August, 2015

My back hurts.
Here, let me lay on you.

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Mike Ciavarella, one of the Judges behind the Kids For Cash scandal who was accepting bribes in order to send around 4,000 teens unnecessarily to corporate prisons was sentenced to 28 years. I sure hope they send the rest of the prison owners in there along with him.

Obama is going to rename Mount McKinley to the original Alaskan native name, Mount Denali. Thanks Obama.

Is your periodic table wrong?

The Ten Commandments monument at a Pennsylvania public school will remain in place, but not because it's Constitutional. While the Judge ruled that the monument indeed violates the First Amendment because it is a promotion of religion (the Christian defense was claiming that the Ten Commandments are entirely secular in nature), the Christian defense was able to drag out the court case long enough that the student who filed the lawsuit graduated. And even though the judgment is that the monument violates the US Constitution, since the student no longer attends school there to be damaged by it, the monument may remain until another justice-seeking student files another lawsuit.

Trying on atheism for a year tends to convert you.

As the planet slowly becomes less religious, a lot of churches are having to cut their staff, but they're not taking it very well. The Southern Baptist Convention, for example, is claiming that their roughly 700 person layoff is part of God's sovereign plan.

Look, I'm not saying, "If you give me money, God will cure your cancer," I'm just saying that, "A woman once gave me money, and God cured her baby's cancer."

Super happy adventure quest!

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Skeptics in the Pub tonight!

Humankind's greatest delusion is the thought that we will be here forever.

Not like anyone should be surprised, but an independent research group has confirmed that the Christians who created the "undercover" Planned Parenthood video had deliberately edited the video to be misleading. Republicans still used it as reason to waste money investigating Planned Parenthood, and their investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing. But that won't stop Christians from continuing to dig through the trash at abortion clinics in hopes of finding personal information they can use to exploit people. It really says something about people who are against abortion that they have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to make their arguments persuasive.

Who's really the hero in Super Mario Bros., and who is evil.

Vester Lee Flanagan, the gunman who murdered two people on live television a couple days ago was a Jehovah's Witness, and in his manifesto, he claimed he was murdering people because it was what his god wanted him to do. This was reported by Fox News's Bill O'Reilly as, every mass shooter in the past 40 years has been non-religious, and Flanagan murdered because he turned away from spirituality. You'd think it would hurt to be that wrong.

Atheists add some color commentary to the Young-Earth propaganda film, Expelled.

Don't be so in love with yourself, 'cause I'm not

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Changed Emily's flat tire last night. Chicks love a man with dirty hands and bloody knuckles!

I added a bunch of cheats to the NES game, Heavy Barrel.

Jenny Lewis is interviewed on Sound Advice.

The Dean of Liberty University Law School recently gave a talk about how US law works, and for a segment, almost everything she said was wrong! You'd think that, working at a school of law, she would know what her school taught, or at the very least, had one of the many US law professors at the school vet her notes before hand. Imagine being a student who paid tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree from this place! This would be shocking if Liberty University were a real school, but when you learn that they're a Christian college, suddenly everything makes sense. So, when Dean Rena Lindevaldsen explains that, not only should the US government create and enforce laws in order to further the Christian agenda, but it's illegal for the government to make any law that doesn't hold with the Protestant bible! Really? Okay, let's take the Ten Commandments for example. The very first commandment reads that people shouldn't worship gods other than Yahweh. What does the very first US Constitutional Amendment read? That government shall not respect any established religion! I feel really bad for the Liberty University graduates who now have to pay back their student loan debt with useless degrees.

The Josh Duggar train keeps on pumping away! He's now checked into a treatment center to deal with his numerous sexual problems after it came out that he paid a porn star for rough sex.

A quick primer on the difference between atheist and agnostic and how they're used today.

This dog is keeping me young!

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Several very eye-opening facts about guns.

Conservatives are always talking about our Judeo-Christian heritage, so why is it, when you put up a sign that reads, "Welcome Home," in Hebrew (language of the Old Testament and the Jews), they think it's a Muslim terrorist attack?

Here's a wonderful tribute to Carl Sagan.

