November, 2015

Don't be a terrorist

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Did everyone enjoy their Black Friday? Emily and I worked, ate leftovers, and then spent the weekend bumming around the house, cleaning, eating even more, repairing furniture, and playing with the doggy.

Yet another white American terrorist murders several civilians, and the American news refuses to call him a terrorist. Robert Lewis Dear took a gun into a Planned Parenthood and attempted to murder every single person inside (three dead, nine wounded, five orphaned children), and then tried to blow up propane tanks as a homemade bomb. Hell, he even told police that he is anti-abortion and talked about Planned Parenthood's use of "baby parts," but that still isn't even enough to lead CNN to call him a terrorist. No, he's white, so he's a mentally disturbed gunman. What is especially disturbing is that the terrorist was probably pushed over the edge by the Planned Parenthood video about selling fetal body parts for profit, which was purposely edited to be deceitful. What we know about Dear is that he was born and raised in South Carolina, lived off the grid due to government paranoia, had a lot of guns, liked to hunt, read the bible, and believed that people must accept Jesus because he thought the end times were near. But he also listed his sex as female on his voter registration, which is why Republican Ted Cruz calls him a "transgendered Leftist Activist." And why is it, every time a Muslim kills a bunch of people Republicans demand a Muslim registry, and every time a woman gets an abortion, Republicans demand a pro-choice registry, but when a Christian murders a bunch of people, they never seem to call for a pro-life registry or a Christian registry? Here are some of the things Christians are saying about the murders.

On that topic, Northern Ireland has expanded when abortion is allowed from only when the mother's life is at risk, to include cases of rape, incest, and fetal deformities. It's still a far cry from freedom, but at least it's progress.

Conservative Americans like to think that "majority rules" is a good way to run a government. Well, if that's the case, they probably wouldn't be too thrilled about an increase in gun control, a decrease in carbon emissions, easier access to abortions, and evolution taught in schools.

Would you use a homemade condom?

A Canadian man has, thankfully, lost custody of his children after trying to heal a bad cut on his son with homeopathy instead of medicine, and trying to cure autism with homeopathy as well.

When terrorist attack, we know the government uses crisis actors.

Don't be racist

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Had a great turkey day. Gorged with Emily's family, and the two of mine who decided to show up.

When your supposedly secular government decides to make a holiday out of a religious event, you need to call them out on it, even if it means dealing with bigots!

This Tennessee public high school coach doesn't see the problem with bringing in Christian pastors to preach a specific form of Christian message to his students, other than their 10-game losing streak.

I would totally buy this food.

It's a victory for the UK, but I'll take it. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan refused to include Humanism in the public school education, but a judge ruled that she needs to teach all common faiths, including Secular Humanism!

Christians hate having to play fair. They hate it so much, that if anyone complains that they would like to have their voice heard, they threaten to run them out of town, burn down their office, and murder them... just like Jesus would do.

Another victory in Johnston County, Oklahoma where a Ten Commandments monument is being moved to private land because, as County Commissioner Roy Wayne Blevins explains, they don't want to spend tax payer's money on a lawsuit (that they will definitely lose, because they know what they're doing is against the law). Blevins thinks he has an ace in the hole though, because Christians are trying to amend the state's constitution to allow the Ten Commandments on public land. Good luck with that, bigot!

Why being omniscient would be really annoying.

The government and law enforcement of Harris County, Georgia have issued a warning to anyone who isn't Christian, you're not welcome in their county.

House not clean enough for Thanksgiving

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Minneapolis paramedics responded to an assault call to give medical aid, but Jamar Clark was creating problems for them. Police came and saw Clark as a suspect and shot him to death. Although the police agree that Clark was unrestrained and trying to take an officer's gun when the shooting occurred, but several witnesses stated that Clark was lying on the ground in handcuffs when they shot him. This prompted a gathering of angry citizens around the local police department building protesting the shooting and demanding to see the police's video evidence, but the police have yet to release it. Another group of angry citizens began to crowd outside the police department, but these people were protesting the protesters, and yesterday, some of them opened fire on the first group of protesters shooting several people. When this happened, it is reported that the protesters begged the police to come out and help them, but the police remained in the police department saying, this is what you guys wanted! Meanwhile, the ACLU has crunched some numbers and found that Minneapolis is mostly white, but the vast majority of people being arrested for minor crimes are black.

