March, 2016

I forgot March had 31 days

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Republicans are doing their damnedest to stop women from having their constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion. Thankfully, the FDA is making it easier and safer!

Early life got its jump-start from physics which allows nonliving things to function as though they're alive.

Wired wrote an article about 10 cool new features for Windows 10, and they're mostly garbage:

  1. Your face is your password: Because why remember an impossible-to-guess password when someone can crack your computer with a printout of your Facebook photo?
  2. Better sticky notes: For people who carry their desktop wherever they go because they don't own a smart phone.
  3. Better pen input: Nice if you have a tablet, but if you have a tablet, you're running Android or iOS.
  4. Facebook app: You mean the crippled version of the web site? Wow!
  5. Better XBox and PC crossover: Your gaming console is now more like a word processor! You can thank us later.
  6. Virtual Reality: It isn't ready, but might be... someday. Probably for Windows 35.
  7. Voice input: "Hey Cortana, play some rock music." "Getting directions to Wal-Mart." "Cortana, you're useless." "Reading Ulysses."
  8. Clippy: You want me to give Clippy my credit card number? Seriously?
  9. Skype: The thing that I've had on my computer for like ten years is considered a new feature?
  10. Linux commands: It's about damn time.

The age-old question of butt hair remains a mystery.

An Ohio teacher thought she could get away with telling her students to write essays about bible verses by putting the word "optional" next to each assignment. Nope! Thanks to the FFRF, she was exposed and her proselytizing was put to an end.

Explaining what's so impressive about an AI that plays go better than humans.

Alison Rapp is a spokesperson for Nintendo who has been trying to get more gender equality in games. Because of this, disgusting male gamer trolls published all her personal information and branded her a pedophile. Sadly, Nintendo didn't want to deal with the smear campaign, and fired her.

Is it soup yet?

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Well, the FBI cracked Apple's phone security without Apple's help, temporarily ending the stand off, and underscoring the holes in Apple's security that they will eventually fix, and create the same problem all over again. On this topic, here's an interesting comic demonstrating what it's like to have the NSA collecting your personal information.

Churches are already exempt from taxation, but in Mississippi, they want to be exempt from laws against murder, and they may get it. Republicans are one step closer to passing a bill that will give legal protection to a church members to kill any trespassers who they deem a threat to their church.

You know a law is bad when even your own state's attorney general refuses to defend it.

The Friends of Red Deer Regional Hospital is holding a fund-raiser to help ailing patients, and they hired a "psychic" for a host. Families with sick and dying people need a "psychic" like they need a parasite, and, in this case, they'll get both.

While I'm a Bernie booster, that doesn't mean I hate Hilldog, and I think she's not nearly as bad as Republicans try and get everyone to believe.

St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church in London, Ontario raised over $500,000 to help re-home Iraqi refugees, and Father Amer Saka lost it all gambling.

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing

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When Muslims kill other Muslims for not being Muslim enough.

Rachel Bloom and her heavy boobs.

A man pulled a gun at the US Capitol building and Fox News suggested that it may be an ISIS terrorist attack! Turns out, the man's name is Larry Russell Dawson, and he's a Christian preacher from Tennessee. That's good work Fox News!

The exciting conclusion to Refuting the Irrefutable Proof of God, parts VI, VII, and VIII.

Donald Trump is proud of his daughter's Easter baby, to him, Easter babies are beautiful, and Sarah Palin joined in to congratulate Ivanka on her Easter baby! Happy Easter to all. Never mind that Ivanka is Jewish, and Jews not only don't celebrate Easter, but view it as blasphemy.

Need a guide to the GOP?

But Easter's over. Shh! They don't know that.

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Ten Commandments party was a blast, and here are the rules to my Ten Commandments Drinking Game which added to the fun.

Republicans keep trying to ban transsexuals from bathrooms, but why? As far as I know, there aren't any documented cases of them being arrested for uncivil behavior. If Republicans were really interested in banning trouble makers from bathrooms, they should be banning themselves.

Professional Quack, Andrew Wakefield, a man who ordered unnecessary dangerous procedures on children without their parent's consent had his "documentary" pulled from Robert De Niro's film festival, to which he's crying censorship and violation of due process. It seems Wakefield is just as incompetent on matters of free speech issues as he is medicine.

