October, 2016


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It turns out, if you spend the whole night screaming like a Christian preacher and emceeing Halloween trivia while doing vodka shooters, it won't make your sore throat get better. I feel like I just finished deep-throating a cactus.

Slate has a good article about the corruption, law-breaking, and unethical practices of the two current presidential candidates.

The Southern Poverty Law Center may know an awful lot about racists, anti-Semites, and Christian terrorists, but they haven't yet figured out how to gauge critics of Islamic terrorism.

Chicago-area Christians were going to recreate a public shooting massacre as a vignette in their Hell House, but after a public backlash, they decided to cancel it.

That moment when you accidentally call one of your black supporters a thug.

The Satanic Panic of the 1980s is, in some ways, still alive and well in 2016.

Claiming that your magic potion will cure cancer is a good way to have the FTC ruin you. But claiming that Jesus will cure your cancer is perfectly legal. This is why so many quacks and charlatans like "Archbishop" Mark Grenonto use a church to sell their phony cures.

Boston-area Catholics are spending nearly $1,000,000 trying to prevent the legalization of marijuana.

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Gonna have a bitch'n Halloween Party tomorrow!

Being black means that there is a very real possibility that a police officer will shoot you to death even if you never break a law. Being Native American means the US government may decide to put a toxic oil pipeline through your land without your permission, and then threaten to kill you if you protest. Being white means if you protest your massive debt by walking into a government building covered in guns, threaten to murder anyone who enters, and cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the place, you will still be acquitted. Any of my friends was to protest their student loans by hijacking a city hall for a month? Apparently, if you're white, you can't be punished!.

Trump continues to be a punching bag.

Has your Syrian home been destroyed in a wave of bombing? Were your family members crushed to death in the rubble? Are nations refusing to offer you sanctuary because they fear the color of your skin? No food, no clean water, no shelter? Well, have I got just the cure for all your problems!

A moving talk with a woman on the street pontificating about her belief in a god.

For decades, the Mormons who run Brigham Young University would punish any woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted or raped because she's obviously a sexual deviant. Well, just like when the church decided to change their mind about black people, they finally got around to changing their mind about raped women too; maybe being raped isn't proof that a woman is a vicious slut after all?

If you're a Christian trying to convert an atheist, here is what won't help you.

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Genesys Hospital, a Catholic institution, is being sued because of their refusal to help a women who might die. This hits close to home for me, not only because I live on the same street as the hospital, but because they're also refusing to treat my wife.

This is why you don't let administrators work on art.

Jack Chick in memoriam.

Christian pastor Terry Wayne Millender and his wife Brenda and their friend Grenetta Wells have all been arrested for fraud after $1.2 million of their church's money was used to buy a luxury car and a mansion.

Steven Pinker talks about the importance of reason.

Oh cool, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is getting a second season! Prepare by watching this gag reel from the first season and a song from the new season. Now if we could just get another season of The IT Crowd.

True feminism.

Can I just be healthy again?

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After reporting that Donald Trump bragged that he sexually assaulting women, and now has several women saying they were the ones he assaulted, Newt Gingrich accused a Fox "News" reporter of being, "fascinated with sex and [she doesn't] care about public policy." Thankfully, there aren't many big-named Trump supporters left. Marco Rubio is still on his bandwagon, but he;s getting booed off the stage! And all this in-house fighting is really ruining the Republican Party. Not to mention the fact that every major Florida newspaper is calling for Trump to be investigated over his scam of a university.

As Republican Governor Rick Snyder's administration continues to poison an entire city with lead water, he thought it would be smart to remind everyone that it is Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. And Twitter explodes.

Samantha Bee continues to hit home runs. She condemns Catholic Churches for letting their female patients die and talks to female world leaders about what it will be like when Hillary Clinton becomes president. Also, Seth Meyers is no fan of Trump, nor is John Oliver. In fact, you shouldn't support Trump if you're an atheist.

