December, 2016

Not with a bang, but with a whimper

Feeling: Overwhelmed

  • Some of the technical details of the Russian hack of the Democratic National Convention computers is being made available. Obama said, "All Americans should be alarmed by Russia's actions," and the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and 14 other national security agencies are in agreement. The only person who is still ignoring this threat is Donald Trump who still doesn't believe the Russians are involved, but said he will finally meet with government intelligence next week if it will placate America. He dismissed Obama's sanctions against Russia with an almost coherent sentence, saying, "I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole, you know, age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. We have speed, we have a lot of other things, but I'm not sure we have the kind the security that we need." He will be our leader.
  • Trump inaugural party has been having a lot of trouble finding artists willing to perform for them, but they were able to secure the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. However, one singer in the choir explained that performing for Trump would not only severely damage the choir's image, but she wouldn't be able to look herself in the mirror anymore if she had to perform for such an immoral man. So, she bravely decided to resign from the choir. Hopefully, other Mormons in the choir will realize their morality is more important than their political affiliation and do the same.
  • Speaking of a lack of morals, Trump has chosen a "prosperity gospel" preacher, one of those people who says the best way to prove your love to God is to give them lots of money. Two peas in a pod, really.
  • Sprint recently announced that the company is creating 5,000 new jobs, but this doesn't mean much considering they laid off 8,000 people in the past couple years. Either way, Donald Trump is taking credit for it, even though he had nothing to do with it.
  • Trump's advisor, Anthony Scaramucci, not only denies climate change, but believes the Earth is 6,000-years-old.

Vera Ruben, the scientist who discovered dark matter has died. She never did win a Nobel Prize for her discovery because the committee was too busy awarding the prize to more important discoveries like, blue LEDs.

Why do men have such a hard time understanding consent? Probably because nearly every movie they've ever seen shows a man sexually assaulting a woman to make her fall in love with him.

Wanna melt something? Check out the strongest acids in the world.

Why is it so important that governments do not control the Internet? Because in 2016, governments around the world shut down access to the Internet for their citizens over 50 times, often to hide evidence of their human rights violations and prevent people from protesting.

What's the deal with Fahrenheit?

Aron Ra fails to get good at street epistemology.

And all that jazz

Feeling: Exhausted

  • Not that I expect him to answer, but US Senators are asking General Scott Pruitt (Trump's pick for the head of the EPA) to disclose his connections to the energy industry. Why? Because when the man in charge of our clean air and water is paid by the highly polluting coal industry, that's a big problem! The same is true with Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) who is the current CEO of Exxon, one of the most environmentally destructive companies in history.
  • Obama has kicked several Russian operatives out of the country and has cut back on the amount of intelligence the US is willing to share with the country as punishment for their interference with our election. I wonder if Trump will welcome his friends back with open arms when he takes office?
  • Obamacare has been on the Republican chopping block ever since it was announced, and now that they're in charge, you can bet they'll axe it as soon as possible. The only problem is, in their several wasted years of trying to kill it, they never bothered to come up with anything better. And now, it looks like it will be eliminated (along with Medicare) long before anything new is created to take its place. So, all of Trump's poorly educated and poor in finance voters who have been relying on Medicare and Obamacare are going to have their insurance taken away, including the type of coverage they need the most, and if they're sick, they will have no option to get more. I can't be too upset for them because they did this to themselves, but I'm very upset about all the sane Hillary voters who will also lose their insurance because of the stupidity of Trump supporters.

You should learn a second language, even if it's only to understand the hidden jokes in movies.

End of year list of the top ten most popular pages at The Friendly Atheist.

Rebecca Watson calls bullshit on the "studies" that claim Facebook makes you depressed.

Secular politics in Utah have increased enough to warrant a Secular Caucus.

To honor Carrie Fisher, here is one of her Star Wars audition tapes.

Entering the world of ruin

Feeling: Annoyed

  • You're probably just as shocked as me about this, but Trump's "charity" is currently under investigation for corruption, as he may have been siphoning money out of it illegally to cover the costs of his lawsuits, contribute to his political campaign, and to buy sports memorabilia and paintings of himself. Under the guise of eliminating conflicts of interest (now he cares?), Trump tried and dissolve the charity to prevent the investigation, but this same tactic has been used by many criminals before him and is protected against by law enforcement. To try and cover his ass, Trump took to Twitter and claimed to have donated millions to his charity, but the charity's own records show that Trump didn't donate a cent from 2009-2014. In fact, the largest donation came from pro-wrestling's Linda McMahon, a donation which bought her a place on Trump staff.
  • Republican and Trump Supporter, Carl Paladino, responded to Artvoice's 2017 survey by saying he hoped Michelle Obama would, "return to being a male and [be] let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla," and also said that hoped Barack Obama would die from mad cow disease. In his apology, Paladino explained that he had only meant to write that for his (equally racist) friends, and not to share it with Artvoice!
  • Donald Trump thinks he can make his own Internet meme. Nope!

