March, 2014

Behind a curtain of towering pines, the sun settling red

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Had a wonderful weekend. My friend Rachel got me tickets to a Queen cover band, and the lead singer was fantastically accurate with Freddie's moves, mannerisms, singing, and even timing and altered lyrics. Very impressed! Also watched the latest Cosmos, which I enjoy, but I'm still not as impressed as the Sagan version. The most impressive parts are rehashes of the Sagan version, but I think something is lost with the over-abundance of special effects.

When it comes to autism, what science shows to be the culprit is -very- different from what the media claims to be the culprit.

Rabbi Avrohom Cohn doesn't believe in consent forms and will cheerfully circumcise your son, and then suck the blood off his penis without even asking if you mind.

Veritasium talks about great white sharks and addresses the claim that you're lightest in the morning.

Turns out, if you murdered someone because you were told by God to do it, you're perfectly normal, but if you murder someone because you were told by Satan pretending to be God, then you're crazy.

The Friendly Atheist talks about God's racism.

God has his omniscience turned off in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm out!

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Heading to skeptics in the pub tonight for some enjoyable conversation about smart stuffs, and looking forward to a weekend of laziness!

Every time there is an oil spill, oil companies claim that they've learned their lesson, and it won't be a problem again. So why do we keep having oil spills? Exxon still hasn't been able to clean up the Valdez spill from 25 years ago!

A Christian sued Carroll County Maryland for having Christian prayers at their meetings, in fact, he even cited the bible as the reason why the prayer should be said! Sounds a bit odd, right? Well, there is a good reason. The lawsuit was filed by a Catholic who thought the prayers were too Protestant!

Veritasium examines the world's roundest object and why it's so important and also levitation through electromagnetic induction.

Aran Ra talks about morality and meaning for the godless.

What would modern movies be like if they included a score from the 1980s?

100 non-stop guitar riffs!

Balaam is kind of creepy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it

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If you don't have the stomach to sit through the masturbatory Christian film, "God Is Not Dead," and really, who does? You can read a synopsis here written by a genuine philosopher.

Republican Pete Kelly says, "Birth control is for people who don't necessarily want to act responsibly." But even though he doesn't want them to use birth control, he does want to force them to take pregnancy tests before they're allowed to drink alcohol.

Leland Yee, a Democratic senator who has tried to ban violent videogame, is being indicted on charges of corruption and arms trafficking.

And speaking of the videogame industry, the makers of Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham know precisely why their videogame is having so many problems. SATAN!

As the causes of autism are becoming more clear we find that it begins long before birth. This new insight may lead to earlier treatment, and a better prognosis, and it also is more evidence that it is not caused by vaccinations.

Republican Nathan Deal fought to keep bibles in Georgia state parks stating that any group should be free to donate literature. Atheists took him to task on this and donated several boxes of atheist material, each with an insert thanking Deal for allowing them to be placed.

The Casimir Effect is how the universe laughs at our attempts to understand it.

Olivia McConnell, a third grader from South Carolina noticed that her state was one of the few states that doesn't have a state fossil. So, she suggested that the state adopt mammoth fossils since the mammoth was first discovered in a South Carolina swamp. Democrat Kevin Johnson thought that it would be a good idea, and drafted a bill that would make it so. Everything was looking good until Republican Kevin Bryant decided to add an amendment to the bill that included a biblical passage from Genesis saying the God created all life, a motion which now has the bill halted. Republicans, this is why you can't have nice things!

A longer version of Cosmos edited for rednecks.

Balak is paying for curses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

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Last night's debate was pretty exciting. I didn't hear any new arguments from the Christian side, but I did find a few more flaws in them, so, over all, a win. You can watch the live-stream for the next couple days while it's still online.

American taxpayers are currently spending about $1,000,000,000 each year to teach children that the Earth was created by the Christian God a few thousand years ago. But many politicians don't think this violates the first amendment. These are the kinds of schools that will kick out a student because she doesn't fit their idea of what a girl should look like. I'm sure this is fine for people like Republican Glenn Champ, who has been convicted of vehicular manslaughter, attempted rape, and paying for sex with minors.

Terra-Medica, a company that manufacturers homeopathic concoctions is recalling several of its products because they may contain medicine!

