February, 2017

Break the seven seals, let the horsemen ride

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I finished reading Carrie Fisher's memoirs, Wishful Drinking. It was just okay.

  • Trump's military strike in Yemen was an attempt to kill an al-Qaeda operative. The strike resulted in the loss of a $75,000,000 US aircraft, dozens of dead Yemenis civilians (including women and children), and the death of a Navy SEAL, but the operation failed to kill the al-Qaeda operative or gain any additional intelligence. In the face of so many failures, the White House called the travesty a success. The father of the slain SEAL refuses to speak with Trump and is demanding an investigation, but Trump's people are trying to shut down any investigations because they claim understanding the details of their failure would dishonor the dead.
  • Trump is literally using phrases coined by dictators.
  • Trump's latest pick for his cabinet is another person with deep financial ties to Russia. At this point, even The Dubyah wants to investigate Trump's ties with Russia.
  • On average, women use health care more than men. This isn't because women are more fragile, but that their biology is intrinsically more complicated (what with being able to grow another human). Because of this, whenever we talk about health coverage, it's extremely important to have a lot of women involved in the process... pan to Trump's health care team. Well, at least Trump is finally realizing that maybe he should have tried to understand even a little bit about health care before trying to destroy it.
  • Crowds continue to protest Trump's Muslim ban... thanks Obama! And here's how the Arizona police handle protesters.
  • Republicans had their chance to expose Trump's tax returns, but they just voted against it.
  • All of Trump's posturing about law and order only seems to apply to white victims.
  • Trump's racist friend said Paris isn't Paris anymore (translation, it isn't white enough anymore). But France isn't detaining everyone from foreign countries and demanding they surrender the passwords to their private email and messages like the USA. Just ask French historian and Holocaust scholar Henry Rousso, who, after being detained for 10 hours, said the US is no longer quite the US.
  • Betsy DeVos just praised Segregation-era Black colleges in order to push her "School Choice" agenda. DeVos, did it ever occur to you that if the government fought oppression, people wouldn't need to start their own colleges?

Why do Americans keep giving awards to racist sexually violent men?

The Canadian parents who let their son slowly die a horrible death of diabetes because that's what Jesus would have wanted have been sentenced to life in prison. Meanwhile, in the USA, their are six states which legally protect parents who let their children die.

John R. K. Howard is a white teen in the almost entirely white neighborhood of Dietrich, Idaho where he's admire for his ability to play football. There is only one black family, and their mentally-disabled son also played football alongside Howard. The black teen received a lot of racist bullying from Howard and other students, which culminated in them deciding to torture the teen. In their locker room, one teammate shoved a coat hanger into the black teen's rectum and then Howard kicked it into the boy's body (which could have killed him). After a lengthy trial, it was determined that racism did NOT play a part in the crime, because, as Howard's attorney explained, nobody thinks terms like fried chicken, watermelon, grape soda, lynching, and KKK songs are derogatory. There's more to the story, but it ends with Howard being told his actions were not racist and certainly not worthy of a jail sentence!

Getting pictures of beautiful animals before we cause their extinction.

The wrath of the lamb, the martyrs cry

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Over the weekend, I finished reading "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!", saw "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" on stage with Wallee, Allen, and Emily (fantastic!), and wrote commentary for the Jehovah's Witness kid's propaganda worksheet "Explaining Your Beliefs About Homosexuality."

  • Just in case you weren't already frightened, Republicans in 17 states are trying to bypass the portion of the First Amendment that grants the right of peaceful assembly, and their cancer seems to be spreading to Canada.
  • Vladamir Putin is tied to the murder of several journalists who wrote articles critical of him, and is pushing Russia deeper into the hole of an authoritarianism. However, since the Trump administration closely tied to Putin, the dictator is now rising in approval ratings among American Republicans.
  • While white supremacist Steve Bannon maintains he will continue trying to ruin American journalism, one of the Navy Seals who took down Osama Bin Laden says this war on the press is a threat to democracy. Meanwhile, the New York Times fact-checked Trump's CPAC speech, and it's one lie after another.
  • Why are Republicans continuing with their plan to decrease the number of Americans with health coverage when the majority of Americans want to keep it and even Republicans are beginning to protest? Because they think, if fewer Americans are required to have health coverage, that's a good thing! Just ask Rick Santorum who believes that there are literally millions of perfectly healthy Americans scamming health care by faking preexisting conditions.
  • Not sure where Betsy DeVos went to college, but she must have been sick the day they taught projection in psych. I highly doubt her professors told her what to think, that is the purview of authoritarianism. The goal of college is to promote intelligence and wisdom, the goal of DeVos is to force Christianity onto children.
  • Mem Fox, a children's book author was harassed by US customs to the point of tears and a Jordanian with a valid US visa and stellar school record was deported. And, I'm not sure how reputable the Daily Xtra is, but they're reporting that US Customs demanded a Canadian man's phone and computer passwords (and saved them in their database), looked through his personal emails and online dating sites, and refused to let him into the country, because they assumed he was a gay prostitute. US Intelligence explains that this is not keeping us safe from terrorists, but Trump's not interested in intelligence.
  • The country should really decriminalize marijuana for personal use, and so many Americans agree that several states have legalized it for recreational use. But those small-government Republicans continue to be the police state.
  • A White House staffer explains that Fox News and Brietbart are often used to create fake stories of praise for Trump to try and limit his embarrassing Twitter posts. Of course, Trump hates any news outlet that is using an anonymous source... unless it's one of his anonymous sources.
  • After electing a racist Attorney General, Trump appears to have changed his tune on transsexuals in bathrooms.
  • Bill O'Reliey interviewed the Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor, Nils Bildt on Fox News, Bildt linked immigration to an increase in crime. There was just one problem, Nils Bildt is not the National Security Advisor. In fact, he's not a member of the Swedish government at all!