What Neoliberalism is, and how it helped ruin America.

Creationists argue that they are scientific, but the way they conduct themselves is entirely non-scientific. In science, you start with observations, make hypotheses, then create and conduct falsifiable tests to see if the hypothesis is correct. From there you create theories and forever update them as new information is presented. Creationism, on the other hand, starts with a conclusion which is regarded as unquestionable truth and then looks for evidence to support that truth, while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. You can see just how non-scientific this is by looking at a list of Creationist achievements for 2016; they're all about preaching, none are about science.

Adam ruins the McDonalds coffee lawsuit and the public defender system.

Naughty church sign.

Ironically, the holy day of Christmas is mostly about greed and lying.

You should know about Murasaki Shikibu.

CAT scan prep doesn't taste good.

Feeling: Annoyed


Had a CAT scan yesterday regarding the pain in my lower-right abdomen that hasn't gone away in over a year. They're not as fun as people make it out to be. Also finished reading Richard Feynman's "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" and Sam Harris's "Free Will."

  • Republican tantrums shut down all areas of the government, not just when they officially shut it down, but also by obstructing the president from appointing judges. And I'm sorry to say, but these tantrums worked. By preventing democrats from being able to do their jobs and crying big crocodile tears of failed promises, ignorant Americans fell for the Republican trap. But we're not just losing a Supreme Court judge, Republicans also prevented Obama from appointing over 100 other judges around the country at various levels of authority. Now Trump gets to fill them all. No doubt Trump will apply the same clarity and foresight he used when assembling his crack team of billionaire cronies to head organizations they know nothing about, so America can expect to be punished by white Christian male voters long after the radioactive orange turd gets flushed.
  • The United Nations is the largest political organization in the world with 193 nations as members (including the USA which is a founding member). It includes the General Assembly which allows all nations to speak to each other, the International Court of Justice which has peacefully ended disputes that would otherwise have lead to wars, the World Bank which has prevented global economic depressions, the World Health Organization which and has successfully stamped out smallpox, polio, and leprosy from most of the world, the World Food Programme which has saved millions of lives from starvation, the UN Committee on Decolonization which has helped many colonies become independent nations, and many many other organizations. While it's not without its problems, the UN has been a strong force for good in the world. And then there is Trump, ever the ignorant prat, who says the UN "is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!" Trump is human garbage.
  • When Mussolini became the fascist dictator for life over Italy, the US media seemed okay with it. When Hitler rose to power in Germany, the US media said he was a silly barker, but now that he was in government, he'd have to tone himself down. Dorothy Thompson explained in 1935, "no people ever recognize their dictator in advance," but we can learn from their mistakes and not let Trump become a dictator. Thankfully, Trump's incompetence may keep him from becoming a tyrant, as he keeps mocking the nation's intelligence agencies.
  • The USA has the most expensive health care in the world, but it's also one of the worst. Obama made things a lot better with the Affordable Care Act, but Republican obstructionists blocked it at every turn and prevented it from being the force it needed to be to succeed. Unfortunately, with Republicans in charge, things are only going to get worse, and for many people, they already have.
  • How can Trump be a hero of the working class when he has a long history of not paying his employees?

Ada Lovelace was a genius who created the first computer program.

Tucker Carlson is either a genuine dishonest sexist moron or offers a flawless impersonation of a dishonest sexist moron.

Mississippi Christians fight for legal protection claiming Jesus requires them to discriminate against the LGBT, but they had no problem voting for the guy who loves money more than his third wife and can't name a single bible passage.

Cheetah numbers are dropping toward extinction.

Aron Ra discusses the fundamental fallacies of faith.

Mr. Deity explains the Mormon Church's racist history.

Happy boxing day

Feeling: Okay

  • Trump doubles down on nuclear proliferation telling the world, "Let the arms race begin!" Cue end of the world music.
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Catholic, will forever live on in history as an American villain. His life was spent on a witch hunt, labeling homosexuals and Liberal politicians as enemies of the state, often leading to their wrongful arrest and imprisonment. In many ways Trump is taking his lead from this American villain, working in secret, creating lists of enemies whom he feels aren't "American" enough because they don't hate Muslims or Mexicans as much as he, and those scientists who don't share his idiotic views on climate change. And now, he's refusing to say why he wants the names of everyone who was been working to counter violent extremists.
  • Our upcoming president has some very wrong beliefs about climate change.
  • Trump has been having a lot of trouble getting performance artists to show up at his inauguration party. His star-filled lineup consists of household names such as some oldies cover band, someone who calls himself "DJ Freedom," and the Rockettes, whose boss had to be reminded them that boycotting the event is invalid. I'll bet it's going to be off the hook!
  • It's not a good sign when you and your teams have several sex scandals begin before you can even take office.
  • Mr. Deity talks about the election results.

