January, 2015

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According to a Pew Research poll, the American public is very much at odds with the American scientist. While the vast majority of scientists believe that evolution is true, vaccinations save lives, climate change is getting worse, and GMO foods are safe to eat, there is a very wide gap between how many average Americans agree. Same with scientists disapproval for fracking and off-shore drilling, and the general public's approval for them.

Hacking a physical Legend of Zelda cartridge so that you can play a full swordless run.

Changing a customer's name to "asshole" probably wasn't the best PR move for Comcast.

A wonderful short film that evokes emotion even though it uses a 2D platformer for its setting.

An honest trailer for Independence Day.

Bart Ehrman is interviewed about his book, Misquoting Jesus.

One of Victor Stenger's last lectures before his death, the topic, testing for god in the cosmos.

Snow, snow, go away

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Part of being a professor is having your students evaluate your teaching abilities at the end of the semester. Part of being a female professor is having the students evaluate your wardrobe at the end of the semester.

Daniel Dennett's lecture on how transparency is killing the church.

Another Christian family kills their children, and then themselves, because they fear the impending apocalypse.

SciShow explains the five most important molecules in your body and why we have baby teeth.

Why are humans so resistant to possible loss, even when the odds are in our favor?

Aron Ra explains why theism is irrational.

It's fun to make your own screen savers

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With Mike Huckabee's pig slaughtering metaphor and Sarah Palin's inanity, the Republican race isn't shaping up very well.

The LAPD don't like the idea of having citizens know where they are, so they wrote to Google encouraging them to ban the app Waze. Of course, Waze doesn't track cops, it only tracks things like car accidents that had police on the scene, something that every driver should be aware of.

If a holy book insults the religion of others, that's cool, but a person does it, it should be a crime.

Considering the current xenophobia in the USA, it's probably best that Jesus not return.

Tell a bunch of gamers that women are poorly depicted in their games, and this is the response you can expect, but it's all about accountability in journalism.

In 1995, Namco was awarded a patent for playing games at a loading screen, even though this had already been done a decade earlier on the Commodore 64, meaning there was prior art, meaning the patent should never have been granted in the first place. Just another example the failure of the US patent office ruining what might have been.

Is all really fair in love and war? Not according to the law!

Mississippi bans its public school educators from teaching sexual education. Because of this, those teachers who feel they have a duty to teach teenagers about useful life-saving skills like putting on a condom have to come up with very creative ways to get around Mississippi's sex-ed ban. One teacher shows how to put on a sock before any shoe-related activity.

Richard Dawkins reads some of his fan mail.

Wouldn't mind some warm sunshine right now

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I can still watch this screen saver for two hours straight.

With all those politicians acknowledging fictional characters like Jesus or a god, it's nice to see one honoring a scientist for an actual accomplishment.

The God's Not Dead team is bringing us another 2-hour laugh-fest!

What happens when an immovable object is hit by an unstoppable force? Well, from a philosophical stand point, this can't happen, because, by definition, if you have an "unstoppable" force, it couldn't exist in the same universe where it hits an immovable object, but what about a physics standpoint?

Phil Plait gives us an introduction to astronomy.

Dan Barker's wonderful lecture on Leaving Christianity.

Any time I hear someone say how much they're against same-sex marriage, I think of this.

Another notch in my belt.

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Over the weekend, I beat Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Bonk's Adventure, both for Game Boy. Kirby 2 was vastly superior to the first, but Bonk's Adventure was just an shorter and easier version of the TG-16 game.

Today, I visited the oral surgeon to assess my oral mucocele, and the receptionist, whom I remember as being quite standoffish from the last time, tried to be polite. It was one of those, "have a nice day," while giving a fake smile that returned to a look of indifference even before she finished the sentence. I presume she remains employed because she's good at her job, but I much prefer people who just simply don't care over people who feign sincerity.

The Church of England has finally consecrated a female priest. For the first time ever, a woman will be wearing their dress!

It's not so great when the drones visit your home, is it Mr. President?

Jehovah's Witnesses have finally figured it out, higher education will lead their children away from their religion. Well, yes, knowledge does tend to expose lies and reveal the truth!

Bart Ehrman was on the Diane Rehm show talking about who changed the bible and why.

It's pretty common for a non-scientist Christian to claim that science suggests there is a god, which is why I love it when an actual scientist takes the time to rebut their ignorance and tell them exactly why they're wrong.

Who is really persecuted in the USA, the religious, or the non-religious?

