March, 2017

This should be fun

Feeling: Surprised

  • Wow! Mike Flynn has offered to testify to the FBI about the Trump administration's connection with Russia provided they give him immunity for prosecution! So far, the FBI isn't interested, either because they don't think he has any useful information, or because they already know enough to take them all down!
  • Trump, while speaking at women's empowerment meeting (you already know this is going to be funny) claimed his cabinet was full of women (it actually has fewer than any since the 1980s), and then was shocked that the women at the women's empowerment meeting had ever heard of an obscure American named... Susan B. Anthony. How unbelievably sexist and ignorant do you have to be to think other women wouldn't know about Susan B. Anthony?
  • The Guardian makes a good point, the USA has never seen a party less-caring than the current Republican party. Republican administrations from the past often welcomed welfare programs and environmental protections, but the current Republican party is against everything unless it helps the rich get more money.
  • Gun nuts are shockingly easy to manipulate. Tell them someone bogeyman is going to outlaw guns, and they'll throw you their paychecks to buy more. So, the people who love guns the most are also extremely impulsive and knee-jerk. That's not a safe combination.
  • Trump is learning the hard way that being an asshole might get you elected, but it won't give you a successful presidency. Trump doesn't have a clue how to motivate people who disagree with him, so I'll just cheerfully watch the party melt down with all the in-fighting. They may be destroying what Obama did, but they can't build anything new.
  • Republican Scott Wagner believes global warming is occurring because the Earth is getting closer to the Sun. Had he read this children's science article from the Library of Congress, he would know that it gets warmer in the summer due to the tilt of the Earth, not it's proximity to the Sun along its elliptical orbit. Wagner also suggests that, because humans have warm bodies, and there are more humans than before, global warming may be caused by population increases. This is also the kind of hypothesis that could be figured out in the science class Wagner obviously skipped. First, human body heat ultimately comes from the Sun, so it doesn't actually increase the planet's temperature. Second, even if it did, it would be a negligible amount. Republicans really are the anti-science party.
  • Mike Pence's Christianity causes him to have some very strange eating habits when it comes to women.
  • Despite Republican opposition, the rape kits in Georgia are finally being processed.
  • Johnnie Caldwell is a Georgia Republican Judge who had to step down to avoid being prosecuted for sexually assaulting and harassing several women, but now he may be elected to an even higher office because he's running unopposed.
  • An interesting point to bring up, nobody wants ISPs to sell their private personal information. Really, nobody. However, corporate entities very much want this because it will make them more money. If we held a popular vote on this, everyone whould vote against it, but Republicans don't care what the people want, they only care about helping corporations get more money because they'll give the Republicans some kickbacks.
  • Coal is a dying industry, so we should be working to replace it with greener energy, but Trump still wants to whip the dead horse a bit longer.

The University of Louisiana might be destroying several million specimens of plants and animal species in order to have a better Track team.

Strangely, a glass or metal splinter isn't as dangerous as a rose thorn.

Christians keep buying up hospitals which is bad news if you need treatment for endometriosis or an ectopic pregnancy, but even worse news if you work for them and expect to retire.

The math behind fitting a couch around a corner.

Lot of dumb folk out there

Feeling: Angry

  • For seven years the Republican Party has been trying to kill the Affordable Care Act, and even when they control the entire government, they're too impotent to do it. But that won't stop Trump from lying about it.
  • Of course Devin Nunes will continue to lead the investigation of Trump's involvement with Russian, he even admits that it's the Democrat's problem that he's too good of friends with Trump administration to do his job properly. I mean, this is an administration that has been actively trying to block any investigation of their criminal past.
  • Conservative bigot, Tomi Lahren, just learned first hand what it's like to be a woman in a caveman's party. She was fired for expressing her less than firm opinion on abortion.
  • The Government Accountability Office has agreed to investigate all the taxpayer money Trump is paying to himself in his many vacations to his own property.
  • Aetna lied to the public that they weren't making money on Obamacare. They were, but they wanted more, and Republicans used their lie to help bolster support for the ACA's repeal.
  • Trump's lawyers don't believe he should have to stand trial for sexually assaulting one of many women because he's the president. He has many important things to do. Like golf.
  • Even the CEO of a coal company has tried explaining to Trump that he can't bring back coal jobs.
  • Trump is still blaming Clinton for all his problems, even suggesting that it should be Hillary, not he, who should be investigated for Russian collusion.
  • Republicans just voted to let companies like Comcast and AT&T, without your consent or knowledge, sell your private personal information including your medical history, financial history, web browsing history, and even information about your children. Republicans claim this is good for you because, by eliminating oversight and allowing profits to increase, other companies will see how much profit they make, and want to start broadband companies of their own. Of course, this is bullshit. ISPs do not need to sell you Social Security number to make ends meet, they're bursting with money because they're monopolies. And it is because they're monopolies that it doesn't matter how much money they make, no other company will be allowed to compete with them. Republicans have done what they always do: give more money to people who are already obnoxiously wealthy at the expense of the poor.

I so greatly admire anyone who can stick to a game long enough to build one all alone.

Birth control should be cheap and easily available for everyone.

Sheesh, you traumatize a child by holding them under water in an unwanted religious ritual, and people just freak out!

