October, 2014

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

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Danielle's Devil's Night party last night was a lot of fun, and my quiz about categorizing diseases was a lot of fun. Tonight we're going to a Halloween party at Jason's!

Denmark is looking to ditch coal by 2030, and be completely dependent on renewable energy by 2050! Meanwhile, the USA is still in the dark ages.

Rich white Republican old guy Lindsey Graham promises that other rich white Republican old guys will do great if he decides to run for president.

Tim Saffeels was a volunteer lunch room supervisor at Straub Middle School in Salem, Oregon. I say "was" because, as a youth minister, he recently decided to try and convert a table full of teenagers to his religion. Little did he know that today's youth realizes that preachers aren't allowed in schools, and one brave student sent a letter to the principal explaining how the youth minister was insulting her and her friends and trying to get them to attend his church. The school's principle did the right thing and banned Saffeels from the school grounds!

What percentage of American girls aged 15-19 do you think give birth each year? The average answer given is 24%, but the actual answer is only 3%. What percentage of people living in the USA do you think are immigrants? The average answer is 30%, but the actual amount is only 7%. What percentage of Americans are Muslim? The average answer is 15%, the actual answer is only 1%. But we don't just over-estimate numbers! When asked what percentage of Americans are Christian, the average response was 56%, but the actual amount is 78%. What percentage of the US population is unemployed? We estimate 32%, but the actual amount is only 6%. The good news is, according to Ipsos Mori, pretty much every country's population is bad at making these estimates. The bad news is, Americans are especially bad!

Emily and I are looking at our first houses this weekend!

Angel's night sounds lame

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Going to a Devil's Night party tonight! And if you're not from Michigan, you probably don't know what Devil's Night is because it started in Detroit. Although, at my party, I probably won't be committing arson.

Want to ruin your child's Halloween? Make it Christian themed!

You can usually identify a scientifically illiterate person by how simple they make scientific matters out to be. For example, there are many people claiming that vaccinations cause autism, but the reality is, autism is a very complicated mental disorder which has scientists currently look at over 100 genes to determine (as well as thousands of various chemicals).

Child rapist, Reverend James Schook wants 14 and a half years taken off his sentence of raping a teen-aged boy because he claims he's totally learned his lesson.

This video is a perfect example of why even seemingly nice comments to a woman on the street are not welcome and shouldn't be said.

When it comes to religion (or lack thereof) atheists are the second largest group in the US military. Yet despite being such a large group, the US military has never allowed any secular chaplains to offer comfort to non-religious soldiers. In fact, it seems like they only thing the US military likes to do with its non-religious soldiers is convert them to Christianity or pretend they don't exist. Well, the US Navy has decided to finally start appreciating their non-religious soldiers, and while they still won't allow a secular chaplain, they have become the first branch to allow an atheist lay leader.

Some people have really strange last will and testaments.

The county commission in Covinton County, Alabama decided it would be a good use of taxpayer dollars to directly evangelize for the local Baptist Church.

Christina Bianco sings as versions celebrities in a rendition of Forget You.

Children of the Sun, see your time has just begun,
Searching for your way through adventures every day

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An Muslim Mullah (similar to a Christian Vicar) in Afghanistan raped a ten-year-old girl so severely he tore he perineum. When caught, he and his lawyers tried to have their case ruled as mere adultery rather than the brutal rape of a child. Thankfully, the court ruled in the little girls favor after she had the courage to repeat everything that he did to her. Despite her victory, there are many people who think she should be executed for, what they see as, having sex, with the Mullah.

Christian Bale is portraying Moses in an upcoming movie, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think the character is "one of the most barbaric individuals that [he] ever read about in [his] life."

