July, 2016

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Fox "News" continues to have problems and it doesn't help that they're most watched reporter is a slavery apologist.

Most billing systems are still really sexist, even governmental ones.

The same politicians who fight to keep the terrible US copyright laws in place can't seem to learn how to ask permission to use copyrighted music?

Why are critics saying that Ghostbusters is "tanking" when it's doing better than several other movies that critics are saying are "dominating."

For all those who think Hillary Clinton worships Satan.

Roadside drug tests used by police are so bad, they can't even tell the difference between crystal meth and donut glaze. Insert donut/cop joke here.

Crash course philosophy: episode 5, episode 6, episode 7, episode 8.

One day closer

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I finished reading Quicksilver, a book that I started about 10 years ago, but just recently restarted! It was a lovely read.

Wrote a commentary to an article about atheism.

I know guys, I wanted Bernie too, but it's not going to happen. Focus! I don't get my politics from Sarah Silverman, but I enjoy hearing what she has to say.

Here's what the Republicans have been saying about Donald Trump.

When you've been secretly indoctrinating children into your religion on the taxpayer's dime, it's probably not a good idea to admit it on camera.

Some of the better Monty Python's Flying Circus sketches.

Sorry, even if you let preachers stay over at your house a couple times a year, you still need to pay taxes.

Want to learn the basics of philosophy? Take a crash course: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4.

Of course they do

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Bill O'Reilly defends slavery because, as he says, slaves were well-fed and given decent lodging.

Samantha Bee gives us an idea of just how awful Trump supporters really are. And John Oliver's coverage of the RNC was hilarious.

34-year-old Alexander Rodriquez pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl, but he won't serve time in jail because the 15-year-old who claims Rodriguez forced her to give him oral sex just isn't very credible. I don't care if the girl was begging him, the whole point of statutory rape is to say that minors can't give consent.

So, Donald Trump just asked a foreign nuclear power, one that we're not on great terms with, to commit an act of government espionage against the USA. His followers will probably see this as an act of patriotism

A lot of people talk about when climate change eventually becomes a problem, but for people living in coastal or polar regions, it's already been a problem for years.

After 300 people died from bombs, Iraq has finally decided to stop using fake bomb detectors.

Howdy y'all!

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The first successful circumnavigation of the globe using solar-powered flight has finished!

Best period commercial ever.

Turns out, suggesting that a Democrat should be shot to death is exactly what Trump supporters want to hear. They also want to be lied to and told that crime is getting worse, even though, according to the FBI, it has been steadily dropping for the past 30 years, especially during the Obama administration. Republican response: The FBI has been lying about crime statistics for the past 30 years.

The Try Guys drink a lot of alcohol... for science.

Wisconsin public schools have solved the transgendered bathroom problem once and for all, by making transgendered students sew star patches on the front of their shirts. Wait, I mean, by making transgendered students wear bright green wristbands so everyone knows they're transgendered.

CFI's new living without religion commercial.

Stuff is still going down

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I saw the Ghostbusters reboot Sunday. While I don't see it becoming a cult classic, it was a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Suck it, MRAs

I enjoy the Good Guy Jew meme, but it's not entirely accurate.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions thinks there is a big problem with the Judges of the US Supreme Court: they're not religious enough. Of course, I don't think Sessions spoke his true feelings, because would he be pleased if they were all Hindu? I think the reality is, most of the Judges are Catholic and Sessions is a Methodist.

Having multiple rounds in Mortal Kombat doesn't really make sense.

Tony Perkins, head of the hate-group "Family Research Council" applauded Republicans for allowing Peter Thiel, a gay man, to speak at the Nation Convention, and then not only repudiated everything he said, but accused Democrats of being too close-minded to allow an anti-gay speaker to talk at their convention. Well, yeah, they also won't let an anti-abolitionist speak either. Perkins is just too Christian to realize that some ideas are no longer worthy of discussion. Rational people no longer have debates on the positive benefits of slavery, the patriarchy, or Fascism.

Dropping burning iron into a liquid will cause a fiery explosion, if that liquid is liquid oxygen.

