July, 2014

The river flows forever on, but the Dear Green Place is gone

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I just bought a box of a dozen individually packaged pudding cups and it came with recipes. Really? If you're the kind of person who buys 12-packs of individual pudding cups, you're not the kind of person who uses recipes!

For the first time in a long time I've updated my Lyrics database. There are now over 3,500 songs.

John Oliver talks about how Ugandan homophobia, and their death penalty came from America.

Aron Ra comments of the religious tract, Big Daddy.

Alabama Republican Chip Beeker doesn't want the EPA to restrict carbon emissions because God gave that coal to the great state of Alabama, and he'll be damned if they don't burn coal for God!

The AVGN has his 10th anniversary party.

A live recording of I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.

Literally every else from your childhood is being made into a movie!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the difference between climate and weather.

Moses can't math in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Is it summer yet?

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The Republican way of handling abortion laws is the same way they handle climate change laws, lie about everything and hope nobody knows how to google.

Did you know that tattoos are permanent because of our immune system?

Arguing with street preachers.

Once you grow out of the toddler stage there are just so many things you can't do anymore.

Damn natures, your genitals is scary!

Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog Theme Song.

One of Sam Harris's more cogent arguments against Christianity.

Yet another "psychic" fails miserably in public and the host calls her out on it.

Moses can't math in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's been a cold July

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Heading to see a Wizard of Oz sing-along tonight with Jackie! To get there, we need to follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Canadians who need sperm of ova from a reproductive clinic had better not want mixed babies because racist administrative director Dr. Calvin Greene won't allow races to mix!

John Oliver discusses the problem with USA's problems with prisons.

SciShow covers beavers, dark meat in birds, and the fear of holes.

Sam Harris briefly explains and then defends his Moral Landscape from the questions of other intellects.

Lewis Black talks about the stupidity of religion.

Buying a pharmacist's recommended allergy medicine in Florida may lead to your arrest, drug charges, and mistreatment from the police.

Vsauce and Veritasium team up to discuss what is random and what is not random.

Camp Quest is a secular summer camp for kids where they learn about science and philosophy rather than religious indoctrination.

Black Jesus looks like it will have a few funny jokes for each entire episode.

America's best Christian, Betty Bowers, has a new trailer.

God doesn't like pacifists in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We can dance if we wanna

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Thanks to my new Music Metrics program, I can now objectively (subjectively) say that my top five favorite days in music were: 2002-10-01, 2009-06-02, 1974-03-08, 1974-11-01, and 1996-08-27.

It bothers me that nobody has made a full-featured RAD programming language to replace Visual BASIC. And don't give me any of that, wxFormBuilder, GNOME project, etc. crap. Those are the least intuitive designers I've ever used. Also, language binding, while versatile is not Rapid Application Development. I tried the demo for Xojo, but the designer is garbage. Is "snap to grid" really such a difficult concept? Who the hell thought "snap to arbitrary guidelines" was a better idea?

What was feared by the sane judges on the US Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case has come true. Corporations all across the country are now demanding exemptions from various laws because they conflict with the religious beliefs, because corporations have religious beliefs, didn't you know? Well, while most Christian organizations are trying to skirt the law so that they can discriminate and lie to children, it is the Satanists who are trying to skirt the law in order to not be lied to by Christians in the government!

Chances are, you have some incorrect ideas in your head about your head!

Ray Comfort may lose his title "banana man" and start being known as "just plain stupid" after his most recent comment where he demonstrates the infallibility of the bible because the author of Job knew, long before modern scientists, that there was no gravity in space.

Climate change. Yes, it's real; yes, we're the cause; yes, unless it's stopped, it's going to be terrible.

I think I'm going to have to go to Oak Ridge Alliance Church and ask one of their more attractive preacher's wives for some "forgiveness."

Rap battle between nerds and geeks.

Daniel Tanoos, Superintendent of the Indiana Sarah Scott Middle School, doesn't understand what's the big deal about having teacher Jeffrey Burress lead his students in a prayer to his god. Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation does know what the big deal is, and the district has agreed to put an end to the practice. This is what I love about the various heroes of this movement. Jessica Ahlquist became a social pariah at her school for having the gall to stand up for the Constitution, but ever since then, schools are dropping their religious indoctrination without much of a fight. Now, the students don't have to receive death-threats and are able to go on learning in peace.

Mary Poppins isn't thrilled with her pay.

Like any religious person knows, This Land Is Mine!

A tribute to dancing in cinema, We Can Dance! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Back to dailies with The Blasphemer's Bible.

We're gonna rock it tonight!