Several reasons for why people are ex-Muslims.

Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, knows what the problem is with the Islamic terrorists who murdered all those people in Paris... they were godless!

Honest Trailers finally does Star Wars.

Another cross successfully moved off public land, another victory for the Constitution.

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how astronauts have sex in space.

Republican Jeb Bush spells out the American Christian ideal, only Christians are worth saving.

House getting cleaner for Thanksgiving

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Dammit Millennials, you had one job to do, and that was prevent government censorship.

Strangely enough, men who murder their spouses receive more lenient sentences than men who murder total strangers.

Aron Ra on the Unholy Trinity Tour.

Joe and Kristen Masciantonio appeared on Fox News to tell the world about the healing power of the Pope who kissed the head of their baby, and now their baby's tumor is in remission. Of course, the child also had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy from several highly-trained doctors, but we know who the real hero is, don't we?

When reading the bible it's very easy to conclude that murder is right.

Jeremy Brown is the football coach at Mosley public High School in Florida, and he says the most important part of his job is converting students to Christianity.

Another day, another chore

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Donald Trump's latest attempt to court Republican voters: I'll bring back torture! It doesn't surprise me that so many people cheered for that statement after learning that an article by Burt Prelutsky was published by World Net Daily, which suggests bombing Mecca off the face of the earth regardless of how many civilian casualties there may be.

I don't think I'm going to read Dilbert anymore. I've known that Scott Adams, the comic's creator, was pretty sexist, but I still found his comic funny, but I can't anymore. I just have a hard time finding the humor when I know that the author is a misogynistic asshole. In his latest blog, which he may have meant as a joke, but I'm not laughing, he complained that women have control of their bodies on the issue of sex, and suggested that Islamic terrorism isn't the result of religion, but women refusing their husbands sex!

Why doubt is so important.

Southwest Airlines will boot you from your flight if you don't speak English.

The School's Hoping and Praying is modern oldies.

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for the heinous crime of poetry. Not expecting much from a country whose king thinks that all atheists are terrorists.

A scary statistic about our police state, since 2014, you're more likely to have your property stolen from you by police than a burglar.

There aren't enough days in the month!

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Fixed some wind-damaged aluminum siding near my roof. There is something very exciting about leaning head-first over a 15-foot drop.

There was a time in our nation's past where we did something that was both inhumane and embarrassing. Well, actually, there have been a lot of those times, but the one I'm talking about is during WWII, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The US decided that wanting to bomb the US is genetic, so, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an Executive Order allowing the US military to arrest every single person in the US of Japanese ancestry, most of which were full US citizens, and put them in internment camps or deport them. It's a good thing we have never been attacked by white people, or we might have to arrest all of them too! Anyway, years later, President Carter had the government investigate the massive violation of civil liberties and found what any rational person would expect, that there was no evidence the American Japanese citizens were planning anything devious, that their arrest was fueled by American racism, and that, if the American Japanese didn't hate us then, they sure as hell hate us now! President Regan signed an Act which officially apologized for the nation's actions and paid every surviving Japanese person who had been incarcerated $20,000, for a total of $1.6 billion. History now looks upon the act as a huge mistake and a black mark on the country, so thank fully we'll never do it again... wait... Republicans... what are you doing?!

Here's how DNA functions.

Republicans don't have much left in the way of a voting base. While there are still plenty of ignorant hicks who are convinced that they'll need low taxes on the wealthy for the big day when they win the lottery, their other base, Christians, are shrinking rapidly. Most white Christians aren't pumping out the babies that used to keep them inflated, and the influx of Christian Mexicans are still a little upset about the whole, "Mexicans are rapists," line, and the racism toward Syrian refugees is alienating them even further.