What it feels like to get stung by a bullet ant.

A spoken-word poem about the importance of science and the problem of religion; Gravity.

In a time that Conservatives call post-truth and claim that any news that isn't Conservative news must be fake, fact-checking web sites like Snopes are a candle in the dark.

Feminist Frequency reviews Rouge One.

A pretty cool look at what goes on behind the scenes on SNL during the opening credits.

Another one of Reza Aslan's terrible arguments shot down.

God, I hate him

Feeling: Blah

  • In the Cold War Era, the nuclear capabilities of the USA and USSR led to a long painful standoff, each constantly in fear of a nuclear holocaust from the other. After wasting billions building up arsenals, the two finally started to wise up and began dismantling their bombs and after reaching a peak of 77,000 nuclear warheads in the late 1980s (enough to vaporize the entire surface of the planet), we've finally reduced the amount back down to a 1965 level (still around 15,000). Enter Donald Trump, who can't be trusted with a pointy stick, let alone a nuclear bomb; unable to learn from historical mistakes, his goal is to increase up our nuclear stockpile not comprehending the irony of his statement, "The US must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes." But this is not the 1950s anymore, there are now eight nations with nuclear bombs including Russia, China, Pakistan, and possibly North Korea, and the more players involved, the less likely a war will remain cold.
  • The new Ebola vaccine is extremely effective. Too bad Trump is an anti-vaxxer.
  • This explains Trumps terrible picks. He's not interested in experience or competence, he's interested in looks.
  • Breitbart News (once run by Trump's new chief strategist, and known white nationalist, Steve Bannon), The Blaze, and Fox News, each misinformation factories, have been spreading a lie that a Jewish family canceled a Christmas play. This shoddy reporting will only add fuel to the growing Neo-Nazi threat emboldened by Trump's election.
  • Horrible events like Brexit, the fall of Allepo, and Trump's presidency have caused a huge drop in the belief in gods.

Adam Ruins Christmas from buying gifts, to It's a Wonderful Life, and especially its Pagan roots.

Responding to street harassers by making them feel uncomfortable is hilarious and empowering.

What happens when you drop a watermelon off a tower when it's coated in a truck bed-liner?

Nebraska has a pretty impressive promotion of atheism and Humanism at their state capitol.

Captain Disillusion debunks another fake Internet video.

More of the same

Feeling: Blah

  • White Supremacists of Montana, motivated by Trump's election, have published the names and personal information of local Jews requiring the police to step up their patrols.
  • Hillary Clinton's popular vote has now surpassed 2%. She should have won. There is no excuse.
  • An interesting primer on how republics end, not with a bang, but with a whimper.
  • Trump may think he's bulletproof from corruption charges now that he's going to be president, but laws will still apply to him.

For the first time in US history, non-religious people are given government protected from discrimination. Thanks Obama!

Republican Rick Synder has increased his legal budget to protect him from all the Flint who are trying to sue him for poisoning their drinking water. Ironically, because Snyder is Governor, the citizens of Flint are in part paying to defend him from their own lawsuit.

Texas Republicans have officially defunded Planned Parenthood. Not a very wise choice for the state with the highest rate of teen pregnancy, and the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancy!

Two of my favorite scrappy STEM females hav new videos, Simone Giertz and Alex Dainis.

All I want for Christmas is a new president elect

Feeling: Frustrated

  • If a foreign power takes a military vehicle while it is in an agreed upon international area, the correct response is to demand its immediate return. But, if you're incompetent, you might tell them to just go ahead keep your property, even if it means losing state secrets. Sounds like something Trump would do.
  • When we look at how dictators rise to power throughout history, we find that they look just like Donald Trump.
  • Trump's new budget director, Republican Mick Mulvaney, isn't so sure the government should be spending money on such frivolous things as scientific research.
  • Although there are some prominent Republicans who don't think Russia's cyber-attacks are important enough to even believe, the majority of Congress is in agreement that we need to investigate this problem thoroughly. So, Republican leader Mitch McConnell responds by refusing to create a special investigative committee.
  • Despite its shortcomings, the Affordable Care Act is a success. No wonder Trump wants to eliminate it.
  • The Washington Post is calling it now, Trump's presidency will be a new low for government corruption.
  • Obama, along with Canada, is banning off-shore drilling for the northern coasts. This is good news, although, I'm sure Trump will reverse the progress.
  • If your advisor believes the Earth is only 6,000-years-old, you probably shouldn't trust his position on global warming.
  • Oh great, now look who Trump is appointing!
  • Christian leaders continue to destroy their own religion by tying it to Donald Trump.

