September, 2013

If you don't use algebra on a daily basis, you're not doing life correctly!

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The Blasphemer's Bible is back to regular comics today! Now we start The Book of Numbers.

Like Oprah, Dr. Oz never bothers to do any real research before promoting something to his millions of non-thinking fans. Recently he gave a list of 15 super foods that will help you lose weight and become healthy, but the reality is there is no evidence to back up his claims. Translation, he is being dishonest to his followers in order to make more money.

Some Muslims, like Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaydan, tell women that if they drive a vehicle, they'll have children with birth defects. Those Muslims are ass-hats. Then, some Muslims, like English born Nazir Afzal, prosecute those who would try and treat women like the first. They both have incorrect worldviews, but I would certainly take the latter over the former.

Michael Enright, a white male Christian in a country mostly controlled by other white male Christians, doesn't quite understand what it's like to be a minority. He wrote an essay which basically said, we listen to atheists, and we accept that they exist, but we're sick of having to hear them complain about being persecuted, because they're not! Okay quick, name three atheists who are political figures! What? You couldn't think of a single one? Okay, name ten completely at random and without even looking, I will guarantee you that they are Christian. Atheists are among the least likely to be incarcerated, divorced, or abuse children, but we are viewed as the least moral demographic. Also, despite being in the top demographic for education, atheists are hardly ever trusted to school boards which are usually populated by science denying Christians. Why won't atheists shut up? Because of people like Enright who just don't understand how wrong they are.

Want another example? Citizens of Madison, New Jersey wanted to use the public school's team and logo to endorse Christianity, and threw a fit when the mayor told them they had to stop.

Want another example? The Montgomery, Alabama police department decided to use tax-payer money to hire Christian preachers to comfort crime scene witnesses and survivors, and also try can convert them to Christianity.

This happened awhile ago, but it is still a cool read. A Cannonball Run style race across the USA at a highly-illegal, highly-dangerous average speed of over 90 MPH, but often peaking at over 150! This story records the most recent record breaker.

I actually found a use for algebra!

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Skeptics In the Pub tonight, Adopt-a-Highway clean up tomorrow! Then, the rest of the weekend dedicated to coding my dungeon crawler!

Slavery in the USA? Well, yes, but you have to be extremely wealthy to get away with it.

Turns out that there is about 1 liter of water per cubic foot of Martian soil. This means two things, one, setting up a Martian colony has become easier, two, life on Mars is a little bit more likely than we thought.

A report by the United Nations's climate panel just came out. They're 100% sure that the Earth is warming, and 95% sure that humans are to blame.

A rather important point to bring up. Ex-pope, Joseph Ratzinger, recently wrote an open letter where he clearly stated that he never tried to shield any child-raping priests from justice during the 24 years he worked at the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's department which investigated such matters. However, as the Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests points out, during the 24 years that he worked there, and even the several years where he acted as head of the organization, not a single child-raping priest was ever brought to justice! And it wasn't for lack of child-rapists! This was during the Vatican's prime child-raping years, when the most monstrous of all rapists were at large. How can it be that he wasn't able to catch a single child-rapist in 24 years? The answer, of course, is that many cases of child rape came across his desk, but he simply swept them under the rug. He is a filthy liar who deserves prison.

The Kansas state school board is being sued because bunch of Christians think they're promoting atheism. What is their evidence that they are convincing children that there are no gods? They're teaching them science!

How many dungeons I've crawled

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I've been working on a retro-style 3D dungeon crawler program. Should have a pre-alpha up in a day or two.

In honor of banned book week, here is a list of some of the most frequently banned books in public school libraries.

Ex-pope Ratzinger tells an atheist that Richard Dawkins's book "The Selfish Gene" is science fiction, because, as a man with a theology degree, he's totally qualified to make that call. He also is quite proud of how quickly he responded to the massive child rape ring in the Vatican, so that should tell you something about the value of his opinion.

