May, 2015

There but for the grace of God go I!

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Best turn around high school yearbook quote ever.

Why does Amsterdam have some of the lowest rates of unplanned teen pregnancy and STIs while still having a population of sexually active adults? Probably because they do such a great job with comprehensive sexual education.

The web site Natural News is just entirely crazy. Conspiracy theorists will pretty much believe anything, to which Rebecca Watson responds, no shit!

Jenny Lewis's new music video makes me swoon.

Pastor Robby Dawkins is claiming that he raised a man from the dead. However, when the man's family explains that the man didn't die, but only had a temporary seizure, the pastor blocked them from his web site to prevent them from ruining his amazing tale of resurrection.

A tribute to The Hitch.

When it comes to white Christian folk committing crimes, Fox News does their typical routine of sweeping it under the rug.

Several reasons why we know astrology doesn't work.

I created a better list of the albums I own in my Wiki, but it's still missing all my vinyl and several recent purchases.

Speed of darkness

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How to travel faster than light without violating physics.

We've all pulled a few boners in the past, but at least you didn't send ten samples of live anthrax through commercial shipping routes all over the country like the Department of Defense.

I'm just saying, if receiving a text message crashes your phone, maybe you should stop buying Apple.

Why are their so few geek girls? Because of geek guys.

Glad to see that not everyone considers it an honor to be honored by a hate group like the Palmetto Family Council.

Science explains the atheist.

Dear Republican Party, please continue to say that homosexuality creates a real and present danger to the USA. Signed, Everyone Who Wants You to Fail.

Hold my bible while I Duggar you!

What happens when our computers become smarter than us?

I don't want to have to adult today

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Scottland to join England and Whales by banning Creationism in the science classroom.

For those of you who want to know what the current level of scientific evidence in favor of life-after death, watch this debate. Each of the four debaters are well-educated. However, those in favor of an afterlife are unable to bring up any evidence beyond anecdotes, and also believe in all manner of crazy things.

Have something that needs to be permanently frozen? Can't afford to lose power or have your freezer fail? Why not ship it to Antarctica where it will stay frozen all year round? Well, even that isn't true anymore. Climate change has gotten so severe that scientists are literally shipping ice to Antarctica!

How high can you count?

David Washington was seen driving the wrong way down a one-way street before finally stopping in an intersection. Assuming him to be high, Officer Shaun Jurgens ran up to his car and immediately Tased Washington. Rather than writhe in agony from the pain of the electricity, Washington just sat there. Then, Officer Jurgens pulled out his pepper spray and covered the face of Washington. Again, rather than scream, Washington just sat there. Finally, Officer Jurgens demanded Washington onto the street, threatening to murder him if he doesn't. Very slowly, Washington unbuckles his seatbelt, so Officer Jurgens dragged him onto the street. He's left there, face covered in caustic pepper spray, while the police run his license. Eventually, Washington was taken to a hospital where doctors determined that the reason he was so unresponsive was because he had a stroke!

Overheard on the phone: "He's that new black kid. I think he's Cambodian, but he speaks good English." *facepalm*

One thing that is common in a group is to judge outsiders more harshly. For example, when a good-old Southern boy gets caught stealing, he may be given a stiff fine, but if a black man is caught stealing he may be jailed or lynched. For those who want a just society, it's very important to recognize in-group bias, and correct it. I bring this up because of the recent in-group bias seen among Christians trying to protect child-molester Josh Duggar. Had this been a Muslim, Hindu, or atheist, would we see prominent Christians and politicians rushing to their defense? Hell, Josh's own father, Jim Bob Duggar, once held the view that rape and incest (Josh is now guilty of both) should be punished with execution, but it turns out, not if the rapist is Christian.

Alternate endings for Thelma & Louise.

Yard work. Everywhere, yard work.

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Guess how I spent my three-day-weekend?

Texas Republicans weren't able to pass their intrusive law banning even private corporations from paying for abortion because Republican women pulled out at the last moment.

Teen boy couldn't get a girl to like him, so he sent a SWAT team to her house.

The online game RUST randomly assigns race to players, and white guys are freaking out that they have to play as a black guy.

