September, 2016

Worst operating system ever.

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Got a new computer that came pre-loaded with Windows 10. It's really as bad as everyone says it is.

Freddie Mercury's amazing voice without instrumentation.

Turns out Donald Trump used his "charity" to give $10,000 to Jenny McCarthy to help fight vaccinations.

Things you never read in the bible.

Republican Jason Christensen is a horrible person. After Braxton Taylor committed suicide at only 19-year-old (it is assumed because of the hate he faced as a gay teen), Christensen said, "Hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder."

The world's very last Encephalartos Woodii.

Time for a new computer.

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Effects of the cold are almost gone.

What happens when a lesbian shows a gay man her vagina.

Does being compared to an Imperial Wizard of the KKK count as a complement if it comes from someone like Bill I-protect-child-rapists Donohue?

The scientific taxonomy of dragons.

Trump's VP, Mike Pence believes that evolution is a hoax created by atheist scientists to get more money and ruin Christianity, but somehow he has decided that climate change is real, and that Trump never said the Chinese created climate change as a hoax, which he did.

A man explains how he left Islam.

Ugh. People.

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For those people saying that Clinton is the lesser of two evils, she's actually one of the most qualified presidential candidates we've ever had.

I've had five dogs in my life. The one who has been, by far, the most cuddly, well-tempered, and trainable is an American pitbull-mix. So when I see cities banning the entire breed causing the extermination of countless animals, it really makes my blood boil. You have to be pretty bigoted to think that an entire breed is evil. Besides, we all know that cats are the real killers here.

Political lobbyist continue to be corrupt.

In 1776, the USA ratified the Declaration of Independence, maintaining that it could sustain itself as a nation, and was willing to fight any foreign power who might try to rule us. In 2015, American Christians ratified the Declaration of Dependence, maintaining that they are subservient and meek, slaves to a tyrannical overlord.

Yes, I'd eat the Skittles, because we're not talking about poisoned candy, we're talking about human lives you disgusting monster.

Faith Christian and Our Lady of Sorrows, two private schools, have decided to forfeited all sporting events against teams that have female players because God made the girls inferior at sports, and it wouldn't be fair to beat them. They sound like a bunch of chickens to me!

I would totally watch a Zelda movie from Studio Ghibli.

I wish the moderators could just mute the mic every time someone lies, then we wouldn't have to hear Trump's voice

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The presidential debate last night was rage inducing. NPR has the full transcript with all the fact checking showing Trump telling lie after lie. Both Clinton and the moderator kept pointing out his lies, and he kept saying, "wrong!" One of the last things Clinton brought up, which Trump also denied, was how cruel her is to women, specifically how he called Alicia Machado, a Miss Universe Pageant winner, "Miss Piggy." Trump tried to fix his disgusting remarks by saying, "She was the worst we ever had, the worst, the absolute worst, she was impossible. She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem." No, Trump, you're the problem.

Not that his failures will do anything to sway his deplorable supporters. Jimmy Kimmel made up ridiculous stories about Trump's unreleased tax returns, and his fans didn't even bat an eye at the most comically criminal lies. Meanwhile, a lot of voters still think that Trump and Clinton are equally bad, but as John Oliver points out, Trump is objectively more nefarious.

Catholicism seems to have a lot in common with the Voodoo practice of having a powerful gris-gris, they believe that icons and artifacts can have magical powers. Recently, they chopped the heart out of a Monk's corpse and are now parading it around the world so it can bestow magical enchantments onto the laity. Speaking of child rapists, the Catholics of Guam are warning Governor Eddie Calvo that his new law that eliminates the statute of limitations on child sex abuse will bankrupt the local Church! Wait, isn't that an admission of guilt?

My political wife Elizabeth Warren rails on Well Fargo for all his shady business practices, but he'll still go home to his giant mansion in the end.

Christian pro-lifers demand executions!

The science behind why the Cicret bracelet won't work, and why you shouldn't give money to a tech company that can't generate a prototype.

Morning are still a little rough, but I'm feeling much better

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Cory Cooper, a police officer who was fired for "inappropriate behavior," which later turned out to be coercing a teenage girl into giving him oral sex in order to ignore her marijuana use. Which isn't so much "inappropriate behavior" so much as rape. Well, Officer Cooper has entered a plea bargain to receive only one year in jail and will get to keep his law enforcement license! That's good work boys.

