September, 2014

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Only in Texas can you teach children that one of the founding fathers of the USA was a fictional character.

I love it when people say that it's unpatriotic to not mindlessly revere a religious oath that you disagree with, but then, I don't expect people who do mindlessly revere religious oaths to understand the rebellious attitude of this country's founders.

Enter your birthday into Porktrack and find out what song your parents were listening to when you were conceived.

5K? More like Easy-K!

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I had wonderful conversations regarding politics and religion at Skeptics, and then had a blast running the Color Vibe on Saturday morning, but it was surprisingly shorter than I would have liked. Who knew that I was in decent shape after all?

We all know that following Catholic doctrine makes you a cannibal, but what if you're a vegetarian?

"Reverend" Joseph Maurizio, Jr. might be looking at 40 years in prison due to his "mission trips" to Honduras. And by "mission trips," I mean, raping children.

In an effort to prove just how hard it is to be a Christian in this country (which is also a Christian nation, so, figure that one out!), Kelly Shackelford brought up three examples of Christians being persecuted. The only trouble is, none of these examples are as Shackelford describes them.

The Christian hate-group Focus On the Family has released a pamphlet for parents on how to warn their preschool children about the evils of homosexuality, and it's just as terrible as you'd think!

Pub in the skeptics!

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Big plans for the weekend. Tonight I'm going to Skeptics In the Pub, and tomorrow morning, I'm running in the Color Vibe 5K. I've been practicing all week and my thighs are already nice and sore for it!

Somehow my steel-toed work boots have a dent in the steel toe. And this dent is not on the top of the toe, but on the side, so every time I take a step the dent rubs against the side of my big toe. It's quite annoying, but not nearly as annoying as trying to find out how the dent got there in the first place!

Why gamers are still misogynistic dicks.

Speaking of misogyny, a bunch of Jews held up all the other passengers on a plane because they refused to sit next to women.

Want your child's head to be filled with lies about science? Send them to a Christian school where they will learn that snow is magnetic and generates electricity!

Catholic politicians try to ban abortion in Spain, but Spainards fight back!

For the past 15 years in the USA, the public's desire to have prayer forced upon students in school has been on a decline, and opposition has been on the rise. Another win for the atheists!

Beggars can't be choosers, unless they live in Minneapolis, MN where poor Muslims are demanding that the free food they receive from food banks be Halal, that is, prepared in the barbaric manner known as dhabihah. To be fair, Jews are just as barbaric with their Kosher method of slaughter called shechita.

Ride the wild wind!

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While Americans can't be bothered to take offense to illegal spying from the NSA, Australia is giving full control over to their security administration to monitor the complete Internet traffic of all of its citizens, and even jail those who would be foolish enough to speak out against the security administration.

Despite threats to bomb her speech, Anita Sarkeesian talks about her work bringing feminism to videogames.

Good news out of India! The government used to require you to choose a religion on government forms and "none" wasn't an option; non-religious people had to choose a religion, but thanks to the work of secular justices, people can now declare themselves non religious to the government.

Kudos to Mary Anning who helped us learn about what we were seeing in the fossil record.

In order to improve their image, the Rochester, NY police force is pairing up with local Christians to mend their relationship... by trying to convince people to change their religion to Christianity.

After decades and decades of allowing child-rapists to run unchecked in their ranks, the Vatican has finally succumbed to political pressure and is forced to do the unthinkable! They actually placed one of their child-rapists, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski under arrest!

How much would you pay for this fantastic slightly-used planet Earth?

Christian pastor Heath Mooneyham, who loves pushing his child-like masculinity on his followers can add to his prior criminal record with driving under the influence, just like Jesus would do!

Happy second day of autumn?

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I just finished A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne today. It was an interesting, but not very gripping story, and the 1864 vision of geology was kind of funny. I also finished The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins which took an interesting approach to teaching science, by showing how stories of mythology and religion become superseded with science.

Vestigial doesn't mean useless, learn what it really means.

Rapper Pharrell Williams explains that if you don't believe that the entire universe was created by an all powerful deity specifically for you to enjoy, you're "arrogant and pompous."

While Christians often tell each other that if their child ever becomes a homosexual or an atheist, they should disown them, atheists tell each other, if your child ever becomes religious, continue to love them.

