April, 2016

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I read The Second Epistle of Peter. I was not impressed.

Microsoft had been making strides toward becoming more user-friendly and open, releasing free versions of its development environments, and even letting them easily compile to Linux devices. But now they're taking a step back with their Cortana assistant in Windows 10. They're forcing all users to use their Edge browser, while also using Bing for all searches. Google and Chrome are forbidden.

The Onion comments on the Flint water crisis.

Harriet Tubman will be gracing the front of the next $20 bill.

When bad science reporting makes ignorant religious people swoon.

What has the European Convention of Human Rights ever done fore us?

Heatmaps showing just how effective vaccines have been.

The Creation "Museum" encourages field trips from public schools.

Mr. Deity is all about the killing.

Michael "Hair Piece" Voris explains that God cured him of his homosexuality by killing his mother with cancer.

After Republican John Boehner says that Ted Cruz is, "Lucifer in the flesh," spokesperson for the Satanic Temple says, don't give Satan a bad name! Just look at one of Ted Cruz's favorite Christian pastors explaining that gay people love each other the way that cannibals love their victims and Nazis love their children.

Yet, you keep voting for them

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I read The First Epistle of Peter. I was not impressed.

Alabama's Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is now the target of an ethics investigation due to his long history of using his position of authority to force his Christian agenda on the public (including putting an illegal Ten Commandments display on the courthouse lawn in the middle of the night, and trying to stop people from issuing same-sex marriage licenses, even though they're entirely legal. To defend himself, Moore blamed atheists and the LGBT community. That's cool, I'll cop to that!

The reality behind videogame commercials.

Back in 1998, Robert L. Livingston was preparing to become the new Republican Speaker of the House and all ready to stick it to Bill Clinton because of his affair. Of course, then it came out that Livingston himself was having an affair, so he resigned from congress. That left the Republicans with their second place nomination, a real family-values champion, Dennis Hastert. But was we later learned, Hastert had skeletons of his own and the former Republican Speaker of the House has just been sentenced to 15 months in prison after being found guilty, not for molesting at least four boys, but of structuring bank transactions to pay them hush money.

What's it like to fight a losing war? Just ask Cruz and Kasich.

Looking back at history is always a little embarrassing what with the acid washed jeans and poofy hairdos. But sometimes, history causes more than embarrassment, it causes shame. For example, George Wallace's famous, "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!" speech when he became Governor of Alabama. Unfortunately, we're seeing America's South continue to shame itself with the anti-LGBT push. Just listen to North Carolina's Senator, Buck Newton's speech where he tells his applauding audience that they, "must fight to keep our state straight!"

Rebecca Watson's take on the tanning beds that cure cancer.

Please review this collection of Awful Library Books.

Carrie Poppy reads Of Pandas and People so you don't have to.

Biology is weird

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I read the Epistle to Philemon. I was not impressed.

I'm not sure if I have a cold sore, or just a blister. I burned my lip on some of Emily's pasta two days ago, and it immediately formed a blister; or so I thought. Yesterday, the blister began taking the shape of a cold sore (multiple smaller blisters with a golden crust over them), and today they've formed the expected scabs. It looks like a cold sore, and it wouldn't be out of the ordinary, as I still have a cough due to the hell day of getting back from Mexico, but it isn't as painful as a cold sore normally is. It's also pretty convenient that it would form exactly where the burn occurred on the same day of the the burn, but then, cold sores tend to be opportunistic with skin damage. They also start forming without any notice, but then you realize that the site itches and is more sore to stimuli, so it's possible the burn wasn't as bad as it felt, but was just amplified by the budding cold sore. Even if it is just my lip healing from the burn, it looks awful, and I would prefer it to heal up post haste.

Watch this Muslim explain the correct way to beat your wife.

Alberta, Canada sets an important precedence. If you refuse to give your children real medicine, and they die from a treatable illness, you will be punished.

Matt Dillahunty talks about the Sermon On the Mount.

Pastor Greg Locke thinks transgendered people are perverts and pedophiles and is very angered that Target would choose to accommodate them in their restrooms. And Locke knows a thing or two about pedophiles, as he hires them to work at his church.

