Here's to all the pretty girls you're gonna meet

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More Republicans blame Obama than Bush for the poorly handled Hurricane Katrina fiasco, even though Obama wasn't even president for the entirety of the relief effort!

Women request to see more dongs on HBO.

Need another reason not to use Windows 8? Zeit Online leaked an internal document from the German government saying that Windows 8, specifically the Trusted Platform Model (TPM) aspect of it which is an uncloseable back door, makes the operating system unsuitable. They specifically point out fears the TPM companies would sell, or be forced to give access to the NSA! The translated article can be read here.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Kid Kool, Mario Is Missing, and Super Pitfall.

Does it matter that there has never been a lawsuit to prevent someone from saying "Merry Christmas"? Does it matter that there has never been an organization or politician who has made an attempt to make it illegal to say "Merry Christmas"? No. To a Republican with an persecution complex, the very fact that there exist people who don't celebrate Christmas is enough for this lawmaker to pass a law making it legal to say "Merry Christmas," just like it has always been.

The Friendly Atheist is on CNN talking about teens leaving church, and also answers the questions of what would make him believe in God and why atheists care about their legacy.

A street debate between Aron Ra and some annoying science-denier. The interesting thing about this video is how he keeps projecting his presuppositional view on people who don't have one and projects his inability to grasp the historical method on others. Very telling.

Why fight it?

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Scientists are in agreement across the planet, human activities are causing global climate change. And leaked released of that report bluntly explains the projections. They're bad. Really bad.

North Carolina Republicans are following the lead of Texas by adding new voter restrictions that keep a certain type of the population from voting, specifically minorities.

Christian pastors are telling their congregants to stop taking their medication, and are shocked when they end up dying.

Apparently, God doesn't much care for zipliners!

Christian pastor tries to scare people away from homosexuality by reading his hand-written homosexual erotica to them in hopes that they will become ill. I should point out that he misspells the word penis.

Sweetwater Books of Cedar Fort Publishing and Media would rather cancel an authors finished book than let him print his sexual preference in the book. They are doing this so they can make more money by selling the book in Mormon-controlled book stores which don't allow books written by gay authors. Somehow I don't think that's going to backfire, since the author is taking his business elsewhere and anyone who isn't a bigot will now be boycotting the company.

The IRS give preferential treatment to churches by never investigating them, even when they violate the rules of a non-profit, specifically that they aren't allowed to endorse political candidates. Well, the Freedom From Religion Foundation decided to sue them for violating the First Amendment, and a federal judge has ruled that the FFRF has standing, and added that the IRS's argument to throwout the lawsuit was ridiculous!

Another victory for freedom occurred in Ontario where schools allowed Christians to hand out bibles, but prevented non-religious people from handing out their own books. A lawsuit was brought up, and it ended with the judge setting things fair. The school must either allow all books to be distributed or none.

August, I'll see you soon

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The guy who sold fake bomb detectors to the military will be in jail for the next seven years. Hardly a proper sentence for someone who probably cost soldiers their lives.

New Jersey is banning the religious practice of abusing gay children until they become straight, which has led to many people hailing the states governor as a hero, but let's not forget that he still refuses to give homosexuals the right to marry.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Hydlide, Winter Games, and X-Men.

Atheism makes an appearance in Orange Is the New Black, and the Christian makes an expected response.

Chris Hayes reports on an anrgy white mob.

Videogame violence was really a big thing back in 1984.

Arkansas is a state where a police officer will get fired for reporting his chief doing something highly illegal.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the political views of atheists, whether they should date believers, their new ideas, and what it would take for him to believe in God.

Republican Valarie Hodges of Louisiana worked awfully hard to ensure that the state tax payer's money would go to religious schools that teach children that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that God hates fags. But then, to her horror, a Muslim school that teaches children that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that God hates fags applied for some of that money, and suddenly, Hodges would rather pull the plug entirely than allow those radical Muslims from having a penny! It must be terrible to realize that you're not the only insane bigot.

Vsauce talks about what it would be like in a spherical mirror, and Veritasium explains the physics of jet packs.

The Obama Administration isn't happy with just reading your emails and listening in on your cell phone calls, they also want to be able to search through your personal property without a warrant! Put a password on your phones people!

Just got one little bit better at reverse engineering!