Kentucky parents gave their son a .22-caliber rifle for his 5th birthday, and shortly thereafter, her shot his 2-year-old sister to death. Naturally, Republicans will prevent any legal action from being taken against the woefully negligent parents. The grandmother told the press, "It was God's will. It was her time to go, I guess. I just know she's in heaven right now and I know she's in good hands with the Lord." Does this mean we can make a legal case against her god?

Do we believe in gods because our brains make us? They certainly make us forget being a baby.

In case you're thinking things would be better if only Trump lost the Republican nomination, just remember that Ted Cruz is second in line, and he wants to make sure that the Federal government can actively discriminate against homosexuals, transgendered people, everyone wanting birth control, and all non-Christians.

Gift cards are a scam.

In order to prove just how important traditional godly family values are, Republican Governor Robert Bentley and his wife divorced amidst a sexual scandal between Bentley and one of his staffers.


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There any many terrible complications that can afflict fetuses like Potter sequence which prevents key components, like their kidneys, from developing. Even though the rest of the body forms, once the umbilical cord is severed, death is nearly 100% likely. While this developmental defect is thankfully rare, around 1 in 6,000 potential parents will have to deal with it. Many opt to abort the fetus rather than bring to full term a child guaranteed to die hours later. Of course, Republicans are here to make sure that nobody has that option. Rather than allow the people to vote, Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his fellow Republicans passed a new law making it illegal for women to get an abortion if the reason is due to the fetus having a physical abnormality. And to add insult to injury, while signing the bill into law, he said a prayer to the Christian god.

8-year-old McKayla Dyer had some puppies, and her neighbor, an 11-year-old boy, wanted to play with her puppies. He asked her to bring them outside, but Dyer refused, so the boy went home, got his father's pistol, and shot McKayla to death. Tennessee Democrats decided it was high-time they created a law that makes parents responsible when they leave firearms out where their children can get them, and, true to form, Republicans shot it down. Okay, so they don't want to burden parents with actually having to keep their guns out of the hands of their children, but at least they don't want children to shooting people, right? Hey, that reminds me, the NRA has rewritten children's fairy tales, giving the children in the stories guns so they can shoot people.

Finally, some justice to the Cruz-Hernandez brothers after being robbed by the police. It's one thing to take drug money, it's another thing to call something "drug money" without evidence and take it without ever charging anyone with a crime.

Christians are getting pissed off that some chocolate makers aren't labeling their eggs and bunnies as "Easter" candies, because, as we all know, Jesus fed the multitudes with chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs, any any attempt to squelch such truths is blasphemy!

Georgia Republicans are trying to make life hell for transgendered people, but the NFL, Disney, and Marvel are fighting back by making life hell for Georgia Republicans!

Best rapper ever!

Delta Middle School in Colorado will be handing out Satanic coloring books.

Watching Ten Commandments with my buds this Saturday. Gonna drink every time it doesn't match up with the bible!

A rich and dull American

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Kansas Governor, Republican Sam Brownback, has bankrupted the state after years of massive tax cuts on the wealthy, and in order to cover his state's huge debt, he's selling confiscated porn and cutting the education budget of elementary school programs.

Republican Paul Ryan finally gets it.

After the standoff between the Feds and the terrorists who fancy themselves as patriots who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge ended, we get to see just how "patriots" treat America. They destroyed the place, stole electronics, broken into safes, destroyed artifacts, and, after the pipes burst, turned the entire building into their own private toilet.

Speaking of toilets, North Carolina Republicans have passed a law that now forces transgendered men with beards to use the ladies room. They're even calling this a "bipartisan" bill when all of the state democrats walked out in protest. Sure, they're bigots, but at least they're liars too. And since Republicans are all about small government, they made sure that this law would override all city legislation that allowed accurate bathroom usage.

The Huffington Post publishes garbage like this in its section for science.

Norway has become the latest country to have a majority non-religious populace.

Samantha Bee follows around the American Atheists at Conservative PAC.

Richard Martinez, a coach at a public high school in New Mexico, wouldn't stop making his students pray with him, and despite his team's state championship victory, the school wisely put him on a leave of absence to decide if he wanted to be a preacher or a coach.

