January, 2017

Crap! It's not fine!

Feeling: Annoyed

  • During the confirmation hearing of Obama's Attorney General, Sally Yates, she was asked by the racist Alabama Judge Jeff Sessions if she would defy the president if he asked her to do something unconstitutional, which Yates agreed it was her duty. In a dark coincidence, Sally Yates was just fired by Trump for refusing to enforce Trump's unconstitutional ban on Muslims, and will probably be replaced by the racist Alabama Judge, Jeff Sessions. Trump's Muslim ban went into effect, and on the first day almost 400 people were detained, but Trump lied and said it was only 100. These detentions caused massive protesting at airports all over the country which Trump dismissed as a problem with Delta's computers. Many Liberal politicians called-out such a bigoted policy, to which Trump, in a very unpresidental move, mocked them by name. Commenting on their Muslim ban, Trump's slime pit explained that they're just getting warmed up.
  • Those Trump supporters who thought he would have to clean up his act when he became president are probably kicking themselves now because his vast array of lies are making other countries question if they can trust the US about anything. Despite all their SNAFUs, Trump continues to pretend everything is wonderful and that it's the Democrats who are a mess because it took them a little while to get a microphone working.
  • In the USA, we're celebrating the fact that Trump is too chicken to let Mike Pence eliminate Obama's protections for the LGBT, even the Boy Scouts are now allowing transgendered boys, but in the UK outdoes us by officially admitting they were wrong have ever criminalized homosexuality.

Hey, if you wanted to pour gas on the fire, malaria appears to have evolved an immunity to even our most powerful drugs.

Don't worry, everything will be fine

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  • BBC refers to Trump's Muslim ban as "amateur hour at the White House," because he failed to consult legal console before signing his executive order. The order, which requires the dentition of Muslim travelers in airports, even those with green cards (though they let up on that part), has caused huge protests blocking airports all over the country, and Federal Judges are disagreeing with Trump's rules. This mother had to wait at Washington Dulles Airport while here five-year-old son was detained for several hours without her. I hope more people follow Madeleine Albright's lead of registering as Muslim.
  • A lot of Conservative web sites were reporting on the terrorist who murdered several people in Quebec, Fox "News" said the shooter was of Moroccan origin, and Trump's press secretary used the shooting as an example for why we need to ban immigrants. Then, it turned out that the shooter was a Canadian-born white nationalist. As expected, Fox and Trump weren't too quick on an apology.
  • A recap of Trump's first week in office by NPR and The Nation. Basically, Trump lied, a lot.
  • Trump met with UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, and wouldn't confirm to her that the US would keep sanctions against Russia, then told a BBC reporter that he endorses torture.
  • Our national security is now being handled by a white supremacist with no experience in national security. Not a wise idea when top Chinese military officials are suggesting that a war with the USA may become a reality.
  • How can so many white Evangelical Christians vote for Donal Trump? Probably because 62% of the same people believe that God decides the outcome of major sporting events. And while Evangelicals may still worship Lord Trump, Catholics probably don't approve of him insulting the Pope.
  • Over 900,000 signatures were added to an online petition to refuse Trump's state visit to the UK to give him taste of his own immigration ban.
  • More Twitter accounts are popping up from people claiming to be government employees to defy Trump's media blackout. Of course, since they have to remain anonymous in order to keep their jobs, there is no telling if they're real employees or Internet trolls.
  • Christians often like to talk about the nation's "Judeo-Christian" roots, so you would expect them to be outraged when their elected president gives a speech about the Holocaust and deliberately overlooks the Jews. Sorry Jews, all lives matter! Trump also didn't realize that his ban on Muslims coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • More signs from cities all over the world for the Women's March On Washington.

The cause of life's major evolutionary events.

Christian Kristan Hawkins, head of Students For Life (scary), wants to outlaw many forms of birth control including the birth control pill because she wrongly believes it causes abortions. I can only assume the children she works with are being subjected to her scientific ignorance.

Philomena Cunk is hilarious.

You're living in a dictatorship!

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I beat the campaign mode of Antiyoy.

Mississippi's Republican Governor Phil Bryant just signed into law a bill that allows store owners to discriminate against the LGBT.

David Barton is a Christian liar who creates fake history, Glenn Beck is a Mormon lunatic who sees conspiracies everywhere. By their powers combined, they hope to create a children's museum and history class where they will lie to public school kids for weeks at a time in hopes of preventing them from learning real history from real history teachers!

