February, 2016

Happy leap day!

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Republican fore-runner Donald Trump doesn't know enough about the KKK to say they're bad. That pretty much sums up the Republican Party, doesn't it? He does kind of act like a catty gay man.

Cardinal Pell, the Australian Catholic responsible for protecting an unknown number of child-raping priests, and is now serves as the Vatican's top financial advisor in Rome, which conveniently makes it difficult for him to be tried in Australia, sort-of apologized for all he did to keep pedophile priests out of jail saying he had, "mucked things up and let people down." To all the people who were sexually abused under his watch he said, they could come to Rome and meet with him for counseling. I'd have to say, Tim Minchin's response is spot on.

It's not the most historically useful video on the videogame crash of the early 1980s, but it's graphically beautiful.

This Muslim cleric explains that when women make attractive looking food and post it on social media, people get cancer. Of course, what can you expect from a religion that sentences people to 2,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for publicly stating, there is no god.

What happens when you put lithium in 7-Up?

Back in 2000, the US Supreme Court ruled that even student-led prayer in public schools violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, but that isn't stopping Republican Ric Metzgar from trying to make a law that would force public school students to listen to student-led prayers during mandatory school assemblies.

These may be some of the oldest songs in recorded history, but that doesn't mean they're not dull.

This shouldn't be much of a surprise, but South Carolina's polling data was looked at, and some interesting trends were discovered. Namely, that there are a lot of people there who think that the state should criminalize Islam, close all mosques, and deport all Muslims, that the state capitol should be flying the Confederate Flag, that they wish the South had won the Civil War, that homosexuality should be banned from the country, that the World War II internment of Japanese Americans was a good idea, and, naturally, the majority of these people identify as Christian and are planning to vote for Donald Trump.

Sleeping in your car is a good way to be shot and killed by the police.

Two straight days of shoveling wet snow

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It's not enough that the NSA has access to our emails and phone messages, now Obama wants to give access to it all to the FBI and CIA as well!

Aron Ra's lecture on correcting Darwin's critics.

Of all the businesses you could run in the USA, which one is the hardest? When you hear the answer, it's not very surprising.

Chiropractors can't help you, but they can kill you.

Bishop Robert Cunningham says, "the age of reason is 7, so if you’re at least 7 you're culpable for your actions." This may not sound that terrible until you realize that he's talking about victims of sexual assault from priests! Yes, according to a Catholic Bishop, if a priest rapes a six-year-old, it's the priest's fault, but if he rapes a seven-year-old, the little boy was asking for it!

What would it be like it Mario and Yoshi changed places.

Ever notice how the average Fox News viewer is a gold mine for The Onion?

Her dizzy head is conscience-laden

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Republican John Kasich isn't the moderate Conservatives try to make him out to be, he's actually quite sexist.

What it's like to be an actor in Hollywood... when you're not a straight white male.

Arch Bishop Robert Carlson isn't calling for a boycott of the Girl Scouts, he justs wondering if Catholics should be buying cookies from a group that thinks women should be allowed to have access to birth control. This is the kind of person who sees how the HPV vaccine drastically reduces the rate of cancer in women, but still thinks they shouldn't get it.

Now that the Texas is allowing students to come to class while carrying guns, the faculty is advising professors how to avoid getting shot by their students (I'm not joking). Some of the suggestions for professors include, avoiding challenging students on topics that may make them angry and changing curricular to exclude any controversial topics. Since this is Texas, it should probably be interpreted as, political science teachers shouldn't talk about gun violence, biology teachers shouldn't talk about evolution, anthropology teachers shouldn't talk about non-Christian religions, and so forth. Good luck trying to get educated Texans.

Turner Classic Movies is doing a month-long tribute to movies condemned by Catholics!

People who identify as "pro-life" should more honestly call themselves "pro-punishing-people-who-have-sex-for-pleasure" because that's really what their actions describe. For example, if a physician says a pregnant woman's life was in serious jeopardy without an abortion, who in their right mind would consider it "pro-life" to say she shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion? Republican Scott Walker, that's who. This is a man who will appoint you to his cabinet if you are a Christian who gets paid to lie to pregnant women about abortion, or if you just pay him enough.

Another cop caught lying to convict a young black teen, let off without so much as a slap on the wrist.

The National Organization For Marriage a Christian group trying to prevent loving people from getting married, and has a long history of lying with pictures, but their latest lie is just hilarious! In an effort to show a huge crowd of supporters, they stole a picture of a same-sex marriage rally and tried to pass it off as one of their hate rallies. Somehow they missed all the rainbow flags in the crowd!