The Ten Commandments story in Exodus is really messed up.


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I read the Epistle to the Galatians. I was not impressed.

Apple continues to hate their customers with sneaky tactics. While I think their anti-consumer tactics are pretty sleazy, I do stand with Apple in their defiance of government demands that they purposely cripple their security. So, I pleased to hear the FBI has dropped another lawsuit against them demanding that they remove security so that the FBI can have access to a drug dealer's phone. However, the reason they dropped the lawsuit is because they claim that they have already cracked Apple's security, which is kind of a black mark for Apple.

Take a look of some of Ted Cruz's biggest fans.

The Heritage Foundation, a "think" tank run by Republicans, is making a last ditch effort to stop same-sex marriage with the argument, same-sex marriage causes straight people to stop getting married, and makes women much more likely to have abortions.

Even people that want to like God's Not Dead 2 can't find any redeeming qualities.

Dennis Hastert has been found guilty of dodging banking regulations and is looking at up to six months in jail. Which caused a lot of prominent Republicans to write glowing letters of endorsement to the judge in charge of sentencing. Many of these letters came from important Republican politicians like Tom DeLay who wrote that, "[Hastert] is a good man that loves the Lord. He doesn't deserve what he is going through." Of course, then it was discovered that the reason Hastert was being sneaky with the banks was because he was paying hush money to children he molested in the past! He used his position of authority to sexually assault at least four boys, but Tom DeLay calls him a "good man that loves the Lord!"

The reveal of the latest South Pole.

Bangladesh's problem with roving bands of Muslim murderers keeps getting worse. Just a few days ago, Muslims murdered a professor who they believed was an atheist, and this time, they killed two more people involved in the nation's first LGBT magazine.


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I read the Epistle of Jude. I was not impressed.

Christian Republicans all across America are trying very hard to force doctors to tell pregnant women that they may try an untested, ineffective, and potentially dangerous drug. While they failed in Arizona, they're likely to succeed in South Dakota.

Through our unbridled climate change, we're actively destroying the Great Barrier Reef.

Chiropractic is the belief that all forms of illness (cancer, the flu, HIV, depression, etc.) are caused, not by infectious agents or chemical imbalances, but by misalignment of the spine. When chiropractic was created in 1895, this guess wasn't too outlandish since bacteria and viruses were just then being discovered. However, epidemiology has shown us the true origin of many diseases, and we now know that most of what was taught about chiropractic is demonstrably wrong. In fact, from what I've read, chiropractic is really only helpful for conditions like back pain, and even then, less effective than, and having far more side effects than, physical therapy. Despite these faults, most health insurance companies in the US pay for chiropractic treatments, even when performed quite dangerously on children and infants.

Watch a fat bald man in a Cosby sweater point to a young woman in an 80s bikini and a Satanist turned Christian sporting a godly mullet as they review staged crime scenes as they teach police what to look for in the age of the Satanic Panic!

Mormon leader tells new students to Brigham Young that they should immediately disconnect with anyone who doesn't believe their faith. But they're not a cult.

Yau-Man Chan talks skepticism.

Aron Ra talks in the Czech Republic.

Everybody's working for the weekend

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Muslims are going to murder a man because he made fun of their religion of peace.

Oklahoma Republicans were pissed off when their state's Supreme Court agreed that their Constitution forbade using public money to buy religious monuments, so they decided that, rather than accept they are wrong, they just need to scrub their Constitution.

Poor Rachel.

When someone says they're trying to detox their body, I think it's fun to ask them what specific toxin they're trying to get rid of, and how whatever they're drinking will get rid of it.

An interesting criticism of object oriented programming, though I found most of his arguments unrelated to OOP, but a few really good ones.

Kansas Christians tried suing the state because they believe that by teaching children science, you're promoting atheism. The specific science they had a problem with was evolution, but thankfully, the state's judicial system knows stupidity when it sees it and dismissed the case.

Favorite sketches from Monty Python as picked by John Cleese.

Gamers gonna game

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I read the Epistle to Titus. I was not impressed.

Abolitionist and suffragist Harriet Tubman, will replace the racist bigot Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill... eventually. Maybe they can ditch the "In God We Trust" motto while they're at it?