Renewable energy is surpassing coal? That's awesome! Oh... in China. Well, that's embarrassing.

Sheriff Steve Smith is holding a free seminar for the public about the Muslims called, "Understanding the Threat." After that landed him in hot water, he changed the name to, "Understanding the Jihidi [sic] Threat." Despite there being a lot of backlash, Smith is still going forward with his seminar about how Muslims are evil.

Glad to know the racists who hate Syrian refugees are living right next door to my neighborhood.

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Wrote a little creative non-fiction about a run-in with a street preacher.

If you're a phone user, or even just a tax payer, you'd probably like to know that ever since 2007, the US government has been paying AT&T with your tax dollars so they can search your cell phone usage history. AT&T's call logs include everyone you ever talk to and text message, and a general idea of where you were at the time of the communication. This gives even municipal police departments the ability track every place you've been for the past 10 years. The US government and AT&T call this Project Hemisphere and claim that it's only ever used to stop drug smuggler and murderers. Of course, the entire project was conceived, built, run, and paid for in secret and AT&T even included into the government contract that the government could never tell anyone they got the surveillance data from AT&T, knowing how bad it would make them look. Want to know the really scary part about all of this? Every other major phone company has been asked if they have a similar project with the government, and they have all refused to answer, which means they do.

Showing up on a first date wearing a wedding dress.

"Don't vote for my opponent, because she's Jewish," is the kind of bigoted talk that will lose you an election, but, "don't vote for my opponent, because she's an atheist," is still considered a sound tactic.

Why secularism is so important.

Jack Chick is dead, but his legacy of making Christians look terrible will live on!

Dealing with people who tell you you're an agnostic, not an atheist.

All I want is a Halloween miracle!

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I was sick a month ago, what gives?

Republican Brian Babin puts himself on the same level of Donald Trump and says, "I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty."

Who wouldn't want to purposely sting themselves with a giant hornet?

Jill Stein and the Green Party never had a chance at the presidential election, but her implosion is only helping her win over nutjobs.

A brief comparison between Trump and Clinton's health care reform. Spoiler alert, Trump's is a terrible mess.

Did you know that atheists don't become fire fighters because they don't care about rescuing people and if a historical building burns down and everything in it is destroyed, but someone finds a fire-damaged bible, it's proof God has your back?

This pastor answers a question so poorly you can see why the same question made his daughter to become an atheist.

Remember when Pat Robertson said that Mitt Romney was going to win two consecutive presidential terms, and then Obama won two consecutive terms? Well, now he's even MORE sure that Trump is going to win!

If your school bans Fahrenheit 451, aren't they forcing children to live the book rather than just read it?

If you don't want to waste $40 plus travel expenses to visit the Ark Encounter, here is a lengthy review of just how bad it is.

The darkness must go down...

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake was abysmal. None of the actors were very good, only a handful of them could sing, all of the dramatic scenes were cut short, and all the risqué elements were removed. It was also sad to see Tim Curry so soon after his stroke. And all this staying out late hanging out with friends has left me with a sore throat.

If there is one thing that can be said about Trump's presidential candidacy, it's that it has shown American Christians they don't actually care about voting for Christians, they care about voting for Republicans. They used to refuse voting for a man who had cheated on his wife, now they're fine with it. They used to refuse to vote for anyone who wasn't devout, now, they'll vote for someone who can't name a single bible verse!

I'm glad other people are pointing out Chris Wallace's debate moderation dishonesty.

After Martin Blake repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter, Montana Judge John McKeon gave him 60 days in jail. Citizens are now trying to impeach Judge McKeon, but impeachment doesn't go nearly far enough. Judge McKeon should be put in jail for such a criminally short sentence!