A new study of American Catholics shows two surprising things. First, most American Catholics disagree with the major points of Catholicism. Most American Catholics are in favor of same-sex marriage and even a whopping 74% think abortion should be legal except for rare cases. The second and even more surprising thing is that of the Catholics who favor same-sex marriage, the majority don't even know that the Pope is still against it!

So why don't the votes of Washington D.C. matter?

When you're playing competitive sports, never celebrate too soon.

America's best Christian teaches us a wonderful parable.

Keep ALL the appointments!

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Lucy's vet visit went well, though the vet was slow, a little smelly, and anti-social, Lucy's eye is continuing to improve. My dentist visits went well, and I'm free from cavities; time to drink Dr. Pepper.

After some Christian liars use creative editing to convince a bunch of other gullible Christians that Planned Parenthood was selling human body parts, politicians decided that Planned Parenthood needed to be investigated... again. Turns out, not only were they not selling human body parts, everything else they were doing was on the level.

Peter Boghossian talks about changing religious minds.

For those people who still don't believe there is a rape culture on college campuses.

It's tough to be a chicken farmer.

Christian Reconstructionists often hire unqualified failures like David Barton to rewrite history in public school textbooks in order to remove embarrassments like slavery and inject Christianity.

It's probably best that there isn't a Street Fighter / Smash Bros. crossover.

Dentist time!

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Lucy's doing great in her obedience training. She's learned how to drop toys on demand, leave nasty things alone, and lie down upon request. We're also getting better and making her less fearful of her crate for when we have to leave.

John Oliver's exposé on televangelists has been making the rounds all over social media.

That moment when a Muslim and child rapist apologist Hamza Tzortzis gets his comeuppance by appearing in the Ashley Madison leak. Even better than the exposure of the account of Christian apologist Sam Rader.

Mario isn't he pickup artist that he thinks he is.

Tony Yarber, Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi has a sure-fire way to deal with the potholes that plague his streets: prayer.

Simon's Cat loves pizza.

Where do we go from here?

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Making progress toward a titanium set of armor in Terraria. Also had my first footwear-related casualty this morning after Lucy chewed up one of my sandals while I was in the shower.

Added new cheats to the Adventures In the Magic Kingdom.

Keep recycling, just get better at it.

It's actually the Christians who need to be saved.

The Orlando International Airport is opening a "Reflection Room" so passengers can enjoy some quiet reflection before their flight. While the room may be used Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc., it is also equipped with washing basins, shoe cubicles, and a directional sign so that Muslims may face Mecca when they pray. This was done because the Orlando airport is now including flights to the United Arab Emirates. Well, Christians don't like this one bit!

Despite being pretty nice people, the public has a very negative view toward atheists.

Gilbert Public School District in Arizona now features science textbooks that are against teaching students about sexual education and anti-abortion.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews a very unusual game: Seaman.

A man prays for his god to help him after a truck falls on him, but shockingly, nothing happens. Then, he remembers he owns a cellphone and calls 911 and an emergency team rescues him. Naturally, everyone is thanking their god.

Just begging to go back where I'm free

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Added a review on a fun casual Flash RPG called Arkandian Legends: Chapter I - Crusade.

What happens when you light a petroleum well on fire? You get a fire that burns for decades!

As if it were news to anybody, two scientific studies show that children who grow up religious have a harder time distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Rebecca Watson explains how to live a better life through sarcasm.

Eldest son of the Duggar family, and child rapist Josh Duggar, also had an account on Ashley Madison, spending close to $1,000 on the hook-up website dedicated to cheating on your spouse.

Stan Lee battles Jim Henson in an Epic Rap Battle of History!

Selfies on Mars.

An interesting take on traditional Japanese art.

A Prosperity Gospel Christian pastor explains why he needs $65,000,000 for a private jet... the bible says so.

Missouri Republicans Bill Kidd and Nick King explain that their fellow politicians would be slapped with fewer sexual harassment lawsuits if the women they work with would just dress more conservatively.

There! The God's Not Dead movie poster has been fixed.

Don't forget birthdays!

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Google has a new service that tells you how much sunlight your roof receives, which helps you determine how cost-effective it is to setup solar panels.

Objective morality is perfectly possible without a deity.

