October, 2015

Happy pre-Halloween!

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Long-term birth control devices like IUDs are extremely effective, and extremely safe, so why are women still unsure about them?

Is Richard Dawkins just so out-of-touch that he doesn't know what a "safe space" means to people who are harassed, or is he just that big of an asshole?

What are your main issues for the upcoming elections? Reform of immigration, gun control, or welfare? Privacy, online fairness, or anti-bullying laws? Social Security, taxes, use of public funds? There are hundreds of issues to worry about, but some people have it easy come voting day, and that's the people who are demanding a theocracy.

Canada has elections? I thought they just politely took turns running the country.

Commission Chairman of Lake County Florida, Jimmy Connor, when asked why he rejected a Satanist from giving an invocation at his meetings said, "There won't be any satanic prayers while I'm chairman. The man isn't going to bully me. It he hates God, he can do that. But we're not going to spread devil worshiping in our chamber," a clear violation of the US Constitution, so the Satanist in question has filed a lawsuit.

We learned too much in school

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Fox "News" reported on a teacher who required their students to say, "God isn't real," on a test. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, and both the teacher and the student's other classmates give a very different account, but let's not expect Fox "News" to do their due diligence. What really happened is the teacher wanted the students to learn the difference between a fact and an opinion. One of statements students were asked to identify was, "God is real," which is obviously an opinion, but the student argued that the statement is a fact because... the bible. To be fair, the teacher should have foreseen how her inculcated students would react and saved such a debate for philosophy class, but there you do.

An ex-Muslim explains the importance of taking off her hijab.

After 35 years, China is upping its one-child-per-couple policy to two!

Why do nuclear blasts make mushroom-shaped clouds?

Another jingoist teacher flips out at a student who refuses to say the prayer pledge of allegiance.

Partyin' while I'm plannin'

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Halloween is fast approaching!

Police Lt. Mark Tiller of Seneca South Carolina just got off the hook for shooting Zachary Hammond, an unarmed teenager, to death at point blank range. The officer claimed that he feared the teen was trying to run him over, but his dashcam shows that the only reason the officer was in any danger in the first place is because he ran up to the front of the car against protocol.

Why do Republicans love Ben Carson and Donald Trump so much? Probably because they're the only candidates they can understand with their elementary school level vocabulary.

Fox "News" invites several men to ogle women in tight pants, and make insulting personal remarks about them, because news.

Reza Aslan's argument that religious text has no actual meaning seems a bit muddled.

The water from the melting ice of Greenland is cutting through it like a knife probably speeding up the effects of climate change, all the while, Republicans continue to cut research funding.

What Would Jesus Do? Probably vandalize the road signs of people who clean up trash along the highway.

Neutrino research is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Want to know where non-Christians shouldn't expect equal treatment among public law enforcement? Here's a map.

Plannin' for a party

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Working on Halloween themed trivia for the party!

A Canadian doctor killed an infant after botching a circumcision the parents never wanted, against the recommendation of the Canadian Pediatric Society (which, along with every other pediatric organization in the civilized world, views circumcision and unnecessary), and rather than losing his license, the doctor was told, the next time he flays off part of an infant's body, he should try harder to get consent.

Since most of the bible is evil with only a little bit of good sprinkled in, it's more accurate to think of it as a book of evil.

When someone accuses you of releasing hate mobs to ruin someone's life, the correct response to prove them wrong is not to release a hate mob and ruin their life.

Saudi Arabia just bombed a health center run by Doctors Without Borders.

I wish I could breathe through my butt.

Todd Starnes, one of the talking heads on Fox News, is demanding that God send plagues of insects to murder everyone in government because they're not Christian enough.

Finally, I feel safe.

Apple has been decrypting their phones for years at the US government's demands, but they're finally refusing, saying it will erode their customer's trust.

Turns out the owners of Hobby Lobby have been trying to open a bible museum, but in order to fill it, they've been stealing artifacts from the Middle East.

Get ready

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Busy weekend. Movies at Sarah's, drinks at Danielle's, shopping for Halloween party stuff, costume stuff, and lots of house work. Laundry is done, leaves are raked, and that pesky leak in the shower drain has been fixed. I have produced production.

Famous blades.

Want more evidence that Fox News is a lie factory? Their psychology "expert" is a reality TV star who earned her degree from an online college and quotes debunked studies.

Shortly after saying that the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing to hit this country since slavery, Republican Ben Carson explains that abortion is just like slavery. I'm not quite sure he knows what any of these words mean.

As anyone knows, the president of the USA cannot tell private companies to tell their customers "Merry Christmas." The very idea of such authority brings up visions of Fascism rather than freedom, so why are so many Republicans completely in favor of Donald Trump making that very claim?

