June, 2015

Republicans continue to be the villains of history

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Someone wrote a wikiHow guide for confusing atheists, so I wrote a nice commentary on their drivel.

So far, the United States Air Force has spent an estimated $400,000,000,000 of the taxpayer's money developing the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, over twice what they originally planned. Once in production, each jet will cost at least $80,000,000 to build and the fleet will cost an estimated $13,000,000,000 every year to operate and maintain. Of course, the project has hit so many roadblocks, it won't even be ready for production until at least 2018, and not be really functional until 2022. To make matters worse, the test pilots who have flow the jet complain that, even after over a decade of development, it's still not as maneuverable as existing fighter jets! The real icing on the cake comes from that fact that, even if Lockheed Martin somehow gets their act together and manages to solve all of these horrible problems and produces a competent jet, it will just sit in a hangar and rust! We are not at war with any industrialized nation where this amount of firepower would be necessary, and there is no reason to think we will be during the life of the F-35!

Conservative Americans fought tooth and nail to keep segregation in the USA, but in 1954 it was outlawed. But the Conservatives, even the self-righteous Christians, continued to fight it for another 20+ years until now, thanks to the work of decent people, segregation is isolated to only a few small barbaric Conservative areas where they people can't even openly admit to segregating. Well, here we are in 2015. Conservatives have been fighting to keep homosexuality on the fringe, but loving people, and now the law, are bringing it into the light, and while we see plenty of parallels from the Conservatives who refused to accept racial integration, we can expect homosexuality to find its place among the caring as well.

All things evolve, even popular music.

Texas Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, has appointed a new head for the Board of Education. Donna Bahorich is now in charge of handling all the affairs of the state's public school system, which is odd considering she is an advocate of home-schooling, and none of her children ever attended a public school. She's also a young-earth Creationist.

Several simple comics that explain consent.

Don't believe in evolution? Try thinking harder.

What happens when Republicans take away sexual education from schools? You start getting adults who don't know where babies come from! Tony Perkins, president of the Christian hate group, the Family Research Council, suggests that by allowing same-sex marriage, we will see an increase in the number of unwed mothers.

But the dear green place is gone

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Even the the Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot take away the civil rights of same-sex couples, this doesn't mean they can expect to married by everyone. Same-sex couples will still have to find someone willing to officiate their wedding who accepts with their sexuality. Just like how Protestants shouldn't expect a to be married by a Catholic priest, same-sex couples will have a hard time finding a Evangelical or Mainline Christian willing to perform their marriage. This type of discrimination is protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution, and, even if it weren't, there are few Americans who want to change that. So, why then are Tennessee Republicans trying to make a law that would protect Christian preachers who refuse to marry same-sex couples, something that nobody wants them to do? Of course, this is different if you're an employee of our secular government. Part of the job of, say, the Justice of the Peace, is to solemnize marriages without question, regardless of their personal views, just like a Christian police officer isn't allowed to only arrest non-Christians or a Christian patent clerk isn't allowed to only grant patents to Christian inventors. However, the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is both Christians and Republican, has just decided that Christian government workers may choose to not solemnize their marriages of anyone they disagree with (i.e., same-sex couples). We can always trust Conservatives to know what "traditional" marriage is all about, just watch Donald Trump talk about his third wife. Or what about the Christian hate group, AFTAH? They're doubling-down on their stance against same-sex marriage and continuing to make Christians everywhere look bad with their latest published Core Principles and Beliefs.

Speaking of unacceptable encroachments of Christianity into secular government, the Army is trying to force their brand of Christianity on their graduating soldiers.

Enjoy yourself some 1980s-esque Kung Fury.

After a year of having the state of Florida make up reasons to prevent an atheist monument from being erected next to a monument of the Ten Commandments on state land, the Williston Atheists have had enough and are suing the state to force them to be fair.

What would God's birthday party be like? Probably like this.

Mother Jones has found a way to replace Antonin Scalia with a random phrase generator.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the intersection between science and religion.

Suck it homophobes! Literally.