Boy, make a profit off prison inmates who you force to work for you without pay, and suddenly people start saying your Christian business isn't very pious.

Screams and dinosaurs.

A Christian torture chamber (bible museum) is using re-purposed wax figures of celebrities! And the role of Jesus is played by Scientologist, Tom Cruise!

Why drug-sniffing dogs aren't nearly as good as you may think.

The pasta sauce I had for lunch smells similar to the scent of my dog

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Happy birthday to my loving wife, Emily who is feeling better, though she may have an ear infection now. Lucy is getting better are following commands, but she still gets distracted easily.

The New Horizons Pluto fly-by is awesome.

Some rather eerie flyovers of Auschwitz as it looks today.

Faux News ejaculates their war on Christmas a bit prematurely this year.

The difficulties of overcoming you faith.

Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the two Michigan Republicans who tried using the old gay-prostitute excuse to cover up how they've been cheating on their spouses, refuse to resign. And oh yes, they're still opposed to same-sex marriage because it goes against the bible. That's even more hypocritical than Republic presidential hopeful Ben Carson berating Planned Parenthood for donating fetal tissue to science, when he himself has used it in his research.

Here's an interview with Bart Ehrman about the apocryphal gospels, and the problems with the four that made it into the bible.

Listen to this hilarious joke: atheists believe that people evolved from snow tires, and that god is a stalk of celery. What's that you say, that joke isn't funny at all? Probably because it doesn't make sense and it's so completely untrue, it's not even funny as a stereotype. This is the comedy styling of Katt Williams.

Pee New Moan Yuh!

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Emily is still a sicky. Doctors are thinking pneumonia, so she'll be outta commission for awhile.

How do you get a bruise like this and have no memory from where it came?

Several counties in Kentucky continue to hold out hope that their hateful views will be upheld by the courts and that, even though they took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, even though a US District Judge has denied their argument that their religion allows them to not uphold the US Constitution, they still refuse to issue same-sex marriage certificates. It's hard to expect much out of a state that is trying to postpone public school so that more children can attend a Christian-themed "amusement" park.

While it may come as a shock to gun nuts, the rest of the world nods a big, "well duh!" A study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that, according to FBI data, states with more registered gun owners have more instances of police officers being murdered.

While I adore science, I only adore good science. Bad science is bad (yay tautology!) And bad science often comes from bad science journals.

Yesterday, I linked to an article about a Christian family who used the bible to justify raping a girl, but it's not just Christians who do that. Muslims as well use the Quran to justify raping girls.

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice had to fire volunteer chaplain David Wells because he wouldn't stop telling the LGBT inmates that, because of their sexuality, they were going to burn in Hell forever, and of course, his fellow Christians are just appalled that he would be fired for spreading God's hateful message of hate.

Well that was complicated.

Everything is shattering

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Rob and Marie Johnson became the foster parents to a thirteen-year-old girl after her mother died. They kept her inside the house all the time to home-school her and to give her one-on-one Sunday school lessons from the bible. These bible lessons were also used by them to justify the fact that, for years, they routinely raped the girl.

John Oliver talks about the trustworthiness of the tobacco industry.

I don't completely agree with the order, but it's nice to see Mitch Hedberg's jokes all listed out.

Who would win in an epic rap battle, Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde?

Bay County, Florida police are doubling-down. After putting "In God We Trust" stickers on all their cars and not even attempting to use the bullshit, "it's our nation's motto," argument, they're now claiming the police have a new theme song, which is an overtly Christian song. This is just a reminder to anyone who isn't the same brand of Christianity as Sheriff Frank McKeithen, do not expect justice!

Seth Andrews interviews Richard Dawkins.

Dying is easy, living is hard

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Emily keeps trying to train me with babies, so, even though she's not even pregnant yet, I still have baby vomit on my shirt. I'll probably want to change it prior to us going to Kelly's birthday party tonight.

Catholics in Kenya are calling for a boycott of the polio vaccination because they're afraid it might sterilize men.

Governments don't like encryption, but would it be possible to ban it all together?