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Don't kid yourselves, the FBI is not asking Apple to unlock a terrorist's phone, they're asking Apple to create a tool for them that would allow them to unlock everyone's phone whenever they deem it "necessary." And if you believe that Apple and the FBI will be the only ones with access to that tool, you've obviously never met a hacker.

Anti-abortion people are just terrible.

"Make America great again," appears to be a slogan of the white working-class because life for the upper-class has only gotten better, and non-whites never had it great to begin with.

Like all the others, the Mormon Church has a long history of being wrong.

Republicans in Illinois are cracking down on those evil single mothers. Their latest bill says that if an unmarried woman gives birth, the father's name must either be given voluntarily or through a paternity test, but if neither of these conditions occurs, say, the father refuses to get a paternity test and denies it's his child, the woman has 30 days to try and convince him to do the responsible thing or else he is not required to ever pay child support and the child will not be issued a birth certificate!

I for one welcome our new robotic overlords.

Weather's just fine!

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With their handling of the the next Supreme Court judge, the Republican Party is showing us that they are a bunch of useless hypocrites.

The pros and cons of school prayer that only The Onion can deliver.

Looks like Ludocity is making an Ittle Dew 2!

What it's like to live near the Great Lakes as the ice begins to stack.

When it's cheaper to legally change your name than pay a fee to have your name corrected on a Ryanair ticket.

Nah, I'm cool. I don't need any help.

South Carolina has an abysmal high school graduation rate of only 83.6%, putting it in 40th place among the states! Thankfully, the state's most pious Republicans came up with a solution. No, they're not going to hire better teachers, they're going to put an "In God We Trust" monument in every school. Problem solved!

Portal versus Half-Life in a battle for cake.

Good to be home

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MAG Fest was really amazing. Far more fun than any of the anime conventions I had gone to in the past. Far fewer obnoxious weeaboos running around with "free hugs" signs, although the number of neck-beards and mouth-breathers was dramatically higher. In fact, while walking through the hotel hall, I overheard someone saying, "Oh, I forgot to put deodorant on. Well, it doesn't matter." Yes, actually, it does matter. Some of my highlights included finding the person who made a cartridge version of my Castlevania II dialogue patch, getting my Mega Man cartridge signed by both Manami Matsumae and Keiji Inafune, and handing out cards for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation and routinely hearing people say, "Oh yeah, I know that site." I enjoyed my time there immensely, but am glad to be home and done with that ten-hour drive!

It's nice to see Apple taking a change in stance and actually trying to protect the customers they gouge so much.

America's current religious zealots seem to be a reaction to progressives trying to teach children science and give women and homosexuals equal rights, but don't forget that one of the major reasons they became so well-organized was their fight to defend segregation. And, of course, they're still trying to destroy the lives of homosexuals, even if it means ruining prom.

Placebo research continues to remind us that we are merely puppets controlled by our wacky brains!

Iran is still not quite ready to join the rest of us at the big kid's table after reissuing a $600,000 bounty for the murder of author Salman Rushdie for the "crime" of blasphemy.

The South Carolinian government lawn is the new place for a rather interesting display.

Festival de la Music and Gaming

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I'm going to be gone for the rest of the week. Gotta finish packing, then it's up at 3:30 AM Wednesday morning for a nice ten-hour drive to the Washington D.C.! Then, for the rest of the week, I will be basking in the sonic goodness of MAG Fest! I'll probably be updating the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation while I'm there, but don't expect any updates here. Somehow the world will go on without my political and religious commentary.

Well, it took a few billion dollars in legal fees trying to protect their child-rapist priests, but the Vatican has finally learned its lesson, and their new rules state clearly that Bishops do not have to report pedophile priests to the authorities. Wait, what?

Dealing with the Binding of Isaac story.

M-A-G - F-E-S-T!

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While I don't like to revel in people's death, Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia was a seriously flawed man, and I think life will be a whole lot better with him gone. This means that Obama will have to name a new judge to fill his position, but Republican Mitch McConnell has already said, without even hearing who Obama might pick, that he will veto every choice until Obama is out of office in the hopes that a Republican will win the presidency so that a Republican will pick the next judge. This is typical of the do-nothing attitude that Republicans have spawned over the years.

OK Go's new video is pretty awesome.

