October, 2013

Happy Halloween ladies!

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Nothing's better than starting to get sick before the weekend. Ugh. I hope it's just a cold. I shouldn't have waited so long to get my flu shot.

There is a church in Dixion, IL that is shaped like a, well, dick. They have since censored their aerial photo with a fig leaf.

Mario is actually an sociopath, parts 1 and 2.

Christians don't like science no matter which country you live in.

A rather interesting lecture of our preconceived notions about a person's identity.

Mental Floss shows us how to cook the perfect steak.

Why Islam is perfectly content allowing rape.

Seth Andrews' interview of Richard Dawkins.

Making designer people in Photo-shop.

What did religion give us last month?

It's even a sin to be holy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

O mio babbino caro

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Every time I think we don't need all these laws and rules, I start to remember that 70% of Americans still believe there is a devil running around in the shadows making us do evil, 38% of American think they have performed a task that God specifically told them to do. There are also thousands that listen to this guy

The Sultan of Brunei has announced that his kingdom will now follow Sharia law in stoning adulterers, chopping off limbs for theft, and public beatings for drinking alcohol, but everything is cool, because these laws only applies to Muslims.

Aron Ra's awesome lecture about reconsidering norms.

Richard Dawkins's talk with Peter Boghossian and the follow up Q&A.

Sanal Edamaruku and his battle with Indian gurus.

A straight man finds out what it's like to lose friends over homosexuality.

Vsauce talks about our narrow slice of time in the world.

You've seen it before, but it's always fun to watch paint on a speaker in slow motion.

The turtle/turtledove conspiracy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Pull me in tighter, yeah!

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Despite Texas trying to rid itself of abortion, a federal judge has ruled much of their new laws unconstitutional. They are still banning all abortions after 20 weeks, but a lot of their other more insane restrictions have been blocked.

Obama might be calling for a review of the NSA's spying on foreign heads of allied states? Heaven forbid!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently told us that climate changes is definitely real, definitely getting worse, and more likely than not, our fault. The Heartland Institute, the same Libertarian think tank that told everyone second hand smoke isn't bad for you, has created a panel with a very similar name, and has mass-mailed some teaching instructions to teachers all over the country. Of course, those instructions include teaching students that global climate change is not our fault, and probably doesn't exist anyway.

Minecraft themed music video! I would love if someday someone loved a project of mine enough to make a music video about it.

Pennsylvania is now one step closer to putting "In God We Trust" in every public school classroom in the state. That's for more important than giving them better textbooks.

At what point is a corporation responsible for its neglegence, and when is a person just sue-happy?

The Friendly Atheist talks about Christian treating men as superiors and if he cares if other people are religious.

Gambit also gets the axe from the X-Men.

The Nazirite vow isn't very different from everyone else in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Falling leaves

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Kevin Trudeau, the conman behind the "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About," is back in jail. After defrauding countless people with his scam products and services, and fleeing the country, Trudeau is being held until he can cough up several million in fines. Hopefully he will stay there for a long time.

Mental Floss shows us lots of really strange animals and facts about candy.

Muslim cultures have a lot to answer for, like why did this man burn his 15-year-old daughter to death? For talking to her fiance over the phone. Why were these two 20-somethings beheaded by an angry mob? For making love.

Sorry Wolverine, you're just not very helpful to the X-Men.

Naming your son "Messiah" is becoming more popular, despite a Tennessee judge trying to ban the name. And that judge is now under investigation.

The US Air Force no longer requires atheists to swear to a God they don't believe in, and those Fox people are sooo pissed!

Is it possible to survive the sun's death?

Yet another study shows that the more religious someone is, the more likely they are to lie for financial gains.

The Friendly Atheists explains why it's okay to criticize religion without being a theologian and why the existence of Jesus doesn't matter.

A new public service announcement: don't not have sex.

