August, 2014


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How racist is Fox News? Let Jon Stewart explain.

Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, two judges who accepted millions in kickbacks for all the children they sent to for-profit detention centers for minimal crimes, have exhausted their appeals and will be on their way to prison! Unlike what they gave to the children they incarcerated, they received a fair trial, but are both looking at over a decade in the slammer due to their racketeering. Robert Mericle, the owner of the for-profit detention center who was paying them for the kids is also receiving a prison sentence, but a very lenient one-year sentence.

Ohio Republicans are trying to ban the teaching of the scientific method in public schools and replace it with the memorization of only those scientific facts that don't conflict with their political or religious ideology.

SciShow explains why dogs eat grass and what happens to your body when you're exposed to the vacuum of space.

Veritasium explains from where the son gets its energy.

Republican hopeful Jody Hice, has a very bad habit of posting false quotes about the founding fathers. It's really not that hard to visit Wikiquote!

Top 10 improvised movie scenes.

2014 was a good year for skeptics.

Over the years the Disney company has made some amazing videos like this racist instructional on using an anti-tank rifle.

The US Army is again handing out religious books to soldiers illegally.

Numbers ends with incest in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ready to play some 8-bit Nintendo

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After her most recent installment of Tropes vs Women in Games, Anita Sarkeesian has received too many threats to count. To my gaming bretheren, if a woman tells you that the videogames you play might be responsible for causing violance against women, you can't prove the argument wrong by threatening to murder women.

Trinity Broadcasting Network's founder Paul Crouch appeared to be tied to gun-running, drugs, white-supremest groups, and espionage!

HPV is the most common STI in American, and the second more lethal, so why aren't more women getting the vaccine?

The mystery behind the traveling rocks at the Death Valley Racetrack has been solved.

Meet the mites living on your face right now.

Republicans perform a survey to see if women voters like them, and surprise surprise, they don't! They should also do a survey on how the public looks at their current view regarding climate change which has become, "even if it's true, I don't care."

Washed up actor Kevin Sorbo uses the old chestnut, atheists secretly believe in God, that's why they're so angry! The reality of course is that Kevin Sorbo secretly knows gods don't exist, and that's why he's so angry at atheists because we're happier and more moral than he.

When you give a 9-year-old girl an uzi and tell her to open fire in full automatic mode, don't be surprised when she loses control of the gun and it kills the instructor. Guns are heavy machines designed to kill people, what the hell are you doing giving one to a 9-year-old?

If elected as a city judge to Pineville, LA, Lauren Saucier's first order of business will be to piss all over violate the Constitution and non-Christians of her city.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, Christian minister and Republican hopeful suggested that, because Congressman Jared Polis is gay, he'll also joinc ISIS and start beheading Christians.

Another secular victory! The California Chico City Council had a policy in place that would prevent secularists from giving invocations, but thanks to the work of George Gold, that policy has changed!

More squabbles about women in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Get a grip take a sip from my Molotov mug

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There's more evidence of abiogenesis. A rather simple study of placing simple molecules in a hot solution similar to what scientists think the ancient Earth was covered in shows that the more complex molecules that allow for metabolism will spontaneously form.

Did you know gaming, re Castlevania.

Racists love homeschooling because it keeps their kids away from non-white children so they don't end up falling in love with a minority.

National Treasure had some serious flaws.

No, the CDC has not been hiding evidence that vaccines cause autism, because they don't, no matter how much made-up evidence you can concoct. Instead, watch this lecture about the evidence behind what actually causes autism.

Religious people tend to be their own worst enemies.

Pat Roberts explains how being raised by straight women turns boys into homosexuals, and the best thing to do if you think your son is homosexual is to surround him with strong men.

John Oliver's interview with Stephen Hawking is amazing.

More squabbles about land in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Like a film that's so bad but I've gotta stay til the end

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Attended my Aunt Debbie's funeral yesterday. Kind of a bummer.

Turns out, if you're a police officer and you do a public rant explaining your hatred of women, Muslims, and homosexuals, and then threaten to murder people, you can expect to get suspended.

A pretty awesome cover of Bloody Tears and Terra's Theme.

What happens when a group of boys allow girls to play Dungeons and Dragons with them?

Byzantine Jesus is where it's at!

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski is another Catholic clergy member who raped a bunch of children and was protected from jail by the Vatican.

Ian Harris does some atheist stand-up.

John Oliver does some news predictions for their off time. Probably just as accurate as the rest of television news.

Hemant Mehta wonders should we guard our children against religion?

The Super Mario World now has lyrics!