Part of working in health care means you're going to be moving around between sick people all day. This makes health care workers not only susceptible to getting sick, but also makes them excellent vectors for carrying diseases from one room to the next. For the past several decades, nurses been dealing with this problem by staying up to date on a lot of different vaccinations. But, with the recent fraud of Andrew Wakefield, and the celebrity morons who were conned by him (Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey), a lot of nurses haven't been getting their vaccinations. While they're getting sick more often because of this, it's not really hurting them, because working nurses are otherwise healthy, but now they're spreading their diseases to their immuno-compromised elderly and infant patients and killing them. While some nurses maintain that, remaining ignorant and killing people by giving them preventable diseases is their right as an American, Australia is actually telling these idiots, until they get vaccinated, they're not going to get paid.

Chiropractors are still killing people by inadvertently tearing arteries in their necks giving them useless manipulations.

Pennsylvania's Bureau of Motor Vehicles is now apologizing for discriminating against atheists.

Autumn is getting colder and wetter

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Had a great time at Jen's watching the third debate with my pals. Here is the fact-checked transcript. Long story short, most of what Trump said was a lie, most of what Clinton said was true.

What kind of weather we can expect if Trump wins.

Another woman dies because her Catholic doctor, and Catholic hospital, cared more about her fetus than her life.

The problem of evil actually seems to point toward an evil god.

After Canada passed a law that allows doctor-assisted euthanasia, a Christian woman got a tattoo which reads, "Don't euthanize me," I guess, her fear is that a doctor will euthanize her without her consent?

There is nothing disrespectful about protesting the National Anthem.

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What a Trump speech would sound like a la Arrested Development narration.

The real enemy of America isn't foreigners, it's American ultra-Conservatives.

A detailed look at the past and present of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and a not quite as detailed look at Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

To give you an idea of just how thin-skinned some Christians can be, enough of them complained about a bill board that the owner felt obligated to take it down. The billboard simply read, "The Good Life without God? It's possible." That's it!

Monty Python deftly explains prophet worship.

In order to raise money for the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Austin, students held an event where donors could send the students to a church of their choice. There were several jars, each with the name of a local church, and the students would attend the church of whichever jar held the most money at the end of the drive. As a joke, they added a jar labeled "Hell." Guess which jar received the most money?

A Gears of War 4 review from a feminist's perspective.

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Hillary Clinton hasn't officially been elected yet, and she hasn't selected a nomination for the US Supreme Court, but Republicans have already agreed that they will refuse anyone she chooses. They won't even consider her candidate, which means they won't even consider doing their job. This is why it's so important that Democrats not only win the presidency, but take back Congress too.

Darren Brown is an atheist who uses the same tactics as Evangelical preachers to perform "miracles."

Donald Trump and his ilk have convinced 30% of Americans of how easy it is to "rig" an election, but reality tells us this is extremely unlikely, and even if it were possible, it wouldn't be needed. Clinton is expected to win by a large margin, not that this excuses the people who still plan on voting for a troll like Trump.

What was probably going on in God's head when he tortured Job.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation may seem appealing with its pink breast cancer awareness covering everything from trashcans to guns, it actually has some pretty strong ties to the same political party that impedes women's health care and supports Donald Trump.

True Christians respond to the removal of the US military being allowed to force religion on soldiers.

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Went to a Chaldean wedding last night. They danced for hours and served dinner at 10 PM on a Sunday. Crazy!

If a woman accuses you of sexual harassment, the correct thing to do is to deny the charges, seek legal aide, and explain how much you respect women and would never harass them. But one thing that will certainly not endear you to the public is to say the woman is far too ugly to sexually harass. But then, pretty much everything Trump says is the opposite of what you should say. For example, commenting on the terrorist attack of the a GOP headquarters in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton said the attack was "horrific and unacceptable," and that she is "grateful that everyone is safe," while Trump called the attackers, "animals representing Hillary Clinton," and asserted that they did this, "because [the Trump campaign is] winning." But, of course, while we can certainly guess the motives of the terrorists, until they're caught, Trump has no way of knowing the motives of the attackers or who they're affiliated with, but he does know his campaign is losing.