Samantha Bee covers North Carolina's Republican's abuse of democracy, confronts the Conservative argument of helping veterans before helping immigrants, and talks to a recently apologetic Glenn Beck.

Flint's water crisis investigation is over. The Republican team concluded that blame should not fall on the Republican Governor who usurped Flint's elected officials or his appointed Republican who forced the city to use water that caused a toxic increase in lead. No, the Republicans point the finger at the EPA, and suggest fixing the problem by taking away research money that is supposed to be used to study climate change.

Why your mass doesn't come from the Higgs boson.

Rebecca Thering's interesting journey out of religion.

Vsauce talks about centripetal force.

Forcing victims of sex trafficking to become Christian does not help them.

Simon's Cat enjoys bed sheets.

Oklahoma Republicans are trying to use taxpayer money to put up anti-abortion advertisements in public bathrooms.

Things did not improve while I was away

Feeling: Annoyed

  • Probably the scariest thing that happened while I was on vacation is that now both the FBI and CIA are in agreement that Russia is actively involved in cyber-warfare against the USA, that they succeeded in helping get Donald Trump elected, and that the hacks point to the highest levels of Russian government, specifically Putin, a dictator whom Trump refuses to denounce and has even complimented. In 2014, Trump thought Russian hacking was a big problem, but now that it's helping him, he and several other prominent Republicans are refusing to believe the existence of this clear and present danger. To add some much-needed levity to our country's dwindling cyber-security, Stephen Colbert interviews Trump.
  • Although it had the largest number of detractors in over 100 years, the Electoral College electors still voted in favor of Trump proving wrong one of the main arguments in the College's favor (that it can prevent a demagogue from seizing control). Meanwhile, Trump continues to lie claiming his Electoral College victory was a historic landslide victory, when, it fact, it ranks near the bottom (46th out of 58 presidential elections). But what can expect from a man who, before he won due to the Electoral College said it was a "disaster," but after it allowed him to win, called it, "genius."
  • If you still haven't wet your pants, just a quick reminder, you know that massive surveillance state that Obama has spent the past eight years strengthening? Well, in a month, it will be under the control of Donald Trump.
  • Trump claims that other rich people don't like him because he's all about the working man, so why did he appoint to his cabinet so many billionaires who ruin blue-collar jobs.
  • Trump has been demanding the names of scientists and officials who have been working with the Department of Energy to help solve the world's climate change problem. Since Trump is so anti-science, specifically anti-climate change, he probably wants the names so he can fire/punish them, but the Department of Energy has thankfully refused to hand them over. Although, Trump may get those names anyway now that he chose Rick Perry, the guy who couldn't even remember the Department of Energy when he was listing off which departments he would eliminate, to be its leader.
  • Trump's Carrier failure continues to get worse, and how many other companies will get special treatment?
  • Even the US government is telling Trump he needs to divest himself from his businesses to avoid corruption. Of course, he won't, because he is corrupt. But Newt Gingrich has a way to solve that problem, simply change US laws to allow for corruption!

Seth Meyers weighs in on the despicable destruction of democracy at the hands of North Carolina Republicans, and the ignorance of the climate at the hands of Republicans, and good old fashioned American racism.

Ohio's insane abortion bill was not signed into law, but the state Republicans still passed a law banning all abortion after 20 weeks.

A lot of reporters, and even some politicians, are trying to figure out why Democrats lost the election, and one of their arguments (though they don't word it this way) is, "calling racists racist means they're less likely to vote for you, so we should stop calling racists racist." To be fair, there are a lot of racists in the US, and their voter block made the biggest contribution to Trump's election, but should we really stop calling racists racist? Shouldn't we address some of the known problems first? Problems like gerrymandering, low minority turn out, the Electoral College, and Russian hackers? Samantha Bee explains it well. Rather than ignore racism, why not learn about it? Why not realize that you're racist, and educate yourself on what you can do to change? You can do this by watching, Jane Elliot's blue-eyed experiment.

Get me outta here!

Feeling: Annoyed


Between work, this election, and the snow, I'm in much need of a vacation, and I will be enjoying the next six days in Sunny California. See you all on Tuesday.

