December, 2013

Happy 2014 tonight!

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As we say goodbye to 2013, here is a YouTube retrospective, and let's of course remember 1994.

SciShow answers the question for why we're so gassy and why men have nipples.

Another infant's penis is chopped off in a botched circumcision.

Seth Andrews gives a wonderful talk about leaving Christianity.

18 straight minutes of Rube Goldberg machines.

A couple of months ago Pew Research conducted a political poll and found the the Tea Party hit an all-time low!

David Fitzgerald discusses sex and violence in the bible.

Are you good on a bike? How about this good?

Richard Dawkins discusses his new book, An Appetite For Wonder.

Christian trying to be cool is really, REALLY funny.

It's almost the gnu year!

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Finished off my antibiotic for my ear infection. Looking forward to having firm stool again.

It's almost the new year, so lets take a look back at the amazing work of Christianity in 2013.

Explaining the nocebo effect.

Conservative David Cameron, prime minister of the UK, is preparing to institute his Internet filter that makes China blush. In addition to preventing UK citizens from viewing web sites that an out-sourced company has deemed "pornographic," the filter will also prevent them from reading about anything violent, politically extreme, covering the usage of alcohol or tobacco, and how to bypass the filter (naturally). In addition to that, sites containing information about eating disorders, suicide, or homosexual lifestyles will be eliminated, because if you're a gay teen, the last thing you should learn about is safe-sex and how to deal with your suicide-level depression from bullying.

Pakistan is making it very difficult to have relations when their Muslims accuse even their own foreign diplomats of blasphemy. But you can't expect much from a religion when its adherents think it's okay to kill people for using vaccines, and even more bizarre, killing other Muslims for claiming to have seen an apparition of God.

But then, every religion ruins humanity.

Catholics may claim to love homosexuals, and even their pope might give some pleasant sound bites, but when it really comes down to it, they're still doing everything they can to take away their rights.

The Friendly Atheist talks about atheists celebrating religious holidays, and specifically Christmas.

DarkMatter2525 give the proper answer to Pascal's Wager.

I could do it all for you, but I don't want to!

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This is my neighboring city.

Louis CK talks about being white and the greatest threat to women.

The Friendly Atheist talks about organizations that don't want dirty atheist money.

This Ohio Republican wants to abort abortion rights.

Rebecca Watson tells a story about the ex-Mormon and his super sperm and talks about the history of transplanting baboon hearts into humans.

Numberphile explains how the NSA hacks our emails, and a bit more.

Everything wrong with The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King.

The games of 2013.

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire

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Fifty-nine years after his death, the UK government finally admits they were wrong to chemically castrate Alan Turing for being gay. Turing was the genius who cracked the Nazi's encryption, only to have all his honors stripped from him due to his sexual preference. He later committed suicide because of the horrible abuse at the hands of the UK government.

Edward Snowden has been compared to Daniel Ellsberg, the man who exposed a lot of the government's evils during the Nixon administration, but Snowden is criticized for not remaining in the country to face the music like Ellsberg did. Ellsberg was dismissed from his charges of espionage after the public saw just how awful their government was at the time, but would Snowden be dismissed so readily? Perhaps in an era when people could expect the US government to grant habeus corpus, but times have changed. Ellsberg even came to Snowden's defense!

Yet another Republican thinks that forcing his religion on others is more important than fixing the many problems with the country.

It's tough dealing with first world problems.

A longer version of JT Eberhard's Why the Arguments For God Fail lecture.

Luigi's Ballad by Starbomb.

Vsauce talks about illusions.

Nice guys on OK Cupid aren't always that nice.

German's can't say squirrel.

PZ Myers talks about the Cambrian Explosion and why it doesn't defy evolution.

Cry into your Christmas cake

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We've already passed the winter solstice? Days are already getting longer? Awesome!

I beat Back to the Future, episodes 4 and 5. I'm now up to 140 finished games! On that not, Back to the Future had some serious problems.

The remaining members of Pussy Riot have been released early from prison for the crime of hooliganism, but the releases proximity to the Olympics seems awfully convenient.

Edward Snowden released new documents showing that RSA Security (an American computer security company) was paid $10 million by the NSA to encourage a type of encryption that the NSA was especially good at cracking. RSA Security says that they didn't purposely suggest that people should use the broken encryption, and that when they learned it was broken, they encouraged people to stop using it. However, they aren't denying that they took the NSA's 10 million.