The FBI has amazing software when it comes to searching through digital data, including a project called Sentinel, which cost US taxpayers $425 million. But when it comes to the software that handled Freedom of Information Requests, they can't even provide a graphical user interface or even color display.

Want to see how quickly you'd die lost at sea in a life raft?

A man in Flushing, Michigan claims he doesn't realize why people are so mad at the sign he made for his front yard which reads, "Make the township white again!"

The word of the day is, "demagogue"

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It's not much of a shock to anyone who has been paying attention, but nearly everything Trump said during his acceptance speech of the Republican nomination was a lie.

At least one area of Cleveland is doing well because of the Republican National Convention, male prostitutes are making bank!

When a cop says that he needs to be careful when dealing with black people because or their "violent tendencies," and then slams a 2nd grade teacher to the pavement, maybe it's not black people who have violent tendencies. When a cop claims that a citizen was "resisting arrest" and may have been reaching for a weapon, and the police's attorney dismisses the charges after watching the dashcam video, maybe it's not the citizen who should be paying a fine?

Kentucky has some serious problems like taxpayers losing $18 million so a religious nut could build a life-sized Noah's Ark which has such poor ticket sales, it will probably never recoup its building costs let alone cover all its tax breaks, and, of course, their state abbreviation, is named after a personal lubricant. And now, the Republican governor is trying to undo years of legal progress preventing government-supported foster homes from brainwashing children.

New information in the case of the police officer who shot Charles Kinsey while he was lying on the ground with his hands up. An official spokesperson for the police say that this is not a case of police abuse since the officer was aiming at the man who wouldn't comply (the guy with autism) because the officer thought the man was attacking Kinsey. The cop had only a split second to react, and, being so far away from the two men, he couldn't tell if the supposed attacker was armed, so he shot at him and missed, accidentally hitting the person he thought was being attacked. While I'm not very inclined to believe the police, let's assume what he says is true. That doesn't help the case. You still have a police officer shooting someone at a distance too far to even discern whether they had a weapon and too far to get a clear shot, while there was an innocent bystander right next to him. That sounds like a pretty clear case of police abuse to me.

Despite what the MRAs have been saying, the new Ghostbusters movie is doing pretty good. I'll probably see it this weekend, not because it sounds entertaining, just to spite them.

Glad to see the NBA cares about the rights of the LGBT community. They're leaving North Carolina because of their bigoted politics.

In 2001, 75% of Americans believed that the church contributed to solving important social problems. Today, only 58% believe this, while 39% say that it doesn't contribute much or not at all.

What it feels like when men are photoshopped the same way that women are.

More news of the Vatican actively covering up child molestation crimes has been uncovered. When a memo arrived on the desk of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò detailing Archbishop John C. Nienstedt's horrible refusal to punish priests in Minnesota who had been raping children, Viganò decided the proper thing to do would be to destroy any traces of the memo and act like it never happened, but he obviously wasn't successful in eliminating everything. Viganò will probably never be punished for allowing so many children to be abused due to his neglect, and even Nienstedt, who had to resign for covering up so many child molestation cases, is still prominent in the Church.

Having to deal with roving gangs of machete-wielding Muslims is difficult for atheists.

The world needs a'changin'

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Charles Kinsey is a caregiver for people with mental health problems. One day, while watching over an autistic man playing with a toy truck, the police showed up and drew their guns on him. Kinsey lied on the ground, put his hands in the air, and explained that the other person was autistic and playing with a truck, and that neither were armed. So, naturally, the police shot him. Thankfully, Kinsey survived, but every time I hear people argue, it's only people who resist who get shot, I think of cases like this.

A large group of people were fleeing from a city controlled by the Islamic State and US forces attacked them. The people turned out to be civilians, and around 60 people, including children, were killed in a US air strike.

Sometimes, all it takes to get Christians to follow the law is a good old-fashioned lawsuit like the one against the police commander who demoted a fellow officer for not praying to Jesus, and sometimes it only takes the threat of a lawsuit, like the Georgia courthouse that reluctantly removed their Christian flag after their lawyer told them they didn't have a prayer in court. I wonder what's going to happen to Norco, California where city officials refuse to let a Hindu temple be built which follows every local building code, but it just, "won't fit in."

