March, 2015

An end to March.

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Attended a funeral on Monday for my wife's cousin who was murdered in a robbery. So tragic.

Renewable energy continues to grow world wide, though the US is still falling second to China.

Some of the protocols for the US Department of Homeland Security's junk science security program SPOT has been leaked. Here are some of the tell-tale terrorist signs, we paid a billion dollars to train Department officials to look for: complaining about the security, rubbing hands, yawning, whistling, staring, and throat clearing. Truly the mark of a terrorist!

The highlights of the career of Tom Hanks in seven minutes.

Arizona Republicans, the party who likes to believe they're against government interference, are requiring doctors to tell their patients who take a drug to induce abortion that the process is reversible if they change their minds soon enough. Of course, there is no credible evidence that the process is reversible, at least not yet, so Republicans are effectively forcing doctors to lie to their patients.

Ancient wisdom is actually pretty terrible.

Young-Earth Creationist, Eric Hovind, was invited to the Troup County Comprehensive High School, a public school in Georgia, to lie to students about evolution under the guise of "critical thinking." Naturally, when someone whose profession is to subvert critical thinking to promote their religious agenda, there is something awfully fishy about their business in a public school. Hovind's responses to queries about his talk were just as slippery and slimy as the man himself. Thankfully, his poorly-constructed Power Point slide show was leaked and you can see just how devious he was.

Donald Duck as a Nazi? Thanks Nostalgia Chick!

What it's like behind the scenes in the telephone psychic industry.

The science behind your awkward behavior.

It's almost as if you can't trust the DEA!

One of the leaders of the Men's Rights Activist movement, Mike Cernovich, is an ignorant homophobic bigot.

Why is Mississippi Judge Albert Fountain giving criminals a more lenient sentence if they write an essay about the bible? Probably for the same reason that the city council of Orleans, Michigan decided to open each meeting with a prayer conducted by a city council member, all of whom are ensuring a non-Christian prayer will never be said, or the reason why Adam White, a student at Brigham Young University was attacked by his roommate and evicted by his landlord because he is gay. Because their religions teach that anyone who doesn't believe like you is evil, or, at the very lease, beneath you.

There's no Canada like French-Canada, it's the best Canada in the land!

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Indiana Governor, Republican Mike Pence, recently said this about a new bill he signed into law, "This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it." Naturally, the bill in question allows religious people the freedom to discriminate against anyone who they don't like for any reason. While the argument is that it benefits all religious people, Indiana is a majority Christian state, which means the discrimination will especially injure non-Christians, homosexuals, and single mothers. Michigan also protects people who would rather discriminate against innocent people rather than do their job, and you'll often find pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions because the pharmacist thinks their god knows the health of a patient more than the patient's doctor. Luckily, these pro-discrimination laws can't possibly ridiculously backfire, like to the point where a postal worker refuses to deliver your mail because it violates their religion.

DarkMatter2525 continues his story-based series about God. In this episode, he explains how, if a god creates a paradise and damnation afterlife system, it completely ruin any chance at a personal relationship with that god.

Another secular survey shows the prominence of the not-religiously affiliated sector in the USA, accounting for a full third of the 18-34 population. In addition to not subscribing to any particular religious faction, they're also much more progressive and less bigoted. And even surveys conducted by religious organizations are showing the ever growing non-religious attitude of the entire country, especially among the educated, youth, and women.

SciShow covers the formation of fingerprints.

Republican and Young-Earth Creationist Sylvia Allen suggests forcing all Americans to attend church every week.

This is unbelievably nerve wracking, but watch as some skiers lose their friend in an avalanche, but thankfully recover him.

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania refuses to remove a cross from their official seal because, as they claim, the cross, "has the secular purpose of recognizing the history of the county." That's right, the leaders of Lehigh County think the revered holy symbol of the Protestant Christian religion is a secular historical symbol. Adding their two cents is the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (which is exactly who you would expect to chime in on a matter that has nothing to do with religion, right?), referring to the call for the removal of the cross as a, "hostility toward Christianity, but also gross ignorance of our nation's founding documents." First of all, telling Christians they have to follow the same rules as everyone else is not hostility. Second, I wonder which documents they're talking about? The deist Declaration of Independence, or the secular Constitution? I'm a little torn on cities refusing to secularize themselves and going to court. On one hand, I'm saddened by the loss of taxpayer money that is being taken from schools and infrastructure and wasted on a hopeless lawsuit. On the other hand, I'm pleased to watch bigoted leaders fail their constituents and more money being added into the coffers of legal groups that oppose systematic indoctrination.