God is still a hypocrite in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Skeptics In the Pub tonight! It's time for deep conversation and laughs!

Fresh from his role as being an angry atheist who gets killed because he wasn't Christian enough in God's Not Dead, washed-up actor Kevin Sorbo calls the people in Ferguson, "losers" and "animals" for protesting the police killing an unarmed teenager.

This little 4-year-old boy wants to become a police officer, so why is CBS presenting him as nothing more than a gun lover?

Abbott & Costello's Who's On First bit still cracks me up.

Catholics want you to stop supporting ALS research because they think using the stem cells of discarded embryos is more evil than curing a disease that affects actual people.

Don't worry, us blue-eyed folk aren't going anywhere.

Republican Ben Carson says that taking bibles out of tax-payer funded hotels is forcing the "religion" of atheism on the people who sleep there!

If you don't have enough money for yourself, you probably shouldn't be giving it to the church.

It's out of date now, but FIFA really sucks.

I would totally shop at this mall.

Women can't be witnesses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I followed the rabbit and now I am lost and alone

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Herd immunity explained with zombies.

Vsauce explains various trap words, rhymes, and such.

Teacher gives her students a paper containing a pre-1954 Pledge of Allegiance the way the original author intended it to be written, without the words "under god," and Christians and Fox News flip out!

Nine armed police officers descended on a California man on a college campus, their assault rifles pointed directly at him. They thought he had a gun, but it turned out to be an umbrella.

John Oliver teaches us why we shouldn't visit Antarctica.

In an effort to look smarter, Creationists pose in front of fake laboratories.

Russell Brand comments on how Fox News has been covering the Ferguson protests and the deadly shootings.

Sometimes churches do things right.

Pinky and the Brain do Pulp Fiction.

God's rules about murder are as nonsensical as you'd expect in The Blasphemer's Bible.

"As paranoid as an incompetent IT admin" should be a saying

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After ranking every song on my DAP on a 1-10 scale, I wrote a program that generates databases with all of the songs and their ratings. This allows me to generate objective lists of favorites (based on my subjective tastes). Some of the most common lists are now in my Wiki like Favorite Albums, Favorite Artists, and Favorite Composers. The data also allows me to see my favorite days in music based on the release date of albums: October 1st, 2002, and my favorite genres: rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. I can even see my least favorite genres based on the songs to which I actively listen: French house, funk metal, house, avant-rock, and rap metal.

Are those unbelievably expensive and unhealthy airport scanners keeping you safe? Turns out you could easily carry a pistol, a knife, and plastic explosives though completely invisibly!

Police officer Sunil Dutta writes an article that should be titled, "I'm a cop, and if I want to go beyond my authority and take away your civil liberties, you better just lie there and take it like a bitch, or I will MURDER YOU!"

John Oliver has much to say on the militarization of the police.

Why is the state of Kentucky giving $18 million in tax breaks to a religious organization that has extremely discriminatory hiring practices?

Pass the sun screen.

Another Christian with a persecution complex lies about how awful her life is after a teacher told her to stop disrupting class.

The multi-faceted complicated theories behind what killed the dinosaurs.

Watch as Senator Whitehouse explains climate change to Republicans.

In an effort to show that lemmings commit mass-suicide, Disney film makers pushed them off a cliff in this documentary.

God's cool with families murdering each other in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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John Oliver covers the problems with predatory lending and why it really ruins the poor.

Remember the Habersham County police department? The ones who used a SWAT team to break into a family's house, possibly under false pretenses, and then threw a flash bang grenade into a baby's crib burning off a large portion of the baby's skin, and then let the baby continue to burn before allowing anyone near the baby or even calling an ambulance, and the person they were looking for hadn't been at the residence in months? Well, after a week of treatment at two different hospitals, the baby is finally back with its parents, but the Habersham County police department is refusing to pay for the baby's medical expenses!

The Chinese members of the Church of the Almighty God who beat woman to death because they thought she had evil spirits in her are going to trial.

I wish Audrey Quank were real.

The voices of Pinky and the Brain do Abbott and Costello.

Why religious people should live for this life instead of the next one, and yes, atheists can still appreciate religious art.

God's all-knowingness isn't so hot in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The kids are all right

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A grandmother and her granddaughter were sitting across from me at Olive Garden. Grandmother: I heard they had children's church this morning. Granddaughter: It sucked! ...awesome kid!

Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was fatally shot several times by the police in Illinois leading to protests and rioting, so how is the Conservative white population responding to the incident?

