November, 2016

It just keeps getting worse

Feeling: Angry


I finally beat 2048!

  • So, it's official, Trump will actively deny scientific facts during his presidency.
  • For evidence to back up his claims, Trump is quoting random people who voted for him as credible sources.
  • More commentary on Trump's disregard of the first amendment.
  • Don't believe that Donald Trump is racist? Here's some of the details of his long history of racist actions.
  • I've seen my fair share of white people claiming that they are the ones who are the target of racism, not racial minorities, but they have the privileged of being ignorant to the massive wave of hate crimes against minorities.
  • Fearing censorship from the Trump administration, Internet Archive is building a backup server in Canada.
  • Despite claiming that he would support the LGBT community, every single person that Trump has brought into his cabinet has actively fought against the LGBT.
  • Wilbur Ross, Jr. is Trump's pick for Commerce Secretary, a thrice-married billionaire who bailed-out Trump's failed casinos and once owned a mine where 12 workers died because Ross refused to spend money on much needed safety improvements. Seems like a great guy!
  • If you want a look into the cluelessness of Trump's daughter Ivanka, read the highlights from her self-help book. Yes, she has a self-help book.
  • Fraudsters like Trump and the DeVos family became rich through scams, but they still feel justified blaming the poor for ruining the economy with their frivolous needs like pensions and medical insurance.

Oklahoma Republicans have passed a bill which makes abortion a felony and any doctor who provides the service may have their medical license revoked.

Needle exchange programs effectively reduce the rate of disease.

Some of the songs from the new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

When you find a badly-burned page from an even more badly-burned bible in the wake of a wildfire and believe it's a miracle.

Several groups in Michigan have sued the state to force bottled water to be delivered to every house that is still being poisoned by Michigan Republicans (who also lied about the toxic levels of lead for months), which certainly seems like the least they could do, but Michigan Republicans have been fighting their efforts, probably because Flint has a lot of poor black people, and they don't see the harm in poisoning them to death. State officials are saying the bottled water delivery would cost tax payers $11 million, but I don't see why we don't just take that money directly from the Republicans who poisoned the city.

Constant vigilance

Feeling: Disgusted

  • Donald Trump is a draft dodger, so I can't expect much from him, but the fascism of saying that Americans who exercise their first amendment rights should put in prison for a year is just sick. The US Supreme Court has ruled twice on flag burning, and upheld the right each time, even Trump's idol, the monster Antonin Scalia, argued that flag burning is protected.
  • A quick review of just how bad Trump's cabinet picks are, there's Jeff Sessions, Attorney General and Tom Price, Health and Human Services.
  • Some things you can do to keep America free from Trump and his slime.

An interesting look at how America became a super power, and it wasn't from being ethical.

Veterans are joining the Standing Rock Sioux.

All the problems with Pocahontas.

A Tennessee woman has been arrested for trying to cause a late-term abortion, though the details are not yet out. Of course, if Tennessee Republicans hadn't been working hard to close all the abortion providers in the state, she wouldn't have needed a late-term abortion.

Turns out it's possible to make Christian preachers interesting.


Feeling: Annoyed

  • Trump can't even win gracefully. Every vote tally estimate shows that the popular vote was largely in Clinton's favor, by over 1% of the total, but Trump says that he won the popular vote as well, and all the votes in favor of Clinton were made illegally. Naturally, all of the evidence is against him, but he still feels justified saying the Democrats who took the largest portion of the vote were "badly defeated." As usual, Trump is lying because his fragile ego just can't handle the fact that most of the world thinks he's an asshole. When commenting on the Green party's plan for a recount, Trump said it was "impossible," (it's not) and, "a scam," and Trump know his scams, since they account for nearly all of his business ventures!
  • Coal country still has faith that Trump will bring back their jobs, but like most faith, it's misplaced.
  • Trump's cabinet continues to be as big of a crime as his conflicts of interest.
  • It pleases me to see that local government officials are vowing to defy Trump's racist agenda.

