July, 2015

That was bracing

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WikiLeaks posted new information about how the USA has been spying on top Japanese officials for over a decade. The NSA had better hope this doesn't affect the export of Hello Kitty, or there'll be hell to pay!

SciShow talks about the most advanced robots in the world and creepy globs found in the ocean.

There is a new anti-abortion tactic where the state is trying to remove a woman's parental rights over her child so she can't make the decision to abort. Of course, since the woman wants an abortion, the still hasn't given birth, which means she doesn't yet have a child, which means she isn't a parent, which means there are no parental rights to take away, but these are Alabama Christians so honesty and intelligence are nowhere to be found. Remember, this is a state where the Governor appoints a fundamentalist Christian who was home-schooled his entire life and has no professional education experience to the State Board of Education.

Biblical historian Bart Ehrman explains how the problem of suffering caused his deconversion from Christianity.

Angel Dillard is a Christian terrorist who shows Jesus's love by telling a doctor, "You will be checking under your car everyday ó because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it," because Jesus was all about murder threats. Dillard is arguing that she didn't mean that as a threat, and believes she should be protected by free speech, but a judge disagrees and has given the green light to a trial by jury.

What was life life for Neanderthals when Homo sapiens entered Europe?

Boy, do you have any idea how black you were going?

What's the deal with that?

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Transgender rights really aren't that difficult to understand.

Give the middle finger to a cop for calling you a, "faggot," and expect to be beaten and imprisoned! But that's not nearly as bad as when you show up for a party thinking a cop's house is your friend's. A, yet unidentified, off-duty police officer woke up at 2:00 AM to some teens ringing his doorbell and banging on his door (front and back). He proceeded to yell and curse at them. Realizing their mistake, the teens returned to their car and drove away, but then they noticed the cop had pulled out his laser-sighted pistol! As the teens tried to drive off, the cop shot at them three times in the middle of a subdivision! Not content with almost murdering someone for a mistaken address, the cop then called in squad cars to stop the teen's vehicle. During the chase, one of the teens fled on foot. The other two were arrested by the police. Again, not content, the police sent out canine units and a helicopter to find the final teen, which they did. The excuse the police used for this insane use of force was that the original cop though the teens were trying to rob him. It probably never occurred to him that burglars don't usually ring the doorbell and wait for someone to come to the door. All three teens are being held, even though no criminal charges have been brought up, and likely never will as there's nothing illegal about trying to run away for a lunatic with a gun.

Some more trivia about the Final Fantasy series.

The schools of Fremont, Colorado had a long history of trying to force their version of Christianity on their students, and this didn't sit well for one of the Jewish teachers. After complaining about their indoctrination, the teacher was demoted. This led to a lawsuit, and the district ended up losing big in a settlement where they agreed to all of the lawsuit's demands rather than face certain defeat in court. When you read about how flagrant their indoctrination was, it's pretty obvious why they capitulated.

The crazy-intricate engineering behind a film projector.

I like the freedom of being an adult, but not the responsibilities of being an adult.

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Air planes fly as high as they do to save fuel.

The dentist who "hunted" a lion is getting the public shame he deserves.

John Oliver takes a few cheap shots.

Rowan County, North Carolina has decided to learn the expensive way that they can't keep their exclusive prayers to Jesus; just ask Orange County, California which had their first atheist invocation.

You may think that the speed of light is hella-fast, but when you compare it to the size of the solar system, suddenly it's incredibly slow. This video shows light leaving the sun and heading out into the universe in scale time. It takes 43 minutes just to reach Jupiter!

The videogame says, "play me!"

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American's waste a lot of food!

It took federal acceptance of same-sex marriage, but the Boy Scouts of America has finally agreed to eliminate the bans on homosexual scout leaders. But, they still refuse to let atheists join.

Interestingly, there are more women who regret having children, than regret having an abortion. Not that "regret" is a good argument for legality.

God ordered this Christian group to name themselves, "Touch 'Em All Ministries."

The design of aluminum cans is a lot more complex than you'd think.

Oh, not again

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I wanna fuck you like an animal!

The new Terraria patch is stealing away all my free time because it's so good!

When it comes to protecting child rapists, the Jehovah's Witnesses are just as bad as the Catholics.

Students of color talk about what it's like to deal with prejudice.