Dr. Meghan Gray, whose voice I could listen to forever, gives a demonstration about ultra violet light.

I smile but it doesn't make things right

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Why are so many parents unwilling to vaccinate their children? According to a recent study, the primary reason isn't cost or complacency, but rather the fear that vaccines may be dangerous and ineffective. This could be translated to "ignorance" since all the scientific evidence shows that vaccines are both incredibly safe and effective.

Things wouldn't be very good for Mario if Sega owned the franchise.

It seems that role-playing nerds are a lot more inclusive and understanding than jocks who still think the idea of a gay professional ball-player is shameful.

I'd buy a Hill-Dog action figure.

Michael Sibley left two homemade bombs in a Georgia park in order to frame Muslims. When asked why he did it, Sibley said because he was a patriot and wanted to remind people that Muslims can attack at any time. First of all, if you're planting bombs in local parks where innocent people will be killed by them, you're not a patriot. Second, you don't need to frame Muslims, much like Christians, they do plenty of horrific things without your help.

How many times do you need to beat a man for a rolling stop sign violation? Apparently a lot!

Apparently, she's not all that.

Finding Nemo had some minor problems.

Here comes Johnny Yen again

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Repeal the Patriot Act? Yes please!

As if anyone would need them, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't indoctrinate your child with religion.

Another child dies because their parent's religious views conflict with life saving treatment.

SciShow addressed the notion of left or right brained individuals and the shape of snow flakes.

The Latin alphabet has changed quite a bit over the years!

A wonderful compilation of dance scenes in movies.

Some of the more obvious ways that religious people are privileged over non-religious people.

Pinky and The Brain would actually be horrifying in real life.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

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Another reason we still need feminism. Even in fields that are often thought of as "women's jobs," like nursing, males still earn more than their female counterparts.

The TSA has spent around a billion dollars on a security program called SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques). Why this training costs a billion dollars is almost as exasperating as the fact that any psychologist will tell you the techniques used in SPOT don't work, and we've known they don't work for several decades. The "training" basically involves telling guards to look for suspicious activity like seeing if people get nervous when they're stared down by security guards or if they stammer when a man with a gun barrages them with complicated questions, you know, the kind of stress only a terrorist would have.

Ted Cruz didn't get much love on the Internet.

Rebecca Watson talks about courts forcing charlatans to pay up.

Vani Hari, who calls herself the "food babe" lacks even the most basic understanding of nutrition and physiology. She thinks that lemon juice (with all that citric acid in it) is not acidic, but alkaline! It's surprising that she hasn't poisoned herself to death trying to change her body's pH level. Actually, this ridiculous manner of thinking is quite popular among the new age ignorati.

The science behind why your tongue sticks to the flag pole.

Faith healer has heart problems and goes directly to the hospital.

The Nostalgia Chick goes old school with a Betty Boop cartoon.

Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, described the horrible assault, rape, and murder of a fictional family of atheists as an example of how, if his god didn't exist, there can be no morality.

A Muslim mob gathered around a teacher of Islamic studies named Farkhunda in Kabul, Afghanistan because there was a rumor that she had burned a Koran. The mob proceeded to beat her, stomp on her, and bash her head in with a brick until she finally died from the assault. Both a Muslim imam and a local police department are in agreement that what the mob did was the right thing to do, because anyone criticizing their religion must be swiftly and brutally murdered, and if any outside law enforcement tries to stop them, there will be trouble! Well, it turns out that, after actually investigating the woman, the criminal investigator found absolutely no evidence to suggest that Farkhunda had defaced a Koran, and that she was totally innocent. Unfortunately, this is common place in Muslim-controlled countries.

Cult of Dusty isn't too thrilled with ignorant Creationists.

How would you feel if nobody chased you?

