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Colorado's teen pregnancy program has been a boon for the state, saving money by reducing rate of unwed teenage mothers by 40%, and the teen abortion rate by 35%. So naturally, the Republicans are trying to kill it.

Learned helplessness is a real thing that people should be aware of.

A science journal reveals some serious sexism by telling the authors of a paper (both women) that they should get a man's name on the paper to improve it.

1960s Public Service Announcement about venereal diseases? Yes please!

The USA is supposed to be a secular nation, but the reality is that a good portion of the laws are entirely religious in nature. Well, if a religion can make those laws, perhaps another religion can nullify those laws. Enter Satanism.

Success often kills a collectible product, so why do some products stick around?

Obama's anger translator is pretty fitting.

The author of Doonesbury seems to be okay with people murdering those who disagrees with their religious beliefs, but the author of Tom the Dancing Bug demonstrates the natural outcome of such a belief.

The Nostalgia Chick weighs in on Wild Wild West.

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North Dakota State Representative, Republican Randy Boehning votes to keep discrimination against homosexuals legal, which is odd considering the fact he sends unsolicited dick pics to 21-year-old homosexual males on Grindr.

Considering the human population continuing to rise, are we ever going to run out of names?

The American torture center in Guantanamo, Cuba is still a black mark for us. The most telling part of this article is at the end where it says, "what to do with some three dozen detainees considered too dangerous to release but who cannot be tried for lack of evidence." If there is no evidence to convict them, how do we know they're too dangerous to release? Probably the hatred from years and years of us torturing them.

The Surgeon General explains to Elmo why he needs to get vaccinated. Also, I don't care for Elmo's new voice actor.

Zoologists and farmers keep reminding us to save the bees, but they're not talking about honey bees.

Play Truth of Drink with your parents, or with your spouse.

Want to have a fun joy ride? Let the police take you on a Nickel Ride.

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John Oliver points out some of the severe flaws in the US Patent System.

When black people riot because of massive civil rights violations, it's awful. When white people riot because their sports team won, it's business as usual.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews the top five Disney sequels she hated the least: part 1, part 2.

The post mortem on Loom is pretty touching.

Belle Gibson went on a whirlwind tour making over a million dollars promoting her cancer-fighting diet book and phone app. She was in magazines, on television, all over media in general, and then it came out that she never had cancer at all, and she lied about everything, and her diet would only harm those who followed it rather than seek real medicine. So, what are we to do with all these reporters and media networks that promoted her? Shouldn't they bear responsibility as well? Isn't it their job to make sure what they're reporting is the truth? Do they not even care any more? From the way some of them are responding, it certainly seems that way.

Even 30 years after the Chernobyl meltdown, the city of Pripyat is still an eerie ghost town.

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When a truly tragic event happens, like the Germanwings Flight 9525 which the pilot purposely flew into the mountains killing everyone on board, many people turn to religion to make sense of the cold hard reality. Unfortunately, religion responds to these events by making them even worse by saying that everyone on that plane deserved to die! Or what about the earthquake in Nepal that has so far claimed close to 2,000 lives? Religion responds by saying that they're thrilled that all those Buddhist and Hindu temples were destroyed!

When is it not okay to come out as an atheist?

The American branch of PEN (a writer's community) is giving its annual Freedom of Expression Courage award to Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper where Muslim terrorists murdered several people for publishing cartoons criticizing Islam. Just the right candidate in my opinion. However, six authors who were invited to the event are so dissatisfied with the winner that they have refused to attend! The six include Peter Carey, Michael Ondaatje, Francine Prose, Teju Cole, Rachel Kushner and Taiye Selasi. Each has their own reasons for protesting, and I'm sure they're varied and nuanced, but I only have snippets from two available to comment on. Peter Carey wrote, "A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue for PEN America to be self-righteous about?" Yes! Having to deal with people murdering you for pointing out the facts of their violent religion is a very good reason to receive an award of courage, and for the situation to be publicized! Teju Cole wrote that Charlie Hebdo, "has gone specifically for racist and Islamophobic provocations." No. Islam is not a race (the majority of Muslims are not even Arabic), but it is violent. The vast majority of Muslims think anyone who leaves Islam should be executed, so yes, there is a very good reason to fear them!