Jane Elliot gives students a rude awakening about what it's like to be the target of racism, and opens their eyes to just how racist they are.

Adam shows some of the most awful problems with the US prison system, like how private prisons cost tax payers more, how dangerous solitary confinement is, and how prisons fail to educate prisoners.

So, the Great Barrier Reef is incredibly unhealthy now, thanks to us causing climate change.

You can make a lot of money creating lies on the Internet thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

A report from the Australia government says that Jehovah's Witnesses are not doing a very good job of protecting their children from sexual abuse.

Crap! Maybe the weekend will fix the country?

Feeling: Overwhelmed

  • After calling everyone in the media liars, Trump then said he loves them and hopes they can all get along. No.
  • And there is a problem with the current weakened state of journalism in the USA, news outlets just don't have enough employees to independently research all the lies of the Trump regime.

  • An American teacher comments on Trump's appointing to Secretary of Education con-artist Betsy DeVos. And a former teacher comments on her family's desire to inject their religion into public schools. I don't expect much from DeVos, after all, she gave $1,280,000 to the Acton Institute which is trying to eliminate children's mandatory schooling and child labor laws.
  • Looks like the only promise Trump is keeping is his promise to ignore intelligence briefings.
  • Trump's campaign hasn't started, but it's already a joke, he's poised to use the presidency to fill his pockets and no amount of ridiculous Tweets can cover that up.
  • The teacher who taught his students to consider the similarities between the rise to power of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler is retiring after his school refused him a public apology for the way they handled the issue.

Republicans refused to pass a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals. They claim they are trying to protect religious freedoms, but this is the same party that is trying to ban everyone from an entire religion from entering the country.

Julia Galef explains why we think we're right, even when we're wrong.

The hired thugs at Standing Rock continue to get worse and worse.

Well, this is freaking creepy!

Christian government officials in Kenya refuse to let local atheists donate food and clothing to a children's shelter.

Interesting pirate women.

Franklin Township in Indiana is dealing with a lawsuit for trying to force Christian prayers on its citizens. I guess they didn't learn they're lesson from Kenai Peninsula's wonderful Satanic prayer opener.

I'm going to take a day off, and when I come back, this Trump shit will all be just a big scary joke, right?

Feeling: Aggravated

  • Trump shows he really is little more than a troll to his voters. He's not going to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails (anyone who has been paying attention already knows there is nothing to find), and now it appears he's flip-flopping on climate change, saying it may be real, and that clean energy is good. This is certainly a step towards sanity, but he's a compulsive liar, so I don't trust anything he says, but what he does, like how he deals with the funding of NASA's climate research. At least I can find a little joy in how much he's mislead all his voters by reneging on pretty much every claim in his campaign.
  • SNL points out Trumps complete lack of experience or even an competent plan which has caused his first decisions to be pure chaos, just like his trusty Twitter account.
  • Trump's advisor is hoping you won't notice the myriad conflict of interests Trump refuses to deal with before being sworn in, or the fact that he admitted to charity corruption, and instead wants you to focus on the great sacrifice he's made by running for president.
  • Turns out Trump isn't just similar to Hitler, but also African dictators as well.
  • Trump's recent pick for UN Ambassador has literally zero experience in foreign relations and his pick for Secretary of Education is actively working to dismantle teachers unions and public schools altogether.
  • Why is it Trump supporters mock political correctness, but get their panties in a wad when people aren't politically correct toward them?

Well, this is terrifying. Most teens can't tell the difference between news and advertisements designed to look like news.

Prescription drugs are really just street drugs with a different name.

Jesus keeps winding up in the court room. Christians in Washington were really hoping he would let them discriminate against gay people, but that's not gonna happen. He was the defense lawyer for a man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl. He couldn't help a public school teacher who refused to stop preaching to her students win her appeal. And, naturally, Jesus told his followers to send death threats to the Tri-State Freethinkers for pointing out all the Constitutional violations in their local school district.