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Overheard today: "When you hold your baby for the first time, they just steal your heart."
My immediate thought: "I hope not, I need that to live!"

What is the difference between American police and British police? About 47 bullets.

Dr. Steven Naymagon calls out Bill Maher on all his science denial bullshit.

If you think that feminism is no longer needed, realize that there are still 79 countries in the world that restrict women in the workplace.

Is it that the San Antonio Police Department doesn't know that they're violating the US Constitution with their morning prayers, or that they just don't care? Maybe they can hire Officer Brad Rice who will tell them they're going to Hell for not being Christian enough and discourage all their female employees from coming to work?

An introduction to cell theory.

Tea Party activist and self-professed "Catholic Warrior," Susan Hemeryck tried to steal a Satanic display from the Florida State Capitol with the intent to destroy it because it was an attack on her right to be a Christian. We know this because she was filmed stealing it, and even admitted later that she wanted to destroy it. Before police stopped Hemeryck from stealing the display, she damaged it, so she was arrested for vandalism. Despite all this evidence, the charges against her have been dropped because the state claimed there wasn't any evidence that the display was damaged, but merely that it disassembled because it wasn't constructed solidly enough. After letting her go, Hemeryck crowed at how God gave her victory over Satan and that she was doing the work of the Catholic Church. Great work on dissuading theft Florida, I'm sure she'll never do anything like that ever again!

Korean ladies don't much care for American snacks.

Haven't picked on Hindus in a while, so how about the fact that Hindus around the world ban their children from viewing a solar eclipse because of their superstition that they're evil?

The Nostalgia Chick really doesn't like Reality Bites.

Republican Sam Johnson will not sit idly by and let non-Christians into the US Air Force!

Ben Wikler talks about his program to describe real-life underdog success stories.

I never felt so wicked as when I willed our love to die

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Heard Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining at lunch today. Still upset that there won't be any more albums.

Bedroom set arrived yesterday; looks great. Just waiting on our living room set, and we'll have all the necessary furnishings, and all the necessary debt!

In order to learn how a bill becomes a law, a bunch of fourth graders in New Hampshire put together a bill to make the Red Tail Hawk the official state raptor. They drafted the bill and got the approval through the state's Environment and Agriculture committee, but failed to get it past the House of Representatives. I'm fine with the bill failing, I mean, how many "official" whatevers does a state really need? The part that disgusts me is Republican Warren Groen who told the children that something with talons and a razor sharp beak that rips its prey apart limb from limb should be a mascot for Planned Parenthood!

Jimmy Kimmel's team of doctors tell people how stupid they are for not vaccinating their children.

In order to prove just how pathetic the laws surrounding "all-natural" medicine are, this group put together a fake medicine for treating pain and fever in children and used the pages of a homoepathy book from 1902 as evidence of their sham product's effectiveness. Sure enough, Health Canada approved the product so it could be listed as " safe and effective!"

John Oliver gives his two cents on the NCAA.

Want to watch a Conservative to have a meltdown? Have a child recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. One nation, under Allah!

Some of the more interesting changes in licensed videogames in various regions.

Dallas police murder a man at his mother's home by shooting him six times because he wouldn't drop a screwdriver.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio is really working overtime to give preferential treatment to the religious voters in New York, offering them days off, prayer time in school, religious services in public schools, and even making it easier for the baby-penis-sucking Jews the right to continue spreading herpes to infants.

Animals have evolved some crazy weapons!

So tired of being an adult

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I recently finished two books, Carl Sagan's Billions and Billions and the first book in the Dragonlance Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

I know I bitch a lot about the evils of religion and churches, but, despite all their failures, you really have to admire them for all the work they do to take care of the homeless?

It's important not to forget that there was a time, not that long ago, when an openly hateful group like the KKK numbered in the millions.

After it came to light that the NSA has been intercepting network equipment en-route and installing backdoors into the devices so they can spy on private networks, Cisco has announced that they will start shipping to completely unrelated locations so it will make it harder for the NSA to trace which customers are receiving their hardware, and thus, harder for the NSA to infiltrate private citizens.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews Matilda with Matilda and Reality Bites.