Part of being a tax-exempt organization in the USA means that you are claiming that you care more about helping people than being involved in government. Because of this, you don't have to pay taxes, but you also can't endorse any specific political candidates. The IRS is supposed to police groups that do this, revoking the non-profit status of any group that does make political endorsements, and they do for every group except for churches. After losing a lawsuit to the FFRF, the IRS has since agreed to do its job, but that didn't stop churches all around the country from their annual "Dare the IRS to do something about it" festival. Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico even handed out sample ballots with highlighted names of all the candidates they want their sheep to vote for! Will the IRS do their job, or will the FFRF lawsuit be reinstated?

SciShow answers some of the Internet's most popular searches like how old is the Earth? What is love? And even how do I grow a beard?

How useless are homeopathic pills? Watch the Science Babe swallow an entire bottle to show just how useless they are!

I play vidjagames!

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17 new Catholic priests have been added to the substantiated list of child rapists in Minnesota alone.

Key and Peele as church grannies.

In an effort to keep a giant hydraulic cross on taxpayer land, veterans have probably hindered their case. When it comes to religious monuments on public property, the majority of them get removed. The only argument that seems to work is to claim that a giant stone with etched with several verses from the bible is a "traditional" monument, not a religious one. Clearly, that's a bullshit argument, but if the judge also believes they have a duty to push their religion on the rest of the world (I'm looking at you Scalia) then you can't expect them to rule fairly, but even they still have to worry about that pesky first amendment. Well, the veterans of Grand Haven, Michigan are making it very clear that this cross is not a historic tradition, but the symbol of the religious majority, and as the religious majority, they demand to have the law cater to them! The irony here is that they fought to preserve the very freedoms (minority rights) they're now trying take away from the Michigan public!

Our brains will accept fake hands as our own if you trick them properly.

David Van Vleet, a Christian man from Tacoma, Washington, filed a Public Records Act request for the personal information, including the full names of 70 strippers. When asked by a Federal judge why Vleet wanted all this personal information about strippers, Vleet responded, so that he could pray for them by name (is he a great Christian or what?). Naturally, the judge refused his request.

Jesus was either a liar, lunatic, or lord? What about legend?

Short scary film, Tuck Me In.

I love dealing with incompetents

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Had a pretty good weekend. Friday night was Wallee's birthday, and Emily and I enjoyed dinner with a group, but had to exit early to see RHPS with Jackie. Saturday, Emily did a girl's night out while I went to a Halloween party with Adam, and we totally missed out on the Vampire's Ball which was the same night! Sunday was spent mostly playing vidjagames and recuperating.

A one-stop-shop for all myths influensa-related! And to see just how big of a problem the anti-vaccination movement has caused, have a look at this map of otherwise preventable diseases.

Everything you ever wanted to know about why Chiropractic is bunk.

Green coffee beans, what Dr. Oz heavily promoted as a weight loss miracle cure, has been shown to be the work of charlatans and frauds. Is anyone shocked that Dr. Oz supports fraud?

Sure, the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol was placed there illegally, and it needs to be removed, but that doesn't make it okay to commit an act of vandalism against it. If people are allowed to destroy anything they disagree with, the whole world will be demolished in short order. I disagree with the monument, but I still condemn this act.

Archbishop John Nienstedt swears he had no idea he was taking a child-raping priest into his diocese, Reverend Gilbert Gustafson. Well, sure, except for the letters sent to him detailing the history of Gustafson's child-raping past, but that's just evidence, so it doesn't count.

Religion researcher David Kinnaman's latest work says that Christianity is dying in America with the percentage of non-religious people growing to a staggering 38%!

Props to the CFI and their win in Indiana which now recognizes atheist celebrants as wedding officiators.

It's a Halloween spook-tacular!

