February, 2014

Ready for the weekend!

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Got a B on the first week's quiz in my astronomy class. I would have gotten higher but the quiz was designed in those all-or-nothing "choose all that apply" style questions. I hate questions like this, because even if you know a topic 90% correct, that 10% causes you to get 100% of the question wrong. It's kind of like the electoral college!

Had a pretty trying week of software bugs, so I'm glad to be heading to Skeptics In the Pub tonight for some nice intellectual conversation.

Arizona police are arresting women and taking them to... church? In an effort to stop prostitution, Arizona police have partnered with Christians to "rehabilitate" women who are arrested for prostitution by forcing them to go to church or face a jail sentence. Let's hope they aren't receiving "help" from Christians who systematically abuse children.

The TSA, the group that's supposed to be responsible for our security on airplanes, employs security guards who don't even know that the District of Columbia is a real place in the USA.

Egypt has unveiled their new device for testing if someone has HIV. It's not a blood test, it's a dowsing rod!

Kalei Wilson has fought a brave fight. She tried to create a secular club at Pisgah High where she attends school, but the school refused to let her do so, which is against the law. After a student rights group threatened legal action, the school finally caved and decided to follow the law and allow Wilson to form a secular club. Unfortunately, Wilson saw first-hand just how cruel Christians can be, and after several weeks of bullying, she decided to give up on her club. It's sad, but her fight wasn't in vain since Wilson broke ground for any future secular clubs.

No, the bible didn't get it right in The Blasphemer's Bible!

When will it end?

Feeling: Aggravated


Women have had some wonderful moving on songs through the years, as have men.

Terminator had some serious problems.

Idaho Republicans don't want to offer medical services to dem queers!

Is it child abuse to teach your child about religion and just what kind of questions do children have for secular Humanists?

The South got 1 inch of snow... it's the apocalypse!

What's the real deal with putting the hamster in the microwave in Maniac Mansion?

As you know, the US Constitution only mentions religion to prevent the US from ever making laws to enforce any aspect of a religion or prevent the free practice of all religions. So why is it Republican Tom DeLay thinks that God wrote the US Constitution?

Ten really impressive indie games.

What happens when you refuse a police search?

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon endorse their charities while taking a few non-homoerotic shots at each other.

Does the Bible actually get something right in The Blasphemer's Bible?


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I love code bugs that take an entire day to solve almost as much as I love coding around systems that were not designed with automation in mind.

Astronomy class is getting very interesting. Did you know that the recent research into exoplanets shows that about 20% of all stars have an Earth-like planet in their habitable zone! Chances of intelligent life have just increased exponentially!

All mainstream branches of Christianity in the US have increased their acceptance of same-sex marriage in the past ten years.

Vsauce talks about sensory distortion.

SciShow tackles stinky feet, the diuretic properties of alcohol, and fusion from lasers.

If you're the leader of a Christian band, it's probably a bad idea to hire someone to murder your wife. And if you're the leader of the world's largest church, it's probably a bad idea to commit stock fraud.

If you're scientifically literate, you may enjoy this love song.

Fox News hosts are pretty stupid.

Priests don't own land, they're just renting it... for free... for ever... in The Blasphemer's Bible.


Feeling: Happy


Coursera astronomy class is pretty awesome so far. Haven't learned anything new yet, but it's only week one, and it's been a good refresher.

In an effort to show just how peaceful Islam is, Muslims in Nigeria attacked a school and murdered several students.

Upon discovering that Father Gil Gustafson was raping children, the Twin Cities Archdiocese did the right thing, they put him on "disability" so he could keep receiving paychecks and gave him money to become a leadership consultant, and regularly sent him clients. In fact, he now makes more than the other priests who don't rape children!

Geraldo Rivera calls Bill O'Reilly out on his blatant racism, and then a shouting match ensues for several minutes, and then kiss and make up and talk about how great Fox News is. No, Fox News is stupid for having such a blatant racist for a host.

Are you pronouncing your food incorrectly?

What happens when you drink too much water?

The keynote speaker of the "In the Name of Jesus, Rise Up" Christian health conference (which promotes itself by using a passage from the Gospels where Jesus heals a paralyzed man), is paralyzed from the shoulders down. Do they not see the irony in this?

Wearing a Christian T-shirt in Texas is not courageous.

Darwin Day rap!

Christians don't understand religious persecution.

Women reading posts from gay hookup sites is funny.

God repeats again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Bro, do you even study?

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Had a wonderful 4-day weekend. Thursday and Friday were show nights, and we did pretty good. There was a decent turn out, and in each show we had enough people doing call-backs to keep the virgins entertained. I got over my sinus infection well enough to be clear-headed for both shows, and Emily and I even survived the cast party that kept us out until 6 AM! Luckily, we had the weekend to recover from it.