A federal appeals court has ruled that pharmacist are not allowed to refuse to fill prescriptions if they themselves wouldn't take the medicine (e.g., birth control). The rights of a patient trump the rights of bigoted pharmacists!

Super Mario Bros. was probably not the best movie ever made.

Did you know that learning how to properly put on a condom is as dangerous as playing with a bunch of rattlesnakes and that equality between wives and husbands is worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Detroit may not have much going for it, but at least they unveiled a Satanist monument and required you to pledge your soul to Satan in order to view it.

Islam is not a race, it is a religion, and it is deserving of criticism, regardless of despicable deeds of Muslim terrorists.

Kentucky State Police officer, Scott Steward, who is very proud to be a white heterosexual Christian thinks burning a Muslim's house to the ground is funny. This is a bit scary, considering he also an arson investigator.

I dressed myself!

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So many sphynxes!

If you can't beat them at brain power, at least you can beat them in looks.

Fun facts about Tetris.

Here is a map of all 75 mass-shootings in the USA only since Sandy Hook in 2012. This is a problem that is not going to be solved by more guns because the shooters aren't interested in living, they're interested in killing. Even if everyone else had a gun, there would still be several casualties.

Religion is shrinking everywhere, even in Antarctica.

The immune response of the sunburn is almost as cool as microscopes that can see smaller than lightwaves.

Donald Trump is a disgusting pig of a man. Not only is he ridiculed by Liberals, he's even mocked by the other members of his own party. But, while Liberals trash him for calling Mexican rapists and saying that captured and tortured US soldiers aren't heroic, Conservatives trash him for not being close enough to their god.

What's the deal with the confirmation of pentaquarks?

This article should have been retitled, 6 reasons cops have too much power.

Are you there God? No... no you're not.

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If it was God's plan that the Duggars use television to spread their barbaric religion, doesn't that also mean it was God's plan for their son to molest all those little girls?

There's an algorithm for pushing a button.

Rachel Maddow has to explain to Rick Santorum the very basics of the USA's Constitutional law and why, yes, Congress can attempt to make any law they want, but the Supreme Court decides if it is constitutional, and if it isn't, it's struck down. If you want to go against that ruling, you can't just pass a law saying "nuh-uh!" you need to amend the Constitution.

SciShow talks about the horrifying beast that is Deep Dream and why certain smells trigger childhood memories.

Hmm, Shaka Zulu or Julius Caesar? Gonna have to go with the Zulus.

Yes Virginia, trying to sue a scientist because you think that maybe they called you stupid proves to everyone that you are, in fact, stupid.

Don't trust the headlines, teens did not invent condoms that color change in the presence of STIs.

I learned everything I needed to know about Islam on 9/11.

Are you there Margaret? It's me, God.

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The new up-close pictures of Pluto are pretty awesome, but physicists are not very impressed with Pluto. Chemists, however, are interested in the on-board plutonium.

The arrest video of Sandra Bland has been released, and it's pretty awful. Officer Brian Encinia stopped Bland for failing to signal while changing lanes. While talking to her, he asked that she put out her cigarette. Bland, rightfully so, explained that she was in her car and didn't have to. At this, Officer Encinia decided that she needed to leave her car. Police -are- legally allowed to order you out of your car without reason (which is bullshit), and Bland said no; again, there is no reason for a cop to order a person out of their car for a failure to signal at a lane change, or refusing to put out their cigarette in their own car. After Bland refused to leave her car, Officer Encinia opened her door an tried to pull her out saying, "Iím going to yank you out of here," and, "Iím going to drag you out of here." Bland shouted, "Donít touch me, Iím not under arrest," and then Officer Encinia's power trip reached its peak. He pulled out a Taser, pointed it at Bland, and said, "I will light you up!" Not wanting to be electrocuted, Bland got out of her car. Then, Officer Encinia walked Bland out of view of his dash cam and where Bland can be heard saying, "[Officer Encinia] just slammed my head to the ground." Officer Encinia claimed that he had to throw Bland to the ground after she became combative. Bland was then arrested, cuffed, and hauled off to jail for refusing to let her civil liberalities be violated. Interestingly, Officer Encinia made no mention of trying to drag Bland out of her car or threatening her with his Taser. According to police, Bland was found dead in her cell, apparently from hanging herself with her cell's trash bag. Being hauled off to jail for a minor traffic violation is awful by itself, but a death while in police custody from a traffic violation is incomprehensible. There is an internal investigation being conducted, but then, there's always an internal investigation, and justice is rarely served.