Police repeatedly slam a California woman onto the pavement and fist-bump each other afterward, apparently because she was resisting arrest, but there was a surveillance camera the police were unaware of which captured everything on film, it it sure doesn't look like she was resisting.

Julia Galef talks about how people can teach themselves to change their minds.

If you want to learn something better, try figuring out how to teach it.

This reminds me very much of my highschool days.

More easter eggs in the Mario franchise.

India now has a Mars orbiter! And they did it with a price tag $600 million cheaper than NASA's MAVEN.

My Floridian friends may be disheartened to know that Florida State University just elected to a Creationist who doesn't believe in evolution or climate change, and has no academic training as their president!

Happy first day of autumn!

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Despite being the country's largest majority and having 90% coverage in politics, Evangelical Christians are now viewed as being more discriminated against than atheists!

This TAM panel talk all about pseudo-science in medicine.

While the Texas School Board has many problems, it's nice to see they're listening to the public about the myriad factual errors in their textbooks. It is frightening, however, to see what some Texans think should be put into their children's textbooks!

What exactly is ALS and Ebola?

A song for knowing when to use you're or your.

Gettin' my code on

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Got stung by a bee on Saturday for the first time in 10 years!

Golden State Baptist College revealed their (poorly vetted) Alumni of the Day: David Jorgensen. They describe him as "Godly" and "Serving in the Lord's work!" I guess that's true if the Lord wants him to molest a 14-year-old girl.

Obama campaigned under the disarmament of nuclear weapons, but now he's spending $3 trillion to revitalize the country's nuclear missiles and silos.

Vsauce brings up some rather strange coincidences.

New Jersey wants everyone to know that the state is so far out of touch that they will try and arrest college students who setup online Bitcoin miners to help web sites make money without needing advertising.

Bill Nye was the keynote speaker at TAM, and here is his speech, although, I think I like the preceding speech more by Eugenie Scott.

How does The Pirate Bay remain active after all these years? Because it's hosting computers don't exist as physical severs, but rather virtual servers all over the world that can be moved around so easily that hosting companies don't even know that they're hosting it!.

Why IS your poop green?

Free ice cream for children is only free if the children listen to a sermon about Jesus!

Christian feel-good preacher Joel Osteen finally quotes from the bible and gets everything wrong.

Things like to be categorized by me

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A Sufi Muslim claimed that he could kill a man and raise him from the dead, and when he actually got a volunteer, he did just that! Trouble is, while slitting the volunteer's throat was pretty easy, the part about reanimating the corpse didn't quite work out.

The Secular Coalition For America is grading the 2014 congressional hopefuls based on their secular values. As they continue to update their site, more states will be added.

Which hurts more? Childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?

Religious people still think that atheists are just angry at their god.

Aron Ra talks about how we know the things that we know.

Rachel Bloom sings this wonder historically accurate Disney-esque song.

The new Simon's Cat is hilariously sad.

So how do scientists know how far away is a star? And how and why do bees make honey?

I like categorizing things

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Rather than allow Anita Sarkeesian to be awarded a Game Developer's Choice Ambassador Award for her work pointing out the sexism inherent in videogames, someone emailed several bomb threats to the organizers.

John Oliver looks at the problem with fro-profit schools and student debt.

The new Silent Hill trailer is nightmare fuel.

I can't tell if ISIS is more like Fundamental Christians or vice-versa. ISIS doesn't want children learning about math, physics, politics, social studies, and certainly nothing about evolution. All of these questions must be answered with "Allah didit!"

Racing the London tube!

In allowing Hobby Lobby to avoid obeying the law, the Catholics on the US Supreme Court also allowed Fundamentalist Mormons to not have to adhere to child protection laws.

Hamsters, the ultimate competitve eating champs!

The US Air Force was trying to force all soldiers to say a Christian prayer, and after an atheist refused to do it, they tried to prevent him from joining, but after the American Humanist Association got their legal team involved, the Air Force finally decided to respect the Constitution.

It's sad that there are still people in this day and age that react to their homosexual children like this.

Makin' vidjagame music!

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Had a lot of fun playing volleyball with Sarah, White Jon, and Emily yesterday.

In general people on the Internet are awful.