A rabbi brags about the fact that he has a history of using his religious status to get out of traffic violations including speeding, driving without a license, and even reckless driving. That is somethine you should be ashamed of, not proud of!

Every now and then, I feel like a loser; like I'm not nearly as cool as I want to be, and that people are making fun of how lame I am. But then, I think to myself, at least I'm not in a Christian music video.

Before you freak out about people getting robbed because of Pokémon Go, consider that people who don't play Pokémon Go also get robbed, and sometimes people get robbed -and- play Pokémon Go, but the fact that they play Pokémon Go has nothing to do with the fact that they got robbed.

All foods I would not eat.

The face of evil

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The official Republican platform has been released. It's 66 pages long, but here's a TLDR version: America is better than everyone else. America is a refuge (except to brown people). The US Constitution is not meant to be changed (even though it contains rules for how to change it). The political system of the US should be based on who has the most money. All of the progress that Obama made toward undoing the economic collapse of the Bush Administration doesn't exist, and things have only gotten worse. Bigotry and discrimination are bad, but same-sex couples shouldn't be allowed to marry, and transgender people shouldn't be allowed to use the bathroom of their gender, and the government shouldn't protect either of them because Jesus. If we allow people easier access to guns with larger magazines mass-shootings will decrease. We need more science majors which is why teachers should use the bible to prove that evolution and climate change are wrong. If we eliminate sex education from schools, there will be fewer teens having sex. We support helping women through their unwanted pregnancies by allowing states to force them to undergo a battery of unnecessary, humiliating, and expensive procedures if they choose abortion. Also, science says abortion causes terrible health problems (it doesn't). We want honest elections, which is why we prefer the Electoral College, a voting system that allows a president to win even when 78% of the population votes against him. We don't like judges who legislate from the bench, so we need to elect judges who will oppose abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia. We support environmental conservation, so we need to use more fossil fuels because there is no such thing as pollution, and global warming doesn't exist and there is no reason to even attempt to move toward renewable energy. We should also do away with any environmental conservation law that makes it harder to do business, like clean air and water, and the protection of endangered species. We should be fiscally conservative (even though US debt is always worst during Republican administrations). We support Internet freedom by handing it over to private companies and eliminating fair use laws. We need to return to when health insurance providers could decline coverage to sick people. Doctors need to be allowed to let gay people die without lawsuits. We need to ban pornography because science says it's bad (it doesn't). Even though we spend more money on our military than almost half the planet, we're not spending enough. Despite Republican continually cutting Veteran benefits, we need to treat them better. We must support Israel, no matter what.

Wow, that was long. Here's a TLDR of the TLDR. Republicans are truly evil.

Samantha Bee looks at how American Evangelicals worship Trump, how unprepared Cleveland is for the RNC, and how the Republican Party is basically falling apart.

Trump's VP pick is Mike Pence, a real "winner" from Indiana. NPR exposed his unique way of dealing with education goals for the state. First, eliminate education standards; after all, Indiana students already ranks as the country's 39th highest SAT takers, so they don't want to get too smart. Second, take the money that would go to public schools so that everyone could get a decent education, and give it to parents who send their children to private religious schools that will teach them the horrors of evolution, condoms, and gays. Third, fund a preschool program. Wait, that actually sounds like a smart idea. Oh, because Indiana is one of the remaining 10 states that still haven't done this, and the Republicans are still against it. Well done Pence, I can see why Trump loves you so much!

When it comes to voting, millions of people are casting their ballots in a place of worship. While this is legal (as long as nobody proselytizes during the process), it certainly creates a lot of problems for fair voting. But Christians are showing their true colors in Boca Raton, Florida when an Islamic Center was picked as a polling location. Christians love the idea of freedom of religion when it favors them, but their disgusted at the idea of other religions being considered equal under the law.

William Shatner is a sexist asshole.

That moment when your country's entire political system is a punch line

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The Republican National Convention is a disaster. Trump walked out to Queen's "We Are the Champions," an unusual choice considering that the composer, Freddie Mercury, was openly bisexual. The band's guitarist, Brian May, explained that Trump never requested the rights to their song, and they wouldn't give them rights even if they did, showing that, even as a presidential candidate, Trump is still a thief. Melina Trump gave her speech and portions of it were word-for-word copies of Michelle Obama's speech (how did the Trump speech writers screw that up?). The rest of the night was what is loving being referred to as a dumpster fire.