Scientific American grades the presidential responses to the 20 questions about science, and the answers aren't very shocking; Clinton scores the highest, Trump, the lowest.

If you wanted to teach students the importance of the First Amendment, it would help to give an example, like this teacher stood on an American Flag to show just how shocking protest might be, but how important it is to allow people to protest. Of course, if you live in a state where patriotism is more important than the Constitution, like North Carolina, teaching students what protesting means will ironically get you suspended.

Blasphemy laws were put in place in Western nations to protect, not religions, but solely Christianity. I say this, because, of all the Western nations that have blasphemy laws in place, all of them are Christian nations. However, as Christianity dies in Western nations, other religions are feeding on its carcass and fringe religions (i.e., scams) like Scientology are benefiting from these laws by making it practically impossible for critics to point out the flaws. Why can't they be more like the city of Victora, British Columbia, Canada?

Democrats aren't the best when it comes to wiping out racism, but the fact that they see it as an evil means their heart is in the right place. Republicans, on the other hand, don't even know what racism is. Take Dave Brat for example, who believes that not forcing public school students to read the Christian bible is an example or racism.

Libertarians thankfully have very little chance of holding national power in the country because their current elected leader thinks we shouldn't worry about the devastating effects of climate change because the sun just is going to destroy the earth in a few billion years.

Palmer Luckey, the guy who sold Oculus Rift to Facebook and became a multi-millionaire over night has decided that his millions would best be spent creating memes to "shitpost" Hillary Clinton in order to get Trump elected. What a piece of really rich garbage.

Another victory for the Constitution as a public school removes a giant Ten Commandments mural, and the after school Satanist clubs are really starting to make headway.

If several people made a public claim that I repeatedly committed acts of sexual harassment, and that resulted in, not jail time or fines, but merely the loss of several speaking engagements and having to find a new host for my web site, I think I would respond by making a public announcement explaining how much I am against sexual harassment, apologize profusely to the woman or women who made the accusation, and find an expert on sexual harassment to educate me on proper conduct. What I wouldn't do is throw a giant hissy fit and sue everyone involved for millions of dollars because that would not only make me look guilty, but also make me look like a huge asshole who doesn't care about women who feel like they've been sexually harassed. But then again, I'm not Richard Carrier.

And I try to see the light through the disease

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Now, in the sunset of the Obama Administration, we can look back to all those doomsday predictions from the ultra-Conservatives and realize that pretty much all of their fear and terror was unfounded.

The Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky is not doing so well. Their opening day had more protesters than patrons, and they just recently decreased their projected attendance to their board (to a number that is still very optimistic). This isn't surprising considering that religion has been on the decline for the past several decades, but the failure of Ken Ham is the saving grace for a Chinese Canadian man who has decided to steal those paltry visitors from Kentucky by building another ark park in the incredibly populated Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan!

Christians lay hands on Donald Trump to shield him from a concentrated Satanic Attack, apparently not realizing that he is Satan. Well, him and Roger Ailes.

If you were a Catholic girl in Ireland the 1980s, you probably watched this wonderful video about how men deposit semen in your vagina. Instead, they should have shown you this.

There are about 50 different body types for men in videogames, but only one for women.

But the world will surely heal my ills

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Feeling too sick to be happy about the first day of autumn.

Oh how I love Samantha Bee. Finally a liberal show that doesn't phone it in and shows just how awful some Americans can be. Like when Hillary called 50% of Trump voters deplorable, well, yes, studies back that up or how news organizations are stupid enough to sit through infomercials of his shitty products before listening to a long string of lies.

Even religious polling groups are discovering the inconvenient truth: religion is dying.

Remember when Andrew Wakefield wanted to sell his vaccine so he told a bunch of ignorant people that all other vaccines cause autism, a lie that eventually led to the death of thousands of children?

It's probably best that Mario doesn't do crossovers with Undertale.

375 scientists write an open letter affirming that climate changes is real, it's human-caused, it's very dangerous, and we need to stop it.