Republicans in Oklahoma are doing everything they can to prepare for the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage that will prevent states from banning same-sex marriage. Rep. Todd Russ, who doubles as a Pentecostal minister, is trying to ban secular weddings entirely, making it so that only religious people can give a certificate of marriage, and minister's wife, Rep. Sally Kern, who believes that homosexuality is a bigger threat to the nation than terrorists, wants to allow parents to physically and emotionally abuse their children to stop them from being gay.

But that's why they pay me!

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Skeptics In the Pub tonight! Awesome!

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is poorly worded especially as it applies to products you own which are encrypted with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Example? You can't legally tinker with your own car's software.

Matt Dillahunty talks about debating with Christians.

Mike Huckabee knows that the US government is a theocracy... a secular theocracy controlled by atheists, and it must be stopped by electing more religious people into power! Of course, currently, every single top-level position in the entire US government is a religious person, but I guess that doesn't count.

Donald Prothero gives a lecture about how we know evolution happened.

According to a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, 1-in-4 Americans believe God directly affects the outcomes of sporting events.

Anita Sarkeesian explains how dangerous it is to be a female gamer in a male-dominated culture.

Where does fat go when you burn it?

There is always more to do

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Last night I played the Game Boy game, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan" and beat it on my very first try. I never knew it would be so easy to boost my total game count with Game Boy games; I should have been doing this earlier!

The US Senate finally agrees that climate change is real, even the majority of Republicans agreed, but only so that they can approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline and cause more climate change.

It's a little late, but here are some of the scientific breakthroughs of 2014!

$25,000. That's the amount of taxpayer dollars the Orlando police department spent to hire Christian-only pastors so they could preach to citizens. There are enough churches in Florida without needing to make the taxpayers foot the bill for more.

Humans are the dominate cause of the sixth great extinction, but that isn't bad news for all species. And also, why are we ticklish?

Should we mock religion? You can see an answer by listing all the scientific facts first described in the bible.

We're on the verge of something adequate

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It only took me 75 tries, but I finally beat the end level in Super Mario Land 2!

Looks like France isn't going to take the insults of Fox News lying down. In an effort to make them responsible for their ignorance, Paris is trying to sue them for the comments of terrorist "expert" Steven Emerson who explained that parts of Paris were "totally Muslim" and that there were "no-go areas" where police and non-Muslims feared to enter. The host interviewing Emerson has already apologized for their "serious factual error that [they] wrongly let stand unchallenged and uncorrected."

Mental Floss teaches all about the strange things that have happened on movie sets.

A UK judge recently told an atheist father that, if he wants to continue to see his children after he and his wife divorced, he must take them to Catholic mass. The father will have to take his children to a Catholic mass until they are 18, regardless of whether they decide to convert to Protestant, Muslim, atheist, or anything else. Interestingly, this Catholic mandate wasn't demanded by his ex-wife who rarely attends mass herself, but by Judge James Orrell, who is a Roman Catholic, and uses his position of authority to force his religion on others.

Hemant Mehta talks about debating as an atheist.

Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman was on All Things Considered.

Honest Trailers trashes Kingdom Hearts.

A nice history of the open-world genre in videogames.

We're on the verge of something great

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France is really becoming annoyed at all the lies coming out of Fox News.

Comedian Bill Burr talks about why he left religion.

Aron Ra explains how the natural world is predictable.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation gives an award to Sean Carroll.

A panel on whether rational thinking can be taught.

More science info from SciShow.

Like, seriously, OMG!

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Played some Magic on Saturday and enjoyed my new decks thoroughly. Also beat Super Mario Land on Game Boy; it was disappointingly easy. Almost beat Super Mario Land 2, if not for the painfully difficult last level. I also picked up some boxes from Jackie to prepare for the move. Feeling better after the cold, it was surprisingly mild.

The whole Occupy Wall Street didn't seem to do very much. Come 2016, the 1% are expected to control a full half of the planet's resources.

Vsauce asks, is cereal soup?

An interesting, but depressing comic about climate change.

Tennessee Christian, Marsha Hudson, is very upset that the LED tail-lights on the buses at her child's school are shaped like a star... or as she says, a Satanic Pentagram! Hudson demands the tail-lights be replaced because, as she says, "If you can't put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it!" I kind of wonder what she puts atop her Christmas tree.

The artist behind Simon's Cat visits the vet.

Another Catholic Archdioceses files for bankruptcy protection from all those lawsuits about them covering up all their child-raping priests.