If a man asks a total stranger on walking down the street if she wants to have sex with him, you can pretty much guess the result. Well, what happens when a woman asks a man she's never met for sex?

Same-sex marriage is all but a done deal in this country. For one, we're playing catch-up to the majority of industrial nations where it's already the norm. Two, the majority of Americans are in favor of it. Three, the majority of states have made it legal. Four, as a civil rights issue, it's pretty cut and dry. The only people with any political power who are still trying to stop it are Republicans and Christians, which mostly overlap anyway. Well, I have a message for these two groups: Please keep fighting it! Please continue to stand up and say it's evil, and that you're against it! Please keep refusing to serve homosexual customers! And please PLEASE keep saying you're doing this because of your Christian faith, and because the bible tells you to do it! The more you do it, the more you'll be like the Westboro Baptists and sacrifice the last vestiges of your political authority!

Enjoy these Studio Ghibli easter eggs.

It's a bit long, but here is a Pole's take on the struggle of atheists in Great Britain.

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Here's a fun game where you have to adjust JavaScript code to solve puzzles.

The students at this public school in Atlanta, Georgia have a strong message for their gay classmate Tim Jefferson, if you ever come back, we'll shoot you!

An unarmed man is shot several times in the back for fleeing police officer Adams Lin. The man is now paralyzed, and Lin has been cleared of all charges. Also, Ervin Leon Edwards became belligerent after being arrested for wearing sagging pants, as I think any other sane person would. But after an altercation in the jail cell, he was tased by police officers for what they claim was five seconds, which shouldn't be enough to kill a person, but the cell video shows what appears to be Edwards being tased for much longer, and then he was left to die in the jail cell. Naturally, the local police denied any wrong doing, but the matter is being taken up with the Department of Justice (but don't hold your breath).

There just aren't enough men in the arts and positions of power.

Humans and dogs have evolved to love each other!

St. Joseph Catholic Middle School wanted to remind student Rose McGrath what is means to be a Catholic, so they expelled her for missing to much class while she was recovering from cancer.

Nostalgia Chick reviews the worst Disney sequels: part 1, part 2.

Astrology is just a fancy word for bigotry.

Warren Robinett gives a nice postmortem of his 1979 Atari game, Adventure.

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40 questions to determine the true religion... with commentary!

In a good example of how words can have frighteningly differing etymologies, Tisdale, Saskatchewan is considering changing its current motto of, "Land of Rape and Honey."

Even though it's perfectly legal, US Marshals do not like being filmed and will destroy your property when you try to do it.

After Belle Gibson was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but after dealing with the awful side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy she decided, like many other people before her, to forgo medical treatment and try to fight the cancer with diet, exercise, and unproven "cures." She became online famous by writing about her experience dealing with the horrors of brain cancer and the seizures it causes, but also how her all-natural regime was helping her. Wanting to help others follow her cancer-fighting diet, she put together a phone app and a $1 million in the process, leading to her story being covered in Elle Magazine. Now, she's publishing a book on her story! There was just one tiny problem... Belle Gibson never had cancer. She lied about it all for attention and money, and with her lie came the eventual death of countless people who stopped their medical treatment to follow her. Elle Magazine has not written an article explaining how they were taken in by this fraud.

What's the difference between being objectified and being empowered? Perhaps it should be based on where the power lies in the situation.

You probably don't want to watch NBC's made-for-TV remix of the bible, but perhaps you can stomach this 5-minute condensed version.

Nutrition and diet fads are pretty much the same dogma behind the Garden of Eden re-branded.

Well that's an interesting star/nebula/binary system/death cannon.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that invocations are fine at government meetings, even those that revere a specific god, but if a government wants to do it, they can't exclude anyone. Well, tell that to Greenville, South Carolina. They refuse to let atheists give an invocation. But just to show how diverse they are, they explain how they're invocations have run the gamut between [Christian denomination], [another Christian denomination], and [a third Christian denomination], oh yeah, and a token Jew.

We're actively warming the planet at an irreversible rate which is causing all the sequestered water in glaciers to melt. Well, what happens to our coastal cities when all the ice is melted?

Motherfucking Oedipus!

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There have been studies that suggest that religious people are more mentally stable than non-religious people, but these are usually comparing highly religious people to non very religious people. When you compare highly religious people to highly secular people, they're both about equally mentally stable. This suggests that it's not religion, but a confident world-view that helps with stability.

