September, 2015

If I leave here tomorrow

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Emily and I will be gone for the next two weeks. We're spending a week in London, then another in Glasgow. I will only be answering important emails during that time. While leaving the continent is very exciting, I feel pretty awful about having to leave Lucy behind at a boarder.

John Oliver covers LGBT discrimination.

Slate points to Vanity Fair's late night article as proof that it's still a white man's world.

God creates his top 10 life hacks.

God kills people unless they thank him for not killing them.

Since most Catholics don't follow the Vatican, and many of them don't even know the official Vatican position on anything, why do they still call themselves Catholic?

Jeb Bush's advertising staff put together a great video showcasing what's great about America, which is pieced together from stock footage of other countries. Which is fitting since he wants to put a non-American on US currency.

The science behind six degrees of separation.

US Post Office workers steal a woman's books about Pagan religion and replace them with a Baptist hymnal.

Zelda and Peach duke it out.

Preparing for my vacation!

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Who would think that a two-week trip out of the country would require effort?

Women should not be viewed as rewards, but in video game culture, it's seen as normal.

Mechanically gifted 9th-grader solders together his own clock from spare parts. Dallas police haul him away in handcuffs for making a bomb. In their defense, the child's name is Ahmed Mohamed.

How to deal with Christians who argue that the Old Testament doesn't count.

Don't get a divorce in New Mexico because, if you want custody of your children, the courts may require you to pray with Christians in library rooms that are used illegally.

Langton's ant is just another example of how the universe eventually turns chaos into order!

juggaLOVE: the dating site for Juggalos.

Nearly autumn!

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Just finished reading Altered Carbon.

It's rare to see public schools admitting they are in the wrong when they try to convert children into a specific religion, but it's nice when it happens.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins talk about science and religion.

Years after saying that little boys who get raped by priests are partially responsible for having been raped, Bishop Robert Cunningham finally admits that he was wrong.

Sadly, your tax dollars are funding quackery.

I rescued the princess!

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Drilling holes and screwing into mortar is hazardous to the skin on your knuckles.

Kim Davis is out of jail and back to work saying she won't order her employees to refuse to sign marriage licenses, but she will continue to personally refuse to do her job. Let's see how long she last this time!

I lost a little bit of respect for John Oliver over his recent Back to School sketch. For a show all about educating people though humor and cynicism, this bit was quite backward. I get that he was joking, but telling people that math and science aren't important is terrible advice. Here's the thing about higher-education: sure, you're not going to use trigonometry every day of your life, but if you don't learn it, you can't use it, which means all of the high-paying jobs that do use it (engineer, software developer, architect, etc.) will forever be out of your grasp.

It's been over 20 years since the New Zealand government banned a book, but thanks to Fascists Christians, nobody in the country will be able to read Ted Dawe's award-winning Into the River. Or, that would be true if this were the 1940s. Digital books can be purchased anonymously online from companies outside of New Zealand, and with sales expected to surpass print books in the next few years, do these zealots really think they're going to stop anyone? Also, like any other book added to the banned list, this will only increase it's chances of being read by youth. Hell, I'd never never even heard of this book, but now I need to read it!

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka talk about the iconic first level of Super Mario Bros.

Soap dispensers are sparking a race war!

New York City was requiring Jews who wanted to suck blood off a baby's penis after slicing off their foreskin to get a consent form signed by the parents informing them that their child may get herpes from the rabbi. Why it's even legal is because of religion, and to protect the "freedom" of rabbis, Mayor Bill de Blasio has eliminated such anti-religious practices as informed consent.

PZ Myers talks about the history of evolution for the Gateway to Reason.

Where were you, when they built that ladder to Heaven?

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I've almost finished adding the preliminary pages to my Secular Music page.

How would you feel about parents piercing their infant child's tongue right after they're born? What if they said they're doing it because all their friends have pierced tongues, and they want them to look like everyone else? Horrible, right? So why is circumcision totally normal?

The Duggars claim that racism is caused by evolution (apparently, racism didn't exist before Darwin). Gee, I wonder what causes Josh Duggar to rape children?

A couple victories for the Constitution. A Mississippi school will no longer display a "prayer requests" chalkboard, Knoxville, Iowa has decided to give up taxpayer's land, probably to a church, so it won't have to take down a Christian monument, which will probably just result in a lawsuit. The Pennsylvania school that ran out the clock on their Ten Commandments monument says they're going to take it down anyway, knowing that they'd lose the next lawsuit.

The Taliban is getting a new leader because their old one, apparently, has been dead for a long time.

C-c-c-combo breaker!

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I broke a tooth while biting down on some hard candy yesterday. Luckily, I just broken an existing crown, but I won't be able to get it fixed until after I come back from the UK. Lame.