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Skeptics In the Pub tonight! Looking forward to it since I missed last month due to a wedding.

Perfectly timed photos.

Candida Moss watches the awful Christian martyr complex movie, Persecuted, so you don't have to!

Computers are my substitute for love

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Heading down to Troy to see my friend Kelly who is up from Virginia!

Jews just can't seem to keep the penises of little boys out of their mouths and giving them herpes.

The reality of the persecuted Christian.

An interesting moving dot on a circle illusion.

A walk to forget

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After Emily made me watch "A Walk to Remember," I was motivated to make this.

Warren, Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts has no problem with a "Prayer Station" in City Hall, but when asked for a "Reason Station," his Christian bigotry couldn't abide that! He even wrote a letter to the person who submitted the application and accused him of trying to take away the Constitutional rights of religions. Only the Christian persecution complex can claim that being equal with people is tantamount to being stripped of your rights.

Curiosity witnessed an eclipse on Mars!

Stephen Fry explains Secular Humanism.

Weird Al is kinda lame.

Who knew that women have stripes?

How can you be a modern Republican and still be an atheist?

What happens in your body when you're struck by lightning.

That's enough embracing

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If you're trying to convince people that climate change is nothing to worry about, you probably shouldn't hire a spokesperson who compares carbon dioxide to the Jews. The person in question, William Happer, a physicist who doesn't study the climate, also assures us that carbon dioxide isn't a poison. Well good to know. So, I'm sure he won't mind wearing a SCUBA suit where the air tank has been replace by a pure CO2 tank for ten minutes.

Disney princesses as sloths is hilarious.

If you want serious flaws, you can find them in Titanic.

Why apples turn brown, and why humans blush, from SciShow.

Ten television shows that are considerably anti-religious.

This Southern talk show host thinks two men who love each other and are in a committed relationship kiss, it isn't an act of love, so why is it she enjoys kissing random male strippers?

Christians just can't understand that, when they're using the money and space of a college, they have to abide by the college's rules of non-discrimination.

Arguing with a religious Creationist is like banging your head against the wall. They will refuse any and all evidence, not because they understand it, but because they must in order to keep hold of their dogma.

George Washington rap battles William Wallace.

Embrace embracing!

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Nearing 300 points in Quest For Glory I, but stuck in the second task.

Sara Hellwege is a Christian nurse who applied for a job at a family planning center. It came up in her interview that she opposes the use of birth control and would never dispense any. Since dispensing birth control would pretty much be her job, the family planning center naturally didn't hire Hellwege, which is exactly what Hellwege wanted because she was only using the interview as a means to sue the family planning center. I sincerely hope there is a counter-suit brought against Hellwege for legal bullying, because her lawsuit, much like her belief, is crap. IF you refuse to do the job that you're applying for, it doesn't matter what your reasons are, you won't get the job, and no amount of temper tantrums will change that. I can't wait for the Christian Scientists to apply for jobs at an emergency room, but explain how their religion prevents them from dispencing medicine?

It's amazing what a little evidence-based comprehensive sexual education can do to a teen-pregnancy rate.

Another win against those insane antivaxers! New York state continues to refuse special exemptions for parents who aren't responsible for their children's health, and want to put all the children of public schools at risk as well.

As an attendee of Christian children's camp, I can attest to the trauma inflicted by them. Even when the people who run them try to make them look appealing, they still look like abuse.

Sure Christian authors will assert their beliefs as fact regardless of their inability to offer compelling evidence, but you'd at least expect them to get basic facts about animals correct.

In a study that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, children who are exposed to religion have a harder time distinguishing fact from fiction.

President Obama's new executive order prevents government organizations and contractors from discriminating against LGBT people. Christians are very upset that, in order to get new government contracts, they have to stop being bigots.

Chamber of Secrets had some minor problems.

Weird Al really likes foil.

SciShow talks about graphene and a hole.

Just how far away could the elven eyes of Legolas see?

Embrace freedom!

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Close to 250 points in Quest For Glory I, finished the first major task, and on my way to the second.

Finally! God does something to help end cancer.

In 2012, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the IRS in an effort to make them do their job. The IRS hasn't bothered to investigate a single case of religious electioneering in years, and they even tried to get the courts to throw out the lawsuit so they could continue not doing their jobs. Naturally, the courts allowed the lawsuit to continue, and as part of the settlement to get the FFRF off their back, the IRS has finally agreed to start doing their job! Whether they'll actually start taking away the non-profit status of churches who endorse specific political candidates is yet to be seen, but it gives good legal precedence for anyone wanting to sue the lazy IRS in the future.