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I'm really loving the pre-Olympic protests going on because of Russia's anti-homosexual stance. Russian athletes kissing on the podium? Fantastic!

Texans love their military veterans. Like, for instance, if a marine who had his leg blown off by a land mine were to show up and give a speech, you can be damn sure that they would listen to what he has to say, and be moved by his words. Until it comes out that he's gay, then they'll boo him off the stage.

Crisis pregnancy centers have been revealed numerous times to be nothing more than Christian organizations that utilize scare tactic in order to coerce women into not exercising their right to choose. So why then are these places being directly funded by the government?

Is your child injured and in serious need of medical treatment due to a potentially life-threating illness like the mumps and there isn't a medical professional in sight? Well, for a mere $55, you can have this first aid kit full of magic water!

It sure pays wells to mock scientists for being super rich. Back in 2006, Ray Comfort's non-profit organization brought in 3.3 million in profit. His personal take home was $120,000 (probably considerably higher now). Compare that to a science researcher who probably won't make that as their maximum income even in 2013, and we know it's those evil evolutionists who are guilty of greed!

Stuart Wheeler, a Conservative politician in the UK, states that women shouldn't be allowed to be treasury board members because they're inferior at chess and card games.

Evangelical Christian pastor Pedro Fernandez will be in prison for the next 17 years, after it was discovered that he had been filming himself raping his daughter for the past 7 years.

What's the harm of religion? How about when Christian preachers tell people suffering from fatal illnesses to stop taking medication and rely on God?

Hawaiian public schools rent out space for outside groups for a price, but that price is considerably lower for Christians. This ultimately has led to the school losing out on over $5 million!

This new $8.5 million mega-church has bibles built right into the foundation!

I'm gonna video your game!

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The Washington Post is keeping tabs ons the NSA's spying program. Not only has Obama been lying to the public, but the NSA has had a few thousand privacy violations, and the number kept escalating as time went on!

Scishow talks about fairy rings, the science of sweetness, and giant insects.

Superintendent June Atkinson wanted to make a more blanket set of state testing requirement to ensure that schools are actually teaching their children adequate information. Republican Paul Stam told her that she should, "stick to her own knitting," you know, because she's female, and that's all women are good for.

Did You Know Gaming, presents Mario, parts 2, 3, and 4.

The BBC reports on near-death experiences and points out that they are nothing more than electrical surges in the dying brain.

Mr. Deity's latest skit is a funny shot at Mormons, but in the begging section he completely discounts the accused rape charge of Michael Shermer by essentially blaming women who get too drunk, and saying that skeptics shouldn't take rape accusations seriously unless there is evidence and the accusations are made right after the rape occurred. A very insensitive and ignorant remark, to say the least. Rape victims are often too ashamed and upset afterward to come directly forward, and false rape accusations are quite rare.

Kristen Schaal is just so damn adorable!

A nice artistic rendering of one of Sam Harris's more poignant speeches.

The Angry Video Game Nerd has been roasted.

I'm gonna video your game!

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Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game, is a right-wing conspiracy theorist. He wants to overthrow any government that would be evil as to allow same-sex marriage, and now he thinks Obama is going to take a page out of Hitler's book and institute a national police force. However, unlike Hitler, Obama's thugs will come from homeless black men. Oh yeah, and he'll also appoint his wife as the next president. You may be looking forward to the Ender's Game movie, but it's certainly worth boycotting.

The Young Turks have no love for 401Ks.

Getting a free ride that the rest of have to pay for (to the tune of $7 billion a year) isn't enough for Christians, now they're demanding that they get to endorse political figures as well.

Did You Know Gaming, for Final Fantasy and Mortal Kombat.

Doug Sehorne, a Christian who thinks you can't raise a child without beating them, wrote a book all about how to whip your child into submission. Already a wonderful story, but he really dropped the ball on the cover. First, the picture isn't his family (probably because his is a train wreck). Second, the picture is a copyrighted photo he found on the Internet to which he didn't pay royalties. Thou shalt not steal? Third, the picture comes from a television show called "Modern Family" which features a same-sex couple who adopts and raises a child. Nice choice, Sehorne! Way to fail!

Five useless items in videogames.

How do you ruin a free homophobic protest? Reserve all the seats, and then never show up!

Scishow explains how bananas are in danger and your pee is pollution.