An Ohio public school wisely moves their Ten Commandments plaque to the local historical society rather than pay out a costly lawsuit which leads one Christian student to boycott his school work until it's brought back.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

Buddhists still can't hold a candle to the Muslims who murder people for drawing Muhammad, but they're getting closer by putting three men in prison for two years each for depicting Buddha with headphones.

Exercise for Jesus!

California has a law which bans its judges from belonging to hate groups, and now that includes the Boy Scouts of America because of their anti-LGBT stance.

Mean Tweets, President Obama edition.

The Irish don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Vani Hari, the woman who calls herself "The Food Babe" continues to display her sheer ignorance about food and organic chemistry.

Robotic arms, made on the cheap with 3D printing!

Tennessee is so fond of William Jennings Bryan, the lawyer who represented Creationism in the Scopes Monkey Trial, that the made a statue of him at the Dayton courthouse where the trial took place. Well, ten years later, the people of Dayton are slowly seeing the light and are considering adding a statue of Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who defended John Scopes. Although, personally, I think Scopes is the real hero of this story.

What Anita Sarkeesian wish she could have said in her professional speech, but couldn't.

Republican Aaron Schock may have washboard abs and a clean-cut face, but that doesn't mean he's not a corrupt politician swindling the American tax payer.

You may be a street preacher telling homosexuals they're evil, but they're a street band singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

What is this world coming to? These days a decent Christian pastor can't even fire a few warning shots at his inlaw's house without being brought up on charges!

Ear candling is not only useless, it's also dangerous.

In addition to the continued exploration of the universe, NASA is instrumental in learning about the myriad issues of our planet. They have been instrument in discovering the purpose of the O-zone layer, what is depleting it, and how to fix it, as well as a host of other environmental issues. To use a metaphor, NASA is like a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and security camera of a house, all rolled into one. And like those devices, NASA requires very little to operate, only 0.7% of our national budget. Now, there are people who remove their home's smoke detectors because they think the money they're wasting on 9-volt batteries could better be spent elsewhere. These are people who not only put their own lives at risk, but the lives of their entire families. And what do we call these short-sighted people? Republicans.

What it's like for an atheist to grow up in the bible belt of Texas.

Yard work is for suckers.

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Started raking my yard yesterday. I haven't raked in 12 years...

Dog bites man, and another Catholic arch bishop has been charged with protecting a child rapist. But it's not just the Catholics, sexual abuse is rampant among Jehovah's Witnesses as well.

Guile doesn't fight with eyebrows.

Rick Santorum wants everyone to know that it wasn't the US Supreme Court that took bibles out of schools (which is technically true, they only banned teachers from preaching), but I doubt that's what Santorum means. No, he wants to make it so that teachers can preach to students again. Awesome! I'll start. Santorum, let me teach your children about the bible!

Some animals have really weird sex organs.

Played disc golf for the first time!

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Another perfectly sane gun owner who couldn't use a dollar-off coupon shows us why it's perfectly safe to give a gun to everyone.

Republican Tom Cotton, the rookie senator behind the letter to Iran where they said any treaty they make with the president probably wouldn't be honored by the Republican Congress, is very upset that Iran is in control of Tehran... which is their capital city. That's like a someone being very upset that the United States controls Washington D.C.!

Conservative Irish politician, Fidelma Healy Eames, is deeply concerned that Mother's Day will cease to exist if the same-sex couples are allowed to marry. I guess Irish Conservatives are just as bad at Geography as American Conservative because she cites two American states where Mother's Day is already banned, New York and Nova Scotia!

Tara Sharpe called the police to help assist her mentally ill 22-year-old son, Kyle Sharpe, to the hospital for evaluation because he was beginning to act belligerent. Regina Tasca arrived and began talking to Kyle gently to calm him down. Then, two other officers arrived, Joseph Rella and Chris Thibault. The addition of these two police officers spooked Kyle, and he began to leave, so officers Rella and Thibault tackled him to the ground and began hitting him. Officer Tasca tried to stop them from beating the young man who did nothing wrong, and for her trouble, she was going to be fired. Well, during her hearing it came out that Joseph Rella lied and said he never punched Kyle Sharpe, and had to admit that he violated police protocol by attacking an unarmed non-violent man. It also came out that, Jim Sepp, Tasca's superior who was trying to get her fired, lied in his report, failed to interview witnesses, and destroyed evidence from the event. Due to the incompetence and corruption of Rella and Sepp, Tasca was not fired, but neither Rella or Sepp have faced any disciplinary action.