Despite having the US Supreme Court rule that student-led prayer at football games was a violation of the US Constitution back in 2000, the Liberal, Kansas school board has decided that student-led prayers at football games are totally legal. The district's superintendent told them they should contact the school board's attorney first, but the board wasn't interested in any of that legal mumbo jumbo, and they all agreed that every single one of their students, even the Muslims and atheists, need a good dose of Jesus in their lives. Cue massive lawsuit at the taxpayer's expense.

Map maker, map maker, make me a map!

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Should parents be forced to vaccinate their children for public schools? Yes!

Once again Republicans are threatening to shutdown the government if they don't get their way. This time, they won't vote to increase the debt ceiling unless the Affordable Health Care Act is defunded. It doesn't matter that the majority of Americans want the Affordable Health Care Act (AKA Obamacare), and it doesn't matter that the Republicans designed it, all that matters is that the Republicans don't matter. Even retired Republicans are mocking the new Tea Party politicians. The truth is, the Affordable Health Care act will cost Americans even less than originally anticipated.

It comes out that yet another Catholic priest was a know child rapist, yet protected by the church.

When you don't understand irony, you become an Ayn Rand follower begging thousands of people for money so you can produce a movie about how important it is to always be selfish and never give money to anyone.

35% of Americans believe that you can simply pray away mental illnesses. Of course, most of those mental illnesses probably sprung up from child abuse brought on by religious behavior.

Saudi Arabian police are now warning their roving bands of thugs to stop persecuting female drivers, because it is now legal for them to drive!

Scishow explains why we have body hair.

Time to crawl another dungeon

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Jessica Ahlquist wasn't invited to her old high school's unveiling of the new secular banner to replace the public school's Christian prayer banner, and there are many Christians who are showing her just how well they follow the teachings of Jesus.

A large table of the possible outcomes of your religion, and the outcome of other various religions in Pascal's Wager.

Women, if you get raped, it's your fault!

You've heard that the universe is expanding, but does this mean that we are expanding with it?

A supercut of falling in the movies.

Richard Garriott talks about his new company and tells some tales about his previous games.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the pope's less-Conservative comments and a brief talk about the cosmological argument.

Happy Autumn!

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While standing in line for lunch, I overheard the conversation of the women in front of me. One woman was complaining about her disobedient teen. She said that he refused to take out the trash, and wanted her to hurry up and drive him to school. When she refused to take him to school until he took out the trash, he said, "fine, I won't go to school," and went back in the house. So he stayed home while she went to work. There's some stern parenting for you! I missed some of the conversation after that, but then I heard one more line where the other woman said, "That's like Doctor Phil 101," and I wanted to smack them both upside the head and shout, "STUPID!"

What happens when you remove sports from public school and use the money on teachers and educational equipment? Would you believe that the students are better behaved and score higher on tests.

Amazing photos of space.

The Friendly Atheist talks about atheist extremists.

Yet another Republican wants to have a legal right to discriminate against people based on their sexual preference.

Ah, Republican scare tactics! Imagine, ladies, the idea of Uncle Sam inspecting your vagina! Because nor being able to afford a gynecologist is much better than having a competent doctor who is receiving tax money as payment, right? Of course, the reality of this is, it's the Republicans who are forcing women to get unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasounds that real doctors claim they don't need before they can exercise their right to choice.

Vaccines. Allowing your children to live!

A lot of Catholics are thrilled at the more liberal leanings of their new pope who isn't nearly as concerned about homosexuals, atheists, and abortion as his predecessors, but don't kid yourself, the Vatican is still the home of awful bigots who have a hard time kicking out child rapists, but will cheerfully excommunicate priests who think that women should be ordained.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxation

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If the Liberal Media was actually Liberal, here's what you'd actually know.

Able-bodied Christian writer tells her readers that disabled people shouldn't be allowed to have surrogate children because God only made baby making for people who have working bodies. Oh yes, and Jesus invented high school football so that we may proselytize to the children of other people's families.

Carl Sciortino's father is very disappointed in him.