Lawrence Krauss gives a wonderful lecture on the science of nothing.

John Kirk Councilman demonstrates how you can use the bible to justify anything, even raping a child.

Aron Ra gives a primer on organic chemistry.

Yet another study shows no link between autism and vaccinations.

Brentalfloss adds lyrics to the Super Mario Land 2 theme.

It isn't enough that the NSA is listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, and seeing your dickpics. Now they're working with Congress to pass a bill that will protect companies who want to send your personal data to the NSA without a warrant.

What goes on under your computer's hood when you click a link?

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I've written some commentary to a Internet forward called, 11 Little Known Facts About Islam.

The FBI admits that from 1972 to 1999, their forensics department was over-stating to judges and juries their accuracy with hair analysis. In reality, they were not using rigorous scientific standards to match hair. This accounted for about 95% of the cases where they used hair analysis, which may have led to the conviction of potentially hundreds of innocent people, including 32 cases that resulted in death sentences.

Aron Ra's wonderful lecture on faith, AKA, believing what you know ain't so.

Michigan Dieseltec owner Brian Klawiter is having a hell of a time trying to recover from openly refusing to serve members of the LGBT community. After admitting that Jesus probably wouldn't turn away homosexual customers, he reminded his audience that Jesus didn't have children to protect from the gay. That's right, he's terrified that homosexuals will expose themselves to his children. Sadly, Klawiter doesn't know the difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. All of this bad press has put a target on his back; his company's online presence is in the gutter, his criminal history is being brought back to haunt him, and his fund-raiser was shut down due to his hate-speech. All he has left to fall back on is his religion, which unfortunately is what is causing him to lose his livelihood in the first place. Having once been a hate-filled Christian myself, I really feel bad for the guy.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews The Fifth Element.

Republican Allen West explains how, when he played high school football, nobody ever got injured because they had prayers before the games. Sounds like someone took so many shots to the head, his memory is failing.

Here is why fluoride is good for your teeth.

Jehovah's Witnesses did something that religious apologists should never do, quote a -living- scientist. I say this because, as anyone who watches a lot of religious debates knows, when religious people quote scientists, they're almost always misquoting them to further their religious agenda. This is fine when you misquote a dead scientist who can't defend themselves, but when you quote a living scientist, there is always the problem of them calling you out on it. Sure enough, when the Jehovah's Witnesses quoted biologist Rama Singh in their January edition of Awake! magazine saying that many educated people disagree with evolution, word of this quote found its way to Singh who thoroughly and completely called them out on it saying that he doesn't believe in Creationism, he doesn't know of even a minority of scientists who do, and that the Jehovah's Witnesses knowingly misrepresented him. The offending quote was removed from the digital version of Awake!, but the church never acknowledged the lie and has yet to apologized for it.

Religion is false because I can kill this angel with a shovel.

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With one co-worker on vacation and the other on-location for an installation, I have to get up two hours early every day this week. I'm not amused.

For the past 37 years, Parma, Missouri has been run by Mayor Randall Ramsey. But for the first time ever, the city elected a black female for Mayor, Ms Tyrus Byrd. This change caused 5 out of 6 of the city's police officers to immediately quit. Kind of makes you wonder, is it just racism, or is there some deeper corruption involved with the previous mayor?

Australia is wisely putting a stop to people pretending that their religion doesn't allow them to vaccinate their children. It would be nice to see a similar law in the USA.

14-year-old DezJuan Sanders was shot and killed in Elkhart, Indiana after an altercation with a yet unknown person. When asked about the shooting, Elkhart Sheriff Chris Snyder said, "A lot of it falls on the parents. They need to take some responsibility to make sure their guns are locked up," and then, ""You take God and prayer out of schools and you take discipline away from parents and teachers and you want the Sheriff to solve it? No." Ah yes, the old, "how can you expect me to do my job when I can't force your child to read a book that advocates murder?" line! Gets 'em every time!

It's not always a good idea to prank your mother and tell her you were arrested for being a male prostitute.

Just like "family values" is code for homosexual bigotry, "religious freedom" pretty much means the same thing. Just ask Joan Cheever of San Antonio, Texas. She tried to invoke the state's religious freedom law that allows business owners the right to deny homosexuals entrance to their stores, but it doesn't seem to protect her from being ticketed for feeding the homeless! Sure, Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality and tons of stuff about helping the poor, but for some reason, Texas thinks religious freedom means gay-bashing and not following the teachings of Christ.