One of my favorite political cartoonists, Matt Bors released a compilation of his 2013 comics.

While Christians are finally being tamed, Muslims continue to be assholes.

Each year, Conservative groups pour $1 billion into fighting the science of climate change.

Farrington High School, like many high schools, rents out their facilities to private groups. However, for the past six years, they routinely gave lower rates to churches at a lost value of around $5,600,000! There was a lawsuit, but the judge threw out the case saying there wasn't enough evidence to convict anyone of wrong doing, even though one of the chairmen of the school board, Don Horner, is a pastor at one of the churches that got the amazing church discount.

Christian pastor Harris Himes was convicted of defrauding one of his parishioners of $150,000. Himes claimed that he was subject to discrimination due to his religious view and later he complained of jury tampering, (the jury never even knew who he was), and during the sentencing he argued that if he went to jail, there wouldn't be anyone there to run his shelter and people would be cold and alone for Christmas. The state suggested a 10-year prison sentence, but the judge, obviously persuaded by Himes's many character witnesses, gave him only 3 MONTHS, and he gets to be with his family for the holidays!

In Shreveport City, Louisiana, councilman Ron Webb doesn't want homosexuals to be protected from discrimination in the work place because the bible says we shouldn't even talk to them, let alone let them have jobs!

Google gives us a 2013 recap.

David Silverman reacts sanely to crazy religious bigots.

Martial artists still think they can fool people with magic.

Snow aliens make snow crop circles!

I'll be out for the next two days, but I leave you with this amazing holiday song.

Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

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Finally beat The Binding of Isaac last night after getting really lucky with treasure rooms.

Rather than let our citizens vote, Michigan Republicans passed a new law making it harder for women to make choices about their pregnancy. Their web site explains the law, but of course, it's not very truthful.

Just as New Mexico legalizes same-sex marriage, Uganda, backed by Christians, increases the punishment for being gay.

Since Florida's state capitol wants to keep their nativity scene, and since they don't want a lawsuit for favoring a particular religion, they've had to accept other religious decorations as well, like a Flying Spaghetti Monster and a Festivus pole of beer cans. However, they have decided to exclude one religion in particular, Satanism. Oklahoma has taken a different approach, and has decided to not allow any further monuments, now that then ten commandments monument is safely in position. I look forward to their future lawsuit losses.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Grand Valley lecture in five parts.

Betty Bowers talks about America's biggest freeloader.

Are cats really attached to their owners?

How climate change works in one minute.

Women in the media of 2013.

Dark Matter 2525 teaches us how to create a universe.

But you don't really care for music, do ya?

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Oh Bill Donahue, when will you learn? Archbishop John Nienstedt is just another in a long line of Catholics accused of sexually abusing children. Naturally, the parents of the child want to remain anonymous in order to protect their child from a media storm, but that's not good enough for Mr. Donahue and the Catholic League. They're trying to uncover the identity of the little boy in order to publicly shame him for having the audacity of being molesed by Nienstedt! The local police chief also explained that the Minneapolis diocese is being uncooperative with the investigation. Big shock!

Thanks to the NSA spying on Brazil, the country's air force decided to ignore Boeing and go with Saab for a defense contract, preventing Boeing from winning a $4.5 billion contract. I hope they sue the NSA.

Men's Rights activists are generally awful people. Case in point, they recently flooded a college's anonymous rape website with a bunch of innocent student's names in an attempt to shut down the service.

Rebecca Watson discusses the top 5 misconceptions of Carl Sagan and, like me, is glad that Sylvia Browne is dead.

Jean Luke Picard sing Let It Snow.

Whatever, I'm totally a superman

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We've seen some amazing scientific discoveries in the past year.

China's lunar rover has landed and is sending back beautiful pictures of the moon. Even Iran is making successful space flights! The US is rapidly losing its place in the space market.

Another panel of physicians are in agreement, taking vitamin supplements doesn't help you, and it probably hurts you.

In an effort to distance itself from allegations of bribery, GlaxoSmithKline is trying to be less evil.

Despite Republicans claiming that Welfare Queens are bleeding us dry, it turns out that they are barely scraping by with their frugal lifestyles.

Religion and superstition is losing on all fronts and people are less trusting of clergy.

