June, 2014

Can you stop the ride, I'd like to get off

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My bachelor party totally kicked my ass. Having a bunch of guys buying you drinks and being too polite to refuse is a terrible idea. I required all of Saturday to recover, which was good, because on Sunday I hung out with the Secular Humanist students of U of M Flint who were a lot of fun.

The US Supreme Court has just ruled that your boss can decide whether the health insurance will cover birth control, even when your boss doesn't have to pay for it. While they completely upheld Christian bigotry against women, because really, men's birth control doesn't need medical insurance, they suggest that they wouldn't uphold sweeping Christian bigotry to, for example, fire all homosexuals.

A Wisconsin SWAT team, while searching for a suspected drug user, smashed down a family's door and threw a flash-bang grenade into the crib of a toddler. The boy's chest was burned open and the SWAT team refused to allow the child to go to the hospital for several hours. When the toddler was finally taken to the hospital, the burn was so bad that the bones of his chest were exposed. The doctors had to put the child into a medically induced coma to save his life. The child has since been taken out of the coma, but the wound, and the brain damage, have yet to heal. The SWAT team never did find any drugs, as the suspect didn't even live at the residence.

The Boy Scouts of America are finally being inclusive to homosexuals. Now if they could only learn to stop hating atheists.

Nestle is doing the unthinkable, they're going to be the first company in the UK to pay each of their employees a living wage! That is because the current minimum wage in the UK is well below the living wage.

Thankfully, police now need a warrant to search your phone.

After another long and expensive trial, another public school teacher gets told by a judge that she wasn't the victim of discrimination when her school told her to stop preaching Christianity to her students.

For over 50 years now, Gallup has been asking Americans, do you feel that religion can answer today's problems, or is it out of date? Back when they began in 1958, 82% of Americans said that religion could answer our problems, and only 11% said it was out of date. Today, only 57% still think religion can answer our problems, and a full 30% think it's out of date. That's good progress!

New Zealand is cracking down on churches that are claiming they can heal the sick. Since all the evidence says they can't actually heal anything, New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority is forcing them to stop making medical claims! Wouldn't it be nice if the US could be so consistent?

Them's some good accents!

When your therapist has the same porn addiction as you.

33 examples of Christian privilege in the USA.

Rebecca Watson asks, is this the end of the blonde ditz?

I'm going to bachelor like it's 1999!

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Bachelor party tonight! I kind of feel like I'm doing this more for my buds than for myself, but that's okay, I'm going to have a great time anyway!

Massachusetts kind of sucks right now. First of all, why are they using tax-payer dollars to fund a private SWAT team that doesn't have to answer to the public? And why did their Supreme Court rules that buffer zones around abortion clinics that keep horrible Christians away from vulnerable women are unconstitutional, but the buffer zone around the courthouse is huge and impassible?

The View is a show about women, which sounds constructive until you find that the hosts are all credulous nitwits. Well, two of the stupidest hosts, Jenny McCarthy (who still thinks that vaccines case autism even though there is tons of evidence showing they don't) and Sherri Shepherd (who isn't convinced the Earth is spherical), are finally being fired. Maybe the show can raise a couple IQ points now?

The thing about the 1st Amendment is that the government must either exclude -all- aspects of religion from their work, or allow -all- religious equal access. This is the only way to be fair. Of course, if you live in Huntsville, Alabama the way to be fair is to allow Christians, but not Wiccans, because the Christian majority is afraid of them.

The WWII memorial has been open for 10 years now, but it's always felt like it was missing something... GOD! Congress voted to add a prayer to the memorial. probably because God was so instrumental in preventing the genocide of all those Jews. Well, several groups fought to prevent the addition of a prayer, and only a handful of congress voted against the prayer (all Democrats), but it still passed.

This is essentially a long commerical for GoPro and Monster, but it's still cool to watch a guy jump a Mini and crash it.

Garfield's owner Jon is really quite insane.

The Honest Trailer for Portal is pretty awesome.

The Engineer Guy shows you how your cellphone's accelerometer works.

Why is it the stupidest people seem to run for positions of education authority?

Why are so many Christians lying about how often they go to church?

You can be my sugar baby, you can be my honey chile

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Finally! The US Supreme Court rules that police aren't allowed to search your cell phone without a warrant.

Christian school, Bob Jones University, has a long history of covering up rape, but it gets worse when they require the victims to ask forgiveness from their rapists.