We still live in a day where a mainstream television actor can say AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuals and keep his job.

Republican Russell Pearce wasn't expecting such negative feedback when he suggested mandatory birth-control for women on Medicaid. How out of touch do you have to be to NOT think people are going to lose their shit when a man wants to force reproductive planning on women?

If you're holding a rally so a public school can force all the students to worship your god, you're religion is not being persecuted.

John Oliver gets fan mail.

Easter egg hunting in the Mario games, part 1 and part 2.

People make mean tweets toward NFL players.

How out of an atheist should you be?

What does the church have to do with Game of Thrones?

How to deal with litter bugs.

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I've noticed this more and more with the increase of televised combat: Christians beating people up for Jesus.

Pascal's Wager is covered in depth by Matt Dillahunty.

Mike Huckabee knows that Christians will bring an end to Islam because, the bible.

Florida Christians demanded to be allowed to distribute bibles in public schools, and since the school administrators wanted the Christian to get their way as usual, they get to hand out bibles. Of course, the beauty of the US Constitution is that if one group gets to do it, everyone does. Naturally, a bunch of atheists demanded to hand out books as well, but it didn't stop there! A group of Satanists are now demanding that they be allowed to hand out their own books, and unless the school board makes the Christians stop handing out bibles, books about Satanism will find their way into the Florida students. Now if only we could convince the Texans to stop wasting tax-payer money defending a plaque on a public elementary school that mentions the "holy" Christian church; a guaranteed legal loss.

SciShow talks about the comeback of blue whales and using a smart phone to measure morality, what happens after you flush, and gynandromorphs.

Christians, god bless 'em, try so hard to be cool, but they're never quite able to be cool because they're so, well, lame. You can't take the song "I Like Big Butts," convert it into a Christian song, and expect it to be cool.

If fundamentalist Christians really believed what they said, they should accept this offer for a free trip to be sent to the land of Islam.

Utah police shot Darrien Hunt dead because they claim he was lunging at them with a sword. The sword in questions was a edgeless replica, and though police claim Hunt was lunging at them with it, they somehow managed to shoot him in the back.

Who would have thought that giving all your money to someone who affirmed the Libertarian mantra of "greed is good," would have negative repercussions?

I dig videogame music!

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These are legit quotes from Republicans about rape.

Add one more platform to the long list of devices that can run DOOM. The new one is a Canon printer!

Microsoft just bought Mojang (the creator of Minecraft) for $2.5 billion. There is no possible way that future sales of Mojang products will even come close to recuperating that much money, so what was Microsoft's impetus? My initial thought was to make the game exclusive to the XBox One and screw over everyone else, but Microsoft claims that they will continue to update the game on various other platforms. Whether they're being honest, and at what cost other consoles will have to pay is unknown.

Is autism really on the rise, or did doctors just get better at diagnosing mild cases of it?

Libertarian mentality: the truth isn't something you discover, it's something you buy.

Dinosaurs are so very different these days.

When told to stop saying "God bless you," to customers, Cynthia Fernandez quit her job as a toll-booth operator. Apparently, if she isn't allowed to rub her religion in the face of Hindus, Muslims, atheists, and others, she feels she's being so persecuted she needs to quit. Until she can learn how to sympathize with people of differing religions, I say, good riddance!

You may know the Pledge of Allegiance? but can you pass this quiz on the history of the pledge?

After a woman successfully got her driver's license photo take with a colander on her head, per requirement of the church of the flying spaghetti monster, the state of Oklahoma has decided to address its rules regarding religious headgear.

Conservative Christian Jeff Bergosh says that if practitioners of Pagan religions or Voodoo were allowed to deliver an invocation at a city meeting, they would be disrespectful pranks (because nobody takes indigenous religions seriously, right?) to which he would never listen, and would in fact defy! Then, to show his diversity, he talks about all the various Christians he allowed to deliver invocations in the past, and hell, he wouldn't even be that miffed if a Jew spoke, as long as it was about his god!

Space in geckos!

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Greta Christina's talk yesterday was wonderful, as was hanging out with all the skeptics and atheists.

The bible never says that marriage is between one man and one woman, but does say men should buy their brides, that men can have hundreds of brides, that men can take wives from unwilling captive slaves, and that marriage should only be entered upon if a man can't control his sexual urges.