In the past few days, Kansas terrorists were arrested before they could murder Muslims and Colorado terrorists are expelled from their school for creating an online terrorist organization. So, it's not surprising that a recent study shows that, in the past 15 years, ultra-Conservative American terrorists have killed more Americans than Muslim terrorists.

As usual, the people who masturbate to the second amendment piss all over the first.

When Bill Cosby was accused by several women of sexual assault, none with any real evidence, his television shows were taken off the air and his endorsements were dropped. However, when Donald Trump, a man with a history of spousal abuse and adultery, is accused of sexual assault, people want him to become president of the United States!

24-hour news organizations are garbage. There really isn't enough stuff the bulk of the public is interested in, so they end up having to generate news. CNN does this by paying Trump Apologists to say utterly ridiculous things and to outright lie in order to create a controversy where none exists.

Jehovah's Witnesses are still refusing blood transfusions because of an unorthodox interpretation of the bible, often leading to their own deaths, like 26-year-old Éloïse Dupuis who bled to death shortly after giving birth.

Religious people often ask, if you're an atheist, why do you care what religious people believe? It's because religious people are rarely able to keep their religions to themselves. Most secular people wouldn't actively try to stop a complete stranger who is in constant agony from ending their own life. Most secular people wouldn't tell someone dying from bone cancer that they can't smoke marijuana to help alleviate some of the side-effects of chemotherapy. Most secular people wouldn't tell a loving couple they aren't allowed get married. But religious people don't seem to have any problem forcing their beliefs on other people.

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Can Christians at least agree that these verses from the Koran are evil?

Rush Limbaugh finally gets it and says it's okay for two people (or even three or four) to do whatever sexual things they want with one another, but the moment consent is eliminated, it's rape. Yes, Rush, thank you for finally understanding... what? You say he was being sarcastic when he said this? You say it's not the lack of consent that bothers him, but he hates the idea that more than two heterosexual people might engaging in sex? And, in fact, he's okay with men having sex with women without their consent, and even mocks women by calling them the "rape police?" Limbaugh really is nothing more than a disgusting man baby.

A really cool documentary about the history of videogame graphics.

The list of women bringing up allegations of sexual assault against Trump keeps growing. Meanwhile, Trump's son Don Jr. says women who can't handle being harassed at work shouldn't be working.

A British game show that pokes religion.

If you're going to try and stump people with five mysteries about fossils that point to Creationism, it would probably help if you cite mysteries instead of known lies.

If the energy it took for a single thought were converted to candy, how many thoughts would it take to make a Mars Bar?

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As John Oliver points out, simply having a female relative is not why you should be disgusted by Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, it's because women are people, and as the Trump candidacy sinks deeper into the mire, I can't wait to hear what they're going to say about the latest recording of Trump talking about a young girl, and saying, "I'm going to be dating her in 10 years."

One person can accomplish a lot. Aliyah Saleem was expelled from her Islamic school in England, but when she went public with what the school was teaching, education regulators investigated the school and found that it was a mess of bullying, teaching outright lies, and failures at every level. The Islamic school, Jamia Al-Hudaa, is now being shut down!

Trying to make sense of the differences between the opposing plans of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump regarding tax reform.

Officer Scott Korhonen sexually assaulted a man by shoving a screwdriver up his ass while Officer Gerald Lodwich. Their actions cost tax payers $4 million. Both men will continue working as police officers, because why wouldn't you want someone who sexually tortures people protecting your children?

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert believes that gay people exist because, as a child, they were molested by men. His belief, of course, has nothing to do with reality, yet he still has a great deal of authority over LGBT people in Texas. I'm assuming Gohmert applies that same "wisdom" to fellow Republican Mike Yenni, a wholesome married Christian politician who, at the age of 39, sent sexually explicit text messages to the 17-year-old boy he made out with.