Epic Rap Battles of History adds Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye and Stephen King vs Edgar Allen Poe to their list.

The making of OK Go's "The Writings On the Wall" is just as fun to watch as the video itself.

An impressionist recites Hamlet's soliloquy as various actors.

John Oliver rips Dr. Oz a new one, but more importantly points out the failing of the US government to regulate dangerous supplements.

Mario has a problem with mushrooms.

When a preacher finally learns to accept same-sex marriage, his son comes out to him. That's a much happier ending than Republican Scott Esk who still thinks we should be stoning homosexuals.

The Game That Time Forgot is a pretty cool looking trailer for Tobias and the Dark Sceptres.

Feminist Frequency second chapter on women in videogames is out. It's called Women As Background Decoration.

Reward please!

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Still need to find a metallic goblet for our wine ceremony and make sure everyone is on board for the bachelor party. Seriously, having wedding parties is really more about other people than the people getting married!

New York has the right idea! Your ignorance toward vaccinations do not give you the right to infect my children! Especially with ubiquitous world travel making diseases like polio a concern again.

The second Traveler Photo Contest of 2014 has their finalists, and they're amazing!

Nigeria is a country where you will be forcibly kept in a psych ward due to atheism.

Mental Floss discusses some of their weirder museums in the world.

Honest Trailers covers Final Fantasy VII and The Lion King.

What if Asians said the stuff that white people say?

Ex-Evangelical preacher Jerry DeWitt talks about Hope After Faith.

OK Go's latest video is pretty awesome: The Writing's On the Wall.

Mario with realistic Koopa Shells.

Are monkey's mimicking, grunting, or talking?

Doing stuff is hard work!

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I picked up my wedding ring today! Looks great. Still have a few other things to worry about before the big day.

Who says gun nuts have to be nobodies? Louisiana's Republican governor, Bobby Jindal is currently advocating the violent take over of the US government.

Thanks to resent advances in epidemiology, we can prevent most diseases with a vaccine. Also, we can trace back epidemics from where they begin, which tend to start with parents too ignorant to vaccinate their children, probably because they got their medical advice from an actor who endorses smoking and injecting poison into one's face for beauty.

Russia continues to slide into theocracy by banning Marilyn Manson from singing songs that, according to the Moscow Times, " insult the feelings of believers." That's rough, but it's still not as bad as Pakistan which wants Twitter to censor all blasphemous posts.

It's rare that I post bad things about Democrats, not because I have any love for them, but because when Dems earn my ire, it's usually from theft or fraud, not from claiming they have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe who wants you to stop using condoms. However, I can't pass up New York Senator and Pentecostal preacher, Rubén Díaz, Sr. This is a man who thinks Satan himself is running schools. Díaz also hates dem gays, which is odd because he really likes to shake his hands in an extremely effeminate way.

Christian preacher Jack Schaap is especially nefarious. After convincing a sixteen-year-old girl to have sex with him, and getting caught, he's now asking for a more lenient sentence because, after all, it was mostly the girl's fault.

Pagans are not welcome in Beebe, Arkansas! When Mayor Mike Robertson found out that Pagans were moving into HIS city, he denied their church permit before they could even fill it out, and then the neighboring Pentecostal church began harassing them, and when they asked them to stop, the mayor had the Pagans arrested!

Minnesota Republicans just nominated a drunk-driving, bible-tauting, David Barton reading lawyer as a possible Supreme Court judge for the state.

British Prime Minister David Cameron claims that Great Britain is a Christian nation on the same day it is revealed that less than a quarter of the country's population is Christian, and over half doesn't profess religion of any kind!

Forget regrets, just remember, it's not so long since you were young

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The concert was more than amazing, you can read all about it here.

While in Chicago, Emily and I ate at a Korean/American restaurant called Rice 'N Bread. They served amazing yaka mein.

Why is the USA creating a trade agreement with several other countries behind closed doors?

I'll be back in the swing of things by tomorrow!

I don't wanna go see Queen, no more, no more!

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Early tomorrow morning Emily and I are taking a train to Chicago to see Brian May and Roger Taylor performing Queen songs with Adam Lambert. I'm about to pee myself.

Check out these amazing case mods!

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill makes Dr. Oz admit publicly that the weight loss "miracles" he advertises on his show would never pass scientific testing.

Rebecca Watson comments on the recent Christian ramblings saying that, if evolution is true, rape is justified.