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Emily and I got dressed up to see a local music, dance, and Vaudeville production called Scream Theater. I won candy for knowing how to define Wendigo. Tonight, Emily and I are heading to Dave and Busters to join my friend Wallee for her birthday, and then we're all going to Ann Arbor to meet Jackie for RHPS! Then, on Sunday, Emily and I are going to the Flint Vampire's Ball with Sarah and John to see Voltaire! Busy, busy!

www.whiteribbon.ca is a charity site to help stop violence against women. However, a bigoted Men's Rights hate group created a similar site called whiteribbon.org (and several other similar URLs) in an effort to try and syphon money away from that site hoping that people would accidentally donate money to them rather than the actual charity. MRA (Men's Rights Activist) are particularly sexist and awful, and their arguments are the same as any other empowered group denigrating the plight of the disenfranchised. Probably the most common argument is, "you're sexist too by only helping women." The projection here is just as obvious as Christians who argue that atheists are religious. The point of the argument is that, if you aren't trying to stop all facets of a problem equally, you're prejudiced and not really trying to stop the problem. To illustrate why this argument is flawed, consider this analogy: Bob goes to the oncology ward in a hospital because he have been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He starts talking to the first oncologist he sees in hopes of finding a treatment, but the oncologist explains the they chose to specialize in skin cancer since it was the most prevalent form of cancer, but they will gladly refer Bob to a bone cancer specialist. Bob leaves in a huff complaining that the skin cancer specialist is prejudiced and obviously doesn't care about treating cancer because they aren't focusing on treating all forms of cancer equally!

Want to get a pizza party in New York public schools? It sure helps if you score highly on the spirituality section of the character strength quiz. Because, as everyone knows, if you pray a lot and believe in an invisible man in the sky who looks after you, taxpayers should be buying you pizza!

The Backfire Effect is a problem seen in when trying to remove someone of their preconceived notions. Essentially, if someone already believes X (regardless of whether it's true), any attempt to get them to stop believing X will actually cause them to believe in X more strongly! This has been studied numerous times with various topics including evolution, religion, paranormal activity, etc. and recently another study was conducted on the false belief that vaccinations cause autism. As expected, those people who incorrectly believed that vaccinations were dangerous held even more tightly to their belief after being presented with evidence demonstrating that they were actually safe. The important thing to remember is that everyone is afflicted by the backfire effect, even skeptics. Never forget that it's okay to be wrong and change your mind!

Yet another public school has been caught using it's resources to try an promote a specific religion. This time, a Colorado school was sending students to Guatemala, their admitted primary goal is to "share the love and hope of Jesus." Yes, that's what people in a country devastated by natural disasters and corruption need, an imaginary friend.

It's quittin' time!

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When the US military asks the religion of their soldiers, the second largest group says "not religious". This means that there are more atheists in the US military than Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews, and there are certainly atheists in foxholes. Yet, despite there being so many atheists, the US military still refuses to hire on any atheist chaplains.

Despite the pious claims of the South and the holier than thou attitude of Conservative states, they sure look at a lot more porn than Liberals.

The Friendly Atheists talks about the benefits of leaving your religion, how the church deals with fear, and how Eastern religions are problematic as well.

100 crazy facts about reality from Mentalfloss.

The Angry Video Game Nerd does another Halloween special.

John Oliver has found a way to make Supreme Court cases more exciting.

This trailer for The Unbelievers looks great.

Too much classical music!

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Conservative Christian schools expect that, when they find themselves in a burning dormitory, their female students should still take time to cover up their pajamas with less revealing clothing before moseying out of the inferno.

Sure, Martin Couture-Rouleau, was probably crazy to begin with, but his conversion to Islam probably didn't help stabilize him, especially considering he ran over two people in the name of Allah and then charged police with a knife.

What do you see when you do a Google image search for the phrase "Youth Pastor"? A whole bunch of mugshots!

You are a puzzle, and I will solve you.

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Played some of the new Left 4 Dead 2 holdout maps last night with Cody and Patrick. They were pretty awesome!

Also, Emily and I are now house-hunting in earnest.

For those of you who like hacking old DOS games, check out the Modding Wiki. I've been adding to it by reverse-engineering several old games.