Amanda Scott has been trying to fight Alabama's move to put up a plaque reading, "In God We Trust" in a city building. This lead Bennie O. Ashby, a correctional officer at the Alabama Department of Corrections to suggest executing her.

A time line of the entire universe put into perspective.

Christian preacher T.B. Joshua knows how to stop the Ebola outbreak in Africa, he spent $100,000 to ship the people there gallons of holy water! Problem solved!

The idea of an evil Dark Link is pretty racist!

After Roy Moore installed a Ten Commandments monument at the state courthouse illegally, was ordered to remove it, refused, had it removed anyway, and lost his job as a Chief Justice because of it, Alabama Christians still haven't learned their lesson. Now Tim Guffey if trying to erect a Ten Commandments monument, but he's trying to avoid Moore's fate by adding excerpts from the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and hoping nobody will notice.

As someone who played D&D in college, I can assure you that this is an accurate portrayal of RPG geeks.

Even though the US Supreme Court ruled that if states were going to allow prayers at meetings, they couldn't ban particular groups including religions they didn't like or secularists. So why is Florida excluding Humanists?

Levites get LOTS of cities in The Blasphemer's Bible.

"Happiness at the misfortune of others," that -is- German!

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In a wonderful case of schadenfreude, Jonathan Saenz, leader of Texas Values, a hate group against homosexuals, had his wife leave him for another woman!

Aron Ra has a beginner video on what it means to be alive.

Louis C.K. makes an interesting point, why aren't Christians all environmentalists?

A wonderful poem about creationists and sex.

Watching celebrities audition for movies is pretty awesome.

Some of the things atheists wish religious people knew about atheism.

Why you'll definitely want to have a space suit on when you leave your space ship.

Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko from the Animaniacs, re-sings the Countries of the World.

Levites get bigger cities in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And all the storms in life, you got to contemplate

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The first women in history has been awarded the prestigious mathematics-based Fields medal.

Fox "News" mentality, Christians are persecuted in Iraq, therefore the USA shouldn't follow the first amendment.

Canadian Catholics are expected to pay $20,000,000 the the families of all the children they raped.

Bart Ehrman disagrees with the mythicists who say that Jesus didn't exist, but that doesn't mean he believes Jesus had magical powers.

I'm Bender baby, and I hate the 49ers!

DarkMatter2525's new video is all about how people have a personal relationship with god.

How the satellite Rosetta was designed to catch up with and follow a speeding comet!

It takes teamwork to kiss the girl you fancy.

Why are sharks full of cartelige rather than bone?

God eschews democracy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Hung nail... a hang nail that was removed

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In a new Edward Snowden interview, he explains how he left clues behind for the NSA to find so they would know exactly which documents he copied so they wouldn't think of him as a spy, but they continue to claim that he stole much more than he claims, indicating that they're either trying to punish him harder than they should, or they missed his clues all together. Considering that they destroyed several million dollars worth of computers out of paranoia, it's probably the latter.

Republicans in South Carolina are trying their best to keep their state in the bottom third of graduates by making sure their students know as little about biology as possible. They continue to elect school board members who don't understand evolution and try to inject religious dogma into the curriculum. People like Senator Mike Fair even invite Christian Fundamentalists to give talks to state officials. Although, that's not as bad as this Georgia school which bullies its students to publicly pray and read bible verses.

These Christian parents removed all nine of their children from public school so they could home school them the way Jesus intended. However, the parents didn't bother teaching their children anything other than the bible because, as the parents put it, they were going to be raptured soon anyway.

Rob Paulson runs through just a few of the many cartoon characters he voiced, as does Billy West.

A wonderful trailer for the Unholy Trinity Tour.

You know the speed of light, but what about the speed of dark?

"Where did the Earth come from," should really be, "from where did the Earth come?"

Rich Fulcher makes it awfully difficult for Will Arnett to take this interview seriously.

More Zelda Did You Know Gaming.

God gives different borders for the Promised Land for the third time in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If there isn't intent behind an action, use "how" not "why"

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A couple of victories against religion. One, the rabbis who have been giving infants herpes after sucking their penises during a circumcision have been banned from the practice in New York, and thanks to the FFRF, the US Navy will stop putting bibles in government-funded hotels.

Does the worst pain in existence come from stinging insects?

C0nc0rdance explains why he unsubscribed to two controversial voices in the atheist movement.

The evolution of videogame music in a cappella.

The Friendly Atheist talks about things that don't disprove evolution and gives several simple arguments against the existence of God.

The universe is weirder than you think, but can you figure out why?