Is poverty the fault of single mothers? Deadbeat fathers? People failing to get a college education? Drunks? Is helping the poor going to bankrupt our economy? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no!

Bill Nye talks about his desire to use science education to change the world.

God's reign of terror continues in The Blasphemer's Bible.

A little out of time but I don't mind

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Heading to a theism/atheism debate tonight featuring Justin Scheiber. Should be a lot of fun.

I love Jimmy Wales. Not only did he found Wikipedia, but he keeps his rules about science strong by refusing to bow to the pressures of pseudo-scientists who want special treatment for their quackery.

The World Health Organization estimates that 7,000,000 people died in 2012 due to... air pollution!

Our planet has a severe problem with global climate change because of the massive amounts of carbon we're putting into the air. Thankfully, plants are natural carbon-sinks that pull carbon from the air and store it. So why are we actively destroying forests and jungles?

Few things are as sexy as a redheaded mathematician.

After losing $450,000, the Salvation Army is readdressing some of its discriminatory practices.

The Angry Video Game Nerd isn't much impressed with Big Rigs.

If you see two creepy men insisting that little girls on the sidewalk get into their car, don't worry, they're not trying to rape the little girls, they're trying to teach them about Jesus!

Moses butchers Sihon and all his men in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Talk so small I can't remember ever saying a word

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I finished up my online astronomy class. It was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit more about the structure of the universe, stellar evolution, and the standard model. Plus, I have the lectures to re-watch as a refresher down the road. Picking out my wedding tuxedos this weekend!

Facial recognition software is starting to become kind of scary.

I want a pet tardigrade!

The head of the KKK wants everyone to know that they are a Christian organization.

Veritasium talks about how gyroscopic motion appears to violate gravity.

Speaking of Christians, why are they telling little girls that they should be married to God, and have their father as their boyfriend?

Shouldn't your boss control your ovaries?

Oh Sarah Palin, you never cease to be a wealth of stupidity. Here she is questioning women who wear clothes hanger necklaces to show the evil face of abortion when access has been removed. She mocks those who wear a "symbol of death" around their necks, never seeing the irony of her own cult of human sacrifice whose members wear an execution device around their necks.

Want a good scare? Watch this short horror film, Lights Out.

Moses and his thugs invade more cities in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And you try and tell the young people of today that, and they won't believe you!

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I finished up my online astronomy class. It was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit more about the structure of the universe, stellar evolution, and the standard model. Plus, I have the lectures to re-watch as a refresher down the road. Picking out my wedding tuxedos this weekend!

The tardigrade, AKA water bear, is an amazing example of just how durable life can get.

Hobby Lobby isn't just trying to get off the hook for providing birth control to its female employees, it doesn't even want to provide them with the knowledge of what birth control is, or how to use it. And if they win their Supreme Court case, many other companies will do the same thing.

Republican Thomas Carmody wants to make the bible the state book of Louisiana. Maybe he should first read it to realize that it's actually really evil?

Another butt-hurt Christian thinks that the only people who it's okay to be bigoted to is white male Christians. News Flash if 95% of all elected officials in your home country are of the same race and religion as you, you are not being persecuted!

The Friendly Atheist reveals more lying for Jesus and even murder for Jesus.

It's been done many times before, but here is a pretty awesome Pi Song.

Seth MacFarlane did it first, but here is the updated Cosmos For Rednecks.

Things are getting too silly in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy vernal equinox!

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Derren Brown uses the power of psychology to cause several strange emotions in people including a religious experience.

Despite my love for the Goonies, it has a lot of plot holes.

Bill Maher rips on those who believe in Noah's Ark.

The story of Adam and Eve takes a turn when Eve acts like a normal woman.

The Legend of Zelda would be a very different game if Hyrule had cops.

Another fun video about the usage of serial commas.

There is a Beer well in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Do you want fries with that?

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How does Facebook respond to the NSA creating fake Facebook pages to spy on people?

Republicans are often portrayed as ignorant religious nut-cases, and it doesn't help when they choose Susanne Atanus as their leader. Atanus, you'll remember, recently said that autism and dementia was God's punishment because Americans are allowing same-sex marriage and abortion. This is the kind of person who is the poster-child of today's Republicans.

Conservatives really want you to keep your baby, unless it will grow up to be a Liberal.