Could use a weekend

Feeling: Cold Sore

  • No, we don't live in North Korea, but if you listen to Trump's science committee chairman advisor, you'd think that we do. Lamar Smith, after verbally fellating Trump, encouraged Americans not to listen to reputable news journals and instead get all their news directly from Trump. Add that to the several journalists who have been arrested and charged with felony rioting for taking pictures of riot that occurred during Trump's inauguration, and you've got the makings of a full-fledged dictator.
  • The entire senior management of the US State Department just resigned! These people, who have been working there for years under both Republican and Democratic leaders and knew the job inside and out, and decided they would rather be unemployed than work under the woefully unqualified Rex Tillerson, ex-CEO of ExxonMobil. I really admire their courage! Along with many other government officials who are disgusted by Trump's picks, this appears to be the largest Federal mass-resignation in memory. Not very shocking since even Trump's own team has a lot of terrible things to say about him.
  • Trump said Hillary Clinton should be jailed for having private email accounts, but that obvious corruption doesn't prevent his staff from having their own!
  • Trump, with his alternative facts still believes that as many as 5 million people voted illegally for Clinton, in fact, he even tells a story about how professional golfer Bernhard Langer wasn't able to vote, but Mexican-looking people standing in the polling line with him were. Of course, Langer couldn't vote because he's not an American citizen, while the Mexican-looking people probably were. Trump's anecdote is probably false, anyway, but it's interesting how in Trump's racist mind, all white people are American by default, while brown people aren't. Even more interesting, Trump's own advisor, white supremacist Steven Bannon, is registered to vote in two states, as is Trump's own daughter. They probably didn't vote twice, but for a man who claims to abhor illegal voting, his staff isn't in a good position to claim purity. The truth is, voter fraud is extremely rare, but when it does happen, it's usually Republican voters and Republican politicians.
  • The underlying problem Republican's face with the repeal of Obamacare is not that they have no idea how to keep the good while eliminating the bad. No, the real problem is, as Republicans, they don't believe well-off people have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate.
  • Trump is trying to squelch all climate change data, because he doesn't want his precious businesses to be stifled by minor things like the end of life on Earth. Much of the climate research done in the USA is conducted by NASA, and, in what I'm sure has nothing to do with Trump, NASA just declared that all research data to conduct will be made available to the public for free.
  • J.R. Doporto, a Trump loving City Councilor in New Mexico posted that women have the right to cook and clean, and if they don't stop their bitching, they'll be slapped. Now he's issuing a series of non-pologies saying he's sorry if he offended anyone, but he doesn't understand why suggesting that women should be beaten would upset anyone. The fact is, Republicans are hated, particularly by women, and they're too ignorant to know why.
  • Republicans are still very intent on discriminating against the LGBT community.
  • Trump campaigned under the promise that he would build a wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it, using logic that only the most uneducated would believe. Well, he still plans on building the wall just using taxpayer dollars instead. But don't worry! Trump has assured us he will get Mexico to pay us back, he just doesn't have any idea how! He also signed an executive order to indefinitely detain illegal immigrants, rather than deport them, which will cost the US taxpayer loads more!
  • Obama had his faults, but he was loved by the people, leaving some very big shoes for Trump to fill, and with Trump constantly being the purveyor of doom and gloom, I don't see that happening. Republicans have made their bed, but they won't be able to sleep in it.

Christians are still trying to use the government to promote their religion, and are still trying to eliminate science from the classroom.

Republican Chris McDaniel claims that most Liberal women are unhappy, lazy, intolerant, hateful, murderers.

Surprised nobody's taken a shot at him

Feeling: Cold Sore

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act means going back to a system where pre-existing conditions prevent you from getting insurance, women are discriminated against, college students can't remain on their parent's insurance, and veterans, mothers, and the poor and elderly have less coverage. Senate Republicans voted to repeal.
  • Trump is still going to build a useless wall along the Mexican border, but he's expecting the US taxpayer to foot the bill. Yes, I know he claimed Mexico would pay for it, and, if you believed him, you're stupid.
  • For all of those who have a "wait and see" attitude toward Trumpenomics, remember that pretty much all economists, both Liberal and Conservative, agree that his economic plan is not going to lower prices, won't create American jobs, and will cause a massive Federal deficit. What do you expect from a man who chants "buy American!" yet everything he sells was made in China!
  • Without evidence, Trump's administration continues to claim that as many as 5 million individual cases of voter fraud were illegally cast against him, causing a to reporter ask, if you really believe that, why haven't you called for an investigation of voter fraud?
  • Trump's administration tries to fix their lies about his attendance by creating more lies.
  • I wish all Governors were as brave as Jerry Brown in his speech to defy Trump.
  • It's pretty telling of just how dishonest Trump is that news organizations have to explain the details of calling someone a liar versus calling what they say a falsehood.
  • There is a lot of the evidence for climate change, but that isn't stopping Trump from trying to destroy it all.
  • There are two things that Trump has done that I think are beneficial. One, he's made a lot of money for political satirists. Two, he's caused more people to read Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • Trump is expected to destroy American education, science, and innovation.
  • Let the national bigotry begin.
  • With all the negative press, protests, and accusations of corruption, Trump is annoyed that he can't "enjoy" his presidency.
  • Here is a collection of articles written by Mike Pence when he was Governor of Indiana including he belief that smoking doesn't kill, CO2 doesn't contribute to climate change, and how George Washington was a Republican, all of which were known to be false when he wrote them.

The adventures of the Juno spacecraft.

The history of language and how the Tower of Babel myth is wrong.

Korean tech company LG is losing money mostly because of their failing smart phone division. As someone who owns an LG phone, I totally understand this. The phone is garbage, and I have no intention of ever buying another LG phone.

The transition from boxy to curvy car design.