I hate it when Chinese demons possess teenage girls who are starved for attention and they need to call several other teenage girls who are starved for attention to come and perform an exorcism on camera. And while their bad acting and bumbling may be hilarious to the rest of us, let's not forget what religion is really capable of.

Lots of new updates to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation, if you haven't visited in awhile.

It's amazing how a little communication can fix everything

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After Snowden blew the whistle and let everyone know that the NSA has been illegally spying on US citizens, thousands of requests were made via the Freedom of Information Act. Of course, in order to make these requests, you have to fax the request to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Yes, fax, as in technology from the beginning of the 1900s. That right there should be enough to make you lose faith in the government, but it gets better. According to the OSD, their fax machine is broken, so all of those thousands of FIA requests cannot be filed or processed, and since the NSA has spent all of their money on spying equipment, it will be a few -months- before they can replace their fax machine.

When you see so-called psychics on their own shows they film a couple hours and then edit it down to about a half hour to make it seem like they're right all the time. Here is what a psychic is like when they don't get to edit out all their failures. Nearly everything he says is returned with a quizzical look.

Ohio courts have ruled that businesses will still have to cover birth control despite their owners religious objections. Well done Ohio!

Recent graduate Sara Elizabeth Sheppard talks about what it was like to be preached to by her public high school teacher.

The President has an "Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge" which asks places of higher education to commit to community service projects for a year. The title is a little sketchy, why not just call it the "Community Service Campus Challenge"? I don't have faith, yet I still take part in community service projects. Well, as it turns out, despite the name, non-religious people are welcome to take part in the project, and take part they have! When you look at the younger crowd, one-third of the under 30 crowd declares themselves as unaffiliated to any religion! And even more impressive, the latest planning meeting will have non-religious people involved.

And that's how you rip a phone book in half.

Now I don't wanna lose you, but I don't wanna use you just to have somebody by my side

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My, but the Earth is amazing!.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder's attorneys are arguing that same-sex marriage must remain illegal in the state in order to encourage population growth, as if the planet is just hurting for more people. Here's an idea, if you want more people to move to Michigan, stop trying to pass laws that allow the state's religious people special exceptions in discrimination against homosexuals.

Charter schools have over-all been a failure in the US. In general, they pump out less-educated graduates than their public school counterparts, and they cost parents more money. Even worse, they are not as restrictive when it comes to following the first amendment to the US Constitution, which means that they often promote specific religious agendas (AKA nonsense). New Zealand also uses charter schools, but they've at least decided that you can't teach Creationism in them anymore. Well done!

Want to win at Mario Party 9? do nothing!

The Gastonguay family, who tried to sail to Kiribati in order to escape the tyranny of the USA because the country doesn't even allow citizens to stone homosexuals anymore? Remember they ended up getting stranded at sea because none of them knew anything about ocean navigation and needed the US to airlift them back to the states? Well, after declaring the US helicopter a miracle from God, they're trying for Kiribati again! They also hate that the USA has an income tax, and in the unlikely event that they reach Kiribati, they'll probably be very upset to learn that the country has a 35% income tax rate, and is well-versed in climate change politics.

Bill Nye appears on Bill Maher.

Christians often display billboards that people find highly offensive. Some slogans include, "Why do atheists hate America?" "Anti-God is anti-American, anti-American is treason, traitors lead to civil war," and, "If God doesn't matter to him, do you?" with a picture of a gunman. Keep in mind, these billboards were approved as "not too offensive" by the billboard companies who posted them. Now, let's look at an atheist ad that was considered too controversial to display... it reads, "Atheists," and has a web address. That's it! But the transit authorities in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania just couldn't possibly post such an incendery ad! In fact, rather than ever be forced put an anti-religious ad on their buses ever, the transit authority made a rule that will ban all further religious and anti-religious ads, ever! Suits me just fine.

More Donkey Kong Did You Know Gaming.

The anger gives way to fear

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When you put the timeline of the universe into perspective, suddenly everything seems a bit more impressive.