SciShow covers Hoverboards and migraines.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the economic failures of the Ark Park.

Didyouknowgaming presents Pac-Man and the Nintendo 64.

I'm glad I wasn't involved in any of these heart-pounding close calls!

The Wars of the Lord is a super rare book in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Not hung over from St. Patrick's Day

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Another shout-out to my awesome flag database Flag Database that you can purchase. Today was my first order, hopefully the first of many, since I only make a little bit off of each order.

I've been playing The Secret of Monkey Island for the past couple days. It's pretty funny, and I like that I haven't died or gotten stuck in a walking death scenario like Sierra adventure games. Still, there have been points that have been less-than-intuitive.

Rebecca Watson talks to the men who want her to stop talking about feminism.

Do non-believers really "send themselves to hell" like so many Christians claim? DarkMatter2525 addresses how that argument is really stupid.

The most paused moments in movie history, part 1 and part 2.

Chances are, you're not going to be a parkour master.

Everything she's saying is gibberish, but the gibberish sounds like a language. Part 1 and part 2.

Moses makes God stop murdering people in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy pi day for people who are bad at math!

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I've been working on it for ages, and after finally deciding to stop being lazy, I finally got the finished version of the installer ready and the eStore setup to sell the Professional Package of my Flag Database. If you're a fan of flags, and you want to support my site, please consider purchasing it!

I had a fun weekend helping my friend Adam celebrate his birthday, although we drank a bit too much rum. I'm feeling better now that my cells are filled with water again. I also took the third quiz of my astronomy class, and am looking forward to the fourth week now that pretty much all of the lectures are new information.

In a hilarious case of "Well, what did you expect would happen?" Mount Cheam Christian School, which opposes vaccinations, is temporarily closed due to a huge measles outbreak of around 100 students!

Another public school loses their religious fight in court. For years, the Sabine Parish school district in Louisiana has been pushing Christianity down the throats of their students, but it wasn't until a Buddhist's religion was called "stupid" by the school that they finally found themselves in court. After a lengthy trial, the school eventually admitted guilt and offered not to break the law any more, and to take lessons in order to avoid an even bigger loss.

Eight people are dead from a huge gas explosion that collapsed a building in East Harlem, so why is the New York Daily News calling it a miracle? Because a bible made it through the fire unscathed! I should point out that the building was a church, which means there were probably hundreds of other bibles in it which did get burned.

Snowboarding in avalanche prone areas is ill-advised.

Sixty Symbols meets Vsauce and Vsauce explains the resolution of the human eye.

God murders more Israelites, this time with flaming snakes, in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Happy pi day!

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Why are Tesla dealerships being made illegal? Is it because their cars require much less maintenance than internal combustion cars?

What kind of harassment do women face from anti-choice Christians outside of clinics?

What does it take to get expelled from Pensacola Christian College? You'll probably be expelled if you get raped.

Roy Ortiz almost died when his car was washed off the road in a flood. Luckily, the fire department rescued him and saved his life. But that's not the way Ortiz sees it. According to him, it was God who saved his life, and the firemen were grossly negligent. So, now he's suing the men who saved his life.

The Muslim prophet Mohammad married and had sex with a girl who was around ten years old, which is part of the reason why Muslims want to eliminate all age restrictions when it comes to marrying women.

The Israelites hold a grudge in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's hard to keep coming up with titles every day!

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Apparently, my videogame music web site is so popular it's been eating up the majority of the processing capabilities of its server, so it's in the process of being moved to a better (i.e., more expensive) server. Now I need to find a way to make money off of it to try and offset the cost.

Despite my naturally laid-back attitude, I find that I don't have enough time in the day to finish everything I'd like to do. Should I try to eliminate YouTube and Facebook? Nah!

Don't mind that the NSA is collecting all your meta data because it can't be used to identify any of your personal information? Think again!

Republican Paul Ryan explains that the problem with America is the men in inner cities being too lazy to even think about working. To back up his claims, he cite Charles Murray who says that black people are genetically inferior to white people in matters of intelligence and work ethic.

Alaska is trying to change its laws to allow for taxpayer money to fund private religious institutions.

An honest trailer for Mario Kart.

Teachers read mean tweets.