Good news, the entire chain of Family Christian Stores, which filed for bankruptcy in 2015, is finishing up the last of its store closings.

Do not trust a theoretical physicist to teach you evolution, especially if it's Michio Kaku who believes that UFOs might be real. not because of evidence, but because so many people have anecdotes about them.

Ed Logg talks about designing the arcade game Gauntlet.

It's always embarrassing when government officials in your own backyard waste your money to defy the US Constitution.

In what is only a shock to the Kentucky politicians who voted in favor of a huge tax write-off for the genocide-themed amusement park, the Ark Encounter wasn't the economic boon the owners claimed it would be.

Ready to unplug

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I beat Bonk's Adventure, my first ever TurboGrafx-16 victory.

  • Republican Bill Cassidy showed up late to his town hall meeting and then decided to waste even more time praying so the audience booed his prayer demanding that he get on with it. Angry crowds like this are occurring all over at country, creating a new level of hatred even amongst fellow Republicans. The White House's official position, despite having any evidence to back them up, is that much of outrage comes in the form of professional protesters that Democrats paid pretend to be angry.
  • Trump's racial epiphany after seeing shackles used to chain up slaved children was to say... "that's really bad." Well, that ought to solve the problem of racism.
  • Rather than learning from all the protests against Trump, Republicans are pushing to let police arrest protesters, not when they're violent, but when police think they might become violent.
  • Donald Trump is getting advice from Alex Jones. Let that sink in.
  • When Trump fans were waving around red, white, and blue Trump flags, they didn't realize they inadvertently waving Russian flags.
  • The good news is, Trump's possible new science advisor, William Happer, actually believes in climate change. The bad news it, he thinks irreparable climate change is a good thing!
  • Trump's new anti-immigration policy makes a criminal out of everyone who didn't go through the extremely difficult proper channels to enter the country. But, when law enforcement has to treat everyone as a criminal, there are fewer resources available for processing actual criminals.
  • Trump is claiming that he saved the nation $1 billion by making smooth deals with Boeing on a replacement Air Force One and the useless F-35 fighter jet, to which the Air Force replies, no he didn't.

Another white male terrorist.

The complexities of the wage gap between the sexes isn't caused simply by overt sexism, but rather by women still being expected to do most of the house work and child-rearing.

Alexander the Great rap-battles Ivan the Terrible.

No, cranberries will not cure your UTI.

We shouldn't need to have this fight

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It's February, but I'm driving with my car's top down. The Chinese are really out-doing themselves with this global warming hoax!

  • Throughout the history of the USA, we see political groups rise, fall, and sometimes even change dramatically. The Republican party began as anti-slavery, pro-environmentalism, and pro-separation of powers, but are now pro-discrimination, anti-environmentalism, and pro-authoritarianism. These changes moved the party from being the heroes of history to the villains, and now, every move they make puts them on the wrong side of history. They make a mockery of African Americans, appoint a puppet of the fossil fuels industry to head of the EPA, and even though Americans are becoming more accepting of transgendered people because they realize that a person's gender is their own choice which doesn't hurt anyone, they vilify them as rapists and child molesters, effectively banning them from public bathrooms.
  • Trump ran on a campaign claiming he would bomb the shit out of ISIS and kill their families, but, it turns out, his perceived real number one enemy of the nation is, the free press. And, by the way, most of the country favors the press over Trump. Let's hope he doesn't follow his buddy Putin and murder reporters.
  • Being elected to Congress comes with its perks, one of which includes top-notch socialized health care for life, paid for by US taxpayers. Republicans have complained for years that socialized health care is bad, and now that they have a Congressional majority both in the House and Senate, we can expect them to dismantle their own socialized health care and buy on the free market, right? Of course not, Republicans are hypocrites. While they were enjoying free health care, they fought tooth-and-nail to prevent everyone else from getting it, and even after Democrats finally made it a reality, Republicans wasted millions of taxpayer dollars weakening it and trying to repeal it. Now that they have control, they will destroy it for everyone except themselves.
  • What happened to all those smiling white racists we see in photos from the Civil Rights protests?
  • The protest site of the Dakota Access Pipeline ends in flames as the remnants of the camp are burned to the ground by the US government.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is now lying to the American people as part of its official practice.
  • There may yet be a chance to end gerrymandering in the US.
  • Like many Republicans before him, Trump claims to be pro-veterans, but his federal hiring freeze has caused at least two army bases to close their child care programs.
  • There is some good news about Trump's election, it's causing more women to become interested in running for office.
  • Trump is expected to allow your Internet service provider to sell your private data.
  • Republicans are arguing that, since Heaven has a gate, wall, and extreme vetting, so too should the USA. But their asinine argument raises more problems than solutions.

