April, 2014

Another April dies

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If you were to eviscerate someone and pull out all their guts and lay them flat, you would have enough to coat the floor of a studio apartment!

Turns out the IRS still expects you to pay taxes even if you claim you're exempt because you live in the "Kingdom of Heaven."

Christians often claim that they are the ones who are discriminated against, so why are the Christian Republicans in Iowa saying they will block any federal judge who isn't a Christian?

An interesting documentary on the evolution of the Christian Satan, How the Devil Got His Horns.

Will Moore's Law continue to be in effect for years to come?

Sarah Palin explains that torture is how we baptize innocent people. Of course, she likes to think that water-boarding isn't torture, and that innocent until proved guilty doesn't exist.

Veritasium shows just how ill-informed people can be about basic science.

God doesn't completely hate women in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Testing... 1... 2... 3...

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Helped a friend move out of the ghetto last night. I have an aching back, but I feel better about myself.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has such a bad security flaw that the US and UK governments are warning people not to use it!

What life is like growing up in a Christian Fundamentalist Family.

Carolyn Porco can tell you everything you need to know about Saturn.

In the USA, Christians are more likely to be racist than atheists, but you wouldn't think that if you listen to Christian Dan Caplis who says that if you're racist, you must be an atheist.

The Book of Exodus is all about double standards.

It's a little too slow for my taste, but the Harvest Moon series still has a lot of great lore.

Seriously, how do people make it out of elementary school without knowing that objects with different weights will still hit the ground at the same time?

A wonderful tribute to the late great Christopher Hitchens.

A wonderful panel discussion featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Anne Druyan, and Victor Stenger.

Of course the Levites increased in size in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Life got in the way

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Played some Magic with my homies, watched Cosmos, did more wedding planning over the weekend, and hung a bird feeder on my balcony. I'm already getting gold finches!

The Heartbleed security flaw affects a lot more than just computers. Tons of web-ready devices have the same flaw, and they're a lot harder to upgrade. If you want a more detailed explanation of the bug, watch this.

The Koch Brothers are doing everything they can to prevent their cash-cow of deadly coal and oil from being replaced by clean renewable solar power.

Astronomers are getting closer to understanding the true structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a difficult task, considering we're inside of it.

The CDC has run an estimation on routine vaccination programs and have come up with the following numbers: 732,000 lives saved, and 322,000,000 diseases prevented! This in spite of the fact that there are Muslims who keep murdering the people who administer the vaccinations.

Irreducible complexity refuted with a simple graphic.

Canonizing dead popes is big business!

Dr. Katherine Pollard talks about the things that make us human.

A group of Muslims who think women getting an education is an affront to God, and therefore feel it their duty to murder little girls who go to school have recently abducted 234 girls from their school.

Shame on the New York Times for publishing a crank like Nicholas Kristof. His most recent piece was all about how secularists don't know anything about religion, when in fact, secularists tend to score the highest on tests about religion.

God is premature in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Another idea for a porno - Little Nemo: The Cream Master

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Need another reason not to trust energy companies, they're willing to subject their employees to radioactive waste in order to save a couple bucks.

You know Cliven Bundy, that rancher who refused to remove his cattle from a protected wildlife refuge, and when Bureau of Land Management came to make him leave, he and a bunch of other people threatened to murder anyone who would try to make them leave? Well, Republicans and Libertarians have really been giving him a hand, saying that's definitely doing the right thing, standing up to those government bullies who just want to protect a couple useless endangered species. Well, their support of him has dwindled a bit ever since he opened his mouth and said that black people are dependent on the government, and were much better off as slaves. Luckily, he assures us that he isn't racist.

A nice debate with Bart Ehrman about whether it is possible to ever reconstruct the original Gospels.

Laci Green explains why she is a feminist.

Scientists are now using krypton in radiometric dating which will allow them to measure extremely old ice.

Rebecca Watson talks about the morality of Christians and atheists.

A lesson in high-jumping thanks to Veritasium.

What would planets look like in the sky if they were as close as the moon?

Minute Physics points out that relativity isn't relative and shows us how the sun remains powered.