Using an 14-year-old pizza coupon from a videogame.

You kids don't understand what it was like for children of the 1980s, but Kevin Bacon does.

The Israelites are attacked in The Blasphemer's Bible.

What part of our history's reinvented and under rug swept?

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My astronomy class is really becoming interesting now that we're getting into the stuff I didn't already know. For example, we all know that you can't have sound in space because there is no gas available for compression, and therefore nothing for the sound wave to propagate through. But it turns out that, due to the vast amounts of hydrogen scattered throughout the galaxy, you actually can get sound in space, but only at very low frequencies. Too low for a human to hear, but enough for highly sensitive equipment to monitor.

Congress doesn't care about warantless surveillance and computer snooping until it happens to them.

We all like to think we're not racist, so why do most people view black children as less-human than white children?

Professional liar, David Barton shows he still has what it takes to lie to Christians.

The NSA is getting especially good at infecting your computer with malware and monitoring everything you do.

Trying to find the structure of dark matter.

Did You Know Gaming presents: Earthbound, parts one and two.

Hitting infants with wooden rods is child abuse, but on religion, it's normal, just like drowning your own son because you want to kill his demons.

Does the universe have a purpose?

Aaron dies in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I have no idea what I'm doing!

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Veritasium shows the double slit experiment with sunlight.

Thanks to wonderful Christian leaders, here's what your child may be learning even when not in a private school.

Amanda Marcotte's talk about sexism in pseudo-science.

SciShow talks about the gigafactory and Bayesian reasoning.

When Christian psychopath Pat Robertson calls Young-Earth Creationism a joke, it's a sad day for Creationists.

What's going on in Ukraine right now?

How cops can perform illegal searches by claiming they smell marijuana, and what to do about it.

Mt. Hor is very different from Mt. Horeb in The Blasphemer's Bible.

She might need a lotta lovin', but she don't need you

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Leviticus 19:28 tells followers of God not to put cuts, marks, or tattoos into their skin, but that isn't stopping a Florida church from offering free tattoos!

Pew Research Center released a poll about Millenials reaching adulthood. Some of the more interesting findings are that they are more politically independent, but still more-likely to vote Democrat, less-likely to marry, nearing 50% non-white, less-likely to trust other people, less-sure about their financial situation, less-likely to believe in a god, much more supporting of gay rights, and sadly, less-likely to consider themselves an environmentalist.

The new Cosmos aired last night and the Christians don't quite get it.

The National Young Fundamentalist Conference in Kentucky thought wearing blackface would be a good way to attract a younger crowd. Perhaps a younger crowd of racists.

Hemant Mehta talks about the American Atheists getting kicked out of CPAC for their "tone." and what does it take to get sent to hell?

Government surveillance is getting worse.

Is your girlfriend more like a cat or a dog?

A compilation of several of Bart Erhman's debates and lectures where he talks about the failures of the bible.

It actually is possible to pick a lock with a hairpin!

SciShow talks about the microscope and why we itch after getting bit by a bug.

A less-than-stellar review of A Link Between Worlds.

No love from the Edomites in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Who ORs a number with zero?

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Tongues is a short film about a young Christian trying to learn how to speak in tongues, but also dealing with his carnal desires. Strikes home with my Christian upbringing.

After learning that their current laws do not prevent perverts from taking pictures up the skirts of women, Massachusetts has fast-tracked a law to properly ban the practice.

If you have to ask the cops to come and take you away in a make-believe arrest, you're not a persecuted Christian. By the way, how much of the tax payer's dollars were wasted on this fantasy?

How did Sonic the Hedgehog get his start? Also, a reading from the Book of Sega Genesis.

Christian pastor Jack Hibbs has a great argument for keeping transgendered children out of the bathroom in schools. If they use the bathroom of the sex they now identify with, other children will physically assault them, and teachers and school administrators won't be able to protect them!

SciShow covers sleeping problems and why the Earth's core is molten.

Mathematical cookie shapes!

Edom is totally different from Eden in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays

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Took my car in yesterday for a battery wire recall and they messed something up. That means today I'm driving around a pretty snazzy all-wheel-drive free replacement BMW. It's amazing, yet I still look forward to my cozy sports car.

How to tell the painter by looking at the painting.

