November, 2013

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Can I be done with being sick now?

Remember when the US was a nation of pioneers? Now China is heading to the moon, and we're cutting NASA's budget.

Barney gets eviscerated.

The U.K. makes it clear to their citizens that they can't discriminate against people based on their sexual preference.

Republican Rick Saccone is trying to make a law to force Pennsylvannian public schools to display the message "In God We Trust" to all their students. The money being spent on forcing his religion down the throat of students could be used on text books or better equipment, but that's a Republican for you. Saccone even had a chat with an honors-level politics class and the local news reported that the students were in favor of the bill. Except that a lot of the students have been saying just the opposite! That the majority of them disagree with the bill and that Saccone wouldn't give straight-forward answers any of their important questions. This becoming big as a Pennsylvania transit company loses a lawsuit due to discriminating against a secular group.

SciShow discusses burning metal and being scared to death.

Moses is a crybaby in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ready for a day off

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Throat's acting up again. Might need to see one of those evil doctors with their unnatural medicine that actually cures people!

Pastors in South Carolina are very disappointed that their churches will no longer get preferential treatment, as the law that bars can't open within 500 feet of churches is set to be eliminated.

Republican Frank Lucas' Wikipedia page was been scrubbed of his statements regarding his disbelief of evolution or climate change, and after tracing the IP address of the person who made the change, it turns out it was someone at the House of Representatives, probably one of his underlings!

It wasn't enough that the Supreme Court said that corporations are people, now they might say that they can have religious beliefs as well!

Pope Francis may be trying to woo the less-religious by being more tolerant toward homosexuals and atheists, but is it bringing more people into the church? According to the Pew Research Center... No.

The administrators of Northwest Rankin High School in Mississippi forced their students to attend a Christian sermon which naturally led to complaints. Without a letter of how they won't let this happen again, or even an apology, a lawsuit was filed against the school board. With the long history of precedence against schools forcing religion on students, the school lost and must now pay $15,000 in legal fees. But since they're a school, they're not paying with their own money, they're paying with the local taxpayer's money. Hopefully, the voters in Rankin will remember that during the next voting cycle. Hopefully, a similar outcome will occur at Fayette High School in Missouri where a teacher has been telling students they'll be punished by God, and using the school's facilities to have prayer meetings on campus, but to Fox News, she's a martyr.

God burns people alive for complaining in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ain't nobody got time for dat!

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Celebrities read their mean tweets. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Neutrinos, subatomic neutrally-charged particles that rarely interact with normal matter, have finally been captured by using a cubic kilometer of ice! This is after 40 years of trying.

I Love Last Gen is a pretty cool videogame show.

Betty Bowers gives the perfect Thanksgiving Prayer.

A song about how videogames make children psychopaths.

Theramin Trees discusses the science of the gaps.

God likes incantations in The Blasphemer's Bible.

[Insert Title Here]

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Are you taking vitamins to try and stay healthy? Not only will they probably not do any good, but there's a good chance they may be slowly killing you.

Why you'll never see a female sushi chef, and other ridiculous bigotry.

Australian courts aren't letting the Australian Vaccination Network off the hook. Despite the organization's positive sounding name, they're actually severely antivax, and the government wasn't about to let their fraud go challenged.

Want to get a custom license plate featuring your religion? No problem. Want to get one featuring your lack of religion? Sorry, that's objectionable.

Feminist Frequency takes a few more (justifiable) digs into the videogame industry.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has won a major court battle. No longer will just churches be allowed to offer tax exempt housing to their parishioners (assuming all the appeals fail).

This YouTube channel is hilarious. Actors reading Christian posts with all the melodrama you've come to expect from them.

Many people in Sioux Falls have received death threats after Fox News reported that the school board had eliminated the Pledge of Allegiance from all meetings. The reality, it seems, is that the school board actually made the Pledge mandatory for all school meetings! It seems a local news agency had flubbed a headline, and Fox didn't bother to ask a single person on the school board to confirm the ruling.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers some impressive questions from a little boy.