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Ladies and gentlemen, despite the best attempts of Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito to try and stop it, same-sex marriage is finally legal in every state in the USA! As you can expect, there are some pissed off Conservatives out there, like the person who wrote this letter. Christians are seeing the dismantling of their cultural control as a blessing in disguise thinking, now that same-sex marriage is legal, maybe people will want to become Christian again.

Had lunch and the table next to me had two kids. One was watching TV on a phone at full volume, the other was crying because the battery in his grandmother's phone had died and he couldn't play games. Even when their food came, the older boy continued to watch TV despite of his parents telling him to stop. The parents seemed totally unfazed by this lack of obedience and the overall disrespect of all the neighboring patrons. I kind of feel bad for the kids. Even though they're entirely obnoxious, it's really their useless parent's fault.

Kung Fury.

Obama's response to a heckler on matters of gay-rights is perfect.

Clementine Ford recently posted a racy (though non-nude) photo of herself protesting the Australian television show Sunrise for blaming women who had their private nude photos had been used as revenge by jilted ex-lovers. Ford was then met with hundreds of highly offensive and violent message from horrible men, to which she reported as abuse on Facebook. Facebook's staff looked at these posts and rejected many of them, even the ones where men were violently demanding that she kill herself. Rather than let it slide, Ford reposted the men's comments with Facebook's response that they weren't abuse. And while Facebook doesn't care if men send her death threats, they do care when Ford informs her readers that Facebook doesn't care, and they gave her account a 30-day suspension. Thankfully, there was a huge backlash, and Facebook reinstated her account, but they should be quite ashamed of themselves.

Vsauce talks about the science of dinosaurs.

Even though she's been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to preach abstinence to children, Bristol Palin has just explained that she is pregnant with her second out-of-wedlock child from a man different from her first child. I don't have any problem with her having sex outside of marriage, or having children from multiple men. What I have a problem with, is all the time she was telling children not to have sex unless you're married, she was being a hypocrite.

Look kids, pencils move in the breeze. Nothing supernatural about it.

Pay attention!

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The USA went from 12th place to 23rd place in the latest Gallup-Healthways Country Well-Being Report which measures the overall well-being of a nation's citizens.

Enjoy this Libertarian pamphlet about university professors indoctrinating students with inconvenient truths.

Jamie Oliver discusses America's obsession with torture including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's referencing the television series 24 as evidence that it works.

It didn't take long, but when the Freedom From Religion Foundation was informed about a Christian flag being flown at a courthouse in Warren, Arkansas, they explained to them why it was illegal, and the courthouse took it down shortly thereafter. Equal rights is often just as simple as asking.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and esophagus, and treatment required the removal of one-third of his tongue. Interestingly, Van Halen attributes his cancer to using metal guitar picks and often placing them in his mouth (he thinks brass and copper cause cancer), and spending a lot of his time in a recording studio (he thinks being near electrical wires causes cancer). He explained this to an interviewer while smoking a vaporizer and admitting to having been a cigarette smoker for decades. Nobody ever said being a rock star made you smart.

Some rather shocking poll results have been published by the Public Religion Research Institute. When asked if protesting helps America be a better country, most Americans (63%) say yes. When asked if a crowd of mostly white protesters is good, even more Americans (67%) say yes, but when asked if a crowd of mostly black protesters is good, suddenly most Americans (65%) say NO! Also, most Americans (62%) believe that God made America special. Most Americans (52%) feel you must believe in God to be truly American. There is some good news though. The younger generations was much less-likely to share the older crowd's racist, jingoistic, and bigoted views, and only a third of Americans (33%) believe it's very important to be Christian or born in America to be a true American.

A very interesting talk about the pros and cons of the decline of global languages.

Churches are implementing some nice Big Brother tactics to figure out who is in attendance, including closed-circuit video monitoring and facial recognition software.

Seriously folks, read a book!

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Does Fox News create racists, or do racists gravitate toward Fox News? Either way, polling data shows that it is the preferred channel for racists.

If you sync up these two videos, you'll see how the Coriolis Force only affects pools of water in extreme circumstances, not the water in your bathtub or toilet.