It's illegal in the USA to execute people who are mentally disabled, but for years Texas has been executing them anyway because they devised their own criteria for what it means to be mentally disabled. To Texas, the only people who are mentally disabled are those who are so disabled they can't preform even simple tasks like mowing a lawn or playing a game. Their definition had no scientific basis, and the US Supreme Court just ruled that they must fix their standard and bring it in line with current medical understanding.

Racism, rape, and sexualized children are just some of the wonderful things we find in children's cartoons.

CGI animated characters look better when they're less freakish.

Why does he still exist?

Feeling: Angry


The semi-live-action Beauty and the Beast movie isn't that good.

  • One of Obama's claims to fame was a push toward environmental stability. Granted, it was nowhere near strong enough to prevent the oncoming catastrophe of climate change, but at least it was a step in the right direction. Well, Trump is going to ruin everything that Obama worked so hard to achieve, even to the point of eliminating government climate data.
  • Republicans are expected to eliminate any Internet privacy that you might have expected.
  • Reader Neo pointed out an important fact. The 33 Republicans who opposed Trumpcare didn't hate the bill because it would ruin people's health care, but because it wasn't going to ruin people's health care enough! The self-proclaimed "Freedom Caucus" has a mission, end government safety nets, no exceptions (unless you're rich). This isn't a surprise when you consider the Republican wish list.
  • Ayn Rand was a pro-choice atheist who hated caring for the less fortunate. Naturally, she is the Republican Party's unofficial spokeswomen.
  • The cost of the Trump family's vacations could fund several of the programs he's trying to cut.
  • What happens when Trump's campaign is converted into Dungeons and Dragons terminology?
  • Bill O'Reilly proves that he can be racist and sexist at the same time.
  • A judge just ruled unconstitutional the law passed by Louisiana Republicans which prevented people from marrying non-Americans.
  • Obama created an executive order which prevented government contractors from cheating their workers out of wages and forced them to have safe working conditions. Trump just repealed this executive order because he is pure shit.

Finally! A white terrorist is actually charged with terrorism!

Death may still be undesirable, but it's not so scary when you don't believe in an afterlife.

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger video games are really awful.

Usually, if you hear someone talking about "Millennials" you're listening to a bigot.

Bible historian Bart Ehrman explains several biblical contradictions.

Weekend was good, politics are bad

Feeling: Angry


I added cat breeds, logic symbols, Spanish time words, and a third level to religious symbols to my Flash Cards site. I also resize the image to fit your browser.

  • Well, it's official, Trumpcare has failed. Even when the Republicans run everything, they still can't figure out how to make anything work. The New York Times lists the 33 Republicans who refused to vote in favor of Trumpcare, which shows that there are only 33 sane Republicans in Congress. One good thing to come out of all of this, is that it shows just how callous and evil Republicans are.
  • Donald Trump gave the Chancellor of Germany a £300,000,000,000 invoice for US defense, because he doesn't understand how NATO works.
  • Trump lies all the time, and while many of his lies are childish (like how many people attend his speeches), some of them are serious threats to the USA, like when the FBI explained that they are currently investigating Russian attacks on the stability of the US democratic process, Trump lied saying that the FBI told congress there was no Russian hacking. The Trump presidency isn't going to be remembered for a few lies, or even a lot of lies, it's going to be remembered as a time in American history when truth died. Fox "News" continues to help Trump with his lies, reporting that he's working when he's actually on vacation... again. Trump may be garbage, but at least there are still puppies.
  • Vladimir Putin, like all modern dictators, is ruining his country. The more he tries to control the Russian people, the less likely other countries are willing to make deals with the country, and the Russian ruble has been sinking like a stone. Eventually, the people will revolt, but this will only happen if major countries like the USA continue their sanctions. Unfortunately, Trump is a huge fan of authoritarian dictators like Putin.
  • In an effort to reduce Trump's corruption, Democrats have introduced a bill that will require the President to release information about who he speaks to even while on vacation (something Obama willing did, but Trump refuses to do), and they're humorously naming it after the place Trump goes to waste millions.
  • A military strike in Iraq killed around 200 civilians, and it appears to have been executed by the US. Not that this is a shock, it's precisely what Trump said he would do.
  • The government, because it serves all Americans, is supposed to be neutral on matters of religion and business. The Trump campaign is not neutral on either, preferring Christianity over all other religions, and certainly preferring Trump businesses over all others.
  • You want to feel bad for the people who voted for Trump even though their family members are illegal immigrants and they're now being deported. After all, they really are losing an important part of their lives, and it's going to cause some serious repercussions, but then again, it's hard to feel bad about people who brag about how great of a shot they are just before shooting themselves in the foot.
  • If Trump kills NPR, many rural cities will lose their only source for local news.
  • Trump gave his daughter security clearance even though there is no possible reason she should have it, and now he's giving a serious raise in power to his inexperienced son-in-law. You know, the one who is being questioned about his involvement with Russia.

I'll bet you didn't even know that United Airlines has a dress code for female guest passengers and may force women to change out of their tights and into a dress.

The strange history of make-up.

Another white terrorist.

Watched the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie over the weekend. Meh. Lindsey Sterling does it better.