It wasn't anywhere near a majority, but people really did vote for him

Feeling: Cold Sore

  • Lies the the Trump administration continue to tell: Most Americans want Trump to release his tax returns, but they say nobody's interested. Trump's inauguration was not the biggest in history by any metric (the women's protest was even larger), but they claim it was. The popular vote was nearly 3 million in favor of Hillary Clinton with practically no evidence of voter fraud, they pretend there were as many as 5 million illegal votes.
  • Despite the protesting, bloodshed, and cries of American natives which prompted Obama to halt the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump follow a long tradition of presidents lying to Natives and reinstate the building of the pipeline. This isn't much of a shock since Trump would stand to lose money if the pipeline didn't get built, since he owns stock in the company building it!
  • The White House offered an unprompted press conference, but CNN, assuming it was going to be another commercial for Trump, didn't cover it live, and they were right to do so. The "press" conference was just a series of lies designed to make Trump look good. Other news outlets should stop live-streaming anything from the Trump administration so they can properly fact-check everything they say.
  • In order to stop a riot, Police in D.C. started randomly beating and pepper-spraying children and the elderly, and arrested over 200 people including journalists.
  • How are Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un alike? They're both so egotistical they declared the day they took office a national holiday.
  • As expected, James Comey, the F.B.I. director who used his position to help Trump win the election will be kept by Trump because Trump loves sycophants.
  • If you're a woman who thinks she doesn't need the Women's Rights Movement, that's wonderful. It means everything is going great for you. However, don't be so self-centered as to think that all women have it as good as you do. The march wasn't for the few women in positions of authority, it was for the majority who are not.
  • The Conservative strategy is for billionaires to pay people to create fake controversies of fear and doubt against any legitimate science that goes against their bottom line, and it is shockingly effective. If you've ever met someone who believed climate change was false, second hand smoke wasn't that bad, evolution was a lie, the EPA harms innovation, unions take their money, or similar unscientific beliefs, you know just how dangerous they are.
  • Many scientists saved or copied as much data as possible before Trump took office because they feared Trump would try and erase it from public view. They were right.
  • Thousands of coal miners suffering from black lung disease rely on Obamacare for treatment and may lose their coverage when its repealed, meaning their health will rapidly decline, and they'll die. And they purposely voted for this to happen to them.

In Oklahoma, it's legal to force a woman to give you oral sex, if she is unconscious.

The Russian military presence in Syria continues to grow, but do you think Trump will do anything to stop his best buddy Putin?

Republican Tony Tinderholt is trying to pass a bill that will treat rape victims who have had abortions as murderers. He's doing this because he believes that women aren't responsible enough with their sex lives. Tinderholt is currently on his fifth marriage.

Republican Bill Kintner, best known for having to pay a $1,000 fine for using government computers for cybersex, posted a picture that implied the women of the D.C. march were too ugly to be sexually assaulted, and, rather than apologize, complained that he was being misconstrued.

Republican Peter Palumbo, known for calling a school girl an "evil little thing" because she upheld the US Constitution, has been arrested for embezzling over $70,000.

Philomena Cunk is just plain amazing.

If you live in Texas, there's a good chance your tax dollars paid for a Catholic medical facility that refuses to treat women's health.

Detecting gravity waves is no big deal.

Four people were killed and thousands of dollars of damage was caused by a tornado in Mississippi, but a giant stone statue remains, so, clearly, Jesus loves you.

Part of what makes science so great is that no idea is sacred.

Fight for your right not to be abused

Feeling: Cold Sore


The Women's March On Washington was an amazing show of strength and solidarity for women all over the world. Every major city in the USA held a rally, and I am proud to have taken part in this small piece of history thanks to the Michigan Education Association. It says a lot when the protest for Trump was three times larger than his inauguration, and, when all cities are combined, the largest protest march in the history of the nation. I'm still sore and exhausted from the trip, but it was sooo worth it! Only wish I got to see Samantha Bee. Unfortunately, all the stress and lack of sleep allowed for a cold sore. Boo, hiss!

  • Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer (who really hates Dippin' Dots), lied about the size of Trump's inauguration which was quite small compared with those in the past while Kellyanne Conway backs up the truthiness of his "alternative facts."
  • Trump promised to do 36 things on the first day of his presidency. He failed to do 34 of them. Trump ignored all promises relating to immigration, energy production, gun control, and wall building. So what were the two promises he kept? One, he halted the hiring of federal workers, and two, he halted the creation of federal agencies. Yes, for Trump's first day in office, the only promise he kept was the elimination of job growth!
  • Even though people are just now starting to make a stink about it, fake news has always existed. But even with fake news, the majority of the American people still voted for Clinton. The real enemy that allowed Trump to take power is gerrymandering.
  • Although Trump promised he would place his businesses in a blind trust before taking office, he has not. Despite his mistaken belief that putting his family and friends in charge of his businesses will prevent corruption, this will most likely lead to a lawsuit for the violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause... oh wait, it just did!
  • While entirely surrounded by men, Trump banned all money to any foreign aid agencies that takes part in abortion. This will mostly hurt poor women.
  • Even though Trump has mocked the CIA in the past, and rarely bothers to read the intelligence reports they prepare for him, he still had the audacity to stand in front of a monument for CIA agents killed in the line of duty and lie to them saying nobody loves them more than he. Former CIA director John Brennan found his lies infuriating. And just like is joke of a press conference, Trump brought in subordinates to cheer for him since nobody else would.
  • Even among Republicans, there are many who want to keep Obamacare, but that won't be enough to stop their blind party loyalty. Expect thousands of people who lose their insurance to die.
  • Trump, not knowing how government works, didn't bother to put together a White House cabinet until the very last minute, and, in many cases, still hasn't assigned positions. You would assume that he would keep the existing Obama staff working at least until he could replace them with his own incompetent cronies, but that would be rational. Instead, he fired all of Obama's ambassadors even though nobody has been hired to do their jobs.
  • In Obama's last press conference he actually told the press "good luck" with handling the Trump administration!
  • The Twitter accounts of several government bureaus were shut down after the National Park Service made posts critical of Trump. They have since been reactivated. Sadly, Trump's Twitter account has yet to be banned.
  • The USA had a law that helped fast-track immigrant Cubans due to their country's especially terrible government. However, with the growing friendliness between the two nations, Obama recently ended the preferential treatment of Cubans requiring them to go through the normal channels of immigration. Unfortunately, there were many Cubans who were trying to immigrate into the USA before the law ended, but arrived too late. There are currently over 1,000 Cubans at the Southern-US border unable to get in. They now rely on Trump to have a change of heart.
  • A little late, but the Daily Show's take on Trump's mockery of a press conference, And Late Night tackles his lack of preparedness as he takes office and how bad his inauguration was.