How to deal with parents when you've left their religion.

The Texas State School Board (a punchline in and of itself) has decided that it no longer wants academic experts reviewing their textbooks.

Matt Dillahunty explains why he's not a fan of the problem of evil.

Why did someone put a strip of black tape over the photograph of every black person hanging in the halls?

I'm nineteen...

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I finished reading The Lost World.

This isn't news to anyone who's up on the abortion debate, but after Texas made it a lot harder for women to get abortions from doctors, the rate of self-induced home abortions has increased greatly!

Maybe drug manufacturers aren't the best people to trust with your health?

John Oliver calls out the Paris terrorists.

After losing all of his credibility by coming out as a young-earth creationist, Ben Stein doubles-down by saying that Obama is a danger to America, and that he hates America, possibly because he's part black.

Sarah Haider talks about what it's like to be an ex-Muslim.

The Duggar's spawn is now being sued for beating up a porn star.

Colorado Mesa University used to hand out a bible to each graduating nurse. Used to. In only Republican presidental candidate John Kasich could get the memo. Right now he's trying to establish a taxpayer-funded governmental agency to promote Christianity abroad.

If camouflage is so important, why are more animals green.

I'm eighteen, and I just don't know what I want

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The latest addition to the VGMPF is the soundtrack of Shinobi.

Explaining Special and General Relativity using only the 1,000 most commonly used English words.

How to respond when Christians argue that the bible doesn't say that!

Rather than allow an LGBT after-school club to exist, North Carolina's Lake Lure Classical Academy, after being pressured by those poor persecuted Christian parents, has decided to cancel the chess club, the drama club, the classical music club, the environmentalism club, well, actually, all clubs for all students.

A simple consolidated history of the British Royal Family.

Republican Christian Ted Cruz explains that he welcomes Syrian refugees... as long as they can prove to him that they're Christian. Obama had a different approach and said "That's not American. That's not who we are. We don't have religious tests to our compassion." You know, I don't like Obama, but dammit, he says some good things now and again!

Stephen Colbert wasn't able to convert Bill Maher back to Catholicism.

Us and them

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The data are in, last October was the hottest ever recorded. But global warming is a hoax. Speaking of weather discrepancies, Mike Huckabee says Syrian refugees shouldn't be allowed in Minnesota because it's too cold for desert dwellers.

A simple and quick explanation of a gene.

On the whole, I find Buddhist to be pretty similar to most other religious people. They act like secularists 95% of the time, only bringing out their religion for rituals and a justification to hate those who are different. However, you gotta love it when the Dalai Lama says that you shouldn't expect help by praying to a god, if you want to stop terrorist attacks it's up to us to actually do something.

Peace be with you...

The mayor of Port Neches, Texas is willing to spend any amount of taxpayer's money to keep a cross on public land. Sounds great to FFRF, they could use another paycheck!

For God so loved the world...

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Suicidal Muslims murdered around 130 civilians in Paris as retaliation for France's air strikes, and the fact that, according to the terrorists, God hates the French because they're not Muslim enough. And this probably isn't shocking to anyone here, but according to American Christians, the victims deserved to be murdered because they weren't Christian enough.

Maryam Namazie's speech on the dangers of militant Islam was banned at Warwick University, but it sure seems validated now!

Corrupt Michigan police have been trying to coerce medical marijuana sellers to lie about out origin of their cannabis so they can give out stiffer criminal punishment.

Does the theory of evolution matter?

National Geographic, which is a husk of its former glory thanks to Fox News, did a cover piece on "sightings" of the Catholic version of the Virgin Mary. This is very similar to cranks who make maps of sightings of aliens, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, only with a lot more child rape. In order for a sighting to meet Vatican approval, you don't need scientific or video evidence, instead, all you need is someone who really believes they saw Mary, and the message has to fit with the Vatican's current version of doctrine. None of the Vatican One crap counts as a miracle!

Alanis Morissette updates the lyrics to Ironic.