Mental Floss covers names of things you didn't know had names (although, I knew about 25% of them!).

Texas public school teacher tells her students that just like the lungs reject smoking, the mind rejects atheism.

Why don't Christians ever realize how incredibly creepy they are? A creepy man who invites teenage boys over late at night to sit in a circle and talk about masturbation?

Even in this day, teenage girls, and in many cases, pre-teen girls are married off to men 10, 20, 30, sometimes even 40 years their senior. Why? Because religion, that's why.

What happens when you talk to some Tea Party protesters? You realize that they don't know jack shit about politics, they still think Obama is a Muslim, and they only watch Glenn Beck to learn about the world.

Scishow covers, why we laugh.

The Friendly Atheist covers drawing the line for religion tolerance and Florida Republicans postponing an execution for a party.

Just keep telling yourself it's for the best

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On Saturday Adam and I went to a birthday/house-warming party that turned into an engagement party. We had a wonderful time playing games, talking to friends, and imbibing a goodly amount of alcohol. We ended up staying the night in order to drive responsibly and got home safe and sound. We both had a blast up until end.

This is why we can't have nice things. According to a Christian polling group, 32% of Americans think that our government's desire to bomb Syria is a sign of the End Times.

Thanks to the work of a whole bunch of ignorant parents, the US is seeing its worst measles outbreak in 17 years.

Here's the joys of Abrahamic religions. In India, a forty-year-old man has been convicted of raping a six-year-old girl multiple times. Rather than throw his ass in jail, the people are invoking the Abrahamic practice of forcing the little girl to marry her rapist, or in this case, the rapist's eight-year-old son. That's right, the rapist is now the little girl's father-in-law. What could possible go wrong?

Another person is poisoned to death after taking ancient Chinese natural remedies, better known in the West as arsenic sulfide.

After a large-scale survey of the sex lives of 10,000 non-believers, a lot of interesting theories come to light, most importantly, non-believers have much better sex lives.

God helped this man prove that same-sex marriage is wrong because magnets.

Holy water? More like toilet water! Amiright?!

The Friendly Atheist talks about an upcoming Supreme Court case on the Constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Does it mean that I'm outta the band again?

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This is a fun Phoenix Wright style game where you debate with philosophers on the true nature of morality.

Kristen Ostendorf had been a teacher at Totino-Grace Catholic High School for the past 18 years until she mentioned that she was gay. She was promptly fired the next day. And while we're bashing Catholicism, take a look at Fix the Family, an organization whose thinks the primary goal of a good family is making sure the mother doesn't have an education. That's right, even more than having wives submit to their husbands, is making sure a woman stays out of college!

What if Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail was a serious film?

Scishow talks about the history of our numbers.

When will public schools learn? You're not allowed to lead students in prayer, you're certainly not allowed to have multiple prayers in a single event, and you're definitely not allowed to pray specifically to Jesus! Lawsuit has already been filed.

Did You Know Gaming covers Donkey Kong.

Constant vigilence is still required because school boards continue to try and eliminate science from their textbooks and replace everything with Goddidit! Sorry Christians, evolution and global climate change are facts. Also, why do we let ignorant morons on the school board? Why isn't it run by teachers and scientists?

The Friendly Atheist talks about the Internet destroying religion and the new Jewish textbooks that censor female anatomy diagrams.

If you're looking for a fun way to spend your weekend, why not watch this long series of videos where atheist Steve Shives reads Josh McDowell's Christian Apologist book, "Evidence That Demands a Verdict." Start with the introduction and move on from there.

Who kidnaps a princess?

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Pray the Gay Away is so last year, now Christians are trying the new method, Rape the Gay Away! That's right, youth pastor Brent Girouex had been trying to fix gay Christian boys by praying for them, while at the same time putting his penis inside of them. He admitted to raping four boys, but another another eight have come forward with similar claims. If that weren't enough, the judge who heard the case decided that the poor Christian man shouldn't have to spend a day in prison, and instead put him on parole and told him to attend counseling.