Vow of the Nazirite in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I hear you crying

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Robert Louis Rosseau, one of the teachers at the Christian Academy of San Antonio, was arrested after he was shown to be trying to get under-aged girls to be parts of his his sex cult where he would sexually assault them while reading from the bible.

What if all of Tom Hanks' movies were a single story?

C0nc0rdance discusses his evidence for the extremely high amount of rape among college women.

Stephen Fry's first episode of his documentary "Out There" is quite insightful.

The Friendly Atheist asks, how religious can atheists be?

God causes abortions in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Concerning hobbits

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An old white Texas judge finds out what it's like to be accused of voter fraud.

Thanks to Obamacare, insurance companies can no longer claim that a woman who was abused by her husband is a pre-existing condition.

The Vatican has suspended one of its bishops. I know what you're thinking, just a suspension? For raping a child? No no no, you should know by now that the Vatican doesn't punish child-rapists. No, instead, they're suspending him because his home renovations, suddenly jumped to 43 million dollars, which was way above the mere 7.8 million dollars it was expected to cost. Pro Tip: If your house costs more than a private island, you're not taking the vow of poverty very seriously.

Christian preacher caught lying on camera, and his followers are shocked. Why? As a preacher, lying is his job.

Some atheists attempted to volunteer at the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen in South Carolina, only to be kicked out because, according to the Christian organizers, they had the devil with them.

Magic potions reveal infidelity in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Super dee dooper!

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Sean Hannity claimed that Consumer Reports told people to stay away from the Affordable Care Act web site, and then Consumer Reports told people to stop listening to Sean Hannity.

Astronomers have now catalogued over 1,000 exoplanets!

Who is the most likely to lie among Canadian college students? First, business majors, second children of divorced parents, third, people who say religion is important in their lives.

Send a little shame to the Assholes Outside Planned Parenthood.

Every year around 14 million girls are forced to marry, many of them as young as 8-years-old, and surprisingly, many of these marriages occur in civilized countries like Australia!

Saudi Arabian clerics are blaming the United States for the recent demand by women to be allowed to drive. We should be honored to take the blame!

The church who didn't want to release the video of their debate with Dr. David Marshall because, "It just didn't go the way we wanted it to go," has relented and released the video after pressure from the secular movement.

What if people in horror movies weren't stupid?

A really awesome rap battle between Smeagol and Gollum.

DarkMatter2525 addresses the moronic claim that atheists just want to sin.

Priests get even more money in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Roads go ever ever on

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A rather eye-opening and frightening explanation for why privacy is important.

The study of the evolution of herpes coincides accurately with the out of Africa hypothesis of human evolution and distribution.

Rick Scarborough and Peter LaBarbera, officials in the Tea Party, want to have a huge class-action lawsuit and sue all homosexuals. Because that's exactly what George Washington would have wanted.

Bill Maher comments on Scalia's interview about believing in the devil.

David Silverman on Fox News with a couple religious men demanding that the government give them special rights.

An interesting lecture about how and why people are dishonest.

The Friendly Atheist gives 8 reasons for why your religion may be harmful.

Mental Floss tests several life hacks.

Try and meet someone new on Satanic Mingle.

God hates the sick in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I need blood and he's got more than enough!

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Back from Chicago. Greyhound buses almost ruined the trip, both going and returning, never going to ride them again, but the city more than made up for it. I'll go into more detail tomorrow.

New Jersey has legalized same-sex marriage. NEW JERSEY, people! Us remaining pathetic states no longer have an excuse.

Big shocker, Sean Hannity's special on the Affordable Care Act on Fox News was just a bunch of lies. And Rand Paul has told plenty of lies about it himself.

The Catholic reasoning to ban same-sex marriage is that, marriages where people can't procreate don't count. Thus, if you marry an infertile or impotent spouse, your marriage doesn't count.

After losing their debate, this church has decided not to post the video of their debate because, "it didn't go the way we wanted it to go." Instead, they trimmed out all of the secularist's talking points, and only posted the Christian rebuttals!

Google's automatic search completion shows why we still need feminism.