Despite all the war, pestilence, and famine, many of the tribes increased in size in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Idea for a porno - Little Nemo: The Ream Master

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My homies Wallee and Allen were supposed to be packing for their trip to New York last night, instead Emily and I made them make us tea while we watched YouTube videos and met Brianna. Some of the videos we watched include Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared and Part 2 - Time.

Marijuana is dangerous folks. Especially on Easter.

Vibrating mercury is awesome.

Can you make a computer out of dominoes?

Veritasium explores the coastline paradox and the odd behavior of the Magnus force.

God demands another census in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's as if the universe is conspiring to keep me from sleeping

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I beat the game The Secret of Monkey Island last night.

Facial recognition software has reached the point where it is outperforming humans.

Many people are calling for the execution of Josie Cunningham because she stated publicly that she is going to get an abortion.

Humanism is now an official category recognized by the US Military.

Ergun Caner is a big huge Christian liar. He has been telling people that he grew up in Turkey, with a suicide-bomber Muslim father, and so forth, but these lies were told to make him seem like a better Christian. After a blogger publicly called him out on all his lies, he tried to sue the blogger, and after almost a year in court, the blogger is victorious.

PBS explains human evolution and why there was no "first human."

Travis and Wenona Rossiter are being tried for manslaughter after their daughter died from diabetes complications because the couple refused to take her to a doctor because of their religion. This is the second of the Rossiter's children to die because they don't believe in doctors, but their lawyer is trying to make sure the jury isn't aware of this or the craziness of their Rossiter's religion. It's pretty obvious why, if the jury actually know how negligent the parents are, they would pronounce them guilty on the spot, as they should!

Rebecca Watson buys some amazing Ten Plagues of Egypt toys.

It's common knowledge that Adolf Hitler called himself a Catholic, attended mass, was counted among the faithful Catholics by the German diocese, and wrote a lot about the greatness of God. Why then is Archbishop Samuel Aquila making comparisons between atheists and Nazi Germany? Because he is just as ignorant about Catholicism's child raping history as he is Catholicism's Nazi history.

What happens when classical musicians do battle?

The Friendly Atheist explains why we should fight Creationism, and how, even though she claims she isn't, Jenny McCarthy is still an antivaxer.

Veritasium talks about quantum computers and quantum bits.

God demands more genocide in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I am warning you Javert, I'm a stronger man by far
There is power in me yet, my race is not yet run

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I've created a new compilation of NES cheats in the NES Hacker Wiki. Over 1,700 cheats in 185 different games!

A recent poll from Associated Press confirms some rather sad trends about the USA's understanding of science. In particular, 16% of Americans aren't very confident that smoking causes cancer, 30% aren't very confident that our genetics affect who we are, 45% aren't very confident that vaccines are safe and effective, 65% aren't very confident of human-caused global warming, 66% aren't very confident that life on earth evolved, 69% aren't very confident that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and a whopping 76% aren't very confident that our universe began with a big bang! Translation: most Americans wouldn't be able to pass a grade-school level science test.

Prime Minister David Cameron wants all of the citizens of the United Kingdom to know that they live in a Christian Nation! Never mind that fact that 41% of the citizens aren't Christian, including over 50 winners of the Nobel Prize.

The UK is trying to force its citizens to accept fracking under their own land without the ability to refuse.

The Friendly Atheist gives us 6 things you should never say to Christians and 4 creative ways to deal with preachers.

Veritasium gives an interesting take on regression to the mean and what's next for the Higgs boson now that it's been discovered.

Trivia from the Kirby franchise.

The new Mr. Deity covers God's psychopathic murderous tendencies.

Apparently, there was a plague in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I've done no wrong, sweet Jesus hear my prayer!
Look down, look down, sweet Jesus doesn't care!

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Had a wonderful weekend. Saw Les MisÚrables Friday night in Ann Arbor with Emily and Jackie, lazed on Saturday, and enjoyed an wonderful Easter feast at my sister's on Sunday.

After watching Cosmos recount for the world's misuse of leaded gasoline and the problems that occurred because of it, it's nice to see some follow up on the BBC.