  • Trump has a press conference scheduled for Thursday to talk about his many... MANY conflicts of interest and massive debts, and I'm sure he will assuage our fears of corruption, but then, aw, screw America! Turns out, Trump's so busy filling his new cabinet, he doesn't have time to talk about his rampant corruption. And why didn't he have a cabinet ready in the first place? Oh right, because nobody on his team, including Trump, knew they needed to hire a cabinet!
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of State is Rex Tillerson. For the past 41 years Tillerson has worked for ExxonMobil. Tillerson has strong ties with Russia. Tillerson has never worked in politics. He will now be the country's chief diplomat.
  • Presidents have been having daily intelligence briefings for the past 50 years so they can understand the most important matters of national security. Trump has decided that these matters are not worth his time and has delegated these briefs to his underlings so he can focus on more important matters, like producing the Celebrity Apprentice.
  • Trump claims, unless you catch a hacker in the act, you can't know what nation they were hacking from, showing that he knows as much about computers as he does being a president. He then asked, why didn't anyone talk about Russian hacking before the election? So, Buzzfeed compiled several months worth of reports of Russian election hacking, including the time Trump begged Russians to hack Americans, when his own VP acknowledged Russian hacking, and when Clinton brought it up to him during the presidential the debates. Has trump just been sleeping this whole time?
  • How did Clinton lose her huge lead in the polls before the election? One event that coincides well with her drop in popularity is when the FBI director and Trump supporter, James Comey, falsely claimed the FBI had new information about her non-existent email scandal.
  • Republicans have been dead set on repealing the Affordable Care Act for nearly a decade, and now, with a government run entirely by Republicans, that's going to happen. There's just one tiny problem, in all these years they've been trying to repeal Obamacare, they never thought to come up with a plan to replace it. Now, 20 million people rely on Obamacare, and when Trump gets his way, they will all lose their health insurance. How do they plan on avoiding this catastrophe? Republican's are betting that it will take two years to repeal Obamacare, and, in that time, they hope they will have come up with a solution.
  • Tips on how you can criticize the women in Trump's cabinet without being sexist explained through Goofus and Gallant comics.

Pew Forum published the results of an interesting poll which shows education levels among various religious groups including the gaps between the sexes which have been closing, and in some cases, women are surpassing men. A not-so-shocking result shows that, although Christians are well educated world-wide, they are the least educated religious group in the USA. Hey, they're also the most hateful.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the racist who lives in a 98% white county, was fired after calling Michelle Obama an "ape in heels." Taylor later apologized for the comment and explained that what she said had nothing to do with race insisting she was only trying to say that, compared to how classy and attractive Melania Trump looks, Michelle Obama looks like an ape in heels. Well, after that heart-felt apology, Taylor was rehired by the Clay County Development Corporation!

More songs from the new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is one of the largest accounting companies in the world, and since they deal with other people's money all day, you would think security would be high on their list. Well, a security firm was investigating PwC's software and found a gaping hole that could allow a hacker to essentially steal their client's investments. As security companies are wont to do, they gave a detailed report of the flaw to PwC and explained that they would make the flaw public in three months. This gives PwC enough time to fix the problem, but also prevents them from ignoring their responsibility to their customers who trust them. PwC took a very Microsoft style approach. Rather than rush to fix the problem, they instead slapped the security firm with a lawsuit telling them never to tell anyone about the PwC security flaw. When that didn't work, PwC tried a second lawsuit, but in this age of information, news spreads fast, and now the whole Internet knows that PwC has no inclination to fix its own security holes or even to find them in the first place, but instead attacks the people who help their incompetent security team.

If you're thinking of weathering the Trump presidency with drugs, be warned, here's what happens to your body when you're drunk and stoned at the same time.

Swirling down the drain...