Looks like Ireland is going to another one of the countries that beats us in allowing same-sex marriage.

Christians Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind aren't afraid to stand in solidarity with admitted child molester Josh Duggar. And Judge Stacey Zimmerman, isn't afraid to have his criminal record destroyed, possibly due to her ties with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who also supports the admitted child molester.

What if a real plumber went to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Getting caught having sex with another man in the back of his church's van wasn't enough for Pastor Boyd Watson Holder, Jr. No, he had to go and steal $60,000 from his church as well.

You probably don't know this, but when you masturbate, your hand becomes pregnant in heaven.

Some more of the wonderful things religion has contributed to the world.

Protecting Christian child rapists is still a thing

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The Duggars of 19 and Counting "fame" is a very strong Christian family. Of course, "very strong Christian" usually translates to "hates homosexuals, atheists, feminists, etc." In fact, the patriarch of the family, Jim Bob, has campaigned against allowing a loving same-sex couple to have the right to get married. So, it came as a great shock to the Christian community, but not the those of us who have been paying attention, that the family has been harboring a child molester for years. Turns out, eldest son Josh Duggar has been molesting the younger girls in his family ever since he was a teen, and, rather than seek professional counseling or alert the police, the family prayed for him to get better and had him talk to an unlicensed "mentor".

John Oliver doesn't care much for standardized testing.

Remember Bou Bou, the infant who had his face and chest burned open after a SWAT team threw a flash bang grenade into his playpen at 3:00 AM because someone who used to live in the house sold $50 worth of drugs? Well, the lawsuit is now over and the family has received restitution, unfortunately, it won't be enough to even cover the child's medical expenses, let alone the damages to their home. And the money will be paid by taxpayers, not the individual police responsible. The final response essentially states: if you ever sell $50 of drugs in your house, you should expect your home to be broken into at 3:00 AM by several gun-toting men, you should expected to have grenades detonated in your home, and you should expect to be responsible for the thousands of dollars of medical expenses and damages.

What happens when you spend all of your time reading doomsday prophecy rather than learning about basic astronomy and red-shifted light? You start thinking a lunar eclipse is proof of the apocalypse.

What would websites be like on a date? Bonus points for cute pixies who love Zelda.

Khaled Al-Gindi is a modern Egyptian. He wears a modern suit, with modern cuff-links, and a modern open collar. Yes, despite his modern appearance, his views are still quite Medieval. He claims to speak for his entire country, he claims his religion is the original one, he claims his DNA requires him to believe in a god, and those who disagree with his view, should be forced to leave his country.

Physics just keeps getting more and more weird.

People who grew up Christian know that the religion has an amazing knack for taking something cool and making it lame. You know what I'm talking about, instead of dressing up like a vampire for trick-or-treating on Halloween your dressing up like a cartoon character at church, corporate logos get re-purposed with cringe-worthy bible messages, and let's not forget how a high school dance becomes a ridiculous charade of respecting authority. Case in point, Praise Prom, for teens whose parents won't let them go to the real prom. While it's common for men of Scottish ancestry to wear a kilt to formal events, the fashion police from Praise Prom refuse to let any male wear anything that isn't dress pants, so David Leix never got to attend his fake Christian prom. Those who run the event may think that wearing a kilt turns men into transvestites, but they don't seem to have a problem with not respecting a woman's right to say no. According to their etiquette guide, women are expected to dance with any man who requests one!

A mash-up of the final cut of various movies.

Racism in law enforcement is still a thing

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What's the difference between police responding to a white man and a black man legally carrying an AR-15 assault rifle in public? About ten police cars, several drawn and pointed weapons, handcuffs, and plenty of racism.

The Internet takes a lot of energy to run and don't you just love Bucky balls?

Emma Sulkowicz, accused a fellow college classmate of raping her, but the man was cleared of any wrong doing because Sulkowicz couldn't produce any evidence of his guilt. I can't offer any evidence myself, other than saying decades of data show us that campus rapes are under-reported, and under-punished. Rather than continue on unheard, Sulkowicz turned her experience into an enduring art piece by carrying around a mattress similar to the one she claims she was raped on. She said she would carry it around campus until the college removed her classmate, and true to her work, she kept it with her every day until her graduation.