The Friendly Atheist talks about atheists hating gods and what atheists think happens when we die.

Johan van Putten, school board chairman of Christian private school, decided that the school's planners were evil because they had a tiny peace sign on them. According to Putten, the peace sign is a symbol of the Anti-Christ, so he ordered all of the planners to be destroyed and replaced, costing the school about $20,000. Of course, the peace sign is actually a modern symbol and depicts an overlay of the semaphore signals of N and D, which stand for nuclear disarmament. However, Putten, no doubt, got his education from sites created by uneducated Christians with persecution complexes that create sites like this.

Aron Ra's talk on Truth vs. Make Believe.

Victory in Florida. The city of DeLand will have to remove the cross from its seal, thanks to the hard work of Americans United.

An act of terrorism took place in Coos Bay, Oregon. There was an explosion on a Vietnam memorial, and while it didn't injure anyone, it did damage a cross. Fox News immediately brought on someone to point the finger at the Freedom From Religion Foundation and said that they are "crazies" who "will stop at nothing to intimidate communities." Bold statements, but of course, untrue. Fox News didn't even bother to do the tiniest bit of journalism before accusing an innocent group. The FFRF condemns violent acts and points out that it is religious people who make the bombs. Furthermore, someone sent a letter to the city council members and a local newspaper claiming responsibility for the explosion. For my own personal take, violence only begets more violence and has no place in civilized society. Whoever made the bomb is a criminal and should be punished.

Epic Rap Battles of History presents Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Toxic Crusaders.

All things scabbed and ulcerous,
All pox both great and small.
Putrid, foul and gangrenous,
The lord god made them all.

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Florida's Republican attorney general, Pam Bondi, convinced the state's Republican governor, Rick Scott, to postpone the execution of a criminal. Now see, that's what I like to hear. Two good Christian people realizing that if they are to claim that all life is prescious, then they should work diligently to keep all people from being killed, even if they are hardened criminals. Strange that they only postponed the execution for a single day though. Stranger still, that it turns out the only reason the execution was postponed was because it was the same day as Pam Bondi's re-election party. Yes, that's right, these "all life is sacred" dyed-in-th-wool Christians aren't trying to save the man's life, they just don't want his icky execution to interfere with their party. Could they be any more disgusting?

Doctor Andy Thomson talks about the psychology of belief.

Dan Barker explains what it's like to go from a charismatic Christian preacher having been steeped in religion his whole life, to an evangelical atheist and The Friendly Atheist talks about the process as well.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Terminator games, part 1 and part 2.

Mental Floss covers regional slang words while Vsauce talks about the importance of last words and Scishow covers some hurdles with sending people to Mars.

Lawrence Krauss talks about the real Greatest Story Ever Told.

I'm a commoner searching for common ground, and I don't like the way things are going down

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I'd just like to inform everyone in Egypt that the Tea Party doesn't speak for the majority of Americans, only the stupid ones.

The building blocks of life are found, once again, in the center of meteorites, indicating that many of the compounds found in life exist elsewhere in the universe.

Eugenie Scott and PZ Myers answer some questions about the latest tactics of Creationists.

What happens when you allow blasphemy laws? People get sent to prison for a blog post.

Homeopathy doesn't work, which is no surprise because the only way it could work is by violating several known laws of physics. However, just because it's never been shown to be effective, doesn't mean that it isn't hyped up with impressive advertising and sold to the ill-informed. Canada allows vaccines made out of homeopathy (i.e., magic water), and wouldn't you know it, measles is making a huge come back in the country. Health Canada should know better.

Yet another child is dead because the parents followed the instructions found in the Christian book "How to Train a Child". Thankfully, both parents were found guilty and await sentencing. This is the third death that I'm aware of from this book.

Did You Know Gaming covers Final Fantasy games. Part 1 and Part 2.

