August, 2016


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Why doesn't anyone consider the superior option of wiping side-to-side?

Republican keep complaining about voter fraud, so why is it always the Republicans who are found guilty of voter fraud?

Responding to the ridiculous argument that horrible suffering proves the existence of an all-powerful all-loving god.

"Reverend" Paul Monahan has been suspended after being accused of spying on boys as they went to the bathroom.

John Oliver is even great when he's not doing the news.

How do you get a bigot to stop preaching? Bagpipes.

If you're an atheist, you should be an organ donor.

Magic revealed.

Over actor!

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I know Brock Turner committed sexual assault, but he couldn't serve his full terribly long six-month sentence because he's an important swimmer.

Apple continues to its plan of saving money through tax avoision.

Aron Ra's speech at the Anti-Ark Rally.

The Republican candidate can't seem to come up with a single solid plan on immigration.

Just hanging out at the South Pole.

A Christian woman in Oklahoma murdered her daughter and literally shoved a cross down her throat because she believed her daughter was possessed by demons. And a Christian couple let their daughter starve to death because Jesus.

Sure that article was published in a science journal, but does that make it right?

All the cool kids are doing it

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Christian pastor, Kenneth Adkins, who said the gay men in Jacksonville who were murdered got what they deserved, has just been arrested for child molestation.

Christian pastor, Tony Yarber, who is also the Mayor of Jackson Mississippi and believe you can pray away potholes, has just been slapped with a sexual harassment case.

The National Anthem of the USA, the Star Spangled Banner, includes a line about celebrating the death of slaves at the hands of Americans.

Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan who took a $16,000,000 raise after increasing the price of EpiPens by 400%, explained the price hike by saying, "No one's more frustrated than me."

The news is abuzz about the ice bucket challenge having funded the discovery of a new gene relating to ALS research, but did it really?

Recently, a family of five all died in a tragic car accident which prompted a Christian writer to pen the headline, "Believing in God's wonderful plan." The author, after insulting her non-believing friend, explains that she'll be mad if someone feeds her the platitude, "God needed more angels in Heaven," but would appreciate the phrase, "It's a mystery," because, to her, two parents in their 20s and three children all under the age of four burning up in flaming wreckage proves to her that her god has, "a humane, benevolent will." This, unfortunately, is a common form of theodicy.

It's long been known that Catholics care more about refusing birth control than they do their patient's lives, but I had no idea they're so adverse to birth control that they won't even remove an IUD!

Do what I don't

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Fox "News" brings on sexist guests, it employs sexist reporters, it is run by sexist administrators. Fox "News" is sexist.

Racism is alive and well with Alabama politicians.

Want to ruin your child's education and divert badly needed funds away from the education of low-to-middle income families across the country? America has got you covered with failing charter schools.

God told Eric Cheeley to smear oily crossed all over the cubicles at the office where he worked, so Cheely did, and then left without telling anyone what he had done. Naturally, his co-workers were a bit freaked out by the ritual, and his boss decided to fire him. But Cheely knew right away the real reason why his boss was terminating his employment, it wasn't because he smeared oil all over the walls damaging them, no, it was because of Christian persecution! Cheeley tried suing his former company for religious discrimination, but the judge wasn't as insane as Cheeley and threw out the case.

It may take them a few centuries, but religions eventually have to accept scientific realities. And so does the Green Party.

Let's get real here

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Republicans hate wasting money on useless things like scientific research, but they don't seem to mind throwing away billions of dollars to remove sexual education from schools.

An interesting study shows that, states that are more religiously diverse are usually fewer religious believers over all. My guess is that, as people learn more about the crazy beliefs of others, they begin to see their own as being pretty crazy as well.

Mother Thresa was less of a saint, and more of a monster.

Fox News: the mouthpiece for jingoist rednecks.

Dealing with America's problem of Creationism.