What if there were sexual positions for feminists?

Biologist Jerry Coyne weighs in on religious people watching their children die because they refuse to give them medicine.

This church wants you to plant your seed in other people.

Bill Nye continues to explain science with emoji.

More of the same

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Yet another Christian preacher is found on a gay dating site.

Want to help take part in a scam? Give money to these so-called cancer charities.

Many people say, "I don't care if the government listens to my phone calls to my mom," but what happens when you place tape recorders all over New York and publish the taped conversations?

Why eating unfiltered honey will not help your seasonal allergies.

Don't forget to draw Muhammad today!

What it's like to fear for your life because Muslims want to murder you for leaving their religion.

After Esau Jardon, a Christian jeweler accepted money from a lesbian couple for wedding rings, he put up an anti-same-sex marriage banner and said he won't be bullied into apologizing for his beliefs. Well, bullied? No. But I'll bet after everyone learns that you're a hateful bigot and stop shopping at your store, you'll suddenly learn how to say, "I'm sorry." The couple already got their money back and is taking their business elsewhere, and owners of a neighboring franchise distanced themselves from Jardon saying they accept everyone, and I'll bet they won't be the only ones.

Texas has a long history of trying to force their religion upon public school students, particularly Birdville school district. After several Constitutional violations were uncovered, a lawsuit was threatened, and while the Christian school administrators claimed they would remove the violations, they lied. A lawsuit is now going forth. More taxpayer money wasted on legal fees rather than helping students, all because the Christians in charge refuse to play fair. Thankfully, the lawsuit is calling out the individual administrators to be fined as well, maybe when they have to spend their own money they'll understand?

Chilly today

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Republican Ed Orcutt back-pedals after saying that riding a bike creates more CO2 than driving a car.

Muslim-controlled Iran is the kind of place where you can be sent to prison for mocking the country's restrictions on birth control.

Pamela Ronald explains the importance of genetically modifying food.

PZ Myers makes a good analogy about people who claim that they don't care if religion is true or not, it gives them comfort, though the analogy only really works if you're interested in physics and engineering.

Finally, God takes the blame for doing such a bad job playing football.

Catholic League spokesperson, and all around shit-eater, Bill Donohue demands an explanation from Louis C.K. about why he has child rape on his mind. I don't know Bill, you think it might have something to do with all of the child rapists you've been defending?

Sun's a burning!

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Upgraded to a smart phone. It's more powerful than the first iPhone, cost $40, and has unlimited phone, text, and data for $35 a month. See what waiting a decade can do for your bills?

Recently beat the games Cave Story +, a really fun Metroidvania platformer with fantastic music, and Gone Home, a story-based adventure game with all the feels.

Flint, Michigan is up for mayoral reelection, and the choices are between a convicted felon, a convicted felon, and Giggles the Pig.

The dark side of saving your virginity until marriage. And on that topic, a New Zealand school distributed a pamphlet to students explaining when non-married couples live together, the man is a coward who turns his girlfriend into a cheap prostitutes, and that they are sinful and will be sent to Hell. Certainly the kind of stuff you'd want to give a fifteen-year-old student rather than actually educate them about sex. Of course, if these people are prostitutes, they can be saved by a reality TV show that will exploit them and never follow through on helping them.

How would the average American feel if their city's sheriff went to a Sikh temple clad in their police uniform and preached about how the world would be a better place if more people behaved like Sikhs? Or what if he took property paid for by taxpayers and gave it away to a Hindu temple? How would they feel if he explained that Allah wants him to try and convert as many prisoners to Islam as he possibly could? You can bet that they would freak out, throw a tantrum, demand the sheriff's resignation. So, why is it okay when Sheriff Grady Judd does it?

You're religion is stupid, mine's legit! Sorry, they're all stupid.

Stop it sky! Don't you realize your rain is making my lawn grow faster?

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Amtrak train derails killing seven people... spokesperson for a Christian hate group, and Fox News pundit, "I wonder if it happened because the engineer was gay?"

Feminist Frequency covers a game that actually helps empower women.

Last chance to see the Kakapo before we make it go extinct!