Florida is learning just how silly it is to allow religious displays in the Capitol. There is now a display for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and banner for atheism, and a Festivus Pole of beer cans.

A satirical online "news" site makes up a story about an atheist teacher at a fake school suspending a student for wishing him a merry Christmas, and the religious right starts bombarding a real school with cries to have the fake teacher fired.

Republican Andrew Lanza is so outraged at an atheist billboard that he says the billboard is like the first steps toward the Holocaust!

No, I'm no superman

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Still sick. The dry air of Las Vegas and the smoke of the casinos didn't help one bit. Seeing a doctor in two days. While in Vegas, I stayed on the 13th floor of the Fremont, and on Friday the 13th, I hiked through Death Valley. I don't know it yet, but I'm dead from terrible hexes.

Asked a Chinese exchange student if she was impressed by American Chinese food, and she pointed out that Panda Express most certainly does not have proper Chinese food. I agreed, and said that their meat wasn't even made from real panda. She freaked out! We may not get their food right, but they don't get our sarcasm right!

Awesome science comic!

Progress! A federal judge has ruled that the NSA is most likely violating the US Constitution by spying on citizens!

Measles, which nearly eliminated in the US, is fast becoming a major problem as another 175 cases have shown up in the states thanks to the antivaxers. Although the year isn't over yet, it probably won't break the record of 222 from 2011, the highest it's been since the 1960s!

Pakistani Muslims execute other Pakistani Muslims because they read from the Koran, and they're not the correct kind of Pakistani Muslims.

William Lane Craig tries his tired old arguments on Fox News, and PZ Myers makes short work of them.

Here's a great reason to be ashamed of my state, women now have to purchase abortion insurance.

What's the most important political topic in Texas? Is it addressing climate change causing the extremely expensive drought? Is it dealing with the Mexican drug cartels? No, it's education reform! Hey, that sounds like a good idea... NOPE! Texas wants to make dame sure that every student knows that Jesus rode dinosaurs!

Fox News's Megyn Kelly points out that Jesus (who even if he did exist was born of Middle Eastern parents) was certainly white. She's also very upset that people are depicting Santa as a non-white man (pro tip: Santa isn't real). She also Jon Stewart asks, "Who are you talking to? Children who are sophisticated enough to be watching a news channel at 10 o'clock at night, yet innocent enough to still believe Santa Claus is real, yet racist enough to be freaked out if he isn't white?"

Russian actor and Orthodox Christian priest Ivan Okhlobystin wants all gays to be burned alive. What a nice chap from a nice country. He's even better than Republican Loren Sandford who thinks school shootings are the result of people not loving God enough.

Jesus Huerta was arrested, frisked, locked in the back of a police car, and handcuffed behind his back, so the the police in Duram, North Carolina are having a heck of a time trying to explain how he was able to shoot himself in the head! Police Chief Jose Lopez assures the press that this sort of thing is rare, but possible, and a medical examiner agrees with the assessment!

Australia had a chance to legalize same-sex marriage, and hey blew it.

The longest running state-church case in American legal history is nearing its end, with the secularists on top. A cross on public land must come down.

Christian Preacher Simon Tatton-Brown told a classroom full of children that Santa isn't real, and that he's based on a story of a butcher murdering children and selling their bodies as meat! Actually, not too different from the bible's depiction of God and Jesus.

Viva Las Vegas

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India's supreme court has overturned the lower court ruling, and now homosexual acts are illegal once again in the country. Kind of an embarrassment on the global stage.

Oh look, the NSA is using another method for spying on US citizens, cookie tracking.

Woah! Mormons officially state that their racist rules boycotting blacks were indeed due to racism, and that the revelations from their god that prevented blacks and reinstated them were not divinely inspired after all! Kudos to them for admitting their mistakes! Now if only they could say the same about same-sex marriage!

Cats kidnap baby Jesus!

JT Eberhard explains why the arguments for gods fail.

After a recent census, the religious majority in New Zealand is No Religion.

Richard Carrier asks and answers the question, "Is philosophy stupid?"

Every time a Libertarian tells me we need to eliminate mandatory screening of drugs and treatments, I'm reminded of people like James Arthur Ray.