If you can handle an hour and a half debate on a few passages from the bible, here's an interesting one about God commanding genocide.

Several doctors from all around the country recently sent a letter to Columbia University where Dr. Oz holds a vice chair position. In short, they asked the university to reevaluate his position and listed several very good reasons why Dr. Oz is an unethical greedy corporate shill. The university's response was a simple, we let our doctors say and do whatever the hell they want without consequence.

Long live the King baby!

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In order to prove the Republican party wants small unobtrusive government, Molly White is trying to make a law protecting the discrimination of homosexuals. And in order to prove that she's a good leader who hears the voice of her constituents, she's refusing to meet with anyone who disagrees with her because, as she says, it would be a waste of time.

Cheryl Rios doesn't think women should be allowed to become president because they're too moody. Ironically, Rios is the president of her company. It would be refreshing to have a president who isn't burdened by such religious-borne ignorance, but an atheist president is pretty unlikely.

The USA continues to rank at the bottom of world nations when it comes to paid maternity, time off, vacation time, minimum wage, and so forth.

The racist, privileged, bigot, conspiracy theorists at Dieseltec Auto Repair in Grandville, Michigan are refusing to serve homosexuals. This has led to some rather hilarious Yelp reviews, and hopefully, an out-of-business sign.

You can only prank Luigi so much.

Here's a list of the most widely banned books of 2014.

Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish climate change denialist in the sense that he agrees that the Earth is getting warmer, and that humans are to blame, but he denies the scientific consensus that this is a bad thing. In 2003, Lomborg's was convicted of scientific dishonesty by his home government, but not sentenced to any punishment because the Danes agreed that he was too ignorant on the subject of climate change to be guilty. Nevertheless, they stripped his funding, so Lomborg left the country looking for other groups who prefer to continue with business as usual rather than address our impending self-imposed cataclysm. Naturally, he turned to the USA where Republicans and Libertarians have been giving him roughly $1 million a year, but this wasn't enough, so he convinced the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott (anti-birth control, anti-same-sex marriage, anti-euthanasia, anti-stem-cell research, anti-divorce!) to give him $4 million, all the while Abbott's administration continues to cut the nation's education budget.

Let's all take a moment to remember the Radium Girls.

Even after the Tennessee Attorney General told them it was unconstitutional, House Republicans continued to try and get their bill passed that would make the bible the official state book. Well, the Senate refused to go along with their bigotry and killed the bill, impressive since the Senate is also a Republican majority. So, the Republicans can't even blame Democrats for this one, so do they blame themselves? No. The Senate blames Satan for introducing the bill in the first place. Wait, what?

The Texas-based Liberty Institute is trying to bring up a case against the US Military because it's finally starting to crack down on Christian bullying. That's the mindset of the "Persecuted" Christian: If you won't let me bully you, you're persecuting me!

Why are all Linux-based form designers so horrible?

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What happens when a parent sits in on her child's sex-ed class in Lansing, Michigan and live Tweets it?

Richard Dawkins answers a couple more questions about evolution: Are all offspring slightly different species? And how do instincts arise?

Orthodox Jews aren't allowed to use light bulbs on the Sabbath, because they consider turning on lights to be making fire (it isn't), and making fire on the Sabbath is considered work, and work isn't allowed on the Sabbath, as mandated by God... through Moses... through several generations of oral history, through whatever random dude actually wrote the passage in the Torah. The point is, no switching on the lights from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Thankfully, someone has invented a work-around that Yahweh won't notice! It's a light switch that works as a backward circuit breaker! The lights are always trying to be on, but a plastic breaker prevents them. By flipping the switch, you're not turning on a light, you're removing the breaker from the circuit, allowing electricity to flow like normal. Of course, the end result is a light turning on, but that's okay because you're following the letter of the law and Yahweh is too stupid to enforce the spirit of the law!

Can the federal government see your dick pics? John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden who says yes. There are several NSA programs which collect the content of your phone messages and email and store it on their servers for viewing.

Bill O'Reilly: It's not enough that my religion is the vast majority in this country, I also want it to be made illegal to criticize my beliefs, never mind that nuisance Constitution crap!.