God is a prick in my eyes in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sore legs, but fond memories

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Camping was a lot of fun. Emily and I both enjoyed the five-mile hike and had a wonderful time playing in the falls this year. The water was down quite a bit, so there wasn't much in the way of a current through the river, but that doesn't mean the falls still couldn't knock you on your ass!

When waiting until you're married to lose your "virginity" becomes a bad decision.

Tennessee has a problem keeping its citizens educated and is currently in the bottom 10 for both percentage of high school graduates and bachelor's graduates compared with the other 49 states. Luckily, Republican governor Bill Haslam has the answer to help what he calls, the state's greatest asset, its students. No, he isn't going in increase funding for schools, he's going to declare a state day where Christians flood onto college campuses and pray over the students! Problem solved!

There was another victory for the Constitution at the city hall in Bloomfield, New Mexico. They erected a Ten Commandments monument on their front lawn awhile back, but some state Wiccans didn't approve of the state telling them their religion was wrong. A lawsuit ensued, and a district judge saw reason and ordered the monument removed!

Despite all that "love the sinner hate the sin" nonsense, Christians are especially hateful to homosexuals. Here are only a few recent hateful actions Christians have taken against homosexuals. When a church found out a man was gay, they canceled his funeral! A Texas social worker was fired from his job and told that, because he was a homosexual, he was "damaging to kids." Christians like to lie about who they are in order to distribute hate speech at gay-pride rallies. 63 Republican law-makers, no doubt all Christian, signed a document claiming that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to pedophilia and incest. And while it shouldn't matter that homosexuals are a minority in the country, they should still have the same rights as everyone else, that doesn't stop Christians for claiming that, because their numbers are so small, they shouldn't be granted equal rights.

Some interesting facts about Final Fight.

SciShow explains how animals are able to change their color and why we're having trouble maintaining Moore's Law.

John Oliver talks about the ineptitude of those who are responsible for the USA's nuclear bombs.

The bible is terrible at flashbacks in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Tahquamenon is hard to spell

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Emily and I are joining several friend in the UP for camping this weekend. Looking forward to wading through Tahquamenon Falls and hiking between the upper and lower areas!

Doctors explain some of the most basic things they had to explain to patients.

Despite the stereotypes that people on government assisstance are using the money to buy drugs, there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support that belief, and the drug tests end up costing the government more than what they save by kicking out the few actual drug users.

There is no link between abortions and breast cancer, but that doesn't stop politicians from claiming there is one, and then saying they never did!

Good Christian girls can't help but have lustful thoughts about men in suits, and therefore, Christian men shouldn't wear suits. Yes, this is a paradoy.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation was successful in preventing Iowa from spending $140,000 of taxpayer's money on a Christian park, but now the state wants to spend $165,000 on the surrounding areas. Those poor Christians are being persecuted! It's funny, you say something like, "Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion," and suddenly everyone thinks you're an asshole. Threaten to assassinate one author, and suddenly everyone thinks you're a murderer.

Just how tall can a skyscraper be?

Is a co-worker disrespecting you by telling you your religion (or lack thereof) is wrong? This may help.

How horror movies and science fiction got their trademark sound: The Theremin.

Who knew Aaron died 40 years after the exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible?

Already married for over a month!

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Scotland Catholics are learning the hard way that you can only protect child rapists for so long before people stop giving money to your churches, and you have to shut them down.

Texan police officer Rob Douglas posts about how much he hates people on food-stamps and wants to murder them all.

Why are the County Board members of Pittsylvania, Virginia still opening their meetings with a specific Christian prayer even after a judge told them to stop? And why is Republican Eddie Farnsworth, principle at a charter school that receives government funding allowing his English teacher to make her students read C.S. Lewis and the bible?

While we're still a long way away from figuring out the root causes of autism, here's a quick overview about what we know causes it (hint: not vaccinations).

John Oliver explains the problem with hidden advertising in the news.

Just how much information can words hold?

What you can learn about atheists from the Christian movie, God's Not Dead.

Cannibalism helped give us modern food packaging.

Watch Jim Jefferies rail against religion for a half hour.

Quantum entanglement is pretty spooky!

Why don't any of these locations match Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm somebody's miracle!

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Bill Husfelt Superintendent of Bay District public schools in Panama City, Florida has decided that, in light of the recent string of shootings in his district, nothing would be better than letting 30 Christian pastors into the school to interrupt classes by teaching the students about Jesus. Problem solved!

Why do preschoolers pickup new gadgets faster than college students?