Teens react to an 8-bit NES, and even though they're all dressed in the fashions of the 80's, they haven't a clue what it is or how to play even the most basic of games.

Thank God we have Ebola!

The automated cigarette machine was an amazing, if terrible, invention.

That's a big dinosaur! That's a big morning sickness! That's a big clitoris!

What's the deal with star-shaped stars?

Geckos in space!

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Heading to Farmington Hills tonight to see Greta Christina give a talk on coming out as an atheist.

Daniel Holtzclaw has been charged with raping several women, but he's out on bail and is on paid leave from his job as a police officer.

If you attend a Texas public school, there is a good chance you'll be taught the Jesus was the founder of the USA, that black people are of a different race, and that the Civil Rights Movement didn't really accomplish anything, all thanks to Christian Republicans!

How well do you know Dragon Warrior?

Republicans Paul and Theresa Wieland are trying to sue the White House because their daughters have access to birth control through their insurance. Imagine their daughters being able to remain free from STIs and plan when they want to have children... the horror!

It's probably for the best that Disney princes aren't real.

A public elementary school in Arkansas held an assembly for its students to remind them that Jesus loves them, and if they don't have Jesus in their heart, the school's teachers and administrators would be happy to convert them to Christianity.

By measuring the Doppler shift of galaxies, astronomers were able to discover that our local cluster is actually a small part of a much bigger cluster.

Russia's space geckos didn't make it.

I like geeky things

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John Richard Balyo, host of a Michigan Christian talk show, pleaded guilty to raping an 11-year-old boy.

Make sure your doggie is healthy and not doing these things.

Descending into an active volcano isn't the smartest thing to do, but it makes for a cool video.

Evangelical Christian Sue Means was really hoping to win one for Jesus and put up an "In God We Trust" banner in a Pennsylvania courthouse, but as usual, Jesus just couldn't pull through and the city vetoed the bigotted banner.

Rebecca Watson talks about Women's Equality Day, PMS, and dumb comments about Robin Williams's suicide.

A lot of site will be showing loading screens to remind everyone what the Internet would be like without Net Neutrality.

The Engineer Guy talks about Kodak cameras and air conditioning.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the best things about Hell.

You cowards and your wrathful God will see what power means
when the Dragon comes, His will be done, in the fires you'll be cleaned
Oh let him rise!

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A simple example of climate change's affect on the US coastline can be seen with the fact that Louisiana is no longer shaped like a boot.

The guy who disseminated hundreds of stolen celebrity pictures is complaining that the press won't respect his privacy.

There is some irony behind the fact that we have a couple of religious people to thank for the Supreme Court decision that people don't have to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance which has now become a religious anthem. But it is specifically because of the addition of those religiously charged words that the American Humanist Association encourages people to stay seated during recitations of the Pledge.

14 more commandments that should be added (or replace) the existing 10.

Despite the rejection from her family and a couple years of Christians trying to turn her straight, Amanda Barbour finally got the wedding she always wanted.

The current definition of the kilogram may be going the way of the dodo.

Since Catholics can't be trusted to report child rapists, the US Supreme Court may be asked to rule on whether they're allowed to keep child rapists hidden among their ranks.

I hope Studio Ghibli doesn't close its doors for good.


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My videogame party was a roaring success! A wonderful time was had by all, and people especially loved the trivia portions that I worked so hard on. Looking forward to doing it again in the future, but not for awhile because it did take a lot of money and work to pull the whole thing off.

97% of climate scientists are now in agreement that not only is global climate change real, but that humans are the primary cause. So, for the next 97 hours, this site will give another quote from a climate scientist. Despite this, people just aren't interested in climate change.

Oklahoma is digging its grave deeper. After they allowed a Ten Commandments monument on their lawn because it was donated, the local Satanic Temple wanted to donate their monument, the a Hindu temple wanted to donate their monument. Oklahoma fought back by declaring a moratorium on all further monuments. Wanting to see what the hold-up was about, MuckRock requested all government information about the Satanic Monument through the Freedom of Information Act, and what they found was quite telling. Not only were some of the Oklahoma elected officials talking about personally destroying the monument, but they also left out known documents relating to the FOIA request!