Homeopathic teething pills for babies won't numb a baby's teething pain, but it might kill them.

When trying to get your point across to someone else, you first need to ascertain, are they swayed by facts? If not, you can only sway them by emotions.

Rebecca Watson explains why gluing your vagina shut won't help menstruation and why you won't be riding a woolly mammoth anytime soon.

Many states in the US still allow 12-year-old girls to marry older men. The people who take advantage of this are usually religious people afraid that their pregnant daughter will make them a social outcast and pedophiles.

I can see some redneck bigot trying to sue his employer for making him watch a sensitivity training video about respecting homosexuals in the work place, but what does it say about Texas when that redneck bigot is a state judge?

The meteorological problems with the flood myth.

Constant vigilance is what keeps young-earth Creationists out of public schools and prevents Republicans from blocking Democrats from being hired by public universities.

Nope, nope, nope. Duckie!

Feeling: Frustrated

  • The Washington Post has a great pie graph of how Trump spent his first month as President, mostly taking it easy. All this vacationing and partying is costing us millions, but I'm okay with it because he can't do as much damage if he spends every day golfing and making bigoted posts on Twitter. The real terrifying thing is that his supporters still believe he's doing a great job.
  • Trump's budget is expected to lose the US government around $1,000,000,000,000 over the next ten years, but don't worry, he's making up for that shortfall by cutting funding to arts, which makes up a solid 0.0625% of the budget.

  • Trump is either refusing to give up his old insecure phone, or too stupid to learn to use a modern phone. Either way, he's a risk to national security.
  • Even though there are recorded calls of Trump's staff making deals with Russia during the election and Russian officials saying they spoke with Trump's people, Trump's administration continues to deny they had any contact with Russia at all.
  • After giving a talk about the Holocaust and never once even mentioning the Jews, and then, rather than apologizing for the oversight, dismissing the criticisms, Trump finally got around saying that antisemitism is bad, but nobody's impressed.
  • Trump literally lies every day.
  • Trump is still intent on ruining the water of the Standing Rock Tribe because he stands to gain a lot of money.
  • Trump may have removed the executive order which prevented people with mental illnesses from buying guns, but at least the courts are helping keep assault rifles out of their hands.

Honest Trailers does Batman Begins.

Another public school that just couldn't understand why preaching religion to children is illegal just lost a $163,500 lawsuit.

An interesting history of the toilet.

The evolution of human birth.

Nope, nope.

Feeling: Frustrated

  • As Trump continues to lick Putin's boots, it's important to remember what kind of person Putin is.
  • Trump's Muslim ban was ruled unconstitutional, even by Republican-appointed judges, but Muslims are still being denied entry into the US. Why do this when most acts of terrorism in the US are committed by white men.
  • Jews across the country continue to be targeted, but Trump refuses to denounce anti-Semitic threats.
  • Trump's tax plan is a economic nightmare. It basically calls for huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and an increase in military spending, both which decrease the government's revenue by billions. In order to allow his voters to at least pretend he's not causing a third depression, Trump is also cutting out a bunch of programs that help the poor.
  • Trump has access to Top Secret information from the FBI, CIA, and NSA, and yet he listens to an anti-immigration story on Fox "News" and repeats it to the public. Worse yet, the Sweden story turned out to be poor journalism and the people involved say they Fox misrepresented them.
  • Celebrities claiming that have damning evidence of Trump is not helping the situation. If you have evidence, show it. If not, claiming you do only fuels the people who think you're a liar.
  • The person who created the Betsy DeVos segregation cartoon parody doesn't understand just how racist he is.
  • Much like George W. Bush before him, Trump is taking plenty of vacations on the US tax-payer's dime.

China continues to build military outposts in the South China Sea.

A story of two Texas hunters were shot out on a ranch after being attacked by violent immigrants was made popular by Republican Sid Miller, but it later came out that they were lying to cover up the fact that they stupidly shot each other.

Some interesting facts about the Nintendo 64.

Kudos to the highest level of an openly-atheist Republican, New Hampshire State Representative Max Sullivan.

What annoys God the most?


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Took advantage of global warming by playing disc golf without a jacket in February.