Want another good reason to encrypt everything you own? How about the fact that the DEA will steal your identity on Facebook in order to nab criminals. While the DEA claims they were within their rights to create a fake account on Facebook using pictures they seized from a woman's phone, Facebook reminds them that, in order to create a Facebook account, they had to sign a EULA where they agreed they wouldn't create fake or misleading accounts.

Welcome, ye four brave souls

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Sadly, the arguments against the feminist movement haven't changed much since the days when they were still trying to get the vote.

Imagine walking into a courtroom for a hearing that could potentially put you in jail for several years. You're sitting down, nervous as all hell, and then the judge walks in wearing a taqiyah (a Muslim headpiece). He mentions to the courtroom that he is going to have his Imam read from the Koran for the next five minutes and then have everyone face Mecca while he leads a prayer to Allah. The courtroom is filled with Muslims, and they all nod in agreement and seem very comfortable with the idea because they know the judge has a long history of introducing his religion into all his governmental proceedings. Then, the judge looks directly at you and says, "if the idea of praying to the one and only true god, Allah, offends you, you can wait out in the hall alone. But don't worry, even if you abandon your lord in such a manner, it will not affect my judgment of you. And if you think what I'm doing is illegal, you're wrong! I have strong legal standing to lead the courtroom in a prayer, and furthermore, Allah and his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, command that I do this!" Chances are, you'd not only feel singled-out, but you'd probably be pretty damned sure that leaving the room would most certainly affect his judgment against you! This is the kind of feeling that any non-Christian has when they enter courtroom of Texas Justice of the Peace, Republican Wayne Mack.

The FBI is very upset with smart phone manufacturers who are writing software to protect their owner's data from the FBI.

It's not so hard being an atheist in Bangladesh, you just have to keep an constant watchful eye out for people trying to murder you.

Republicans stand firm on the idea that all it takes is hard work in America to make it big, but the reality is, even if you work your butt off to graduate college, you probably still won't do as well as a high school dropout who grew up in a rich family.

Sure, ISIS is chopping off the heads of innocent people, but that doesn't mean we should condemn their actions, I mean, we don't want to seem racist! Some where Ben Affleck is cheering!

Vsauce explains why humans have such a strange fascination with the macabre.

Courage and wit have served thee well

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Cops figuratively shoot themselves in the foot again, this time the pulled a couple over for speeding and refusing to stop, made them get down on the ground, and pointed guns at them, all the while the man and his very pregnant wife were begging to let them get to a hospital because she was in labor.

The South may erect more monuments to the Ten Commandments than any other region, but that doesn't mean they abide by them.

Sam Harris defends his statement that Islam is the mother-lode of bad ideas.

The Rankin County School District in Mississippi has a long history of violating the First Amendment by trying to force its students to become Christians, and they just did it again. The administration not only brought Gideons into the school to hand out bibles, but they even told teachers to suspend their lessons and walk the students out of the classrooms to get the bibles!

Eugenie Scott teaches us how good Creationists are at lying.

How the NFL handles abuse among its players: We're definitely considering what to do.

Super Smash Bros. is actually kind of messed up when you think about it.

The latest SciShow news, an explanation for why leaves change colors, and some ways to help get rid of the hiccups.

Girls like you sticking around, doing all my dope, and I just can't cope

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CGP Grey discusses an alternate voting system in America. The problems with our current system is that it leads to a two-party system where most of the people aren't happy with their elected leader. To avoid this, an alternate type of voting is suggested, but all voting can fall prey to gerrymandering. And with that fixed, we're able to truly get the people we really want in charge using the a system of mixed-member proportional representation. For a quick link to all of these videos, go here.

Alabama's Mobile County Commission says they won't take down their monument honoring Christian veterans, and they won't erect any monuments honoring non-religious veterans. Basically, it's a big middle finger to every non-Christian veteran. I'm looking forward to this case going the same route as Florida Capitol trying to keep out the Satanist monument, and the eventual removal of them all, like in the case of the Georgia school board.