Do all dogs really go to heaven? The Nostalgia Chick weighs in.

Panama City Beach's Life Center, a church in Florida, has lost it's tax-exempt status because they were caught hosting various alcohol and sexual-themed parties. The local sheriff was quoted saying, "They’re trying to get around the laws, and they’re using the church to get there." Well, yes, that's what the majority of churches today are doing. After all, doesn't the government allow television stations that perform no services or public works to call themselves churches? Doesn't it allow pastors to claim multi-million dollar homes as parsonages? Who is to say that wet T-shirt contests and alcohol aren't how these people honor their god? Does the government really want to be in the business of making rules that all churches must adhere to? I think a much more sensible system would be to remove tax-exempt status from all churches and let them create non-political charities for all their projects that benefit society, and keep their religious views private.

Why is Fox voted the nation's most trusted news source? Because it's a popularity contest.

Conservative writer Miranda Devine knows what draws children into religious terrorist cults... atheism!

Still rocking away

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The number of non-religious people continued to grow in 2014. In a few short years, "non-religious" may be bigger than any other religious group in the nation!

Vsauce asks, did the past really happen?

Christian swindler Kent Hovind is looking at more jail time for contempt of court.

SciShow talks about super bugs and super colliders and the science behind the anti-vaccine movement.

German virologist Stefan Lanka offered a €100,000 reward to anyone who could prove that the measles virus exists. This is because, Lenka is not only an AIDS denier, but also an Ebola denier, and even a measles denier! Offering huge sums of money for proof of something that the scientific community accepts is a pretty typical tactic from cranks, but they usually leave the contest vague enough to allow them to squirm out of ever having to pay, even if iron-clad evidence is brought to bear. Doctor David Barden took Lanka up on his offer and produced the requested evidence in the form of multiple clinical studies, but Lanka refused to accept his evidence. But Barden wasn't about to back down and took Lanka to court, and, unfortunately for Lanka, he wasn't very slimy when it came to putting together the terms of his reward, and a German court is demanding that he pay Barden the €100,000, as his evidence did indeed meet Lanka's terms!

Even though marrying later in life leads to stronger marriages, and more stable families, Christians continually try to push marriage earlier. Why is this? Two reasons in particular. They know they can't out-logic non-Christians, so they're trying to out-breed them. Two, masturbation and sex before marriage are evil tools of SATAN, and if you marry when you're still a writhing mass hormones, you're less likely have non-Christian sex.

Heaven would actually really suck.

So why did Republican Justin Harris give away his two adopted daughters to a rapist? Because he says they were possessed by demons! Well, yes, Republican Justin Harris is certainly a demon.

Obi-Wan's ghost could have actually been quite helpful.

More furniture bought, more debt accrued.

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Christians are urging parents to keep their children home during the Day of Silence where students remain silent all day to stand in solidarity with the LGBT community that is often forced to remain silent about their sexuality. In particular, they Christians don't like it when students push their political views in school. This is particularly hypocritical considering the LGBT Day of Silence is modeled after the Christian Day of Silence used to promote the anti-abortion agenda.

SciShow presents, a History of Robots and answers the question, do fish drink water?

Pastor Shaun O. Harrison Sr. may have claimed to be anti-gang and anti-violence, but that didn't stop him from getting arrested for running drugs and trying to murder a 17-year-old.

Does hydrofluoric acids really eat flesh? Yes, but slowly.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is trying to get Catholic Schools in San Francisco, California to adopt language against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, birth control, and artificial insemination, but surprisingly, the Catholic school administrators are fighting his bigoted rules!

Most people don't know why we have Daylight Saving Time, but I still like having more daylight in the summer evenings!

U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron dismissed the American Atheists lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma for erecting a Ten Commandments monument at the state capitol on the grounds that it doesn't hurt anyone. Apparently, having your own government promote someone else's religion isn't hurtful. Never fear though, the ACLU lawsuit continues, and even if that fails, the Oklahoma Satanists and Hindus have monuments of their own ready to be displayed at their state capitol.