Roy Zimmerman puts out two great songs, Driving While Black and TrumpPence (Feed the Birds).

Republican Congressman Steve King asks, "This whole 'white people' business, though, does get a little tired, Charlie. I mean, I'd ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you're talking about? Where did any other sub-group of people contribute to civilization?" That's a great question King, take for example: writing, mathematics, agriculture, astronomy, jurisprudence, the wheel, measuring time... all invented by white people! Or were you meaning American civilization? Great question King! What did any black slave ever build? What did any Chinese railroad worker ever construct? Steve King isn't just racist, he's also woefully ignorant of history.

The Onion asks the important question about the Ghostbusters reboot, why aren't these ghosts where they belong, burning in Hell?

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was fired in 2003 for openly defying the US Constitution, but the state reelected him in 2012, and now he's probably going to be fired again for the same reason.

Germans taking Germany back from the Nazis.

When Jehovah's Witnesses tell you they're not a cult, look at how they expect parents to deal with their children who leave the church.

The US Navy has been killing whales with it's SONAR technology, and a Federal Judge has finally ordered them to stop.

They haven't stopped yet

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On Saturday, Emily, Danielle, Matt, and I went to the Pig and Whiskey in Ferndale. The name was quite accurate, for they sold both pig and whiskey. On Sunday, there was a family reunion of my mom's side. Got to see five of my six aunts and my grammy.

It's sad that the atheist community is so divided on social progress issues. So many people in the movement I once admired are embarrassing themselves by bringing up the exact same points that were brought up during the Civil Rights Movement. While I'm ashamed for the group I identify with, in a way, I see it as a good thing. Of the atheists who are creating videos attacking social progress and egalitarianism, every single one of them so far has been an obnoxious white male. While I have nothing against white males specifically (I am one, after all), I have come to realize that the privilege is strong with us, and we're usually pretty clueless about what life is like for a woman or racial minority. It will be nice to see these positions of acclaim be replaced by people better suited to speak on topics of social reform.

Herbalife, one of those "all natural" pyramid schemes got hit with a $200 million lawsuit for being a pyramid scheme. Last year, the company made $4.47 billion. Wow, FTC, way to slap their wrist.

Microsoft was really hoping to have Windows 10 installed on one billion devices by 2018, but already halfway through 2016, and only 350 million so far, things aren't looking so good. Maybe, if they stopped caring about trying to get the largest number of installs (by using malware installation tactics), and actually made a decent OS, people would upgrade. I can give them a quick tip, stop making an entire form a big white blob with no discernible areas! If your title bar, file menu, tool bar, and form are all white, it makes it very difficult to tell what you're looking it!

The man who drove a heavy-duty truck into a crowd of people, murdering over 80, in Nice, France was really only a Muslim by birth. He didn't go to Mosque, drank beer, and only recently developed ties with a radical group. While he had a history of petty crimes and domestic abuse, but that's not the sort of thing that gets a man tagged as a terrorist suspect.

The Republican Party is falling apart, and I love it. It's tradition for a political party to invite all the past heroes of the party to attend the National Convention to give their support to the latest nominee, but as it stands, George W. Bush will not offer support to Trump, George H. W. Bush will not offer support to Trump, most of the other presidential hopefuls, like Kasich, Romney, and McCain will not offer support to Trump. A large number of Governors, Senators, and Representatives will not offer their support to Trump. So, who is going to be there? Scott Baio. And, in addition to talking about how much they hate people of color, women, and homosexuals, they're also going to make the repeal of a 1954 law part of their campaign, the law that prevents churches from endorsing specific political candidates.

Qandeel Baloch, a model in Pakistan, was murdered by her brother because she wasn't modest enough for his Islamic sensibilities.