A panel discussing critical thinking.

Selling our love like a garage sale

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The grim reality that would come is a demagogue like Trump were elected president.

In response to the Brussels terrorist attack, Ted Cruz, and his band of merry policy men have said some rather disturbing things like, we should "empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized," and, "Islam is not a religion and does not deserve First Amendment protections." Trump's position was just as stupid, dissolve our military treaties with all other North American and European countries.

In Minnesota, Republicans who chant the mantra of small government are trying to pass a law that would make it illegal for private businesses to have gender-neutral bathrooms.

Bigotry exists, even among really smart people.

The Bechdel Test is showing up in broadcast television shows!


Utah's Governor is feels his religion is under attack. In fact, it's so under attack, he's giving people a discount if they buy the state license plate that features the phrase, "In God We Trust."

We will be victorious

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Try to murder your wife in a house fire, and suddenly people think you're not a good Christian pastor.

Wanna see some examples of evolution in your own body?

College campuses are a hotbed of teenage drinking, partying, and fighting, and Kansas has figured out a way to make them even more interesting, by introducing guns! State Republicans believe that, if a whole bunch of students are carrying guns, the next crazed shooter will be taken out after they kill only a couple people rather than a dozen people. Here's my prediction: the paranoid students will be carrying guns, they will be drinking a lot of alcohol, and they will be getting into arguments, and some of them will lead to shootouts. In the end, the number of gun-deaths from fighting students will be substantially higher than the number from lunatics. I hope I'm proved wrong.

John Oliver talks about Trump's utterly ridiculous Mexican-built wall.

Kasey Medlin created a wonderful photo-collage about leaving religion.

Rather than tax churches, it would be more beneficial to get them out of politics.

You damn fool!

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Had a wonderful time at Cody's over the weekend. Beat Bionic Commando with an audience and nearly beat Super C (half-way through the last stage when I lost my last life), helped Jon build a new computer, and had wonderful conversations about philosophy and theology.

Michigan Republicans have succeeded in creating a law that makes it so that women have to purchase additional health insurance to cover abortions, even when they've become pregnant after being raped.

After a slew of concerned doctors commented on People Magazine's article about a celebrity's recipe for homemade baby formula which contained ingredients that pediatricians say you shouldn't feed an infant, the magazine finally pulled the article. I'm pretty sure they did this, not because they care about your children, but because they feared a lawsuit. The sad reality is that the kind of people who read People are probably willing to take the dietary advice of an ignorant celebrity's over that suggested by an institution of doctors.

You've probably seen plenty of pictures of space from false-color images, but this collection tries to come as close as possible to true-color.

A list of some of the things for which the bible demands execution.

Erika Moen explains what it means to be sex positive.

The name "The American College of Pediatricians" sounds pretty impressive, and when they tell you that they value science of wishy-washy cultural norms, it sounds legit. But, when you start reading their list of core values, you start learning that this is actually a politically-motivated religious organization. They're against pre-marital sex, they're against same-sex marriage, they're against a woman's right to choose, etc. So, when they publish an article saying that allowing a child to wear clothing that Conservatives deem inappropriate for their sex, is tantamount to child abuse, it's hard to take them seriously.

Oklahoma Republicans didn't take very well their state's Supreme Court ruling that the Ten Commandments on government property was a violation of their state's Constitution. They're so mad they have to follow the same rules as everyone else, they're using tax dollars to try and change the rules!

I love Elizabeth Warren.

You an yer vidja games!

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Well this is adorable, the FBI, the same group that is trying to get Apple to weaken their encryption, is warning all Americans that their new computer-controlled cars are vulnerable to hackers. It's true, a hacker can use various wireless technologies to remotely unlock your vehicle doors, start the engine, and even disable you car entirely while you're driving down the highway. And you know what car companies could use the prevent this from happening? Strong encryption. The very thing the FBI is trying to eliminate!

I took the liberty of solving the maze in this Jehovah's Witness activity book.