The Massachusetts supreme court just ruled that it's perfectly legal to surreptitiously take pictures of women's vulvas.

Nigerian Muslims murdered 29 students, burning some alive, and slitting the throats of the others because they were following the evils of a "Western" education.

How did Mark Driscoll's book about being a sexist abusive Christian husband make it to number one on the New York Times best seller list? Because Driscoll took a page out of Sarah Palin's "book" and bought tens of thousands of copies of it himself to get it there! Sarah Palin spent $63,000 of donor money, but Driscoll dropped at least $210,000 of his church's money!

The religious bigots who don't support same-sex marriage don't realize that the majority of the public is now in favor of it.

The Republicans are doing a bang-up job for the South!

Do athletes live longer?

JT Eberhard's "Dear Christian" lecture.

Connect Four is a solved game.

Five reasons why the Affordable Care Act is going to help you.

Water from another rock in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be

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The Cosmo pre-screening was pretty awesome; can't wait to see the full series!

10% of Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted infection.

Is it illegal to hyperlink to illegal material? Legal precedence may be made by Barrett Brown's lawyers.

The UK is no longer standing for the terrible parenting of Jehovah's Witnesses. While they'll still let adults kill themselves rather than receive a blood transfusion, they won't let them kill their children anymore.

As if Christians needed more tax breaks? Arizona is now offering tax breaks to people who lease their property to churches. Churches that already don't pay taxes on their property.

Why using the "if there is no objective morality, you can justify Hitler" argument doesn't help religion.

Bill Nye tries to explain to another clueless Republican why climate change is real. Not only is it real, but it's going to have a severe impact on how we live.

PZ Myers gives a nice lecture on science education versus religious indoctrination.

Miriam dies in The Blasphemer's Bible.

To make an apple pie, you must first invent the universe

Feeling: Accomplished


Emily and I are going to a pre-screening of the Cosmo series tonight! Win!

Antivaxers, like moon landing hoaxers, Bigfoot chasers, and other conspiracy theorists, all suffer from the same problem. The more evidence you present to them against their crazy belief, the more they believe it. It's actually better to teach them about generic critical thinking skills, or attack another conspiracy theory they don't already believe in so they can later apply what they learned to their current crazy belief.

New Jersey Catholics are refusing to tithe ever since they learned that Archbishop John J. Myers was adding a second pool to his luxurious manor. Now if only they could convince the Evangelicals to stop believing in the Prosperity Gospel.

Montana Catholics have such a severe problem with rape, abuse, and sexual assault that they had to file for bankruptcy because of 350 possible lawsuits. Luckily, the Montana diocese figured out a way to solve all their problems and return to a strong moral foundation. While they haven't fired any of their child-raping priests, they did fire a school teacher for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

How many people does it take to explain how a light bulb works?

The difference between fission and fusion.

A lecture from an attorney and a police officer explaining why you should never talk to the police, even if you're innocent, even if you're telling the truth. It can't possibly help you, and it will always hurt you.

SciShow talks about hallucinating and Flappy Bird.

Republican Lawrence Lockman has a long history of being a huge douche canoe.

Cleaning people makes you dirty in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I am the greatest!

Feeling: Accomplished


Went to a nice documentary screening party over the weekend, with several medical types. They talk about a lot of nasty things, but the documentary was nice, and the food and drinks were great.

My astronomy class makes this even more interesting to me: The Kepler space telescope just cataloged another 715 exosolar planets, four of which are in their system's habitable zone!

More Christians parents are in jail for letting their child die of a curable disease because they believe that calling a doctor is blasphemy.

One of the arguments against same-sex marriage is that homosexuals couples can't reproduce. This argument has several flaws: over-population causes millions to stave to death, orphanages are full of children hoping to be adopted, and we allow infertile heterosexual couples to marry. Well, that last counter-point won't fly at the Santa Cruz Basilica, a Catholic church where the vicar refuses to marry any couples unless the man can produce sperm!

Monogamy in the animal kingdom isn't as strong as we once thought.

The Friendly Atheist comments on calling out to God during times of duress.

Some highlights from the HBO special, Questioning Darwin.

SciShow covers artifical snow making and the rings of Saturn.

Near someone who died of heart failure? You're unclean for a week in The Blasphemer's Bible.