I like my new mouse pad.

The Patriarchy may have ruined most of history, but they didn't take Friday the 13th away from women. But alt-med is still trying to sue away its critics.

Going to make you hear me

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I'm heading to Washington D.C. tonight to be part of the Million Woman March protesting the inauguration of an admitted sex-offender president.

In the Wall Street Journal there is a nitpicking of Edward Snowden where the author claims that Snowden took many secret military documents from the NSA unrelated to surveillance. I'm fine with that--do you expect a whistleblower to hang around for months painstakingly teasing out proof of unconstitutional surveillance?--this had to be a smash and grab job. The author explains just how dangerous it would be for these documents to fall into the wrong hands. First of all, how poor is security at the NSA when a junior-level employee has access to millions of secret documents and can just walk out the door with them? Second, if the NSA wasn't lying to Americans, they wouldn't be in this mess. The author critiques Snowden's information of the events that happened while fleeing the US government. I'm fine with that--if you were afraid an unscrupulous government agency was trying to make you disappear, do you really think you'd know when your passport was revoked? And would you simply give up when they did? Finally, the author claims Snowden lied that he didn't give any secret documents to the Russians, but he fails to offer any hard evidence. The best he can manage is testimony from two Russian "insiders," who apparently are just as bad at keeping secrets as the NSA. Bottom line, while I fear for the damage caused to our nation's security, it was the corrupt and unethical practices of NSA that is ultimately responsible.

Indiana Republicans are trying to pass a law that gives police the legal right to kill protesters.

Aron Ra finishes up his critiques of the so-called Irrefutable Proof of God with parts 17, 18, and 19.

Finally! Someone made a robot that will serve you beer.

Religious barbarians continue to destroy their own history.

Kiss your class good-bye

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Well, this should squelch those rumors about me being gay, a Time Line of Musicals.

Before it was an estimate, but now it's official, 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. The Chinese are really good at making hoaxes. Do you know what the hottest year ever recorded was before 2016? 2015. The hottest year ever recorded before that? 2014! Climate scientists are trying to capture as much data as possible before Trump shuts them all down.

How Bitcoin works and why Luigi is the richest man in the Mushroom Kingdom.

White men help teach us what MLK Day is all about, like preacher Franklin Graham who re-purposes an MLK quote about racism to say American Christians should fight their horrible persecution, and Rob Schneider, who already knows more about vaccinations than a doctor, now he knows more about civil rights than a civil rights hero.

Just a reminder, Flint, Michigan is on its 1,000th day with water poisoned by Republican politicians.

What's the deal with Spain's border, and what is the hottest thing ever?

It's a bit late, but Adam Ruins Everything did a pretty good election lecture.

Kiss education good-bye

Feeling: Determined

  • Betsy DeVos's hearings were just as bad as expected. It was moderated by Republican Lamar Alexander who purposely held the meeting before the investigating ethics committee could find all of DeVos's conflict of interests and only let people question DeVos for five minutes before cutting them off. When asked if she would work to cut funding to public schools and privatize them, her non-answer indicates that she will. She advocated for guns in school because students need to protect themselves from grizzly bears. When reminded of her millions of dollars of donations to Christian hate groups that torture gay people to turn them straight, she explained that she embraces equality in people, "no matter their age." Tim Kaine kept asking her a simple question about whether she believed that same standards should apply to public and private schools, and she just kept chanting, "I support accountability." Elizabeth Warren grilled DeVos about her knowledge of higher education, especially the handling and distribution of all of money used in government loans and grants, and for every question, DeVos answered that she had no experience whatsoever. But probably the most infuriating comment came from Joe Lieberman who said DeVos's most important qualification is that she doesn't know anything about the politics of public education. Of course, there are billions of people in the world who similarly don't know anything about the public school system, but unlike DeVos, they didn't give Trump $2,700,000.
  • An accurate portrayal of Trump's sham of a press conference.
  • The repeal of the Affordable Care Act will leave millions of Americans without insurance and cost more for those who still have it.
  • With every intelligence agency in the US in agreement that Russia hacked America, probably to help Trump get elected, there is one lone voice arguing that it is Obama who is trying to negate Trump's legitimacy. That lone voice is from dictator Vlaimir Putin. Well, him, and the Republicans who think Mexican TV stars endorsing Clinton was just as bad as Russians hacking US government computers.
  • Trump lies that it is only reporters who care about the tax returns he promised to released but hasn't, when in fact, it's 74% of all Americans.
  • While they're in control, Republicans plan on destroying any law that keeps American clean or beautiful. Next on the chopping block, the Endangered Species Act.

I would totally follow youth pastor Nick Thune.

Despite the Arab Spring, Egypt is still a dangerous place if you're not a Muslim.

Epic Rap Battles between Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Wonder Woman and Stevie Wonder, and Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd.

Tomorrow there'll be more of us

Feeling: Determined

  • Republican ethics solution: when the ethics board points out all your ethics violations, don't eliminate the violations, eliminate the ethics board.
  • Trump's pick to head the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, has a goal. To use the American public school system to promote her ideal of Christianity, a Dutch Calvinist Reformed ideal. As she explained at a Christian meeting, "Our desire is to confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God's Kingdom."
  • Just before introducing legislation that would increase the Zimmer Biomet corporation stock dramatically, Republican Tom Price bough several thousands of dollars worth of stock in the company. Rather than be punished for this shady practice, Price is now Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Republicans claim to be tough on crime and like chanting "blue lives matter," but it's a Republican billionaire family who is cutting the retirement of Michigan police officers.