Oh, and speaking of that backward state, Oklahoma Republicans are also trying to make it so only religious people get to decide who can marry.

And one more jab at the state's history.

What losing your virginity is actually like for a lot of guys.

You know you're a homeowner when "date night" means staying at home replacing the strike plates and stoppers on all of the doors.

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The CIA has annual gatherings to discuss their progress toward hacking into civilian smart phones so they can spy on Americans.

Could humans be on the brink of extinction?

Way back in 1963, the US Supreme Court ruled that public school faculty members were not allowed to read the bible to students because it was a violation of their first amendment rights. Despite this ruling, Dan Noll and Michael Gilbert, two public school workers in Texas, are okay with reading the bible to their students because, according to them, it's legal to read the bible in schools as part of theology class. Of course, they're not teaching theology class, but rather reading verses during the morning announcements. I guess, in Texas, morning announcements double as a theology class.

Eugenie Scott talks about the future of the ridiculous Creationism movement.

A bunch of religious fanatics with guns claimed a little boy was helping other religious fanatics with guns who don't agree with the first group of religious fanatics with guns. In order to prove that they are the one true religious fanatics with guns, the men repeatedly shot the little boy with their guns until he died. Only one man had the courage to tell his fellow religious fanatics not to murder the little boy, but he was quickly pushed aside so that the religious fanatics with guns could do God's will. So far, there is no way to tell which religious fanatic sect the shooters call their own, but does it really matter?

Want to be cheered up after that? Watch the Nostalgia Chick's review of The Worst Witch.

Already a third of the way through March?

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When I was in elementary school, a classmate of mine never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance while the rest of the class did. Thinking that it wasn't fair that he got to remain seated, the next day I tried sitting through the ritual myself, only to be reprimanded by the teacher. When I responded with the typical question, "then how come he gets to stay seated?" my teacher angrily informed me that he, as a Jehovah's Witness, doesn't stand for pledges, but since I wasn't a Jehovah's Witness, I had to stand. That was all it took for little 8-year-old me to stand for every Pledge of Allegiance for the rest of my public school tenure. Well, times have changed quite a bit since then, and many Americans are demanding that they and their children be exempt from any jingoistic rituals, especially those that have been perverted into prayers by the American government. The US Government these days reminds its citizens that they are under no obligation to recite daily loyalty oaths or prayers, however, this edict hasn't yet seem to have reached several principals and teachers.

Cara Santa Maria enjoys her science with a side of atheism.

WikiMedia has filed a lawsuit against the NSA's illegal spying tactics! All the best to you.

Why free speech is a fundamental human right.

While Michigan doctors are busy watching homosexuals die from blood loss because they don't like treating dem queers, Ontario is making sure that all people are treated equally and that bigoted Christians will pay a penalty for failing to do their jobs.

Speaking of Christian bigots, Bishop Kevin Doran went on quite the tirade comparing homosexuality to Down syndrome and saying that parents who can't procreate and adopt children to care over, aren't real parents. He also suggested that women who become pregnant due to rape will have abortions, not because they don't want to endure the years of caring for a child that was forced upon them by a criminal, not because they don't want to be drained of their time and money while at the same time carrying the social stigma of being an unwed mother from other venom-spewing Christians, but because they just want revenge on their rapists, and killing the rapist's child is the way they do it.

Hmm... maybe I won't take up parkour.

Brian May (of Queen) and his best guitar solos.

And I was hoping you could drag me up from down here towards my recovery.

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Spent the weekend healing and helping my friends Rachel and Adam move. Throat snot is decreasing!

While trying to explain the difficulties in protecting wild gray wolves, Republican Don Young suggests introducing them into urban districts to solve their problem with the homeless. Naturally, Young was only joking... but then, he is a Republican.

Australian doctor Gabrielle McMullin says that sexism is so rife in her profession, that, unless female doctors want to ruin their career, they should just accept the unwanted sexual advances of their bosses rather than risk being shunned out of a career by the good old boys club. Obviously, Dr. McMullin hasn't quite lost the courage to fight, because she's willing to have her story heard, and I don't blame her horrific statements. Instead, I blame the male dominated Australian physician's culture that drives her to make these statements.