Postmortem of Star Control.

Paleontology also disproves Noah's flood.

Weekend is welcomed

Feeling: Angry

  • Trump thinks he is a great negotiator with the best deals, but even when Republicans controlling the House, Senate, White House, and majority of Governors, he's still failing to get Trumpcare passed! Maybe if they used a bucket analogy?
  • Mike Pence is proud of the fact that the future of American health care is being decided by a room full of rich old Christian white men.
  • The hated Keystone XL oil pipeline is officially back on track to ruin the drinking water of Native Americans.
  • Trump's terrorism "expert" has a fake degree and Nazi sympathies.
  • With all the lies and bullshit coming out of Trump's mouth, we barely have time to hear the rest of the news.
  • Trump's budget sounds like a gay porn: Hard Power.
  • The White House let Trump have a field day so he could pretend he was driving a big boy truck.
  • Republican George Faught believes that if a girl is raped by her father and becomes pregnant, she shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion because it was God's will.
  • When it comes to the White House, it's not breaking news, it's breaking nonsense, which is about as believable as this skit.
  • Jeff Sessions continues his losing fight against weed.
  • Trump just learned that Abraham Lincoln was Republican.

Some facts about Internet memes.

Yet another Christian lies that they will deliver a secular sex-education message, but when they're in front of public school students, it's all about abstinence and their god.

Bart Erhman answers questions about the problems with the bible.

Remember Josh Duggar? The guy who sexually assaulted his younger sisters and cheated on his wife with hookers? His wife is pregnant with child number five!

Why didn't old timey people smile in their photos? Because they didn't have teeth? No, probably because photography was serious business.

The mayor of Carey, Ohio suggested doing away with prayers at council meetings because he didn't want to lose his taxpayer's money fighting the same lawsuit that so many towns have lost in the past. After his suggestion, he decided to resign because he received many threats against his life. We must assume that these threats are coming from people who fancy themselves proper God-fearing Christians.

How we might be able to save the local news.

Your muff's cabbage!

Feeling: Frustrated


I beat Neutopia last night, my second TurboGrafx-16 game. I would have liked it more if I didn't know about The Legend of Zelda.

  • Today we get to see just how good Republicans are at destroying health care for the poor, sick, and elderly. Vox explains it quite succinctly: if you're a millionaire, Trumpcare will give you $50,000 a year, but if you're poor, you will lose $1,420. It's a shame that Republicans are just now starting to warm up to the idea of Obamacare after stupidly voting to have it taken away from them.
  • Republicans have shown contempt for the US Supreme Court for years now, and soon, all their obstructionism will pay off. We learned that Trump's pick, Neil Gorsuch, even as he refused to answer any questions of substance in his hearing, had one of his earlier rulings overturned by the Supreme Court that he will soon be on. The case was whether public schools should have to accommodate disabled students (Gorsuch doesn't think they should).
  • The US military budget is far too large, and we wouldn't have any problems caring for the sick and educating the poor if we could simply divert those funds.
  • Are you the kind of person who enjoys shooting a mother bear in front of her cubs from a helicopter? Well good news, Republicans are allowing that again!
  • Republican Steve Curtis is one of those loudmouths who believed Trump's lie about massive voter fraud, and you already know where this is going, he's facing charges for voter fraud.
  • There is absolutely no reason to give Ivanka Trump security clearance.
  • At least there are a few Republicans who recognize that the party chooses itself over the country and have the decency to officially resign.
  • The Wall Street Journal (of all places) brings up an important point, Trump has proven himself to be so dishonest that he could go on television and claim a foreign power was attacking the country, and a large population of the world wouldn't believe him.
  • Allowing Republicans to be involved in the Russian investigation is like trusting a fox to guard your hen house. Time and time again, they've proved they value party over country, and they did so again when Devin Nunes, the head of the Republican side of the investigation shared his findings with Trump, but not his fellow investigators.

Wearing glasses will not ruin your eye sight, that's just a myth.

As your science education level increases, your views tend to align with the experts of the field. For example, a layman may disagree with evolution, but those who take biology classes in college and are exposed to the evidence of the theory tend to comprehension and accept it. However, there is an interesting outlier to be found with how Republicans accept climate change. A recent Pew Forum poll showed that, regardless of how much science education they have, few Republicans accept climate change. At first, this made me wonder, perhaps Republicans know something about climate change that I don't, but after reviewing the results in more detail, I no longer think is the case. The data show that, regardless how much they understand science, the more a person identifies as a Republican, the more contempt they have for science in general, especially climate science. Also, the poll gauged a person's science education level with general science questions in the fields of biology and physics, not a person's understanding of climate science. It looks as though the Republican denial of climate change comes a general hatred of any science that disagrees with preconceived beliefs.

Crash Course Philosophy teaches you about language and meaning, the implications behind words, and how they cause harm.

I've seen hundreds of Christian vanity plates in my years of driving, so why does it take a lawsuit for a non-religious person to get their vanity plate?

A postmortem on Populous.

Apparently, -that- dumb.