Christian pastor Donald Courtney Biggs didn't just use a hidden camera to film women undressing, and have illicit text-conversations with 14-year-old girls, but now he might also face burglary charges for trying to break into his old church to steal hard drives containing more evidence against him.

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson recently suggested that Americans need to learn about patriotism and national zeal by learning from ISIS.

It's actually possible to inject code into Super Mario World.

Herp a derp?

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Christian publisher, Tyndale House, is recalling their hugely popular book, "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven," because the boy in question, who was in a horrible car accident that put him in a coma and left him paralyzed, admitted to making up the whole story to get attention. He now says, "I did not die. I did not go to Heaven." In addition, the parents of the child are very upset that, despite the popularity of the book, they have received practically no compensation from the publisher. This story is the perfect rebuttal when believers ask, "but why would a child lie about that?"

Imagine if Bowser could shoot at Mario with actual guns?

These Christian men regret their abortions, or, less misogynistic, they regret the fact that they allowed the women they impregnated have abortions. If only their parents had used their power of their minds to alter their genetics to take away their evil thoughts!

SciShow teaches us how radiometric dating works and a naturally occurring nuclear reactor.

The conclusion of DarkMatter2525's Samson story.

The Friendly Atheist talks about what will happen when atheists are no longer in the minority, and what not to say to a grieving atheist.

And whatnot

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Who is the latest despicable slimeball to be added to the list of people defending the Paris terrorists? Why it's none other than Pope Francis! When asked what he thought about insulting the religion of others, Francis said, "You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others." It shouldn't shock anyone to learn that the head of a religion thinks it should be made illegal to insult religions, but his dismissive attitude toward murder is shameful! No amount of insult or mockery ever justifies the cowardly murder of unarmed civilians!

The three cops who were videotapped stomping on and kicking the face of a handcuffed man lying prone on the ground were just cleared of all charges.

A wonderful documentary on the corruption and lack of ethics at Fox News.

Florida public schools really wanted to distribute bibles to children until a Satanist group said, great idea, let's join you and distribute our friendly coloring books! Suddenly, the schools didn't want to distribute bibles after all!

Evolution is a science because it makes and can test predictions.

In an effort to prevent his school from having a Gay-Straight Alliance club, Superintendent Lynn Weathersby (AKA homophobic bigot) instituted a mandatory policy where no student could join unless they got their parent's permission, hoping the students would be too intimidated to ask, and the club would fail. No other clubs require a consent form. The administrators also hoped that they could get the club removed because they believe it violates their schools ban on the teaching of sexual education. Where is this school, you ask? Mississippi!

Women aren't impressed with vintage bras.

New Hope Ministries, a Christian church in Colorado was all set to perform the funeral of Vanessa Collier. The casket was in place, the flowers were on display, and the woman's friends and family had arrived. But just 15 minutes before the funeral was scheduled to being, the Christians canceled the funeral and kicked everyone out. Why? They discovered that Collier was a lesbian.

What if the Earth were hollow?

And that's why you don't challenge Gaston to a push-up contest.

But making progress

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Feeling a bit better, but not 100%. I still can't take a deep breath without wanting to cough, but at least my throat doesn't feel like it's on fire anymore.

This pastor is proud that he led a disobedient child to Jesus. His method? Punching the child in the chest as hard as he could.

Another child is dead from a disease we could have wiped out decades ago.

SciShow reminds us that dogs can see color and why we use specific animals in the lab.

The Republican majority US Senate is going to vote to see if climate change is real. I presume it will go something like this.

The physics behind Link's hookshot.

Once again, all the women have been eliminated from the front page of a Jewish newspaper.

The USA isn't the only country filled with religious conmen trying to bilk money out of the innocent and naive.

Showing just peaceful and open-minded they are, Muslims in Saudi Arabia are giving Raif Badawi 1,000 lashes and 15 years in prison for the horrible crime of questioning Islamic values.

A mathematical explanation for why, if you want to stay dry, it's better to run in the rain rather than walk.

What happens when you ask little boys to slap little girls?

Still not healthy

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Took yesterday off to try and fight this cold. Seems to be working as it's not that bad. My three-day weekend was mostly spent sleeping, lying on the couch, and watching YouTube. Not at all productive, but I'm sure the sleep and warmth did my immune system good.

Emily and I closed on our house today. We're now living the American Dream: 30 years of debt!

