January, 2014

One down, eleven to go!

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Sure, videogames can make you a serial killer, but did you know they can also make you an atheist?!

I think I posted this awesome time line perspective before, but it's good enough to see again.

Preaching from the bible does have its advantages. It will prevent you from getting mugged because it's sooo boring!

Jeopardy recently had a category for bible violence. Can you get all the questions?

Republican Michael Grimm threatens to murder a reporter for asking questions about his involvement in criminal campaign finances.

Bill Nye is going to waste his time debating professional idiot, Ken Ham. Well, here's some tips for dealing with his ignorance.

Wonderful religious statements that just make you facepalm.

The Israelites disobey God again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Red elf, your life force is running out!

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I have been playing this song on repeat for a couple days now: Welcome to the Warp Zone.

Bob Larson, one of the Christian whack-jobs responsible for the Satanism scare of the 1980s that ruined the lives of countless innocent people, is now offering exorcisms via Skype! For a fee, of course!

I remember watching this bullshit anti-sex propaganda in youth group! Prepare to be lied to! Part 1, part 2, part 3.

Breaking your brain with the McCollough Effect.

God murders more people in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Welcome to our doom!

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A wonderful and telling documentary about being a black atheist. Definitely worth a watch!

Republicans claim that Democrats hate women because the Dems want to give them affordable access to birth control.

What's worse than leaving a wounded soldier on the battlefield to die? Not snitching on a masturbating teen!

The latest and greatest religion has given to the world.

A Let's Play of ProphetQuest! shows you how a religion works.

Why flamingos stand on one leg, and can you violate the speed of light?

The largest animals in the history of the Earth.

God demands the infamous 40 years of wandering in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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For my friends who use FileZilla, make sure yours is legit!

The Christian group, Advocates For Faith & Freedom report about a little girl being shamed at school for her religion, turns out, their story is a huge lie.

Bill O'Reilly is a dick.

It's difficult being a poor country, but everyone wins when they do better.

Sam Harris doesn't need to raise his voice in order to deliver the smack down.

DarkMatter2525 covers the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Vsauce talks about cannibalism and human taste.

Christians are such advocates for marriage and family, so why do they have the highest rates of divorce?

The Israelites are doomed to die in the desert in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Eternal life is worth any sacrifice

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The latest leaked news from Edward Snowden is that the NSA has been engaging industrial espionage against several corporations even though it had nothing to do with national security. CBC also has a pretty cool time line of Snowden's patriotic work. The NSA is so tight-lipped about what it does that even our own government has turned to Snowden's releases to try and figure out what they're doing because the NSA won't tell Congress.

So, this guy writes an essay about how the rich today have it just as bad as the Jews during the Nazi regime, and the Wall Street Journal, being the fair and even-handed paper that they are, publishes it.

Antivaxers have cause an amazing resurgence of preventable diseases all throughout the world.

Before Republican Mike Turner would see same-sex marriage legal, he would rather end all marriage of any kind!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about science, religion, and the universe.

SciShow talks about Leonardo da Vinci and eye floaters.

Sarah Silverman gets visited by Jesus, and hilarity ensues.

God changes his mind again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I watched as fear took the old man's gaze

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Fox News tells us that white people are no longer racist, but if they are, it's the fault of black people.

NASA's temperature data from space for the last sixty years shows a constant upward trend in temperature, and if you think the recent polar vortex disproves it, here's why you're wrong.

Professional liar, Denesh D'Souza, has been charged with illegal Senate donations. How entirely expected.

Republican Rick Jones is trying to make my home state into his religious theocracy. Not only doe he want to honor the 60th anniversary of "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, that's right, it wasn't there until 1954, but he wants to make sure that nobody can ever change the Pledge back to its originally intended wording. Why? Because screw you Francis Bellamy, that's why!

Only a religious person would sue their employer because they were against their motto of " growth and change."

I never knew the new kids movie Frozen was so filthy!

Margaret Doughty talks about the work she had to go through to become a conscientious objector as an atheist.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the atheist family members of politicians and those who continue to say evolution is "just" a theory.

Put a guitar here please, one of your shredding leads

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Updated all of my Wikis today. That was a chore and a half!

After reviewing the process of the NSA's US spying program, a federal watchdog group has concluded that, yes, the NSA program is illegal! Now... will they have the authority to do anything about it?

The terrible story of yet another doctor murdered because he performs abortions.

Russell Romano is a retired priest who sexually abused at least 13 children during his active years. Church official John Klein admits that he'd knew that Romano would get little boys drunk, shown them pornography and hug and kiss them. In fact, in 1986, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services claimed they had enough evidence to prosecute the child-rapist, but they decided to give the church a quiet warning instead. When asked why he wouldn't turn in a child rapist, Klein said he didn't want to be a snitch! This allowed Romano to continue raping children and even become a counselor so he could be with them in private for hours at a time. Even to this day, with all the evidence against him, with the church admitting he sexually abused children, Romano has never been prosecuted!