For those who say that life it meaningless without an afterlife, then following that logic, and afterlife is meaningless without an after-afterlife.

Goku versus Superman. Who will win in a rap battle?

Making a bigger bang with hydrogen.

Why are all the Jews atheists?

The search for exoplanets is about to really go into full throttle when Minerva goes online.

Will it all blow up in our face?

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With the wedding only 18 days away, things are really starting to pile on! I've been pretty calm for most of this, but I'm finally starting to get a little anxious.

How much money does your state pay out if they put you in prison for a crime you didn't commit?

Relatively simple scientific ideas that most people don't understand.

Despite a few Christian judges trying to say that having a public school graduation ceremony in an Evangelical church, with Evangelical Christian prayers, and Evangelical pamphlets handed out to every student and parent (I'm looking at you Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas), the Supreme Court refused to hear Elmbrook School District's appeal. That means the ruling of the lower courts holds, which means that Elmbrook violated their student's first amendment rights.

UV Radiation + My Epidermis = Conflagration

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My weekend was fun in the sun! Went to the beach, grilled chicken and hot dogs, tossed around a Frisbee and volleyball, and got a fair amount of sunburn due to poorly applied sunscreen. Worth it!

America's belief in evolution continues to rise! Since 1982, Gallup has been asking Americans about evolution, and the religious views of Creationism and God-guided evolution are still way too high, the number of people who believe in god-free evolution is at an all-time high!

Why do we allow power companies to charge extra to customers who put up their own solar panels?

The science behind circumcision, and why it's unnecessary.

Isaiah Smith, a teen who was kicked out of his house and bullied at school for being gay, brought a bible to school to show his bullies why the bible doesn't actually condemn homosexuality, and then tore out pages from Leviticus. This lead assistant principal Glenn Serviente to suspend Smith for three days and confiscate his bible. They didn't know just how big of a shit-storm they were unleashing! Smith contacted some secular organizations who went to bat for him. Not only did they convince the school to stop defending bullies and allow Smith his First Amendment rights, but they asked for evidence of further Constitutional violations, and boy did Smith find them! The Birdville Texas School District graduation ceremony was at a Baptist church where principal, Jason Wells read from the bible, the school forced students to attend religious assemblies, and teachers were allowed to make little religious shrines in their classrooms. After being threatened with lawsuits, the school claimed to institute changes, but they will be on the watch list of the ACLU and AHA for further infractions.

More infants in California are coughing themselves to death than before thanks to the antivaxers refusing to vaccinate their children. But all the evidence says they're completely safe.

Yet another victory at Fayette High School in Missouri where Gwen Pope was preaching in class and telling students that God would punish them. The school backed Pope even to the point of going to court, but with all the precedence against them, they lost and had to pay the AHA's court fees. That's $41,000 of tax-payer money taken away from their students because the school didn't want to tell Pope that she was a teacher, not a preacher. Pope is retiring at the end of the year, and the student who started the lawsuit was bullied so much by the other Christian students that he had to switch schools.

Despite it being a crime worthy of execution, atheism continues to rise in Saudi Arabia!

Your mom's a fact!

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Humans may not be able to beat Simon, but this robot sure can!

Can you identify a work of fiction solely from its map?

Five really good reasons why it's fine for women to be excluded from videogames.

Christianity Today's Leadership Journal publishes the story of convicted child rapist as he explains away the fact that he cheated on his wife when he committed statutory rape with a minor. The worst part is not that the rapist is still ignorant to just how awful he is, but that Christianity Today would give him several pages to tell his story from his warped perspective. He blames his wife for driving him away, and speaks about the under-aged girl as though she's a fully consenting adult the entire time.

Hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned.

Salon wonders why the Republican Party is so incredibly anti-science and pro-ignorance.

It's a fact, look it up!

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Republican Bob McDermott is eliminating medically-accurate sexual education for all Hawaii public school students except those whose parents specifically want then enrolled because it will teach the students that homosexuals can have sex too.

How does gun violence in the US stack up to the rest of the world? The results are quite embarrassing.

There are many reasons never to trust cable companies, and here's yet another one. They trick people in favor of Net neutrality into signing petitions AGAINST Net neutrality.

Bill Maher explains to a Christian apologist that religion is pulled out of people's asses.

What does random look like, and how you can use waves to make any picture.

Disney princesses don't really need a prince to save them.

In this TED Talk, Jordan Balderas explains why it was so hard to get an secular student group in his high school.