Well, the country's in for a world of hurt. Republican Ted Cruz has been appointed head of the Space, Science, and Competitiveness subcommittee (even the name is ridiculous!), and Republican Marco Rubio has been made head of the subcommittee of Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard (again, what the hell does the atmosphere and the Coast Guard have to do with each other?). Both of these men are put in charge of science groups, and both of them are science deniers. In particular, they're in charge of the scientists who study global climate change and both of them deny that climate change is happening. You can bet neither is much of a fan of evolution, the big bang, or abiogenesis either.

Universities in Missouri with Christian presidents would really love to ban all their gay students from campus, but right now there is this pesky law in the way making it illegal for colleges to discriminate against their students based on their sexuality. Enter Christian hero, Republican Elijah Haahr. He's trying really hard to give all Missouri colleges the right to expel any student doesn't adhere to the school's religious beliefs.

Windows 7 has already finished regular support and entered into it's five years of extended support (i.e., bug fixes only). Good luck trying to get people on to Windows 8!

After Muslims terrorists murdered 12 people at their magazine office, the comedy newspaper Charlie Hebdo refuses to be terrorized by Islam and publishes another magazine with Muhammad on the cover.

The Republican Iowa House of Representatives is using a new gavel with a quote from the Book of Exodus, one of the most blood-thirsty and horrible books ever written. The only books I know that are more vile and horrific are... the other books in the bible.

Feeling ill

Feeling: Sick


All last week and all this week, the three co-workers with which I share an office wing have been coughing and sneezing. They're all pretty much over their colds, so, naturally, I'm now getting sick. Thanks guys! I was doing so well too, I haven't been sick since last February!

If you think you're good at Tetris, you've probably never seen this guy play.

Proving that little has changed in Russia since the cold war, the country is now banning transgender people from driving. Not to be outdone, Texas Republicans are trying to withhold the pay of any state employee with enough compassion to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple. Same-sex marriage isn't even legal in Texas, but they're doing this preemptively because they know that the US Supreme Court will most likely, this year, rule that states cannot ban same-sex marriage.

Another totally-not-dishonest Christian author buys thousands of copies of his own book to get on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Despite religious apologists saying that people who make fun of religion deserve to be executed, philosopher Stephen Law explains the real reasons why professional authors and artists mock religion; it's not just to get a cheap laugh.

Muslims, Christians, and Jews aren't the only people who are willing to murder, bully, and cheat to get their own way, even those peace-loving Buddhists will throw you in jail if you do something sacrilegious like put headphones on a painting of the Buddha.

Stupid lip

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The French manhunt continues as the Muslim terrorists who murdered 12 newspaper employees for drawing Muhammad remain at large. And despite the murders, Charlie Hebdo is planning on still meeting this week's publishing deadline with over ten-times the normal print. Commenting on the terrorists, Fox "News" was very dismayed that the murderers were wearing masks because you couldn't tell if they had the skin tone of a terrorist! Meanwhile, to show just how effective terrorism is, the New York Daily News, the Telegraph, CNN, and the New York Times all censored themselves for fear of being attacked by religious zealots. Catholic spokesperson, and all-around horrible troll, Bill Donohue pointed out that the 12 murder victims should have expected to be killed because they made fun of people. Apparently, in Donohue's warped mind, it's okay to murder people for writing jokes about something you like.

For the past five weeks I've had a blocked salivary gland creating an oral mucocele in my lip. Rather than secrete saliva into my mouth correctly, the gland secretes it under the dermis, creating a fluid-filled blister. Every day or so, I have to cut the blister open and drain it. It doesn't really hurt that much, it's more annoying than anything. I have an appointment with an oral surgeon scheduled, and I can't wait to have it fixed!

American veteran Steven Hewett won a war without firing a single shot. For years the Veteran's Memorial in King, North Carolina flew a Christian flag next to a soldier kneeling in prayer over a cross. As a soldier who took an oath to uphold the US Constitution which bans displays like this, Hewett fought for the removal of these preferred religious symbols. After several years, and over half-a-million dollars of tax-payer money wasted, the city has finally agreed to remove the religious symbols, although the city officials are not at all happy that they have to abide by the Constitution.

Anti-vaxers are adoring the Amish and claim that they live wonderfully healthy lives because they don't vaccinate their children or eat GMO crops. Of course, the Amish often do vaccinate their children, as there is nothing in their strict religious rules that prevents them from doing so, and they often get very sick due to their unsanitary working conditions and suffer from various genetic disorders due to their inbreeding.

Betty Bowers talks about the best things that happened in 2014.