As promised, Republican Mitch McConnell is obstructing Obama's Supreme Court nomination, Merrick Garland, a pretty Conservative judge. Even with a Republican-controlled congress that would certainly vote in the best interest of Conservatives, McConnell is too scared to even hold a vote, proving just how impotent he is.

Soon to be Republican loser, Ted Cruz, has assembled his crack team of foreign policy advisors, and it should be no shock to learn that they're a collection of paranoid conspiracy theorists demanding an immediate war against the entire Middle East.

Well, this is at least promising: despite Conservative lies, the public at large is starting to accept the scientific consensus that global climate change is caused by humans.

As police were hauling Adedayo Adeniyi out of a Trump rally, not because he was black, but because... well... anyway, a man slapped Adeniyi in the face as police were escorting him out, and though they saw it happen, and Adeniyi recorded the event, the police never bothered to arrest someone committing assault right in front of them! It wasn't until several videos of the incident surfaced on the Internet, that the police finally decided to take it seriously.

Heading to a videogame party this weekend to try and beat a bunch of games in rapid succession! Awesome.


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John Oliver helps people understand just what the FBI is asking from Apple when they demand they purposely cripple their encryption.

Ben Carson recently endorsed Trump, which he explained he didn't additionally want to do, but Trump offered him a position in his cabinet if he did. Apparently, Carson didn't know that such a form of cronyism is a federal crime.

Republican Micah Van Huss is trying to pass a bill that would take away all of the funding of the University of Tennessee's Office for Diversity and Inclusion, a total of $100,000, and use it to buy "In God We Trust" stickers to put on state police cars. Not only does the new bill take away the Office's funding entirely, but it also prevents them from ever getting any additional money in the future unless they stop promoting sexual education and gender-neutral pronouns. I guess you can't expect much from a man who tried to change the Tennessee constitution to say that governance doesn't come from the government, but from the Christian god.

An exposé on the the Vatican's upcoming saint.

Trump's popularity is an inconvenient reminder of just how many racist people still live in the USA.

I am a note, in a chord, in a song, in a play, with no tickets, no lines, no jack ass commercials. A performance of sweat!

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The latest project by Feminist Frequency looks really cool.

Today, Obama is set to nominate his first choice for Supreme Court Justice, which is part of his job. Republican Mitch McConnell, however, has refused to do his job, and will deny anyone the president picks regardless of who it is. When asked to defend his inability to function, McConnell said he believes the US voters should decide who should appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. Well, the people already did when 65,915,795 voted for Obama, but only around 800,000 voted for you... so maybe you should just shut up and do your job, hm?

How far back in time could you travel before you wouldn't be able to understand English?

Three more Pennsylvanian priests are charged with actively keeping a child-rapist safe from law enforcement in the child sexual abuse scandal.

From the creators of the Muslim videogame that taught preteen girls to cover their sinful bodies is a new game about how the Jews are evil and need to be killed.

In order to illustrate just how incorruptible he is at his job, Justice Minister of Egypt, Ahmed al-Zind, said that anyone who commits a crime will be put in jail, no matter how well-connected they may be, he would even jail the prophet Muhammad if he broke the law! Of course, lacking a sense of humor, the Muslim-controlled government immediately fired him. I'm not sure what's worse, that the Muslim government fired someone for saying they would do their job competently, or that they would refuse to jail Muhammad, even if he broke the law.

Actual quotes Donald Trump has said regarding women.

Dentist visit shows no cavities!

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I'm trying to limit my caloric intake so I won't embarrass myself too much over Spring break, and my work puts out a jar of Butterfingers.

When you're used to getting your way all the time, equality feels like oppression.

Oh good, the Catholics are making a saint out of a woman who tortured to death thousands of sick people.

Google's go-playing AI fished its match with the world's best go player to a 4-1 victory.

The horror of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and the systematic murder of atheists in Bangladesh. And even though the religion says death to anyone who leaves Islam, there is still hope.

Why is it called a special offer when it's given to everybody?

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Happy pi day!

We have successfully entered Daylight Saving Time, or, the time we should all just stick to and be done with.

What it's like to be a non-white reporter at a Trump rally, and what it's like to be sane at a Trump rally, and what it's like when Trump is too afraid to show up. And no, this isn't a violation of his First Amendment right, as he believes it is. And no, the problem will not be solved by more violence as believed by Ann Coulter.