What is it like to go to one of those "pray the gay away" Christian thought-crime camps?

Although it's still illegal in my home state, Ohio joins Indiana by allowing secular people the right to solemnize marriages.

Have to say, I kind of like Jenny Lewis' new music video for Just One of the Guys.

Archbishop John Nienstedt really hates homosexuals. He thinks their evil, disgusting, and is willing to spend over half a million dollars trying to prevent them from being allowed to marry. So then, is it any surprise that he's currently under investigation for having a lot of gay sex with other priests? Of course not. To make matters worse, he's also been accused of hiring child molesters to work in his diocese.

You may not have noticed it, but many of your favorite cartoon characters were voiced by celebrities.

Aron Ra talks about surpassing his Patreon milestones.

SciShow talks about the 50-year-old underground coal fire in Pennsylvania and how the human face and fist evolved to handle a good punching.

Embrace reason!

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Weird Al's new video is a grammar Nazi's wet dream; Word Crimes.

Thanks to Conservatives, corporations are now people. Because of this, some of the stories in their holy book need to be updated.

Supreme Court Republicans (also known as SCROTUS) have certainly emboldened Hobby Lobby, who is now trying to force public schools to teach the Bible as literal truth. Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation isn't having any of that!

After the Orange County School Board in Florida decided to let Christians hand out bibles in public schools, atheists decided they wanted to hand out atheist books as well. Naturally, the Christians on the board tried their best to stop them by banning the majority of the books the atheists wanted to hand out. A lawsuit ensued, and the school, rather than lose, decided to let the atheists hand out their books. Of course, soon the Muslims will want in, then the Satanists, and eventually every wacko with a faith will will make the school stop this nonsense and finally just stick to educating children!

Animals are smarter than you think.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rap against the Reniassance painters!

In looking for Bigfoot, sometimes you can actually find real science! Not from the myth of Bigfoot, but from ancient remains of extinct species.

Know your game, Doom!

Embrace logic!

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Playing Quest For Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero remake, this time, with the goal of actually beating the game! So far, so good. I'm playing as a fighter and have acquired around 150 quest points and am nearing 60 hit points.

What's this? A Christian who actually believes in climate change!?

I installed the trial version of Corel Draw X7. After a couple hours of using it, the only changes I've noticed are the elimination of the multi-document interface in favor of a less-friendly tabbed interface, an obnoxious white color-scheme instead of neutral gray, weakened ability to customize file types in the save dialog, and the introduction of a bug that prevents bitmaps from correctly saving their DPI. Don't think I'm ready to pay $500.

What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum?

Matt Dillahunty gives his take on the value of public debates.

Everything you know about the universe is wrong!

Richard Dawkins talks fossils and evolution in these six shorts.

Jesus' water to wine miracle can sometimes backfire.

Some of the more memorable catch-phrases from television shows, part 1 and part 2.

Dealing with Ken Ham's ridiculous "were you there" argument.

Faking it won't make your life any better.

The science behind popping your joints and cracking your knuckles.

Why you're destined to always be in the slow lane.

Embrace science!

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Coming back from a vacation is always difficult, particularly because of the laundry.

Thanks to the CFI, secularists in Indiana can now legally officiate weddings. Still waiting on Michigan.

Mayor Earl Bullard of Latta, South Carolina would rather have an alcoholic looking after his children than a lesbian, which is why he fired police chief Crystal Moore.

Robin Bartlett Frazier is on the city board at Carroll County, Maryland and she would rather go to jail than stop wasting tax-payer dollars forcing onto people her version of Christianity.

After God forgave Roy Neal Yoakem for sexually molesting an eight-year-old boy, he found work at the New Gospel Outreach Church where he sexually molested a fourteen-year-old girl.

At what age do women start thinking "throw like a girl" is a bad thing?

Here is a map of the USA highlighting the second most popular non-Christian religion. I actually tried to make such a map a month ago, but couldn't find the data to do so, so I'm glad someone else found it! Of course, in actuality, the second largest group in every state is non-religious. ;-)

How to get de-baptized.

When Emily Dawson had to deal with a Christian anti-abortion center employee as a sexual education teacher at a public school whose idea of sex-ed was saying that birth control was ineffective and dangerous, she and her mother fought back. Thanks to their efforts, and a lot of concerned parents who don't want their children "taught" by ignorant Christians, the school is eliminating them.

Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss have a talk about string theory.

Do you think the Pacific Ocean has more waves because it has more surfers?
Did you seriously just ask that?
Wait! That's not what I meant!