After Amber Pasztor murdered her two children, she had this to say, "I read the Bible every day; God forgives me and God knows why I did what I did, and nobody else needs to know."

Three ignorant Chevron contractors attacked a bearded man wearing a turban, most likely assuming he was a Muslim, severely beat him, and forcibly cut his hair. The man, Maan Singh Khalsa, is actually a Sikh, a completely different religion entirely, not that it matters, but if you're going to be a bigot, at least know who you're bigoted against.

Is it fall yet? Oh wait, it is!

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I finished reading Howl's Moving Castle. The movie is better.

Samantha Bee is just plain awesome.

If you want another reason to be disgusted with Trump supporters or delete your Twitter account, here's both. Also, it turns out that Trump would often walk into the dressing rooms of his beauty pageant contestants in order to see them nude. And it's really telling that so many Christians who believe they support the moral high ground are okay with his actions.

The CosmicSkeptic subscribed to a Creationist's Twitter feed so you don't have to.

The anti-vaccination group SafeMinds paid a research laboratory to conduct an independent test on the MMR vaccine, assuming that, when you eliminate the pharmaceutical industry from the equation, you'll get to the truth. Well, the research got to the truth, and to nobody's surprise but SafeMinds, they concluded that there is absolutely no link between autism and vaccinations. SafeMinds is very upset by this, they pointed out that the opinion of the lay public is that vaccines cause autism, and they can't understand why a rigorous scientific test shows they don't. Undaunted, SafeMinds is considering how they can change the test so that the next time they do it, it will give them the results they want. Because that's how science works.

If you're a scientist, your will be asked to make posters.

Can't we just let Hillary get to work already?

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Catcalling at women is not a compliment.

These comments about the second debate are hilarious.

Why is the United States still running a prison where innocent people are constantly tortured? Because Republicans.

Republican Jeff Sessions said that Trump bragging that he could kiss women without their consent and grab their genitals doesn't count as sexual assault, before saying that he his comments were inaccurate because he was confused about what Trump had said, and clarifying that assault is bad. Interestingly, in his clarification, he doesn't ever admit that what Trump was talking about is actually sexual assault.

Scientists continue to wonder about the fact there nothing doesn't exist.

Here is the quality of Fox "News" reporting from Bill O'Reilly: There is a big conspiracy with three specific media organizations to ruin Trump, but I can't say who is involved because I don't have any evidence.

Christians in the thug life.

I'm declaring Clinton the official president.

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Watched the second presidential debate last night with some friends. Clinton didn't do quite as well as the first debate, but thankfully Trump was even more ridiculous than before and legitimately is suggesting fascism, and while he patted himself on the back for not going into Bill Clinton's infidelity in the first debate, he made a huge stink about it in the second debate, as if Bill's cheating is somehow a failure of Hillary's. In the rare cases where he was able to form a coherent sentence, he used them to shoot himself in the foot; case in point. You can read the entire fact-checked transcript here.

As Trump continues to slide down into the abyss, his supporters are ramping up their voter fraud excuse.

Over the weekend I finished reading "I Am Error," which is a wonderful book about the technical aspects of the NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk System. I also beat the true pacifist ending of Undertale and felt all the feels.

Libertarians tend to argue that regulations shouldn't be mandatory, they only create a non-competitive drag on the economy, but there is a reason governments create and enforce safety rules, and it's not to ruin the Airbnb model, it's to fairly decrease crime and accidents.

Yet another county bans religious displays on public grounds after realizing just how bad things get when you allow every religion to have their fair say.

Simone Giertz uses her engineering skills to make a robot to put on 1,000 layers of lipstick.

Glenn Beck's latest conspiracy theory: Bill Cosby's fall from fame wasn't because he was a serial rapist, but because he angered the Democrats.

There's no knowing where we're going...