Moses needs a non-godly guide in The Blasphemer's Bible.

That level of stupidity should be painful!

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The sun is all set to flip its magnetic polarity sometime this week, but there's no cause for alarm.

Time-lapses from space are fascinating. You can watch city grow up and an environment be annihilated.

As many of you already know, the horrific excuse for a human being, Sylvia Browne, is now dead. She predicted she would die at 88, but years of chain smoking cut that short. Browne made a career out of pretending to hear messages from dead people (who later turned out to be alive), and had just set up a book tour before kicking the bucket. Just another failed prediction in a long line of failed predictions. Gosh, you'd think at least one of those alive dead people would have warned her.

Gotta love Lindsey Stirling.

Catholics know the best way to help typhoon victims, free rosaries and bibles!

The videogame love song.

Christian movies are so bad even Christians don't watch them. Case in point, God's NOT Dead! Kevin Sorbo (There's an A-list celebrity for you) plays a caricature atheist who gets knocked down a few pegs by a faith-believing young student with everything to prove!

God bless the GIF.

How to fake a before and after photo.

The Israelite slaves are suddenly military men in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Stand in awe at the designer of the tit-for-tat strategy in the iterative prisoner's dilemma

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The website of the Affordable Care Act may be junk, but it is working in a few states, and the ones who use it are quite pleased with it and Planned Parenthood gives some helpful advice about it.

The governmental Church of England is finally bowing to the political climate and allowing female bishops. Will this prevent them from their extinction expected by the Archbishop of Canterbury?

Oklahoma's Republican governor, Mary Fallin, wanted to prevent same-sex couples from receiving military benefits. However, she changed her mind when the Pentagon reminded her that, even if her bigoted state doesn't recognize same-sex couples, the US military does, and she's not allowed to discriminate against them. Of course, like any good Christian, she changed her mind in the wrong direction. Fallin decided that, if she can't discriminate against same-sex couples, she would rather cancel all military benefits to everyone!

Two more victories for separation between church and state. The Pierce County Council will not be spending $7,000 of tax-payer's money on "non-religious" Evangelizing to children and the teacher who gave extra credit to students who watched Christian movies and burned a cross into the arm of one of his students has lost his appeal on his dismissal.

Eugenie Scott explains who Creationism is still crazy after all these years.

Magic trumpets don't actually keep you safe in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Lance de la Dragon

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The Ohio Supreme Court upheld the firing of John Freshwater who refused to remove Creationist religious materials from his classroom in a public school, which is great, but the court said they were upholding his firing, not based on his teaching religion as science, but because he was insubordinate. What might have been.

That Muslim president of ours omitted "under God" from the Gettysburg Address, is the cry of many dishonest Conservatives! Of course, the original Gettysburg Address, much like the original Pledge of Allegiance, did not contain the phrase "under God," and Obama is a Christian who attends a Christian church regularly, and has encouraged several pro-Christian policies to be made. And even if he were a Muslim, Muslims believe in God too!

The Friendly Atheist is asked, do you feel sorry for religious people?

God loves the vuvuzela in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sing a song for them

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Bill Watterson gives an interview to Mental Floss of all people!

Sent to prison for being an atheist? Is this Iran? Saudi Arabia? No, right here in the USA, a man was convicted of violating his parole because he wouldn't acknowledge the existence of a god!

Boston police officers will now have constant monitoring of their squad cars through GPS, and they're not too happy about it. Can't say I blame them, this is the equivalent of having someone looking over your shoulder all day.

To the parents who won't vaccinate their children from chicken pox, and instead purposely infect them, you may be causing your child to have a stroke, encephalitis, or death!

Real doctors talk about quack medicine including fake cancer treatments.

The long-term evolutionary study of E. coli shows that, even when you eliminate nearly every selective pressure in the wild, life still evolves.