Today is my first day of my new Coursera class, Confronting The Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy.

Uganda has just signed into law their new law which criminalizes homosexual behavior, and failing to report gay people. This is just another one of the wonderful things brought to you by Christianity.

Nobody wants fracking to go on next to their ranch, especially the CEO of Exxon Mobile, who is suing Big Oil to keep it away.

Republican Sam Moore wants to allow registered sex-offenders to hang out at schools, playgrounds, and daycare centers.

After the police in Austin, Texas roughed up a woman for failing to use a crosswalk properly, Police Chief Art Acevedo implied, at least we didn't rape her.

Fox News give a microphone to Conservative Christian Jerry Boykin, who tells us that Jesus would definitely be carrying around his AR-15, because the bible says so!

Republican Al Melvin wants to ditch Common Core in his state's public schools because it teaches them "fuzzy math" like using letters instead of numbers... you know, variables.

I though bishops were supposed to be chaste, not have orgies.

God is now speaking directly to Aaron in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Promise that forever we will never get better at growing up and learning to lie

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Rehearsal last night went well. Those few stragglers who refuse to learn their lines or practice outside of rehearsal are at least getting to the point where they're not awful. First show is tomorrow, and I'm beginning to feel the jitters from it, as usual! I have tomorrow and the next day off for the shows.

What goes on when the 1% get together to talk about their money and power? They make jokes and laugh about destroying the US economy for the other 99%.

When a fracking well explodes causing severe ecological damage and probable death, how does Chevron apologize? Free pizza!

What's the point of calling yourself fast food, if you're not fast. You're still not good, so why are you having a problem being fast? It should never take more than 20 minutes to make a burger, even when you have to cook it fresh.

Michigan really needs to consider changing its laws re vaccination. We allow parents to opt out for reasons of "just cuz." As you can expect, we're third in the nation for unvaccinated children, with only around 63% of teens are fully immunized. In order for herd immunity to be effective, you need around 94% immunized. This doesn't bode well for us!

The Dean of Students at Patrick Henry College, a Christian school, explains that women are partially at fault when they are sexually assaulted.

Giving birth at home with a midwife is not as safe as they make it out to be. In fact, the chances of the mother dying rise by 450%. If there are further complications like a breech birth, the chance of the child dying rise 2400%!

God -does- kill everyone again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Pour some rum in my eyes, tell me lies

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We're doing our first and last dress rehearsal tonight then more practice tomorrow, and finally, the shows on Thursday and Friday. Still sick, no sleep last night, ready for a coma, but it's gonna be go-go-go for the next four days. :-(

The CRPG Addict is reviewing one of my favorite CRPGs, Ultima VI: The False Prophet.

Playing Apologist Bingo with Ravi Zacharias.

10 important rules for keeping your rights and not get arrested when dealing with the police.

What is it like being a black atheist in the Bible Belt?

The Friendly Atheist answers the question that seriously does get asked, are atheists capable of love?

The strangeness of quantum mechanics demonstrated with the double-slit experiment.

Fox News has a problem with The Lego Movie and Hollywood in general because the villain is a business man.

Michael Shermer puts James Van Praagh to the test, and as expected, he fails.

God prepares to kill everyone again in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Whatever you say, say it with love

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My cold sore is just the remnants of a scab now, but because my body doesn't like being healthy, I ended up catching Emily's sinus infection. Hopefully, since I just had one a couple months ago, it won't be that bad because I'm doing Rocky Horror Picture Show in three days and I need to be in peak physical condition to Time Warp!

I haven't been posting nearly enough personal information on my site lately, and I want to remedy that. So, I've added a List of Books I've Read. I just finished Haunted, and I'm pleased to say, I didn't vomit. I'm also currently reading, Hitch-22, The Lies of Locke Lamora, and Charlotte's Web.

It only makes sense that as you remove background checks for purchasing guns more people will be killed in gun violence, but now we have the data to prove it.

New Cosmos series will Premiere on March 9th!

Yet another Christian snake handler dies from a snake bite. The interesting thing about these men is, they know they will get bit. In fact, when they do get bit, they refuse medical attention because they feel it's blasphemy. Now that's faith!

26% of Americans (that's about 82,561,960 people) can't correctly answer the question, "Does the Earth go around the Sun, or does the Sun go around the Earth?" They're even worse about questions involving the big bang and evolution.

The Muslims of Pakistan have a message for all the indigenous people in the country who have their own religion: Turn to Islam, the religion of peace, or we'll murder you!

Kosher and Halal slaughter has just been banned in Denmark because it requires killing an animal while it's awake and aware rather than stunning it first. Naturally the Jews and Muslims oppose the law claiming that it is an affront to their religion, which should give you an idea of how disgusting their religion is.