  • NPR created a transcript of Trump's first press conference with annotations to show all the lies and corruption. And some satire commentary.
  • Republicans agree that the corruption in Trump's administration is terrible, and even Trump admitted that he would have ordered Michael Flynn to make shady deals with Russia. So, why do Republicans refuse to investigate the corruption? Thankfully, there are still a small amount of Republicans left in the party who still have a modicum of integrity.
  • Trump writes, "Look what's happening in Sweden," which raises some eyebrows. What about Sweden? Their better-educated populace? Their higher-paid better-employed work force? Their lower infant mortality rate or higher longevity? No, it turns out that Trump wanted us to look at the fact that they're helping out Syrian refugees! Of course, there hasn't been a noticeable increase in crime, so the only criticism Trump has is that Sweden is helping the destitute. Oh the humanity!
  • Trump has been ordering government economists to lie to the public about growth forecasts to make his insane budget look sane.
  • Betsy DeVos complains that her critics want to make her life a living hell. Well, not so much your life, just your desire to ruin education.
  • Several states have tried forcing people on government assistance to take drug tests to exclude drug users. Each state that has implemented such mandatory drug tests has found that it actually costs more money to pay for the testing than what would be saved from kicking out the drug users. This goes against the Conservative belief, that poor people are lazy drug addicts, so many people don't believe the facts. Like, for example, the Republican congress.

The FBI has a large dossier on men who graphically threaten to rape and murder women, call in bomb threats where the women live or work, and claim they will go on a school shooting rampage. But, even when the men are caught and confess, the FBI refuses to prosecute them.

If Republican Justin Humphrey is okay saying that women are "hosts" to fetuses, then they means fetuses are parasites.

A very cool postmortem of Diablo.

Hannah Smith, a senior counsel member of the Becket Fund, was trying to defend those Christians who refuse to serve homosexuals when she was asked a pretty simple question, should businesses be allowed to refuse service to an interracial couples? Smith refused to answer the question, so it was posed to her several more times in different ways, but she continued to refuse. What does it say about the racist views of the Becket Fund and Hannah Smith that she couldn't just say, no?

Why is raw fish safe, but not raw chicken?

Americans have a double-standard when it comes to religion. If a Christian commits an act of violence as it is described in the bible, we don't think that person is a true Christian. However, if a Muslims commits an act of violence as it is described in the Koran, we think the person is a true Muslim.

Weekend will help me forget

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Another white terrorist who will not be labeled as such.

I love Philomena Cunk.

Florist, Barronelle Stutzman, hasn't learned much from bakers and lost her lawsuit where she claimed religious freedom should protect her from discriminating against people her religion tells her are evil (i.e., gay people). I'm sure she also refuses to sell flowers to people who violate the Sabbath, don't honor their parents, and commit adultery, right? What, no? The only part of her religion she follows is hating gay people? Well that's not very Christian-like! There wasn't even a single dissenting vote, state judges unanimously ruled against her.

Wonderful Tecmo Bowl music, with lyrics.

Lauren and Garyt wanted to have children, but things weren't working out. They tried various fertility drugs, diagnostic tests, corrective surgery, and four in vitro attempts. After years of doctors poking and prodding, they finally get a successful pregnancy, and immediately gave all the credit to their god.

Amazing that civil rights leaders were able to solve all the racist problems in the country in one month!

Still angry

Feeling: Angry

  • Trump's now-former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, bashed Hillary Clinton during the election calling for her to be locked up because of her crimes, even saying that if he did anything wrong, he would expect to be in jail. But, now that he has been caught red-handed making deals with the Russians, he isn't honoring his precious principles. In fact, all these self-proclaimed law-and-order Republicans who pretend to be tough on crime, are letting him off the hook. Of course, one had to wonder, did Flynn make deals with the Russian in a vacuum? Surely the Russians wouldn't believe Flynn could honor his agreement without being authorized by someone higher up in the Trump administration, which is probably why Republican hypocrites refuse to investigate matters further. Thankfully, a wonderful time line has been made which shows just how much involvement the Trump administration has had with Russia over the years, which shows just how false many of their statements, Trump's especially, really are. Rather than investigate their own corruption, Republicans are going to investigate the US Intelligence Agencies.
  • The Republicans currently have control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and most state Governorships, yet all their clashing egos still can't get anything accomplished!
  • Vox has put together a collection of clips of Steve Bannon which expose how racist he really is.
  • Trump is just as misinformed about autism as he is any other topic. If your source of data is a multitude of double-blind clinical trials, you know that vaccines don't cause autism. If your source of data is Robert DiNiro, I fear for your sanity.

Despite the growing fringe of white supremacists in America, there is some good news about American religious acceptance. Since 2015, Americans are becoming more open to people of varying religions. The largest jump is in the acceptance of atheists, but other big increases are among Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. In fact, the only group that didn't see growth is Evangelical Christians, which makes sense as they are one of the least inclusive groups.

Several studies show that doctors tend to under-diagnose pain in their female patients.