Republicans tend to get their knickers in a bind whenever people talk about same-sex marriage, and one of their fears is that their good and wholesome ministers (who probably just finished molesting a little boy) might be forced by the big bad government to wed a same-sex couple; they actually believe a same-sex couple would want to be married by someone who hates them. A Christian polling group wanted to find out just how common this is, and they discovered that the vast majority of Christian ministers (88%) have never even been asked to perform a same-sex wedding, and of those who had been asked, the number who had been forced to officiate a wedding was precisely zero.


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"Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny," says another female employee who claims she was fired after she complained about her boss's unwanted sexual advances.

Nicholas Fifield raped an 18-year-old disabled girl while she pleaded with him to stop, but the case ended in a plea bargain and Fifield won't serve any time because, "prison would not do this kid any good." After all, we don't want to hurt his amazing tennis skills.

How small can we get these microchips?

If the police show up to your door after you call them because someone is trying to rob you, you probably wouldn't expect them to shoot you.

Another American "hero" to look up to: Ryan Lochte.

Misogyny is a deeply ingrained part of the Abrahamic religions. Muslims control how women dress and travel, the New Testament says women aren't allowed to speak in church or teach men at all, and Jew don't want women to go to school because an education is dangerous.

Looking forward to after school Satan clubs.

Your phone company probably isn't giving you timely updates because it won't make them money, and Google is trying to change that.

Things and stuff

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Some interesting facts about Seventh Day Adventists.

Conservative Floridians are fuming that their public schools sent home a waiver allowing parents to opt their children out of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The humor is, the waiver was sent to parents, not by liberal Democrats, but by the state's Republicans. Even more interesting is that the waiver is entirely unnecessary since Florida ruled back in 2006 that no student can be punished or ridiculed for refusing to say the Pledge.

Genetic engineering is pretty much a given for our future, but what does that mean for humans?

If America persecutes minorities, how come so many of them won medals in the Olympics? Checkmate!

How the eye evolved, and why irreducible complexity is just ignorant.

Circumcision became popular in the US to try and eliminate masturbation.

Yay for love!

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Vegas was a lot of fun. Got to watch my lovely friends Wallee and Allan get married! Only got 2 hours of sleep before having to head back to the airport. Mostly recovered now.

When your religion convinces you to strap explosives onto the body of a child and blow them up in the middle of a crowded wedding, it is not a religion of peace.

After the US Supreme Court made their ruling on gun restrictions for violent people, Clarence Thomas finally spoke up to argue that men who have a history of violently beating their wives and children should still have easy access to guns.

When it comes to monetary value, which group of thieves steal the most? Pickpockets? Car thieves? People who break into homes? No, even if you add up the value of everything they stole together, both solved and unsolved crimes, that accounts to $341 million a year (as of 2012), but the thieves who steal the most money, estimated to be 20-50$ billion each year, and it comes from a group that you probably would never suspect because we tend to see them as the opposite of thieves: employers!

After years of creating an environment that encourages abuse, the US government will no longer outsource to private prisons.

Just in case you thought the US government stopped abusing the Native American population in order to help dangerous commercial growth, the Lakota and Dakota natives are having their water supply contaminated by oil companies, and the local government is making sure it happens.

Tony Perkins, head the the hate group, the Family Research Council just had his home destroyed in a flood... possibly by a vengeful god. But wait! Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser found an image of a cloud formation that looks kinda like Louisiana, thus, we don't need to worry about the 40,000 destroyed homes!

When you live in a country that still bans abortion, it requires a long journey to get one.

With Catholic organization buying up Walgreens across the country, they aren't being very forthright about their compliance with the Vatican's ban on contraception.

Waiting for them to come and take me away

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Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a vacation with Emily! Catch you nerds on Monday.

The safe harbor provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act means that, if someone posts something illegal on your web site, you're not held liable for their post assuming you work to remove it in a timely fashion. For years, the film and movie industries have been trying to get rid of this provision because they believe Google isn't doing enough to stop people from posting copyrighted videos to YouTube (even though they remove the content, punish the uploaders, and let companies easily make money through ads in the process). Now, a federal judge has even let a record company sue one of the smaller cable companies because the cable company wouldn't forward letters from the record company to their customers because the letters were threating and dishonest. The really obnoxious part of this is that if the film/record industry suddenly discovered that a hacker had been using their own severs to broadcast illegal content, you can be damn sure that they wouldn't accept any responsibility.