Speaking of cops abusing their power, Stone's County Sheriff's Office in Missouri wants criminals to know that God himself has sent police officers, and that only criminals (or Muslims, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc.) need fear the police, it says so right in the doctored bible verse they have on their web site!

Which is more dangerous to the USA? ISIS or American Right-wing extremists?

Rick Santorum is very upset that public schools have banned books that say marriage is an important part of raising a stable family. Spoiler alert, they don't!

That's what she said

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The abscess in the skin below my jaw has shrunk from the size of a marble to the size of a pea. Progress.

What happens when you fill a Pythagoras Cup with mercury?

What if authors wrote the about female musicians the way the write about male musicians?

Aron Ra talks about how religions never seem to get the big picture of cosmology.

A school in Georgia finally learned to stop forcing Christianity on its students, but it was a lesson that cost the taxpayers $22,500.

After years of Christian prayers opening the DeLand, Florida City Council meetings, they finally allowed a secular invocation to be given by Jake Lee Smith. They rewarded hid efforts by giving him a lapel pin with a Christian cross on it.

A lot of people see lawsuits as frivolous when secularists demand the government remain neutral by not displaying religious iconography. But let's not forget that when you let religion go unchecked, you get places like the Middle East, where even the more progressive United Arab Emirates have banned all criticism of religion. And while you may think something like that would never happen in the US, keep in mind that there are plenty of Americans who want to prevent Muslims from being allowed to have a place to bury their dead.

And with that, Will Gervais, no relation to Ricky Gervais, talks about several instances of prejudice against atheists.

I don't know about anyone but me

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Had a great weekend hanging out at two gatherings of friends and foolishly starting a new character in Terraria.

Beth Landau-Halpern taught a class on how the scientific approach to medicine is wrong, and why students should believe in magical healing instead. However, after a successful protest by the student body of the University of Toronto, her quack class has been canceled, and she's lost her staff position. How a woefully inadequate teacher like Landau-Halpern ever made it to Toronto University can easily explained as nepotism. As it turns out, her husband is the Dean of the campus to which she was hired. It's a shame that the corruption in the University of Toronto had to be eliminated by the students rather than the faculty.

Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about Pluto.

Here's a child visiting Heaven story that's actually quite believable.

The Magnus Effect has a very interesting result with a basketball dropped from a dam.

When a young man with Down syndrome didn't comply with Deputy Jeffrey Guy's orders, he gave the mentally impaired man a severe beating that included smashing his face onto the pavement, whacking him with a metal bar, and spraying him in the face with pepper spray. The San Diego, CA police department decided to settle their dispute with the family by giving them $1,000,000 of the taxpayer's money, but they refuse to fire Deputy Jeffrey Guy, even though he admits that he would do the same thing again.

Baby monotremes are super adorable fetuses.

I don't know when that road turned onto the road I'm on

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Don't ask the NYPD why they're searching you for a noise complaint, or they'll beat you.

What if Pokťmon evolution was actually scientific?

Arizona Police officer Jeremy Sweet, driving an unmarked van, didn't like being honked at for his reckless driving. After being honked at, he slowed down to make the other driver pass him, then tried to ram his car with his van. After that, he drove up alongside the other car and drew a gun on the two passengers. With his finger on the trigger, he told them to be careful who they honk at next time. He should have been careful who he points a gun at, because it turned out to be a former State Senator who had worked for the state for 10 years. Officer Sweet has thankfully been arrested for aggravated assault, but I wonder how many times in the past he has pulled his gun on innocent people who didn't have political clout.

Some of the minor problems with Jurassic World.

Want to ruin the arguments of a Conservative Christian, pretend you worship Satan.

Coke cans in liquid nitrogen.

A former Ford employee, Thomas Banks, was fired after posting hate-speech against homosexuals on Ford's internal web site and is now suing the company because, in his eyes, the government must protect his hate-speech because it is religious in nature. After telling all his co-workers that homosexual behavior leads to death, doesn't benefit anyone, and Ford should be ashamed for thinking otherwise, his lawsuit asks that the court give him the same respect he shows to all people. Be careful what you wish for!