Speaking of evolution, what is it like to debate a creationist?

Trumpets solve all problems in The Blasphemer's Bible.

But if I crossed a million rivers, and I rode a million miles
Then I'd still be where I started, same as when I started

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One step closer to quantum computers at room temperature!

The Supreme Court refuses to rule on the NSA spying on US citizens via phone metadata, and refuses to explain why. They suck.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Vietnam. VIETNAM PEOPLE! What the hell is wrong with the USA? Or worse, Israel.

Catholic hospital Mercy Regional in Colorado has trying to censor its doctors from even mentioning abortion to patients, even if their lives are in danger due to pregnancy complications. A practice which is quite illegal, and the hospital knows it.

Want to spend a lot of money on a really strange college class? Mental Floss has a list.

Christians claim that 100,000 of their ranks are killed as martyrs each year worldwide, but in reality, most Christians are killed by other Christians!

Alfred Russell Wallace is also an awesome evolutionist.

Using $7,000 of tax-payer money on childhood Christian Evangelism doesn't count as a religious expense to Jim McCune of the Pierce County City Council of Washington.

The Friendly Atheist talks about people who trust faith over evidence.

Nothing's changed since Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

A man is many things, let's count them all tonight

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Really cool animal species you may not have seen.

Illinois is just about the sign into law their marriage equality bill, and Bishop Thomas Paprocki is preparing a governmental exorcism to rid the state of the demons of same-sex marriage. Good luck with that.

Fraud historian David Barton explains how teachers can sneak the bible into the classroom without getting fired.

The Christian response to children who come out as being gay... surely they must have been molested!

It's amazing, when you point out that a school is violating their student's constitutional rights and threaten a lawsuit, they actually stop violating their student's constitutional rights!

The Friendly Atheist answers the question, can atheists believe in ghosts, and explains why mission trips don't help.

Vsauce explains what the Earth looks like.

A lecture about the future of programming based on the forgotten programming languages of the 1970s.

Even these religious leaders understand that global climate change is an important issue that must be dealt with.

A talk about the sexual shame that comes from religion.

Morticians can't celebrate Passover in The Blasphemer's Bible.

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Throat is almost healed from an opportunistic fungal infection I got after the cold cleared up. Ugh! I'm such a mess these past weeks!

Another reason we still need feminism. And if police failing to do anything about Joseph Levall Parker and Beraiah Hales admitting to rape doesn't bother you, how about attorney Keith Jefferies who argued that if a woman didn't want to be raped, she should have closed her legs. Or what about Justin Lookadoo who says that date-able girls are the ones who shut-up and aren't independent.

Ovella Andreas knows how to solve the problem of murder in Detroit. She's gathering as much money from her church friends as possible to buy a whole bunch of advertising space to broadcast the message, " Thou shalt not kill!" If that doesn't solve the city's crime problem, I don't know what will!

And now the UK is surpassing our space program.

Christian doctor (there's an oxymoron for you!) Jereth Kok admits to violating Australian law by trying to convince his patients not to get an abortion, even when they may die from the pregnancy. When someone pointed out that by not sending a woman to a doctor who can safely perform her abortion, she may end up trying to get a back-alley abortion, and Kok said, "Thatís exactly what she deserved for trying to kill her own child."

Christians and kid's toys.

How easy is it to pick someone's pocket?

The Friendly Atheists comments on people who claim to hate religion but love Jesus and people who claim bad Christians don't invalidate Christianity, but bad atheists invalidate atheism.

God's favorite get early retirement in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The gods must not exist

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Despite Facebook claiming that it took no part in the NSA's massive and illegal spying campaign, they actually patented software that streamlines handing over your personal information to law enforcement agencies.

Child rape seems pretty rampant among Jewish communities as well.

What it's like when adults get whooping cough, thanks to the antivaxers.

A wonderful poetry reading of childhood nostalgia.

NonStampCollector comments on Internet drama about Atheism+.