Suck it, Texas!

It used to be that Catholics could at least count on the booming Hispanics to keep their numbers from tanking, but now even that's not looking so good.

Charge Tea-Party Republicans with sedition? Yes, I'd like to see this.

Strange population groups in The Blasphemer's Bible.

You've cursed all perfect days

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Off to Chicago tomorrow and for the weekend. This time I'm going with my beau rather than my Beau. See you folks on Monday!

16 days and billions of dollars later, the Republican have ended their pathetic attempt to end the Affordable Care Act and accepted defeat. The economic damage can be recovered, already world markets are back on the rise, but the damage Republicans caused to their party will probably prevent them from even having a shot in the next presidential elections, and hopefully, it will be so bad they'll lose the House as well.

Christians really want to be able to discriminate against minorities, just as Jesus intended.

Finally! A sure-fire way to get men to stop raping women! Stop men from drinking alcohol! In response to a horribly sexist and completely stupid article telling women they should stop getting drunk to prevent rape.

Ireland has a long history of mixing religion with their government, which is why I'm so pleased to hear that several top politicians are trying to end the oath to serve God as part of the induction ritual.

Private Christian schools are notorious for expelling students who are gay, but why is it they're receiving tax-payer money to do this?

Gershons are cloth movers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'd feel the sun on my face if it weren't so damn cloudy!

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The surface of Mars in indeed an alien world.

Muslim politicians in Malaysia have are now legally preventing any other non-Muslims from even saying the word Allah.

Computerphile takes a look at the birthplace of the Internet.

Kohaths are hired movers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Qiverful movement, because there's no U in qiverful.

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I always love when I get phone books because it give me practice at tearing them in half.

Just in case listening to your phone calls and reading your email wasn't enough, the NSA has now been exposed as reading your online chats, your address books, and even your buddy lists.

In Kansas City, Missouri two high school seniors, Matthew Barnett and an unnamed boy, got two younger girls (ages 14 and 13) drunk and raped even as the girl begged them to stop. A third buddy filmed part of the encounter, and afterward, they dumped one of the girl's on her parent's porch, where she almost froze to death over night. And yet, the men never got punished. The county prosecutor, Robert Rice, who has ties to grandfather of one of the rapists, state senator Rex Barnett, dropped the case without even consulting the family due to "lack of evidence." Even though the boys admitted to giving the under-aged girls alcohol and then having sex with them, even though the girls underwear was found in the boy's basement, even though they FILMED IT! In fact, the small town even ganged up on the families of the rape victims, and prosecutor Rice says the families of the rape victims owe the rapists an apology! Finally, a recent online post by the rapist Matthew Barnett shows that he hasn't learned a single thing from this fiasco, the post read "If her name begins with A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, she wants the D." A protest has been planned for October 22nd to try and bring a wider audience to this crime and not let it go unsettled.

Several things that were invented or discovered by women, for which men get credit.

Christian Apologist Josh McDowell explains how having sex eventually turns people into child-raping sex-traffickers.

God makes the Israelites pay in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Can you blow me where the pampers is?

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According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC, the American public blames the Republicans for the government shutdown by a 22-point-margin, and a Gallup poll shows that the Republican Party has sunk to the lowest favorable rating of any political party in the history of Gallup polling! Of course, the highly religious Republicans still think they're on the verge of victory because Jesus won't let them fail. After all, God wanted Ted Cruz to shutdown the government. While I'm not pleased at how much damage this is causing to America, it makes me happy that the greater of the two evils is killing itself.

Canadian schools offer free HPV vaccinations, except in the schools run by Catholics. Those students will just have to die of cervical cancer.

A 16-year-old boy in Thailand is dead after being forced to drink 18 liters of holy water during an exorcism.

The Russian government pays people to write online comments in favor of the government.

The Friendly Atheist comments on banning religion,

An interesting cover of Portal 2's Want You Gone.

God specifies the tents of the Levites in The Blasphemer's Bible.

When it's not worth dying for?