A wonder parody of Wrecking Ball done in the theme of evolution.

Republicans have been told by other Republicans that they're becoming the "stupid" party, and Republican Susanne Atanus is here to prove them right! Tornadoes, autism, and dementia, Atanus explains, is God punishing American for allowing same-sex marriage and abortion. But it's not just American Conservatives who are bat-shit crazy, David Silvester blames the 2013 flooding of the UK on homosexuals.

Theramin Trees goes into detail on death. Part 1, part 2.

Traveling twice the speed of sound, it's easy to get burned

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What is it like growing up in the family of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard?

The EU sets a lofty goal for curtailing carbon emissions in an attempt to slow global climate change.

This church is directly endorsing a specific political candidate for public office, a direct violation of their non-profit status, but they claim that this is perfectly legit because endorsing a particular politician is not a political statement! If only the IRS wasn't impotent toward matters of religion...

Do videogames make you smarter?

Another parent murders her children because she thinks they are possessed by demons.

Fox News invites a man who thinks people should be gunned down because of their religion!

The Friendly Atheists comments on Creationist "museums" and

What does a burning match look like in super slow motion?

Moses tells God to chillax in The Blasphemer's Bible.

All I need as a pint a day

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Of all the days to accused Obama of playing the race card, Sarah Palin chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

A good Muslim man in New York stabbed his wife over 30 times because she wasn't a good Muslim woman.

SciShow discusses the mysterious space roar.

Republican Rick Saccone tells the press that even atheists are in favor of his bill to force public schools to display "In God We Trust" in every class. Atheist respond with a resounding, NO!

This transgendered woman dares a Republican to keep his biblical conviction and stone her to death.

The Friendly Atheist talks about why he only seems to pick on Christians and what an insult it is to hear someone say, "you don't act like an atheist."

Everyone loves a cute devil baby attack.

The Israelites stay stupid in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ashamed that I don't hate every Nickelback song

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You don't have to be insane to be a Republican, but it sure helps. Republican Steve Yarbrough is trying to make sure that Christians get to legally discriminate against people they don't like, and Republican Christy Perry is fighting against those who think that parents who use faith to treat their children's life-threatening diseases should be charged with a crime.

Indonesia has the highest percentage of Muslim population in the world, and they're trying to show just how crazy they are by trying to pass a law requiring everyone, regardless of their religion, to participate in Islamic prayers.

Miklos Jako gets a session with self-proclaimed psychic James Van Prague and then breaks it down to show his many misses and the techniques used by charlatans of his ilk.

Here's a trailer for an interesting looking documentary about Christianity and the Black community, as well as a short documentary on black atheists.

The Friendly Atheists gives reasons for why your religion may be harmful and how religion can affect your ethics.

This new Muppet Movie ad is pretty funny.

Caleb wants to invade six armies in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm a disgruntled worshipper

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There is some research to suggest that religious people donate more money even to secular charities than secular people. However, when you run a fine-tooth comb over the data, you realize that things like Catholic hospitals and the Salvation Army are included in the list of secular charities. Once properly categorized, secular people donate more to secular charities. I myself donate to several different charities and run an Adopt-a-Highway cleanup. Also, there is a charity called Foundation Beyond Belief which helps people donate to purely secular charities.

I always trust a woman who writes erotic sex novels and makes sex tapes to write books on Christian parenting.

Vsauce talks about your butt.

SciShow talks about the science of chocolate and garbage.

Why you should never try to implement time zones into your code.

Betty Bowers teaches you how to pray properly.

I think I'm gonna have to buy some Rio Mints. And don't forget to watch to commercial outtakes.

The spies return from their mission in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Something, something

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Work travel is highly exhausting. In a 36-hour-span, 16 was spent driving, 8 was spent working, 7 was spent sleeping, 3 was spent waiting, and 3 more was spent eating.

Anti-choice crybabies in Massachusetts are complaining that their free speech is being violated because now they have to harass innocent people from 30 feet away. What's next? Not allowing them to murder doctors?

The Kingsport Times-News of Tennessee wants its readers to know that homosexuals are evil, people who have sex are evil, and people who don't wear enough clothes are evil.

Philosophers talk about skepticism.

The Simpsons pay homage to Hayao Miyazaki.

The Satanists of Oklahoma are having a problem erecting their Satanist monument at the state's capitol, not just from the state banning further monuments, but also other Satanists who don't like the monument. Looks like we're heading toward a schism of Satanists that goes beyond LaVeyan and Luciferianism.

Infinity is weird.

Here's a cool video that allows speakers of the English language to understand what English sounds like to non-English speakers.

NonStampCollector makes a video explaining how the biblical story of Jesus would actually make more sense if it were a cover-up.