Thanks in part to the Obama administration and groups like Planned Parenthood, abortion has fallen to it's lowest level since Roe v. Wade. However, with the changing of the guard, we should expect to see more abortions as Trump and his cronies work to dismantle women's reproductive rights and affordable access to birth control.

As the rate of rape increases, New York Police Captain Peter Rose explains that, unlike being raped by a total stranger, most women are raped while on a date or by an acquaintance, so he's not too worried about the increase.

Do you think a Conservative would be okay if their tax dollars were used to repair a mosque? No? So why are they fine using everyone else's tax dollars to repair a church?

Alex Dainis gives a 2017 check-in, how to stack 24 dimensional spheres, detecting antimatter light, a thermal camera over a Bunsen burner, and a beautiful map of physics.

Coal is a very dirty and (hopefully) dying form of energy production, but as long as politicians are more concerned with their bank account than their children, they will continue trying to outlaw green energy production.

This country is going down a series of tubes

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Our president-elect likens US government intelligence to the Nazis while at the same time praising a Russian dictator. Now Israel is afraid to share military information with the US because they fear Trump will share it with Russia. With tensions this high, now is probably not a good time for C-SPAN to accidentally replace a Russia-critical speech with Russian state-controlled television. And speaking of Russia, they just decriminalized beating your wife. Expecting Trump's praise in 3... 2... 1...
  • NATO is a military alliance between 28 nations (most of Europe and North America) which not only helps member countries maintain peaceful relations, but also prevents violent nations like Russia and North Korea from invading their neighbors. NATO was instrumental in preventing North Korea from conquering South Korea, they kept the USSR at bay during the Cold War, and, more recently, have been protecting nations against ISIS and Russia. Part of what makes NATO such a powerful force is the agreement that, if you invade any NATO nation, all NATO nations will come after you. Naturally, NATO is instrumental in keeping a peaceful world, so, naturally, Donald Trump opposes it. He also opposes the European Union and is expected to purposely make poor trade deals with the UK in order to help them out now that they left the EU.
  • How does Trump celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? By insulting one of MLK's right-hand men, John Lewis, a Civil Rights leader, by saying he's "All talk... no action or results." Meanwhile, a Mississippi city is changing MLK Day to Great Americans Day so they can also honor Confederate General Robert E. Lee. You can bet these are the same racists who tell Democrats to get over their loss for the presidency.
  • Some Americans do get universal health care paid in full by the US taxpayer. These are the same people are in the process of eliminating health care for everyone else in the country. Why would they take the only health care option available away from 23 million Americans? Because they stand to personally make millions doing so. Most Americans want to keep the Affordable Care Act, and protests are occurring all over the country and you can see why by reading this Reddit of people who are expected to lose their coverage without any chance of getting any more.
  • The Trump administration is a bunch of dishonest bullies and cannot be trusted. Now they're threatening the ethics committee in charge of keeping them honest, exactly they type of behavior you expect from corrupt politicians.
  • Before Trump chose Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education, a woman with no experience in education whatsoever, she belonged to a Conservative Religious organization called the Acton Institute which in an article called, "Bring Back Child Labor," extols the virtues of eliminating protective child labor laws and minimum wages so children can honor God with labor.
  • Sure, when Trump brags that he grabs women by the pussy, it's not big deal, but when Republican Christopher von Keyserling does it, he gets arrested for sexual assault!
  • Trump and his picks are racist, incompetent, and corrupt. Really, really corrupt.

Another victory for the Constitution as a giant Christian cross is removed from public land.

The Oliver Twins are famous British game programmers, but not to the level of Shigeru Miyamoto. Either way, they both had to design their first games in assembly.

David and Collet Stephan, who don't believe in medicine refused to treat their one-year-old son's meningitis (a disease he never would have acquired had he been vaccinated), even after being warned by a medical professional, and instead tried curing him with fruit juice and maple syrup. As expected, their homemade concoction didn't work, and their son died a painful death. The couple was found guilty of negligence, with a maximum of five years, but the father was only given four months in jail and the mother three months of house arrest. So, what did they learn from their child's death? That they should be spokespeople and tell other parents about the wonderful health benefits of all-natural medicine!

Skiing Ostriches aren't real, and YouTube algorithms aren't out to get you. Although, this one might be.

You always hear Christians talking about the importance of religious freedom, but to them "freedom" means being able to force other people to abide by their Christian restrictions. Case in point, Mike Dunn is trying to stop everyone from learning about LGBT families because, even though they're not Catholic, he is. Interestingly, while the number of religious people in America who have come out as LGBT has remained stagnant for the past five years, the number has increased among the non-religious, probably because, despite Christians assuring everyone that they love gay people, it is the non-religious who are actually compassionate toward them.