General Mills decided that whole, "if you like us on Facebook, you can't sue us," EULA wasn't such a good idea after all.

Bonobos have been taught to master fire! But don't be afraid of our new primate overlords, they're only using it to roast marshmallows.

The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Metal Gear pulls no punches.

Whole Foods isn't quite as green or as sane as you'd want them to be.

Samus doesn't appreciate the unequal attention in Starbomb's latest song.

Stabbed in the back, and through a prostitute, in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Going to see Les MisÚrables tonight!

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Beat Portal 2 again. Damn fine game. Damn fine.

Here's an interesting article about the trade-off between the strength of a vaccine and the complications involved, and how this affects the spread of a virus.

Veritasium demonstrates atmospheric pressure with a barrel and biological competition with baggage carousels.

Maps from back when California was still thought to be an island.

The Friendly Atheist discusses the religious right's lost battle on same-sex marriage.

Another priest has been accused of "giving women exorcisms," and by that, I mean, raping them.

God kills everyone who has sex with foreigners in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'll be honest and brave and handsome and beautiful

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North Dakota's ban on abortions after 6 weeks has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

Dave Foley from Kids In the Hall talks about being an atheist.

You're never too young to be pretend executed for Jesus.

Some of the more interesting Easter eggs in videogames.

Christianity is approaching minority status in Australia.

Some information about the history of the animated GIF.

Link hates it when the old man tries to molest him.

Another Creationist's Cosmos.

Hobby Lobby's president, Steve Green, the guy who doesn't want any of his employees to have access to contraception, but also doesn't mind investing in lucrative contraception companies, is now trying to solve society's ills. And to do this, he is pushing mandatory bible class in public schools. I'm all for it, provided I'm the one who teaches the class!

Veritasium talks about teaching people through science videos.

Minute Physics talks about the polarization of the big bang.

Balaam's final oracle is completely useless in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The only living boy in Grand Blanc

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I've been replaying Portal 2 because it's just soooo awesome.

Tony Perkins from the Christian hate-group Family Research Council, and Republican Mike Huckabee complain on Fox News that liberals boycotts or racist and sexist companies like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. This is naturally quite hypocritical as Tony Perkins has led several boycotts of liberal companies.

SciShow talks about brain plasticity.

Christian pastor Doug Phillips has a wonderful book called "Advanced Family Strategies: How to Build a Healthy Family Culture In Your Home." He's also an advocate of the Quiverfull movement, which is against all forms of contraceptive, and requires women to quit their jobs and men to dominate both their wife and children for Jesus. Well, it turns out he's been sexually abusing his teenage nanny for several years. Phillips lawyers are claiming that the teenage girl started everything and that, since Phillips never had vaginal intercourse with her, he shouldn't be punished.

Veritasium wonders why the sky isn't really that blue, and how you can get color with tiny holes.

There have been a lot of new cheats added to the NES Hacker Wiki. If you're a NES player, you should definitely check it out.

The fourth oracle is just as bad in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Had the top down on my car all weekend, and last night it snowed. Weather is such a troll!

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How to lie about gun murders with misleading charts.

Can you tell the difference between hardcore smut and Christian rock music?

Be sure to know the A-Z of dance.

The bible has some of the best bedtime stories.

The Angry Video Game Nerd's movie seems to be coming along nicely.

How logic gates in computers work as demonstrated with dominoes!

Jamie Kilstein uses stand-up comedy to talk about rape culture.

What would happen if Mario actually tried to break bricks with his head?

Veritasium has some crazy but factual things to say about trees.

Israel's tents are just amazing in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Maybe you've been brainwashed too?

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If Jenny McCarthy doesn't want to be labeled as anti-vax, maybe she should stop being anti-vaccination.

Veritasium wonders why venomous animals live in warm climates and shows us how water can be supercooled.

Iowa's Republican governor, Terry Branstad, wants all Iowans to know that -real- Iowans enjoy a passage from the bible where God threatens to go on a destructive rampage unless everyone prays to him.

Videogames are often hella frustrating!

The Axis of Awesome sing a song about the Holy Trinity.