It's sad when you have to threaten a public school with a lawsuit before it will allow the Secular Student Alliance club to join, but it gets the job done!

Implements of blasphemy are holy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Tell me why, oh why are my genetics such a bitch?

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A sad story of police abuse.

Sorry Virginia, but you can't ban same-sex couples from getting married. It's still not legal, but now it's not illegal.

Good news in Arkansas, where a charter school got rid of some science books that promoted Creationism, but alas, South Carolina Republicans have decided that students shouldn't be taught evolution. Also, a public school in Kansas says they won't remove the giant cross on their building until they face a lawsuit. They will, of course, lose, and take badly needed money from the students to pay for their legal fees.

Happy Valentine's Day, from Simon's Cat.

Aaron Swartz was instrumental in ending SOPA and PIPA, and he was very helpful at helping people realize that the same outrage for Internet spying would help us prevent the NSA from spying on us as well.

James Taranto, of the Wall Street Journal, is one of the most disgusting sexist pigs I've ever seen.

The Friendly Atheists talks about debating Creationists.

A quick overview about the origin of life on Earth.

Miranda Celeste Hale makes me swoon! Part 1, part 2.

God murders some more people in The Blasphemer's Bible.

But I -am- that innocent!

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Maine has been having a problem with a large increase in heroin overdoses in the past couple years. This has led local Democrats to write up a bill that would allow first-responders like police, firemen, and EMTs to carry Naloxone, a drug that shuts down a person's opioid receptors and often saves their life. However, Republican Paul LePage is threatening to veto the bill because he thinks if drug addicts know they're going to have their lives saved when the overdose, it will just encourage more drug use!

Republicans may not have any sympathy for addicts, but at least their learning to tolerate homosexuals, right? Well, let's ask Lynn Luker is trying to pass a bill that would make it legal for first-responders to let homosexuals die because their strong Christian morals don't allow them to save the life of homosexuals.

Asst. Principal Connie Weeks at Pisgah High School in North Carolina, who doesn't seem to mind Christian club, is trying to prevent a Secular Student Alliance club from forming in her school, even though she must legally allow it. The FFRF and ACLU will take legal action if necessary.

Homophobes John Waters and Breda O'Brien, with the full backing of an Irish Catholic group, and are trying to sue a drag queen for accurately calling them homophobic for trying to stop same-sex marriage.

Jamy Ian Swiss talks about respecting the con man and dealing with psychic mediums.

Scientifically accurate Flintstones!

God prepares to kill everyone (again) in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Just what I need!

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What happens when the ignorant cut science funding and want to teach the non-existent controversy? You get over half of teens with the false belief that astrology is a science! Shall we weep for our future now?

In typical religious doublespeak, most Catholics disagree with every major issue the Pope preaches about, yet they still think he's doing an amazing job!

A preacher listed five bad reasons to leave your church, but as the Friendly Atheist points out, they're actually good reasons.

An explanation of how transistors work by looking at a model of the first transistor.

How the religious wrong tries to demonize sex.

SciShow explains why onions and emotions make you cry and the work being done to make volcano-powered electricity.

God decides who is the most holy based on their incense burning skills in The Blasphemer's Bible.

What a pretty life you have

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Breaking News! Oil companies are corrupt!

We all know that The Binding of Isaac is based on The Legend of Zelda, but did you know The Legend of Zelda was based on The Binding of Isaac?

This crow is smarter than your honor roll student.

Republican Steve Hurst wants public schools to lead their students in 15 minutes of Christian prayers every day!

The atheist Super Bowl commercial.

Kind of like the new Fight Like Apes single, Jenny Kelly.

The Friendly Atheist explains how to eulogize your religious friends.

One minute of Final Fantasy lore.

Of all the things to serve to celebrate Black History Month, it's probably a bad idea to choose fried chicken, corn bread, and watermelon.

SciShow tells us what the fox says as well as explains fluorescence and conures.

Fox News is just a parade of propaganda isn't it?

Moses demands people compete for God's favor in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Makes me wanna take Charles Atlas by the hand!

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Getting closer to understanding how RNA-like molecules could form spontaneously.

The good news is that a lot of Christians think Bill Nye won the debate against Ken Ham. The bad news is, there are still millions of religious people totally ignorant to science. But the better news is, we can translate their questions into what they really mean.

Fox News continues to amplify the voice of homophobic bigots.

Another Republican attempt to teach Creationism in public schools gets shot down, this time by its own sponsors! And lawmakers in Virginia have decided to give up on their bill to legalize student-led prayer during public school events.

Christian organizations are notorious for having terrible problems with sexual abuse among their ranks. It's gotten to be so bad, that there is a Christian organization whose only job is to try and alleviate all the sexual assaults and rape that go on in places like Bob Jones University. However, after putting up a front to make it look like they were trying to solve the problem, BJU fired the organization and has decided to pray the rape away.