Ever since Oklahoma started fracking, they've had more earthquakes then ever before, but the oil industry is pretty sure it has nothing to do with fracking!

Aron Ra talks about taxonomy by using an analogy with Godzilla monsters.

The science behind polarized lenses and the impending human-caused mass extinction.

C0nc0rdance reads a quote from Robert Ingersoll on individuality.

Why mass and weight are sort of the same thing, even though they're different.

It would explain a lot if Sarah Palin were just constantly intoxicated.

Dr. Holly Krieger explains the Mandelbrot Set.

Remember all the horror caused by the Israelites in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Too many awesome artists releasing new albums this summer!

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I was eating dinner at Olive Garden last night and I recognized their background music as Frank Turner's, The Way I Tend to Be. Frank is a British folk rock singer who I never expected to hear at a chain restaurant, not just because he sings songs like this, but because I've never met anyone who knew him other than myself. I've met many people who dislike it when the indie bands they love suddenly make it big, but I can't do that. I actually feel happy for him. While I've never met him personally (though I've seen him perform live), from listening to his music, he sounds like a conflicted, but genuinely nice, person, and I feel happy when people like that succeed.

The US is practically drowning in bibles. If you didn't get one handed to you at the last public event you were at (in my case, at a county fair), you'll be sure to find one at the next hotel you stay at (unless I stayed their first), or even if you joined the armed forces. Yet, despite our biblical saturation, Republican Steven Palazzo thinks that the problem with Congress today is that they've just never seen a bible before, so he sent each member of congress a bible with an attached note saying meditating on God's word is the best advice. The non-Christian congress persons probably don't agree.

Five common myths about evolution and why they're wrong.

Being in any of the Abrahamic faiths is like being in an abusive relationship.

Some behind the scenes audio of Aron Ra's review of the religious tract Big Daddy.

The first TMNT movie had some serious problems.

The first Ferris Wheel wasn't a small carnival ride, it was a behemoth!

Another long boring list of names in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Top Five Records

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I finished reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate over the weekend. It was a wonderful read and explains a lot of research showing how the brain is very determined based on your genetics, environment, and especially your peer group, and how trying to alter our brains, or punish people for who they are is a lesson in futility.

Before you whistle at a girl on the street, consider how damaging it can be.

Why are so many of the arch-bishops in the USA millionaires? And after paying out $26,000,000 the families of children who were raped by Louisiana priests, why does bishop Michael Jarrell say there is "no reason" to release the names of those priests? Well, one of the names has been released, reverend Gilbert Dutel, who still works there!

Wings are really crazy, but not nearly as crazy as trying to make sense of them.

The publicly funded Texas police want you to know that they want their version of the Christian god to be forced upon children in public schools. But what can you expect from a state where the tax collectors force "In God We Trust" on the public's envelopes never seeing the irony between that and what Jesus had to say about tax collectors.

New Simon's Cat.

Wanna go looking for an exoplanet?

You can make an atheist have a spiritual experience, it just takes drugs.

Texans refuse to ever vote for a HETERO-sexual president.

Here's an interesting idea. What happens when you remove all of the jokes from a comedy show so all that's left is just the plot? The show is condensed down to only 3 minutes!

SciShow talks about the strange Bay of Fundy.

God's chosen people murder more innocents in The Blasphemer's Bible.

He's starting to believe

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Uganda wisely rules that their law which would punish homosexuals with execution is illegal and is to be annulled.

Police hire people to walk back and forth across an intersection all day long so they can slow down traffic and issue citations. Entrapment much?

Hate group leader, Tony Perkins, is losing his popularity on news channels. Both MSNBC and CNN have steadily reducing the bigot's appearance because he just can't seem to stop telling lies about the people he hates. Thankfully, one news organization has picked up the slack and are giving him an increase in air time. The organization? You guessed it, Fox News.

The last abortion provided in Mississippi is having a tough life, and always trying to stay one-step ahead of the Christians trying to murder him.

If you allow your child to attend an Evangelical or Charismatic church, this is the kind of stuff they'll be subjected to.

Republican Peter Palumbo, the asshole who called Jessica Ahlquist an "evil little thing" for sticking up for the US Constitution, is in the middle of a scandal. It turns out that he cost the state $250,000 by letting one of his cronies, David Caprio, take a contract that the state already won, and then Caprio gave Palumbo management control over it! This is a serious case of corruption! Caprio already resigned in disgrace, but Palumbo is trying to save face, hoping his constituents are too stupid to realize what he did.

Counter protests always make me smile.

The bible hits a time warp in The Blasphemer's Bible.