Feeling: Frustrated

  • The FBI is disagreeing with pretty much everything Trump has said, yet Trump lies about the FBI while the FBI are calling out his lies! The most interesting thing is that Trump Tower was wire tapped back in 2013, but it wasn't at the request of Obama, it was by the FBI, because there was a Russian mafia boss staying there. But, these willingly-ignorant Fox News watching mothers don't care about Russia's involvement in Trump's victory, so you shouldn't either.
  • Trump may have promised those coal miners they would get their jobs back, but the reality is, coal plants are closing despite Trump's lies, and they should die off because they are inefficient compared to better, cleaner, and safer technologies.
  • Republicans really are trying to ruin life for everyone who isn't rich, and for good reason, Trump has threatened any politician who doesn't try to push through his plan.
  • Remember when Republicans held hearings on access to birth control and everyone involved was male? We all mocked them at how sexist and backward they were. Well, Trump's Republican's are still just as bigoted and thoughtless. Each year, the US holds the African Global Economic Development summit to discuss the growth of African businesses, but nobody from Africa could actually make it because Trump denied all their visas.
  • Trump's head of the State Department, Rex Tillerson, who used an alias to talk about the effects of climate change on his company so he could continue to claim he didn't believe in it, will not be attending a key NATO summit because he'll be in Russia. Maybe it's because NATO is now claiming that Russia is involved in the politics of more than just the USA?
  • At least a little good news comes out, the US Supreme Court just ruled that law enforcement cannot search your cellphone without a warrant.
  • Not that I'm surprised, but the US government is no longer involved in the Human Rights Hearing.

Texas Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack starts his court sessions with a bible reading and a prayer and tells anyone who may be offended by this, including the people who are at his mercy, that they should leave the court if they are offended, but their wanton heathenism will definitely not change his ruling on them. Yeah right! He was encouraged to stop using a government institution to discriminate against people that don't believe in his version of a god, but he refused. Now he's facing a lawsuit where he doesn't get to be the judge.

Fixing some quibbles with a recent evolution video.

Microsoft unleashed a strong marketing campaign about the quality of their new Edge browser being ultra fast and ultra secure, but it was the most-hacked browser at a 2017 hacking contest where five exploits were discovered.

Twenty lessons learned after 20 years of Magic.

Cosmic Skeptic does a Q&A after reaching 80,000 subscribers.

How dumb can you get?

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump's budget is going to ruin the US economy.
  • Trump's approval rating has dipped to it's lowest number yet, which makes me wonder, what did you think would happen? You voted for a human parasite.
  • The US has been investigating Russia's interference with the US election since July of 2016, and are still investigating it, including another one of Trump's cronies, Roger Stone.
  • Trump won't bother going to security meetings prepared by the CIA or FBI, but he will give his daughter security clearance. Just one more person to do his job for him so he can play more million dollar rounds of golf.
  • Congress costs Americans about $2,000,000 each year just in the cost of pastries.
  • Neil Gorsuch, the man Trump nominated to fill the vacancy in the US Supreme Court, claimed that many women manipulate companies for maternity leave, hiring in shortly before or after becoming pregnant, waiting until their maternity leave is complete, then quitting. He wasn't able to provide evidence for this practice, but he still suggests that companies should demand to know from their female applicants if they're pregnant or thinking or becoming pregnant, so they can refuse to hire them.
  • I have a hard time believing that Republicans are too stupid to understand climate change. Instead, they're lying that it doesn't exist because they think protecting the environment will hurt their profits. Of course, if everyone shared the burden equally and worked toward a greener business model, we would promote business growth, create jobs, and raise income all at once. But Republicans are usually too short-sighted to worry about that stuff. And, if you want a reminder of the reality of climate change, take a look at National Geographic's before and after pictures of glaciers.
  • What happens when you spend all of your time worrying about terrorism.
  • Tennessee Christians already convinced the state government to create special Christian license plates, but that's not enough. Now, Republicans are trying to force all drivers to use Christian license plates.

Be careful if you think probability can prove the existence of your god, because that means there's an even higher probability that some other god exists.

US courts continue to set dangerous precedences favoring trigger-happy police officers over innocent civilians. Police can now shoot you dead in your own home, and, even if you're completely innocent, your family can no longer sue them for wrongful death. Andrew Scott was slain after Florida Deputy Richard Sylvester and three other police officers shot him several times after police confused him with a criminal they were pursuing. This is just another reminder that the police should never be trusted. Unless you need their help, never open your door to the police, never talk to the police, never let the police on your property.

Ninteen-year-old Shana Grice called the police on her ex-boyfriend (29-year-old Michael Lane) who had been stalking her and her new boyfriend. According to Grice her ex was following her around making unwanted phone calls, and leaving disparaging notes to her new boyfriend. Police investigated, but because her ex was able to show them text messages where Grice seemed to be sending mixed signals, the police not only dismissed her allegations, but fined her for wasting their time. A couple months later, Shana Grice was murdered.

Christians still physically and emotionally abuse children in cruel ways.

Postmortem of Marble Madness.

Racists continue to be emboldened by Trump even risking their jobs as waiters and refusing to serve non-US residents.

Time to go poison the pigeons in the park!

Feeling: Happy


We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day party, and today is the first day of spring!