City councils who waste time giving invocations before meetings are now allowing atheists to give the invocations (after being forced to by law), but that doesn't mean they aren't bringing in Christians to give the "real" invocation the moment the atheist takes their seat.

Christian pastor George Hunley, who likes to make up stories denigrating black people, also likes to pose as a Navy Seal and show up at events at Christian Liberty University.

But Fridays are always fine

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Doing big-boy home repairs, like fixing a leaking shower drain is really annoying. Let's forget all about that, and enjoy Wallee's birthday party instead.

The Family Research Council, a Christian hate group, accuses atheists groups of being the "atheist Taliban," but the lady doth protest too much me thinks, as their group actually agrees with the Taliban on the majority of their issues, just with a different god.

Radiolab discusses what we know, and what we don't know about how anesthesia affects the brain and Fresh Air talks about interesting syndromes where people don't believe their body is their own.

The largest hurricane ever recorded in the Eastern Pacific is hitting Mexico.

McGraw-Hill's Texas version of high school geography calls slaves "workers," which has a lot of people, especially African Americans pissed off. Republican Thomas Ratliff of the Texas Board of Education dismisses their outrage as being "blown out of proportion."

Sarah Palin's Ten Commandments don't pass the Constitution.

Michigan police have spent close to a million dollars, both from taxpayers, and those stolen from citizens, to purchase spy gear which they use on innocent people without a warrant.

Women aren't taken as seriously as men, especially when they shout.

What if your grandparents wanted to try and convert your 4-year-old child to Satanism and despite your demands for them to stop, they continued to show your child Satanist books, videos, and took them to Satanist churches. You'd probably be a little pissed and tell them, until they stop trying to indoctrinate your child, they can't have anything to do with them. What then, if your grandparents sued you and demanded custody so that they may push their religious beliefs on your child? That's what happened to a Canadian mother with her Jehovah's Witness parents.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays

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I just finished reading The Player of Games.

Wouldn't it be great if one of the prerequisites to running for president of a country was actually reading the highest level of law for that country? Case in point, despite the first amendment of the US Constitution preventing him doing so, Republican Donald Trump wants to close down houses of worship in order to combat terrorism.

Not trusting research doctors to give them accurate information about the safety of vaccinations, a bunch of antivaxers pooled together a quarter of a million dollars and hired a laboratory to perform a test on the safety of vaccines. The researchers performed their tests, 80 monkeys were killed, and in the end, no evidence of mental harm was found. This wasn't a surprise to anyone, as over 100 previous studies have found these same conclusions. But the antivaxers still refuse to see this as evidence that vaccines are safe and are accusing the researchers of lying.

Woman gets a doctor's certified note to prove to her Christian father, a preacher, that her hymen wasn't torn prior to her marriage.

Turns out, oil companies aren't very safe and like it that way.

What can't more mayoral candidates threaten hellfire and damnation upon their constituents if they aren't elected?

Republican Paul Ryan has a long history of voting against low income Americans. He views them as lazy and afraid of hard work, so his policies require them to work long hours for little pay, and since he cut child care subsidies, they can't afford to have anyone look after their children while they're at these awful jobs. You can see where this is going; hypocrite Ryan is refusing to take a prestigious job unless he's guaranteed lots of time off.

A book that every guy should read before they start having sex.

It's fine to show ads with models in bikinis on the Subway, it's fine to show them in skimpy underwear or lace lingerie, hell, it's even fine to show them without any clothing at all, as long as the nipples are covered by an arm. But an advertisement talking about a woman's period? Well that's just unacceptable!

Fox News and Republicans hates the new Liberal black anti-Nationalistic Captain America, even though he's nothing new.

Vednesday, vhen else?

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Disney stories may seem sweet and innocent, but their source material is pretty dark.

The US Department of Justice is going to be partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to help combat domestic terrorism. This has caused quite a stir among American Christian groups because so many of them are declared hate groups by the SPLC because they deliberately spread lies about groups of people they fear.

Which dinos had feathers?

All antivaxers are saying is, give measles a chance!

Chasing the clouds away

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I added the soundtrack of One Must Fall: 2097 to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

A wonderfully ridiculous recap of Half-Life.

Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has appointed Bill Beardsley, a Christian Creationist, to act as the head of the Department of Education who assures interviewers that he plans to teach Christian Creationism in public schools and focus on the economy rather than science. Republicans continue to clown around.

Checking out the tomb of one of the first computer programmers, Ada Lovelace.

The Lawrence County Association of Baptists are giving Catholics a run for their money as the most sexist Christian in existence after kicking a church out of their ranks for the sin of electing a female pastor.

Do we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world? Not even close!

Busy busy busy

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Sore throat is mostly gone. I acknowledge wine tasting as the cure.

Dubai may have high-rises and billionaires, but the Muslim patriarchy still makes it hell for women.