The asdfmovie is wonderful.

There was some stirring in the Vatican about the Catholics actually becoming inclusive to homosexuals, but I was waiting for the other show to drop. Sure enough, Vatican officials clarify that the document was just a work-in-progress, and that their real intention was to reach out to homosexuals by saying they're welcome to come to church, but only to be taught how not to be gay any more.

Lend me your ears, and I'll probably put them in my garage and forget to return them

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John Oliver discusses the police's abuse of civil forfeiture and gives yet another reason why you should never talk to the police or answer their questions.

What is it like being a child growing up without having been vaccinated?

Male gamers continue to show why we need more women like Anita Sarkeesian telling the world what's wrong with them. If your argument involves making cowardly Internet death threats, you're on the wrong side.

Republican Steve Vaillancourt knows he'll win his election because he thinks his female opponent is ugly as sin.

Despite their best efforts, Christians just can't help but make bad movies.

Trying to force an atheist to become religious can cost you a whole lotta money!

Remember Tenebrae?

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Frauds don't like it when you hand out fliers before their events teaching people how to spot frauds.

A pretty sweet interview with Christina Rad.

It's not just the Catholic priests that are raping children, the nuns have a pretty bad history as well.

Several reasons why you shouldn't say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Covering yourself with mucus might just save your life... if you're a frog.

Glenn Greenwald makes a good case, if you don't think privacy matters, give him your personal email passwords.

It's important that people have access to birth control for family planning because we don't want to revert to when people made up their own.

Why it's important for everyone to be feminist.

Mountains move from here to there thanks to continental drift

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Had a lot of fun playing Magic and hiking over the weekend, but I'll have to rework my new deck, it's just not working the way I want it to.

The child-raping priests in Minnesota will probably go to jail, but none of the other priests who protected the child-rapist will serve time. Great work Minnesota.

What happens when a state's Supreme Court judge put more stock in the bible than the Constitution? Bad things. Anyone who has judicial oversight in this country, and accepts this church sign as fact, like Tom Parker, should be fired.

Bigot Mike Huckabee threatens to leave the Republican Party if they don't continue to fight against marriage equality. I really hope they keep him because the more they hold on to dinosaurs like him, the fewer voters will back the party.

Christian pastor Vaughn Christensen left a message to his wife claiming that the world was coming to an end. His wife, Pamela Christensen, upon hearing this message didn't want their three daughters to have to suffer through the rapture, so she tried to murder them to get them safely to Jesus. After they refused to drink poison, she stabbed them in the chest. Thankfully, they'll all live, but that's a scar from which you never heal.

Rexa Aslan thinks you should have a background in theology to be a credible atheist, but that's kind of like saying you need to have graduated from Bullshit University to criticize homeopathy. It doesn't help that he has a history of lying about his own credentials.

Sure enough, after the FFRF successfully sued the IRS for refusing to do their job in cracking down on churches who endorse political candidates, this church pastor recorded himself endorsing a particular political candidate and then dared the IRS to sue him. I'm curious which will happen first. Will the FFRF have to sue the IRS again or will the IRS actually get off their lazy butts? Of course, when they do, you can bet the church will sue the IRS for enforcing the law, a case which will no doubt make it to the Supreme Court, but it'll be about damn time!

Jesus doesn't want teen-aged boys talking to girls, and four men at the Abundant Life Academy Christian boarding school were convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery after beating up a kid for doing just that.

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Gonna play some Magic TG this weekend! Breaking out my new Island Sanctuary deck.

If your pastor admits that he's been embezzling money from the church, doing drugs, and having sex with the female attendees while infected with HIV, you'd probably think he'd be in prison, but the sheep at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama don't want any bad press around pastor Juan Demetrius McFarland.

Anita Sarkeesian talks about the backlash women receive when they point out sexism inherient in videogames.