  • Remember when Trump mocked Obama for taking vacation (Obama actually took very little vacation time) and said if he were president he'd be so busy working hard for the American public that he wouldn't have time to take vacation? Well, Trump was lying. Not only has he taken more vacations than probably any other president in history, he's also costing the American tax payer more than any president in history. In fact, if he would just stop taking so many vacations, we'd be able to keep the National Endowment For the Arts and Meals on Wheels, which gives you an idea just how minuscule his budget cuts are to things that matter. TLDR: Trump's budget is terrible.
  • While trying to defend their evidence-free accusation that Obama wiretapped Trump, the White House blamed British Intelligence. Now, they're had to apologize after they couldn't find any evidence that the UK spied on Trump at Obama's request. But where did the lie about the UK being involved come from? Fox News.
  • Republicans defend Trumpcare by saying healthy people should have to pay for sick people, but that's precisely how health insurance works.
  • Trump complained the political leaders of our nation are incompetent, and he was finally proved correct the day he took office..
  • Having a hard time paying back your student loans? It's about to get harder. The man who uses bankruptcy to get out of paying his own debts wants to make sure you can't do the same.
  • While he was on the campaign trail, his supporters loved the fact that Trump said horrible things about racial minorities, women, and non-Christians, and while I don't expect him to change his rhetoric, he's finally realizing that his words are hurting him, and he can't fire the American people.
  • Protesting is very important, but if it doesn't convince Liberals to vote, it doesn't do a damn bit of good.
  • Trump embarrassed the US at his meeting with the German Prime Minister, but even more afterward, claiming Germany owed NATO and the US vast sums of money for military protection. The German Defense Minister had to teach Trump how NATO handles defense, because he doesn't know.
  • Why is it important that governments don't have access to your private data, because democracies are sometimes replaced by totalitarian regimes, and the new government will want to use the surveillance to murder freethinkers.
  • Christian Republican Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas, has spent his career promoting religion, but now that Islam is raising, he's suddenly injured by prayer in school.
  • Racist fascists are becoming more vocal all over the world.

The US has long since lost the drug war, but our bloated military budget has put military-grade equipment in the hands of local police who are trained in a military style to deal with ordinary citizens. SWAT teams are bursting into homes, destroying property, shooting dogs, burning children, and often killing innocent people without any consequences. Fun!

Want to learn about non-coding DNA?

Aron Ra calls one of those Christian TRUTH billboards and finds that they're not too interested in the truth.

Postmortem on Oregon Trail.

How can someone who is a Christian support the Muslim ban?

Alcohol, the cause of and solution to all life's problems

Feeling: Happy


On this St. Patrick's Day, remember, if you don't get drunk to celebrate a Catholic saint, you're making baby Jesus cry.

  • So here's the breakdown of Trump's tax plan. Big cuts in medical research, science research, climate change research, education, feeding the helpless, and helping the poor, so that we can focus on what's important, more war machines.
  • For reasons of national security, the CIA does not verify hacking claims. That way, even if someone does successfully hack the CIA and releases top secret information, people can't be sure the data is really the CIA's data, or just someone pretending it's the CIA's data. Then Trump comes along and blurts out, yes the CIA was successfully hacked, meaning all the top secret information on WikiLeaks is valid!
  • While working under Trump, Michael Flynn was paid by several Russian groups, including the Russian government, a total of $68,000.
  • Trump's second Muslim ban was also ruled unconstitutional.
  • The new Republican defense is the "deep state," Democrats that are hiding in the Trump administration to oppose him. Too bad it was Trump's job to replace them, but he and his staff was too stupid to know that.
  • When everything Trump says is a lie or "a joke," then you can't trust anything he says.
  • Texans are receiving letters from the US government being told they are going to have their land taken away from them so that Trump can have his wall.
  • Trump's lie about wire tapping has officially turned up no evidence, but probably cost millions of taxpayer dollars. Trump defended his wasteful lie with the solid argument that he had been, "reading about things."
  • Republicans are pushing forward with the bill to allow mentally unstable people to have guns.
  • With Trump and Paul Ryan trying to eliminate health care for the poorest and sickest Americans, it makes you wonder, what kind of Christians are they?
  • As anyone could predict, Ralph Shortey, a Republican who fought to keep transgendered people out of the proper bathroom because they might molest children, was caught in a hotel room with an underage male teen after an online conversation where he offered the boy money in exchange for "sexual stuff." Despite his crime, other Republicans have refused to fire Shortey, so that he can continue to vote on future bills. Which kind of raises the question, what does a white guy have to do to get fired?
  • Stephen Colbert mocks Rex Tillerson and his climate change alter-ego Wayne Tracker.

Catholic priests are still raping children.

The struggles of creating Antichamber.

What it's like to create satire news in a totalitarian regime.

A dictionary writer explains what it means to define a word.

Flint just got $100,000,000 to fix the damage Republicans made to it. Thanks Obama!