An interesting animation that explains the difficulties of a microorganism moving through water.

The Friendly Atheist talks about questions that atheists struggle with and how standing up (or sitting down) for what is right can cost you.

Top 10 signs you don't understand evolution.

A collection of really smart people talk about gods.

God's favorite get early retirement in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The gods must be crazy

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In an effort to make people hate them even more, the recording industry has issued cease and desist orders to the Internet's top 50 lyrics web sites.

Russia returns to Cold War Era handling of dissenters.

Texas Christians suggest kidnapping women in order to prevent them from having abortions.

Nermin Spahic, a Muslim Imam in Iowa is very disappointed that his religious rights are being violated! All he was doing was sexually assaulting rubbing women with oil to heal their demons.

Israelites are the property of God in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Heap sort > bubble sort

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The Catholic Diocese of Illinois has issued an ultimatum to the YMCA. If the young men's club wants to continue receiving $60,000 a year from the church, they must sever all ties with groups that want to treat homosexuals like human beings. The YMCA has bravely told the Catholics to piss off, but they are really hoping that other caring people will pick up the slack. The Catholics, of course, may do what they want with their money, but this isn't exactly helping the public image of a cartel of child rapists. Case in point, Father Ireneusz Bochynski of Poland recently went on the record saying he knows of 10-year-old children who "went to bed with adults, wanting to be fulfilled, and it was the choice of the child."

Church officials at Salem Baptist Church in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania tried to weasel their way out of paying for a a new church building, and they even convinced two corrupt county officials, Oscar Vance and Garrett Page, to help them abuse the judicial system and have the builder they scammed arrested. Thankfully, a higher judge saw what was going on. I hope there will be an inquiry.

Bohemian Rhapsody on the ukelele.

When a new soldier swears their oath to defend the nation, Republican Sam Johnson wants to make sure that all of them, be they Hindu, Buddhist, or atheist, must say, "so help me God."

Kids React to same-sex marriage.

CFI explains why millions of people are happy without religion.

Sins are not all the same to God in The Blasphemer's Bible.

More to the point, why do you let bad things happen to me?

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Looking forward to the day when I don't wake up with bloody boogers and a raw throat.

Microscopes just makes things look terrifying.

Republicans are trying to drastically alter how science is conducted in this country. Rather than allow scientists free-reign to answer the ultimate questions of the universe, they want scientists to only work on projects that can be shown to directly help the country. The problem with this approach, of course, is that scientific discoveries rarely have any obvious positive impact. Einstein wasn't looking for a way to make more accurate GPS systems, he just wanted to understand the strangeness of speed of light. Orsted wasn't trying to make an electric motor, he was just trying to understand magnets and electricity. The most impressive scientific discoveries that have had the most impact on us have always been about understanding, not trying to make one country better than another.

Wendy Davis, the politician who did an 11-hour filibuster to protect abortion rights, pisses off Conservatives when she calls herself pro-life because she cares about living things.

Anne Daigle-McDonald assaulted a fourth grader who wouldn't stand for the pledge of allegiance.

Moms get misty-eyed when they hear what their kids think of them.

Shit's going down at Vinelife Church in Colorado where pastor Jason Allen Robertson has been arrested for coercing a 15-year-old girl into having a 7-year sexual relationship with him. But the rest of the church elders aren't off the hook either, as they helped keep his case of statutory rape hidden from authorities.

Know your movie franchise lexicon.

The Friendly Atheist wonders if religion is a product of evolution.

The wonderful things that religion has contributed to the world recently.

The numbers of Numbers are pretty unbelievable in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Heavenly father, why do you let bad things happen?

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Pastor is still too stupid to know that the first amendment's anti-government religion clause has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to extend to the states. And David Silverman mocks Bill Donohue.

Disney princesses, with beards.

The US Supreme Court is ruling on the Constitutionality of prayers at governmental council meetings.