There is a place for queer gamers, or, should I say, gay-mers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center usually does a good job tracking hate groups, but nobody can seem to understand why they tagged Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz as anti-Muslim extremists.

An interesting report by the Combating Terrorism Center claims that most people who join ISIS know very little about Islam when they join.

Our latest evil dictator

Feeling: Aggravated

  • Trump may not think of himself as der Furher, but his supporters sure do, like Richard Spencer, who is getting a pretty warm reception in the media, despite being a white supremest who has called for an ethnic cleansing to make America white.
  • With around 75 civil lawsuits against him from even before he became president, how is Trump going to run a country and handle all his legal liabilities?
  • Just as the police started using potentially deadly water cannons against protesters at Standing Rock, Trump signed a business deal with Sunoco, builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline. But don't worry, I'm sure we can expect him to remain impartial on this matter, and all these other ones.
  • Trump is working to dismantle the press and government jobs, unless of course they're military.
  • Since Trump's family will continue living in New York, it's going to cost American tax-payers $1,000,000 a day to pay the Secret Service to protect his odious family.
  • Trump and his cronies have a history of threatening to murder reporters, but then recant and say they mean murder them in a figurative manner. This is a man whose maturity level makes him cancel press interviews over Twitter.

Dave Chappelle does a pretty good SNL monologue.

Being an atheist is easy for me as a white male, I'm the stereotypical atheist. But things get a lot harder when you're a racial minority, especially one with strong ties to religion.

Living on a space station has its drawbacks.

The discoverer of evolution versus some dumb kid? Please!

It's gonna get worse

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For the next four years, we can expect to see a real shit-show of a presidency, but I don't want my entire blog to be this way, so I'm going to isolate all Trump-related news to a single section that you can just skip if you like:

  • In the past 30 years, Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault of at least 20 women.
  • Trump lost another $25,000,000 because his "university" was a con.
  • Our future Vice President, Mike Pence, who thinks you can "fix" gay people with religion went to see the musical Hamilton, only to be booed by the audience. Did he think he would be embraced by a bunch of theater-loving musical goers? But of course, Trump cries like the bitch he is and demands an apology from the entire audience.
  • Hillary Clinton is now showing a lead in the popular vote by over 1.5 million, or a full percentage point. Not only did Trump lose the popular vote, he lost bigly. The election was rigged, just in his favor.
  • Michael Flynn, who Trump picked to be his National Security Advisor, is very prejudiced against Islam saying, "Islam is a political definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion," and, "it's like cancer...a malignant cancer in this case," and that militant Muslims, "are dead set on taking us over and drinking our blood." If you don't know the difference between Muslims and vampires, maybe you shouldn't be in office?
  • With Trump's victory, hate crimes against minorities have been on the rise so much, New York has had to create a special department to handle it all.
  • We already knew Trump was especially corrupt, but now that he's being put under a microscope, we're seeing a potential of corruption at an all time high for a president.
  • If you're one of those Christians who calls discriminating against the LGBT "religious freedom," you had better be screaming mad at Trump's desire to ban Muslims.
  • Anita Sarkeesian has some comforting post-election words.

A storm last Friday tore off a lot of shingles from my house. Poor thing has bald spots!

Samantha Bee takes a look at Syrian Refugees.

Police are now using water cannons on protesters at Standing Rock, in near-freezing weather, which has the potential to kill people. They're also still trying to block media coverage so there won't be any evidence of just how awful they are.

The FTC finally did something to help stop the spread of fake medicine like homeopathy. Now, if a homeopathic shame product wants to claim it works, they must show evidence from tests run at the same level of actual drugs. Whether this will actually change much remains to be seen, but it's about damn time they ended their special treatment.

Still angry about the election

Feeling: Okay


Donald Trump appoints three more cabinet members, and would it shock you to learn that they're all old white men, some with racism scandals?