Stuff and what-not

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Catholics have a new response when confronted with the fact that they systematically raped children and kept their rapist out of jail and next to children, "We didn't know if it was illegal."

Yet another school shooting. If only all those kids had been carrying loaded guns, it never would have happened!

Why are Christians so fond of rape that the only reason they won't do it is because God tells them not to?

More of Sam Harris' wonderful arguments and more comedians lampooning religion.

The Disney villains perform their own musical number.


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I have finally recorded a soundtrack that I've been trying to get for several years: King's Quest 4. Not because it's so good, but because it is a very important soundtrack in the history of videogames.

Christopher Hitchens, inventor of the Hitchslap, and part 2.

Street Fighter II fighters trying to get included in the tournament: Guile, Vega, Chun-Li and Ryu.

Faith in humanity is waning

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I had a productive weekend of adding a bunch of code to an adventure game I'm working on, biking many miles, and ripping the soundtrack of King's Quest 4.

Here's an infographic of what your entire life would look like if broken down into weeks.

George Will, a writer for Fox News and the Washington Post claims that thousands of women are pretending to have been sexually assaulted because being a sexual assault victim is such a "coveted status."

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Wisconsin.

The draft of the 2014 Texas Republican Platform has been released and it's just as awful as you can imagine. It includes things like making churches completely exempt from any form of economic accountability including allowing churches to make specific political endorsements, removing all laws curbing climate change or even acknowledging it, elimination of any control over their water supply (no such thing as drought, right?), elimination of the EPA, elimination of any restrictions on oil and gas production, elimination of welfare, elimination of Social Security, elimination of same-sex marriage or even civil unions, support for anti-gay training programs, criminalization of pornography, criminalization of all forms of abortion, criminalization of gambling, elimination of embryonic stem cell research, legal protection for doctors who refuse to treat patients they don't like, English as an official language, elimination of minimum wage, allowing Christian monuments on government property, ability to teach Creationism in public schools, elimination of all sexual education, elimination of the Department of Education, elimination of all hate crime laws and sensitivity training, removal of most child abuse laws, dropping out of the UN, elimination of most foreign aid (except to Israel, because God), acknowledgement that the USA is a Christian nation, making it illegal to desecrate a flag, mandatory patriotism rallies or children, and my favorite: endorsing the meaning of the original Constitution. There is no irony that a good portion of their platform would be made illegal if they did so, though slavery would not.

Iowa had intended to give $140,000 of taxpayers money to Christian park, but after the Freedom From Religion Foundation talked to them about how illegal that would be, they backed down! Now the state will have to spend that money on something like a park that everyone regardless of their religion can enjoy.

My fellow atheists and I don't know this, but according to these chaplain, we're all possessed by SATAN!

After the remains of 800 children were discovered in a septic tank at a huge Catholic foster that held children who were forcibly taken away from their unwed mothers, people expected to hear a statement of regret and apology from the Irish diocese. So what did we get from Fintan Monaghan, the official spokesperson? "We can’t really judge the past." He's lucky his hell isn't real, because he would certainly be worthy of it.

Someday I swore I'd make you pay, and now the time is right

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Have you ever read a blog about how wonderful the world would be if only we would let ISPs decide what we are allowed to see on the Internet, and how long it takes for us to see it? You will! According to documents linked from the Libertarian Heartland Institute (the same guys who told us global warming doesn't exist and second-hand smoke isn't bad for you), large tel-com companies are paying big bucks to bloggers to pretend that they're in favor of getting rid of net neutrality, a tactic known as astroturfing.

A researcher found a new bug in OpenSSL, but it's already been patched. People just need to upgrade to get the fix. While this article shames the protocol designers, the reality is that this is exactly how the open source model is supposed to work. Everyone has free access to review the code, find bugs, and fix them. This is quite a bit different than the Microsoft or Apple approach which is, someone finds a bug, people start exploiting the bug, the company is informed about the bug, the bug goes unfixed for several months, a blogger, frustrated that the company hasn't taken the steps necessary to fix the bug, writes the exact steps necessary to fix the bug, the company finally fixes it now that everyone knows of their failure, the company then tries to sue the blogger.

Twitter caves to pressures from religions and allows theocracies to censor its users.

It's not very easy getting everyone together for a world street fighter championship. Just ask M. Bison, Blanka, Ken, and Dhalsim.

Madelyn Murray O'Hair was a cold hard bitch of an atheist!