I like it when Christians destroy their own things because they're not Christian enough for them. A public building in Oswego, Illinois put up a sign which read, "Bless the USA." Most secular people wouldn't see the point in this, as it immediately raises the question, "Bless it by whom?" and since the majority of people who hold authority in this country are Christians, it can be safely assumed whoever erected the sign meant for it to imply, "God Bless the USA." However, a bunch of Christians complained that, by not actually prefixing the sign with "God," city officials are actively trying to remove God from the public square, and they will not stand quietly by and let that happen! So, the city said that they'll just take it down and never put it up again. This guarantees a properly secular building, the exact same thing secular people wanted in the first place.

Until the people stop being evil

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I wrote a brief review on a Christian book.

Being an atheist doesn't make you a good person. Case in point, a bunch of straight white male atheists banded together to create a video to bully SJWs (social justice warriors, i.e., people who try to change society for the better by making it safer and more inclusive for minorities). The 27 "questions" are really just insults with a question mark at the end, and remind me a lot of the questions asked by Young Earth Creationists after the Bill Nye Ken Ham debate. Even the real questions aren't very good questions, for example, "How can you possibly claim that the phrase, 'all lives matter' is racist?" For the same reason I can say that the Family Research Council, hates most families and the Pro-Life movement hates most life. I'm not going to bother answering all 27 questions, because plenty of people already have, but to give you an idea of just how terrible these neck-beards are, the video ends with one man "jokingly" telling people who are trying to make the world a better place for minorities to kill themselves by drinking bleach. Hilarious.

Michigan's Republican governor Rick Snyder was faced with an important task, to elect a new head of the Department of Environmental Quality. A large portion of Michigan tourism comes from fishing and boating; touching four of the five Great Lakes will do that for you. And lets not forget the horrible mistake Synder made appointing the people responsible for the Flint water crisis where thousands of people are still being poisoned with lead from their drinking water. So, how does Synder recover from potentially killing a whole lot of people? By hiring Heidi Grether, a woman who worked as a lobbyist for British Petroleum for 21 years. Yes, the woman who worked for the company responsible for the worst underwater oil spill in US history will be making sure the water we drink, swim in, and fish from will be nice and clean.

Another city council meeting in Florida is opened with a Satanist prayer.

When a Judge refuses to do their job unless people first accept his religion.

My work has just switched over to Slack for internal chatting. I don't like it. Slack won't let you change its ugly font, but it does give you five emoji sets to choose from. Slack doesn't let you make it play a notification sound when it has focus, but does let you choose between a dozen or for when it doesn't. This is a great example of an application that gives the illusion of customization. You can change everything, except the things that you actually want to change.

This just in

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It doesn't matter if you're a blue-collar worker or a Senator, police will profile you because you're black.

As Republicans continue to hone their message, it just gets worse and worse. Their main points are, pornography damages people (they've been saying this for decades, the evidence disagrees with them). Marriage is between a man and a woman (they already lost this one, but just because of the Constitution, but even among American desires). Children with a male and female influence are better (again, all the evidence disagrees with them). Trying to "fix" gay people not only works, but is ethical (it's neither). We should teach the bible in public schools (nearly a century of court cases say otherwise). Burning coal is clean energy (right, and climate change and the moon landing are hoaxes). They're basically against science and ethics in any form they may take.

I want to go to there.

The town hall meeting of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida opened with a wonderful Satanic prayer.

Nothing will ever be as cool as Christian rap videos about tithing.

This just in

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A common saying among authority figures is, "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide." So why is it Republicans in North Carolina have decided to make the video recorded from body and dashboard cameras inaccessible to the public? The state's chief law enforcement officer want the video open to the public both to protect officers who are the targets of false accusations, and for accountability of authority, but Republican politicians, who claim to be in favor of small government, think they know how to enforce law better than the state's law enforcement.

I'd prefer to have Bernie Sanders as the next president, but I also realize that politics doesn't work by catering to me. Meanwhile, Bernie's Bros are still thinking he has a chance.