Samantha Bee is my spirit animal.

Is everyone in the Republican Party white? Well, yes.

The awkwardness felt by actors when they're told to "act whiter."

John Oliver's wonderful piece on multi-level marketing.

Still angry about the election

Feeling: Okay


It took a couple weeks, but all of my web sites have been moved over to a new hosting company. I had nothing but problems with HostMonster ever since they were bought out by EIG, and their support staff was entirely incompetent. To give you an example, I noticed an unusual message in my php.ini file and asked what it meant. They said it was from malware and I needed to scan my computer and re-upload my files. I reminded them that the php.ini file was auto-generated by their server, so it was unlikely I was the cause. Rather than figure out where the message came from, the guy just removed the message and told me everything was fine. I explained that, if the problem was malware, simply removing the message wasn't going to solve anything, and I'd like an explanation. The tech said he'd have to ask his superiors and they would email me. They never did. After doing some searching, I found out that the message was indeed caused by their server as part of the program that generated the php.ini file, and it wasn't malware. I had several other problems like this where the support staff, ignorant to how their servers were configured, or even how computers work in general, suggested the fault lied with me, but after several hours of calling out their bullshit, they finally admitted the problem was on their end, and usually, they weren't able to fix it, but would definitely get back to me (and they never did). I've since learned that EIG has a habit of buying up web hosting companies and keeping their name and brand intact so that when people get fed up with their incompetence, and switch hosts, they inadvertently sign right back up with another EIG-owned company. Luckily, a lot of people online have become wise to this tactic and have created lists of all the web hosting companies owned by EIG. Anyway, if you're in the market for a web host, or find that your host is owned by EIG, I strongly suggest finding another company.

Donald Trump rise to power is eerily similar to that of Adolf Hitler. But unlike Hitler, Trump is actively robbing the USA and suing the USA while he's attacking minorities.

Gerrymandering didn't just help Republicans win the presidency, it also helps them win local offices.

Russia was all for signing a document denouncing war crimes, until they decided they wanted to commit war crimes, and removed their signature.

Body cameras and voice recording help keep police honest so they don't become corrupt and plant evidence or conspire to against innocent people.

The first ever After School Satan Club held its first meeting at a public school in Oregon.

Christian hate group, Liberty Counsel, has compiled their 2016 list of businesses where they don't want you to shop because they don't put up enough plastic Jesus crap.

Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife were found guilty of several counts of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison and he was fired from his position at Liberty University, a Christian school who really knows how to pick them. Just recently, the Virginia Supreme Court overturned his case saying that all the money, property, and services he had been given by private interest groups wasn't enough evidence for criminal charges. Now that he's a free man, he's decided to go back to teaching, this time at Pat Robertson's university, a Christian school that really knows how to pick them.

Alex Dainis's science videos continue to make me smile.

You can't keep a good man down

Feeling: Accomplished


Went to a activist meeting last night. Working on some civic changes. Feeling pretty good.

Donald Trump has cut the strings of his puppet-masters and got back on Twitter where he continues to embarrass himself crying that the media is being critical of the fact that talked to Russia before the Pentagon, and hasn't repudiated his racist followers.

I glad to see that the West Virginia Mayor Beverly Whaling, who publicly showed their appreciation for a racist joke, is resigning. Meanwhile, the Mayor of New York is encouraging people to continue protesting against Trump.

Holocaust scholar, Frank Navarro, was put on paid leave after pointing out to his high school students a lot of similarities between the rhetoric of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

Minnesota Catholics are offering $132,000,000 to make all of their child sexual abuse lawsuits go away.

Some simple cartoons that illustrate what consent means.

It is expected that Donald Trump's own private Karl Rove, Mike Pence, will be taking a bigger leadership role in the presidency since Trump doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

Now that Iraqi forces have pushed the Islamic State (IS) out of the ancient city of Nimrud, they find that the Muslims destroyed pretty much all of the ancient artifacts left by their ancestors. This is like if modern Greek Orthodox Christians dynamited the Parthenon.