Thousands of Mormons officially resigned in a mass-excommunication due to the church's hateful stance against homosexuals.

David Vitter, a Conservative Christian Republican state Senator is running for Governor in Louisiana. You might remember Vitter as the man who tried to convince the woman with whom he was cheating on his his wife to have an abortion because he got her pregnant. Anyway, his message to voters is that gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

Heffalumps and woozles!

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We currently live in a culture where most rapists will never be punished.

Starbucks cups are Satanic.

Another victory for religious equality as another nativity scene is taken off public land. I guess they didn't want to lose a lawsuit over it like Baxter County, Arkansas.

John Oliver talks Medicaid.

Beckie Peirce and April Hoagland, a married couple in Utah recently adopted a foster child with the biological mother's blessing, but before everything could be finalized, Judge Scott Johansen, a disgusting turd, ruled that the couple cannot adopt the child, because they're lesbians.

Ben Carson is making Sarah Palin look sane.

And now for something completely different...

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Monty Python shows us what happens when robbers don't do anything illegal.

Another pair of parents are sent to jail after their child dies because they refused to take her to the hospital and instead prayed for her.

Despite having to, once again, deal with the watch-maker argument, Neil deGrasse Tyson gives a good argument for why science and religion are incompatible.

Many of us know about president Andrew Johnson, not for any of his accomplishments, but because he opposed the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which granted black people equal rights. Well, Newt Gingrich is probably going to have a similar legacy blocking the rights of transgendered people.

Aron Ra addresses the Texas Freethought Coalition.

There are a lot of ones in today's date

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Finished reading Snow Crash for the second time.

A new dwarf planet has been found in our solar system way out, about three times as far out as Pluto making it the most distant local object we've witnessed.

Why it's important to boycott Catholic hospitals.

Too late Bristol, too late.

Geek talk on the Late Show.

God bless the Satanists who convinced Bledsoe County, Tennessee public schools to stop distributing bibles to kids by asking if they could distribute Satanic children's books.

Republican Presidential hopefuls, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal share a stage with Kevin Swanson, a Christian pastor who said people who've read Harry Potter should drown themselves.

Bart Ehrman's lecture on how the bible explains suffering.

Facebook is censoring any of its users who mention a rival social media site called Tsu.

Meet the new floss, same as the old moss

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Even if the crosswalk is closed to traffic, Texas police will beat you down for jaywalking! This seems like a good time to bring up the recent US Supreme Court ruling which states that police can not be held accountable for murdering someone who is attempting to escape arrest unless the victim's family can prove, beyond any doubt, that the police acted irresponsibly. Thus, even if those Texas cops had shot each of those jaywalkers in the face, since the police said they were escaping arrest, there is nothing their families could (legally) do to seek justice.

Alabama's latest addition to the state's Board of Education, Republican Christian Betty Peters, believes that education is a Liberal Conspiracy what with their teaching that Muslims and transgender people exist, and what with all their math that is different than the math she grew up with! Thankfully Peters knows how to fix the problem, force children to become Christians!

Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, and Seth Andrews finished off their Unholy Trinity Tour and here are the results: Matt, Seth, Aron.

Democrat Brad Sherman tried to make a cute joke about how God doesn't want interest rates to rise in a season called fall. I do not think it's funny.

A little late, but did you know spending a lot of time putting together a Halloween costume will get you drunker?

Rachel Does... sex with a stranger.

Same ol, same ol

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Republican hopeful, Ben Carson, has decorated the walls of his house with his awards and pictures of himself (even with Jesus!) to help showcase a bible verse about humility.

Canada's old Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been ousted and with him goes his old Conservative Christian rules preventing government scientists from giving their opinion to the public. Canada's new Liberal Prime Minister has nothing to fear from the truth, and is letting his scientists tell people the facts!

Moses only inspired the US Constitution if you haven't read the Torah or the Constitution.

What does xenophobia look like? How about Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch who smashed a beer mug across the face of Asma Jama for wearing a Hijab and speaking Swahili.

It's a shame we no longer drink lead.