The Jungle Book gets the Honest Trailers treatment.

It's been 31 years since the first wide publication of covered-up sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, so why are major news organizations still reporting about it? It's not just because more evidence is brought to light every day, it's also because as time goes by, survivors of the abuse slowly work up the courage to tell their stories.

A quick synopsis of Lord of the Flies.

It took several years, but the Jesus fish on a public war memorial has finally been removed.

Criticizing the broadcast of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

It looks like this LGBT-friendly Christian pastor lied about anti-gay persecution and created a lawsuit. If so, why?

Trees are budding

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I read the Epistle of James. I was not impressed.

A new package of Easy Cheats have been added to the NES Hacker Wiki. There are now 2,100+ cheats for 218 games.

Christianity is when you have to sue your parents so you can get a lung transplant.

Five reasons why you shouldn't vaccinate your children. And remember, there are still places in the world where people will murder you for trying to vaccinate children.

Missouri Republicans are trying to pass a law that would consider embryos without arms, legs, hearts, lungs, or even brains, persons in order to make all forms of abortion illegal, even if a girl is raped by her father, even if the fetus has a severe abnormality that would kill the mother before it's brought to term, they don't care. Republicans claim that they're doing this because the believe that all life is sacred, but that's hard to believe when last year the took away government food assistance from starving families.

Nadine Al-Budair reminds Muslims that terrorists are the product of their culture.

Poor babies don't deserve diapers.

What it's like being a female musician in a Muslim country.

The important thing to remember about climate change.

Peter Popoff, the Christian preacher, is basically a hydra. No amount of chopping off its heads will stop him. Years after being exposed as a charlatan by James Randi, and others he continues to rake in the millions selling people magical spring water that comes from Costco.

Lying about the dead sells books, and Christians lying about atheists converting to Christianity on their deathbed sells lots of books.

Wearing a waist "trainer" will not make you thinner, but it may cause permanent damage.


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Mother Brain is nothing more than a pile of gray matter and spent rocket fuel!

God's Not Dead 2 is generating a lot of press. Too bad all of it is mocking the movie.

Joseph Mercola, a doctor with no ethics to speak of, has settled his lawsuit for $5.3 million. What was the lawsuit? He was selling people tanning beds, and telling them to use them frequently because exposure to UV radiation would reduce their risk of cancer! Mercola is also a antivaxer, supplement seller, homeopath, and AIDS denier. Basically, if it's bullshit, he believes it, and if it has tons of evidence, he denies it.

Religious freedom means denying service to gays and refusing contraception to women. It doesn't mean ensuring permits to Muslims.

Things aren't looking good for Alabama's Republican Governor, Robert Bentley, a moral ethical Southern Baptist, who used the tax payer's money to have an affair with a married woman 30-years his junior, and fired his staff for refusing to lie to law enforcement. It also didn't help that his administration wasted $1,800 worth of tax payer's money to retrieve his forgotten wallet with a helicopter.

Evolution is a fact, whether you believe it or not.

Thomas Hopper raped a thirteen-year-old girl and threatened to slit her throat with a razor. Pastor Mike Orten just hired him for his church, claiming the girl is just as guilty as her rapist.

Still haven't beat Metroid

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In my youth, I would have spent more time grinding away at the game, trying over and over again, until I eventually beat it, but now, I only have the patience for one try a day. If I'm killed by the the bloody rinkas, I'll wait until tomorrow to try again. Sure, this will make it take a lot longer, but it will also let me hold on to my sanity.

CGA graphics weren't as bad as they were often displayed.

Mississippi: still racist.

South West Airlines: still bigots.

Feminist Frequency talks about why women can't seem to walk normally in videogames.

Thankfully, we no longer use the phrase, "free, white, and 21."?

Transgendered people don't want to spy on your child while they pee, but Republicans sure do. Maybe we should take a closer look.

Iran's parliament is banning one of its elected politicians from entering because she shook hands with a man who wasn't a relative which is against the country's Islamic values.

What happens when a Slav tries to pronounce the names of 50 US states?

Mother Brain is a bitch

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And I've learned not to waste missiles on the Metroids.