Sureshbhai Patel is left paralyzed after two cops smash his face to the ground for looking into someone's garage around a neighborhood while having dark skin and not speaking English.

Top secret documents were recently leaked which show the US government spying on top French government officials, including the nation's presidents, since 2006. The American response was effectively, "well, we're not doing it any more." That's so bad, it's not even a non-apology! Great work America, burn those bridges; who needs allies?

There are some impressive costumes seen in these pictures from gay pride festivals from around the world.

Why has college tuition gone up so much?

Christianity is the number one majority religion for most nations. But what do you think is the number two majority religion of most nations? According to a new Pew Forum poll, it's unaffiliated!

Even though the city attorney reminded the City Council members that they can't say prayers themselves, the officials of Flint, Michigan (my nearest metropolitan area) went right ahead and prayed anyway. This may result in a lawsuit, but pending that, the Michigan Satanists are looking to recite their prayers at the Flint City Council. Satanists have a way of sticking in the cralw of Christians, like their lawsuit against the state of Missouri for placing unnecessary restrictions on abortion.

I probably wouldn't vote for God.

The Internet is a wretched hive of scum and villainy

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The US military has a duty to retired soldiers to keep them alive, not just during combat, but for the rest of their lives. It sickens me to see them ignore all the damage they caused to veterans.

John Oliver talks about just how awful people can be toward women on the Internet.

Another megachurch preacher demonstrates that, just because you're telling tens of thousands of people how to live a moral life, doesn't mean you can't cheat on your wife as a form of payback.

SciShow explains what it would take to upload your mind onto a computer, and teaches us about mega-droughts.

Atheists are no longer the least electable people in the USA! That prize his now held by Socialists (i.e., people who subscribe to the political and economic model of sharing and helping the less fortunate). Catholics are still number one in spite of their rampant pedophilia and desecration of women's rights, because you can't be a good moral leader without those. Good job America, you made me remember why I do what I do!

Some interesting facts about the Punch-out!! franchise.

India is facing a deadly heatwave, and Christians have figured out a way to help them. No, not with huge amounts of clean water, shaded shelters, fans, air conditioning units, no, no, how would any of that help? No, Christians are sending them something that will actually help them! They're sending them radios so that they can listen to Christian broadcasts! Because, it may be hot in India, but not nearly as hot as the fires of HELL!

A primer in the chemical evolution form of abiogenesis.

Rolling in the nickels!

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The High Resolution Flag Database has just reached 100 sales!

I'm always a little terrified at the sheer ignorance of people who declare that the USA is a Christian Nation, and to hell with everyone else, but I'm a lot terrified when those people are government officials.

What it's like to be a cool American dad.

With the US Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage reaching it's final ruling (which will most likely favor same-sex couples) several Republican politicians are trying to preemptively stop it. Todd Courser, from Lapeer, Michigan (which is literally 20 minutes from my house), is trying to pass a law that will require marriage licenses to be a solemnized by ministers, even if both people are atheists. Courser's hope is that, since even the Federal ruling making same-sex marriage legal won't force ministers to marry against their barbaric beliefs, they'll just turn down every same-sex couple so they'll never be allowed to marry. Courser, of course, is only prolonging the inevitable and continuing to hold back the Republican Party, to which he has my gratitude.

Jurassic World could have been a good movie if they replaced all the dinosaurs with wiener dogs.

Tennessee police officer, Michael Wilson, didn't like the noise a group of children were making while playing volleyball at the church next to his house, so he took out a BB gun and started shooting the children. Police were called, but he was not arrested.

Why people who use the term "Islamaphobia" are the real bigots.

Despite their recent drop in numbers, probably due to their hatred of women and homosexuals, Christians continually cry that they're being discriminated against. Want an example? Christian pastor, Rick Scarborough, is convinced that, if same-sex marriage becomes legal, there will be mass-executions of Christians. He can have is imagined discrimination, but what does actual discrimination look like? Ask Amos Yee, a 16-year-old Singaporean teen who was thrown in prison and will be subjected to a possible three years of "Reformative Training" while in prison. His crime? According to the Singapore government, one of his YouTube videos wounded Christianity.