Bus driver who wouldn't stop praying for the students on his bus can't understand why he was fired.

It turns out that ghosts can play Portal.

The Friendly Atheist covers some of the more gruesome bible stories.

Star Wars bloopers.

In order to get back at those evil atheists who are demanding that a public school follow the law and remove a ten commandments monument from their property, this Christian group is spending their money to make even more ten commandment monuments to be placed on privately owned church grounds. They don't seem to realize that atheists don't care if they want to put stuff up on their own property.

Mental Floss explains the origins of several superstitions.

True facts about the owl and the sea pig.

Time is an illusion in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Last wave

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A kid reacts to Darth Vader's reveal in Empire.

A really good 3-part video series about why this person doesn't believe in God. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The Christian couple who starved and abused their daughter until she died will thankfully be sent to prison for a very long time.

True Facts about the frog and the mantis shrimp.

A Christian runner refuses to run in a race because she was given the number 666. She said she didn't want to risk her relationship with God by wearing such a number. I'm sure the opposing team's players are all saying, "God bless superstitious people!"

More Super Mario Did You Know.

The Levites get more treasure in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Concerning Hobbits

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Quick update to the High Resolution Flag Database. I'm almost ready to put my professional package up for sale.

You remember the 2008 financial crisis when Wall Street bankrupted the nation due to lending to people who couldn't possibly pay? Well, after having the American tax-payers foot a several billion dollar bill, the government allowed the banks to create new restrictions for themselves (always a great idea), and the minor change that they made was to say that tax-payers will no longer be held responsible for financial companies who default on derivatives. Not exactly reform, but it was a step in the right direction. Well, our good buddies the Republicans just eliminated that restriction, and we're back to where we were in 2008!

By the today is a voting day, go out and make a difference. If you live in Michigan, go here for info.

Here's a story about some New Mexico cops who just don't know when to stop... checking a man's butt. After performing several anal exams on David Eckert, including multiple x-rays, multiple digital examinations, multiple enemas, and a colonoscopy, New Mexican police officers then tried to get David Eckert to pay for all of the medical exams! Naturally, there is a lawsuit.

India now has a better space program than the USA.

What's that? Christian organizations that create a boycott list for Christmas are not to be trusted? They hate EB Games because they only had 14 references to Christmas, but they're okay with Chick-fil-A who asked its customers to spread cheer during the "holiday" season.

This Virginia mother, just can't understand why people are so upset that she dressed her 7-year-old son up as a member of the KKK for Halloween. Coincidentally, the mother's name is Jessica Black.

George M. Allred, mayor of Colorado City, Arizona, has written several letters to convicted child rapist and cult leader, Warren Jeffs, asking him for advice on who he should hire into governmental positions.

How to deal with the philosophical arguments made by cherry-picking Christian apologists like William Lane Craig.

SciShow discusses the new evidence about the evolution of humans and how we starve.

The Friendly Atheist discusses deism.

The second episode of Stephen Fry's series on homophobia, Out There.

Kohath gets screwed in The Blasphemer's Bible.

There's no need to argue anymore

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I took Friday off due to a cold, and I'm mostly back to normal now. Pseudoephedrine is my hero. I also added two new games to my list of beaten games, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two.

Who wants to change American history to remove slavery as a primary cause for the civil war? Southern white Conservative Christian men, that's who.

A Saudi Arabian sheikh has issued a fatwa against anyone traveling to Mars, as if they're anti-science culture could even get them to low-Earth orbit. What do you expect from a country that makes it a crime for women to drive. Come on ladies, haven't you seen this video?

Zach Kopplin talks about his activism in stopping Creationism bills.

15 sorting algorithms with visual and audio representation.

Why you should always sanitize your inputs!

If Pacific Rim had an honest trailer.

Lee Lemon asks, is child rape okay in Islam? Strangely, the answer seems to be, yes.

True facts about the cuttlefish.

More free stuff for the Levites in The Blasphemer's Bible.