Fox News anchors want atheists to leave the country rather than create a lawsuit to remove the phrase "under God" from the pledge. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about her. The funny thing is, none of them know when the phrase was added to the pledge to begin with (the 1950s), and their argument is, it doesn't matter, it's on our money (which also wasn't added to all money until the 1950s). Then one woman says that she hates how atheists use their children to make these lawsuits. Hm, a Christian telling people it's wrong to indoctrinate children?

Bishop John Shelby has some harsh words for the church.

It seems like the Vatican has been protecting child-rapists everywhere, Europe, North America, South America, well now even the Caribbean has a scandal!

Kudos to India for taking a step toward secularism. Their highest court has ruled that public schools can't force employees and students to take part in religious activities. Still needs work in order to prevent the government from endorsing religion, but they're making good progress.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Milon's Secret Castle and Tiger electronic games.

She had a nervous breakdown, isn't that sad? It happens.

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By refusing to integrate with the rest of society, Christians are continuing to marginalize themselves. Ever since the Boy Scouts of America decided to allow homosexual boys into the groups, many Christian parents have pulled their children out of the scouts, and are working to form a new scouting group. Some scouts may be taking their ball and going home, but the reality is that the vast majority of scouts will remain. Those few Christians who can't join modern society will outcast themselves and become just as forgotten as they deserve to be.

Fox News just can't understand how a religious scholar could write a book about Jesus, because the scholar is a Muslim.

Humans are getting to the point where we can grow a human brain in a lab, but doesn't that mean we're essentially growing a human? After all, what are you other than your brain?

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Superman games and of course Superman 64.

It never ceases to make me laugh when a religious person says they don't believe in evolution because they can't believe in myth or magic! Talking snake, zombie walk, parting the sea? Nah, those things aren't myth or magic!

Mental Floss reviews 50 science misconceptions.

A huge tree of world religions. Find your tiny twig through the many branches and remember that you're twig is the correct twig!

Some truly asinine questions for Ask a Slave!

The ebook editor who tried to sneak in Christian objections to an atheist's ebook has been rightly fired.

Emily Boyer gives a great talk on safe sex.

Dancing in the movies super cut.

How you turn my world you precious thing

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Showed Emily the movie Labyrinth for her first time.

In order to prove Christ's love, Christian radio host Kevin Swanson tells his listeners to go to same-sex weddings and tell everyone there that they should be executed. Though, I guess he's not as bad as this Christian who, after being teased about his belief in God, murdered his atheist friend.

Scishow talks about unexplained tree formations and cavies.

Both the US and UK governments are using their taxpayer's money, not just to spy on the citizens, but even to build supercomputers to crack the encryption their citizens use. Thank you Snowden for bringing this to light!

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Battletoads and Deadly Towers.

To paraphrase fake historian David Barton, when the US made it illegal to force children in public schools to pray to a god in which they don't believe, their literacy rate drastically fell. That's right folks, forcing children to pray when you could be teaching them English makes kids better at English!

Epic Rap Battles of History: Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood and Napoleon vs Napoleon Dynamite.

Vsauce explains why we kiss and Mental Floss reveals the names of fictional characters.

The Friendly Atheist comments on 15 things you should never say to an atheist and the awful travel guide to Heaven for children.

Sixty men all lost at sea, all of them drunk except for me

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The 110-foot tall cross planned to be built next to I-20 in Mississippi has been canceled by the city planning commission. The church doesn't think it has anything to do with the fact that the city has an ordinance that auxillary structures can't be taller than 20 feet, no, to them the reason the cross can't be built is clear: MUSLIMS!

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews the Sega 32X and the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

We all know that being a Christian Republican means you're a virtuous person who is holier than all those heathens, right? Of course, right! Just take a look at Sheriff Mike Byrd, a devoute Christian who led the state of Mississippi's National Day of Prayer rally. He's a pieous man and strong supporter of the values of Jesus. Values like using his clout as a sheriff to attack people he viewed as political enemies, abusing his authority to harass a restaurant that wouldn't accept a person check, forcing an arrest for murder on a woman even when the detective on the case thought she was inoccent, and of course the holy sacraments of fraud, extortion, embezzlement, witness tampering, and perjury.