Slow Club's Complete Surrender has a pretty cool video.

Faking software with software faking hardware

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The thing about religions is, even if their barbaric views toward women, homosexuals, and children don't kill them, they'll end up killing themselves by protecting child-rapists. While it's traditionally Catholic priests with their vow of celibacy that causes them to turn to the helpless, it seems the rigid monogamy isn't doing any favors for Jehovah's Witnesses either. They just had to pay out another six-figure settlement for knowingly putting a girl in the presence of child-rapist, Peter Stewart.

Garfunkel and Oates put out another hilarious song about becoming a mom.

The US Treasury is finally breaking up the boy's club and preparing to change the face on the 10-dollar bill to a woman.

Want to know how the vitamins got their names? Or how the break the Internet?

Fundamentalist Christian Greg Gianforte is looking to run for governor of Montana. He's very much against the concept of retirement because it's not mentioned in the bible. As he says, "How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn't like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn't hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical." But it's not just telling people in their 80s to suck it up and get back to the mill, Gianforte also wants your children to believe, as he does, that The Flintstones was a documentary, not fiction.

An artificial intelligence created through neural net evolution that learns to play Super Mario World.

Dylann Roof, the white supremest drug addict from South Carolina who murdered nine black church-goers, has been caught and is in jail pending his trial. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what to expect from a pill-popping racist with a gun, but Conservative pundits can't quite seem to figure it out. Here is a growing list of what they think is to blame.

Steve Urkel controls everything in Family Matters.

When talking about climate change, usually you bring up pollution, scarcity of fuel, that sort of thing. Of course, if you're the Pope talking about climate change, you remind people not to use birth control or have abortions.

Republican Jody Hice believes that separation between church and state is a false belief (never mind that pesky First Amendment), and that secular beliefs lead to divorce, crime, and teen pregnancy. Of course, the truth is exactly the opposite. Secular nations, on average, have less divorce, lower crime, and far fewer pregnant teens.

Machine within a machine, within a machine

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More police corruption in the news. Santa Ana police raided a medical marijuana dispensary with guns drawn because the dispensary didn't have a permit. Seems a bit excessive for a place of business, but it gets much worse. The police then systematically destroyed all the surveillance cameras, but ineptly missed a few. The remaining cameras show the police spending the day playing darts, making fun of the shops disabled worker, and eating what appear to be pot brownies. That's good work boys!

The number of people in the country who have a great deal of confidence in organized religion is the lowest it has ever been since the questions has been asked!

Game Theory tries to construct a time line for Mario and Luigi.

One day, it is my dream that my yard be described as "relentlessly gay!"

Instant Karma's gonna get you!

Your home has been burned to the ground by angry militants trying to overthrow the government? What you need is a bible!

Jeez! Haven't you ever stripped for dogs before?

Walter Masocha, a Christian preacher who calls himself "The Prophet" sexually assaulted a little girl and an adult woman. But rather than throw him in jail, Sheriff of Stirling, Scotland, Kenneth McGowan decided to punish him by giving him community service because the Sheriff thinks he's suffered enough.

It's nice to see that Neil Pert of Rush finally outgrew his selfish ideals.

Those poor Christians who hold about 95% of the positions of power in the USA are being discriminated against!

But bitblting in a virtual machine is good times!

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Add Mexico to the list of countries that have effectively legalized same-sex marriage before the USA!

The same Republicans who side with corporations over actual people because that's where they get tons of bribes are often found violating the laws of corporations especially during election season. Case in point, Donald Trump used Neil Young's "Rockin' In the Free World" as his campaign theme song without Young's permission.

This is the sort of thing Christians think kids are into.

Ontario, Canada is banning anti-gay conversion "therapy" for anyone under 18.

GMOs give us our delicious cheese, specifically, cheese that doesn't require the butchering of baby cows.

SciShow gives us virgin births and the complexities of curing cancer.

Actually, I would be totally cool with a city whose visitors were welcomed by Superman.

No bitblting in non-visible desktops!