This is why you shouldn't trust 8-bit videogames.

Esten Ciboro is a Christian who has been protesting Target's policy of allowing transgendered customers the right to use whichever bathroom they like because. Ciboro believes that transgendered people are immoral and dangerous to children. This seems a bit hypocritical now that Ciboro has been arrested for having a 13-year-old girl chained up in his basement.

Because ruining the economy with toxic housing loans wasn't good enough, now we need to ruin the economy with toxic car loans too.

Apple isn't really an American company anymore because the bulk of their manufacturing, spending, and earning occurs in other countries so they can avoid paying their taxes.

If Olympic athletes were actually getting a boost from using alternative treatments, they're cheating. Luckily, they're just ignorant.

Jim Bakker and his wife are just plain horrifying.

Yer an Izzard Eddie

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In an effort to lend credence to Trump's lie that Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS, Republican Rudy Giuliani, says, "Before Obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks." Of course, the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil occurred during W. Bush's administration on September 11th, 2001, when Giuliani was the Mayor of New York. It's not that Giuliani "forgot" about the 9/11 attack, after all, he spoke about it and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing just prior to saying that line, it's just that, he doesn't seem to understand that if he admits that Islamic terrorists have been doing this for decades, it means he's lying when he blames Obama and Clinton.

In about 250 million years, we can expect a new Pangaea. Thanks geologists! And while we're talking landmasses, revive your hatred of the Mercator Projection map.

North Carolina seems to be taking a page out of Flint, MI's book. A state coal plant has caused toxic vanadium and cancer-causing hexavalent chromium contamination in all the nearby wells where the public gets their drinking water. Just recently, Dr. Megan Davies, the state's toxicologist, resigned claiming that Republican Governor Pat McCrory told her to lie to the public and tell them the water is safe. Both Davis and another state employee have sworn that the Governor told them to lie, but Governor McCrory denies it. Dr. Davies has given her evidence for why the water is poisonous, but Governor McCrory, who has no scientific background whatsoever, says it's safe, so I think we should trust him.

Charlie Hebdo continues to be the bravest magazine in the world.

When every major climate science group agrees that humans are causing climate change, and a physicist shows you years of data, your only argument left is to say that all the experts are lying.

I'm not saying all Trump supporters are terrible people, but these sure are.

Haven't quite worked out world peace just yet

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Weekend was amazing. Played videogames into the wee hours of the morning with Cody, Lindsay, June, Patrick, Robin, Marquis, and Chelsea. I beat Super C, June beat Sonic the Hedgehog, and we played a couple other cool games as well.

I finished reading The Door Into Summer, which was both boring and disturbing.

An unfortunate fact about Hillary Clinton is that, from an economic standpoint, she's the perfect Republican.

A new bill was signed that will modernize the words used to describe various ethnicities in official US documents. Turns out that African Americans don't appreciate being referred to as "Negro," Asian Americans don't want to be called "Oriental," and so on. The new bill will change the documents to use their more culturally accepted words. To give you an idea of party affiliation, the bill features 75 Democrats, but only 2 Republicans.

Did you ever notice how the female villains in cartoons are always strong independent powerful women?

In order to prove that voter fraud is a big problem, James O'Keefe tries to commit voter fraud by trying to vote with someone else's identity. Turns out the person whose identity he assumed had already voted, which tipped off the police, but even if he hadn't, the lady at the polls immediately recognized that the man wasn't the same person she had seen voting for the past several years! They give him the necessary papers in hopes that he would vote and commit a crime so they could prosecute him, but he stopped just before breaking the law. Despite his utter failure, O'Keefe is claiming success believing he's proved that voter fraud is a problem. The reality is, voter fraud is extremely rare, but it's usually Republicans who commit it, and the people who want more stringent laws are doing so to prevent minorities from voting Democrat.