Law enforcement often employs a gadget called a Stingray to track your cell phone. The device essentially mimics a powerful cell tower, which causes all cell phones in the area to report to it. Then it requests each cell phone's GPS location, giving officers a very accurate location of the whereabouts of everyone in the area, all day long. The idea of being constantly monitored by the police is not just unnerving, it's also unconstitutional. Government agencies like the DEA and local police are expected to obtain a search warrant before they can use tracking devices on citizens, but law enforcement claims that, since they didn't force you to buy a phone, they haven't actually put a tracking device on you, you've done it to yourself! It's a bullshit argument, but one that has been effectively used on judges for years. In fact, it wasn't until just recently that a judge actually ruled, at least in one case, that using Stingrays without a warrant violates the US Constitution. While it's still a far cry from law enforcement respecting the Constitution, at least one judge cares about your rights.

Mary Esther, a 28-year-old woman crashed her car into a house because she was driving with her eyes closed! When questioned further, she said her eyes were closed because she was praying.

Anyone who has written about controversial topics on the Internet will eventually receive a death threat. They often get very detailed and graphic, and include a lot of personal information like your home address, pictures of your family, etc., and it's usually far worse if you're female. A lot of people take these threats to the police where they will be told by officers, there is nothing they can do about it, and until the harasser actually makes good on their threats (by killing you, I guess?), you should just ignore them. It comes as a bit of a shock to hear that Detroit area police are currently arresting people for making social media posts siding with the Texas police murderers.

Now pay attention

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Cidney Fisk, a bright student at Delta High School in Colorado who had been pulling a 4.1 GPA in her senior year, pointed out that the school was forcing a specific form of religion on its students, questioned the purpose of a mandatory assembly about a sexual education speaker whose sole qualification was: Christianity, and made waves by pointing out that more money in the budget was going to the athletic department than toward textbooks. The school's teachers and administrators including, Renee Cronenberg, Shawna Magtutu, Kurt Clay, and a Mr. Miller, punished Fisk by giving her failing grades in an attempt to ruin her chances at college or even graduating high school. When Fisk's parents heard how their daughter's grades seemed to be tied, not to her test scores, but to her politics, the school feared a lawsuit and the grades mysteriously jumped back up. Fisk remained quiet until graduation, but now that she's safe from her corrupt school, she can finally tell her story.

When you look at the goals of the current Black Civil Rights Campaign, the ten goals they're trying to accomplish are so obvious, you'd wonder why they haven't been attained already.

Another common pro-gun argument is that, if more people are armed, there will be fewer mass-shootings, and the shootings won't be so expansive, because there will be so many people shooting back. Well, the snipers who killed several police officers took place in Texas where many people in the crowd were armed. According to the Mayor, having a group of armed civilians not only didn't help, but it made things worse. As cops were trying to find the shooters, they kept seeing people with guns drawn, making it very difficult to know who was a friend and who was a foe. Also, when sniper fire is raining down on you, you don't know where it's coming from, and if you shoot back, you're likely to hit an innocent person instead.

To all my friends playing Pokémon Go... you're worshiping SATAN!

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana aren't taking the protests very well, and the Minnesota police who refused to protect people because they wore "Black Lives Matter" T-shirts weren't chewed out, but rather commended by the city's Police Federation. Thankfully, the police in Georgia have a solution to all this strife, they're reminding everyone that they abide by the rules of their god, and expect everyone else to as well.

Conservatives are disgusted at people who use the inclusive phrase "happy holidays," but have no problem being inclusive when it comes to "all lives matter."

The Racist Republican subcommittee just finished voting on their most important issues, and they include teaching children that the Christian bible is a book of American history, that people who have undergone sex-change operations need to pee in the bathroom that no longer matches their sexual organs, that gay people should be sent to camps to be "fixed," that the government shouldn't be allowed to tell parents that can't beat their children or even educate them, and that history text books don't focus enough on white people.

GamerGate is strangely silent on the news about Warner Bros. paying YouTube stars to give positive reviews of their games. Funny, and here I was, thinking it was all about ethics in game journalism.

All the 7/11s in my area have closed down :-(

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It's strange, all the politicians who convinced UK voters to leave the EU are refusing to become the next prime minister. Is it that they've become painfully aware of how bad the next few years are going to be for the country, and don't want their names associated with the impending recession?

Police officers have these liquid chemical tests where they can drop in something from your house or car and, if it has cocaine on it, will change the color of the liquid. Police have been using these for for over 40 years, and have resulted in countless incarcerations. The only problem is, the liquid will also change color from dozens of other common household items like detergents and medicine. In fact, a recent review of the tests have show that one out of three tests is wrong, yet police still use them to send people to jail.