They love and share

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Breitbart released a recording of Paul Ryan slamming Donald Trump prior to Trump becoming president, and nobody can really understand why. Are Republicans they trying to sabotage their own party because of the vitriol against Trumpcare?
  • Why can't Americans be more like the Dutch where 80% of the population votes, and they defeat the racist Nationalist party? Instead practically nobody votes, and those who do elect a war monger.
  • Trump's bigoted past keeps coming back to bite him in the ass. When he claims that his Muslim ban isn't a Muslim ban, judges can look at his past statements and see that he was talking about banning Muslims specifically all through the election, so it doesn't mean much to now claim that it's a generic travel ban.
  • Had Trump's ridiculous tax plan been implemented in 2005, when he lost $103,200,000, he wouldn't have to pay hardly any taxes at all. He's changing tax law specifically to help crooks like himself, which means even less money for the government to operate. So less police, fire department, environmental protection, etc.
  • Important instructions that will, hopefully, soon come in handy for impeaching the president.
  • With all the leaks coming out of the White House, Republican paranoia is at an all time high.

  • Trump continues with his plan to defund the EPA.

The beautiful grossness in the science of fruit flies.

Why only teaching your kids the good parts of religion will backfire.

Training your computer to compose music.

Fight fight fight

Feeling: Annoyed


Finished re-reading Fantastic Mr. Fox. It basically encourages children to steal from ugly people.

Simone Giertz trains for a NASA mission by locking herself in her bathroom for a weekend.

Why it isn't always important to have your graph show zero.

When we suddenly see a new star in the sky.

Why cartoon characters often wear gloves.

The Itchy and Scratch Show!

Feeling: Annoyed


Finished reading Freakonomics.

  • Republicans complained all the time that we had Obamacare that it didn't cover every American, but Trumpcare is expected to cover 24 million fewer, particularly among those who voted for Trump. Trumpcare is also expected to raise premiums for the elderly and the poor by 750%. Pretty much every part of Trumpcare is a train wreck.
  • Republicans in New Hampshire voted to NOT raise the legal age for girls to marry from 13 to 18, probably because they're hoping to land a 13-year-old bride themselves.
  • US Border Control, the ultimate racists. At least some Democrat politicians are demanding answers.
  • Boy, did Trump sure show us!
  • Paul Manafort, Trump's original campaign manager who resigned after it was discovered that he received $12,000,000 from Russia, is being accused of having a part in the Ukrainian genocide by his own daughter.
  • Roger E. Ailes, former-CEO of Fox News has been accused of sexually harassing several women at the network. An investigation has been under way for awhile now, but it hit a roadblock when Trump became president. Trump originally kept Obama's investigating attorney Preet Bharara, but recently fired him (probably when it became clear he couldn't be bought). Trump is no doubt trying to find someone to throw out the case, but unfortunately for him, everyone he knows is also in bed with Fox News and would have to recuse himself. Thus, the case will continue.
  • What would it take to build Trump's wall?
  • If you're receiving praise from a member of the KKK, you're doing something wrong.
  • SNL has Al Fraken question Jeff Sessions about his racism and corruption.
  • Stephen Colbert does a recap of the previous week of the Trump administration.

Facebook decided to, at least a little, stop feeding your personal information to the police.

Why atheism is not a disease, the bible is not a historical account, and the moral argument is not valid.

Alabama has a long history of continuing to hate minorities long after it stopped being fashionable, and this often backfires on them. Like, when they refused to screen Disney's new Beauty and the Beast film because it has a gay character and instead screened a documentary about drag queens.

People are still arguing that it is religious freedom for a Rabbi to suck the penis of infant boys.

Samuel L. Jackson's entire film career montage.

Another Monday the 13th!

Feeling: Angry

  • Many Americans refer to their country as the "land of the opportunity" and claim a strong "Judeo-Christian heritage," but let us not forget that in 1939, almost 1,000 Jewish refugees escaped persecution from Nazi Germany only to find an American that refused to accept them (largely due to Cordell Hull, a man who called himself a Christian). Their ship had to return to Europe where many of the Jewish refugees ended up dying in the Holocaust. This was a black mark for America, proof that we were xenophobic and selfish. You'd think we'd have learned from our mistakes, but here we are again, refusing to let Muslim refugees enter the country, demanding they go back to where they came, a war-torn wasteland where they will most likely be killed. This is especially infuriating when the data show that most terrorists in America are white Americans.
  • The Republicans who, after seven years of trying, finally ruined the Affordable Care Act by turning it into Trumpcare, don't want people calling it Trumpcare. And Trump voters continue to fear the loss of their health care.
  • Republican Steve King is a white supremacist.
  • Republican Roger Marshall explains, "[poor people] just don't want health care and aren't going to take care of themselves."
  • Trump quotes fit surprisingly well with sexist advertisements from the 1960s.
  • In Trump's America, the KKK is out in the open.
  • Steven Bannon's seedy past, and possible voter fraud, is catching up with him.
  • Trump still holds to his claim that Obama wiretapped Trump tower, but he still can't provide a shred of evidence.
  • New damning information continues to come out about Mike Flynn.
  • Is this the most corrupt White House in history?

Red light cameras are just another way for the government to rob the people all the while claiming to help them.

I wish there were more political leaders like Sumi Kailasapathy who would rather face the people than say a political prayer.

An interesting lecture about how emulation can be used to sell old games.

It's official, Windows 10 isn't an operating systems so much as a really complex advertisement.

God didn't do so well on his annual performance review.