Really Fox "News", if you're going to bring on a doctor to say that the most recent school shooting rampage happened because the shooter may have been gay, you should at least try to find a real doctor.

Why do science fiction movies always have to lie to us?

My daddy gave me a name, then he walked away

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For almost 40 years now, Gallup has been asking Americans how they feel about the legitimacy of the bible. Participants in the poll can choose between three answers, it's the actual word of God, the inspired word of God, or a book of fairytales. I'm happy to say, that in the amount of time that they've been running this survey, the number of people who believe that the bible it the actual word of God has decreased by 10%, and the number who believe it's a fairytale has increased by 8%. Sure, the total number of believers is still way too high, by progress is being made!

The Christians may have got their way when it comes to handing out free bibles at school, but that means that the atheists are now allowed to hand out books about atheism as well, and you can probably guess which ones the children are more likely to read!

Professor Xavier also fires Angel, Iceman, Rogue, Storm, and Cyclops.

Five fun facts about Mario Kart.

Vsauce talks about some surprising things.

I've done things you've only dreamed about, more than once or twice

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Coloring books are much better when you make your own topic.

In the USA, it's not an isolated insidence for a man to point a shotgun at a little girl being taught how to ride her bike by her father. But we don't have a problem with guns.

The new EPA pollution restrictions aren't just making the world a cleaner place, they're also expected to make the country $90 billion by 2030.

How can a Christian church put up a billboard with a quote from Adolf Hitler about controlling children and not think it's a bad idea?

Some hard questions for people to answer who are against same-sex marriage and a response to believers who say atheists just want to sin.

Some of Lawrence Krauss's more clever comebacks and arguments.

Rebecca Watson asks why Christian preachers think women in yoga pants should be raped.

Professor Xavier tries to fire Magneto, begin the clash of the titans!

Let us never lose the lessons we have learned

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Yesterday, during lunch, I helped a lady break into her car after she had locked the keys in it. At least that's what I tell myself to stop thinking about being a GTA accessory.

Snowden releases new information about the NSA. They wrote an iPhone hack that hijacks your shutdown screen. Your phone looks as though it's shutting down, but in reality, it enters a type of sleep mode where the microphone is still active and it records everything you say, to be sent to the NSA later. We have Andrew Snowden to thank for getting all this information out, but also for changing the entire climate of whistle-blowers, as the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Office is now making whistle-blowing mandatory!

I love this metal version of videogame music history.

Catholics are changing their tactics when it comes to their child-raping priests. They're no longer trying to defend their actions or claim the matter has nothing to do with society at large, now they're claiming that child-rapists like Terence McAlinden aren't on duty at the time of the rape. When asked "when is a priest not on duty," the defense responded, "well, you know, like when they're raping children."

An investigation is now underway in Ireland to try and figure out why remains of around 800 children were found in a septic tank at the Galway Catholic home for unmarried Irish mothers. Why were the Catholics in charge dumping the bodies of all those children without giving them a proper burial? Why weren't their parents informed? Why did over half of the children who went to the home end up dead?

Like milk? That's because you're a mutant!

Even if you fall down, get back up and keep trying. You never know, you can still win the race!

I hate those fake nerd boys!

I added the Tyrian soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Burned, but beneficial

Feeling: Sunburned


Had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, I showed up for the last half of Emily's bridal shower. I was seriously out-numbered by all the women, but I survived to tell the tale. After that, we hung out with Rachel and Adam at a county fair, and had a nice bonfire. I drank too much Disaronno, and had a lovely hang over Sunday, but after working through the worst of it, I was able to still enjoy myself when Emily, Wallee, Allan, and Danielle all enjoyed a picnic at the beach. In the end, I now have a good sunburn and plenty of good memories.

Why can't gun nuts realize that people don't feel safer then a bunch of mouth-breathing hicks enter a crowded Chili's restaurant with rifles strapped to their chests.

How can school principals know so little about the history of Christian influence in American history?

While no state can actually prevent an atheist from holding public office due to a federal ruling, several of them still have laws on their books which ban atheists from holding public office.

Rebecca Watson always has great ideas like, rename measles to Jenny McCarthy and giving women menstrual leave when they have especially bad menstrual periods.

Finally! A patent troll was fought in court and not only lost the case, but had to pay the winner's fees!

Who is the world's largest voyeur? Betty Bowers explains, it's God!

What does it say about the Catholic church when the women who rallied for female priests have been excommunicated, but the child-raping priests get to stay.