One popular argument to defend the police who kill civilians is that accidents are going to happen, especially in very dangerous cities where things are more tense. Of course, if this is the case, we should expect to see the rate at which police kill civilians to increase in more dangerous cities, but it turns out there is no correlation between the two. Dangerous or not, police kill civilians. And yes, most cops are good honest people, but the bad ones, especially when they've reached a level of authority, corrupt the good ones.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, refuses to have sex with women, likes to wear long black dresses, and tells people who have been divorced and remarried that they should treat their spouse like a sibling and never have sex with them. Chaput belongs to an organization that helped keep Father Tony Walsh out of jail, a priest who was just found guilty of raping another boy, and shoving his crucifix into the boy's rectum.

A letter from an ex-Muslim to those still indoctrinated.

This is one of those photos that is going to be an icon of the times. Police in riot gear descend upon an unarmed woman in a dress to arrest her for the crime of peaceful protest.

You're not helping

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Even though I'm white, I still don't trust the police and fear they will murder me or someone I love. And I'm certainly not impressed when Fox News publishes a story about a black man who wasn't shot to death in his car as evidence that everything is fine and dandy. However, randomly murdering police officers doesn't help. I'm not even a little bit surprised by the attack, we have a government that blindly takes the side of the police officers even when there is video evidence of them shooting unarmed civilians in the back, often times when the officer has a history of violence against unarmed civilians. You can only bully people for so long before they fight back, but random murder will only escalate the problem.

I bet you didn't know that Patrick Stewart is England's best known cowboy singer.

I love Sarah Silverman. After suffering from a serious throat infection that almost killed her, she thanks her doctors, her nurses, the hospital technicians, basically everyone except God, who played no role in the process whatsoever.

If America is a Christian nation, why isn't our motto, "In Jesus We Trust?"

After spending millions of tax payer's dollars to help fund the giant Evangelical Christian tourist trap known as the Ark Encounter, the thing is finally built! Roads were expanded to handle all the new traffic, and now that it's had it's opening day, you can see all the people flooding in (pun intended)!

I love sarcastic people.

Currently, Google cannot find a single instance of the phrase, "Everybody hurts differently, but everybody hurts," so I am therefore officially coining the phrase.

Party for your fighting rights

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I wrote an article on objective secular morality.

How to be Canadian.

Philando Castile was shot to death in his car by a police officer while the victim's girlfriend live-streamed video.

The history of human origins.

Defending yourself from religious bullies is very difficult, and it often creates dangerous backlash. Filing a lawsuit against a public school that forces its students to worship Jesus shouldn't ruin people's lives, but the Christian lawyers often convince the judge to require children to make their names known to the public in hopes that locals can frighten the victims into dropping the lawsuit. Sad to say, this is effective.

Jaws finally gets an honest trailer.

When you have to defend pedophilia, you might be a Muslim.

Fight for your right to party

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Planted a new tree, had a nice dinner, enjoyed our anniversary last night.

A couple weeks ago I got into a argument with a Conservative about Hillary Clinton's private email server. He was convinced that she was guilty of criminal negligence. I pointed out she had been investigated by several government agencies, and each one disagreed with his conclusion. He responded by saying the only investigative group that matters is the FBI, and Clinton was keeping them from investigating her. My retort was that it seemed like he was ignoring all the evidence that didn't agree with his narrative in hopes that the FBI would give the answer that he wanted, he disagreed. Well, the FBI has since investigated Clinton, and they too have found no criminal negligence. I'm not sure what his response would be to their findings, but if it's anything like Facebook, he'll probably claim that the FBI fears being murdered by Clinton.

When it comes to hacking, don't forget that one of the most dangerous hackers out there, the one that has infiltrated the most computer systems, stolen the most top secret information, and caused the most damage world wide is the US government.

There have been dozens of studies spanning decades, and they all show that wi-fi and cell phones do not cause cancer. Thankfully, the TV show Catalyst realized they had been duped and will be releasing an apology and retracting their episode, an action that the cranks will surely see as proof cell phones give you cancer.