Feeling: Aggravated

  • During his presidential campaign, Trump begged Russians to hack an American politician, and sure enough, the CIA is now stating that Russia did indeed hack various US computers for what is presumed to be to help get Trump elected. Traditional Republicans are denouncing Russia, like Lindsey Graham who said every American should be alarmed and John McCain even went as far as to call their hacking a "form of warfare." Even ten of the electors of the Electoral College are demanding to see intelligence reports before they cast their vote for president on the 19th. Meanwhile, Trump refuses to believe any of it, which is probably related to his refusal to even listen to intelligence reports prepared by the CIA, FBI, and US military. Why? Because, in the fantasy kingdom where he lives, he's, like, a smart person.
  • Melania Trump has said her project as First Lady will be to fight against bullying, so I guess she'll have to fight her husband every day because he's a huge bully who doesn't speak out against his followers who send death threats to teenage girls.
  • Trump is still lying that he won in a landslide even though Clinton took the majority of the popular vote 48.0% to Trump's mere 46.3%.
  • Here's a sentence that I expect to use a lot over the next four years: Donald Trump is a petulant, thin-skinned, and vindictive man-child.
  • Gary Cohn, COO of Goldman Sachs and one of the bankers directly responsible for the 2008 economic depression was picked by Trump to direct his Economic Council.
  • The media has a long history of normalizing fascist dictators in their rise to power, and we see the same thing with Trump. They make him out to be a silly clown who will be forced to fall in line once he's elected, but don't call him out as the dangerous monster he really is.
  • The number of coal miners has diminished, not because of immigrants or Democrats, partially because traditional mining has been replaced by fracking and strip-mining (which require far-fewer jobs), and partially because of green energy like solar and wind. The only way Trump can get back mining jobs is to either outlaw solar energy or to outlaw fracking and strip-mining, and I doubt he can do either. Which means, like all of the rest of his promises, it was a lie that the angry ignorant white man bought hook, line, and sinker.
  • Actual quotes of Trump on naked women's bodies.

This nurse claims she was fired for being a Christian, but really, she was fired because she kept trying to force her religion down her patient's throats. Kind of like Todd Starnes saying this school had their first amendment rights violated by taking down a student's poster which promoted a bible verse (it's actually all the students of the school who had their first amendment rights violated. Why is it

Kellogg stopped displaying advertisements on the anti-Semitic white nationalist website Breitbart (where one of Trump's cabinet members worked), to which the racists running Breitbart complained somehow violated their freedom of speech.

This Christian Pastor went into his mall where children were lined up to meet Santa and began preaching that parents shouldn't lie to their children about Santa, they should lie to them about Jesus.

What happens when you shake up a pop can and open it on the ocean floor?

Adam explains why the Internet is good for society and how Facebook uses intrusive marketing.

Why is it so many Christians pretend they have degrees?

It was bound to happen, we elected a reality TV star to the presidency

Feeling: Aggravated

  • Trump has no experience or background in government, foreign policy, national security, or counter-terrorism, and yet he still skips 6 out of 7 of the intelligence briefings prepared for him.
  • After the head of the union at Carrier called Trump out on his lies, Trump took to Twitter to attack him directly, and the entire workers union for being too lazy to keep their jobs in America. A true cyberbully of the people.
  • Tom Price, Trump's pick for the Department of Health and Human Services, has worked to criminalize abortion and eliminate access to birth control. I doubt the majority of the women who voted for Trump are following his politics, but they really shot themselves in the groin with this one.
  • Thanks to Trump, racism has become fresh and bold.
  • After Obama described what being president entails, Trump said it was more work than he had expected (it's always good when your new boss doesn't know what they have to do). The new president could put our apprehension at ease by pledging to focus on his career, but instead, Trump has decided to continue being the producer of his lame TV show, Celebrity Apprentice. When asked about his moonlighting, his advisor explained that Trump will work on the television show during all the copious amounts of free time that come with the job.
  • Stephen Colbert comments on how Trump is a whining child as well as the dangers of morons like him spreading fake news.

Conservatives who cry about having to be politically correct have their own form of political correctness where they aren't ever allowed to criticize the USA or Republicans, and they must speak ill of all their perceived enemies like Mexicans or Muslims, the term has been dubbed patriotic correctness.

In addition to outlawing abortion, Ohio is trying to ban minimum wage increase laws at the city level. Can we call Ohio a Southern State now?

Bohemian Rhapsody, the gritty melodrama.

Republican Sid Miller of Texas has been using his government Facebook page to post lies from fake news sites. When confronted by this, he said he doesn't see a problem with posting false statements from his government page because he's not a news outlet, and that his Facebook page is like Fox News, he reports, and his readers decide if his post is true or not. Well, I guess I have to agree that his his journalistic rigor is on par with Fox "News." Speaking of Fox, a survey from the Morning Consult shows that Americans think Fox "New" is one of the most dishonest media sources, just slightly less than the purposely satire news of The Onion.

An actual tail of a dinosaur has been found preserved in amber for almost 100,000,000 years. As expected, it's covered in feathers.

Some of the more interesting maps.

Daryl Davis is a black man who talks one-on-one with KKK members in an effort to get them to give up their hatred.

Russia is so corrupt, they can't even play sports without cheating.

Another Christian group claims that a giant cross is not a symbol of Christianity.

Ex-Muslim Sarah Haider critiques Islam.