One of the most expensive common liquids in the world is printer ink. Seriously, ounce-for-ounce it costs more than expensive vodka, penicillin, and even human blood. But it's not that ink has such an expensive manufacturing cost, it's just that companies like HP enjoy price-gouging their customers. There are plenty of third-party ink sellers that make ink cartridges at a much cheaper price. But leave it to digital restriction management (DRM) to ruin cheaper alternatives. HP is now putting special chips in their printers so that they will only work with over-priced HP printer cartridges an continue price-gouging. Do yourself a favor and stop buying HP printers!

I still love me some Calvin and Hobbes.

I've totaled another amp, I'm calling in sick

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Took a sick day yesterday because my throat feels like the devil just pissed in it.

Clinton's point about half of Trump's supporters being deplorable didn't go over well, but the polls show that she's actually spot on. But there are plenty black Republicans who disagree.

Police murder yet another unarmed black man with his hands in the air.

Why do we acknowledge a radio message with "Roger"? Because the Royal Air Force.

Obama may have taken us into a brave new world of governmental spying and drone strikes, but he's a pretty damn good motivational speaker.

Do dogs and your wallet a favor and don't give money to breeders who specialize in dogs with deformed faces.

It's a shame that her kids had nearly die for her to change her mind on the necessity of vaccines, but I'm glad this mother finally embraced science.

Mother Teresa is not a saint. People were donating millions to her assuming she was creating hospitals that would comfort the dying and cure the sick, but most of that money was given to the church while she forced her patients to remain in as much pain as possible until they died.

Don't let go

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Had a blast at Britt's baby shower. They had some fun games to play, and I don't think Britt's non-gamer friends realized how competitive we can be. Not that I'm showing off, but I did win more of the games than anyone else! Thanks for getting knocked up Britt!

If you and your fellow police officers are going to work together to frame an innocent man, it's best to make sure you're not recording yourself.

Vlamir Putin's political party won big in the Russian elections because he cheated. No wonder Trump adores him so much.

More 60s pop music today.

This is the academic rigor it takes to be a psychic these days.

Emma Goldman was pretty cool.

And when you see me for all that I am

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The US government just finished their evaluation of Edward Snowden (only took three years, you guys are really on the ball!). They have concluded that Snowden should not be pardoned for several reasons, and they've certainly convinced me:

  1. After it came out that the US has been routinely spying on its allies, the US government had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create new spying tactics in order to keep spying on its allies.
  2. The documents Snowden released had nothing to do with individual privacy, like the ones about how the US government reads the emails, web traffic, and phone messages of its private citizens.
  3. Snowden isn't a whistle blower because he didn't remain in the USA, you know, the country that spies on its citizens and has a long history of murdering political belligerents.
  4. Snowden once got into a fight with a co-worker and sometimes exaggerates his personal health, so he obviously can't be trusted.
  5. The NSA and CIA need to be more secretive, because they're obviously too transparent with their illegal spying tactics.

When a caged dog finally gets let out to go home with its new owners.

The reason I shop at Luxottica.

Christian-run pregnancy centers are still telling vulnerable women all sorts of lies in order to coerce them into having a baby. Abortion does not cause cancer and it does not decrease your chance of babies in the future.

Music video of a pastor who believes God wants him to have a private jet.

Jingoist American teachers and school administrators still think they can punish students for not performing political rituals.

All your mansplaining won't make you right and Marilyn Vos Savant wrong when it comes to the Monty Hall problem.

We're beggars and we're choosers

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Obama has modified the Title X program which makes it so that states cannot eliminate funding to organizations that provide low-income women with reproductive health care unless those organizations fail to perform their duties. Long story short, Republican-run states that are too stupid to see a criminally modified sting video must continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

Getting male students to understand how having mostly male policy makers benefits them is as easy as showing them what would happen if decisions were made by mostly women.

How a loophole in American law makes it perfectly legal for companies to make ridiculously untrue claims about a product.

Did you know that your intelligence comes from your mother's X chromosome? Neither did I. Probably because, it's not true. But that doesn't stop the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, AOL, and other bastions of good science journalism from saying it's scientifically proven. Biologist PZ Myers explains the details of where intelligence actually comes from, while shooting down several other false scientific "proofs."