Ah, Virginia, where you can claim that disabled people are God's punishment for allowing abortion and that only other homosexuals would vote in favor of same-sex marriage and still have a chance at becoming the state's next Republican congressman like Bob Marshall!

Catherine Deveny's atheist alphabet.

SciShow looks at why cat's knead.

Curse attempt #2 in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Looking forward to a delicious dinner of meat

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Why do so many Christians believe that the USA was founded on Christian teachings? A lot of it is a lack of understanding of history. They don't realize all the "under God" phrases weren't added until the 1950s, and they don't realize how deistic most of the founding fathers were. And it doesn't help that professional liars like David Barton keep making up quotes.

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson explains where mass comes from, but that only accounts for a very small amount of an object's mass. Also, why does copper affect magnets when it's not magnetic? And how can something that looks purple not be purple? Veritasium explains all!

Let's learn true facts about the octopus.

Voice actor Jim Cummings is known for providing the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Dark Wing Duck. Well, what happens when he uses that voice talent to read dialog from Star Wars?

I just reached 1,000 comics in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Saw a million posts on my Facebook, then, oh yeah, it's my birthday

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Gonna spend my birthday the way I spend every day, going to work, coming home, hacking videogames. It's the part I was born to play, baby!

Brandeis University has reneged on their invitation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali because of a protest by Muslims who claim that she says nothing but hate speech about Islam. Funny thing about this though, is that most of the "hate speech" is her quoting the Koran and other Muslims. I hope the other guests refuse to attend out of solidarity.

Veritasium shows us why a curve ball curves and why Brian Schmidt won a Nobel Prize.

From where did these memes come?

NPR shows us a type of photography that allows us to see sound waves.

Balaam's first oracle is pretty lame in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I wish Dino Sound Sorisaem made more music

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I've been spending a lot of my time recently playing Bridge Constructor, a game where you use your engineering skills to build bridges with simulated gravity and tension physics, and then drive vehicles over them with often hilarious results. Oh hey, it's my birfday tomorrow; those things really sneak up on you, don't they?

Really Pakistan? Charging a baby with attempted murder?

Australia officially says that homeopathy is crap.

Republican Vance McAllister is caught having an affair with one of his employees who is promptly fired, but he gets to keep his job because he's a wonderful Christian, although probably not as wonderful as pro baseball player Chad Curtis, who, after expressing how great a Christian he was for not listening to music with swearing, went on to sexually assault under-aged girls.

Any time you see a noted scientists in a religious documentary, you can usually bet that they were lied to, or that their footage was filmed for a different project, purchased, and then manipulated. For example, there is an upcoming Christian documentary called The Principle, which is all about how the Earth is the center of the universe. Yesterday, it was revealed that video of Lawrence Krauss was hijacked for the film, and now it turns out that Kate Mulgrew was also lied to in order to get her to participate. What does it say about Christians that they must lie to everyone to try and get endorsements?

God puts his throbbing words in the mouth of Balaam in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cuz I taste like bacon

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Since people can't be bothered to reduse their carbon footprints, and governments can't be bothered to convince them to do so, we're probably gonna need a plan B if we want to continue our current existence.

Magnets, how do they work? Oh, here's how.

Christians are making a wonderful documentary about how the Earth is the center of the universe, and everything revolves around it, just like the bible says.

Want to make a hand-held blue flamethrower? Try diethyl zinc.

CuriOdyssey, and science museum, had a promotional poster with the disclaimer, "This program may discuss the topic of evolution," which seems pretty obvious considering it was promoting a show about animals. That's like saying a show about bacteria might include cell theory, or a show about physics may discuss the topic of gravity. While the museum admitted that they added the disclaimer because of religious people who get upset when they hear the truth, they also removed the disclaimer after some words of wisdom from scientists.

Veritasium shows just how little the general public knows about radiation and gravity.

God loves more burning animal carcasses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Animals love me

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Had a pretty sweet weekend. Partied with my Rocky friends, took my niece junior-bridesmaid dress shopping, and beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past again.

Want to learn all the ways the NSA is tracking everything you do? Here are the code-names of the programs we know about and how they will find out everything about your private life!

I'm looking forward to this upcoming PBS series about evolution.