The US Supreme Court refuses to hear a ridiculous case where Christians were suing the Kansas State Board of Education because they were teaching biology, and they Christians believed that means they must also be teaching atheism.

Please take this hand-basket to hell

Feeling: Angry


John Oliver delivers a sobering recap of what Donald Trump has done since being elected.

Just a reminder, the Trump administration is trying to overture Roe v. Wade so they can criminalize abortion.

Seth Meyers talks about Trump.

These amazing women were all told, "you can't do that, you're a girl."

Before you move to Canada, hear out Stephen Colbert.

How much of your phone data was sent to China? This is why it's so important that our government stops trying to prevent the use of encryption.

You can't support a racist hate-monger and still consider yourself to be following the teachings of Jesus.

While they prefer to be called the "alt-right," I will continue calling them what they are, racists.

The Daily Show comments about Trump as well.

An elected official in Clay County West Virginia, namely, Mayor Beverly Whaling still okay with referring to black people as "apes."

More now than ever, we need to fight

Feeling: Okay


Donald Trump is making Steve Bannon, a White Nationalist anti-Semite, his Chief Strategist. He's making Reince Priebus, the Republican who created a racist lie about Hillary Clinton, the White House Chief of Staff. He's making Kris Kobach, a Republican who has actively fought along side a hate group to prevent minorities from voting as the head of immigration reform. And, he's making Republican Ken Blackwell, who works for another hate group, has been tapped for the head of domestic issues. And now, guy who spent his entire life harassing minorities, and who claims to be shocked that his supporters have increased racial slurs and attacks, tells his racist supporters to stop harassing minorities.

Now that Trump is going to be president, the people who also care about non-white straight men have their work cut out for them. We're already seeing an increase in money going to abortion providers to try and counteract the future religious ignorance of Mike Pence, but there are other things we can do as well.

More about the Republican plan to eliminate Medicare.

It looks like 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded, and our president-elect believes climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese.

Republican racist Rudolf Giuliani tells black people that they need to teach their children to respect the police and fear other black people.

Who would have thought that a man with no political experience whatsoever would be oblivious to what the president does?

Why does the US use the Electoral College that keeps failing to give the people what they want? Possibly because of slavery.

When people make up statistics, they don't usually account for the random noise found in real world systems. This means you can use statistics to find out when people lie with statistics.

Anti-science believers often complain that biologists claim embryos feature "gill slits." I myself have certainly heard people arguing that the gill slits in embryos prove a fish ancestor of all amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. However, like most things in science, the truth is actually more complex, but suffice to say, real biologists don't call them gill slits.

A bunch of racist posters were put up around campus at the University of Ohio.

Another city is claiming that a Ten Commandments monument on government property surrounded by American flags doesn't endorse religion. Hopefully, this will be ruled and shut down before Trump puts another bigot in the Supreme Court.

Declo High School in Idaho settled their lawsuit with the ACLU, and had to pay all their legal fees and will change their policy about refusing to let non-Mormon students be class president.

I could use a weekend to mourn

Feeling: Blah


Wrote some commentary about the phrase, "Jesus died for your sins."

Commiserations with Samantha Bee. God, I love her.

A racist leader breeds racist followers. Also, there are racist people, but nobody thinks they're racist, even the KKK.

Republican Paul Ryan is saying that the Affordable Care Act is hurting Medicare so much it requires him to wrest it from the government and hand it over to private companies to remain solvent. Paul Ryan is a liar. Medicare was actually made stronger under the Affordable Care Act, and allowed to last much longer than it would have otherwise.

Women are trying to get long-term birth control before Trump cuts all funding to Planned Parenthood.

Is anyone surprised that Republicans are looking to start another witch hunt?

It makes me so depressed to watch pre-election videos. All that hope.