Computer experts explain the wide-range of damage that would be caused if the FBI succeeds in forcing Apple into purposely adding a backdoor to their encryption, by explaining the failures of previous companies who did the same thing and lost big.

In her attempt to beatify Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton gets her history very wrong and suggests that the Regan administration got people talking about AIDS.

In an effort to seem relevant, Jehovah's Witnesses purchased \ a film award. Maybe this will help understate their years of protecting child rapists, as they refuse to acknowledge that one of their elders raped a child unless there were two witnesses!

Hollywood is all about casting proper white folk to fill the role of those silly foreigners.

NASA: Last February was the hottest February in recorded history. Republicans: There was snow, therefore climate change doesn't exist.

The BBC takes a wide-angle lens to the Large Hadron Collider.

Hope the weekend is glorious

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Recycling is kind of pretty.

Google's AlphaGo, an AI that plays go, is one game away from becoming the world's best go player. I for one welcome our new robot overlords!

Another yet another "missing link" fossil has been found, this one is the common ancestor to crocodilians, dinosaurs, and birds.

Donald Trump needs to nut up or shut up.

Christians tell young women that they're basically an iPad: if they don't look pristine, they're worthless. This "interesting" analogy was designed to get them to dress more modestly. It certainly reminds me of this iPad app for kids that teaches them that if they don't dress modestly, they're nearing to Satan!

La la la, I can't hear you!

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With a Facebook page called "Jamie Gilt For Gun Sense" you know that Gilt is a gun enthusiast who takes gun responsibility very seriously. In fact, the woman teaches her four-year-old to shoot and keeps a loaded gun in her car... you already know how this ends.

What kind of legacy did Nancy Reagan leave behind? Anti-feminism and using astrology to make State decisions.

And just to be clear, feminists don't hate men.

Lawmakers in West Virginia celebrated their new law to legalize the sale of raw milk by each kicking back a glass of the unpasteurized white stuff, and immediately fell ill to what they claim, has nothing to do with all the bacteria in the raw milk. To be fair, I think raw milk should be legal, but with a prominent warning label.

Male gamers are still horrible.

Words that are their own opposites are called auto-antonyms or contronyms.

A creepy Christian father puts out a marriage ad in Christianity Today for his daughter describing her as a godly, gorgeous, virgin, and men who seek her are unworthy, but should consult him about courting her. Once Christianity Today got a lot of letters from disgusted people, they issued an apology.

Harding University, a Christian school, publishes their dress code which appears to be designed for kindergartners, which tells women they should cover their bodies so to not be a stumbling block to men. Funny, that's just what ISIS says.

Imagine what would happen if you took the time to actually understand Common Core.

Ready to be in Mexico

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Despite political groups estimating that Clinton would win Michigan by a landslide, Sanders won the vote. I appreciate my fellow Michigander Dems, but you Republicans dropped the ball and gave Trump another win. I expected that from a state as racist as Mississippi, but I hang my head in shame for Michigan.

To give you just a taste what a world would be like if governments could take away anonymity from Internet users, look at how Amsterdam is bullying Google. Some people made some negative reviews about a company on Google using false names, so the Amsterdam government is requiring Google to pay the company €1,500 for allowing the posts to be made and forcing them to turn over the personal information of the posters to the company to give them the ability to pursue punitive measures. Think about how many times you've posted a negative review online, then imagine the government not only giving that company your full name and home address so they can make a civil lawsuit against you, but also forcing the web review site to pay the company thousands of dollars! The Apple FBI case is a thousand times worse!

The history of the at symbol.

Fingerprints, bullet grooves, bite marks, and hair samples, all have something in common, not just that they're used as evidence in criminal cases, but also that they're often incorrectly matched to an innocent person.

Republican Bobby Jindal used the typical Republican gamble; create massive tax breaks for the wealthy in hopes that this would encourage rich people to spend more money on new businesses than what you lost in tax revenue. But like many before him, the gamble didn't pay off, and now the state is woefully in debt and on track to become the poorest state in the nation. The new governor has his hands full, and even if he were to raise taxes back to the way they were (which seems unlikely because the Republican-controlled legislature won't let that happen), he won't get as much income because Jindal sold off a lot of state's public land to private companies and used up all the state's trust funds to make it look like he still had his head above water. Unfortunately, the state is economically doomed.