Republican Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has banned the state's Department of Environmental Protection from using the phrases "global warming, climate change, and sustainability." This is because, in the magical fairy land where Scott lives, humans can't make an environmental impact.

Religion is still on the decline, but the amount of personal prayers seem to remain unchanged.

Antivaxers are bringing sexy back. Oh wait, did I say sexy? I meant measles. Antivaxers are bringing measles back.

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira just compared free speech to pedophilia as she pushes to make laws that will allow the French government to shut down web sites that publish, what she deems, racist or anti-religious literature, and why wouldn't you want to trust the government to tell you which ideas are right and wrong?

You didn't know it, but in your favorite videogames, you were the villain!

In an effort to promote diversity, and not to cash in on the memory of a civil rights activist, Fox is hiring Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. She is both anti-abortion and anti-divorce, despite having had two abortions and three divorces. Being a massive hypocrite, she fits right in with the existing Fox crowd!

Why it helps to look at a globe instead of a map.

American author Mark Twain will soon be honored with his likeness on US currency. His face will be embossed right next to the motto, "In God We Trust," which is especially ironic, because Twain was against the motto, and its inclusion on US currency.

Fox "News" guest inadvertently explains precisely why Google should rank pages with facts higher than those with ignorance.

In an effort to follow in the footsteps of his pedophile prophet, a Lebanese man "married" a 12-year-old girl and had sex with her, although this isn't quite the same as Muhammad whose child-wife was only 9 when he had sex with her.

Ready to be healthy again

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When they're in power, Republicans tell everyone that God himself has endorsed their agenda, and if you disagree with them, not only are you wrong, but you're also going to BURN IN HELL!. When Democrats are in control, Republicans tell everyone to boycott the government altogether.

On scaring someone to death.

While his Applebee's sizzling fajita skillet was still sizzling, a New Jersey man bowed his head to pray over his meal. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to realize that the sizzling sound comes from grease boiling on the metal serving plate. As you can guess, the man received a popping grease facial. However, rather than thank God for retaining his vision after such an ill-conceived stunt, the man decided to sue Applebee's because the server didn't tell him his boiling grease plate with all the smoke coming off of it was hot. Thankfully, New Jersey courts refused to accept the argument, even after his appeal. Isn't there a bible verse about, if a man splashes boiling grease on your cheek, turn the other cheek and let them splash grease there as well?

Dealing with the argument that women shouldn't be allowed to do things on their own because they'll get raped.

While follow-up studies are needed to verify the results, this test is demonstrating that belief in God causes you to take bigger risks.

Some unusual cloud formations you've probably never seen, and an explanation for why eggs are egg-shaped.

Awhile ago, the Christian hate group, the American Family Association, put together an online bigotry map. Of course, if you're being accused of bigotry by a hate group, it's usually a good sign. Well, recently, a reporter started looking into these groups that the AFA list as, "openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith." Turns out, they do awful things like, try to provide a safe haven for the LGBT community, and identify when government officials are violating the US Constitution! FOR SHAME!

And speaking of violating the US Constitution, here are a couple more cases which is why non-Christians must always be vigilant. A Texas principal is still trying to read the bible over the morning announcements, despite Abington School District v. Schempp. Even students aren't allowed to do this because of Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe. Also, a Michigan school only wants to hire a superintendent with a strong Christian background and philosophy, which spits in the face of the No Religious Test Clause.

Take a trip down memory lane with 10 years of YouTube.

Feeling slightly better

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Didn't have to go through an entire box of tissues today. Things are getting better!

Google plans to help add credibility to the Internet by adding more weight to sites that have factual information rather than erroneous tripe.

Republican Justin Harris and his wife adopted two daughters, only to pawn them off to a man named Eric Cameron Francis, who is now serving 40 years for raping them. In an effort to avoid the press, Harris has taken to quoting bible verses at them.

Republican Ben Carson proves that people choose their sexual orientation because a straight man sometimes choose to have gay sex with men in prison. That's check and mate!

It's still tough to be an atheist in Turkey.