Fox News is still dealing with the resignation of their CEO, Roger Ailes, who quit because of multiple accusations of sexual harassment among the staff, so what do they do to help brighten their image? They bring on the racist rape-apologist Mike Cernovich. Problem solved.

After several outbreaks of disease among children, California is refusing school admittance to any unvaccinated kids, and they're even doing something that should have been done years ago, they're no longer letting parents abuse the religious exception.

Arkansas Republicans have given the green light on a giant Ten Commandments statue to be placed at the state Capitol. If erected, Arkansas Satanists will request a statue of Baphomet to be placed next to the Ten Commandments, preferably directly in front of it.

If you want a vanity license plate in New Jersey that identifies you as a Christian, no problem. If you want one that identifies you as an atheist, you're out of luck because the state says "atheist" is an offensive term. But thanks to a brave resident who was stonewalled by the state for months, a lawsuit finally got the state to stop discriminating against atheists.

Fade into you

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June and I are heading to Ohio to see our homie Cody this weekend so we can live-stream us playing vidjagames. I've been practicing Super C to try and beat it live.

Every couple days I get a request from some random ad agency saying they'll pay me to place their ads on my site. I can tell that they're really picky about who they trust with their ads because the most recent one said that my site would be a great endorsement for a sports news page. Let's see if this works as a good endorsement: Sports are harmful and wasteful. Sure, sports teach some positive ideals like friendship, trust, and physical exercise, but these are usually overshadowed by bullying, teasing, and the permanent physical damage that comes from coercing children to play while injured. All of the positive benefits can be found in more healthier unorganized play and cooperative games. Furthermore, I think sports "news" is a cancer on society as it tries to convince people that it's important to know which sports-ball player was the best at handling balls. But then, I've spent actual years playing videogames and have seen the movie Bloodsport more than once, so who am I to talk?

Trump claims saying Obama founded ISIS was sarcasm. In related news, Trump doesn't know how to use the word sarcasm. Also Pence thinks that condoms don't work, and that they are too Modern and too Liberal. Idiot.

This is why we need to be allowed to alter the software in our cars.

Why religions must indoctrinate children in order to survive.

Sometimes a man who knows nothing about feminism is less of a threat than a man who does.

Another local government meeting is opened with a Satanic invocation.

A history of measles and the measles vaccination.

Sheriff Eric Watson of Cleveland, Tennessee just couldn't resist using the police Facebook page as a pulpit and preach his version of Christianity, even after multiple warnings. Well, now he's cost taxpayers $41,000 in legal fees after losing a First Amendment lawsuit.

They sure know how to pick 'em!

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Thankfully, we have Trump to tell us all the facts the media refuses to say, like, did you know Barack Obama founded ISIS with help from co-founder Hillary Clinton? And VP hopeful Pence talks about how it won't be just Muslims immigrants that will be banned from the US, they're considering banning non-Christians from all "terrorist" regions! When all you do is lie, eventually you lie to yourself.

Finding bacteria in the 1600s needed a very special microscope.

The love for fat, salt, sugar, and television in the US seems to be the reason why we're the only developed nation that is seeing an increase in the rate of women dying during pregnancy.

After posting an article about how Christian parents should handle having their cherished white daughter marry a *shudder* black man, and dealing with the expected fallout of telling people not to call racist family members bigots, the author finally requests the site take down her article. But the Internet never forgets.

How big is the Earth compared to the universe?

Thankfully, a Christian church has figured out how to stop the religious wars in the Middle East. It's buying an army of drones, which anyone living there will see as a welcome sight, right? But, instead of the usual bombs, this church is dropping Christ Bombs! That's right, they're going to litter war zones with bibles!

An all new low

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There was a massive ant migration outside of my house yesterday.