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Seeing as I'm sick, it's nice to know why only half of my nose works at a time. It's also good to know how recycling plants function.

Jeb! Bush's presidential logo is humor fodder.

Scientists have performed some bizarre studies in the past.

Fox News anchor, on the topic of being transgender, "If I self-identify as a cat do I have to pay taxes?" Aw man, what a great plan! Tell you what, go through several painful surgeries to add a tail, retractable claws, and pointed ears on the top of your head. Then, start taking hormones that cause you to grow hair all over your body. And if you figure out a way to develop superior night vision, then no... you will no longer have to pay taxes!

When is the best time in the day to drink coffee?

What an interview with God would probably be like.

Now here is a religion I could get into, Zone Theory!

Sick for Monday

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Over the weekend Emily and I saw Jurassic World (lame) and had a fun fire in the back with Wallee, Danielle, and Matt (awesome). Nothing better than staying up until the wee hours of the morning while sick. At least alcohol numbs the throat.

A digital Magna Carta is a good idea, though the current demands are a little redundant.

UK police are violating the privacy of a few thousand people by digitally scanning the faces of every single person who attends Download Festival. The police have made no mention of how long they'll keep the recorded data, but they have given a reason for why they're giving Orwell's Big Brother a run for his money. Have they had bomb threats? Terrorist activity? No... they're trying to curb the theft of mobile phones.

The Large Hadron Collider may have discovered the Higgs Boson, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to do.

Jozef Wesolowski, the Vatican's envoy to the Dominican Republic, is headed to trial for sexually abusing children.

Evangelical Christian and Fox "News" pundit Cal Thomas recently said that if we don't follow the bible on issues of marriage, we'll soon have polygamy and adults marrying children. Of course, both of those practices were widely condoned in the bible, which makes you wonder if Thomas has ever actually read the thing!

It's probably best to keep yogis out of your American yoga class.

What will comics be like if the authors remove anything that any religious group might find offensive? Find out in the latest Pearls Before Swine.

The Friendly Atheist comments on the incompatibility of science and religion, swearing an oath on the bible, and the fine-tuning argument.

The United States has some serious problems with water. Texas had a devastating drought which gave way to severe flooding, and California is also seeing extreme drought. Scientists will probably say that some extreme weather conditions are the result of the ebb and flow of chaotic systems exacerbated by global climate change, but who cares what scientists have to say when we can get our information from an ignorant Fundamentalist like California State Assembly member Shannon Grove who says that drought is caused by God getting angry that states allow abortion.

Sick for the weekend

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So-called "Australian" shepherds were actually bred in the USA!

In an effort to prove Tim Hunt right, female scientists have been posting pictures of themselves in their sexy laboratory attire.

New Horizons is getting closer to Pluto, and we're already getting some interesting images.

Some info about the women who helped put a stop to one of the most awful diseases children can get, whooping cough.

If people want to sell homemade food or drink to the public, are you okay with the idea of them needing to get an okay from a health inspector to ensure they're preparing their food or drink in a sanitary manner? After all, nobody wants to pay for food-borne illness, and if the seller didn't go through the process of getting a health permit, you can probably be sure they also don't have insurance to cover the doctor expenses for each of their customers. When adults try to sell food or drink to the public, this is expected. When kids do it, suddenly we're appalled at a nanny state that has gone too far.

Preaching religion, so easy, a child can do it.

I am so spiritual, I've become Ultra Spiritual!

On one hand, I think it's great that the USA takes separation of church and state seriously enough that, in order to force their religion upon others, Christians need to lie about their intentions. One the other hand, I think it's just despicable to see Christians lie about their intentions.

Dealing with the question, can science disprove gods?

Conspiracy 2.0!

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So-called "Doctor" Seuss didn't have a real degree!

Despite being smart enough to win a Nobel Prize, Tim Hunt couldn't wrap his brain around the idea of working alongside women in a laboratory. As he said, they either cry when you criticize them, or they become a distraction to the males. Thankfully, he decided to resign due to the backlash.

Bill Nye helps explain some NSFW science.

Japanese Legend of Zelda played in America.