A few fair questions about the god of the bible.

Republican Steve King suggests that the studies which show that same-sex parents are just as good, if not better, than different-sex parents may be wrong... like climate change.

Speaking of climate change, what would happen if all ice on the planet melted?

Republican VP hopeful, Mike Pence, is pretty sure that smoking isn't very bad for you, and probably won't give you cancer. Paid for with the gobs of money given to Mike Pence by the tobacco industry.

We're heroes and we're pioneers

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The presidential candidates answer questions about science-related global issues. Democrat Clinton gives detailed answers to each question which show she's aware of the problems and potential solutions. Republican Trump, as a science denier, gives terse answers that expose his ignorance. Libertarian Johnson didn't answer any of the questions. Green Stein gave detailed answers, but some of them were far from scientific.

You don't have to be a criminal to support Trump, but it helps.

Cops usually get to keep their jobs after shooting an unarmed civilian in the back, but amazingly, they get fired when they don't kill people! Weirton Police Chief Rob Alexander and City Manager Travis Blosser are the real criminals here.

Dealing with interlaced video.

Richard Keenan is not only a Christian, he's also the Mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, and a child-rapist. But don't worry, as Mayor Keenan says, it's the four-year-old's fault.

Part of being religious means maintaining willful ignorance.

Why is it important to use encryption and understand computer security? To protect from hackers? Yes, but as it turns out, the hackers are the US government.

For my fellow programmers who have been stumped by git.

One day this will all be over

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Evolution deniers will say, "but it's still bacteria," but people who understand evolution will watch in awe as e. choli evolves a resistance to 1000x a fatal dose of antibiotics.

If you need a barometer that you're doing something wrong, just check to see if White Nationalists are big fans of yours. If they are, you're Donald Trump.

Here's what Mercury retrograde means to people who actually care about reality.

The chemistry behind the elephant's toothpaste experiment.

North Carolina Republicans passed a law eliminating governmental protection for LGBT people, and the NBA and NCAA responded by moving several important basketball games out of the state. Republicans responded with a press conference of sexist and bigoted jokes and accusations, but there is nothing they can do to dismiss the fact that their actions have lost the state millions of dollars every year from here on out.

Samantha Bee is back. Finally, we can get some real news coverage like Stephen Colbert.

Here we go again

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Trump rallies are much more interesting when they're not censored by the media.

Seeing the Martian surface up close for the first time.

A brief explanation of the RNA world hypothesis.

After the Federal Government saw the protest of the Dakota Access pipeline and halted the project, North Dakota state officials decided to take action. No, they're not require the pipeline manufacturers introduce better safety measures, they're trying to arrest the journalists who have been filming police and security guards sicking attack dogs on the protesters.

TLC has become your station for Christian reality shows starring child rapists.

After pruning out some of the more sexist and bigoted atheists from my feeds and replacing them with people who actually care about others, like Steve Shives, I'll let him speak to the divisions among atheists.

If you lead a hate group that spends $25,000 to try and make sure that gay people are executed, as Tony Perkins does, you deserve to be called deplorable.

Not so shocking news, Donald Trump's charity is a scam.

James Croft explains how difficult it can be, and what you need to do to convince people.

Brian Mitchell, a Christian youth paster at Columbia Road Baptist Church raped a 16-year-old girl, so his church responded by kicking the girl out and saying she couldn't come back until she apologized to the rapist's wife.


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I beat Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (and got all three endings). It was an okay game, but a definite downgrade from Circle of the Moon.

People are willing to spend big money to put out a denial of service hit on a web site.

Alex Dainis explains why nectarines are really just peach mutants.

What Hillary can do to look more presidential, because Trump is concerned about her looks.

The complexity behind something as seemingly simple as resizing an image.

After several of Trump's own advisors all quit at once, they add their names to the long list of people who were stiffed out of payment.

New music that sounds like 50s bubblegum pop.

It's not the sky that revolves, it's the Earth.