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The wedding was amazing, Emily was radiant, and the ceremony was snazzy. The reception was both fantastic and highly exhausting. The honeymoon location was a bit underwhelming (Riu Bahamas isn't worth the cost), but both Emily and I had a great time. Despite going through two bottles of waterproof SPF 50 sun screen, I still got some pretty bad burns.

I care little for what the Church of England says, but it's nice to see that they're slowly catching up with the 1960's women's lib.

Conservative Americans love their guns, bibles, and flags, but they don't realize what it makes them look like.

Judge Michael Mettyear rules that having sex with an unconscious stranger is a loss of control, not "classic" rape.

Right after arguing that their Hobby Lobby decision would only affect closely-held companies objections to specific forms of birth control, the Conservative judges of the Supreme Court ruled that non-closely-held companies objections to all forms of birth control will also be affected.

Speaking of which, Eden Foods is the Hobby Lobby of the food industry. They refuse to cover women's contraception. When Michael Potter, Eden Foods' owner, was asked why he wouldn't cover birth control, his response was a bit baffling, "it's really none of my business what women do."

Three Christian pastors plead guilty for torturing a 13-year-old boy by rubbing salt into open wounds, spraying him with mace, and squeezing his nipples with pliers. Then, in order to teach him to be a better Christian, they drove him out into the desert, forced him to dig his own grave and proceeded to bury him alive.

Still no Tibetan sand fox :-(

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The rehearsal and henna party was about as extravagant as many of the American wedding receptions I've attended, so I can't wait to be fully blown away and exhausted from the actual reception! I'm also glad that I didn't find out I am allergic to henna while griping a large gob of it in my hand! And while we got plenty of gifts, I didn't get the thing I really wanted, a Tibetan sand fox.

We still live in a world where a man complaining that men aren't accurately portrayed in Orange Is the New Black, a show that takes place in a women's prison, can still be published in a major newspaper.

Fox news appears to have stolen the design of a BioShock emblem, which isn't nearly as bad as the Tea Party posting a BioShock comic making fun of groups like the Tea Party.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a huge problem. Many diseases that were once curable have become completely resistant to 95% of the antibiotics we have today, and we're running out of ways to make new antibiotics. Thankfully, we have some leaders who are finally listening to the experts and trying to institute measures to fight the problem. Unfortunately, these leaders are not in the USA! I will love it when I can claim that my home country is leading the fight against global problems.

More unhappily ever after Disney Princesses.

The Engineer Guy recently did a series on technology failures. In it, he goes over the PicturePhone, the Dvorak Keyboard, and the Betamax.

I have Independence Day off, Saturday is my wedding, and Monday morning I leave for a week in the Bahamas. So, if I don't post until the 14th, you'll know why!

Things are really heating up now!

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I would love some free time, but it seems like all I'll do for the next four days is wedding-related. Yesterday, Emily and I finalized the seating arrangements, looked for candle stick holders and a metal goblet, and began picking out music. Then, it turned 1:30 AM.

Five Christians on the Supreme Court decided that corporations, which are people, can have strongly held religious views and therefore their owners can decided not to follows laws which they don't agree, for example, allowing women to have access to certain types of birth control. The problem they have with birth control is that, even though the scientific consensus is that they can't cause abortions, the judges claim they cause abortions. Naturally, none of the male forms of contraception were affected and boner pills are still covered. True to form, Christian morality flies in the face of both science and morality. On the subject of Christian morality and judges, Judge Judith Hawkins is a Christian who has been running her Christian ministry from her courthouse and also was found guilty of deleting important court records about a court case brought against her!

I could also talk about an anti-abortion group who is suing a university on a free-speech issue because the university is making them put warning signs around their huge posters of autopsies.

Or what about The Old Schoolhouse, a Christian homeschooling magazine whose owners, for several years, protected a child molester?

Okay, enough bitching. Here's another video of Christopher Hitchens putting forth wonderful arguments and comebacks.

Jean Grey's interview in the Ex-Men and Sherlock Holmes really sucking at deduction.

Despite how much I write about them, the anti-vax crowd is actually still pretty small. They tend to very very poorly educated, so that helps keep them from organizing a decent lobby. However, despite their small numbers, the fact that their playing around with infectious diseases causes large consequences. Here is an interactive map that shows just how wide-spread the problem has become.

And Rebecca Watson thanks the anti-vax crowd for the latest outbreak of whooping cough.

An interview with Candida Moss about her book, The Myth of Christian Persecution.

You've probably seen it already, but what happens when total strangers slap each other?

It's a Verison commercial, which kind of takes away from the message a bit, but we need more women in STEM fields.