Daniel Tosh is ready to become the new poster child for Scientology.

Beware the ides of April

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Wanna get super powers? Just visit one of these highly contaminated places.

If you're an antivaxer, this is what you sound like to science-minded people.

With their incredibly impractical mating habits, you may wonder how pandas even exist at all.

Bob Vander Plaats, Republican leader of the Christian hate group The Family Leader, acknowledges that Iowa is totally within its rights to allow a Wiccan priestess to give an invocation... totally within its rights, but they're still making a mockery of his god!.

Rebecca Watson points out the real difference between a cult and a religion. It's not just a matter of size or acceptance.

Demonstrating that the Republican party stands for small incorruptible government, senator Bruce Thompson just altered a bill that would give a $300,000 tax break to the Christian college to which he is affiliated.

Anyone else play the Omega Virus board game?

Northern lights and skies ablaze

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Why would you need to tase a woman to death when she's already handcuffed, shackled, gagged, and surrounded by six police officers? Ask the Fairfax police.

This is what happens when you call the cops.

Unless you want to sound like a complete imbecile, it's probably best not to repost from any of these sites.

For the first time in their lives, Australians taste food from Outback Steakhouse.

Andy hikes from Mexico to Canada, a total of 2,600 miles, and takes a picture at every mile marker. It's amazing to see how much weight he loses through the process.

Despite the Tennessee Attorney General explaining that making the Bible the official book of the state would be a Constitutional violation, Republican Jerry Sexton will continue to try and make forcing his religion on the state a reality.

Taking Christian sex lectures out of context is HILARIOUS!

Impeccable timing your majesty.

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Now that I'm 35, I can run for president!

There is a Wiki-How for converting atheists to Christianity, and it's really quite despicable. The author use flowery language, and reminds the Christian not to trick anyone or lie to them, but when you read the steps, they're all about not being openly honest, dodging any difficult questions, and ignoring all scientific facts. It's pretty telling when the best they can hope for is to talk about how Christianity makes them feel, and not about if it's true.

This is just one heckuva weird fish.

11% of the world's population identifies as atheist, but 27% are not religious, (AKA atheist). We're almost up to a full third!

This is what happens when you add annotations to the promotional video of Scientology Neurotology.

Republican Ben Carson asks of the LGBT community, keeping in mind that I don't think you should be allowed to marry the person you love, what can I do to win your vote?

It's time to tell Indiana that they can't sit with the cool states anymore. Oh, how I wish Michigan were one of the cool states.

Pastor Fred Smith at his church in Wisconsin has been preaching to his congregates to vote for specific political candidates. This is illegal for a church, or any other tax-exempt institution. The idea of the tax-exempt status is, if your primary claim is to help people, then you don't have to pay taxes, but you also have to put helping people over politics. It's the job of the IRS to monitor tax-exempt institutions for rule-breaking, and when they see a tax-exempt institution not playing by the rules, they revoke their tax-exempt status. This has happened to many organizations in the past few decades, but not a single church. This is because the position at the IRS responsible for investigating churches has sat vacant for years, and the IRS has had no plans for filling it. Recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation took the IRS to court over their failure to do their job, especially since churches continue to be more open about their contempt for the law. In order to end the lawsuit, the IRS agreed to finally start enforcing their own rules, and being monitoring these law-breaking churches. Well, it's been quite awhile, and still the position goes unfilled. This has led a Christian group called the Alliance Defending Freedom to file their own lawsuit against the IRS demanding to know what happened with the FFRF lawsuit. The irony is, the IRS will probably just start removing church tax-exempt statuses just to avoid the Christian lawsuit!

Simon's Cat doesn't as such like the rain.

Half-way to 70

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You can teach a parent to stop being ignorant and vaccinate their children, it just takes seven cases of whooping cough in a single family.

Adding carbon into the air causes acid rain, which falls into the oceans which kills delicate sea life which is food for the predators, which disrupts entire aquatic ecosystems, which many land-based organisms are dependent upon, which greatly affects humans. And we're making the oceans as acidic as the were during the last great extinction.

Here is a list of several things that men do, many of whom never realize just how awful these things are.

In demanding a prayer at their state government meetings, Iowa Christians got more than they bargained for when a Wiccan Priestess prayed to gods and goddesses.