Reford Theobold, ex-Mayor of Grand Junction, Colorado, and the Republican Christian who spent $64,000 of taxpayer's money keeping a Ten Commandments monument on public land probably should have read that Ten Commandments monument a little closer because he was just arrested for shoplifting.

Seth Meyers weighs in on the removal of Houston's gender discrimination law.

Hope you're happy now

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Roy Zimmerman shows the stark contrast between the Ronald and the Donald.

Even though one school board member was willing to throw away money on a hopeless lawsuit trying to continue sending public school children to a Catholic shrine for Christmas where they were told not to sing secular music, only Christian hymns, the Portland, Oregon school district saw the light of the US Constitution and decided to find a new choir venue.

God really dropped the ball in this football game!

Why is Moody Bible School, a Christian college, tricking dementia patients into willing them their entire estates?

People! Get your quotes strait!

Who did what now?

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What it's like having to escort women through the hateful mobs of Christians outside women's health clinics.

Church official Darren Paden has admitted to raping a little girl around 300 times, starting when she was five-years-old, and continuing on for a decade, but his strong Christian community is standing by him, calling the victim a liar, and urging a judge to let him go.

The USA has a lot of geographic place names that are racial slurs.

Well, that settles it. Videogames are officially a female past time now. According to this recent Pew Forum, more women own videogame consoles in the US than men!

Ben Carson is giving Donald Trump a run for is money on who is stupider.

How much money has the Catholic Church paid out to the victims they've raped? Over $4 billion!

Tennessee will be swapping out a memorial with a cross for a more inclusive soldier's memorial.

Remember, remember, the something about November?

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Thanks to Republicans Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick, Houston, Texas continues to allow discrimination against people based on their gender.

You've been hearing about it for years thanks to Fox "News," but wouldn't it be nice if someone could just give you the condensed facts about the whole Benghazi debacle?

David G. McAfee writes about 8 themes that are eroding separation of church and state.

Computerphile gives a nice explanation about how digital sound is stored.

I know bitch about religion an awful lot on this site, and my voice is nothing more than a drop in a sea, but you need countless drops to make a sea, and our collective work appears to be paying off thanks to the latest Pew Forum release which shows that for every metric they measured, religion is shrinking in the USA. The percentage of people who adhere to a religion has decreased, the percentage of unaffiliated religious people has decreased, the percentage who pray has decreased, the percentage who attend church has decreased, and the percentage of people who believe religion is an important part of life has decreased!

November: not as good as October

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I'm re-reading Snow Crash because it's so awesome.

Teens explain their view of rape and consent based on a dramatization.

The UK government wants it to be known to all software developers, citizens should never be allowed to have privacy from the government, but what can you expect from a country that has one surveillance camera for every 11 people?

The future is where we treat cancer with genetically modified herpes.

What it's like for parents having to decide to have an abortion. Of course, if this Christian pastor has his way, women would never be allowed to make decisions about their own body.

Muslims show their religion of peace by throwing rocks at a woman's face until she dies. This is how Muslims act when they don't have a secular government keeping them docile, so we don't need this Christian pastor to make up false claims of violence.

Happy post-Halloween!

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Halloween party went very well! There were lots of costumed guests, lots of delicious food, lots of fun games, and lots of alcoholic drinks. I survived, but not hang-over free.

I've added several new soundtracks to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Religious 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are not as helpful as they claim.

You know a person is a true freedom-loving patriot when they want to suppress knowledge of the nation's law in order to force their personal beliefs on children.

As usual, it is the Satanists who show patience and tolerance toward Christians bullies.

Let's say someone offered you property to buy, but with an odd condition. You're not allowed to inspect the property before buying it, instead you have to take the seller's word that it's great. But the seller has never seen the property either, they've only been told by someone else that it's great. Also, while the cost of the property is really low, living there will require some huge life-altering changes on your behalf. So, would you buy the property sight-unseen? Probably not, right? So why are Christians so convinced that once you hear about Heaven, you'll want to alter your life in order to get into a place that God won't let you see?