Bang your bongos

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According to Catholic researcher, the church is losing members in droves, even among children, because mass is boring and people are attacking faith by demanding evidence for their beliefs. But the researcher says the church is totally on board with science! For example, the Catholics believe that priests have magical powers, like the ability to turn wine into the blood of a Jew who has been dead for 2,000 years. See? Science! Of course, the researcher ignores the elephant in the room; maybe all these children are leaving the church because they don't want to get raped by priests?

Apple is the terrible tech dinosaur that Apple warned you about. The iPhone 7 doesn't work with regular headphones so you have to buy $160 iHeadphones that must be recharged every couple hours.

Reasons for an against atheists getting confirmed.

David Barton continues to be a fraud.

Disney hates the poor, and so do you.

Heritage Academy, a for-profit charter school, is getting sued for trying to teach its students that patriots must believe in God, democracy doesn't work unless everyone agrees that a Christian-like religion is true, and only religious people can be moral.

Why religions punish doubt.

Is it fall yet?

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If you actually want a degree that means something, go to a real university.

The decisions of Michigan Republicans have led to the poisoning of everyone living in the city Flint, and they're still expected to pay their above-average water bills. Though media attention has waned, the water is still toxic. Thinking we need to clean up the environment, Republican Governor Rick Snyder elected a British Petroleum lobbyist as head of the Department of Environmental Quality. And the four Republican Senators who make up the Natural Resources Committee have collected $65,000 from the oil and gas industries. Problem solved!

Make sure you drink 500 glasses of water every hour.

Imagine a Republican presidential candidate publicly saying, "You know that guy has declared himself a Jew? I'm serious! What a weird thing. Why would a guy who has had all that success just, I mean, what the hell is wrong with him?" It probably wouldn't surprise you, but at least you'd hope it would hurt their political career. And maybe being a bigot about Judaism would hurt their career, but it sure won't hurt them to be a bigot against atheists.

Make sure your science isn't ruined by sensationalism.

Trump's immigration plan is meant to bring the country closer to God. The traditional god of the US, you know, the one who hates non-white people.

No, the bible isn't 100% accurate.

Gotta give credit to Obama, while he's not properly apologizing to foreign countries for all the innocent people killed by US bombings, at least he's admitting the country made mistakes.

Republicans. Are. Just. Plain. Awful.

Might as well be on Mars

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Several protesters from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, including one child, were attacked by dogs, but NBC decides to focus on the injured rent-a-cops.

If you ever need a good example for just how corrupt an Evangelical Christian family can be, look no further than the Hovinds.

Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tennessee is involved in a scandal, and parents are outraged. They've just learned that the school they've entrusted to teach their children has been filling their precocious little heads with the correct names for the parts of their genitalia!

How easily cracked is your password?

One of Trump's African American cheerleaders, Christian pastor Mark Burns has just been called out on his biography which is full of lies.

The Vatican has canonized the terrible villain known as Mother Teresa. Time to showcase the documentary created by Christopher Hitchens.

The bible condensed into 30 seconds.

One of these days

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The founder of Latinos For Trump, which is celebrating adding its fourth member today, warned that if we don't elect Trump for president, there will be a taco truck on every corner. But he said that like it's a bad thing! I for one would welcome a taco over Trump any day! Trump also wants to make all immigrants take a test to see if their values and ideals match those of Americans, not understanding why such a test would be the antithesis of American values and ideals.

CGP Grey teaches us how to solve traffic problems.

The SpaceX rocket explosion didn't injure anyone, but it did create one of the most expensive fireworks in history.

Kurt Metzger does comedy about being a Jehovah's Witness.

A church's insurance company refuses to repair their damaged building because the church was destroyed by an act of god.

Tim Curry laughing.

Still going

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You don't have to be an ignorant racist to vote for Donald Trump... oh wait, yes you do. And his partner in crime, Mike Pence, is really, really, really stupid.

The Ten Commandments for the modern age.

Nico LaHood, the District Attorney of Texas, may be so gullible he can be hoodwinked by a quack like Andrew Wakefield, but real scientists have shown that the HPV vaccine has dropped the rate of cervical cancer in half in just ten years without a single case of autism!

Want to win an Oscar? Get out the old checkbook.

The NRA is hard at work to ensure that when a gun is used in a murder, it's very difficult to find out who owns it.

Simone Giertz shows us how to make a sandwich making robot.