Richard Dawkins has been answering several questions in honor of Darwin Day last month. Here's a sampling:
Is Evolution a Fact?
What if DNA was infallible?
Is Homosexuality Nature's Population Control?

After witnessing a student refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance a Pennsylvania public school nurse decided she didn't have to give a student medical attention!

Top Ten Disney Deaths!

You don't know what you got until... you make a checklist

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In general, I think Obama is a pretty shitty president, but every now and then, he does something like this that I appreciate.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated Interstellar.

Private schools are allowed to hire and fire who they want, and I'm fine with that. So, when Dowling Catholic High School decided not to bring a qualified substitute teacher on full-time because he's gay, I'm not the least bit surprised. After all, Catholics are haters, and haters gonna hate. But what does warm my cold black heart with hearing about the students of the school organizing a walkout protest for the administration's hateful views. Despite their indoctrination, these students are learning to be decent human beings!

An interesting documentary about the life of a Neanderthal.

When you infiltrate Christian pregnancy crisis center conventions you can learn just how shady and evil these people are. They systematically teach people to lie to vulnerable women to try and prevent their abortion and convert them to Christianity.

One of the NRA's convention locations doesn't allow guns, and in the places where they do allow guns, all of their display guns are non-functional. What ever happened to that whole, guns are perfectly safe in the proper hands bullshit? Are NRA members all the proper hands? Hell, everyone should be allowed to bring loaded guns to these things! And grenades.

Titanic was also pretty awful.

There's a new boss in town

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Generic YouTube gamer reviews games.

A North Carolina cop shot an man in the back, claiming self-defense because he feared for his life after the man stole his taser, but the video evidence doesn't seem to fit the cop's story. From the video, it sure looks like the cop shot an unarmed man in the back.

SciShow pay homage to Benjamin Franklin, back when heads of state were expected to be intelligent, and talks about modifying the human genome.

An interesting lecture on the importance of story telling.

The Nostalgia Chick covers Men In Black and its sequel.

Cult of Dusty covers Pascal's Wager and this absolute proof of Jesus appearing in the sky!

When is there going to be a good moon rising?

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In only a few years, lab-grown beef went from around $300,000.00 for a burger to about $11.00. I'm ready to eat a sustainable pain-free burger.

SciShow teaches us about plant cancer.

Utah police don't like children's cardboard forts.

It's tragic when anyone gets a debilitating disease, and I don't wish them on anyone. But expecting it to be magicked away by God while relying on doctors is not the way to fix it.

Vani Hari is completely incompetent, so why do so many people take her dieting advice seriously?

The Nostalgia Chick rips apart Cruel Intentions.

Republican Carly Fiorina denies the science of climate change. And even though scientists have been saying for years that our growing pollution problem will lead to erratic weather patterns and horrible drought, Fiorina continues to deny them. So, what does a science denier do when faced with evidence of the science they deny, like the severe drought in California? They're forced to come up with a scapegoat, in this case, Fiorina blames environmentalists for the drought! Yes, if they hadn't prevented the state from building more dams and reservoirs, there wouldn't be a drought. Of course, environmentalists have pointed out to her that they've only been able to stop less than 1% of the dams which now ruin the ecosystem of every major river in the state, but the drought continues unabated. But a science denier is not persuaded by ridiculous notions like logic or evidence!

Here is the trailer for a documentary about the continuing decline of the church in America.

Atheists aren't quite as hated in Canada as the are in the US.

The GoFundMe crowd fund to keep the anti-gay Indiana pizzeria open made more money than the fund for cancer and the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence, moving from topic to topic, so that no one had the chance to interrupt him

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Ultra-Conservative website, The Blaze, recently put together a crowd-fund for the pizzeria in Indiana that openly refuses to serve gay patrons, raising over $500,000 for them.

A wonderful lecture by Sean Carroll called "From Particles to People."

In showing off his gun skills to children, Tyler Lewis accidentally shot a 9-year-old girl.

Vsauce explains what would happen if you turned on your headlights while driving at the speed of light.

Presidential hopeful, Republican Ted Cruz, doesn't understand that there is a difference between discriminating against people and forcing a rabbi to eat pork.

An honest trailer for The Hobbit, part 3.