10 of the problems with the bible's writing style.

I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on

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I recently finished reading Cryptonomicon. Fantastic book!

As freedom-loving Texans continue to ban books, one librarian is saving them.

NPR recounts the seedy business that is pop music.

Being a Jehovah's Witness means abstaining from pretty much everything fun and exciting in life. You can't drink alcohol or even caffeine, you can't wear sexy lingerie, you can't be involved in politics or vote, you can't even play competitive sports. Unless, of course, you're a famous Jehovah's Witness who can bring in more converts, then the rules no longer apply.

Being gay in Russia is still really dangerous.

Churches are essentially money pits. People throw gobs of money into them, and while they sometimes accidentally do good works, they mostly just use their tithes to proselytize (i.e., advertise). However, as an unspoken rule, churches never require its members to pay tithes. Well, all that has changed with the Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. These Christians aren't of the money-is-the-root-of-all-evil variety, and are actually demanding that their congregates pay a monthly bill!

Italian grandmothers aren't too keen on Olive Garden.

What kind of world do we live in when you protect a child molester, and suddenly your TV show gets canceled!

New Horizons is taking some amazing pictures of Pluto. Here is a brief video explaining just how difficult it of a mission it has been.

Well, here's a fun way to deal with a Fox News interview.

Fictional conversion stories are actually really hard to believe.

You might just be able to fight a ticket if the sign uses improper grammar!

Cops kill another unarmed women by shooting her in the face.

She was only fifteen

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Can't Christians come up with any original ideas?

If the Christians who make anti-choice ads are to be believed, every woman who has ever had an abortion regrets their decision for the rest of their lives, but the evidence shows that, years after their abortions, 95% of women still believe it was the right choice to make.

Cristina Rad covers 22 popular arguments against same-sex marriage.

Jesus refused to pay the tab for this poor women, landing her in jail.

Oh, those silly secularists and their desire for equal rights.

So that's how I do the most basic aspects of my job!

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Dent County, Missouri commissioners voted to fly the nation's flag at half-staff for an entire year to mourn the fact that same-sex couples can marry.

Putting the Hubble Deep Field photo into perspective.

Recently, Mississippi schools had to shell out $15,000 for trying to push Christianity on their students, but they continued to preach to their kids, so they lost another lawsuit and had to dish out another $7,500 to a student and pay all the legal costs of the American Humanists Association. The courts are anticipating a third violation, so they setup an automatic system, where the next time the school tries to convert a student, they won't even bother with the lawsuit, they'll just be forced to pay $10,000 for each instance. The real losers here are are the students themselves, as all of the money lost in these trials comes from the local taxpayers which should have went to funding the school.

SciShow tells us about ASMR and the so-called female Viagra.

Steve Prohm, the new head coach of the men's Iowa State basketball team plans on introducing a new tactic into this year's training to help bring victory to the college. No, it isn't practicing fundamentals or motivating the players, it's prayer! Because if you can appease Prohm's god, you can dunk from half-court!

Some of the wonderful forgeries found in the Book of Mormon.

Pluto is looks pretty good from a few billion miles away!

So, that's why Slip N Slides are for kids

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Emily and I are thoroughly sore and exhausted from our outdoor weekend at the Secular Summer Retreat, but we have plenty of fond memories!

New Horizons is teaching us more about Pluto and the other trans-Neptunian objects in the Kuiper Belt.

GMO-free water proves that there is a sucker born every second.

The US Army continues to tell enlisted soldiers which of their deeply-held religious beliefs are real, and which are fake.

The wall of crosses at the Gregg County Clerk's office in Texas came down and the clerk is without the need for a lawsuit.

How far do you need to go into a prostitution sting operation before you can arrest the criminal? According to the police in Fort Smith, Arkansas, you actually have to have sex with the prostitute before you can be sure that they're a prostitute. They also fired the whistle-blower officer, because having the taxpayers foot the bill for cops who want to bang prostitutes isn't nearly as bad as an when an officer outs their criminal behavior.

Maybe there is something to this form of meditation?

No doubt you've heard a sob story where a poor innocent Christian teacher was reprimanded for doing something completely harmless like trying to convert an entire classroom of children to their religion? These are usually embellished with the most ridiculous lies to justify them, but what happens when the tables are turned, and a public school's Christian faculty turns a non-believer's classroom into a Sunday School lesson?