Officer William H. Torbit Jr. was trying to stop a brawl in a night club while wearing street clothes, but after people started attacking him, he pulled out his gun and opened fire, killing one man. Then, more police showed up, assumed Torbit was a criminal, and shot him dead while also shooting three other people in the crowed. A judge has ruled that, even though the police killed one or their own, they didn't do anything wrong.

Have some sympathy for the IRS, because really Congress is to blame.

Another Christian monument on public grounds is being removed!

Learning about endosymbiosis.

My house isn't easily broken into

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The home visit went through without a hitch, and we were able to keep Lucy. We were originally going to keep her bed in our bedroom, but it turns out she snores like an old man who smoked for the past 50 years. Then, in the morning, I took her out to go pee before I left and accidentally locked myself out of the house! After failing to break in, I walked down to the hospital to get Emily's keys and walked back before finally being able to get to work an hour late.

John Oliver reminds us just how bad sexual education is in our country.

The vast majority of the Republican US Presidential candidates don't plan on implementing any new programs to reduce climate change, and almost half of them still don't believe that the climate is even changing!

Though I got all of the questions correct, this test on reading comprehension given to New York third graders is unnecessarily confusing.

Master magicians rap battle it out.

Well, this animal is just a freak of nature.

A Muslim woman threw her newborn son out of her 4th story window killing him because she thought he was possessed by spirits of Muslim mythology known as jinn.

Muslims in Bangladesh have murdered four atheists this year alone for insulting their religion which has finally caused the Inspector General of Police, Shahidul Haque, to make a public statement. His official response is to tell atheists that they should stop criticizing the people who murder them, and maybe they'll stop. Great work Bangladesh, you really nipped that problem in the bud!

Some tough questions for Christians who still oppose same-sex marriage.

When I hear new agers talk, they sound like this.

Some of the more ridiculous failures by the police.

Muscle relaxer please!

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Had a busy weekend. On Saturday, Emily found a dog she wanted to adopt. She's a real friendly, and strong, two-year-old bull dog, pit, beagle, etc. mix. We're having a home visit this evening, and if everything goes well, she'll be ours. We also picked up some lawn furniture on Sunday, or should I say, I picked up the lawn furniture, loaded it all into my convertible BMW (including a 7 foot table), and unloaded it at our house. I'm quite sore from driving while "safely" holding down the table so it wouldn't fly out.

In New York, the religion synonymous with protecting child rapists (no, not the Mormons, the other one) has just (no, not the Jews, the other one) permanently closed (no, not the Muslims, the other one) seventeen Catholic churches.

The Environmental Protection Agency failed to protect the environment.

Texan Judge Randall Rogers knows the true sanctity of marriage. After a man got assault charges filed against him for beating up his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Judge Rogers demanded the young man marry his 19-year-old girlfriend and write out some bible verses or go to jail. So, the couple ended up having a shotgun wedding with so little preparation time, even the groom's father and siblings couldn't attend. As we all know, forcing teenagers to marry before they're ready is precisely how to ensure a long happy marriage that God wants. All of this is, of course, illegal, but Texans don't care much for your civil liberalities.

Part of the systemic racism of our country can be found even in the schools of children. White troublemakers will be given mood-stabilizers, while black troublemakers will be suspended.

Why doesn't God ever call me to a non-profit career where I make a million a year?

Despite the attempts of the Escambia County, Florida commissioners to give a church $30,000 of taxpayer's money, the church took to a private backer rather than deal with the lawsuit that would have definitely accompanied it.

Ah religion, where else could you hike up a 14,000-foot-tall mountain to display a sign which reads, "I believe in God," only to leave it there as litter?

Gimme Gimme Gimme

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The 80s glam metal band Skid Row, turned upside-down, is Mor Diks.

Fact checking the lies of the Republican candidates is a full time job.

Two Conservative Christian lawmakers who often refer to their faith when it comes time to make laws just got caught trying to cover up their affair with a gay prostitution scandal.

Bangladesh has a problem. Its citizens keep using machetes to chop up atheists.

Neil deGrasse Tyson narrates this awesome animation about the history of the universe.

The best new antivirus protection doesn't come from software, but from the power of crystals.

The Nerd reviews Dark Wing Duck on the TG16.

The world's largest annual animal sacrifice is finally being put to an end.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe some pretty crazy things, but they're not quite as bad as the Muslims belief that anyone who leaves the religion must be murdered.