A black man wearing a hooded sweatshirt was seen using what appeared to be a metal bar on a car which prompted someone to report him to the police as a suspected carjacker. The man, Lawrence Crosby, was pulled over and, with his hands over his head, several police officers pointed their guns at him, violently tackled him to the ground, and beat him while he was down. There was just one tiny problem, Crosby was driving his own car, and the bar he had was just a piece of his car's molding that Crosby was fixing. While the police were holding his face to the pavement, Crosby tried explaining to the police that he had the registration of ownership. When the cops finally realized how bad it was going to look when it came out that they had just arrested and beaten an unarmed innocent black man while he was heading to Northwestern University for his graduate engineering classes, they decided they needed to devise some phony charges quick to make him look guilty. They hauled him in for disobeying an officer and resisting arrest, but he was eventually acquitted. Unfortunately for police, but fortunately for law-abiding citizens everywhere, the video of the police brutality has been made public. The Evanston Police Department assures us that the abuse was done in compliance with police procedure.


Feeling: Angry

  • Trump's press conference was a train wreck. In addition to not taking any important questions, his showcased plans of moving his business into a blind trust turned out to be unmarked folders containing blank pages.
  • In addition to being a racist, Trump's pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, continues to believe that only religious people can be truthful, and that only evil people smoke marijuana. This man is awful.
  • Less than a decade ago, it was perfectly legal for medical insurance companies to deny coverage to people who were sick. They could also accept your monthly payments for years until you became sick, and drop your coverage once you started needing it. These vile tactics were practiced by most companies, but the Affordable Care Act put a stop to them. When Republicans repeal Obamacare, they're not just going to take away the insurance of 23 million people who rely on it, they're going to eliminate these benefits and many others from everyone, whether you use Obamacare or not. The repeal is also expected to eliminate about 3 million jobs. No wonder why most Americans want to keep the ACA.
  • There are millions of Native Americans who could be hired to lead the Senate's Indian Affairs Committee, but instead, Trump picked John Hoeven, a Republican who opposes the Standing Rock protest of the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • As Trump continues to praise Putin, NATO forces are deploying tanks to prevent him from invading Europe. Meanwhile, Trump continues to claim he has never had any dealings with Russia, but he has, for the past 30 years.
  • Trump is surrounding himself with Christians who preach the importance of being wealthy, just like Jesus.
  • Trump probably couldn't have picked a worse cabinet if he tried. He chose people who are actively trying to ruin the organization they will now lead. Despite this fact, even they think Trump's ideas are too crazy to be followed.
  • Trump continues to be a sore winner saying Clinton is, "guilty as hell," even though there is no evidence against her.
  • The problem with Trump uses the "people are saying" tactic (that is, saying any unsubstantiated claim and citing "people" as evidence), it will get used against you.
  • Obama didn't do a very good job when it came to dealing with immigrants, and Trump plans to make it worse.
  • Trump is using his government position to advertise for the companies that backed him and attack those that fought him.

Bo Bice is a racist whiny brat, and Fox "News" is racist.

What it's like for a Muslim woman to de-convert.

An elementary school in Utah is now home to an After School Satan club.

If you're going to be judged based on your moral behavior, you'll probably want an atheist on the bench.

Republican Bill Sanderson is so insecure about his religion that he feels obligated to force everyone in his state to pretend to believe it too.

The Thinking Atheist's 300th podcast.


Feeling: Angry

  • During his press conference, Donald Trump refused to take any questions from CNN calling them "fake news" because they reported on a report which shows deep ties with Russian crime bosses. Actually, while less reputable outlets reported the details of the report, CNN did not because they haven't been substantiated. Even Fox News agreed that CNN followed journalistic standards. So, to punish CNN for good journalism, Trump took a softball question from the white-supremacist website, Breitbart.
  • Trump's pick for Attorney General, known racist Jeff Sessions, has claimed to work on as many as 30 civil rights cases, but when pressed for evidence, he can only find three with his name on them. Upon further investigation, all he did was sign his name, he wasn't involved in the slightest. Also, for the first time since 1986, you can read the letter written by Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., which pointed out his racism and contributed to Sessions not being allowed to become a federal judge.
  • Trump claims that, by handing his businesses over to his children, he's avoiding a conflict of interest, but the ethics panel disagrees. And for good reason, the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution, though vaguely worded, was specifically written to protect the nation from people like Trump.
  • I'm glad to hear that the Tennessee woman Republicans tried to imprison for giving herself an abortion is set free, but in Trump's America, this sort of this is going to happen a lot more.
  • Even without a plan in place, Republicans have taken the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act.
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of State, former CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson, he does not believe the scientific consensus that humans are causing global climate change.
  • Obama's totally real farewell speech.

No taxpayer money is used to pay for abortion at Planned Parenthood. In fact, abortion only accounts for 3% of what the organization does. The vast majority of Planned Parenthood includes teaching women about their reproductive organs, giving them pregnancy and STD tests, performing medical health examinations, and selling women affordable birth control. Despite these truths, Republicans have been trying to defund Planned Parenthood for decades.

If you believe Conservative pundits, American Christians are constantly under attack and in need of protection, but when the Christian non-profit group Open Doors ranked countries based on their level of Christian persecution, they discovered that the USA isn't even in the top 50!

Is the United States a country? It depends on how you define "country."

Mississippi has a law requiring public schools to lead their students in a morning loyalty prayer, but that isn't enough for the state's Republicans who are demanding that they do it at the beginning of the school day, or be fined $1,500. Once again, Republicans show that they are the party of forced nationalism, not small government.

Why do we shorten the name Richard to Dick?