Christian Conservative Dennis Prager and his incompetence with political philosophy and biology.

Another 60 extra-solar planets have been found, which is good news because we'll need a new home after we destroy our current one.

Christian politicians in my home state are costing taxpayers more money by trying to force their religion on citizens, but thankfully, Judges have a better grasp of the Constitution.

Stay angry

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Addressing some common misconceptions about evolution.

Brentalfloss, and the Game Over Tinies.

On February 11th, Magnum, Oklahoma reached a temperature of 99.4°F, the hottest the state has ever seen in the middle of winter. Damn, those Chinese hoaxers are really selling global warming!

Happy STI Day!

Feeling: Loved

  • Trump's National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, has resigned after it came out that he had improper dealings with Russia during the election. In fact, Trump was warned about his corruption by Sally Yates (who Trump fired). Trump's original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, also resigned in disgrace over Russian bribery accusations. But, Trump's response to all the corruption in his administration is to denounce the people who exposed the corruption.
  • Speaking of a lack of national security, Trump took a classified military phone call about a North Korea missile test in a public restaurant while people used their cell phones to take pictures.
  • George W. Bush had severe disapproval ratings until he started a war, and Nixon purposely scuttled peace talks with Vietnam for public approval (wartime traditionally favors more authoritarian rulers). Will Trump follow this common Republican course of action?
  • What fourth amendment?

  • I didn't expect it to work, but it's nice to see that 1.8 million people think that it would be an embarrassment to Crown to have Trump visit the UK.
  • Trump gives some words of wisdom.
  • Rather than bother with US border security, Canadian schools are just eliminating student visits to the US.

A simple explanation of gerrymandering and how it is used by politicians to prevent the public from getting what they vote for.

Crash Course philosophy talks about personhood, free will, and compatibilism.

Mayor Mark Lauretti of Shelton, CT lost $1,000 of the tax payer's money because he refused to stop giving preferential treatment to Christians.

Arguments in favor of string theory.

How to deal with Christian apologetics.

Monday the 13th

Feeling: Annoyed

  • Trump's Muslim ban is shot down by judges again, to which he replies, "See you in court!" Well, yes, they're judges. That's where they work. The US Marines have an interesting take on the Muslim ban that blocked their translators from entering the country. To defend himself, Trump tried pretending he was an attorney and cited a legal article, but his make-believe didn't account for the fact the article he cited actually favored the judges who blocked his ban. Trump also congratulated his adviser Stephen Miller who complained that the judicial branch of government is too powerful, and that Trump's power, "will not be questioned."
  • Why did Trump remove white supremacists from the definition of terrorists when they commit the most acts of terrorism in the US, and they're growing on social media faster than ISIS?
  • The Trump administration is -still- claiming that there is an epidemic of voter fraud in this country with absolutely no evidence.
  • I spent a week in Scotland, and it was amazing, not just from the beautiful scenery and wonderful culture, but also the interesting Scottish people... who hate Trump.
  • Mitch McConnell was protested at his house for his sexist attack on Elizabeth Warren.
  • DeVos has already made it clear that she wants to dismantle American public schools, so we may as well bar her from entering them. And to give you an idea just how serious she takes her position, after her department misspelled the name of the co-founder of the NAACP, they issued a correction which misspelled another word.
  • Now Kmart and Sears are dropping Trump's product line, keep up the good work people.
  • In Trump's America, law-enforcement doesn't respect the fourth amendment, and presidents don't respect the Constitution.
  • Despite Trump's disregard for truth and journalism, fact-based journalism is the only kind of journalism there is. If it's not facts, it's not journalism. In general, the media is doing their job without lying, but Trump isn't.
  • Hypocritical Republicans want less government and prefer it delegated to individual states, unless they defy Trump.
  • Trump is not very smart.
  • New England Patriots, you just won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do next? I'm avoiding Trump!

What happens when you purposely isolate yourself from other people for several days?

Hope isn't lost. It turns out, if you point a gun at a group of peaceful protesters, even if they're black, and you're white, you can still go to jail!

Bakeries have become civil rights battlegrounds. And Christian Robert Mannarino is on the side of hate. He sued a bakery because they wouldn't give him a reasonable price on a cake with the phrase "homosexuality is an abomination" on it. The lawsuit was dismissed because Mannarino doesn't understand that discrimination doesn't mean preventing people from being allowed to discriminate.

Students in Idaho will no longer learn about climate change.

Ricky Gervais eats hot wings and chats.

Four. More. Years.