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I'm in a wedding tomorrow! Not my own, but some friends of mine are tying the knot, and I get to wear a snazzy tux!

Dr. Alice Roberts did a wonderful three-part series on the evolution of human anatomy. Part 1 - Bones, Part 2 - Guts, Part 3 - Brains.

What can you expect from the police and FBI when someone creates a web site all about wanting to murder you?

I certainly don't trust companies like Monsanto to have my best interests in mind, but I do trust thousands of scientific research papers saying genetically modified crops are safe.

Paul Thornton, an editor at the LA Times, responded to the science-denier bloggers who wanted to know why the newspaper wasn't publishing any anti-climate change letters. His response was, because they contain factual errors, and he won't publish something that is demonstrably false. Good on you, mate!

The best Vines of September, 2013.

PBS explains how to be creative.

Mental Floss has created a wonderful, How to Be More Interesting series.

Another census in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Do you know what's worth fighting for?

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Christopher Columbus was an asshole.

You Bionic Commando fans can now play the fully translated Japanese version.

Lost planets, those that are just free-floating in space without orbiting a star, have been estimated in the hundreds of billions, and we get a look at the very first one we've discovered.

Aron Ra's latest lecture, Show Me the Truth of It.

What happens when a non-believer becomes an ordained minister through a web site just to deliver the invocation at a city council meeting?

Mental Floss explains the origins of idioms, and Vsauce explains how people disappear.

C0nc0rdance covers several of the more popular anti gun control arguments.

Computerphile explains the origin and beauty of Unicode.

Republican Allen West wants you to know, if you're not a Christian, you're not happy. Oh sure, you may think your happy, and there may be evidence that you're happy, but believe him, you ain't happy!

A video showing the land battles of World War II, one day at a time for the entire war.

Other Levites become the property of Aaron's family in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Just remember that the last laugh is on you

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What it's like having to live off of the hand-me-downs of rich white children.

Christians beat, and starve a teenage girl because she was obviously posessed by demons!

The Boy Scouts of American still won't allow atheists to join, but the Scouts in the UK now make exceptions.

Roy Zimmerman sings a song to the NSA, and the House of Representatives.

Scishow covers the UN's climate change report and bringing animals back from extinction.

Sixty Symbols covers water balloon science and maximum bandwidth.

With the US government still shutdown Americans are looking for someone to blame, and 72% of us are in agreement, it's the Republicans. In fact, some Republicans have even bragged about shutting it down like Harry Reid and Rand Paul.

The Friendly Atheist responds to the question is Barack Obama an atheist, and Ken Ham's comment that atheists secretly believe in his god.

Other Levites become the property of Aaron's family in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Dawning of a new era

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Nuclear fusion has passed the break-even point, and is now producing more energy than it needs to start the reaction!

Should you be taking vitamins? No, probably not!

In Texas, football trumps grades because a football player can make millions while an education is only going to get you thousands. But it's not just football, any education-free past time is more important than learning. Just ask Ally Batista, a cheerleader at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas. She will be suspended from the squad if she doesn't show up for the next cheering event. Why might she not show up? Because she'll be busy taking her SATs.

Christopher Hitchens speaking and answering questions at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

The Friendly Atheist cover things you shouldn't say to an atheist and talks about the pope excommunicating a priest for caring about women.

My Congressman Dan Kildee talks about the government shutdown.

Scishow talks about pigeons and getting to Alpha Centauri.

Rebecca Watson is back on You Tube! Her latest videos talk about supporting cancer research and mocking Phil Mason's terrible rape apologist video.

When a person creates a Facebook page called "Should [feminist] Jamie Bernstein be murdered?" and in the description advocate getting a law passed to legally execute the woman, you would think that Facebook would recognize that this is obvious harassment, which violates Facebook's code of conduct. Furthermore, what with Facebook declaring October as Bullying Awareness Month, they would actually do something about this, right? No. According to Facebook, a site that advocates murdering a woman for being a feminist, and also takes swipes at her sexuality, doesn't count as harassment. The page is now down, but Facebook made no mention of it breaking their rules, it just disappeared.