Stupidity at home and abroad

Feeling: Angry

  • Now that Trump is under the microscope of the press, more information is coming out about his shady business practices, and evidence for some rather shocking deals are coming to light. Was one of his six bankruptcies settled by a Russian crime syndicate? The document in question hasn't been verified, but it would certainly explain his constant praise for their dictator. The FBI also spoke with Trump about compromising personal and financial documents held by the Russians and collected by British intelligence.
  • Senator Cory Booker Making sure Trump's pick of known-racist Jeff Sessions doesn't go unopposed. And these protesters are forcing Sessions to remember just how racist he is.
  • Trump is anti-science and an anti-vaxxer, so naturally he picked another anti-vaxxer to lead a commission on vaccine safety.
  • Despite lying about wanting to eliminate debt, the hypocritical Republicans are trying to raise the debt ceiling by $10 trillion in their budget.
  • Trump is gaslighting America.
  • NPR puts together some important questions that Trump won't answer because he doesn't answer questions from the press, he prefers Twitter.
  • Trump continues to be an ethical nightmare.
  • Trump often brags about his projects being finished under-budget, but he never explains that they're under budget because he doesn't pay his contractors.
  • Democrats don't have much governmental power left, but they did enjoy forcing most of Trump's picks to disagree with pretty much all of his beliefs. Trump says he wants to water board, his picks admit it's illegal. Trump doesn't think grabbing a woman's genitals without consent is sexual assault, his attorney general does. Trump wants to ban an entire religion from entering the country, his cabinet says it's wrong. Trump doesn't think Russia hack America to try and help him win, his staff says they did. At the end of the day, these are all words, and I don't expect any of his scum to be honest, but at least it's now a matter of public record that even Trump's own staff thinks he's full of shit.

If we used milestones of human history as a basis of the common era instead of magical religious events that never happened.

Christianity continues to devolve into a religion of hate.

Rebecca Watson, psychic extraordinaire.


Feeling: Exhausted

  • During the Obama Administration, Republican Mitch McConnell demanded full background checks for everyone in Obama's cabinet, even from the most open and qualified people. Now, because Trump waited until the last minute to put together his cabinet (because he was too ignorant to know he even needed one), McConnell is demanding we skip background checks entirely for Trump's incompetent staff. It's great to quote him his own words to show just hypocritical he is. The scary part is, Democrats won't be able to stop them now that Republicans have a majority and can ruin the nation without any sane checks or balances.
  • Appointing your relatives to areas of government has been such a problem that the US created laws to stop nepotism, but will that stop Trump from appointing his unqualified son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to a senior adviser in the White House?
  • Just a reminder, Betsy DeVos, who Trump put in charge of US education, has no experience as a teacher, never attended public schools, never let her children attend public schools, is hated by teachers, and made a huge mess of Michigan public schools. She still has yet to be appointed because she her ethics review is taking a long time because she has so many potential conflicts of interest.
  • When you're too stupid to know that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same thing, so you celebrate the repeal of Obamacare even though you rely on the Affordable Care Act.
  • Trump's cabinet gets yet another racist blogger.
  • In Trump's America, transgendered people are barred and harassed at public restroom, but in reality Republican politicians are more likely to sexually assault you.

If there is a god, it is the god of cancer.

Although the US is not officially at war, we still dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 alone, almost entirely in the Middle East. I wonder how many innocent people were murdered by the US?

Matt Dillahunty and Richard Dawkins have a chat.

Aron Ra and The Thinking Atheist's 300th episode.

Sail past reality

Feeling: Exhausted


MAG Fest 2017 was wonderful, but incredibly exhausting. I only slept about 16 hours total from Thursday to Monday. Watched a lot of great panels on videogames and music, bought a lot of new audio, and made some new friends. Looking forward to next year!

  • If your companies are always on the verge of bankruptcy due to crippling debt the way Trump's are, you're not a good businessman. No wonder Trump is still in trouble with the Office of Government Ethics.
  • Though I doubt Trump will bite, most Americans want a single-payer health care plan like that promoted by Bernie Sanders.
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has ruined the Michigan school system, and now she gets to ruin the nation's school system.
  • Much of the US has a crumbling infrastructure, roads are full of potholes, and bridges are collapsing, but, by all means, keep out the brown people by building a giant wall.
  • The Trump cabinet thinks people shouldn't try to vet his picks. To them, if Trump picked them, they must be trustworthy, and can't possibly have conflicts of interest. Never mind that, just like the liar Trump, they refuse to release their financial records to the public, even though Republicans demanded that from Obama's picks. Of course, for the information that is available, we know that Trump's picks are largely dishonest. Take his national communication security pick, Monica Crowley, whose book is filled with plagiarism.
  • Artists around the world continue to point out Donald Trump's bullying, and he responds by bullying them further.
  • I admire people who can change their mind when they're presented with new evidence. I despise people who change their mind for political gain; people like Trump. Thankfully, in this era, the evidence is here to stay.
  • Why did so many white Christians vote for Trump? Because they long for the good old days AKA racism.

When Republicans were voted into power in all areas of Kentucky's government, they didn't waste any time creating new laws to fix the state's problem. No, not by reducing debt, transferring to green energy, or eliminating bureaucracy, that's not what it means to be a Republican. Their first order of business is stripping women of their rights.

A great comic about why Planned Parenthood is so important.

It's important to point out how often movies or TV shows depict a character uses a lot of drugs as someone who has lost their way and is in need of saving when they're white, but when they're black they're a criminal.

Adam talks about how we're already ruining the world with climate change, why electric cars won't solve the problem, and why corporations try to trick you into think trash is an individual's problem.

It may be cold where you are right now, but it's not nearly cold enough to prevent a massive crack in the Antarctic ice that will drift into the ocean, melt, and cause sea levels to rise.

Epic Rap Battles of History presents Tony Hawk versus Wayne Gretzky and Teddy Roosevelt versus Winston Churchill.