An interview with Dawkins about the biology behind extremism, and a long talk between Dawkins and Brian Greene.

The Friendly Atheists asks, can atheists make it in politics? And, can atheism offer any eternal value?

Why does your voice sound so funny when you hear a recording?

You can only legally defend yourself from your history of the systematic rape children for so long before you just can't afford to do it anymore.

If you wanted to know just how bad God's Not Dead is, but didn't want to sit through all two hours of it, here it is condensed down to 7 terrible minutes.

How the black community deals with atheism.

If you only had a brain

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Deshawn Currie was pepper-sprayed and assaulted in a North Carolina home by police who were quite sure that he was a burglar. Turns out, he was his own home.

If something promotes the usage of cancer-causing agents, painting it pink doesn't help.

Catholic Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki warns parents that, if you tell your son to clean up after himself rather than waiting for a woman to clean up for him, you might be turning him into a gay.

Homeopathic Battleship is not for the impatient.

A Christian mother in Michigan wasn't upset when she found out that her teenager was learning about world religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, but when it came to Islam, everything went downhill. Her daughter's assignment was to make a pamphlet that explained what Islam is, and what Muslims believe, and to make it simple enough so that a child could understand it. The Christian mother responded by writing a post on Facebook that her daughter was being forced to preach Islam to eight-year-olds. After having the school's administrators explains that the phrase, "make it so a child could understand it," doesn't mean you're actually going to give it to a child, the Christian mother responded by being even further shocked that her teen would have to promote Islam. The school's administration explained further that, just because you understand another person's point of view, it doesn't mean you have to believe it or promote it. From her latest Facebook post about how HER god is the correct god, and Islam worships a false god, but the Jews worship the same god as her, it's clear that she's still as clueless as ever.

Irish people do not care much for American snacks, and then Americans try Irish snacks.

Ticks suck.

It's not really a living

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It is not racist to point out the flaws in a person's religion, even if the name of their religion and their chosen name for their race are the same thing. This can be learned from Sam Harris as he delivers a postmortem on his debate with Ben Affleck and Nicholas Kristof.

Conservatives often find it comforting to "fix" American history by pointing out the good things that have happened while ignoring all the embarrassing and down-right evil stuff our nation has done. In Colorado right now, students are protesting against the Conservative influences of their school board to try and get real history taught rather than the Republican white-washed version. This has prompted a rather hilarious series of Twitter posts using the hashtag #voluntaryhistory.

Even Christian Today thinks the Left Behind movie was terrible, wanting to give it zero stars!

Having a successful résumé is a great way of ensuring that you'll be hired... unless you're a woman.

After a victory against the US Air Force which forced all new recruits to swear an allegiance to a particular god, it's time attack other forms of proselytizing in the US military, like the battalion in the 34th armored division who expect soldiers to shout "Fear God!" or the chaplain at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California who tells all the enlisted men that science proves that evolution is wrong, and that men and dinosaurs lived together.

Man-children bashing women is not a scandal, but companies like EA who making bad games and paying for positive reviews sure is.

Glen Thompson is on the board of the council of Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Alaska, and recently he moved to allow a prayer to open each meeting. He even had support from the Ketchikan Ministerial Association, a local Christian group. The motion passed, but then it was brought up to Thompson that it's all well and good for Christians to push their religion at council meetings, but what about other religions? Thompson said that he had no problem with other religions giving an invocation like Hindus, Bahá'ís, and other Christians, but he refused to allow atheists or Satanists speak! Well now Mr. Thompson, first of all, thanks for grouping Satanist and atheists together as though we're similar, but regarding the bigger picture, you don't quite understand how the law works. You don't get to pick and choose which religions you think are worthy of a voice. If you want -any- group to give an invocation, you must allow -every- group to do so! Once his illegal blunder was pointed out, Thompson changed his tune.