The religious right may refer to Las Vegas or Atlantic City as modern day Sodom, but the real den of iniquity was Altoona, Pennsylvania.

David and Collet Stephan watched their son die while they treated his unknown illness with fruits, vegetables, and maple syrup, never bothering to ask a doctor to identify the disease. After a slow and painful deterioration, the child died. Since not taking a sick child to a doctor is a sign of neglect, an autopsy was done on the child and it was discovered that he died of childhood meningitis, a disease that is now very rare because it's usually vaccinated against. Of course, the couple didn't vaccinate their child. Despite posting on Facebook how they forgive the people who have been persecuting them and hoping that God will bless them, they're on their way to court. If you want to follow the ABCs of bullshit, be my guest, but when you kill your child because of it, I have a problem.

What kind of bigot did Republican Scott Walker appointed to his state's Supreme Court? Rebecca Bradley.

Shore looks nice!

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I voted today, so we don't have another 2010 on our hands! After all, the following are the kind of people who vote for Trump.

What happens when you add captions to illustrations from the bible?

The FBI is wasting more taxpayer dollars appealing the decision that Apple doesn't have to break their own security for the government.

Shouldn't it be The Legend of Link?

The new typeface for highway signs isn't as stylish, but it's easier to read, and when you're driving 80 MPH, that's probably for the best.

I'm really becoming disenfranchised with Sam Harris. If he wants a free debate of ideas, which he suggests is lacking in the modern era, then ask for a debate. Don't invite someone on your show, make them defend their essay by interrupting them every few minutes with a critique, refuse to let them record it, and then when you're not happy with the result, throw away the talk, and tell them, "better luck next time."

Christians vandalized the Planned Parenthood in Columbus, Ohio, but they didn't understand the bible verse they painted on the building.

Feast on the beast

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Had a great time up in Frankenmuth with Matt and Danielle yesterday. Ate all the foods!

Back in 2012, Indiana police flashed their lights at an old Lincoln which they claim was "going to the hood," but the driver didn't immediately pull over. Finally, the driver pulled over and insisted that his wife had gone into labor, and they needed to get to the hospital. Officers Anthony Dandurand and Travis Thomas didn't care, and forced the driver to the ground at gunpoint, cutting his face. After the driver was securely handcuffed on the ground, they told him they didn't care that his wife was in labor, and it wasn't too late to tase him if he didn't cooperate. They even threatened to destroy their dashcam video so they could abuse him without evidence! Only after pleading with the officers that her water broke on the side of the road did they finally call an ambulance to take the wife to the hospital. The doctor who delivered the baby had to be especially careful because that baby had its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, and he said that if they had taken any longer getting to the hospital, the baby would have died. The father, however, wasn't present at his daughter's birth, because the Indiana police officers had arrested him. Thankfully, a lawsuit was filed, and while it was settled out of court, the family won.

An archbishop who diligently worked to keep child rapist out of prison doesn't want you to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Amazon hops back on the encryption bandwagon after customers learned that devices with Fire OS had their encryption turned off. And why is this such a big deal? It's not just protecting yourself from corrupt government institutions like the NSA, FBI, and CIA, you also need to protect yourself from hackers who can very quickly ruin your entire life.

Dat's a distant galaxy!

Republicans are so out of touch they believe the KKK is a Liberal terrorist organization.

Arizona Christians just can't let non-Christian give invocations at state government meetings.

What is the one thing that Trump supporters have in common more than any other? Racism? Bigotry? Fear? According to this poll, it's authoritarianism. The desire for a leader to rule with an iron fist, and for people to be obedient and subservient.

Despite what Marco Rubio believes, the bible doesn't have all the answers.

A victory in West Virgina of all places, where a religious "freedom" bill, the Republicans created to protect the bigoted Christian majority's right to abuse and mistreat homosexuals, women, and non-Christians, and racial minorities was shot down by the Senate.