I wish this were fantasy

Feeling: Aggravated

  • Trump is Time's "person of the year," which doesn't mean they're saying he's a good person, since Trump is sharing a stage with other dictators like Joseph Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and, of course, Adolf Hitler. And it is from the photo of Hitler that the photographer seems to have taken inspiration for the photo of Trump.
  • Trump and other Republicans continue to lie about voter fraud, and yesterday, Michigan Republicans approved a new law to help combat voter fraud. This must come as a shock to them, because on the very same day they won their argument to stop the Michigan election recount because there was no evidence of voter fraud.
  • Samanthaa Bee points out more of Trump's corruption and lies.
  • Trump's VP, Mike Pence thinks that if a mother has a career, she is damaging her child's emotional growth. Funny, he didn't say anything about working fathers damaging their children. And even though Trump lost to Clinton by a huge margin of votes, Pence repeats Trump's lie that he was mandated by the people.
  • Trump's pick for head of the Environmental Protection Agency is Scott Pruitt, is a Christian lawyer and climate change denier with strong ties to the oil and gas industry. But at least he's picking more military leaders in his cabinet, I hope Trump supporters are looking forward to another war. But wait, there's more! He also picked a professional wrestling founder to lead Small Business Administration, because we need more WWE in America.
  • The Weather Channel calls out Breitbart and the whole Trump circus for misusing their data to mislead readers saying, the "Earth is not cooling, climate change is real and please stop using our video to mislead Americans."
  • Edward Snowden talks about the importance of privacy in the era of Trump.

Ohio Republicans have passed a bill that outlaws abortion after 6 weeks, often before women even know they're pregnant, even for women who became pregnant after being raped by their fathers. Conservatives are calling this the Heartbeat Bill because six weeks signifies around the point in gestation when the fetus's heart starts pumping blood. Of course, this is entirely meaningless, as your heart has nothing to do with your personality or identity, and it's only ignorant people who believe they "love with their heart."

Adam ruins the Wild West.

Samantha Bee addresses the problems with fake news.

Pointing out all the racism in Mormonism.

A woman teaches one of her critics how to make a sandwich.

Is this real life?

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump promised to bring back blue-collar jobs to the Rust Belt, but this isn't going to happen, and it's not just because so many business owners like Trump buy their products from overseas, it's also because automation has made the factory worker as relevant as the travel agent. In order to succeed with his promises, Trump not only has to convince businesses to relocate and pay drastically more for production costs, but he also has to convince them to trash their robots and replace them with people.
  • It's shocking, I know, but Republican politicians are unprincipled sellouts. They pretty much universally panned Trump during the election, but now they're kowtowing.
  • Racist Tomi Lahren defends Trump's racism with more racism.
  • We are going to have a president who is citing teenagers and random Americans as proof that the media is conspiring against him.
  • This is precisely why sane presidents don't go on the radio shows of mentally unstable conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones.
  • Who would have thought that most dishonest president in recent history would lie about his election? No, his election was not a mandate from the people, and he certainly didn't win in a landslide, but rather lost the popular vote by a substantial margin.
  • A little late now, but Trump's scam of a university was definitely a scam.
  • The president has the ability to send an unblockable text message to all Americans, and soon Trump will have that technology.

What if computer languages had personalities?

When we talk about female genital mutilation we usually think of places like Africa, but it was only a few decades ago when the practice was used in the USA by Christian doctors to prevent little girls from touching themselves.

With the pipeline on hold, the Standing Rock protesters are asked by their tribe chairman to go home.

Michael Shermer makes an anti-woman Tweet. Not really surprising considering his past involving several allegations of sexual assault.

At least one positive thing came out of 2016

Feeling: Relieved


Emily's surgery went well!

  • Trump claimed to save jobs by giving Carrier a huge tax break, and it turns out that Trump has commercial ties to Carrier and stands to profit from their success. Yay, corruption! So what is Carrier going to do with that extra money? Well, they're going to replace humans with automation and drop the jobs anyway! And what about all the other companies that are itching for tax breaks? Can't they just say they're going to move jobs out of the country to have their taxes lowered? And what about all the companies who can't move jobs overseas? Will they still have to pay higher taxes? Like of of his deals, Trump really botched this one.
  • Well, it looks like we can all relax, Trump has chosen a brain surgeon who has never held any form of public office or any job even related to housing to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development, but not just any brain surgeon, we're talking about the same man who thought the Egyptian pyramids were built to house grain, Ben Carson!
  • In 1996, Jeff Sessions, Trump's new Attorney General, tried to ban an LGBT conference from the University of Alabama because he believed it violated Alabama's anti-sodomy law which the state barbarically passed in 1992.
  • The North Carolina head of the KKK was going to attend the Trump rally, but he was arrested for stabbing someone during a pre-Trump white power rally.
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, a woman who made her riches from pyramid schemes and is trying to eliminate public schools, said that her goal for education reform is to advance belief in her god.
  • Securing Trump Tower is costing the state of New York $500,000 a day, a bill that the state is trying to push on the entire country.
  • One of the things that pundits talked about after Clinton's loss was that she didn't address the working class, and that Democrats have lost touch with blue-collar workers. The reality is, Clinton addressed middle-class issues all the time during her campaign, so what excuses are we left with? The one thing I see with Republicans is that they have a very powerful fear and hate machine like Fox "News" and there really are still that many bigoted white people who just can't stand the idea of peeing in the same bathroom as a transgendered person, having a woman with authority over them, or not being allowed to make racist jokes in public.