You would take the cherished people that I hold

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Going to see Eisley play tonight.

I added a solar system objects set to my flash cards program.

  • Russia has violated a nuclear arms treaty with NATO, but will Trump do anything to stop his best buddies?
  • There are several greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, etc. Greenhouse gases are so called because they're able to absorb heat from sunlight causing the ambient temperature to increase, as in a greenhouse. These differ from non-greenhouse gases like argon and helium which do not absorb heat from sunlight. As you might expect, as the level of greenhouse gases increase, so too does the temperature. We're dumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere all the time, so the average temperature of the planet is continuing to rise in step. Scientists have been studying carbon dioxide and its greenhouse properties for centuries, so we can calculate the raise quite accurately and the data bear this out. Unfortunately, Trump's pick for the head of the EPA is either ignorant of science, or is purposely lying to make money, because he is claiming that carbon dioxide is not an important factor in climate change.
  • Trumpcare is just Obamacare with a higher price tag and less coverage. But Republicans don't want us calling Trumpcare, Trumpcare. And it's funny to hear Republican's bragging about how small their bill is. Why are they always so concerned about heir size? And should we really believe them when they claim that didn't know that it contained a massive tax break for the extremely wealthy? And why do Republicans have such a hateful view of the less-fortunate?
  • Republicans are hypocrites. They claim to be about small government and privacy, yet they work hard to ensure that your private lives can be sold to corporations without your permission. They also claim to be all about ethics, but they don't think ethics should apply to them.
  • And this is why the government shouldn't be advertising for businesses or running their own.
  • Republican John Shimkus, a good Christian man, doesn't think that men should be expected to pay for women's prenatal care. I guess, in his bible, Jesus said, "to hell with the fetuses!"
  • Ben Carson doesn't understand the difference between a slave and an immigrant, but even more frightening, doesn't understand how the brain works.
  • It's sad to see CPAC being housed in the same hotel that houses MAGFest.
  • Trump having the capacity to control himself for one hour is not a good enough reason to forget all the bullshit he has said in the past, or certainly will say in the future.
  • Trump really does know how to pick 'em.

A postmortem on Maniac Mansion.

The bad news is, white Evangelicals have convinced themselves that they are the most persecuted group in America, the good news is, nobody else believes them. Likewise, Republicans think white people are more persecuted than homosexuals and immigrants, and far more persecuted than black people

Dan Barker lectures about the purpose of his book, Losing Faith In Faith.

As the transgendered demand for their freedom, a lot of bigots are beating them to death.

Carol Tavris talks about her book, Mistakes Were Made, but Not By Me.

The world is on fire

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Added dog breeds to my flash cards program.

  • When compared to the Affordable Care Act, the new Republican health care plan is an all-around disaster. It will eliminate health care for millions of Americans, especially women, cost more, and cover less. Despite these facts, Republicans, who lack a sense of irony, are calling their tax break for the wealthy insurance plan the "World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017." However, most medical groups are against the new plan because of its many shortfalls, including: the AHA, the AAMC, the CHAUS, the CHA, the AARP, the American Nurses Association, and the American Medical Association. However, there are a few ultra-Conservatives who say the plan doesn't go far enough because they would prefer poor people go back to dying. In what has become a sad twisted reality, the people who were most likely to vote for Trump (i.e., poor Southerners), are also the ones who are most likely to rely on Obamacare.
  • The Trump dossier, which was compiled by a British Intelligence agent and suggests that Trump has been compromised by the Russians, continues to be proven accurate.
  • Just a reminder, the US spends -way- too much on its military.
  • It's a sad time for our country when schools have to hold seminars to teach Americans their rights when being harassed by Immigration officials.
  • FBI director James Comey, who used his governmental position to help Trump win the election, says that no American should ever expect to have privacy from the government.
  • Some more jokes about Trump's unfounded accusations that Obama tapped his phones.
  • Jeff Sessions admitted he lied about the Russians, but now it turns out he may have even lied in his admission!

A postmortem of Zork.

Want another reason to avoid Windows 10 outside of the hideous interface? How about its mandatory built-in advertisements?

Megan Phelps talks about what it was like to grow up in, and finally leave, the Westboro Baptist Church. And a Jehovah's Witness explains why he almost let himself die because his religion told him he can't have a blood transfusion.

Samantha Bee talks about her awesome show, Full Frontal.

Life is like a box of chocolate. Republicans are like a box of rapists.

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I finished reading The War of Worlds.

Our brains don't like having to think.

Why the Wingding's font was created.

Much like Sharia Muslims, Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, Illinois has implemented modesty rules for school dances. And much like Sharia laws, the rules for boys are simple, essentially a single sentence: wear a suit or tuxedo, while the girl's dress code is several pages including multiple example examples of dos-and-don'ts. They even say that the same acceptable dress on one girl may be inappropriate on another.

A quick and easy-to-understand video that explains the evidence for evolution.

A postmortem on Lucasfilm Games.

Still need to overthrow the government

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I added a couple new categories to the flash card project.