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Police Lieutenant Robert Edwards purposely ran his car into a motorcyclist, pulled a gun on him, and kicked him in the chest because... speeding. While Edwards insists the motorcyclist was evading him, the rider explained that Edward's unmarked police car had lights hidden in the grill that couldn't be seen from the mirrors of his motorcycle, but when he came to the intersection, he stopped and pulled over. That's when the cop smashed into him, kicked him in the chest while he was trying to lie on the ground, thrown to the pavement, and kneed in the back. The rider had a broken rib and broken collar bone that needed surgery a metal plate screwed into it to fix. The attorney for the police really wanted to bring up the cyclist's criminal history, but couldn't (as it had no bearing on the case; the officer didn't have time to run a background check on the rider, so how could it?). And despite Lieutenant Edwards claiming he should be immune to punishment because he's a cop, that hitting the rider was due to brake failure, and that he saw the rider lying down but couldn't stop the kick because he "already had the muscles fired," (that's science!) the jury found him guilty of violating the cyclist's civil rights and awarded him $181,000. This was a shock to the Oregon State Police, because they claim Edwards followed the established procedures of the department (by purposely running someone over?). Of course, Edwards himself won't be paying that bill, the Oregon tax payers will be paying it. So what happened to the officer, was he fired or suspended without pay? Of course not! He was given an official reprimand, no, not for trying to murder someone with a car, but for failing to report that he had kicked the rider. Then, he was promoted to Captain and transferred to the Oregon State Police Headquarters!

While America's stupid and greedy are all for Donald Trump, the more intelligent Christians are seeing him for the fake he is, and one Christian organization is doing something they've never done before, telling its readers not to vote for the Republican front-runner! After all, it's hard to trust a Drumpf?

Microsoft... trying really hard to be Apple.

A bit late, but Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the leap year.

With Scalia out of the picture, things are looking up for the Supreme Court, and it's both funny and sad that Republicans trying to restrict abortion rights don't actually know how abortion works.

In 1972, Bangladesh changed to a secular government, but in 1988, they changed to an Islamic state. Shortly after that, violence against non-Sunni Muslims began to rise to become a serious problem to the point where roving gangs of Muslims are hacking people to death in the streets with machetes and even upon being caught, are not punished. The government has decided that maybe they'll reconsider becoming an Islamic nation.

Storms will rise up

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Thanks to a ruling from a Federal Judge, your private phone data is safe from the FBI... temporarily. Also, it's important to look at exactly what the FBI is trying to force Apple to do. They're not just asking them to hand over the data for one man's phone (actually several phones). Apple doesn't have access to the data because it is encrypted and even they don't have the key. Instead, the FBI is trying to force Apple to build them a device that will break their own encryption, and give that device to the FBI, so they can unlock any phone they want, whenever they see fit. For my less technological readers, imagine Apple as a company that manufacturers safes. In fact, the safes they make are so good, they can't be picked, cracked, or broken into, even by the manufacturer. What the FBI wants is the safe company to, not only creating a way to unlock existing safes without the key, but also create a "skeleton key" that will easily unlock all future safes, for just the FBI. There are many problems with these demands. First, it's going to cost a lot of time and money to crack the existing safes. They were specifically designed to be uncrackable, and all the while Apple is working on cracking them, they aren't working on the next iPhone. Second, the existence of a skeleton key means that anyone half-decent locksmith (a computer hacker) will probably be able to study the lock and construct their own skeleton key and be able to unlock anyone's safe just like the FBI. Word will get out and nobody will ever buy the safes again. The only way to fix this is to make a new safe with a new skeleton key, which costs even more time and money, but, because it has a built-in flaw, will surely get cracked again. Third, the FBI doesn't even know if there is any information in the safe that's relevant to the case, but we all know there is tons of other people's personal data to which the FBI will now have access. Think of your own phone. How many texts and messages are on their from your family, friends, and loved-ones? And, of course this won't stop at phones. The US government has made it clear they don't want anyone to have access to strong encryption. This means everything on your computer, tablet, cloud storage, etc. Did you ever ask a friend to buy you some marijuana? The government wants to read it. Did your lover every send you a sexy photo? The government wants to see it. Did you ever tell an embarrassing secret to your best friend? The government wants to read it. Thankfully, both tech companies and civil liberty groups are against the FBI.