Donald Trump makes a "joke" about assassinating Hillary Clinton. He certainly enjoys inciting people to violence. Great pick Republicans, thanks for handing the election to the Democrats.

It's probably best that videogames aren't realistic.

Four years ago, Olympic athletes were duped into buying a worthless tape with magical properties. Now they're being duped into paying someone to give them hickies.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses allow convicted child molesters go door-to-door in communities with lots of children?

If you suddenly woke up with amnesia, would you still be religious?

I still got it

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Sure, it only took 20 years, but I finally beat Final Fantasy VI. I also beat Super C without getting killed for the first time last night!

I used to really adore the Olympics. I watched all the major events, kept track of the medals, and, when I was really young, dreamed of competing. Now, after learning that a large percentage of the athletes feel the need to use performance enhancing drugs, and seeing how much waste the games create, it's difficult to appreciate them anymore.

John Oliver points out the repercussions of the disappearing field of journalism.

Whose fault is it that record labels aren't making money any more? Is it online digital formats? No. Is it Spotify refusing to pay smaller bands for listens? No. Could it even be the fact that publishers release terrible trash and call it music? No. We all know the real villain is here, all the blame can be pointed at... Google.

Despite fearing attacks from their family, these ex-Muslims denounce the religion they were indoctrinated into.

Bigoted judge, Roy Moore, will he heading to his second ethics trial for refusing to treat homosexuals like human beings. The previous ethics trial lost him his job as a government judge, but the equally bigoted state of Alabama re-elected him.

Two people were kicked off their flight because Delta Airlines is racist.

Everything is peachy!

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I've been playing Final Fantasy VI for the past couple weeks, and as I near the end of the game, I realize that when I first started the game back in like 1996, I had almost beaten it then! Also finished reading Neal Stephen's Zodiac over the weekend.

The FBI has a program where they fly planes and helicopters to perform aerial surveillance on citizens below. These may include high-resolution cameras that can identify faces, infrared cameras to see heat signatures, and muffled exhaust so they're difficult to locate in the air. The FBI claims they are only performing surveillance on terrorism suspects and securing our borders, which I understand is a necessary evil, the trouble is, they continue to lie to Americans about their actions. They claim not to target specific groups, but Muslims specifically watched (even though white men are more likely to be terrorists in the US), they register their planes to false companies to make them harder to track, and of course, they employ stingrays which are capable of listening to the cellphone call of everyone within miles.

Clint Eastwood, who says he's not endorsing Trump, but says he'll vote for Trump, explains that, "We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren't called racist." Well, right, segregation, lynching, and church burnings weren't called racist, but it was still horribly racist. I'm sure you long for the good-old days when you could wear black face and pretend to be a "darkie," without the fear of being called "racist."

The Libertarian Party is a nightmare.

60% of American Catholics support same-sex marriage, including Vice President Joe Biden, despite the Vatican trying to stop it.

A Federal Judge threw out a lawsuit where a pregnant woman was suing the state of Missouri for violating her religious right to have an abortion because, after a year of stalling, the woman was no longer pregnant, and therefore the state restrictions no longer apply to her. By that logic, the Judge should throw out all murder cases too because dead people aren't protected by the Constitution.

Reverend Louis Brouillard admitted to sexually abusing around 20 boys to his fellow priests and they punished him by making him say long-winded prayers, but strangely never once told him to stop molesting children.

David Barton is a professional liar who has, for decades, been making up false history trying to inject Jesus into US history, but he also lies about having a doctorate degree.

Anthony Silva, Mayor of Stockton California, who once spent taxpayer money to give his god a key to the city, played strip-poker with some male teens at bible camp, gave them alcohol, and recorded the abuse.

Unplug for a weekend

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Turns out it's possible to put a bible in the trash in the game Gone Home.

Rebecca Watson shows another example of a "science" writer lying in order to get readers.

Turns out, Donald Trump is very similar to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. And even if Trump were elected, and died off, we'd still be stuck with Mike Pence who is just as stupid.

Explaining that strange plastic circle mirror illusion.