Feeling: Annoyed

  • Trump's pick to lead Health and Human Services, Tom Price, was confirmed. He claims that he wants to ensure health insurance for all Americans, but he's replacing coverage with tax vouchers and recently cut $500,000,000 from Medicare. He also seems to be cashing in on insider trading.
  • Republicans refused to let Elizabeth Warren read Coretta Scott King's letter about how racist Jeff Sessions is, but they didn't have a problem when it was read from by several male Senators.
  • Looks like Trump's botched Yemen raid killed nine children including a 3-month-old baby.
  • Trump isn't very bright, but several of his evil league of rich racists are, meaning, they'll be the ones calling the shots.
  • Trump claims that he hasn't received one call complaining about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Well, to be fair, he hasn't received one, he's received one million.
  • Geologists weigh in on Trump's colossal waste of money, a Mexican border wall. And while he's wasting our resources on a useless wall, he's also attacking businesses to help himself.
  • Jeff Sessions agrees with Trump's false reality that crime is extremely high (it isn't) and immigrants are extremely dangerous (they aren't).
  • By refusing to hire new government employees, the draft-dodger Trump is hurting veterans who need to see doctors.
  • The courts shot down Trump bigoted Muslim ban, despite him trying to argue it wasn't a Muslim ban, even after he called it a Muslim ban. Trump isn't doing much winning after all.
  • Trump didn't even know about a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia before talking about it with Vladamir Putin.

A beautiful map of mathematics.

Slate has compiled a list of the dozens of terrorist attacks in the US since 1995, all of which were conducted by white people. But please, ban the Muslims.

John Oliver is too cute to get deported.

NRA members have been paying Wayne LaPierre's $1 million annual salary, but now they just paid for his $5.1 million retirement plan!

Who makes a better front man for Queen?

Idaho Judge Randy Stoker released Cody Herrera, a man who raped a 14-year-old girl, under the condition that he only have sex with his wife while he's on probation, because, really, it's social media's fault.

You have a few orgies, and suddenly the Vatican doesn't think you're right for the priesthood.

Four more years of this

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Now it's Sean Spicer who is creating a terrorist attack that never happened!
  • After Republican Mitch McConnell prevented Elizabeth Warren from reading Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff Session's racism, Orrin Hatch defended his fellow Conservative explaining that we should be nice to Trump's pick because Sessions has always been a gentleman to him, and asked people to, "Think of his wife." Vox points out the problems. One, Sessions is only a gentlemen to fellow white men, not black people. Two, saying, "think of his wife," implies that his wife is some weak woman that must be protected by strong men. I'm sure Sessions's wife knows precisely how racist he is! Despite the work put forth by Democrats, Republicans voted to appoint the racist Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. So, we now have a man who makes liberal use of the N-word and believes that the separation of church in state, which is detailed in the first amendment of the US Constitution is unconstitutional.
  • The Trump administration is suggesting that the US government should demand the user name and passwords of any Muslim trying to enter the country so they can read their private emails.
  • Yes, the Trump's really are cashing in on the government, and taking business trips at our expense. Also, dropping the products of such a criminal family is something every ethical company has a responsibility to do, and Trump using his government position to injure that company is not him being a protective father, it's him being a bully.
  • One of Trump's investments, the Keystone XL Pipeline, is back in business, and ready to ruin the drinking water of the Native Americans who live there. Thankfully, there is some pressure being put on Wells Fargo, the bank in charge of the project. Seattle, WA and Davis, CA have both voted to drop them as their bank because of their involvement, which will pull several billion out of the bank. I hope other cities follow their lead!
  • Trump, who prides himself on being a fantastic business man, called an economist to ask, which is better, a strong dollar or a weak dollar?

When segregation prevents you from getting a loan and the GI Bill only applies to white soldiers, it makes it very difficult to get ahead.

If you work with churches to gather money to pay for a Ten Commandments monument to place on public land with a religious ceremony and claim that anyone who disagrees is attacking your religious freedom, don't be surprised when a judge doesn't believe you when you claim it's there for historical reasons.

Does Comcast really have the fastest Internet speeds? Nope.

Bruce Leonard and his wife Deborah have finally been sentenced to prison terms after beating their nineteen-year-old son to death because he wouldn't go to church any more.

And they are still here

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump's officials say they will continue their attack on free speech and the free press unless journalists kowtow to Trump.
  • In a speech to police, Trump lied about the US murder rate saying that it is the highest it's been in almost 50 years, when, in fact, it's the lowest it's been in almost 50 years.
  • As commander of the US military, Trump is ultimately responsible for stopping terrorist attacks. Federal judges, on the other hand, are responsible for making rulings on how the US Constitution applies is interpreted. This is part of an inherent system of checks and balances to make sure everything runs smoothly and to prevent, say, a supposed reckless reality TV host from wiping his ass with the Constitution. Unfortunately, Trump is so incompetent he placed a white supremacist without any experience in national security in charge our nation's security. So, no Trump, any future terrorist attacks are not the fault of judges who are doing their part correctly, it is your fault for being too ignorant to do your job effectively.
  • Despite claiming he is one of the smartest people alive, Trump has a very juvenile understanding of global trade.
  • In an effort to show just how racist Jeff Sessions is, Elizabeth Warren began reading a letter about how racist he is written by Martin Luther King's widow, but Republicans forced her to stop claiming she had impugned Sessions's character. Of course, as a staunch racist, Sessions has no character to impugn.
  • It's so sad to watch these poor Trump supporters explain that, when they voted for Trump, they didn't expect him to actually cancel their health insurance, even though he kept saying he would.
  • Just a reminder, your tax dollars are going directly into Donald Trump's pockets, and he's using his government position to hurt corporations.
  • Why won't the media tell us the truth about 9/11 and the Bowling Green Massacre?
  • A mash-up of Betsy DeVos's incompetent ramblings and the protesters who wish she would have been denied.
  • Another one of Trump's failed businesses.
  • Attorneys explain why Trump's plan to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from endorsing specific political candidates, is a terrible idea. Need an example?