Our brains have a built-in compensation for when sound arrives at our ears later than light hitting our eyes, but it doesn't work in reverse!

If your abortion restrictions were created to protect women's health, why are you encouraging women to leave the state to go to a facility that doesn't have your state's protective laws? -Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Explaining to non-Americans how Americans think that God loves them more than any other country.

A man in Russia is facing a year in prison just for writing, "there is no God."

Every now and then, a Republican does something right.

Reverends Stephen F. Dawber, James Talbot, and Francis J. McManus were all suspended after several students accused them of sexually molesting them over the years, and now that they story is out, many more victims are talking about their abuse.

Governor Synder: Sure my administration poisoned everyone in Flint, but we created 81 jobs to clean up the poison, so I should be congratulated!

More snow to shovel saves on gym membership

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As Republicans continue to fail to do their job, journalists find more evidence that they're obstruction is without precedent. And lest we forget Scalia, the monster who died, here is his legacy described by one of his clerks.

After a grand jury investigation of the Catholic Diocese of Pennsylvania, it was discovered that the Church has successfully prevented police from arresting over 50 priests who were wanted on charges of sexual assault for hundreds of children. In fact, in the 40-year-span Catholics have been doing this, none of the priests who were wanted for child abuse were arrested! So how does the Diocese's leader respond to all of this? By saying, "I urge the faithful to join me in praying for all victims of abuse."

Just in time for the new election, Roy Zimmerman releases a new video for his song, Socialist.

Some interesting stats on how misinformed the nation is regarding abortion. Around 30% of women will get an abortion in their life time, but the public thinks it's less. Abortion rates are on the decline, but the public thinks it's on the rise or stagnant. Giving birth is more dangerous than having an abortion, but the public thinks it's less dangerous. Most abortion is not surgical, but the public doesn't know. Most Americans think that the current intrusive laws against abortion should be made illegal. Most Americans are unaware of the current case regarding abortion being heard by the Supreme Court.

Finally! There is a church for people who are "spiritual, but not religious."

18-year-old Owen Labrie participated in a "Senior Salute," a disgusting contest where high school seniors try to sleep with as many underclassmen as possible before graduation. For Labrie, this included forcing a 15-year-old girl into a closet and raping her while she begged him to stop. Thankfully, he was caught and found guilty, but he received a very lenient punishment: only a year in jail. So how does Vanity Fair report his crime? By saying a college-bound star athlete's life had been ruined because of an encounter that turned sexual. Give me a break. Granted, something was obviously amiss in the teen's life that allowed him to become a rapist, but that doesn't change the fact that he manipulated, coerced, and raped a 15-year-old girl.

Even after being told it isn't true, Trump continues to repeat a story about an American General who executed 49 Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood. The story is extremely bigoted, but watch how his supporters cheer!

Lousy Smarch weather!

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Got my eyes checked yesterday; pretty much the same as before. Not bad for someone who stares at light-bulbs all day.

Republicans are not only trying to do away with the FCCs Net Neutrality regulations, but they're trying to make it impossible for them to ever be allowed to require neutrality again, all under a bill with the doublespeak title, "The Resorting Internet Freedom Act."

When asked how homosexuals can be good members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an Elder explained that "there aren't any homosexuals in their church!" To be fair, he wasn't saying that every single member of the LDS religion was hetero, but rather that the religion doesn't accept that people can be homosexual, just confused about their sexuality (which isn't much better).

What does it sound like when Disney Princesses sing their iconic songs in the native language of the fairy tale? Part 1 and Part 2.

When your religion requires you to murder homosexuals, don't be surprised when someone accuses you of homosexuality to have you killed.

What it's like to be hounded by the Mormon Church because you're a lesbian, even when you haven't been there in 15 years.

Despite Republicans claiming that he was a Liberal extremest and blaming Planned Parenthood for Robert Lewis Dear shooting 12 people, killing three, Dear has made his point very clear, he believed he was taking part in a religious crusade to stop abortion even if it meant murdering people.

Christian politicians in Florida show their love of small government and religious freedom by requiring all women, Christian and non-Christian alike to wait 24-hours before being allowed to get an abortion.