Oh good, the US isn't the only country bombing hospitals.

The latest buzz-word to come out of Creationism is "non-adaptive order."

Matt Dillahunty talks about the problems with the Exodus.

Public schools are still flabbergasted when they're told they can't use taxpayer money to hire a Christian preacher to pray for their football team.

Police we needed at the Chino Valley, Arizona city council meeting, not to stop Mayor Chris Marley who was breaking the law by delivering a Christian prayer (he was also lying because he said he wouldn't pray), but to remove Rabbi Adele Plotkin for protesting Marley's breaking of the law.

Dealing with the argument that lots of intelligent people believe in a god.

Kentucky's new Republican Governor, Matt Bevin, is trying to impede a woman's right to an abortion, so women are looking to him for advice regarding their vagina's.

Ted Cruz claims that, if elected, he won't be the "Pastor of the United States," but his wife tells a more revealing story.

Google Maps is really pissing me off. I want to print out a map of my route to Maryland, as a backup if I lose cell coverage, so I enter the start and end addresses, and I get a map. The map has the shortest route, an alternate route, a route without tolls, and an airplane route. Each route has a large box indicating the distance, time, and an icon identifying the mode of travel. There are several other icons indicating construction and traffic jams. While the primary route is blue on my monitor, each route is going to be gray on the printer, which won't matter anyway because there are so many boxes and icons, I can't only see about 75% of the route. I look for a way to clear all these unnecessary extra routes and unwanted information, but I can't find any. I do a Google search and find many other people who are as equally frustrated, but no solutions. I click on the print button, assuming it would eliminate the alternate routes since they're is not point in printing interactive features on a non-interactive printout, but they remain. Which is probably for the best anyway because all of the directions are also eliminated in the print version, not that the other ones were helpful anyway. Finally, I found a way to get a single route with turn-by-turn directions along the side without all the obnoxious boxes obscuring the map! If you click in the box where is reads "maps.google.com" and type, "bing.com/maps" and hit enter, all the nonsense is gone! As much as it pains me to say it, Microsoft's maps are more useful than Google Maps right now!

Sickness subsiding early... not complaining!

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Have a big weekend planned of preparing for MagFest.

Mostly Muslim controlled Indonesia is trying to ban same-sex emoji from phones. What can you expect from a religion that results in the genital mutilation of nearly half of its female population?

I would have dropped out after the jalapeño!

Right now Congress is half-way through passing a law requiring the National Science Foundation to give a detailed written account for how every single endeavor they undergo will benefit the USA. This demand is coming from the government that has spent over a trillion dollars on a fighter jet that wasn't needed, doesn't work, and will probably never be released.

Despite their best efforts, Creationists cannot get their beliefs to behave like science.

The Internet is a terrible place to be a woman.

Dealing with people who demand you tell them where the universe came from or else goddidit!

You'd think we'd be done with this by now, but Republicans are still trying to make laws allowing the teaching of Christian Creationism in public schools.

I can't even

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What if Jesus said what the Republican presidential candidates are saying?

Iranian newscaster, Sheena Shirani, has fled the country in fear after exposing years of harassment, especially sexually harassment from her boss, Reza Emadi.

Why can't all history be taught like this?

When teachers have to deal with ignorant substitutes who refuse to teach science.

Dealing with the Liar, Lunatic, or Lord argument.

Not amused by illness

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Over a year after Tennessee instituted its mandatory drug screening for welfare recipients, a lot of money and time has been wasted, but very few drug addicts have been found.

Oh, the fun you can have replying to spam email.

The Clinton Administration was working on a plan to decrease the country's carbon footprint, but when Bush took office, issues like the environment were not even considered. Thankfully, the Obama Administration followed up and even empowered the EPA to impose tougher restrictions against the burning of fossil fuels. As expected, energy companies used their pull in state governments to challenge the new rules, and back in 2015 the US Supreme Court (Scalia in particular) ruled that the curbing climate change was just too darned inconvenient to be legal. Now, it won't be until June before we can even decide whether we're going to consider reducing the country's level of pollution!

A better way to talk to people about Christianity.

On a Russian wildlife preserve, there is a unlikely friendship between a goat and a tiger. However, the fact that they're both male animals has offended Alexei Krestyanov, a lawyer who is now investigating whether they're secretly promoting the homosexual agenda!

Reza Aslan is not a very impressive Muslim apologist.

Throat? Why you scratchin' me?