How would you respond when your in-laws tell your children that their daddy is going to burn in hell forever if they don't become Christians and pray hard enough?

The Angry Videogame Nerd reviews the (thankfully) unreleased Hong Kong 97.

Nancy Perry can show you a great way to put your employment status as a teacher in jeopardy. Tell all your students that Barack Obama isn't a Christian, and if any student's parents voted for him, they aren't Christians either!

The Nostalgia Chick reviews You've Got Mail.

Missouri Republicans are trying to force all students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day, IN ENGLISH, cuz 'Murica! Despite the fact that the US Supreme Court ruled way back in 1943 that it's illegal to force students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and that was even before the Catholics successfully lobbied to turn it into a prayer by injecting into the pledge the words "under god."

Cult of Dusty comments on the rape fantasy of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

Lutheran Minister Dave Wendt resigned after it came to light that he sent a horrific rape threat to a woman online.

The trailer for a documentary called Losing God.

The point isn't mute, it's moot.

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For Easter, enjoy this infographic about all the contradictions in the crucification and resurrection story in the Gospels.

What if Christians, instead of picking and choosing which rules of the bible they want to follow when it comes to discriminating against people, actually discriminated to all the people viewed negatively in their book? Instead, we get people like Republican Tom Cotton who thinks it's okay to discriminate against people in small ways because in other countries they're being discriminated against in big ways.

John Oliver talks about the corruption in local governments and their extravagant payment methods.

Turns out, people are much more likely to accept ideas whether they culturally identify with the idea rather than what the evidence says. So, if you want to change people's minds about topics like evolution or climate change, it's better to first get them in the mindset that the idea is acceptable to their culture before presenting evidence.

Antivaxer parents take a ride on the Magic School Bus.

Conservative Canadian politician James Lunney talked about evolution and religion for awhile demonstrating that he knew very little about either topics. After his colleagues mocked him for his idiotic science denial, he quit the Conservative party and became an Independent. What I find the most interesting is that the Conservative party in Canada actually believes the reality of evolution!

The Nostalgia Chick reviews that hot mess called Spice World.

A cougar, a motorcycle, a kilo of meth, and other children's toys.

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The kind of shit talk that women have to put up with in the tech industry.

SciShow reminds us that your face is covered with arachnids, teaches us why toothpaste makes things taste awful, and explains how some animals are made up of other animals.

Slate has an interesting article on the history of the condom, and the work toward making a better condom.

If you care about children, it's very important to look into an Good News Clubs in your local school districts to see if they're bullying children and scaring them into joining their horrible religion.

Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, a Democrat no less, argues that a law only allowing heterosexual couples the right to marry is actually neutral because it allows -all- people the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. By Beshear's logic, a state where people could only marry other people of the same sex is equally as neutral as well. What Beshear doesn't seem to understand (actually, I'm sure he does understand this, he just doesn't care because the discrimination doesn't affect him) is that there is the difference between equality and fairness.

FINALLY! A trailer for Half-Life 3!

Wisconsin becomes the first state of the Union to add a law preventing the discrimination of non-religious people.

Some of Neil deGrasse Tyson's best rants.

A beginning to April!

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On the same day, on the same news channel, with the same reporter, for the same crime of burglary, the white criminals were depicted with their year-book photos while the black criminals were depicted with their mugshots. The racist drivel in the comments doesn't help.

Based on the physics of the games, can we determine on which planet Mario games take place?

Why you shouldn't play videogames with a new age mother.

Chemical elements at a party.

In Melbourne, Australia, Serial rapist, Adrian Bayley, raped and murdered 29-year-old Jill Meagher, which prompted Catholic priest, Joseph Olickal, to mention that if the woman led a "more faith-filled" life, she, "would have been home in bed," rather than raped and murdered. His church assures everyone that he recognized what he said was inappropriate, but he has not apologized, nor do I think we can expect him to. Commenting about the legal system in Melbourne, this was the rapist's TWENTIETH rape conviction, yet he was still wandering the streets! How does that happen?

Why are female celebrities who don't even know what feminism is asked if they're a feminist?

The administration in this Louisiana school district went a little crazy trying to force their religion down the throats of their students, giving them Christian prayers to pray, making them attend church-sponsored Easter rap concert with a Christian rapper, and putting bible messages on the shirts of their sports teams.

Why the bible is actually poorly written.