Kristen Schaal gives her take on "dad bods."

You'll probably want to read your laws a little more carefully before submitting them.

The Paleo diet fad isn't very historically accurate.

Nobody likes 3rd party controllers.

Kneel before the king of miniature golf!

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Emily and I met with Kelly in Royal Oak for mini golf and dinner. Twas a good time had by all! Especially the winner of mini golf... me!

Fox News is so ridiculously conservative, and vilifies the female body so much, they won't even show an uncensored Picasso painting. Apparently, cartoonish blue and yellow breasts with black nipples are just too racy for the Fox News viewer. Oh lordy! I do declare, this gives me a case of the vapors!

Protesting Christians have been inadvertently advertising for a gay porn site after forgetting to pay for their Web domain.

The sunset on Mars is blue.

I would love to see this everywhere, but for now, I have to tip my hat to California. A judge ruled that abstinence-only is not sexual education, and therefore cannot be used in public schools unless it is accompanied by actual sexual education. While his ruling only affects a single school district, you can bet that others will follow this precedence!

In Arizona, several churches band together to help fight a growing threat among their ranks: Christians who don't hate. Yes, Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, they're all ganging up to make sure that churches who believe you don't have to be anti-science, you don't have to hate homosexuals, and you don't have to believe the bible is 100% literal to be a Christian, will be shut down! The part of me who loves watching bigots shoot themselves in the foot is hoping they succeed.

Here is a time line of the recent atheists in Bangladesh who have been murdered by Muslims.

Christian group First Priority Blue Ridge has a history of, not only forcing their religion on others, but trying to write laws that require all people to force their religion on others. Their recent "victory" is convincing Tennessee Republicans to pass a law allowing students to pray on a specific weekend, something they've had a right to do since the formation of the country, but now their right to do it is in the law books -twice-!

Ly Moyne College, a private Catholic school in New York is inviting Cardinal Timothy Dolan to speak at their graduation. Dolan is an interesting choice because he did a particularly sleazy move where he drained the coffers of his diocese just before they lost a massive lawsuit for protecting child rapists. So, instead of paying for the psychological counseling of all these people who were raped by priests, the church said, sorry, we're out of cash, can't help you! Thankfully, quite a few of the students at the school are protesting Dolan's invitation showing that, while the new guard isn't complacent with people who protect child rapists.

The new Google Maps is garbage

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I really hate it when software designers take away features, or hide features in later versions and call it "streamlining." You didn't streamline anything, you just made it more cumbersome to use. Normally, it's morons like Microsoft that are guilty of this, but have you seen the new Google Maps? Rather than give directions they show you a picture of the map. If you want directions, you have to expand the directions section. But that only gives you partial directions. If you want full directions, you have to manually open each of the partial directions. This is probably useful if you're on your phone, but I can't exactly carry around my desktop while I'm driving, and you know full well that I'm on a desktop. Booo!

Don't fall asleep in North Korea.

John Oliver points out just how much Americans, but Republicans especially, hate mothers.

Pointing a finger at Deputy Chase Wright or he will slam you so hard to the ground he will kill you.

Fake gamer guys never stop being funny.

Now this is the guy you want teaching your children!

The clue you don't want to get when you're playing Pictionary.

If you want to throw your hat into the ring of science, expect to be critiqued, especially if you're claiming something that conflicts with prior studies. Case in point, Christians tout the Regnerus study, which shows that same-sex couples make poor parents, but when other scientists look through the list of people in the study, they found some rather... unlikely results. For example, there is a person in the study who is 7'8", 88 lbs., married 8 times, with 8 children. There is also a person who was arrested at the age of 1. Maybe this study wasn't well vetted, hm?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career shrunken down to 6 minutes.

I use my hair to express myself

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I may bitch an moan about how atheists are treated like second-class citizens here in the USA, but at least there aren't people trying to hack me into pieces for what I write like in Bangladesh. Ananta Bijoy Das is the third recent atheist blogger to be chopped up by Muslims.