Nobody has to stand or recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and to force someone to do so is to violate the US Constitution. But when a girl refused at Dawson High School in Texas, the fascist administrators physically beat her!

I keep seeing people on social media echoing Trump's claim to respect LGBT people, but you can understand why I don't trust a compulsive liar. Even if Trump isn't actively trying to ban same-sex marriage and criminalize homosexuality, his supporters are expecting him to.

The Christians who claim they can reverse your abortion are lying, and the Catholics who refuse to help the dying let go of life are barbarians.

Throat's sore again

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Voting for Trump doesn't make you a racist, but it does mean you voted for a racist.

Trump may have won the presidency, but more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. This is the fifth time this has happened in American history, and the most recent two times saw the loss of the Democrat.

PZ Myers offers a sobering, but motivational postmortem of the election.

Well, it's only been a day, and here is what happened so far thanks to Trump, as well as picking a science denier to manage the EPA. The ACLU is getting ready for a lot of lawsuits, which may be why Trump immediately removed from his web site his plan to deport Muslims.

Obama will be putting some road blocks in Trump's way, but they won't hold for long. Still, it makes me happy that he's trying. And speaking of Obama, here are 50 accomplishments that happened during his presidency.

If you want a good reason to sever any ties with Yahoo, listen to this. Back in September, they reported that they just learned of a hack from back in 2014 which compromised the passwords of around 500,000,000 users. Well, it turns out that they knew about the hack for the past two years and just didn't tell anyone!

The scary future of separation of church and state under a Trump presidency.

How did we let this happen?

Feeling: Disgusted


Despite the upset, I still stand with my fellow Americans, but I need to ask, why is it every few years we have to completely ruin all the progress we've made? Why are we so ignorant that we keep electing racist, misogynistic, incompetent men to positions of power where they can and do destroy the lives of the innocent and vulnerable? I try not to bore people by bringing up politics all the time and I try not to offend people by pointing out how they're working against their best interests, but that only makes me feel personally responsible for this outcome. If only I had pushed some people a little harder. I'm just heartbroken right now.

I saw a very salient post this morning. Each political party fears what the other will do, but while Republicans are afraid the Democrats will take away their guns or raise their taxes, Democrats are afraid Republicans will end their marriages, ignore their cries of rape, and tell them they can't have life-saving abortions. And you can see this in the exit polls. Most women voted for Clinton, most racial minorities voted for Clinton, most young people voted for Clinton. The only block that voted in favor of Trump are white men, and these are the people who have the very least to fear from a savage government.

Some disturbing facts have been made clear with this election:

  • 81% of Evangelical Christians are morally bankrupt and vote party lines rather than on the principals of their religion's founder.
  • 80% of Conservative Americans who claim to support "family values" prefer a man who cheats on his multiple wives over a woman who stays with her cheating husband.
  • Most white American men are racist, misogynistic, bigots, especially among the elderly and poorly educated.
  • Most Americans are too lazy or too ignorant to research an experienced political candidate to find out she's actually pretty honest and caring as politicians go.
  • Most Americans prefer a criminal who discriminates against black people, Mexicans, Veterans, women, and non-Christians, over someone who respects all of those groups, but happens to be female.

While the nation as a whole has chose the path of ignorance and bigotry, several states made improvements. And a handful of non-religious people were elected to office including Melissa Sargent, Ernie Chambers, Athena Salman, Jamie Raskin, and Juan Mendez.

Russian dictator Vladamir Putin is quite pleased with Trump's election, although things won't be so good for the press or women.

Don't forget to vote!

Feeling: Happy


Got up early to vote this morning, why on a Tuesday? Looking forward to another four years with a Democrat at the helm.

I recently finished reading Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer which was pretty good, and Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, which was really good.

Trump's education policy shows that he is in great need of some, while Clinton has been helping students for years.

Catholic Priest Frank Pavone shows just how much he thinks fetuses are people by using an aborted fetus as a political prop on what appears to be a candle-lit dinner table. From this, he tells people to vote for Trump because he is a disgusting person.