The Friendly Atheist has a talk with a Christian pastor at his church in front of his full congregation to tell them about atheism.

The Dawkins Foundation gives a nice talk about how religious indoctrination is child abuse.

Epic Rap Battles of History: Batman Vs. Sherlock Holmes and Columbus Vs. Captain Kirk.

When neurological problems are cured, it won't be from a god, it will be from a scientist.

Even other Christians are disappointed at Ray Comforts awful Evolution vs. God film.

DarkMatter2525 looks at what happens when God plays Minecraft.

Dawkins and Herb Silverman have a nice chat.

Teach me how to see your vision through my eyes

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Orwell's 1984 has nothing on the current situation in the USA.

This is a fun sandbox toy.

Did you know that half of the murders in the country are committed by gay people? Or that homosexuals wear special rings that can infect straight people with AIDS from a hand shake? Did you know that black people are slaves to the government plantation? Learn these things and more from the Republican Party!

The Abrahamic religions are fiercely anti-woman. Case in point, the men in charge of text books in Israel have censored all anatomical diagrams of anatomy of the sex organs... of females. That's right, all the diagrams of male anatomy are still present, but women shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about their naughty sin holes.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and Silver Surfer.

Each year, Hobby Lobby takes out big full-page ads is a massive misinformation campaign to make it seem like the country was founded by bible-thumping Christians. The list quotations from the founding fathers that make them seem to support a particular religious agenda, when in fact, they're hugely dishonest and purposely taking the quotes out of context in order to mislead readers.

The Friendly Atheist talks about dating an atheist and his top 5 atheist books.

This excerpt from a Catholic documentary on Hell explains that even people like Hitler and Stalin might have made it into Heaven, but even really caring and good atheists are guaranteed a place in the fires Hell!

A CVS worker was told he couldn't wear religious neck ties to work anymore, and thousands of Christians are crying religious persecution, right on cue. But do they mean religious persecution, or Christian persecution? Do you think they would cry discrimination if the man was wearing a tie with Satanic symbols on it? They don't equal rights, they want superior rights. As it is, CVS is a private company and can set their own dress code provided it doesn't violate a person's reasonable religious convictions, and there is nothing in Christianity which requires a person to wear Christian ties.

Mental Floss looks at celebrity arrests and college mascots.

An old documentary on fractals.

Wake me up when September finishes to end

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Finally caught up on my YouTube viewing over the weekend, and even had time to watch Strip Search.

You may think the jury is still out on several scientific issues, but a lot of it has been understood and agreed upon for a long time.

Pope Douchebag Francis has released his official words on the subject of non-believers, a group that the Vatican has been trying to woo back into the church. According to him, atheists believe in gods (by definition they cannot), have no moral compass (they're actually less likely to be incarcerated), can't understand love (tell that to a neuroscientist!), destroy families (just ask the Westboro Baptists), and worship themselves (guilty as charged). Somehow I don't think they're going to win any converts with this message.

Mandy Patinkin talks about Inigo Montoya.

An abridged version of Electronic Arts's Gamescom appearance.

New Jersey Christians aren't content with having their city council members reciting a prayer before each meeting, they want clergymen to come in and recite prayers, otherwise they're being discriminated against being able to violate the first amendment even more than usual.

The Angry Video Game Nerd rips on Die Hard and Transformers.

Bill Nye is just plain awesome.

Aron Ra and his wife review some racist hicks talking about their work.

In 1996, one of the families that attended the Church of the First Born in New Mexico refused treatment to their son who had a curable form of cancer. Instead, they watched him get sicker until he died. In 2012, another family from the same church watched their son die a horribly painful death when they refused to take him to the hospital after his appendix ruptured. And this year, a different family from the same church allowed their daughter to die from type 1 diabetes. All of these parents have been arrested, but the church continues to preach their message of letting God heal their sick children.

Mental Floss covers 28 foods named after people.