Bowser comes from a broken home.

While I like that our nation has become so secular that religious people lie all the time to cover their asses, but does Sean Killeen of the US Marine Corp really think that anyone is going to believe his claim that the phrase, "God bless the military," is entirely secular.

An overview of how our DNA self-corrects, and why finding it out is worth a Nobel Prize.

Republican presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, is in favor of slavery for poor people who are caught stealing just like it says in the bible.

Why and how some organisms glow.

Sample time!

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Got a bit of a scratchy throat, but that won't stop me from heading to a cider mill and winery this weekend! Also, Lucy decided to run through a swamp during our lunch-time walk. Fantastic!

Artist Wendy Tsao repaints those disgusting Bratz dolls to look like important women.

Richard Carrier gives his lecture about the lack of historical evidence for Jesus.

Sheriff Pearson of Hemphill County, TX wants everyone to know that they believe they are shepherds of humans (implying everyone else it sheep), and the bible verses emblazoned on their fleet are a foreboding portent to the county's non-Christians.

Aron Ra's talk on reason and how religion lacks any.

The United House of Prayer, a church in Washington D.C. that doesn't know the meaning of religious freedom, is complaining that a bike lane is a violation of their religious freedom because it decreases their street parking.

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses

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A chilling look at the remains of the Afghani hospital bombed by the US military.

Bart Ehrman lectures on the historicity of Jesus.

Christian law firm, Liberty Institute, is trying to convince Washington State's Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy to continue leading his students in prayer, telling him that there's nothing illegal about it. Actually, it's been illegal since 1962, the "Liberty" Institute is just hoping that they can make waves on the tax payer's dime.

Acupuncture is junk.

Despite their appeals, Dale and Shannon Hickman will finally go to prison for refusing to take their sick infant to a doctor who would most certainly have been healed.

An interesting description of genetic point mutations.

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This isn't a shock to anyone paying attention, but Republican Mike Huckabee is a racist.

Feminist Frequency continues their education about the horrible treatment of women in gaming.

Looks like being homeschooled by two ignorant fanatics won't give you the education you need to work abroad after all. I guess you can't expect much from a family who thinks wives should be their husband's sexual slaves.

A thorough response to the tired Christian argument, you just want to sin.

Why did these parents, along with church officials, beat their 17-year-old son to death?

Forensics is a pretty interesting science.

Mississippi tax payers might be expected to lose another $10,000 after a teacher tells his atheists students that they are fools for not being Christians.

Slow news day

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The software that got humans to the Moon and safely back home, and computer software as a concept in general, was developed in part by Margaret Hamilton.

The interesting body shape differences of the best athletes in the world.

I've been making minor updates to my site Wiki and the VGMPF Wiki.

Hello, saferide.

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I wonder if gun nuts are bothered by the fact that, in 2013, three times as many preschoolers were shot to death than police officers? Not that I am in favor of police being shot, but the fact that they are in a line of work that often involves people shooting at them, you would think the numbers would be reversed!

Simon's Cat doesn't want to go in the box!

Did you ever want to watch a movie on a vinyl record? Neither did anyone else, and that's why RCA couldn't sell them.

What it's like for a student at a Mormon university who stops believing their religion.

Ignore what you've heard from the pot heads and the Conservative Christians, here's the real danger of marijuana causing psychosis.

In the true spirit of the corrupt monster Mother Teresa, the charity that bears her name will no longer help children get adopted. The reason for this, is the Indian government no longer prevents single parents from adopting children, and the Catholics would rather a child have no parents than one parent. Oh yes, and they still hate homosexuals.

Some of the amazing work being done by NASA.

The extremely religious and unconstitutional US Air Force has fired one of its contract employees for being a witch (she is actually Hindu).

Five common misconceptions of evolution.

Republican Ben Carson explains that the Holocaust may have been completely avoided if the Jews had armed themselves better. Genocidal victim blaming is exactly what you want for the country's highest level politician. Next up, he'll tell a rape victim that she wouldn't have been raped if she had only just screamed louder.

Friday already? I'll take it!

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Republican presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal knows how to stop school shootings tell people you're a Christian! Maybe he should have first watched John Oliver's segment on mental health.

Tide makes a big deal about same-sex marriage.

An Indiana public high school is set to lose thousands of taxpayer dollars because they refused to stop indoctrinating children with Christian theater.

When squeezing through a tiny underground cave yields exciting results of human ancestors.

Republican Mike Huckabee must be reading Dan Barton's book of made up history because his founding fathers quotes are all fictional.

If that is what Islamic Paradise is like, I'd just assume go to their Hell.

What a great time to drop off a bag

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Our remaining bag was finally dropped off at our house... at 2 AM! It's a little damaged, but all the contents are intact. KLM sucks.