As if you needed another reason to dislike charter schools, they take your taxes to teach children religion.

Republican Sid Miller doesn't think much of atheists.

The spies steal some grapes in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The state of Iowa is really really great... FOR CORN!

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Spies are sent to Canaan in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'll be back Thursday.

Like double cherry pie

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Thanks to a massive vaccination campaign, India may be the next country to be officially declared polio free!

Best Zombie movie ever, Fist of Jesus!

Don't you love it when the FBI puts a tracking device on the car of an American citizen without a warrant and then, after he finds it, they demand he give it back?

Don't forget, influenza still kills, even young healthy people, get your flu shot!

Freedom Industries, great name, accidentally spilled 5,000 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol into the water table of West Virginia, and even though the chemical is quite toxic, has turned all the local water a strange color, and gives off a strange smell, the Water Research Institute is telling everyone that it's okay to drink. Freedom!

Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Whales are substance dualists. No. And neither are they Muslims.

Kevin Donnelly, a man who was employed by tobacco companies to try and get kids to stop talking about the dangers of smoking, now wants to teach public school students the morals of Christianity.

Notre Dame University does not want its students to have birth control regardless of whether the university has to pay for it.

A collection of news casts regarding atheism in 2013.

David Silverman has to explain to the religious pundits of Fox News that atheism isn't Satanism.

Joshua is named Joshua in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm heading to a business trip to Iowa for the next couple days. See you all then.

Bring back that Leroy Brown!

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Pew Research did a poll of Middle Eastern countries to see which head dress is appropriate for women in public. The result explains just how sexist each country is.

Another women who has a shot at the Board of Education in Texas knows full well that she didn't come from no monkey! Unbeknowest to her, biologists also know this.

South Carolina Republican Wendell Gilliard is trying to force public schools to have, not mandatory prayer, but a mandatory moment of silence. And he doesn't beat around the bush, he says the purpose of it is to put prayer back in school! Democrat Joseph Jefferson, who must also want prayer in public schools, think atheists should like this mandate because now they will have the option to NOT pray in school. Am I missing the part where they didn't already have this option?

Mental Floss tries a few more life hacks, although he botches the lettuce one, which totally works.

A brief history of fossil fuel usage.

Trailer for a new atheist documentary called A Scarlet Letter.

Truth is, Kevin McCallister would be a murderer.

A hot minute of Zelda lore.

Aron Ra explains pterosaurs and terrible lizards.

Don't be that guy in the gym.

The wetter we'll be, the better we'll be

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We were warned, we didn't make changes, and now we're entering a pre-antibiotic world again.

When someone comes to you reporting a flaw in your security system, the correct thing to do is thank them, and ask them to remain silent while you scramble to fix the problem. The wrong thing to do is report them to the police.

Snowden's leaked documents revealed that the RSA received $10 from the NSA to tell security companies to use flawed encryption. This has caused several security firms to boycott the RSA's annual conference.

An interesting Portal-themed parody song, If I Were a Core.

What does it mean for Texas when all of its politicians embrace creationism?

Looking at the sun through various filters.

We could use an Encyclopedia Galactica right about now

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About a month ago, Marlise Munoz died of a blood clot in her brain. The hospital issued a death certificate, friends and family were notified, and yet, she remains on life support against her wishes. This sounds a bit crazy, but nothing is crazy when religion is involved. That's right, due to religious involvement in the politics of Texas, Munoz must remain on life support for another four months or so, even though she made it clear that she never wanted to be kept alive on life support. Why are Texas Christians so adamant in refusing her wishes? Because Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant when she died, and in Texas, a mother's dead husk of a corpse must be turned into an incubator for the fetus within. Obviously, that's what God would have wanted, which is why he killed her to begin with. Turns out that about have of the states in the Union have similar laws to varying degrees of ridiculousness.

Toby Keith (AKA we'll put a bullet in your ass) has decided to ban guns from his restaurants! Naturally, gun-toting Southerners are not pleased, but then, neither are the Liberal Southerners.

SciShow tackles motion sickness and what 2014 holds for space exploration.

Jean Kilbourne doesn't much care to be objectified, and for good reason.

God doesn't believe in atheists? You betcha!

Carl Sagan's last interview before his death was with Charlie Rose, and it's very much worth watching.

Man, it's a cold one!

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The temperature during my drive into work this morning was -24C. Is it cold enough for you?

Even in the wake of some of the worst weather the UK has seen in decades, they have decided to cut spending in their environmental departments. UK, stop pretending you're as scientifically as illiterate as the USA! We've got amateur paleontologist Newt Gingrich at the helm, you can't win!

Wired has a wonderful article on how the NSA crippled the Internet with PRISM, as well as several of the under-handed tactics they, and other foreign governments used to do so.