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The Muslims of Iran have imposed a law, if you're female, your hair must be covered in public, even if you're not Muslim, even if you're from another country. Apparently, Iranian men are so prone to rape that they can't see hair without trying to rape it. Anyway, the FIDE (a major chess group) has scheduled their next tournament in Iran, and female chess players aren't too thrilled about the country's barbaric customs being forced upon them. Many have decided to boycott the tournament if Iran doesn't at least join the 16th century. Annoyingly, while the women are united against such horrible patriarchy, the male chess players don't seem to be boycotting along side the women. Are they not interested in equal rights because they're not the ones being oppressed? It reminds me of when Lawrence Krauss decided to leave a debate because the Muslims forced the women to sit behind the men.

For those of you who can't get enough of the first presidential debate, or you want a look at what happens when people decide to back a third party candidate to prove a point, or want to see how many times Mike Pence can lie or just how far the news has progressed about women since 1997, Samantha Bee has you covered.

You can argue that a person's private beliefs shouldn't matter when they're being considered for a job, all that should matter is if they can do the job properly. But what if your personal beliefs conflict with the entire philosophy of your field? Aren't you pretty much destined to fail to do your job? Take Mark Armitage for example. He believes the entire universe was created by magic about 3,000 years after the invention of the wheel, but he was hired as a electron microscopy technician at a university in California, probably because they thought his crazy beliefs wouldn't interfere with his ability to work on microscopes. The university even gave him a position teaching about microscopes, but his evangelism got the better of him, and he used his authority to preach about how a fossils prove dinosaurs lived alongside people only a few thousand years ago and evolution is wrong. Naturally, Armitage's scientific incompetence and degrees from unaccredited schools put him at odds with the actual science staff, and his inability to do his job properly caused the university to not renew his contract. But the Christian persecution is a powerful mistress and Armitage cried that he was being discriminated against because of his religion. The university lawyers ran the numbers and found that, even though California law pretty much guaranteed a legal victory, it would be far more expensive than settling out of court, and, caring more about money than his beliefs, Armitage sold out. The university made a costly mistake hiring a Young Earth Creationist into their science department, and it cost them over $100,000. We can only hope that the university has learned what many pharmacies across America have learned after their Christian pharmacists stopped filling prescriptions for women's health, when you hire someone who doesn't believe in reality, they're probably going to cost a lot of money in the long run!

What's the deal with those white spots on your nails?

Trump's stupid kid says his daddy shouldn't be held accountable for anything he said before he started running for president because he was ignorant back then... as if anything has changed?

Want to learn absolutely nothing about science? Use this home school guide!

Which direction we are going...

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I wrote an article about how to best respond when people ask you, "Can you prove God doesn't exist?"

We need more police accountability.

Religious nutjobs in Poland tried passing new legislation that would make abortion illegal in the country, even if the life of the mother was at risk. Such a ludicrous move was backed by the Vatican, but the Polish parliament wisely rejected the ban. Now, if they could just move in the direction and give comprehensive abortion coverage, they'd be on target.

Is your cancer treatable? Thank a zebra fish.

NASA sent seeds to orbit the moon just to see how it would affect their growth on Earth.

Great Britain hasn't learned anything from the massive environmental devastation the US has wrecked on itself with fracking, and decided to give it a go in their own land.

If it's awkward nervous sass you like, you can't do much better than Aubrey Plaza.

There's no earthly way of knowing...

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I finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I don't have much good to say about it this time around.

If you believe that solar power is useless because the sun goes down at night, you might be Rush Limbaugh.

Just a handful of the many problems with the Exodus story.

Gary Johnson is a rich white man who is proud of how ignorant he is, and that seems to sum up the entire Libertarian Party.

It's amazing how much work went into the Super Mario 64 eye-blinking engine.

When you've been in the lab for so long you need to make a dance video.