The Christians of California lost $203,000 of tax payer money by refusing to give up praying during their school board meetings. Of course, even after losing all that money, they still have to stop praying. The reality is, if you're a Christian person, and you're voting for Trump, you're a hypocrite on the same level as the Pharisees.

A compilation of Samantha Bee's quality descriptions of Trump.

What it would be like to have a member of Congress working at your company.

Tomorrow is the big day

Feeling: Okay


Voting Day tomorrow! And don't forget, if you vote Republican, you're a disgusting mockery of a human being. And if you don't vote, you're not much better! Hugs and kisses!

Another study confirms it; despite her critics calling her "Crooked Hillary," Clinton is very honest (as politicians go), and despite his fanboys saying Trump, "says it like it is," he's the most dishonest presidential candidate in history.

Pew Forum completed a survey of religious affiliation and education level, and, as you would expect, non-religious or mildly-religious people are the most educated, and Fundamentalists are the least educated.

The old guard laments good journalism as it has fallen prey to entertainment.

How to be a good ruler, be you dictator or democratic.

In 2014, Americans gave $114 billion to assorted churches across the country. Despite that mind-bogglingly large number, that number has been thankfully decreasing for the past 30 years.

Abusing your mother, waving a Confederate flag in front of black students, and murdering two cops will get you the awful label of "gentle loner," provided you're white.

Strangely, The Addams Family movie is the best at depicting a healthy BDSM relationship.

When big words are viewed as an insult.

Don't forget to fall back

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At this point, Donald Trump has no real chance of becoming president, (other then by suppressing the votes of minorities) but that isn't stopping the more ignorant Republicans from trying to overthrow democracy. Look people, the presidency isn't like Nestle Water. You can't just ignore the vote against you and do it anyway.

As of 2014, over a fifth of Americans refer to themselves as non-religious. This number is especially among younger people, but Iowa Republicans don't seem to care. Rod Blum refuses to even acknowledge non-religious voters, and Governor Terry Branstad thinks non-religious people are incomplete and need to be sent to church. Also, the Catholics of San Diego think people who vote for the Democratic party are going to go to Hell.

Honest Trailers does The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Some poignant words from Matt Dillahunty.

Almost back to normal!

Feeling: Okay


We're still not working hard enough to slow climate change.

An interview with some of the Russians who are paid by their government to try and help Trump become president. It makes sense that they would want us to have a president who can't read. I'm not positive Trump can't read, but people are saying that he can't.

You can always trust convicted felon Jim Bakker to tell you honestly, if we don't elect Trump, his god will punish us!

Crash Course Philosophy asks what it means to be a person, and where does your mind reside?

Republican Sid Miller is a cunt.

Slowly recovering from the party.

Feeling: Okay


As police were savagely beating Native Americans protesting the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline through their land, the Colonial Pipeline, which has dumped literally millions of gallons of gas and oil into the local ground water, exploded killing a construction worker and injuring several others.

Our nation's long history of eschewing science advisors.

I really love Samantha Bee.

I will continue to live my life in such a way that the KKK will never endorse me for anything. Too bad Donal Trump can't say the same thing. Speaking of Trump, he keeps claiming that voter fraud is a serious problem that will cause him to lose the election, but it turns out that the only people being arrested for voter fraud are Trump supporters.

Fuck the Pope.

Linux users, beware of Dirty Cow!

The science behind why Freddie Mercury was such an amazing singer.

What happens when you put burning charcoal in liquid oxygen?


Feeling: Okay


This last Chick Tract is pretty good.

The book was okay, the movie was pretty bad and had an awful lot wrong with it: The Da Vinci Code.

Louisiana's new law, if a child confesses to her priest that they are being sexually molested by another member of the church, the priest has no legal obligation to report her abuser to the authorities.

Captain Disillusionment's lecture about video debunking and special effects.

A belief in gods is not more rational than naturalism.