The evolution of Olympic gold-medalists.

A SciShow talk that features a skunk named Lollipop!

Want to cutback on stress in your life? Try not having kids!

Moses proposes an incense competition in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Remember when we did this before?

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California is trying to pass a bill that would make it mandatory for all portable devices to have a built-in kill switch so that there would be no point in stealing them because they could be remotely disabled. The thing I don't like about this idea is that who gets to decide when the phone is shut off? If only the owner can disable the phone, I think that's fine. But of course, you know how law enforcement and government like to overstep their bounds, they'll make every attempt to ensure they have the right to disable your phone whenever the mood strikes them.

New evidence against power lines causing cancer.

Your brain constantly updates old memories with recent information.

The UK will now keep track of the women and girls who are having their genitals cut off because of religious beliefs in order to better combat the abuse.

The United Nations adds its name to the list of groups that think the Vatican fails to properly deal with their problem of harboring child-rapists.

More lies from Fox News.

Do you wanna build a snowman changes into, do you wanna be my boyfriend.

How does your quartz watch keep time?

More Israelite nay-sayers in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Not much.

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Had a fire scare in the apartment last night at around 12:30 AM. A lady was quite sure she smelled and saw smoke. Turns out the smoke she saw was the venting furnace, and the smoke she smelled was pot.

Judge Jean Boyd was deeply disturbed by a 16-year-old who got drunk with his friends, got into an accident, and killed four people, and maimed two others. The teen's parents were so rich and undisciplined, that they just gave him whatever he wanted, and he never had to deal with the consequences of his actions. So, how did the judge make an example out of this terrible behavior? By putting him on probation because his parents spent $450,000 on therapy. This way, the teen will learn that you can't just have your parents pay your way out of trouble!

Here's a wonderful collection of Tweets about the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate.

That's a big sea jelly!

The judge who wouldn't allow a mother to name her child Messiah because only Jesus gets that name was removed from the bench in a disciplinary hearing! Score!

If it makes you feel any better, New Zealand spies on its citizens too, just like our NSA.

Harrison Ford movie mash-up!

SciShow talks about ancient plagues that may still be with us and explains why homosexuality doesn't disappear due to natural selection.

Here's a cool Zelda song made up of game clips.

God is a fashionista in The Blasphemer's Bible.

What hath God wrought?

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Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate was underwhelming, but fun. Bill Nye was kind of dry and sciency, Ken Ham came up with a false view of science and didn't address any of Nye's points and instead gave a sermon. PZ Myers took really nice notes and cracks down on Ham's fallacious arguments and also shows what Nye needs to learn about Creationist tactics. Few minds were changed as can be demonstrated by these incredibly ignorant questions Christians raised even after the debate.

Pat Robertson says, genocide is good because children of evil people are always evil too!

Execution for stick-gathering in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Let's get ready to mock Creationists!

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The USA's spying racket isn't just ruining the trust of our nation, it's even ruining our chance for a cleaner environment!

If you're going to criticize someone for not speaking English, it's probably best if you use proper grammar.

A lot of Republican have created laws to protect bigoted store owners who don't want to serve people they think are evil because they have a different color of skin or because they aren't sexually attracted to the same people as the owner. And while this hasn't been a problem in Idaho doesn't have a problem with people being fired or not hired due to their sexuality, but if they ever do, Republican Lynn Luker wants to be prepared with his new law!

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Scotland! Way to go!

Bill Nye debates Ken Ham tonight!

God contradicts his earlier laws in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I can have a dark side too

Feeling: Happy


Kind of proud of myself for not knowing who played in the Super Bowl, not knowing who won, and not even knowing when it was! Now if I could only not even hear about it, I'd be truly winning.

More testimony from a TSA agent. Yes, the men are gawking at the nude female bodies. Yes, the people are making fun of your genitals. Yes, the scanners are terrible at discovering hidden weapons.

Few Christians actually believe in global warming, but the few who do have a strategy for stopping it. Prayer!

For years and years now, Texas has been the laughing stock of the education world. Their science textbooks exclude evolution and climate change in favor of Noah's Ark, and their history books exclude slavery and Thomas Jefferson in favor of Ronald Regan's economic gamble. But now, Texas is doing something unthinkable (at least in Texas), they're letting the teachers weigh in on what should be in the textbooks! That's right, up until now, the content of Texas school books were decided by unqualified politicians!

"Reverend" Michael Abromovich has a history of trolling for gay sex on Craigslist, only to pretend to be an officer and rob the people he hooks up with!

Simple evolution information.

These Christian preachers couldn't wait to go on a mission trip in a far away land, so they could rape children.

God gives orders for something that won't happen for 40 more years in The Blasphemer's Bible.