Poor Simone Giertz is losing her sponsors because they don't like her saying things like shit and fuck.

Sometimes it's difficult to stop Christians from using tax-payer dollars to proselytize because they do it behind closed doors, like when an audit revealed that Republican Micah Neal accepted bribes in exchange for giving $600,000 in tax money to Christian colleges. That's why it's so refreshing when they create YouTube videos where they admit to breaking the law.

If the British Empire were still intact today, they'd be crazy rich.

Timothy and Sarah Johnson let their 7-year-old son die of pancreatitis because they preferred to pray for a miracle cure rather than take him to a doctor.

Flight of dragons soar in a purple sky

Feeling: Overwhelmed


I begin my journey to MAG Fest tonight to submerse myself in videogame music for 96-hours straight. Catch you nerds on Monday!

  • More of this. Protest everything Trump does so people never forget that the majority of Americans do not want him.
  • In addition to being a racist, misogynist, and bigot, Trump is also a bully. Much like a schoolboy, Trump insults people with far less power. And now, Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, asks America to stop mocking him. Trump deserves ridicule because he is ridiculous. His ideas are stupid and his behavior is crude, he has no redeeming qualities, and things he does deserve scorn.
  • Neo-Nazis are planning an armed march through a small town in Montana, the home of white supremacist Richard Spencer, the same man who led the "Heil Trump" protest in D.C. The purpose of the march is to protest is to create a show of force to terrorize Jewish families so much that they'll leave their homes.
  • China's state media is trying to explain to Trump why Twitter is not a useful platform for international diplomacy.
  • Even George W. Bush's EPA head, Republican Christine Todd Whitman, is afraid of Trump's environmental recklessness.
  • Rather than try and repeal Obamacare directly, which would just result in filibusterer after filibusterer, Republicans are trying to defund Obamacare by stripping out every part that helps the low and middle class.
  • The Washington Post has a great article on Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. It recounts his inability to join a Senate committee because of his liberal use of the N-word, his opposition to even legal forms of immigration, as well as his anti-science approach to environmentalism. The one thing the article is missing is his anti-woman stance. For example, Sessions explained that Trump's claim that he had grabbed women's vagina's without their consent should not be considered sexual assault and he voted against the bi-partisan Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.
  • Just a quick recap of the awfulness of the 2016 election.
  • When Trump lies, the media needs to call him out on it!

Minute Physics did a great video series with Sean Carroll about Big Picture physics: 1.) Why doesn't time flow backwards?, 2.) Do cause and effect really exist?, 3.) Where does complexity come from?, 4.) How entropy powers the Earth, and What is the purpose of life?.

The Detroit Free Press makes a good point, maybe if we renamed the city of Flint to Benghazi, Congress would re-open the case!

All popular Christmas songs have one thing in common, their music.

Philomena Cunk is the queen of deadpan.

Doom and gloom

Feeling: Overwhelmed


Over the weekend, I had a great New Year's with friends, got a lot of preparation done for MAG Fest, finished reading Amy Poehler's autobiography "Yes Please," and I beat, "You Have to Win the Game."

  • After it became clear that the Russian government was responsible for infiltrating the US and influencing the presidential election, Obama rightly kicked Russian intelligence agents out of the country. US officials have even found Russian spy-ware on computers in control of the US electrical grid. Putin decided to hold off on kicking American intelligence agents in Russia until Trump took office, probably because he expects Trump to be a pushover. This led Trump to once again praise the Russian dictator.
  • Republicans voted to eliminate the Congressional House Ethics Committee, and put themselves in charge of whether they were doing anything illegal. However, after receiving a lot of negative press, insults from Democrats, and even some Republicans, they decided to reverse their decision. It does let us know what they truly want though.
  • A brief run down of when Donald Trump declared bankruptcy, six times.
  • Paul Ryan, and the Republican Party are working to eliminate Medicare and Obamacare, and since the programs have been successful, the only way they can convince people to accept their destruction is to outright lie about them.
  • And just another reminder, vaccines do not cause autism, but a third of Trump supporters wrongfully believe they do. Likewise, Trump is equally as misinformed, and I'm not going to be shocked if he appoints Jenny McCarthy to head the CDC.
  • What could change your mind about Trump? A look at what he's done, and what he'd have to do to become less of a harbinger of doom.
  • Obama's New Year's posts were inspiring showcasing all of the progress that was made in the past eight years. Trump's was yet another divisive post of hate and insult.
  • Donald Trump believes, quite wrongfully, that "torture works," and he's not alone.
  • Trump's Twitter account is a national embarrassment.
  • American coal miners who voted for Trump to bring back the coal industry are afraid that he won't be able to deliver, and they should be. He really won't be able to deliver. And it's not just because natural gas has been replacing coal for several decades now, but also because green energy like solar continues to be cheaper and more effective.

Texas lost it's "Most backward state in the Union" trophy to Indiana, but have not fear, they're working on their own discriminatory bathroom bill.

No, computer screens are not breaking your child.

Michigan Republicans once again show that they are the exact opposite of small government, using state authority to ban cities from making their own laws to help combat pollution and litter.

An honest look at your New Year's party.

Turns out Richard Nixon purposely ruined the Vietnam peace talks for political gain, a maneuver which cost countless American and Vietnamese lives.

The problem with all maps.

Father Andrea Contin is a priest and an orgy pimp. Police seized an assortment of sex toys and pornographic videos from the priest's personal belongings and numerous allegations of him acting as a pimp have been brought up. Worse yet, the church explained that they have known about this for half a year, but hid it from the police.