The bible belt deserves every tornado that hits it

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California passed a bill that gives students a small amount of protection from sexual discrimination. Specifically, schools cannot prevent a student from taking a class based on their sex, they can't force a student to take a class based on their sex, they have to offer sports and clubs to all sexes, and, if a student is transgendered, they may play in the sex-segregated sport of the sex they identify with. I'd say that's a step in the right direction, but Fox News seems to think it's the dawning of doomsday! They cry that five-year-olds will be asking, "what is transgender?" as if that's a difficult question to answer, and then they go on to say that teenage boys will use this bill to get into the girl's bathroom to watch them poop. The bill doesn't mention bathrooms at all, but then, this is Fox News we're talking about.

Should we start suing parents who don't vaccinate their children, and get other children sick? Yes, yes we should.

Bibles were removed from the rooms at a state park in Georgia in order to honor the first amendment, but Republican governor Nathan Deal made sure they were put back, but in order to be safe, he remarked that any group may put books in the rooms of the state park. American Atheists took them to task and sent boxes of atheist books to be put in the rooms as well, each with a sticker saying that this was the governor's idea!

Conservative hero, Rush Limbaugh, tells his listeners that they can't believe in God and global warming at the same time.

Ben Goldacre talks about the failures of homeopathy.

George Saunders gave a speech saying that he most regrets times when he should have been kinder, and urges people to try hard to be kind to one another. A pretty generic statement, but who could argue with the notion that being kind to other people is a good thing? Christians, that's who! Jen Pollock Michel of Christianity Today commented that being kind to people wasn't a virtue, what really matters in life is that you fear God.

Learn about the Apostacy Project.

The Friendly Atheist answers the questions are you against religion? and are religious people intellectually inferior? He also talks about his talk at an Christian Megachurch.

Feminist videos: The Shouting Back project gives a voice to women who have been sexually assaulted in public, and A Chemical Imbalance talks about how women are so under-represented in the field of chemistry.

Glenn Beck tries to give a history lesson about how white Europeans are the lost tribe if Israel, but that slightly contradicts what this actual biblical historian has to say.

Need more music!

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Apple continues to embrace Big Brother by letting police and government officials remotely switch off your cell phone when they don't want you recording their abuse.

The same man who lied to congress about whether the NSA was spying on Americans has now been appointed by Obama as the head of review panel to investigate the NSA spying on Americans. Fuck you Obama.

Is the BBC succumbing to a soft form of Islamic terrorism? When the story should read, "Muslim parents are tricking their teenage daughters and forcing them to marry strangers, a tradition among their culture." it instead reads, "there were concerns about teenagers being taken abroad thinking they were going on holiday but being forced into marriage instead." Why don't they include the term "girls"? How many teenage boys are being taken abroad for this barbaric custom? And why aren't they pointing out that this is only a problem among Muslims? A journalist's job is to uncover and report the facts. If those facts are offensive to a backward culture, the fault lies with the backward culture, not the facts.

A nice video of Christopher Hitchens' Voice of Reason.

Dave Lens sings an epic Scandinavian song about the scale of the universe.

Misheard lyrics from recent music.

Some did you know gaming about Metroid, Mario, and Pikmin.

Brental Floss uses school house rock to explain why you should never buy a console at launch.

Remember 1990?

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead

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Jenny McCarthy is all about keeping children away from the insignificantly small amount of chemicals in vaccinations, even though they're proved to be safe, but she doesn't seem to be above working for the tobacco industry! Now, I wonder which is more dangerous to children? An amount of mercury smaller than that found in a tuna fish sandwich, or nicotine?

California Christians gather around a tree that supposedly produces God's tears. The tears are later found to be aphid poop.

What happens when actual scientists talk about climate change? Part 1, Part 2.

Misheard song lyrics from the 1990s.

Some atheists may think that atheists are smarter than religious people, and may even cite evidence to back up their claim. However, I think they have it backward. Smarter people tend to become atheists.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Schwarzenegger games and Star Wars games.

Judge Lu Ann Ballew has taken it upon herself to decide which names a parent can and cannot name their child. The judge said that "Messiah" is an unacceptable name, because the name, "has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ." When asked by a reporter if she would stop a Latino from naming their child "Jesus," Ballew said, "that's not relevant to this case." Really? Because it's soooo different?