Oklahoma decided that they were going to keep their Ten Commandments memorial on state land, but in order to get around that pesky First Amendment, they used the weasel tactic of "it was donated." Since it wasn't paid for with tax payer dollars, it remains. In an obvious case of foot-shooting, a Satanic Temple immediately requested to donate a monument to be displayed at the Capitol, and now a Hindu group wants to donate their monument. I'm looking forward to the upcoming atheist monument, the Muslim monument, the Scientology monument, and of course, the RaŽlism monument.

Leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow morning! I'll be back Monday, unless I die while hiking Death Valley. It's safe to hike unmarked trails in Death Valley, right?

Throat sore again. May have to see a... doctor.

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While driving out of my apartment parking lot, a car began backing out of its parking spot oblivious to my approach. I swerved considerably to avoid it, but the driver continued to back up and I heard that tell tale crunch of body damage! I was a little pissed at this person's inability to use their mirrors, or even turn their head slightly, but I composed myself, got out, and asked the driver if he was okay. The driver, an older man, was fine, it was a very mild fender bender after all. But rather than reciprocate the concern, the old man asked if I was backing out as well, I presume hoping to absolve his fault. I told him no, that I was just driving straight. He glanced at my car and said that he didn't see any damage, which made me get my hopes up, but, no, there was a small dent on both sides of the wheel well and the wheel rim where his bumper tagged me. I pointed it out, and he acknowledged it with a nod. Quickly turning to his own car, he pointed out that he had some damage too, but since he hit the side of my car with his bumper, it was only scuffed paint and rubber from my tire. He mentioned something about his keys falling between the seats for the reason he wasn't paying attention, and then asked if we could do "this" later since he was late for a appointment. I said, sure, let me just get your info, and went to get a pen, but before I could even open my car door, he explained that he lived right, rattled off his apartment number, and got back into his car--he didn't seem too eager to remain at the scene! I wasn't about to get into a fist fight over some minor dents, so I asked for his phone number at least. He reluctantly gave it to me, said his name was Gene, and drove off without so much as an apology. What a fun afternoon.

The NSA has been buddying up to Canada because we share a lot of air space, so Canada can help the US spy on its citizens.

What it's like to be a woman reporting sexual assault.

It's best not to take mathematics lessons from a mathematician who uses math to prove the bible.

A little past due, but here are 25 little known facts about Thanksgiving.

The Friendly Atheist explains why people prefer magic over evolution and why so few women have positions of power in the church.

Sarah Silverman is such a diva.

A nice visualization of gravity, orbiting, and dark matter.

Julia Galef talks about being too rational is just a straw Vulcan.

Taking a vacation from The Blasphemer's Bible for awhile.

I give in, to sin

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The pope has decided to put a ring of child rapists in charge of stopping child rape among child rapists. Speaking of which, when you're creating a legal defense to protect those who run a child rape ring, it's probably best not to have in your opening statement a quote from the bible which reads, Let the little children come to me.

Here are 100,000,000 reasons to like vaccinations.

The Friendly Atheist talks about proof of Heaven and atheists who are pro life.

Luxembourg's prime minister wants to replace religious classes with ethics classes!

Republican Louie Gohmert suggests atheists promote Christianity because, nations that honor God never fail. Just look at the success of Nazi Germany!

Rebecca Watson talks about using humor as a tool for social change.

More boring verses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I am sick and tired of people who are living on the B-list

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Some awesome photos of the Earth from space.

Republicans finally realize that they need sensitivity training when it comes to talking about women. Of course, they won't actually become more sensitive, they'll just learn to disguise their insensitive thoughts better. Essentially, they're going to lying practice.

Pseudo Historian David Barton continues to lie. This time he's claiming that Obama doesn't include God in the Thanksgiving proclamations. And while I would love for that to be true, the reality is, Obama has included references to God in the past four Thanksgiving proclamations.

Time Magazine, in their section called "Science and Space," explains that you can't be faced with something as awe inspiring as the Grand Canyon and remain an atheist.

Christian churches in Africa are taking a cue from the churches in America by telling people with life-threatening illnesses to throw away their medicine and pray for a cure.

Just in case you needed a reason to hate Dick Santorum even more, he is using the death of Nelson Mandela, and his fight to end racial segregation to the Republican fight against the Affordable Care Act.

God murders countless Israelites for eating the meat he gave them in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Here comes my girl!

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Republicans are trying to penalize people who put solar panels on their houses.