I am a bionic commando

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I designed a CD booklet for the Bionic Commando arcade soundtrack.

Google has decided to try and rank web site results based on how factual the information is on the site, which will probably hurt the rankings of the religious and quacks.

This web site shows you blast radius if a Hiroshima-level atomic bomb was dropped on your home town. Unfortunately, you can't upgrade to a modern day nuclear bomb.

Matt Dillahunty gives a lecture on why public debates are important.

Andrew Hobbes of the Pensacola, Florida Sherrif's office says that a triple homocide is probably the result of a Wiccan ritualistic human sacrifice due to the blue moon. This is odd since Wiccan's generally view life as sacred and oppose murder, or so says a blog of actual Wiccans.

Richard Dawkins talks about evolutionary strategies that lead to stablity.

A study asking if the birth control pill affects a woman's rate of endometrial cancer finds that it does have an affect... it actually lowers a woman's liklihood of developing cancer!

Remember the cops who broke into marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California, destroyed their security cameras (except for a few well-hidden ones), made threatening jokes about a disabled woman, played darts, and ate the dispensary's edible marijuana snacks? The department's lawyer is trying to get the video thrown out of their trial because the cops didn't know they were being filmed.

I sleep in a drawer.

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History professor Richard J. Jensen published a paper about how there wasn't any racism against the Irish in American history. I'd like to believe that, because I don't enjoy having to tell people that my country has a long history of racism, but it only takes a few minutes on Google to prove him wrong. And even when you show him evidence of anti-Irish racism, he'll just say something like, "well you're probably Irish, so you're not to be trusted." Interestingly, the racism against the Irish continues today.

This is more of what the Republican Party has to offer the country.

Time for the epic rap battle of film directors.

The religiously unaffiliated is continuing to grow in large cities squeezing out Protestants and Evangelicals. Only Catholics are more represented, but since they keep raping children, they won't last.

You don't have free will.

Sabrina Corgatelli is so happy to see an old giraffe, to quote, "Such an amazing animal!! I couldn't be an happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!" And by "getting him," yes, she means shooting the animal dead. In her defense Corgatelli quoted some bible passages about how God wanted her to do it.

What it was like to work at Bell Labs.

The Board at Lincoln County, North Carolina has been desperately trying to keep non-Christians from giving invocations at their meetings, but the law is against them, and even their sneaky attempts failed them. They eventually had to allow a Wiccan priest give the invocation, and after seeing what that was like, they decided to end invocations all together rather than continue to allow non-Christians to represent themselves.

The Boy Scouts of America are no longer kicking out gay members the day they turn 18, but they still refuse to let atheists join.

It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind

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I recently finished reading Ender's Game, which was full of plot holes, Foundation and Empire, which I didn't like it nearly as much as Foundation, and Typography, which was short, but from which I learned and enjoyed.

America's best Christian talks about how the Goodwill charity is totally a religious scam.

What if humans had sex like other animals?

There is quite a history behind figuring out how many chess moves are possible.

Epic Rap Battles of History has RoboCop fighting the Terminator.

I'm with stupid

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While driving to get lunch on Sunday, I saw a couple in their 60s broken down on the side of the road. I stopped to help them out, and after we failed to get their car started, I gave them a ride home. On the way, I was told that these two gentle people were heading home from church in their newly restored 1978 Jaguar (which apparently still had problems with the fuel line). Upon reaching their house, the wife offered me a root beer and said, "God bless you," and, "have a blessed day!" She was really trumpeting her religion, probably because I was wearing a black T-shirt with the word "Atheist" emblazoned across the front.

Finally, we can get back to Traditional Marriage™.

Sure, the California wildfires are horribly destructive, but that doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.

Bart Ehrman talks about his book, Forged.

What happens when an atheist tips with a tract?

Not only are football stadiums a total waste of money, but the public has to pay for them!

Sheriff Donald Valenza wants everyone to know that the tax payers of Dothan, Alabama are paying him to promote his version of Christianity, and to Hell with everyone else, literally.

Not only is Planned Parenthood not selling body parts, but you have to now pay for the governmental probe.