The Friendly Atheists explains why he's an atheist and if he hates God.

A young man reviews his 5-year-old YouTube video from when he was a Christian apologist.

Yet another Republican wants to keep non-religious chaplains out of the military.

Wow, now that is a racist song!

You got cobwebs on your halo

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Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy proposed a bill that would require a warrant before law enforcement could access your online communication. Heaven forbid they actually respect the fourth amendment! Well, a Republican decided to put a hold on the bill, so it may never even get voted upon, let alone passed. We can't even be sure which Republican is holding up the bill, because they chose to remain anonymous, which is ironic, because he's preventing a bill from passing that would let other people remain anonymous. It seems the party that claims to want a smaller, less intrusive government, is perfectly okay with keeping a large intrusive government.

Speaking of the government abusing the fourth amendment, a couple days ago was August the 4th, or 1984 day.

Scientific medicine continues to save lives, now with a malaria vaccine.

The murder charges will stand against the couple who allowed their children to slowly die because they were too Christian to call a doctor.

Interesting to note, the sun's magnetic field is about to flip again.

According to a training manual for the US Marines, if a person lacks spiritual faith, they're at risk for suicide!

Bill Maher may not know jack about science, but he's got one hell of an ax to grind against religion.

David Silverman talks to one of those Fox News liars about a religious symbol at a governmental memorial.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Street Fighter 2010 and

Listen to this Mormon preach that parents should disown their children if they ever turn away from the church.

Sylvia Browne is just a terrible person.

One of the worst Creationists. How long can you listen to his lies without getting ill?

The Friendly Atheist asks, can you be moral WITH god and answers the question, can you disprove god?

James Watson gives us a little talk about DNA.

Aron Ra talks about the most hated woman in history, Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

My old man was born to rock, he's still tryin' to beat the clock

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Read Stephen Fry's letter about pulling the Olympics from Russia because of their anti-gay stance, and then sign the petition.

Some myths about crack. It's not a "black" drug, as it's mostly white people who smoke it and it's no more addictive than cocaine.

I love when anti-abortionist show just how much they respect all life by demanding the execution of people who get or perform abortions. The irony is that the majority of people who get abortions are Christians.

I ain't no Harlem black girl!

Customer service doesn't get better, it gets worse.

Homeopathy is literally money for nothing.

Superintendent of Cullman County Schools is just begging to get fired. He keeps admitting to forcing children in his schools to pray to his version of a god, and now he's using his governmental position to fight for Jesus.

The Angry Videogame Nerd doesn't much care for Ninja Gaiden.

SciShow talks all about animal poop and Pliny the Elder.

Yet another Republican who doesn't know a damn thing about science is trying to inject Christianity into public schools under the guise of teaching the non-existent controversy.

The first year of Curiosity's first year on Mars reduced to two minutes.

But gravity always wins

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I would like one stem cell burger please.

The third installment of Damnsel In Distress is online.

Fox News isn't just making people stupider, it's actually making them fail to adhere to the scientific method.

Washington DC is now allowing non-religious people to officiate weddings. It's about damn time!

Aron Ra points out the failures of Creationism.

You probably didn't know this, but rock music is "Satanic Cyanide" that should be burned!

Matt Dillahunty debates another liar for Jesus.

Amanda Knief talks about the faith-based initiative and why it has to end.

Mr. Deity talks about The Myth.

Sometimes, I stand outside the Quick Mart.

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The Northern European area is notoriously secular. How secular, you ask? Secular enough to change their national anthem into something that doesn't include religion! God bless them for that.

Dorkly shows us the difference between videogames and real life.

Shame on the Discovery Channel. It isn't enough that morons are looking for Bigfoot, but now Discovery Channel is promoting cryptozoology by claiming that the long-extinct Megalodon shark might still be swimming the oceans. Looks like they're taking a cue from the History Channel, Animal Planet, and TLC and broadcasting vacuous tripe rather than educational programming.

Scientists have discovered new viruses that are not only much larger than previously discovered (larger even than some animal cells), but they also contain large amounts of genes that have never been seen before!

The US Air Force was trying to force non-religious soldiers to take an oath ending with, "So help me God," but thanks to soldiers like Jonathan Bise and the American Humanist Association, that won't be happening any more!

Sam Harris and Michael Shermer are at the top of their game in this debate about whether God as a future.