Remember back in 2011, the students who were performing a peaceful protest on the campus of UC Davis in California that were pepper sprayed by police? Turns out, that school has spent over $175,000 trying to scour all traces of that incident from the Internet. It was not money well spent.

New world record speed run of Super Mario Bros. shaves 1/100th of a second off the old record for a new time of 4:57.41!

The judges of Ecuador Got Talent are sanctimonious bigots. They tell this girl that, even though she's a great singer, they refuse to give her a favorable score because she doesn't believe in their god.

Kentucky has given plenty of tax exceptions (to the tune of $18,000,000) to a religious theme park that will effectively be writing on its work applications, "Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, or other non-Christians need not apply!"

Muslims are bringing their hate from the Middle East to the UK. Of British Muslism, 52% believe homosexuality should be criminalized, 39% don't think married women should be allowed to have a say in their own lives, 34% believe Jews should shut up about the Holocaust, and 66% wouldn't tell the police if they found out someone was a terrorist.

Why are so many atheists in Bangladesh being murdered in the streets? It doesn't help that the country's Prime Minister says that the "filthy words" of atheists shouldn't be tolerated.

Arizona Christians are now holding a private prayer before city council meetings to avoid lawsuits, and also to prevent people from praying in ways that they don't approve of, like in the medium of rap. But that's not as bad as the Christians in Madison, Wisconsin who are using the guise of free food to coax students off school property during lunch time to preach to them. The school has explained to the parents that what they're doing is illegal for several reasons, (the food is not being prepared according to public safety standards, while student-led groups are legal, adult-led groups are not, etc.), but the Christian parents don't care about the law, they're too busy saving the souls of someone else's children!

Time to wipe out the Zebetites

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Kraid and Ridley defeated, all energy tanks, varia, ice beam, screw attack, high jump, long beam, over 200 missiles. Ready to defeat Mother Brain!

What it feels like to be stopped all the time by police for the crime of being black.

Republican Jeremy Durham, advocate of discriminatory bathroom policies to keep transgendered people out of bathrooms that best fit their current biology, has been deemed a "continuing risk to unsuspecting women" by an attorney general because of numerous unsolicited lewd suggestions to women at the Capitol.

The last Republican non-Trump hope is Ted Cruz. This is a man who thinks that masturbation and sex toys should be made illegal. He just doesn't see how policing the world's bedroom activities is inconsistent with his supposed belief in small government.

A meta study of over 1,800 papers on homeopathy concludes that homeopathy doesn't work.

God's Not Dead 2 is garbage.

James David Manning is a hateful Christian who is losing his church because he's incapable of conning convincing his dwindling parish to cough up their money to listen to his hate speech. In a delicious case of schadenfreude, the building may be bought by a gay-rights group to create a shelter for LGBT youths. Manning isn't pleased.

John Oliver's take on conspiracy theorists.

As adorable as drug-sniffing dogs are, there is a lot of evidence showing that they're not very good at their job, often are influenced by their handlers, and rarely find drugs.

Being a human rights lawyer in China isn't easy... actually, it's impossible.

Emergency Order from the Galaxy Federal Police M510

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Trying to play through the original Metroid is a difficult chore!

US Government to the American people, "Classified means whatever we want it to mean."

When NASA responds to your stupid anti-climate change Facebook posts.

A public school in Texas had a biblical excerpt about David going out to meet Goliath, probably to promote courage among their students. The FFRF reminded the school that they were breaking the law, so the school replaced the quotation with a description of the story, which is technically legal, but, like most bible stories, teaches some rather shady ethics. Allow me to paraphrase the family-friendly story that Texas wants their students to learn:

The armies of Israel and the Philistines are at a standoff. Goliath, a nine-foot-tall soldier, demands the Israelites send out a champion to fight him in single combat to determine the outcome of the entire war; whichever side loses pledges to become the life-long slaves of the other side. The Israelites are too afraid, so nobody volunteers. So Goliath continues taunting them, every day, twice a day, for FORTY DAYS! Most boring war ever. Saul then swings into action and offers a reward to anyone who can defeat Goliath: they will receive wealth, tax except status, and his daughter's hand in marriage (sans consent). So David, a young shepherd, tells Saul he will fight Goliath and win because he's experienced at saving sheep from predators, and the uncircumcised Philistine will be no different. Saul, as kings are wont to do, gambles all his money, status, and kingdom, as well as that of all his subjects, on a snot-nosed teen who refuses even to wear armor, defeating a hulking soldier in single combat. David, being the hard-ass that he is, even explains to Goliath precisely how he intends to kill him, before doing just that. He slings a stone at Goliath so hard that it penetrates his bronze helmet and sinks into his forehead, killing the giant (David has a bionic arm). David walks up to Goliath's corpse, and uses the man's own sword to chop off his head. Seeing their champion felled, the Philistines turned to run, so the Israelites pursue and killed them all, leaving their bodies to rot along the road and then looted their tents. David, being the creep that he was, kept Goliath's head as a trophy, and all the Israelites adored him. This made Saul super jealous so a demon possessed him and forced him to try and murder David, but he failed. The End!

Sean Hayes stars in a Broadway play called An Act of God.

As everyone knows, just because the holy text of a religion requires its followers to do something violent, that doesn't mean the adherents are actually going to do it. The bible has hundreds of passages about who should be killed including anyone working on the Sabbath, women who don't scream loudly enough when their being raped, and children who talk back to their parents. But nearly every Christian and Jew has come up with a way to ignore those horrible passages usually by saying they no longer apply (though their reasoning is awfully shoddy). This shows the domestication of religion in secular societies. Islam, however, still hasn't been properly domesticated, as staggeringly large numbers of Muslims are still willing to say that anyone who ever leaves their religion must be executed, as the Koran commands. For example, in Egypt, 86% of Muslims polled were in favor of executing Muslims who de-convert.

Does wi-fi make you sick?

Scalp sunburn is peeling, which looks like dandruff

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The Guardian recently did a study to see who from among their writers received the most hateful abusive comments. Of the top ten, eight were women, two were black men.

100 horrible one-liners before the kill.

Popular culture tells men that they need to be extremely vigilante, lest their wife find some better man to impregnate her, and their stuck raising another man's child, and the results of paternity tests seem to agree with that notion, until you realize that paternity tests are only ever used when cheating is suspected. The real rate of wives getting pregnant on the side is less than 1%. Sorry men, we're still vastly more likely to cheat than women.

Carl Sagan's words beautifully illustrated.

Around two years ago, Pennsylvania Republicans tried to get an "in God we trust" plaque hung up in every public school in the state so that students would be constantly reminded of important historical phrases. I have three points about this. One, "in God we trust," wasn't adopted as the country's motto until 1956, so it's not very historic. Two, no context was to be included with the plaque, just the motto alone, making it devoid of any educational value. Three, there are hundreds of phrases, mottoes, quotes, and slogans that are more important to the history of the USA, but the Republicans only wanted this one. This makes it clear to me that their argument was a canard. They weren't interested in educating students about the history of the country, but were instead using the government to force their religion on other people. Thankfully, the bill was never ratified. You can call Pennsylvanian Republicans wasteful, authoritarian, and jingoistic, but you can't say they're inconsistent--Cris Dush has decided to introduce the failed bill a second time!

While her arguments aren't that great, I enjoy her pro Bernie Sanders comedy.

Mexico was awesome

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The trip home was awful, a full 23 hours in airports and planes, but since it was expected, it wasn't hard to cope with. I was really happy to goggy Lucy when we got home, but scared that she ate some pills from our luggage, disgusted at having to sift through her vomit, but glad she's feeling fine now.

Everyone seems to be fawning over the new pope, but the Boston Globe points out an important fact, despite all his rhetoric he still hasn't actually done anything to prevent priests from abusing children.

On that topic, the longest serving Speaker of the House in American history, Dennis Hastert, a Republican hero for his years of promoting Christian family values, has been found guilty of illegal bank structuring to pay hush money to some of the children he molested.

An interesting article about how we shouldn't look at thought in a single dimension (e.g., humans are smarter than chimps which are smarter than dogs which are smarter than fish), but rather, understand that brains are evolving toward what most helps the species. For example, squirrels can bury hundreds of nuts all over, and remember most of the locations months later, but humans can't even remember where they put a single set of car keys.