The Pew Forum has released data on comprehensive study of religion in the USA, and it's a doozy! Evangelicals, Catholics, and Protestants all see a decline, while non-religious and atheists see a surge. The unaffiliated now outnumber all religious groups except Evangelicals, and even their numbers are dwindling. People identifying as atheists now outnumber Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orthodox Christians, unaffiliated Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and all other non-Christian religions!

In Paraguay, a poor a ten-year-old girl was raped by her step-father and became pregnant. In addition to the horrors she endured from the rape, there is the danger of such a small frame, only 4'6" and a mere 75 lbs., having to carry a baby. In civilized countries, doctors would suggest abortion, and the family would agree, and the poor child wouldn't have to deal with the pain and agony of childbirth or be saddled with the financial burden of a child she can't possibly afford, but Paraguay is controlled by Catholics, and Catholics are always against abortion (well, at least after 1917, when God finally made up his mind that it was a sin). The child cannot have an abortion because the country doesn't allow abortion unless the mother is expected to die, and even then, it's unlikely. Sadly, little girls being forced to give birth to their rapist's child isn't that uncommon in Paraguay, as in the past couple years it's happened several times, once to a child as young as 9!

Christian Evangelist Phil Kidd was driving along in his brand new Jaguar (which Jesus paid for) and got into a terrible car accident. Thankfully, the engineers who designed the car equipped it with seat belts airbags, a roll cage, and a crumpling frame that kept him alive. Of course, Kidd's phrasing is a bit different. He believes he was sheltered in the arms of his god because he didn't have a scratch! Yes, sheltered in the arms of his god! Oh by the way, his wife has a fractured spine. I guess his god's sheltering arms are only so big.

Stupid rain making the grass grow

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What goes through a woman's mind when they have to drive 814 miles to have an abortion.

Norway does something wonderful. In a response to the Muslim terrorists who murdered several civilians at the Charlie Hebdo offices because they published blasphemy, the country has decided to eliminate its own blasphemy law making the country safe for other would-be free speech advocates.

United Airlines decides to divert a flight just so it can kick off a mother and her special-needs daughter.

The atheist movement is seeing a nice influx of women and racial minorities, something it has seriously lacked in the past.

Carrol Mitchem, chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, North Carolina just witnessed a Federal Judge rule against the Board of Commissioners of Rowan County, just a few miles away, because the county officials refused to let non-Christians lead invocations during their meetings. But is that stopping him from doing the Christian thing? No! Mitchem not only refuses to allow non-Christians to pray at his meetings, but tells Muslims to, "stay the hell away," and go pray to, "Allah, or whoever the hell they pray to." All I can say is, I'm looking forward to when they lose their lawsuit and squander money of the local taxpayers.

Republican Elbert Guillory explains how in the past, scientists used to burn people at the stake for not agreeing with them. Zach Kopplin reminds the Senator that, no, it wasn't scientists who did that, it was the Christian Church.

In general, I think allowing for-profit institutions to battle for greater control of the market is a good way get the highest quality products for the lowest prices, and in the fastest amount of time. The trouble is, in order for a for-profit institution to do well, they usually resort to unethical practices, and they're highly susceptible to being driven into the ground by ego-maniacal sociopaths who are willing to sacrifice employees and customers in order to make a quick buck. This is why well-regulated oversight is necessary. However, when it comes to one company, this oversight came too little, too late. Corinthian Colleges (which includes Heald, WyoTech, and Everest) had over 100 schools, all of which are now going to be sold or closed. This follows after several investigations which demonstrate the company persuading its students into high-interest student loans even though the school's graduation rates were particularly low, and knowingly misleading students into paying for classes for which they wouldn't receive accreditation, or credits that would transfer to schools that would offer accreditation, making their diploma essentially worthless. The damage has already been done as countless students have either dropped out with massive student debt, or graduated with a worthless degree with even more student debt, and to make matters worse, many of these students still received government assistance preventing it from being used on students who went to real colleges.

Jeb Bush puts it plain and simple: When he leads, he leads according to his faith as a Christian, not according to some non-biblical document like the US Constitution.

Yes, please, I will have a weekend.

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The Game of Life (not the board game) is a lot of fun for people who enjoy seeing emergent properties in action. This video interviews the game's creator. The reason I enjoy this game so much is because it shows how extremely basic rules can result in unimaginable order and function, something that Creationists always contend is impossible.