Crash course philosophy: episode 17, episode 18, episode 19, episode 20.

And down he goes

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Several of my clients have been hit with ransom viruses in the past week. Make sure you're vigilant with your security!

Rocket song!

Donald Trump just doesn't understand why the US shouldn't drop nuclear bombs on various countries around the world, or why it's wrong to attack the families who lost their son while serving in the US military. Add that to this long list of crazy things his campaign has done in the past 24-hours, and you've got yourself a serious shitstorm.

Here are just some of the sexist things the media has said about Hillary Clinton over the years.

While the current pope may have the look of a sweet grandpa, he sure talks like an old bigot.

The Republican Party is committing suicide, and I love it!

The American Pastors Network got together to explain why Hillary Clinton can't be president because the bible says that women have no place in politics, but they strangely have no problem with someone who embodies selfishness and hate, and can't even quote a single bible verse such as Trump.

It's shake and bake, and I helped!

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I wrote some commentary to an article titled, 3 Things to Say to an Atheist.

I've been doing a bit of pruning on YouTube, unsubscribing from atheist channels that have decide to take the bigoted side of history, and Steve Shives sums them up nicely.

Turns out, it's actually really difficult to shoot a rocket into the moon because you have to compensate for the Earth's velocity and gravity.

Because Christians had to demand the use of public schools as a place to spread their message, we now have Satanists in public schools. Although, the interesting thing is, the Satanists don't want to teach children about Satan, they want to teach them to think for themselves.

Brad Marshall, of the Democratic National Committee has resigned after it came out that he was trying to convince voters that Bernie Sanders was an atheist in hopes that Christians wouldn't vote for him.

John Oliver recaps the Democratic National Convention.

Green Party, you're supposed to be the sane ones, but now you're being represented by a nut who thinks that wireless signals are damaging children's brains! The waves used in wireless technology are not ionizing radiation (the type responsible for cancer), which explains why there has never been a study linking them to cancer, or any other disease.

The kids are alright

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Wanna get seriously messed up? Get hit by a gamma ray burst.

When a woman publicly accuses you of being sexually creepy, there are two ways to handle it. The first is to publicly apologize, and explain that you had no intention of making them feel uncomfortable, and that you're sorry, and you'll try to be more sensitive to other's feelings in the future. The other is to go crazy, make a big fuss, and try and sue them for defamation. One of those responses will blow over after a few days, the other will get you immortalized on the Internet as a litigious creep. Richard Carrier may be book smart, but he doesn't know how to handle himself around women!

Every gamer knows that women are just too hard to animate.

Slate takes a random sentence from a Trump talk and asks people to try and diagram it. Good luck!

Only a fool can't see all the conspiracies everywhere!

Crash course philosophy: episode 13, episode 14, episode 15, episode 16.

August, already?

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I kind of feel bad for people with brittle egos like Scott Adams, creator of the comic Dilbert. Seeing women getting a public voice makes him feel like less of a man.

Women can't be trusted to take a pregnancy test by themselves, what if, after finding out the result, they committed suicide?

Ray Comfort's "new" movie is just a rehash of his previous movie, he uses a tired apologist tactic and dishonest editing to convince random people who don't have any formal schooling in biology that DNA couldn't have occurred randomly, therefore, Adam and Eve were real people.

Crash course philosophy: episode 9, episode 10, episode 11, episode 12.

I'm getting a little tired of politicians and pundits "just asking questions." It's not that I have a problem with people honestly asking questions, it is, after all, vital to gaining knowledge, but a problem exists when people who ask questions and don't want an answer, despite how much evidence there is. I've always been a fan of the Green Party because they've been the liberals who actually cared about the environment and wanted social justice and political reform, unlike the so-called "liberal" Democrats. But when their presidential nominee is "just asking questions" about an area of science that has long since been laid to rest.

Repeat a lie enough times, and it becomes a truth.

Republicans are pissed that the Democratic VP can speak Spanish, and the hacked DNC emails are not very impressive.