It's a living

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After flying low over Dwayne Perry's house with a helicopter and looking over his property, Georgia police sent in a K9 unit with officers strapped full of guns and pulled up a bunch of suspicious-looking plants the police were so sure were marijuana they needed to raid his house. They were okra. In fact, it turns out that the vast majority of these marijuana grower "drug busts" are over ditch weed, a breed of cannabis that grows wild and can't get you high.

Men need to learn that sexism against women hurts men too.

Get your science illustrations right!

Patriotism is nice when it brings people together to work for the common good, but when it gets out of control, people feel the need to white-wash their history. For example, Conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza, who's also a convicted felon, writes that American slaves were treated so unbelievably well that he wonders why Frederick Douglas would ever write ill of the practice.

John Oliver covers the Miss America Pageant.

According to a survey conducted by LifeWayResearch, American Christians pray for some pretty messed up things. Oh sure, there's the obvious like winning the lottery, avoiding speeding tickets, and getting your favorite sports ball team to win, but a lot of Christians admitted to praying for God to punish people they don't like, praying that others will fail, and praying that a co-worker would get fired.

21 memorable moments in the life of an atheist.

A rather dry, but informative lecture by the late Victor Stenger about how the religious abuse physics.

It's 2014, and we still have people who vote Republican?

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Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin will all be crying their bigoted selves to sleep tonight as the US Supreme Court has refused to hear any of their appeals to ban same-sex marriage.

Every year, thousands of churches dare the IRS to confront them by taking to the pulpit and endorsing specific political candidates, a violation of their non-profit status, in a movement called Pulpit Freedom Sunday. And every year, the IRS cowers in the corner like a scared rabbit. Only, this year, the FFRF sued the IRS for refusing to do their job of revoking non-profit status from any group that endorses specific political candidates, and yet, yesterday still was Pulpit Freedom Sunday. We'll see if the IRS actually puts on big-boy pants or loses another lawsuit to the FFRF.

The world's getting more populated... a little too populated!

Being a police officer must be tough. People are scrutinizing your work and looking over your shoulder all the time and it doesn't help that most people are anxious and distrusting of you. Thankfully, Indiana State Trooper, Brian Hamilton, has found a way to get people to change their opinion of him. When he pulls people over, he tries to convert them into a Baptist! Yes, it's not enough that you can have religious people wake you up early Saturday mornings, but now you can have them pulling you over on the highway and asking you about what church you attend, and handing out pamphlets telling you you're a sinner and need to accept Jesus as your lord and personal savior! As expected, there is going to be a lawsuit, and as expected, the statement released by the Indiana State Police Department includes no mention of Hamilton being formally punished.

The USA is drone happy right now, but what tune will they be singing when every other country has them too?

Texas elected Republican Charles Perry, a man who thinks the idea of women having the right to choose to have an abortion is just like the Holocaust. Stay classy Texas, and stay classy Republicans.

Do you know your Nintendo DS?

So many terrible people on Earth!

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Joaquín Navarro-Valls, former Vatican Press Director, is either unbelievably dense or the most dishonest rape-apologist I've ever seen (I suspect the latter). In his most recent op-ed, Navarro-Valls claims that the Vatican is the -only- group that is effectively acting to eradicate pedophilia! The truth is, the Vatican has been systematically protecting child-raping priests for the past several decades, and the article's publisher, La Repubblica, should be ashamed of themselves to print such an obviously false and harmful article.

Republican Steve Stockman tries to do science and hilarity ensues.

FINALLY! The asshole who sold a bunch of fake bomb detectors to various militaries around the world is going to prison.