My anchor has detached

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Alabama continues to broadcast its bigotry and hatred for the human race with the state Supreme Court demanding that all Alabama judges cease issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couple, even though the Federal Government is requiring them do to so and over half of the states in the union have already legalized it.

People often claim that the vast majority of Muslims aren't fundamentalists, but are more like moderate Christians. Of course, then it was revealed that a shocking number of Muslims are in favor of the death penalty for any Muslims who leaves the religion, in Muslim dominate countries this percentage can be as high as 86%!. This ties in with a recent poll showing that most Republican Christians are in favor of dismantling the Constitution and replacing the supreme law in the US with the bible, a book which also demands the execution of apostates. I guess those people who think Muslims are like Christians are right after all!

Why you should never trust before and after fitness photos.

Republican Steve Vick is fine with prayers during the city council meetings in Idaho, just as long as they're not Hindu prayers. Vick doesn't like Hindus. He's outraged that they worship cows—they don't—and he hates their caste system—which is a political not religious, and was probably introduced by British Colonialists (i.e., Christians), not that it matters since it was banned in India over 60 years ago. Vick only wants to hear prayers that honor his idea of the country's Judeo-Christian heritage—also bullshit, as the Christians have predominately hated the Jews throughout the entire history of the country.

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo sonograms, cuz witches rapin' errybody up here!

Micky Maurer remembers the time when Johnson County, Indiana meeting was closed with a prayer and the preacher explained how he would be burn in Hell for being Jewish. This memory was brought back after the Indiana city voted to change their lawn into a free speech area so they wouldn't have to take down their Nativity Scene. I look forward to seeing the upcoming Satanist display.

The Nostalgia Chick watches Kate and Leopold.

ChristianLogic™ says that the Christian flag with a Christian cross is not a symbol of the Christian religion. Thankfully, the good people of Windsor, Ontario aren't falling for it.

The Engineer Guy talks about the mammoth scale it took to build the Titanic.

Evangelical Preacher Kent Hovind continues to assert that he can't be taxed by the government because his possessions belong to God, and you can't tax God. The IRS doesn't seem to agree with him, which is why he's in prison right now, and will probably be increasing the duration of his visit.

Liquids on extremely hot surfaces are weird.

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Michigan Republicans are quite happy about their religious discrimination bill that grants legal protection to those medical employees who prefer to watch people die because that's what Jesus would do.

So what's the deal with Isaac in Binding of Isaac?

You best be careful when creating videogame characters.

John Oliver explains the problem with doctors accepting bribes favors from drug companies.

Why babies suck.

The Nostalgia Chick tackles the awful Charlie's Angels movie.

Plasma is awfully common in the universe.

Still sick from the throat!

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The Republican CPAC Twitter campaign has backfired wonderfully.

Last year, the volleyball team at Erskine College, a private Christian school in South Carolina, had an amazing year both in victories, and in the fact that the two gay members of the team came out and were still accepted by the rest of the team. Well, Christians doesn't like it when homosexuals are treated like people, so they just issued an official statement condemning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. However, as the author of this article points out, they will continue to have practice and games on the Sabbath, because then Ten Commandments aren't as important as gay-bashing.

This explains why ISIS is trying so hard to keep women covered up and hidden away.

Yet another instance of Bill O'Reilly mis-remembering his history has come to light. Still waiting for that apology.

While it has certainly happened more, here are some of those worst cases of when Fox was immediately proven wrong on the air.

Jesus has finally been captured and will face charges for raping several girls. And when I say Jesus, I mean Victor Barnard who convinced a group of people that he was Jesus so he could molest their children.

Simon's Cat and his would-be girlfriend.

After allowing a Muslim witness to swear on a bible, an English court is conducting a retrial for what they view as a mistake. Obviously, they can't trust the testimony of a Muslim who has taken an oath not to lie if they swear on a bible!

Some similes of atheism and religion.

Republican James Inhofe explains how climate change can't exist because he has a snowball. Then, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse give him several minutes of evidence and quotes from authorities on how Inhofe and his snowball share the same level of intelligence.

Domestication had some odd side-effects on wolves.

The Nostalgia Chick covers Anastasia.