Republican Rick Scott has reached an all-time low. I can understand a governor attacking the CEO of a major company or another politician, you know, someone with serious clout, but this is a man who will go out of his way and spend campaign funds to ruin a single private citizen

A police officer was recently fired because whenever he'd pull someone over, he would tell them why it's important to worship Allah, and invite them to his mosque. After several citizens complained, his superiors officially reprimanded him and ordered him to stop preaching Islam while on the job, but reminded him that he may do it as much as he wants on his own time. But the officer continued to ask drivers about their religious beliefs and continued to invite people to his mosque, so he was fired. When asked, why he was fired, the officer explained, "Allah teaches me to spread the word of Muhammad and the Koran, and they fired me because of my religious beliefs." When you read this story, you know that the officer wasn't fired because of his religious beliefs, he was fired because he was violating the rules of his job; government officials aren't allowed to push their religion on other people, especially when they have authority over them. However, a funny thing happens when you point out that the officer's name is Brian L. Hamilton, and he was preaching Christianity to the people he pulled over. Suddenly, Christians not only agree that this is religious persecution, but they want all officers to push Christianity on people!

Just as Bangladesh formed their own Skeptics Society, another secular activist in the country was murdered by a mob of Muslims.

Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have both canceled concerts in the South to protest their new discrimination laws. I hope we see more of this in the future.

It took a lot of work, in fact, they were even told by a government official that their existence would ruin society, but the Atheists In Kenya have finally received official recognition. This is a big deal for a country that is still lousy with Christian interference.

1 more day(s)

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Tomorrow morning, I'll be flying out to sunny Mexico and leaving behind this dreary Michigan scene for the remainder of the week! Later nerds!

Republican Jud McMillin, a truly awful human being, is resigning after, so he claims, someone stole his phone and sent a sex video he had made to a bunch of people in his contacts. Ironically, such an action would be illegal, but McMillin actively fought against such a law being passed.

With all my Republican bashing, you'd think I'd cheerfully be part of the Democratic party, but you know what, there are a lot of stupid Dems as well. Case in point, John Milkovich who wants to teach Christian Creationism in public schools. Truth is, I don't care what political party to which a person belongs, I only care about what they say and do. That being said, I do often generalize Republicans as all being stupid, anti-Constitution, and pro-evil, and while I know that doesn't account for 100% of the party, I very rarely see a Republican that says something even remotely intelligent.

Rebecca Watson points out the stupidity of Alabama's evolution disclaimer.

You know that Sheriff Louis M. Ackal is a God-fearing Christian man because he forced all of his officers to drive squad cards emblazoned with a "In God we trust" logo. He also made it a point to force inmates to his jail's chapel where he would order his officers to severely beat the inmates with batons.

If you think atheism is a religion, you don't understand theism or religion.

Texas Christian performed a rain dance prayer, and, a mere two years later, God answered their prayer with rain, and the drought is over!

Another Christian teacher is fired, not for talking about Jesus, but for being a really hateful person.

Christians want their religious freedom restored to the good old days, like back when they could burn witches.

4 more days

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Missouri politicians are so poorly educated, one of them is trying to pass a resolution forcing them to learn proper grammar. They keep saying "physical" when they should be saying "fiscal."

Currently, it's legal in every state for police to take untested rape kits and just throw them away, even if the statute of limitations hasn't yet been reached, and Republicans are trying their best to block any attempts to make a law to prevents this, partially because they think women are faking it.

Republicans try their best to explain why they will continue to refuse to do their job.

Why is it we're more interested in fascinating stories rather than hard data?

Delta Public Middle school in Colorado will be handing out Satanic literature and anti-Christian propaganda, although, some if it will be censored because, ironically, the school has a problem with students seeing classical artwork depicting scenes from the bible!

Christian preacher Robert Jaynes pleaded guilty to producing over 100 tons of synthetic marijuana in Indiana, and several members of his church, along with two former sheriff's deputies, were arrested as well.

Pastor Jim Bakker is concerned about your bowel movements.