TorrentFreak is an Internet news site that reports on topics related to computer security, copyright law, and the status of file-sharing on the Internet, and often acts as a mouthpiece for people who are seen as less-than legal by many law-enforcement agencies. However, despite this fact, the site operates within the law and neither hosts, nor links to illegal material, but that doesn't stop Symantec from logging the site as a file-sharing risk. Any ISP who uses Symantec's list, *cough*Sky*cough*, will in-turn prevent its customers from seeing the web site. Thus, if you are a customer of Sky, you can't even read this story. Like all forms of censorship, you're missing an important voice, but you don't even know it because the police of vice and virtue won't let you.

We've known for years now that abstinence-only sex education (i.e., lack of sex education) does not work. Those schools that give comprehensive sexual education have fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer STIs. This would make any educated person wonder why abstinence-only sex ed is even considered, let alone why the US government has spent $1,750,000,000 on it!

What happens when parents refuse to vaccinate their children from one of the most common and infectious viruses, measles? They get the infection and spread it to children too young to have been vaccinated. In this one outbreak, 13 children which in total cost about $143,000 to completely treat!

The Satanist of Oklahoma have unveiled their planned monument of the lawn of the Oklahoma city capitol to sit beside the ten commandments monument that the state ruled can remain. It's a seven-foot tall throne with Baphomet inviting children to sit on his lap! Can't wait to see what comes of it!

Atheist Mingle, because when you die, you just rot in the ground.

A wonderful end-of-year message to Congress from Robert Reich.

Does being cold give you a cold? No. Can it make you more susceptible to getting a cold? A little.

A wonderful song about the perspective of God.

SciShow talks about gingers.

Onto the next one

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Was going to go to Iowa for work today, but the polar vortex put the kibosh on that.

Tired of hearing what white male atheists have to say? Here's a list of 100 that don't fit into that category.

A Muslim women is killed by another Muslim, not because of a dispute between sects, but because one thought the only way to exercise the demons from the other was to stomp on the other's neck.

Want to have nightmares? Read about these parasitic organisms that control their host's brain!

Trestin Meacham fancies himself a political figure in the class of Gandhi. He resolves to die in a hunger strike if Utah doesn't eliminate same-sex marriage! He also says that if gays were as powerful as the Nazis, they would have a holocaust for all religious people. Somebody give that man a Darwin Award!

The Friendly Atheist gives some parenting tips for God and the top stories of 2013.

Wonderfully true facts about the armadillo.

New video from VSauce, Mistkaes.

Where did the yeti in Ski Free come from?

Worst television over-dubbed swearing ever!

Waiting is, until your grok fullness

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Finished reading Stranger In a Strange Land.

It just turned 2014, but the Wall Street Journal seems to think it's still 1950 with this article that mourns the loss of an American ruling class of rich white Christians, and says the country is worse off now that educated Jews and Blacks are taking the reigns.

What is it like to grow up "all natural?" You get sick. A LOT!

Judge Mickey Pendergrass, a judge in Arkansas, ruled that a Christian religious displays on public land are okay, but no other religions are allowed, because that would fill the public land with religious displays. Well, yes, that's kind of the point, and the whole reason why no religious displays should be allowed. I wonder what religion judge Pendergrass is? We'll see how this pans out and what, if any, punishment the "honorable" judge receives.

The Friendly Atheist gives reasons for and against teaching your children to believe in Santa as well as the reasons there is no war on Christmas.

SciShow covers the greatest discoveries of 2013.

Mental Floss covers winter holiday traditions and odd things that are dropped for the New Year.

Judge Jean Boyd sentenced a 14-year-old black teen to 10 years for punching someone who died after they hit the pavement, but the white 16-year-old teen who got drunk and accidentally killed four people and injured 12 others in a car accident only got probation. The judges reasoning for such a lenient sentence? The kid's parents weren't strict enough with him, therefore, it wasn't his fault!

How many people has Arnold Schwartzanegger killed? 509.

Ellen covers Bic Pens for women.

Happy belated Christmas in Heaven.

Still don't have a jetpack.

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Had a wonderful New Years with my friends, got a little drunk, played some Magic: TG, wasn't too hung over the next day.

It's good to see that the New York Times has Edward Snowden's back.

I hope this will be my first and last post about Phil Robertson, one of the rednecks from the high-scripted "reality" show, Duck Dynasty. If you haven't been reading all sorts of crap about him, suffice to say, he's just a terrible person.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty indirectly compared Wisconson atheists to the KKK. Perhaps they forget that the Klan was composed entirely of Christians.

SciShow covered some beetles and cockroaches.

The Friendly Atheist explains why it's important to fight religious displays on public land.

Christians still believe they own the country.

The guys over at Sixty Symbols seem to hate quantum woo more than me!

Some holiday myths to remember.

David Gorski explains why it's important to fight medical quacks.