Remember when God burned Aaron's sons alive in The Blasphemer's Bible?

When I get to your age, I won't be such a coward

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Enjoyed a wonderful night out to partake in Matt's bachelor party. We raced go karts, ate steaks, and took a party bus to the club!

The police department in Cincinnati, Ohio is so inept at their job that they decided to stop trying to fight crime, and resorted to walking about Sunday mornings praying for crime to go away.

Some very moving photographs.

An Australian chiropractor broke an infant's neck while manipulating the its spine. For a treatment that has quite a bit of risk with no demonstrable benefits, why is this even allowed? And speaking of governments not regulating health care that have adverse side-effects with no measurable benefit, the FDA is trying to get vitamin manufacturers to demonstrate their safety and effectiveness(heaven forbid!), but they're fighting the FDA, and thanks to having Congressional support, they're winning. Part of me wants to blame the ignorant consumer, but we all succumbs to clever marketing strategies, especially if we're unfamiliar with the product in question. And how many people really understand how vitamins work? This is why we need a watch-dog group to protect us. However, when the watch-dog is setup and controlled by politicians who have no medical background, it's unlikely that they'll have the authority to actually protect us properly. Why isn't the FDA controlled by medical researchers? Why do we continue to let MBAs, CEOs, and lawyers control the FDA?

Anton Scalia, one of the most powerful people in the United States, is batshit crazy!

Anti-gay de-conversion camps are still alive and well in the USA, and undercover reporters continue to expose them.

The Garden of Eden now falls under the category of "science" to the Texas state Board of Education. And nobody is surprised.

AXE Body Spray is holding a competition to send a brave man into space, and a woman is currently in the lead. Naturally, she has received death-threats from men.

A Saudi Arabian court had sentenced a 19-year-old woman to 90 lashes because she was raped, but once her lawyer made international headline complaining about the verdict, her punishment was increased to 200 lashes for being raped.

Churches have been known to create their own pension plans, but unlike the business world, where safe-guards must be put in place to ensure people don't lose their pensions, churches don't have to follow such rules and people often lose all their money without any legal recourse.

God micro-manages tent positions in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Go-go gadget go-kart!

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Probably not a shock to anyone reading this, but if you believe that vaccinations are dangerous, you're also a lot more likely to believe the moon landing was faked, Bigfoot is real, and aliens are totally probing us in the butt.

News has surfaced that the Vatican branch in Australia has tried, on multiple occasions, to strike a deal with the local police department to stop their investigation into the Vatican's child-raping priests.

Islam is a religion of peace, except when they stone you to death for using a cell phone.

Hobby Lobby doesn't just hate Muslims and Atheists, they also hate Jews. In fact, when asked why they don't sell Hanukkah merchandise, an employee said, " We don't cater to you people."

City Council members Michelle Mosby and Cynthia Newbille of Richmond, Virginia have a solution to the city's crime problem: use their government position and tax-payer money to promote praying to Jesus. How did get such an idea? They believe that God himself told them to do it! Which makes one wonder why God would ask them to break the law? Well, the ACLU seems determined to find out.

The FBI demanded the encryption key of the email used at Lavabit, the email provider that American hero, Edward Snowden used to leak the NSA's highly-illegal national wire tapping program. The FBI tried to gag Lavabit from even telling anyone that the FBI was investigating the company. The owner of Lavabit, Ladar Levison, tried to fight the FBI's gag and demand for their encryption key, which, if given, would allow the FBI complete access, not just to Snowden's emails, but the email of every client of Lavabit! The FBI, of course, doesn't care about the 4th Amendment any more than the NSA, so they had no problem violating the privacy of innocent American citizens. Without legal recourse, Ladar Levison took a final stand and sent the FBI the encryption key, but in the form of an 11-page print out using unreadable 4 point font. After the US courts ordered a $5,000-a-day fine until he gave up a digital form of the key, Levison finally relented. This means that the FBI can now read every single email that was ever sent from Lavabit, including all of the emails for which they never procured a warrant. Levison shut down his business, after the ordeal, not wanting to, "become complicit in crimes against the American people." I hear you, buddy! Why does the FBI and the NSA have the authority to read my emails, when the FDA and the FTC can't even put a stop to homeopathy or acupuncture?