There are few people who I view with vile contempt, and Anton Scalia is one of them. He is a liability to the freedom of the USA and his blatant disregard for the US Constitution is staggering. He recently went on record saying, "[the court's] latest take on the subject, which is quite different from previous takes, is that the state must be neutral, not only between religions, but between religion and non-religion. That's just a lie. Where do you get the notion that this is all unconstitutional?" To answer your question Mr. Scalia, I give you the first amendment to the US Constitution, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." This is the Establishment Clause, and I think it speaks for itself. Having the government make laws that favor a particular religion can only cause problems, and when viewed in the light that the deist authors were escaping the oppressive forced religion of Great Britain, it's even more obvious what they meant. Of course, the Christian activist Scalia doesn't even understand the purpose of a Constitution because he keeps going on and on about how it shouldn't be changed. But there is a reason the parts of the Constitution are called AMENDMENTS. The US Constitution is a living document, and to Scalia's pejorative of the "morphing Constitution" all I can say is IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

The police officers in Waverly, Tennessee want you to know that they will use the teachings of Jesus to decide when you should be arrested or protected. Jesus, of course, did amazing things for the public like cursing a fig tree to death when it wasn't bearing fruit out of season, and attacking merchants who had every legal right to practice their trade. I'm sure the non-Christians of Waverly are glad that their tax dollars are funding a bigoted police force.

Too cool for a status

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Work's been kicking my ass for the past few days, but I'm happy that we're finally making some sense of all this spider code.

Sure, the non-Christian citizens of Grand Haven, Michigan are paying for huge Christian monument, but that doesn't mean they can't use the giant cross to promote freedom of abortion and same-sex rights. That's certainly a better deal than North Carolina where over $1 million of taxpayer's money is being given away to private schools, most of which are religious in nature.

SciShow tackles the important questions like, what causes a brain freeze, why can you put certain metallic objects in a microwave, but not others, and what's the deal with Earth's massive population growth?

A nice lecture about Creationists trying to teach their religion in schools after losing the Kitzmiller trial.

The Friendly Atheist talks about why atheism isn't just a phase, and how you can easily fact check your preacher on your smart phone.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Stupid block-head!

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The main basin of the Aral sea has dried up thanks to divergence of water away from the sea. Experts estimate that this hasn't happened in around 600 years, and this is certainly the very first time humans have been the cause. In only a couple decades, the people responsible have annihilated the economy of everything based on the sea. This is a great example of just how easy it is for humans to make massive changes to a huge biome destroying the lives of plants, animals, and people in the process. At least we can rest assured that humans aren't capable of changing anything big like the climate!

It's kind of a blow to Google when Germany is telling them to stop being so clandestine with their user's data!

Ignorant Creationists breed ignorant children who blame all of racism on a biology.

I demand more wildfires!

While it has become fashionable to look at the Jewish minority in the USA with reverence, let us not forget that they still encourage things like, swinging a live chicken around by its head in order to imbue their sins into it.

I don't understand Common Core math, and I have to keep my children from understanding Common Core math!

I want a pet Hydra.

In order to teach their students that wearing tight pants makes you a whore, a school district in North Dakota made their students watch excerpts from the movie "Pretty Women" to see how REAL fictional Hollywood prostitutes dress. They also changed their dress code to prevent female students from wearing leggings, tights, and skinny jeans. This measure is also meant to help prevent boys (and according to the school's assistant principal, teachers) from being distracted by the teenage vixens in their school. How ironic that, in their attempt to bring order to their school, the administrators invoked the same argument used by practitioners of Sharia and the Haram modesty laws.

Cece Lucia was a kicker for her school's football team at St. Simon Middle School, Indianapolis, IN. I say "was" because she had to be kicked off the team because the Catholics who organize her school's football league refuse to let girls play football.

Nobody actually uses only 10% of their brain... except people who keep repeating that factoid!

Wow! I wonder how the people who made this advertisement for the Left Behind remake were able to get an interview with Satan!

The fact that mandatory drug testing for people on food stamps doesn't work and is extremely expensive didn't stop Republican Trey Radel from voting in favor of them. What's really funny is how he was later caught trying to buy cocaine from an undercover federal officer.