Since the state of Oklahoma has set a precedence for allowing donated religious monuments to be placed on state land, a Satanic temple is now wanting the state to display their monument. While I'm sure the state will deny them approval, rest assured that a lawsuit will come out of this, which is always a win for non-Christians.

Google won their ridiculous case against Oracle, who wanted $6 billion because Google used 9 lines of code from Oracle to do something as trivial as array checking. For those of you not computer language savvy, it would be like Burger King suing McDonald's for $6 billion in damages because they copied their bathroom hand-washing poster. Thanks to a computer-competent judge, Goggle won, but now Microsoft, EMC, and Netapp are backing Oracle for an appeal.

A wonderfully illustrated version of Sam Harris' Morality and the Christian God speech.

The NSA is currently tracking your cell phone meta data, which means they know everywhere you've been in the past couple years, and everyone you've spoken to, and the the criminal record of everyone you've spoken to, even if you do not.

The evidence for the HPV vaccine is wonderfully positive, but ignorance continues to find its way into the media.

Vsauce explains why bad words are bad.

A new Muslim Fatwa: The Arabic word for "sea" is masculine, and when women swim, their genitals are touched by the sea, therefore, women who swim are sluts and should be punished.

Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas, thinks he should be re-elected, not because he's qualified or plans to work hard or wants to help the country, but because he adores the bible.

I'm so envious of this questioning teen. I wish I had such a handle on religion at his age!

Joshua is accused of envy for no reason in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We're walking in the air

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The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management tried to shut up scientist Charles Monnett for pointing out numerous drowned polar bears due to global warming, but it only led to more exposure and a big settlement. Makes you wonder why they wanted him to keep quiet. Big oil, anyone?

What's your citizenship score? I got a 47!

Emily Graslie talks about women in science and what they have to deal with.

Short-sighted government officials want to sell the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts to help pay the city's debt. They don't realize that a one-time cash influx will not solve the city's long-term problems, and in fact, crippling an important part of the city's tourism would only hurt it!

Computerphile explains how to avoid cross-site request forgery.

Alabama Republican wants to eliminate over-time pay in her state so that to incentive of overtime is taken away from the workers and given to the employers!

Three black high school students were standing on the side of the road in Rochester, New York on Wednesday, November 27th. A police officer saw them and demanded that they disperse because they were blocking foot traffic on the sidewalk. The boys insisted that they were waiting for a bus to take them to their school's basketball game, but the police officer refused to believe them. An argument ensued and the officer arrested all three. But even after their coach and parents spoke on the teens' behalf and assured the police that they were indeed waiting for a bus, the police refused to let them go. Obviously, they missed their game, and they were even going to miss their family's Thanksgiving holiday, but their parents paid $200 in bail to get them out. And now the million dollar question, would the cop have responded in such a manner if the teen boys were white?

Richard Carrier explains why he believes Jesus was a myth.

Fox News gets it wrong again.

I think schadenfreude is intrinsically good when directed at Rick Santorum.

The bible can't get its story straight in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The problem with showing your lover your scars, is that everybody's lover is covered in scars

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Pretty much healthy again! That only took a month! :-(

Catholics love treating women like shit.

Why substance dualism doesn't mesh with reality: part 1, part 2.

The wonderful things we can attribute to religion last month.

Honest Trailers covers Home Alone, and an atheist covers Heaven Is Real.

God intends to feed the Israelites meat until it comes out their noses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Crazy duck in space!

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Normally, if your baby is injured in a car crash, you take them to the hospital, but not if you're Christian! Then, you take them to church!

Daniel Dennett, Lawrence Krauss, and Massimo Pigliucci discuss the limits of science.

Dave Ramsey is a financial adviser who suggests donating money to churches will help you get rich, but also offers a list of things rich people do that poor people don't, like eat right, exercise, and read more books. Several commentators point out that rich people have more money to eat better food and hire personal trainers, and more free time to read more. Much like tithing, did that make them rich, or are they able to do these things because they're rich?

Christmas is coming early. First the grief-leech Sylvia Browne died, and now, multi-millionaire television Evangelical Paul Crouch has croaked. These are just terrible people, and I hope this is the beginning of a trend!

The Friendly Atheist discusses an atheist-only nation, and how to deal with atheism on Thanksgiving.

SciShow talks about PAIN!

God prepares to violate the free will of 70 people in The Blasphemer's Bible.