The Exodus is even larger than you thought in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of death's construction

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Christian Pastor David Love was in love with one of his church congregants, Teresa Stone. The only problem was, Teresa Stone was married to her husband Randy Stone who just happened to be the pastor's best friend! This sounds like the plot of a kooky romantic comedy, but rather than end with a cheerful lesson learned by all, it ends with David Love and Teresa stone plotting to, and carrying out, the murder of Randy Stone. It didn't take long for the police to figure out what happened, and sure enough, both the pastor and his mistress are behind bars.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is awesome! Here she is berating the Republicans just before they shut down the government because they don't want women to have birth control (even though the Republican's insurance program covers it), and here she is grilling restaurant owners over their abysmal employee pay.

In a conference which promises to have a wonderful stink around it, the Values Voter Summit will feature the ignorant Michele Bachmann, the insane Glenn Beck, the hate-monger Ted Crux, and the santorum Rick Santorum. The organizers are already showing just how trustworthy the speakers will be by promoting a false quote by president James Madison where he says the country was founded on the Ten Commandments, when in fact, Madison worked diligently to ensure the separate church and state.

It's too late for this now, but here's how Star Wars could have been made better.

The Friendly Atheist talks about being an atheist when it comes to healing, coaches preaching to their students, and why Jessica Ahlquist wasn't invited to the new school banner that she made possible.

It's good idea to study and learn Arabic. Not only are Arab-speakers immigrating all over the world, but our country's leaders feel it necessary to remain locked in the military occupation of the Middle East, so a fluent speaker will have little trouble finding work in the Military. A school in Alabama decided to offer Arabic as a foreign language in their school, and as expected, the public was outraged. In their eyes, the Arabic language is not a language of a culture, but the language of a religion! In fact, they fear that by learning the language, their children will begin to follow Sharia law! Now, if only Christianity had a language!

Fermat's last theorem has an interesting history behind it.

Bowser wannabe gets oversold.

Moses and Aaron get special treatment in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Government shutdown means all of the good things it does are gone, while all of the bad things are still paid for!

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California is experiencing its worse pertussis outbreak in 60 years. Over 9,000 infants have contracted the disease, and 10 have died from it, despite the fact that it's entirely preventable. The California Department of Health has tracked down the source of the outbreak, and has found that the culprit is none other than anti-vax parents. Their scientific ignorance has literally killed other people's children.

Leaked emails of Republican Speaker John Boehner reveal just how corrupt he is.

Nine warning signs that your religion is actually harmful.

Republican Will Weatherford really wants public school coaches to preach to their players about Jesus, even if it's currently illegal.

Jaclyn Green rewrites Amazing Grace to Amazing Science.

Numbers continues to bore us in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy Autumn!

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Republican message of the day: You know how all us politicians already enjoy universal health care provided by the US government? Well, we don't want the rest of you to have that too, and we're willing to shut down the Departments of Energy, Defense, Commerce, and Transportation to make sure you ">don't get it! In a special form of irony, today's Google doodle exists to celebrate Yosemite National Park's 123rd year in existence, but it will be closed until the Republican quit pouting.

Christians don't want to know anything about evolution, and they want to make sure that nobody else knows anything about it either!

People who steal baseballs from children are just awful people.

I'm already bored of Numbers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Want to watch a creepy Christian movie about masturbation? If you can make it through the trialer, maybe you can stomach the entire movie.

DarkMatter2525 covers the baby mama drama of Genesis.

Brian May talks about the studio process behind making Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the god of the gaps.