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What is it like when you go on a cruise with people who believe that the president is a reptilian alien in disguise, the Earth is hollow, vaccines cause autism, and they're haunted by psychic ghosts? Find out!

Easter egg hunting in the Zelda games.

You know that big lawsuit against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder alleging that he is negligent for Flint's current lead water crisis? Well, a random judge was selected to hear the case, but instead, Judge Michael J. Talbot, who has has a history of judging favorably for Snyder, took the case for himself, something that shouldn't happen. This means it's pretty likely that the Flint citizens will lose their case if Talbot doesn't throw it out first, and have to appeal. And who will be the appeals judge? Why, it's Judge Michael J. Talbot! Again!

Well, Michigan Republicans may be completely corrupt, but at least they're not trying to outlaw sodomy... aw crap!

Can the RIAA do anything right? When they're not suing children and the elderly, they're suggesting that an album can go platinum without ever having sold a single copy, it just needs to be streamed enough.

Misconceptions about companies.

If your friend is contemplating suicide, do not call the police to go to their house to check on them, or they might end up gunning your friend down in their own home.

We still live in a world where a man can create meetups for other men in order to teach them how to trick women into having sex with them, even if it means getting them so drunk that they can't say no.

Seven tips for Muslim women on how to go about removing their hijab.

Christian research organization, the Barna Group, recently conducted a study about children and pornography and found that, Christian children seek out porn more than ever before. And somehow, this is shocking to Christian adults.

I love when comedians cover issues like racism and abortion.

Christians are still trying to block Juan Mendez, an atheist, from giving an invocation in Arizona.

What's updog? Nothing much, how about you?

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I added the soundtrack of the original arcade version of Gauntlet to the VGMPF.

Neil deGrasse Tyson again schools the rapper who believes the Earth is flat.

Despite the amount of non-religious continuing to grow in the US, politicians still refuse to acknowledge us.

Don't believe this misconceptions about animals.

How would you feel if you were pulled over by the police, and they tried to convert you to Islam? What about if you received a flier in the mail about your local police department holding a concert and conversion ceremony with a well-known Muslim entertainer asking everyone to attend, because you don't want to piss off the police! Most people would not be okay with this, so why aren't more people complaining when Christians do it? By the way, I use Islam as my go to religion since research shows that American Christians are especially bigoted against them.

Why the burden of proof matters, and why believers try to shift it to you.

The Mormon Church espouses such high numbers because they make it very difficult to get out of the church. Thankfully, this web site makes the whole process much easier!


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Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and professional embarrassed of corrupt politicians everywhere (especially in the USA), was judged by a United Nations panel to see if the case against him had any merit. Before the ruling, Assange insisted that if the UN found him guilty, he would leave the Ecuadorian embassy and enter the custody of the UK, but that if the UN cleared him of charges, he expected the UK to drop all charges and cease trying to arrest him. Well, the UN reached a ruling and said that, not only are the charges against Assange unwarranted, but the UK owes him compensation for forcing him to hide out in an embassy for so long! Naturally, the UK, US, and Swedish governments don't give a damn about objective rulings, and still plan on punishing Assange for exposing their massive corruption.

Stated Clearly give the evidence for evolution.

Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, and the number of unexpected pregnancies jumped, especially among low-income families. You're all shocked, I can tell. Since these families were having trouble making ends meet as it was, now they'll be filing for more government assistance. So let's do the math. Which is cheaper, paying for an IUD, or paying for food, clothing, and shelter for 18 years?

On the topic of Planned Parenthood, they have since been cleared of all wrong-doing by the group that investigated them, and the people who dishonestly edited the video together to try an make it look like PP was profiting off of fetal tissue is now under investigation for their fraudulent tactics. Despite these facts, 110,000 terrible people have signed a petition to exonerate the frauds and continue to waste public money re-investigating Planned Parenthood in hopes of finding something, anything, that can show they're guilty.

Is there a center of a triangle? Actually, there are three, and they all form a line.

A public elementary school -science- teacher though she could get away with handing out advertisements to all of her students in hopes that they would purchase a trip to a Christian bible camp!

A quick breakdown of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Walkin' the dog

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The Democratic Senate reminds Comcast that they're evil, and they should stop.

What it's like to be the only skeptic in your group of friends.

If you ask college men, if they would never get caught, would they rape a woman, 14% say yes. But if you ask them, if they would never get caught, would they force a women to have sex with them, suddenly that number jumps to 32%. Do they just not know what rape is?