Over a third of Harvard's Freshman class identify as some type of non-religious.

The online Christian hate magazine Charisma News recently published an article written by Gary Cass who documented his three step plan for ridding the world of Muslims. Step one is to try an convert them to Christianity, which he admits will fail because of the bible. Step two is to either deport all Muslims or sterilize them to prevent them from passing on their Islamic genes, which he also admits will fail. Step three is pretty simple, murder all the Muslims. Surprisingly, Charisma News thought that a plan very similar to the Final Solution was worthy of print, but eventually realized their error in giving a microphone to someone who calls for genocide. They took down the page without an apology, apparently hoping nobody would notice. Too bad this is the Internet where nothing disappears.

So yeah, Bloodsport is an awful movie, but it's still fun to watch for scenes like these.

Another Christian parent decided to turn to Jesus instead of a doctor and another child dies from a treatable disease.

August had some pretty bad television news blunders.

A winner is you!

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My drunken NES party is tomorrow! I'm all set with food, booze, videogames, and trivia!

Saudi Arabia reaffirms its dark ages style culture in its refusal to free Raif Badawi. Badawi is looking at 10 years in jail, 1,000 lashes, and a fine of $260,000 for suggesting that Saudi Arabia become more progressive toward women's rights and religiously tolerant.

How militarized is the police force in your county? This is an interactive map of just how much unnecessary military gear has made it into the hands of your local police force.

A very impressive operatic performance.

The US Air Force, will not let you join unless you first sign a Christian prayer.

22 simple reasons to stop believing in a god.

The same-sex marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana have both been overturned!

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will, on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill

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I'm almost completely ready for my drunken NES party for this weekend! There will be 8-bit gaming, alcohol, and trivia! What more could a man want?

It was expected, but now we have research to confirm it, religion ruins science and technology. As countries increase in their religiosity, they decrease in their science and technology.

How ironic that the Tea Party is a Fundamentalist Christian political-religious movement, and the man most responsible for the Boston Tea Party was not a Christian at all, but a deist.

Bart Ehrman gives a wonderful talk on the Gospel of Judas with Q&A.

Federal courts rule that BP was negligent for the Gulf oil spill and they are to be held responsible for the destruction they caused.

Aron Ra gives a lecture on the origin of life.

Heading back to school... IN HELL!

Game Sack reviews some unreleased games.

You offered your father could be mine. We looked at your family tree and politely declined

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John Oliver explains the problem with America's wealth gap.

If Texans don't want to be viewed as racists sexist bigots, maybe they should being racist sexist bigots.

Aron Ra's video series on the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism is very informative.

DarkMatter2525 gives an interesting take on the origin of God and why he acts like such an asshole.

A record-breaking Mandelbrot Set zoom has been made and it's amazing.

Alcohol doesn't actually kill brain cells, but it's still toxic and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Elizabeth Loftus teaches us just how fallible our memory can be.

It's a bad idea to offer $100,000 to someone if they can prove your god doesn't exist, because they might just end up doing it, and make you look like a fool.

I wanna be the one!

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In Georgia, it's legal to answer emails while driving. It's even legal to run over and kill a cyclist while doing so... if you're a cop.

How does Star Trek do on the Bechdel Test? Surprising well (TOS not withstanding).

Germany created a wonderful way to make more atheists. They changed their tax law so that, if you declare yourself an atheist, you don't have to pay the church tax. As you can imagine, the country saw a record amount of people leave their churches.

All lot of your friends are your friends humans seem to instinctually prefer friends with similar DNA!

Sheesh! You kidnap a few children and abuse them, and suddenly everyone wants you out of their town! It's not easy being a Torah-following Jewish sect.

Why was CNN interviewing Anjem Choudary, a Muslim cleric who thinks terrorist attacks are just punchlines.

Florida mayor John Rees thinks he has the right to expel people from city meetings who don't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the local police force is equally as ignorant. While Rees was able to get away with bullying and violating the Constitution, the FFRF is making sure that it doesn't happen again.

Charges of abuse and child neglect are probably not the kind of thing a Christian school wants to have on their record.

Poor Robin Williams, he's now stuck in Hell.

After several years of work and finishing the first four books, I've wrapped up the The Blasphemer's Bible. Time to start a new project.