C. Allen McConnell came to his calling as a Judge after witnessing the anti-racist Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Apparently, he didn't learn much from this because he's refusing to accept the Civil Rights Movement of homosexuals.

Home, home on the range...

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This weekend, Emily and I are heading to Gunn Lake to enjoy the company of fellow skeptics, atheists, and free thinkers at the Secular Summer Retreat.

The world's best Christian explains the difference between religious expression and religious oppression.

Athletes In Action is a Christian organization whose goal is to use sports to convince school children to change their religion. This in itself is fully legal, though quite despicable. What is illegal is when Mike DeWine, the Attorney General of Ohio, decides to give giving Athletes In Action $300,000 of taxpayer money to preach to children. Thankfully, this underhanded deal didn't go unnoticed to the FFRF.

SciShow teaches up what berries are actually fruits and how a regular bee becomes the queen bee.

If you're going to say that your religion had nothing to do with you refusing to grant a same-sex license, you probably shouldn't do it in front of your giant wall of Christian crosses.

Makeup or no makeup, a woman just can't win.

After serving years in prison for tax fraud, Kent Hovind is finally out on parole. His first act as a semi-free man was to post a picture of himself with a known child-molester protector, Jim-Bob Duggar. Not exactly an auspicious start!

Veritasium learns from his mistakes.

I'm talkin' softball, from Maine to San Diego

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It may be unethical, but that doesn't stop the NYPD from issuing unnecessary tickets to reach their quotas, and then later destroying the evidence. At least they're not as bad as this Maryland cop who raped a woman at gunpoint.

Vsauce talks about owning outer space.

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, is becoming the villain in her own life story by refusing to issue marriage licenses even though it is part of her government job.

SciShow talks about the freaky fish with human-like teeth and why it won't do you any goo to eat your own placenta.

Saudi Arabia isn't what you'd call a progressive country, they still ban women from driving, and their media contains some of the most ignorant hate speech imaginable against atheists.

You've probably seen those headlines which read something like, "14-year-old discovers this amazing trick that scientists never thought of before!" Do you know why scientists never thought of these ideas? Because they're bad ideas that only a dilettante would consider, but that doesn't mean the ideas won't receive a lot of funding.

Why is it that Ysrael Bien, a priest at St. Francis Catholic Church, never did anything after he had been shown a hidden camera placed in the churches men's room toilet? The answer can probably be figured out when we learn that the priest was given a leave of absence during a police investigation.

Epic rap battles of history pits against each other philosophers from the East and West.

There is something wrong when police are stopping you just so they can give you religious pamphlets and make you pray.

Does prayer actually help? No.


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Recently, the state of Oklahoma lost their case of arguing that the Ten Commandments monument on government grounds didn't violate the state's separation of church and state, but this didn't sit well with Oklahoma Republicans. They decided that, if their constitution doesn't allow them to place religious monuments on government property, why remove the monument when you can just change the constitution? They may even pull it off, though they'll still have to deal with the ultimate federal government case. Really all this is doing is just costing the state millions and wasting valuable time that could be spent actually making Oklahoma a better place.

Oh no! Activist judges are going to make us sodomize each other!

Small towns, ljust like big cities, have a habit of violating the separation of church and state clause in US Constitution too, that doesn't mean the FFRF is picking on them.

Stephen Colbert pretty much nails the Donald Trump presidency announcement.

Well, nobody ever said football players were smart.

I'm a couple days late, but happy Tau Day!

Take a deep breath and count back from ten, and maybe you'll be alright

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Emily got a blender that can make snow cones. Diabetes, here I come!

Brevard County, Florida Commissioners make it clear, non-religious people are not welcome to give an invocation because invocations are about using government institutions to honor their god, and anyone who thinks differently is not only hostile against those poor minority Christians, but unfamiliar with the Constitution! I look forward to their upcoming payout to the FFRF.

Yet another example that giving teens education and access to birth control not only decreases the spread of STIs, but it also decreases the number of unwanted pregnancies. Meanwhile, eliminating sexual education and replacing it with abstinence, only causes an increase if STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Long exposure of glowworms make caves look amazing.

The Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, and News.com.au are all very upset about the sob story presented by Belle Gibson, the woman who claimed she cured her cancer with a whole host of New Age mumbo jumbo, made a ton of money convincing other people to try the same, and was then outed for never actually having had cancer. But it was, in fact, all three of these outlets who were promoting her obvious bullshit until the real journalists at 60 Minutes broke the story of her lies.

Stephen Colbert helps celebrate same-sex marriage.

Esben Lunde Larsen, a Danish man, is fairly racist and refers to black people using the derogatory term, "negre." He's also a Christian Creationist who believes, not in the big bang or evolution, but that the universe was created by his god. He's not even interested in how the universe came into being, he just chalks it up as one of his god's great mysteries. All of this spells doom for Denmark, as he was just appointed head of the nation's scientific research department! *shudder*

Tackling four taboos of parenting.

I want to be the girl with the most steak

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What kind of country is it where you call one entire race of people rapists, and suddenly nobody wants you to endorse their products anymore.

Republican Mike Huckabee explains what's wrong with same-sex marriage, it's about pleasing people and love, not about the thing that really matters, signing contracts!

After talking about Nazis, Christian preacher Mat Staver assures us that the recent ruling allowing same-sex marriage is just the beginning; soon, the US Department of Education will be demanding that 5ive-year-olds start experimenting with homosexual sex.

Americans celebrated the 4th of July, even though many of them had no idea why.

The Oslo Catholic diocese in Norway has been accused of fraud for purposely inflating their number of members in hopes of receiving more money from the government. This backfired, and after finding out about it, the Norwegian government is demanding back $5.1 million!

Surprising adults with their most cherished childhood toys.

Now that they have legal backing, churches are starting to finally accept same-sex marriage and allow it among their ranks. While there were a few courageous churches like the Unitarian Universalists who were doing it before the Supreme Court ruling, the churches who are doing it now are too little too late.

Death isn't such a bad thing.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

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Why is it we have so many people rooting for the South? Probably because they don't know the truth about the South because modern Southerns lie to their children. To give you an idea of just how out of touch with American history these people are, here are some of the questions you can expect to get about slavery while giving tours of a historic Southern plantation.

The Oatmeal explains American to non-Americans.

SciShow gives us a brief history of time... keeping and explains why things fade in the sun.

Republican Bobby Jindal, who is a Young-Earth Creationist, had a lot of interesting questions with his #AskBobby hashtag.

Here's a fun animation that show's the evolution of humans going all the way back 545 million years.

Prior to Jonas Salk creating the polio vaccine, people could buy Polio Insurance.

Casselberry, Florida offers a summer camp for children, and, until now, that summer camp involved trying to convert the children to a specific brand of Christianity. The FFRF convinced the city to stop sending the kids to church. Now, if only all instances of the state-church integration could go this smoothly without wasting taxpayer's money!

Some more of the wonderful things religion has contributed to the world.

Know your Confederate Flag.

Maybe it's not always me

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What happens when airport police take a college student's life savings for the crime of carrying too much money? 13 different police departments end up fighting over who gets to keep Charles Clarke's money, who will probably have to drop out of college now. This is nothing new for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport who continue to seize more money from their passengers every year, even though the total number of passengers continues to decline; over $10,000,000 in the past 10 years! And, unlike in public where you can at least attempt to deny the police from ransacking your belongings, at the airport, they are required to ransack your belongings, and if you have a lot of cash, they're practically required to take it.

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has ruled that, even though it was donated by a private group, the Ten Commandments monument on the state Capitol violates the state's constitution. Naturally, the Republicans in the state are calling for the impeachment of all of the judges who ruled in favor of the ACLU, which is 7 out of the 9, which would leave the court awfully sparse!

Yvette d'Entremont explains the many problems with trusting the nutritional advice of cranks like the Food Babe.

Conservatives are still crying about the ban on same-sex marriage being lifted. Republican, Jason Rapert reminds minorities that they only have rights because he chooses to give them rights. The lawyer of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore writes that public officials are actually ministers of his god who must punish the wicked.

Thankfully, there are still people who are capable of seeing the dangers of mixing religion and government. The Colorado Supreme Court struck down the state's voucher program that would use taxpayer's money to fund Christian schools, and the ACLU and FFRF continue to fight the Religious Restoration Act, the law that allows corporations to ignore Federal laws because the company claims to have religious views.