Want daughters who aspire to greater goals? Have the father do more chores.

For years, National Geographic has been a magazine that I've loved, not just for the naked bush women, but also for the in depth look at science, history, culture. However, in recent years, they've been going downhill. In 1997, they partnered with Fox and started embarrassing themselves with documentaries about ghosts, the Lost City of Atlantis, and travel horror stories. Well, as of yesterday, all NatGeo publishing, magazine, film, etc., is now the property of Fox. Expect the brand to devolve into climate change denialists, 9/11 truthers, and men's rights activists.

Learn about cellular respiration.

Police in Virginia had Natasha McKenna completely subdued. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, her legs were shackled, and she had a mask covering her face. But because she wouldn't let officers bend her legs to put her into a restraint chair, they tased her... four times, until she had a heart attack and died. And it was just announced that no charges will be filed because the police did everything correctly.

How much are bottle caps worth in the Fall Out universe?

Playin' more games

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Ann Reid give a wonderful lecture about viruses.

When you see "all natural" on a product, it probably isn't all natural because "natural" means whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean.

100 years of sexy lingerie.

Mike Huckabee tries to play Jesus and suffer for Kim Davis, but he doesn't realize that in a just society, unlike the bible, people can't be punished for the crimes of someone else.

Rebecca Watson talks about the problems behind women saying that they should dress less sexy to avoid being raped.

Ready for another three day weekend!

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Back is mostly back to normal, but after playing slip-n-slide kickball, I did additional damage to my rib!

Prisoners shouldn't die in jail when serving a 2-day sentence.

You're always eating chemicals.

The Williamson County, Texas police have wasted over $200,000 of the taxpayer's money defending their position to only hire Baptist Christians.

Liquids are really weird.

When a Christian refuses to sign same-sex marriage licenses, Christians are all for it, but how do they feel about a Muslim who refuses to serve alcohol?

John Oliver doesn't much care for Whole Foods.

Police Chief Marvin Hoover of Clatskanie, Oregon has been put on paid vacation pending an investigation that he said told a black woman that black people are animals, jumped around pantomiming a monkey, and then sung Dixieland while punching his fist at an invisible person. Thankfully, a couple of his officers were courageous enough to make a formal complaint, though another officer lied to try and protect his racist boss.

Ready for a three day weekend

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Back is feeling a little better. The sharp pains that occurred whenever I twisted or put weight on it have been replaced by a constant dull pain. I'll take it!

You'd think Tennessee Christians would be happy that the state's public schools are finally teaching more about religion in class, but when they learned that their children will be taught what Muslim's believe (not converted mind you, just taught that other people believe different things), they decided to protest.

Additional updates in the Secular Music Wiki and the NES Hacker Wiki.

Soreness has migrated from back to front left rib

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The Skeptics In the Pub was a lot of fun. I didn't bother trying to talk to Aron Ra, as there were about 30 other people there as well, but I enjoyed some mead, and conversation with Trent and other fellow skeptics. Speaking of that, I've added a lot more stuff to the Secular Music Wiki.

The US government may continue to want to prevent average citizens from having access to encryption, and they may continue to spy on us, and they may continue to hack individuals, but there is a silver lining, when they get hacked themselves, and spill the personal information of 21.5 million people exposing them to identity theft, they don't even bother to tell them! Oh wait, that's bad.

Man charged with sexually abusing a child explains that the bible doesn't say it's wrong (and he's correct about this) to have sex with children.

Back's still sore.

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Two shows that I've been enjoying while trying to get my back on track are Bob's Burgers and Parts Unknown.

Added a lot of updates to the Secular Music Wiki as well.

It only took a single letter to get this Ohio public school to remove their "education philosophy" that belief in a higher power is one of their core values. Another victory for the US Constitution.

Going to see Aran Ra at Skeptics In the Pub tonight! Sweet!

Back's still sore.

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I've updated the Easy Cheats archive in the NES Hacker Wiki; 192 games and counting!

I also fixed an extension bug in the Secular Music Wiki which was preventing a lot of the pages from loading.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky bigot who refuses to do her job and issue marriage licenses, but demands she be allowed to keep it, had her day in the highest court in the land. They're response was simple and direct, "We don't want to hear it." This means the previous decision is held, which means Davis will be out on her ass where she belongs.

Why do we even need the devil? Because even God needs a scapegoat.

Jimmy Epting, president of Christian North Greenville College where you can be expelled for being gay, recently retired due to health concerns. Of course, "health concerns" is a Christian lie that really means, got caught cheating on his wife with a co-worker. Why is it okay for the president to cheat on his wife, and the school to lie and cover it up, but not okay for two people to love each other? Christian hypocrisy.

Want a wonderful laugh? Watch these Christian-made videos shaming teens about masturbation for both males and females!