In 2007, officer James Daniel Worley was fired from the police department for using the police's internet access for sexual activities and trying to solicit sex from a 911 dispatch officer. There are few employment options available for such a person, one of which was Powell Valley Church in Oregon. There, Worley worked as a pastor until just recently when he was arrested and charged with over 30 crimes including raping two children.

Gotta pee!

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In 2011, in an effort to prove that Islam is a religion of peace, French Muslims firebombed the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hedbo. Well, now in 2015, in an effort to show that they've turned over a new leaf, French Muslim gunmen attacked the offices again and murdered at least 12 workers.

Republican Scott DeLano believes that atheists shouldn't be allowed to hold public office because the Christian majority doesn't want them to. Funny, I don't seem to remember anything in the US Constitution which agrees with his sentiment that whatever the majority of people want shall be forced upon the minority, but "Who cares about minorities" seems to be the mantra of the Republican Party these days.

Ryan Anderson, a fellow at the Christian hate-group Heritage Foundation is very worried about what will happen when the US Supreme Court rules on same-sex marriage in 2015. He's concerned about how vindictive the LGBT community is going to be, and if they will respect Conservative Christians afterward. Ironic, isn't it? Here we have a monstrous group that has been calling homosexuals less-than-human for the past few centuries, and now they're worried that they won't be respected by them in the future.

Must be strangely exciting, to watch the stoic squirm

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Devout Roman Catholic Bob McDonnell, a possible Republican presidential hopeful, was convicted of multiple corruption charges, and one his pals in corruption will not receive the kickbacks for his sham vitamin supplement business. Two birds with one stone!

2014's record-breaking science superlatives.

Allan Edwards is the pastor of a Christian church and a homosexual, but since he believes the bible says sex with men is wrong, Edwards has married a woman and they are expecting their first child. To Edwards, it is better to deny who you are and bring a wife and child into that denial than it is to go against your traditions. How sad.

Mental Floss lists 13 things that are making the world better for women and 31 facts about holiday songs.

Score one more for the underdogs! The fight over Michigan's giant Christian cross on tax-payer land, which city officials claimed wasn't a promotion of a particular religion because it's sometimes dressed up for secular functions, is over. Why? Because an atheist group took them to task, asking to use the cross to promote secular functions like LGBT events, women's reproduction rallies, and atheist parties. Rather than see their totally-not-religious cross covered with rainbow flags and pro-choice banners, the city decided to change the cross permanently into a ship anchor and be done with it.

Wanna feel small and insignificant? Watch this video.

After a federal judge ruled that Florida can't ban same-sex marriage, several counties are ceasing all marriage certificate notarization. A few of them actually had the conviction to admit that they would rather nobody get married than see loving homosexuals get married, but many of them made up bullshit excuses because, not only are they bigots, but they're also liars.

What you can learn from the atrophied minds of Creationists.

Despite a federal law banning it, many states still don't allowed atheists to hold public office.

Inching closer to home-ownership

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Had a fun video game night with Rachel, Adam, Ben, and Larry on Saturday and got to show off my mad Bomberman and PC-fixing skills.

Police Chief William McCollom of Peachtree City Georgia accidentally shot his wife in her sleep while they were both in bed. If you're wondering how this could have possibly happened, it's because the Chief of Police sleeps with a loaded gun under his pillow.

Seriously, Ocarina of Time is over-rated.

It's been awhile since I plugged it, but the ole' Videogame Music Preservation Foundation has gained several new editors recently who are doing great work.

When I put my wallet in my back-right pocket, I forget it's even there, but when I switch it to my left pocket, it feels like I'm sitting on a hunk of jagged steel. My butt is weird.

Meet the new year, same as the old year

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Sorry Florida, your bigotry will not prevent you from allowing a loving couple from getting married.

Scientists have been keeping track of the temperature on Earth for hundreds of years now, and despite the imbeciles at Fox "News" claiming climate change doesn't exist, 2014 is the hottest year ever recorded.

The USA has a long history of racial bigotry including state laws that prevented white people from marrying people who had even as little as 1/16th black ancestry. Of course, with the advent of genetic testing, we've found that every human alive today has African ancestors, and many of us have very recent African or indigenous American ancestors due to all the couples who don't care about race, and the years and years of systematic rape in our nation's past.

Who is the worst villain in all of fiction and non-fiction, if you read along with this site, you won't be surprised by the answer?

Justin Sheiber gives an response to those think they have explained an answer by saying goddidit!

Common misconceptions about your house.

What the bible really says about homosexuality.