There are laws in place for many different things, including the size of signs that can be placed along federal highways, because really, who wants to drive past behemoth billboards every few feet? However, Christians in Oklahoma don't like playing fair, and even convinced their state lawmakers to pass a law allowing larger signs for non profits (i.e., churches). But the federal government isn't too keen on letting people play by their own rules, and has told Oklahoma to get rid of the law, or they won't get as much funding for their roads. Naturally, the Christians in Oklahoma are crying religious persecution because they aren't getting preferential treatment!

Betty Bowers indulges in the Joni Mitchell song, Tax Free.

Let's say you're taking a test in school, but suddenly you realize that you don't know any of the answers because you didn't study the night before. But thankfully, someone gives you all the answers to every problem, and you wind up acing the test. Anyone who knows the value of studying would consider this cheating, right? But if you're religious, and a presidential hopeful, this isn't cheating, it's a miracle.

So what's the deal with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Stupid adultness

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Had to mow a lawn for the first time in 15 years... I still hate the tedium, but it is less annoying when it's your own house.

We're one step closer the the NSA being held accountable for their years of spying on Americans.

Conservatives want to know how to spot a feminist at a glance, so actual feminists give him some great tips on what to look for. Another hilarious hashtag that's trending is #AtheistsHaveNoMorals, where you can find such crimes as, "I eat devils food cake," "I remove my USB drive without safely ejecting it first," and, "I ate Pringles and stopped after I popped."

Shockingly, a judge threw out the case of Sylvia Driskell, the Nebraska woman who wanted to sue all homosexuals.

The New Yorker is spot on with this one.

The city council of Cochran, Georgia was all set to use their authority to promote Christianity by flying the Christian flag at City Hall and hosting a bible reading marathon, but some quick work by equal rights group and made them change their mind. When atheists speak up, Christian favoritism goes down!

Texas Republicans decide that insurance providers, both governmental and even private, can not be allowed to pay for abortions. Yes, the party who brands themselves pro small government and thinks the government shouldn't affect private enterprise is trying to make it illegal for private enterprise to perform a perfectly legal service. Turns out, Republicans are hypocrites. I know, you're all shocked.

Don't forget to vote... yesterday. Ah never mind, thankfully, Prop 1 failed.

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The police in Granby, Quebec saw that someone had made a Facebook page mocking them, so they responded the way you would expect. The city passed a local law that makes it illegal to use the Internet to insult the police! There was already a law which made it illegal to insult police or city officials in person, but now you can't even blog about the city's incompetent impotent imbecilic officials. Things have changed a bit since Norman Rockwell's America.

Though, Quebec is still coming in second to Iran who is deciding which haircuts and personal grooming methods are inappropriate for men. If you spike your hair, you better expect punishment!

Once again the South shows us the fruit of not teaching comprehensive sexual education: chlamydia.

Carolyn Petit, Katherine Cross, and Anita Sarkeesian give a panel discussion about the dangers of Internetting while female.

Why people become atheists is usually very different than the reason religious people think they become atheists. And despite their suggestion that they want to have the reasons explained to them, that doesn't stop them from claiming to already know and make decisions based on their false beliefs.

John Hargrove, former Sea World employee may not be a model citizen, but Rebecca Watson explains how using an ad homenem him won't change the fact that Sea World has a history of abusing its animals.

You know a Christian business owner is a great guy when they create a computer game called, Kill the Faggot. Speaking of homophobia, Sylvia Driskell, from Auburn, Nebraska is trying to sue all gay people.

Back in 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles had to pay out $660 million after it was demonstrated that they had been protecting child rapists for decades. Now the details of some of those cases is coming out, like Catholic Friar Gregory Atherton's sexual molestation of three boys. Atherton never served a night in jail for his crimes, but the LA Archdiocese did take him out of the public ministry and send him to an undisclosed home and gave him new job. Atherton even apologized, to the other members of his parish, but of course, not to the children he abused.

You may fear GMO foods, but I bet dollars to donuts you'd get a genetically modified porcine valve to save your life.