Devout Christians Sarah and Nick Jensen want the rest of Australia to know, if the country votes for the legalization of same-sex marriage, they will get a divorce! To which the rest of Australia says, who cares? Also, even though same-sex marriage is here to stay, and most civilized countries have embraced it, Christianity Today is doubling-down and reminds its readers that they are still firmly anti-homosexual.

PZ Myers explains how good science requires constant vigilance.

Fox "News" made a fuss about Harvard Students accepting what their teachers taught them about the USA being a huge global threat, but they never bothered to address their claims.


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The so-called "Swedish Fish" that are distributed in North America are manufactured in CANADA!

Poor Rick Santorum. He was really hoping to give a detailed speech to his throngs of voters, but when he got to his campaign stop, only a single lone supporter was there to greet him! I wonder if this had anything to do with him, in an effort to chastise the Pope for accepting global warming, saying that we should leave science to the scientists?

Christians are always trying to paint doctors as villains for providing abortions, but here are a couple of profiles to show what they're really like.

People in power are usually very effective at quelling the masses, regardless of whether they deserve their ire.

At least the USA isn't the only country where the government listens in on their conversations. The UK government refuses to deny that they use their own cellular towers to which nearby phones will attach and allow them to capture sensitive data about every caller in the area. And yes, US police use these as well.

In an effort to keep his money in a bank that it just as bigoted as he, Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, closed his ministry's account at Wells Fargo, because the company aired an ad featuring a lesbian couple. Graham moved his vast wealth to North Carolina-based BB&T, a good Southern bank where they hate fags in the name of Jesus. But it turns out, that BB&T is actually quite progressive for a Southern company, and a proud supporter of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade! You really stuck it to the man, Graham! Pun intended.

Another day ruined by the paranoid, uneducated, and dogmatic

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The NSA's spying and surveillance of foreign and domestic users of American tech are expected to cost US companies about $35 billion in losses as people continue to go elsewhere for their tech needs. It's almost as if people don't like having all their personal information illegally scrutinized by the US government.

The board members of Rowan Country, North Carolina are not pleased with the precedence set forth by Greece v. Galloway or their judge's decision to uphold the Constitution and tell them they can't pray to Jesus at their meetings, so they've decided to use taxpayer money to appeal. Well that's a much better use of money than roads or schools! Well done gentleman! Please keep it up as long as possible and send your city down the tubes!

Measles was mostly eradicated thanks to vaccinations, but the antivaxers think retro is cool, so they're bringing it back. In their eyes, it's "natural" for a child to get their immunities by actually contracting a life-threatening disease rather than getting inoculated. Scientists have been studying the disease with modern tools that weren't available back when measles was rampant, and they're finding that the disease is more dangerous than we previously thought. While a child contracts measles, their immune system becomes compromised. Now, an immune system in an otherwise healthy child will bounce back and generate antigens capable of stopping the virus, but in this process, the majority of the body's other antigen producers are lost, and the body again becomes susceptible to diseases to which they were once immune. So, even if you were immune to mumps, whooping cough, rubella, etc. prior to getting the measles, the infection can make you susceptible to them again. However, when you're given a vaccination, your immune system begins producing antigens without first becoming compromised, which allows you to remain inoculated to all the other diseases.

If you are formally kicked out of the Jehovah's Witness church, you must go through an apostasy trial to see if you're really the evil sinner they think you are. If your are found guilty of apostasy, you will not only be kicked out of the church, but your family and friends inside of the church are expected to disown you entirely, or be accused of apostasy themselves. Normally, these trials are held behind closed doors, but former Witness Isaac decided it was best that outsiders see just how ridiculous these trials are. By having a spycam on his person, he was able to record the entire meeting: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

James reviews the Ouija Board and Domino Rally.

Game over

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Just finished reading Ready Player One. It was a lot of fun, if you're a huge nerd from the 1980s.

Abortion rates are on the decline all around the country, must be all those Conservative Christians who are trying to outlaw sexual education and ban aboortion, right? Ha, no! It's thanks to more comprehensive sex-ed and better access to birth control. And if that doesn't do it, I know one thing that will!