There has been a temporary stay on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Many rags are calling this a victory, but the pipeline hasn't been canceled, or even re-routed yet, it has just been put on pause. People standing with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe can't afford to let their guard down now.

If you read fake news sites and think they're real, you may wind up in a pizzeria firing an assault rifle.

Seattle raised its local minimum wage and, while the Conservatives and Libertarians predicted the end of civilization, but two years later, unemployment is down, wages are up, and the city is doing just fine.

A Moroccan TV program shows women how to cover up bruises with makeup after their husbands beat them, because why address domestic abuse when you can pretend it doesn't exist?

A black man portraying Santa is enough out online racists.

Republican Paul Ryan, and actual piece of human garbage, explained how government assistance that feeds poor children gives them a "full stomach," but an, "empty soul."

If the US can't make progress, at least other countries can. Australia voted against their racist bigot of a candidate.

Oh no, from where will I steal my bibles?

Trump is a blowhard... and a suckhard

Feeling: Angry

  • Trump is turning the American presidency into a commercial for the businesses that kiss his ass the most.
  • Trump and his Republican cronies are doing their best to destroy the Affordable Care Act, which is odd, considering most Americans are in favor of it.
  • Trump's lead strategist, Kellyanne Conway is shocked, I repeat shocked that the Trump campaign is being accused of catering to white supremacists.
  • Despite losing the popular vote by a wide margin, Trump is doing a series of victory rallies. Is it normal for a presidential leader to hold victory rallies? Well, yes, if you live in Germany just before World War II.
  • Trump keeps blaming Clinton's huge popular vote lead on voter fraud, but there continues to be absolutely no evidence for his assertion.

Global warming is getting worse, the rain forests are being depleted at an increasing rate, the top ten hottest years ever recorded have all occurred since 1998, but the Republicans in charge of setting regulations on controlling the climate believe it's a vast conspiracy and the planet is actually getting colder. Hooray, we're doomed!

The mathematical problems with a Secret Santa, and how to solve them.

Gamergate is just a microcosm of alt-right terrorism.

Alex Dainis vlogs about being a scientist at conventions.

There is no Patient Zero when it comes to HIV, and the media was wrong to pin the blame on a single person.

The Courageous Life of Ida B. Wells.

Dr. Oz is once again being sued for making false claims on his show, this time about olive oil being magical.

Well, here we are again

Feeling: Upset

  • With the counts still coming in, Clinton is almost a full 2% above Trump, but he still feels the need to do a victory tour to show how much America loves him, even though most of us don't.
  • Awhile ago Trump Tweeted about how awful Pakistan was, and now he's sucking up to their Prime Minister.
  • Post-election Trump is really just horrifying.
  • Much of what Conservatives read and watch is a false reality created by Republican billionaires, many of whom are now in Trump's cabinet.
  • More details about Trump's many many conflicts of interest.
  • Trump is expected do devastate US water and wildlife by pushing forward on fracking.
  • Just a reminder, Trump's "charity" once donated $10,000 to an antivax group.
  • Samantha Bee has a hard time suggesting that Mike Pense will run the White House.

If you're a teacher living in Michigan, you may want to move to another state. Republicans are actively working to eliminate teacher Pensions.

Texas has always been an embarrassment of a state, and now the Republicans there are pushing the envelope by forcing women who have lost a pregnancy for any reason, even having a miscarriage, to buy a funeral for their fetus, as early as 1 day after conception. By punishing all women, they hope to decrease abortion, but all the evidence says this won't work.

Politics doesn't need any more liberal white men telling people of color what they're doing wrong.

Turning Point USA, a wretched hive of Republicans and villainy, has put together The Professor Watchlist where professors who teach their students real history and political science are named so Conservative students can remain ignorant to topics like climate change, racism, and LGBT issues. If you're a teacher, and you find yourself on this list, well done!