Captain Disillusion teaches you how to make you own fake viral video and gives an update on the failed Cicret Bracelet.

Watch a Jehovah's Witness couple write their son out of their lives because he's gay.

More songs from the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

As long as there are evil people in the world

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Thousands of civilians were executed by the Syrian government.

Using black women as exotic fantasies isn't just sexist, it's also racist.

As Arkansas inches closer to putting up a Satanic monument at their Capitol, the state is trying a new tactic, create an emergency law so they can vote on whether they need to obey the Constitution.

Two weeks down, far too many to go

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Saw the Vagina Monologues on Thursday with my mom, had a colonoscopy on Friday, took part in another protest on Saturday. Like a boss!

Arkansas has passed a new law which allows a woman's right to an abortion to be contingent on her husband's approval, even if she is raped by him.

As we've seen from all the protests against Trump in his first two weeks, protesting can work. However, never forget that protesting is tricky work, and it is always important to understand they ways an oppressive majority can undermine your efforts.

Never trust a company that is claiming to give you something for free. Companies are not in the business of earning less money and so-called "discount cards" are just a sleazy way for companies to squeeze more money out of your business and erode your privacy. So, when telecomm companies that are near monopolies already claim to offer free services, it's probably not because they don't like money, but instead because they want control over how you can access the Internet.

After the official Royal Commission was released on sex abuse in the Australian Catholic Church, the final number is shocking. Over 4,000 people have reported having been abused by a member of their church. Of all the Catholic priests in the country from 1950-2010, 7% have been accused of sexual abuse!

Game over man!

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Have to get a colonoscopy tomorrow, so I'll probably be too sedated to update. The perks of getting old!

  • Using a racial slur in the process, Trump threatens Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto with a US military invasion if he doesn't take care of his "bad hombres."
  • When Jimmy Carter's plan to rescue hostages from Iran failed, he took responsibility, even though it was the US military that botched it. Now Donald Trump has ordered a Navy Seal strike on a Yemen home suspected to house al Qaeda militants. Pretty much everything went wrong. Their plane crash-landed injuring several Seals and another was killed in the ensuing firefight. When the Seals finally infiltrated the house, they killed everyone in it including several women and children and the 8-year-old daughter of the country's former agriculture minister, then burned it to the ground. Trump called this a success. Although Trump lies about most things, he is certainly being true to his word when he said, "You have to take out their families."
  • Trump owes another $6,000,000 for fraud. I wonder how many back-alley deals he's going to make as President to get his money back?
  • Like a tantrum-prone teen, Trump, upon being informed of Obama's arrangement to accept some of their refugees, hung up on the Prime Minister of Australia, whining that it would hurt his political image. Trump later folded and said he would honor the agreement, possibly after being reminded that Australia could replace the US with China for trade deals.
  • Scott Walker explains to Trump that America can be fixed by eliminating unions for government workers. It's those damn employees making barely enough money to feed their families who are ruining America, it has nothing to do with the ultra rich 1% who pay nothing in taxes.
  • Even though most terrorism in the USA is caused by American-born white men, Trump's regime wants to change the "Countering Violent Extremism" program to the "Countering Islamic Extremism." Currently, the program targets any form of violent extremism whether it comes from the KKK, Black Panthers, or Jihadist. Its new highly specific and irrational name implies that it will ignore white supremacists and neo-Nazis. This is about as stupid as changing the "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" Agency to the "Marlboro" Agency.
  • Republicans claim they only want to accept immigrants who are willing to work, Trump says he's going to put America back to work, and Starbucks solves both problems at once by saying they'll hire 10,000 immigrants. Naturally, racists threatened a boycott because they only want white people to get jobs, but their cries were drowned out by people pointing out their hypocrisy.
  • DeVos's goal, take your tax dollars away from public schools and give them to private Christian schools.
  • To be a non-profit organization you have to prove that you are helping the community and you must keep very detailed records of your money for the IRS. Unless you're a church. Churches don't pay taxes, but they don't even have to attempt community progress or keep any records at all (which is probably why they're so often implicated in corruption). One other part of being a non-profit means not being allowed to endorse political candidates. Non-profits can talk issues all they want, but they can't name names. The idea is, if you don't want to contribute to the country's infrastructure because you're -so- concerned with helping people, then you don't need to be so involved in politics. Of course, in reality, churches have been getting away with endorsing political candidates for years without punishment, and it wasn't until the IRS was sued that they finally pretended to care. But, if Trump gets his way, churches will become Republican political rallies even more than they already are.