That a person can be held in the US prison system for three years without a trial is not only a violation of the Sixth Amendment, but a travesty of humanity. Kalief Browder's death is on all of our hands for allowing this to happen.

If you're trusting Donald "Hair Piece" Trump and Rob "Making Copies" Schneider to make medical decisions for your infant, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Just in case anyone forgot, the USA has a young-earth Creationists on its most supreme court.

It seems, no matter how many psychics you go to, they'll all be able to help you communicate with your dead sister... even if you never had one.

When people think "evil" they no longer think of devils with pointed tails and pitchforks, they think of the Catholic church.

I could use a weekend.

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Making your way down to Negrotown!

We're finally gonna see boner pills for women!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks Mars and Super Heroes on the Daily Show.

Pricilla Delmaro and her husband Bobby Evans will be enjoying jail for some time after getting caught trying to steal $700,000 from a man who wanted a psychic to help him get over the death of his girlfriend. The difference between these "psychics" stealing close to a million dollars and people like James Van Praagh and John Edward, is that one of them isn't popular enough to claim it's legit.

Arctic ice continues to shrink at an unprecedented rate.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners adds their name to the ever-growing list of doctors who say homeopathy is junk.

The the continuing decrease of Conservative Christians in America, the most insane possible Republican presidential candidate is probably a good thing.

Still don't like the Windows API.

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The kid on the Fruity Pebbles box is seriously terrifying.

Saudi Arabia, the country that likes to execute men for singing in public or women for driving a car, wants to be the new head of the Human Rights Council for the United Nations. Hell, why not North Korea?

Baby goats in pajamas.

The Fox News Duggar interview is just as horrific as you'd expect. Shockingly, Funny or Die accurately predicted how it would go down.

The Daily Show finds out the future of Christianity... is robots.

Until just a few days ago, Diptheria hadn't been seen in Spain for near three decades, but some antivaxer parents allowed her son to bring the infection back!

Mr. Deity doesn't want to give away the good bits up front.

Workin' like a dog!

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Did you ever have a centimeter-wide strip of rubber tear off from your tires while you're driving and wrap around your axle and slap against the ground and your car? It's not a pleasant sound!

Columbia passes harsher punishment for hate crimes toward women. Good on you!

Disney really cheaped-out in its earlier years.

Zach Kopplin explains how the bible is the science textbook if choice for many schools in Louisiana.

The Muppets help explain why tooth brushing ruins the flavor of orange juice and sing along with Lindsey Stirling & Josh Gorban.

Looks like the Josh Duggar Story is even worse than previously thought and more instances of sexual molestation have come out.

God is a brand.

Soooo annoyed by the Windows GDI API

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Your genes change with the seasons? WTF? And info on the Nepal Earthquake and then some.

Mike Huckabee doesn't understand that people who go through years of gender reassignment surgery aren't doing it because they want to watch girls shower.

Lindsey Stirling's new music video is a trippy vertigo inducer.

When a woman discovered that her husband, Jordan Root, loved child pornography, she decided to get a divorce, but the church they belonged to, The Village Church, told her that if she tried to get a divorce, they would have to discipline her!

A brief interview of Dawkins and how biology changes the world.

Microsoft is now an adware company

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Microsoft bundled adware into the latest round of Windows Updates under a false description. Kind of reminds me of Gator/Gain spyware from the early 2000s. You can remove it by following the instructions on this site.

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut claim they're going "natural," but when natural doesn't have an agreed upon definition, what does that really mean?

Ian McEwan explains the importance of free speech, especially unpopular speech.

This is the current state of US politics. Seriously?

Good Christian steps for raping coercing your wife into having sex with you.

Before leaving office, Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan, bans female genital mutilation.

City officials in Pittsylvania County, Pennsylvania have lost a total of $75,000 of tax payer's money in their multiple failed attempts to defend praying to Jesus at their meetings.

Lewis and Clark battle Bill and Ted in an Epic Rap Battle.

Islam's sexism expands to Canada while Judaism's sexism expands to the UK.

Making it fun when a Jehovah's Witness shows up at your door.