After learning that they were inadvertently giving money to an antivax group, Chili's did the right thing, and cancelled their event.

The city of Dearborn in my home state of Michigan contains the largest concentration of Muslims in the Western hemisphere, and they don't much appreciate having Christian church fliers distributed at their children's public schools.

Many people have been talking about how much they love the new Pope, and that he is really giving a good image to the Vatican. To me, I don't care about what he says, but more about what he actually does! And here is what the Vatican has done recently. They've given their blessing to the Italian Bishops' new policy of not reporting child sexual abuse to the Italian authorities. The Vatican STILL doesn't want to punish child rapists.

Veritasium shows us that Slinkys don't fall the way we expect them to fall and that temperature doesn't work the way we think it works.

Ludo's album version of Skeletons On Parade with old animation accompaniment.

Balaam finally reaches Balak in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Space in Jews!

Feeling: Sleepy


The Rebecca Watson talk last night was wonderful, and so was the conversations that followed afterward, and if I didn't have to be up at 6:30 this morning after having the upstairs people wake me up at 2 and 4, I would probably be happy still!

While Conservative companies like Hobby Lobby can still get away with being total assholes to homosexuals, more liberal companies like Mozilla cannot. To which, their CEO has resigned after the dating site OK Cupid pointed out that he gave $1,000 to help support same-sex marriage bans.

How does Mississippi try to curb its massive teen-pregnancy and STI problem? Naturally, by using pepperment candy!

The EU has passed a bill that will force its tel-comm companies to provide cheaper service and require net-neutrality!

Rule number one: you do not talk about fight church. Rule number two: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CHURCH!

Veritasium shows that everything we think we know about shadows is wrong.

An angel is -pissed- in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Jews in space!

Feeling: Happy


Going down to Ann Arbor to see a talk by Rebecca Watson tonight.

Republican Ted Cruz had absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme Court failing to remove the phrase "under god" from the pledge of allegiance, so why does he keep telling people he was responsible?

Veritasium looks at the public's understanding of science and extraterrestial life and why buying likes on Facebook actually decreases your popularity.

Who is ruining the videogaming industry? Gamers!

Fox News host Todd Starnes keeps repeating stories of Christian persecution he hears from the Internet, without doing any research, which always turn out to be wrong, so why does he still have a job?

Christian purity balls are really creepy.

More talking animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Why hasn't anyone made a basic cross-platform RAD GUI IDE?

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The vast majority of doctors are in favor of vaccinating children as soon as possible for as many diseases as possible, but why are there a few willing to humor those parents who don't want to vaccinate their children? Cuz there's gold in them thar parents!

We've known conclusively for decades that the Earth is warming, and we've known conclusively for many years that humans are the cause, but now we're learning something else, we are not anywhere near prepared enough to handle the upcoming climate crisis.

Christian-run Hobby Lobby refuses to allow its employees to have birth control covered by their insurance program, but that doesn't mean they're gonna stop investing in companies that make contraceptives!

When it comes to church/state issues, Congress gets a failing grade from the Secular Coalition For America. The breakdown is pretty obvious, almost all Republicans received a failing grade and not a single one got an A. The Democrats were better averaging around a C+, but there were still plenty of failures.

7 things that prove God is REAL! It's hard to argue with these gems!

Veritasium asks people to use their problem solving abilities, and the result is quite revealing. Also, speed of light!

Lots of ass riding in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Dance my little swans, DANCE!

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If you have ever used RSA (now EMC Corp.) products or services for computer security, you may want to replace them immediately. The NSA paid them $10 million to endorse and distribute special types of low-quality encryption that could easily be cracked by custom NSA decryption software.

Veritasium shows us how to make solid nitrogen and how Einstein's relativity is the force behind electromagnets.

Arizona police keep the place safe from teenage girls who carry water.

Rebecca Watson, who I will be seeing in Ann Arbor on the 3rd, composes an open-letter to Ellen Degeneres about having psychics on her show.

Saudi Arabia must be tired of having educated people live among them because they just passed a law that makes atheism tantamount to terrorism.

Balak won't take no for an answer in The Blasphemer's Bible.