I finished reading Jurassic Park and wrote a short review. TLDR: Not as good as the movie. Also saw the movie Frozen. TLDR: Not as good as the sales makes it out to be.

Another priest argues that pedophilia isn't caused by a sick-minded adult, but is in fact caused by children seeking affection. Interestingly, the priest, Gino Flaim, calls pedophilia a sin that needs to be accepted, but refers to homosexuality as "a disease."

I would like the Conservatives in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder in particular, to explain why they wasted $1.9 million of tax-payer's money trying to keep same-sex couples from marrying.

How we get more Jehovah's Witnesses.

In order to prove his is a religion of peace and pacifism, Christian gun store owner, Brant Williams, is offering a 5% discount to all Christians who buy his guns in order to protect from people like the Oregon shooter. Not only is such a discount illegal, but it's also completely unfounded as the Oregon shooter was not targeting Christians.

Must suck to be an ignored US Territory.

KLM still sucks

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Only five days late, one of our suitcases has been found and delivered home (not the one with our most important stuff). Still no sign of the other one. KLM sucks.

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to scientists who were able to detail how cells repair damaged DNA.

John Oliver puts the spotlight on the terrible politicians who refuse to help Syrian refugees and the awful lies of Fox News.

Learn yourself your cognitive biases!

Getting to know your Conservative Christian parents better by showing them your tattoos.

An 18th century doctors manuscript explaining how rape is impossible because women always have the strength to prevent a man from raping her.

Sometimes it takes a more than a letter to get public school teachers to stop forcing their beliefs on their students, sometimes it takes a lawsuit, but in the end, it gets the job done.

Aron Ra talking about the problems with religion in government.

Possible shoplifting is not a valid reason to pull out a gun and start shooting in a public place. And anyone who thinks it is, shouldn't be allowed to have a gun.

Back in the U.S.S.A.

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The Nobel Prize for physics was awarded for the scientists who discovered that neutrinos actually have mass.

Dammit California, quit making the rest of the States look bad! Not only have they drastically reduced their citizens risk of cancer by reducing air pollution, but they also legalized assisted suicide.

As victory for the US Constitution as Oklahoma's Ten Commandments monument comes down!

If there poop in your aura?

Parents are really getting pissed off that schools are teaching their children facts about religions other than Christianity.

Elected officials in Tennessee are voting on a resolution to ask their god not to murder them for allowing same sex marriage because, apparently, their god takes the state's resolutions into account before committing genocide.

I'm back baby!

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London was beautiful, historic, and very expensive; Glasgow was real, fun, and exciting. Everything about the trip was completely worth it, except the treatment with the return trip by KLM. Our layover in Amsterdam was fogged out, so we arrived late, and our flight home was canceled. Obviously, I wasn't too upset about this, the airport can't control the weather, and I'd rather be late than dead. However, KLM's inept management made the delay unbearable. To start with, they had a total of 5 people to reschedule flights for the over 2,000 people who were left stranded, and each new flight took about 15 minutes to fix. Their computers also failed quite often, leaving hours where only three were actually working. We waited in line for over seven hours before we got to see someone, and they were unable to get us a flight back to Flint for several days. We settled for a flight to Detroit the next morning, but they refused to pay for the rental car we'd need to get home. They did give us a 10 food voucher (which is almost enough for an airport meal), and said they would put us up in a nearby hotel for the night. Of course, the line to get a hotel was just as long as the line for a new flight, so, rather than wait for a hotel (which would only leave us with enough time to get there and return for our flight for the next morning), we stayed in the airport all night. KLM refused to give us our luggage for clean clothes or toiletries, so we remained dirty the whole next day. KLM also refused to give us an additional food voucher after we saved them several hundred dollars by not going to a hotel. KLM also assured us our luggage would be sent to our connecting flight, but they never put it on the plane, and it remains in Amsterdam to this day. My keys were in my checked luggage, so we had to first go to our house-sitter to get into out house, then we had to pick up our dog, then we had to drop off our rental car, and only then could we pick up dinner and go home to sleep. I'll take awhile to get all the details of my trip online, since Emily's computer which had most of our pictures on it was also in our checked luggage. I'm getting back to feeling normal again, but I'll never fly with KLM ever again.

This is topical to me! Did you know that all that added "security" at airports since 9/11 doesn't help at all?

Now that I'm back in the land of mandatory dentistry, I've been able to get my tooth fixed. Apparently, my crown wasn't able to withstand several years of crunching down on hard candy, ice, and the occasional rock. My dentist removed the damaged crown, and placed a temporary cap over it while the fitted replacement is made. Total cost, over $400.00.

I added a brief review of A Wrinkle In Time to my Wiki.

It's unlikely that it will be enough to fix all the damage they did, but BP is expected to have to pay $20.8 billion to attempt to repair the Gulf of Mexico.