According to a recent Pew Research Poll, 83% of Republicans believe that you must speak English to be a true American compared to 61% of Democrats. 43% of Republicans say it is necessary to be Christian to be a true American compared to 32% of Democrats. 35% of Republicans say you must be born here to be a true American compared to 32% of Democrats. Also interesting, these numbers decrease as a person gets a better education, becomes less religious, and among the young, indicating we're heading in the right direction. Each nation varies widely on their level of nationalism.

The only moral dilemma behind autonomous cars is why are we afraid to have them when they're clearly safer that even the best human driver.

Honest Trailers does The Princess Bride and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Just a reminder how wasteful US military spending is, and how hard it will be to fix the problem.

The room where it happens

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  • Protesting works. Donald Trump was going to go to Milwaukee to visit a Harley-Davidson factory, but the company decided it was in their best interest to rescind the invitation. Trump has become so toxic, they would rather take their chances with his useless Tweets than millions of protesters. But don't forget, dictators will always try to take away your protesting rights.
  • During his campaign, Trump claimed he would renegotiate with pharmaceutical companies to get better deals. Well, he met with several of them, and after his meeting decided that the pharmaceutical companies are barely scraping by, so he decided to lower their taxes instead. It doesn't help that Republicans in the Bush Administration created a law to prevent the government from negotiating with drug manufacturers.
  • In order to justify his tax cuts for the wealthy and massive military increases, Trump has decided to cut out nearly everything good that the government does. Art, literature, civil rights, public radio, environmental protections, science education and investigation, and energy investments are going to be eliminated entirely saving the nation about $7.3 billion a year, which sounds like a lot until you realize that he needs cut about $1,050 billion to make his tax plan work. translates to just $22.36 a year per person. http://time.com/money/4639544/trump-nea-sesame-street-budget-cut/
  • A closed Republican meeting was infiltrated and recorded by an anonymous person and the recordings sent to various news outlets. What was discovered from the private talks? Republicans support Trump's wasted effort investigate non-existent voter fraud, they think repealing the Affordable Care Act is political suicide, and they wondered how they can massively increase military spending and a useless border wall for Trump without first removing all the laws they created to prevent runaway government spending!
  • Betsy DeVos was approved by Republicans and will become the head of the USA's education programs. Just to add icing on the unqualified inexperienced cake, DeVos cheated on her approval questions. And more horrible news, looks like Jerry Falwell, Jr. will also be ruining American education.
  • Trump admits, like the self-proclaimed "fiscally responsible" Republicans before him, he's far more interested in military spending than a balanced budget.
  • Michigan's Attorney General is Republican Bill Schuette. He actively worked to eliminate women's abortion rights, ban same-sex marriage, and is now siding with Trump's bigoted belief that Muslims should be banned from entering the US.
  • Republican's cried "tyrant!" when Obama issued executive orders, even when most American's favored them, but now that Trump's writing them, they can't agree more, even when they're bullshit.
  • Trump's message to CNN, if you don't do what we tell you to do, we won't grant you interviews!
  • Trump's America is about to get a little smaller as Republicans plan to sell off an amount of land equal to the size of Connecticut to private owners. Oh yeah, and they're trying to drill for oil in National Parks.
  • Trump officially nominates Neil Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court, a man much likened to Antonin Scalia, AKA the most evil judge in recent times. Expect to see the wall between church and state to crumble a little more.
  • New York Catholic priest, Philip Pizzo, posted a joke which he thought funny which suggested that anyone who opposes Trump should commit suicide, something Catholics view as a mortal sin. This wasn't seen as a joke by Carlos Coburn, a man struggling with suicidal thoughts who was counseled by Pizzo.
  • Despite being a minority victor, Trump continues to alienate himself with the Democratic majority.
  • Rebecca Watson explains why Trump is wrong to favor torture.

Once again, to prove they are the party of small government, North Dakota Republicans continue to control when businesses are allowed to open on Sundays (not until noon) because people should be in church, and women shouldn't be out spending their husband's money, but rather at home making him breakfast in bed!

Robert Arnold, former Sheriff of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, thought it was important to put up the Ten Commandments in his jail to force his religion on other people. Unfortunately, he never read the commandment about stealing because he just plead guilty to corruption and extortion charges. There is also evidence that he's guilty of witness tampering and domestic assault.

A collection of songs from the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

It took the Prime Minister of Canada to get Fox "News" to finally take down their post implying the Quebec Mosque shooter was Moroccan instead of a white Conservative.

Aron Ra makes some videos for Monster On Sunday's songs Just Like You and Make a Believer.

A bunch of men protest Planned Parenthood.