The Angry Videogame Nerd tackles Godzilla and revisits Back to the Future.

SNL actors do their best, but it's always amazing to see them break character.

Don't all little girls at some point wish they were the Camp Gyno?

Scishow talks about real inventions inspired by science fiction and the very first human-made nuclear reactor.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Ben Franklin vs Billy Mays and Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare.

I'm not impressed

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More evidence that extremely small doses of mercury, like that found in some types of vaccinations, don't cause autism. But uninformed or misinformed parents still refuse to vaccinate, but we can still help them learn the truth.

Some amazing photo winners from NatGeo.

Bravery is coming out as an atheist in a country where they still execute atheists.

Another Congressperson comes out as an atheist, but only after they've retired.

Ball State University in Indiana comes right out and says it, Intelligent Design is religion, not science.

The Friendly Atheist talks about some of the obstacles that young atheists face, and the touchy subject of agnosticism.

Epic rap battles of history, Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris and Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe.

The Angry Videogame Nerd reviews Zelda 2 and Ghosts N' Goblins.

Magician Jamy Ian Swiss considers what phony mediums see when they look in the mirror.

Aron Ra asks, why does anyone believe in the bible?

Hold on love

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Religious people often try to take sexual education out of schools because they don't want people to be able to safely practice anything that is completely necessary for human existence. Rather than teach people how to use birth control, or be safe from sexually transmitted infections, they give them books full of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) tactics. The usual, if you ever have sex, you -will- get a horrible disease, and pregnant, and everyone will hate you forever. But their material isn't just full of lies, it's also highly misogynistic, often filled with so-called "facts" that have long since been proved false like, males are better at math, women need affection while men need sexual fulfillment, real mean are protectors while real women are caring, and probably worst of all, "Tom walks Kristie to her classes and carries her books for her. He doesn't want her to strain herself." You know women and those heavy math books!

Women are truly flattered when strangers point out their great tits.

Bill Nye talks about some of the ways we might be able to stop asteroids in the future.

Christian textbook writers have decided to remove the Loch Ness Monster from their science textbook. I would say it's because they finally realized how incredibly stupid they are, but the company's chief communications officer says that Beowulf proves that dragons exist.

Good news! According to the Department of Commerce, the amount of money in the US spent on the building of new religious building has been in serious decline over the past ten years. Since 2002, spending has dropped to 1/3 of its previous value!

Rather than do her job, Alabama public service commission president Twinkle Cavanaugh brought in a preacher to pray to God and tell a bunch of the usual Christian lies, a clear violation of the first amendment, and then defended the lying Christian.

Aron Ra talks about atheism on the steps of his state capitol.

David Silverman debates a professional liar. I've seen this apologist debate before, and the fact that he uses all the same lies he did back then proves Silverman's point. Theists never change, even when they're wrong, and they have nothing but a bunch arguments from ignorance.

Some of the wonderful things religion contributed to the world last month.

Mr. Deity talks about skepticism and atheism.

August had better be better!

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Churches are immune from paying out lawsuits? Yes, it looks that way. The Milwaukee Catholic Diocese was recently found guilty of trying to covering up numerous child rape cases, and for that severe crime, they were fined $57 million to be paid to all of the families of all the children they raped. However, Timothy Dolan transferred all the Diocese's money into a trust fund for graveyards and claims that it's no longer the church's money, and therefore can't be used to pay for lawsuits. Now, normally, a judge would see right though this flagrant lie--imagine if a corporation was being sued, and then at the last minute they transferred all their money to a cemetery--but federal judge Rudolph Randa decided that the church was right, so all the children who were systematically raped for years and years will receive nothing! Judge Randa's decision goes even further than this case, as he also decided that in lawsuits involving churches, the church administrators get to decided if their money should be paid out or kept in a special trust fund for later. So, yeah, churches are essentially lawsuit-proof until this ruling is overturned. As expected, Randa was appointed by Republican George H.W. Bush.

Mental Floss covers 50 facts about the 50 US states and 50 weird laws in each of the 50 US states.

Here is a collection of news reports as a story unfolds of a Virginia mega-church pastor accused of having sex with an under-aged girl.

Rick Perry thinks that "freedom of religion," requires you to still be religious to be free.

How does a transistor work? Electro-chemical magic, that's how!

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