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I know it's a bit late, but a quick recap of the first presidential debate. Despite obscene levels of criticism, Hillary was a great debater, Trump was barely coherent, his supporters are terrible, and he just couldn't help digging deeper.

A list of terrible things that women constantly have to fear that men rarely even consider.

The Muslims were the ones with a problem, so why does this woman have to give up her seat so that their barbaric superstitions can be respected?

Finally, there's an app that will send thoughts and prayers for you!

This won't come as a shock to people who are paying attention, but abortions rates decrease when Democrats are in power, most likely because they increase funding for sexual education and provide access to birth control.

If you want to save big animals, you should consider letting rich assholes hunt them.

Desire to kill rising...

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Microsoft has a history of making every other release of their OS terrible. Windows 3 was great, 95 had some serious flaws, 98 fixed most of those flaws, Me was trash, XP was pretty impressive, Vista was a punchline, 7 fixed most of the problems, 8 was an abortion. According to this pattern, 10 should have been great, but it isn't; it's not even decent. 10 is like trying to run a Windows 7 PC that's infected with a virus. I really tried to accept Windows 10. I tried to ignore the inability to change the god-awful user interface, I tried to ignore the mandatory icons in the system tray, the nag messages that require a registry hack to turn off, and the advertisements that appear in the notification box. But the straw that broke the camel's back came just after I had finally gotten the start menu the way I like it and unpinned the useless Microsoft software from the start bar. I returned after the update and Windows had reverted the start menu and start bar to the default. Nope! Nope! Nope! If I wanted a computer that wouldn't let me customize its shitty design or remove its shitty software, I would buy Apple products. For the time being, I wasted a good portion of my weekend reverting to Windows 7, and unless Windows 11 actually allows for customization, I'm probably going to ditch Microsoft all together and make Linux my primary OS.

Even before I got a pit bull, the idea of banning dogs based on their breed disgusted me. I assumed that the breed of a dog has little to do with how dangerous it is, what really mattered was how the animal was raised. In fact, the breed does matter quite a bit when talking about dog aggression, but it's not the pit bulls that are the most aggressive, it's Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Jack Russells that are the most aggressive breeds. Pit bulls have below average aggression, and are one of the most loyal dogs, although they tend to be more aggressive to other dogs. It's often pointed out that, in America, pit bulls kill more people than any other breed, but the number is still extremely low (about 17 in 2015) meaning you're more likely to be killed by lightning than a pit bull (or any type of dog, for that matter). However, since pit bulls are currently the "bad boy" dog breed of choice (remember when it was Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc.?), they are the ones being targeted by bigotry. Montreal has passed a law restricting all dogs that even resemble pit bulls. They can no longer be sold, bought, or even adopted and existing owners must pay a special pit bull fee, pass special criminal background check, and keep their dog muzzled whenever it is outside, even in a fenced in yard!

Poland currently has very strict abortion restrictions. Currently, Polish women are legally allowed to get an abortion if a physician says the pregnancy will kill them, or if they can prove in court that they were raped, but Polish Conservatives, backed by the Catholic Church, are trying to eliminate all reasons. Religious people want to see a Poland where pregnant women are forced to die from pregnancy complications, rather than perform a simple life-saving procedure. Thankfully, there is a lot of protest.

Why hasn't Trump been paying Federal Taxes? Is it because he's such a smart business man? Just the opposite in fact. Turns out, you don't have to pay Federal Taxes if you lose close to a billion dollars, like Trump did.

Christopher Hutchinson, a Christian Youth Pastor, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. What I find the most shocking about this isn't that a Christian molested a child, that happens all the time, and it's not that Hutchinson will be serving a mere three months in jail, Christian routinely serve less-severe sentences, no, the thing that shocks me the most are the number of fellow Christians who wrote to the judge begging her to go easy on Hutchinson because he is such a wonderful guy!

Ryan Anthony Salandy is a Christian rapper who was just found guilty of murdering his producer by running him over with a car, just like Jesus wanted.