Why is it church videos with children in them are always horrifying?

"Evolution is not a fact. That's why it's called a theory! There's more evidence that the Bible is true," is the special breed of ignorance you would expect from someone who dropped out of elementary school to pursue a career in televangelism, so it's a bit shocking to learn that it came from Christina Wilkinson, headteacher of St Andrew's school in Lancashire, England. While Wilkinson may believe that biology can't quite compete with the evidence of talking animals and zombies walking through the city (Matthew 27:52-53), a lot of non-ignorant people have been schooling her.

What if Martin Scorsese directed Mario?

Secular victories! Phoenix, Arizona will stop giving Christian prayers before city council meetings and will now have a moment of silence because they refused to hear a Satanist prayer. Also, public schools in Portland, Oregon will no longer send their choir students to sing Christian-only songs. And what I'll call a partial victory, a Mississippi courthouse is replacing their Ten Commandments display with an "In God We Trust" banner. Still religious, but not nearly as discriminating.

Some old interviews with Queen during the A Kind of Magic days.

It's still difficult, and sometimes dangerous to be an atheist in Kenya.

Go home lady, find yourself happy, it's just a middle-aged crisis type thing.

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St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Minnesota tells an 84-year-old widow who had attended for the past 50 years, since you aren't attending church often enough, you will no longer be allowed to be buried next to your husband!

I would watch this movie.

When Islam rules the world, there will be affordable prostitution for all!

How to handle people who say, "Who are you to question God?"

Deadpool and Boba Fett in the latest Epic Rap Battle of History.

It certainly helps to forget

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This morning, I had a dream where I was telling a yoga instructor that his regular visitor couldn't come, but I couldn't remember the person's name. As I searched my phone's contact list for the person, I secretly hoped that the yoga instructor would invite me in to take the absent person's place. After anxiously searching through my phone, the yoga instructor did eventually invite me in. Knowing that yoga was supposed to be relaxing, I was careful to turn off my phone in case anyone called and I sat down on the yoga mat, and noticed the tan lines on the feet of the men who must have wore sandals all the time. Just as the yoga instructor began his class, my alarm clock started going off, but I didn't immediately wake up. Instead, I looked around embarrassed that I had left my alarm clock on and disrupted the class. Then, I woke up and realized I was in bed, and thankful that I don't have tan lines on my feet.

A simple, but effective explanation of privilege.

Why male characters in games have strategic butt coverings.

Joel A. Wright was in seminary school to become a Catholic priest, but he was also trying to purchase an infant sex slave from Mexico on craigslist.

What if Malcom Reynolds from Firefly were a Libertarian?

Bill Maher, who used to be beneficial to the atheist movement, has now become a burden. It wasn't enough that he was an anti-vaxer, now he supports quacks who claim they can cure HIV with goat milk.

Antarctica is a political nightmare.

Duck Dynasty father, Phil Robertson, endorses Ted Cruz by saying we need to "rid the earth" of people who believe people should be able to marry who they love. Cruz says the message was out of love and joyful and cheerful.

The history behind why so few companies make games for Macintosh.

John and Melissa Wood are suing their school district because their daughter had to learn about Islam in her World History class, but that's not how Fox News spins it.

February... it got even worse.

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The videogame party was a lot of fun. Despite having to sleep on a floor with the music of Zelda ringing in my ears, I had a wonderful time reliving the days of my childhood. And I got to beat Mega Man 10, bringing my total up to 160 games!

Why do Japanese cartoonists always draw their characters as white people? Turns out, only a white person would ask that.

The Call of Cthulhu done in the style of Dr. Seuss!

Marshall Middle School in Beaumont, Texas recently had a dangerous carbon monoxide leak that affected 200 students and faculty resulting in several people having to be taken to the hospital for treatment, and the closure of the entire school until the problem can be rectified. Now, clear-minded individuals would thank the people who demanded carbon monoxide detectors, routine evacuation drills, and a well-trained emergency team which probably saved the lives of dozens of people, but the school's principal, Brandon Basinger, thanked his god, who had the power to prevent the leak entirely, but decided to let it almost kill children instead!

An interesting video about the growth and spread of the human population.

Why is it Christians tend to sound like priests from a game of Dungeons and Dragons? Republican Kelly Townsend, doesn't want people from differing religions to be allowed to exercise their inalienable human rights, so she's praying to her god to casting the spell of hedge of protection!

Holy crap, a new version of Soldat has been released!