Don't forget to vote today!

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If you're curious about how to vote today, have a look at Michigan's Proposal 1.

Why do we look upside-down when looking into a spoon?

The highest placing students at North Middle School in Joplin, Missouri will be receiving a wonderful treat! A trip to a Christian sports center where they can be preached at!

John Oliver's smackdown of Dr. Oz.

Rowan County, North Carolina was trying so hard to exclude all but Christian prayers at their meetings, but darn it, if that pesky US Constitution got the better of them again! They'll be forced to pay the court fees of the ACLU (and by "they," I mean the North Carolina taxpayers), and have to allow non-Christian invocations.

Can your likelihood to get a divorce be determined by a mathematical equation?

Pointing out the flaws with teleological and cosmological arguments for the existence of a god, with a cartoon.

Feeling the need to create

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Emily and I spent the weekend painting the shutters on my house and shopping for a lawnmower. Being an adult sucks, but the shutters look great.

Rebecca Watson points out that abstinence is the Creationism of sexual education.

Republican Matt Schaefer wants to prevent women from having abortions even when doctors agree that the fetus is 100% going to die. His rational to forcing this suffering upon women is, people deserve to suffer because people are sinful. Does that mean Schaefer is volunteering to be tortured because he's so sinful?

The Nostalgia Chick and Rantasmo discuss the lack of gay characters in Disney.

Al Qaeda brags about murdering Avijit Roy and maiming his wife because he spoke ill toward Islam.

Howard Scott Warshaw does a post mortem on his game, and one of my favorites for the Atari 2600, Yars' Revenge.

Climate change is still happening, it's still our fault, and it's getting worse.

Santa Monica, California has had a pretty controversial park in the past few years. Christians had been putting up Nativity displays on the lawn of Palisades Park, but in 2011, atheists reminded the city that they can't favor any one group, and demanded a place to put their own displays. So, up went the atheist displays along side the Christian displays, and the Christians cried persecution. How dare they be expected to share with others? Rather than deal with all this headache again, the next year city officials decided not to allow any displays in the park. Again, Christians cried persecution, only this time, they sued the state from discrimination--because in their minds, having the same rules as everyone else is discrimination. The judge naturally ruled against them, and said the city was acting correctly, so the Christians appealed. And again, the appeals court ruled against them, saying essentially, "We know you're pissed, but get over it."

Nightwish members, Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley, explain why they're openly secular.

Never give up! Never surrender!

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Antivaxers can suck it! Vaccinations have wiped out it's third disease in the Western Hemisphere.

It's probably best that Disney characters don't have sex.

It's a case of too little, too late. After the media finally comes to their sense about the all the bullshit spewed forth by Dr. Oz, Oprah finally decides to drop the quack she helped bring to stardom.

Turns out, you can't cure diabetes in a child by taking them off insulin and slapping them until they have bruises. They just end up dying.

When a mega church in California successfully votes preachers into the majority of public school board positions, you can pretty much be certain they're going to violate the US Constitution, and violate it they did! In addition to having the church tell all their sheep who to vote for, the President of the Board uses more bible verses in his meetings than original thoughts, and the board member's views regarding abortion and Zionism seem to be relevant somehow. Thankfully, the FFRF is fighting this in court, and while the Christians in charge think they're safe by procuring a defense lawyer who will do everything pro bono, they aren't taking into account the fact that they'll have to pay the FFRF's court costs when they lose. That money will come out of the tax payer's coffers, which means fewer teachers and books for the students.

SciShow explains why you shouldn't throw out organic matter, but instead allow your city to capture the energy for later use. Also, why using a #2 pencil isn't that important any more.

Councilor Mark Wildenhain, of the Pawtucket City Council, Rhode Island publicly shamed a man for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance telling him that his actions are on par with burning the American flag, both of which are illegal! Of course, refusing to say a prayer to a flag is not illegal, nor is burning it. This is something a person who fancies himself a city leader should really know.

Christians are notorious for their ignorance and disgust for the US Constitution, as I demonstrate nearly every day, and today isn't any different. What do Christians do when they're reminded that they can't use public schools to force their religion on children? They threaten to murder the person who reminded them.