Being an atheist doesn't make you a good person. Just look at Terroja Lee Kincaid, AKA The Amazing Atheist, who is a racist misogynistic bigot.

The study of epigenetics is already pretty fringe with a lot of hypotheses lacking merit, but now the study has been discovered by Deepak Chopra, so for the next decade or so, you can wave goodbye to any real science.

As a student, you can usually expect to have a few teachers bully you around and try to push their beliefs on you. When I was in fourth grade, there was a student who would always stay seated during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. One day I decided it wasn't fair, so I remained seated as well. My teacher demanded that I stand and scolded me for sitting explaining that the other student couldn't stand because of his religion (Jehovah's Witness), but that I had to. I was too intimidated to argue, and to be honest, I didn't really have any idea what the Pledge meant, which I now realize is probably the best reason for why I shouldn't have been saying it in the first place. Today, I refuse to say it at all, and view it as a nationalistic form of brainwashing with a splash of religious bigotry, and this is exactly the sort of thing that Acadiana High School in Louisiana likes to force on its students. They will even actively lie to them and threaten them with illegal punishment if they refuse. Thankfully, one brave student stood strong in the face of the abusive staff, and after being schooled in Constitutional law by the American Humanist Association, the school is changing their tune!

Jim Bakker, the con-artist who stole millions of dollars from a church, got caught, was sentenced to 40 years in a Federal prison, but only served five, wants you to know that he forgives all the people who sent him to prison. What a guy!

A thousand years have been here and gone, since Kentigern saw the banks of Clyde

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Two years married! Where is my trophy?

Donald Trump posts a smear graphic of Hillary Clinton, a graphic that was first posted on White Supremacist group, a graphic with obvious anti-Semitic qualities, and CNN's correspondent and ex-campaign manager for Trump, blames political correctness. Really? Not the bigotry and xenophobia of Trump's campaign "looking into" the banning Muslims from government jobs?

Why you shouldn't entrust your children to people who subscribe to alternative medicine.

Illinois police kidnapped Bryton Mellott this morning. No, they didn't arrest him as they claim, they kidnapped him. Arresting is done as a precaution or result of someone committing a crime, but Mellott didn't commit a crime. Mellott burned an American flag in an act of protest, an action that the backward state of Illinois still likes to pretend is illegal, but way back in 1989, the US Supreme Court ruled that all flag desecration statutes are invalidated. Unless the law enforcement of Illinois is utterly incompetent, they know this, which means they knowingly apprehended a man against his will for no reason, i.e., kidnapping. Mellott is not only being charged with the non-crime of flag desecration, but also with the crime of requiring the police to take phone calls from people reporting the fact that he posted pictures of himself burning a flag. You probably didn't even know it was a crime to make the police do their job, did you? I would love for the Illinois police to not only be sued for damages, but also to have all the involved officers be punished for gross incompetence, but let's face it, police in the US are essentially mercenaries that can murder people in cold blood without so much as a slap on the wrist.

On that topic, police in Harper, Kansas put bible decals on their cars referencing a passage from the bible which talks about executing wrath with a sword against people who don't follow Jesus. Thankfully, the department saw reason and backed down after the FFRF got involved.

The spread of religion across the globe over time.

The Restoration Youth Academy in Alabama, a private Christian school, has been shut down, it's staff arrested, and police had to go in a rescue its students who were living in what can best be described as a Jesus-themed children's prison.

A customer review of... cats.

I can remember the fourth of July, runnin' through the backwood bare.

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U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves gives a nice middle finger to the religious bigots of Mississippi.

The political boundaries of the world since the dawn of civilization.

If Christians are being persecuted so much in the US, why are their examples always lies, and why are even their lies bad examples of persecution?

Samantha Bee addresses the Republicans who claim that Muslims don't denounce terrorism.

The latest US Supreme Court ruling basically says, it's okay to bribe a politician, that is, give them money and expect them to use their position of authority to help you, as long as you don't call it a bribe.

Rebecca Watson points out the ludicrousness of the FAA's desire to control drones.

Apple's latest patent will allow third parties to disable your camera. Great work!

A long list of problem with the myth of Noah's Ark.