  • The Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act is nearly ready, and, unless you're a rich male, it will ruin your life. The insurance mandate is gone (the mandate was the only reason insurance providers approved the removal of pre-existing conditions and inability to drop sick patients, so those will come back). Subsidies have switched from income-based to age-based, so if you're poor, young, and sick, you will now receive less help than someone who is rich, old, and healthy. Medicaid, which helps low-income families, will no longer be expanded. Women's health care options will be massively decreased by the cutting of all funding to the largest provider of women's health care, even private insurers will be prevented from being able to cover abortions (even when no Federal money is used), and maternity benefits have been removed. This is what happens when you vote for a party that is proud to watch people die. Our only hope is that federal judges rule the plan unconstitutional in the impending lawsuit against the plan. Just don't succumb to your untreated illnesses before then.
  • Safe working conditions may help workers, but they cost money to corporations, and since Trump cares more about corporations than people, he's repealing the requirement for safe working conditions.
  • Trump's new Muslim ban is slightly less unconstitutional. It still block people from majority-Muslim countries, but now it people from Iraq, doesn't ban people with valid visas, and removed the wording which gave preferential treatment to Christians (though, I'm sure they will still get it).
  • Lying about Russian connections is what Jeff Sessions does best.
  • Trump doesn't seem to realize that it was the Republicans who were responsible for Watergate.
  • Republicans continue to try and ban pornography, even after several Republican-led investigations showed that it does not harm mental health.
  • Ben Carson refers to African slaves as, "involuntary immigrants."

China continues to try to conquer Buddhism.

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue takes a page out of Trump's book and calls the mass children's grave in Ireland fake news.

A postmortem for Portal 2.

How horrifying, a group of poachers broke into a French zoo and killed an endangered rhino just to take its horn.

Great white sharks just don't do well in aquariums.

America has still taken leave of its senses

Feeling: Annoyed


I went to a wonderful Women's March protest in Flint with Wallee.

Working on a new flash card project.

  • The latest lie to come out of Trump is his insistence that Obama was wiretapping his phone just prior to the election, an allegation that is completely devoid of any evidence, a claim even the FBI says should be rejected.
  • Despite all the protesting, the Keystone XL pipeline will be built thanks to direct intervention from Trump. And although Trump promised it would put a lot of Amercian steel workers back to work, Keystone XL will be built with foreign steel.
  • Mike Pence used an America Online email account to conduct state business including matters of homeland security. His email account was hacked while he was in office, just before he started complaining about Hillary Clinton's private email server. Will Republicans investigate or punishment Pence for the same crimes of Clinton? Of course not. Republicans don't care about justice or even the American people, they only care about their party.
  • To all those nature-loving hunters and fishers who also voted Republican, Trump is expected to cut the following projects: the Puget Sound restoration project, the Great Lakes cleanup, the Chesapeake Bay restoration, the California coast cleanup, beach water testing across the country, diesel emission reduction, research on harmful chemicals in the air and water, children's environmental education, and 34 other EPA projects.
  • It's very unlikely that Jeff Sessions will resign, despite his involvement with Russia, but at least he says he will recuse himself from the investigation that Republicans will never allow.
  • Meet Kathy Watson, who has multiple health issues, and couldn't get insurance until Obamacare finally made it possible. She probably would be dead now without Obamacare, so, naturally, she voted for Trump. Then, meet Timmy who is still alive because of Obamacare, and his parents are quite thankful.
  • Republican John Bennett forces his Muslim constituents to take a quiz about wife beating and child molestation before he will speak with them.
  • Texas Republicans are trying to pass a law protecting doctors who want to lie to their patients if it helps prevent abortions.
  • Trump's father was arrested at a riot in 1927 between Italian fascists and the KKK. There's not really a correct side in that fight.
  • During the Cold War people had to live under constant fear of two nuclear super powers with their fingers on the button. Thanks to Trump, we may soon wonder what it's going to be like with a dozen nuclear super powers.
  • Looks like US ICE agents used immigrants for slave labor.
  • Trump isn't the only person who can embarrass himself on Twitter, His long-time advisor also went on a Twitter rant making horrible insults against women.

A postmortem for Alone In the Dark.

A old Catholic home for unwed mothers turns out to also be a mass-grave for children.

Humans are prone to forgetting and misremembering things from the past. There is nothing supernatural about that.

When a child dies of a treatable illness because the parents believe that medicine is demonic, sure, the parents should be held accountable, but so too should the preacher who didn't speak up or even told the parents not to treat their child.

A simple run down of what atheism is and is not.

Another week down

Feeling: Annoyed

  • If your constituents are pissed off at your for not listening to them, it doesn't help to stop going to town hall meetings. And when they get even more mad and start bombarding you office with phone calls, don't do what Republican Ron Johnson did and issue a restraining order against your constituents or what Republican Mike Bost did and use racial slurs.
  • While Mike Pence was Governor of Indiana, he used an AOL email account to conduct official State business, and it got hacked. Kind of funny that this was when he was crying about Clinton's email server getting hacked. And it looks like Trump's EPA pick, Scott Pruitt had his own personal email account which he used for government business, and then lied about.
  • Trump's massive tax cuts for the extremely wealthy are causing a huge shortfall in the US government. In order to make ends meet, Trump is cutting those unimportant programs like the environment and education. These cuts don't even make up for the loss of tax revenue, let alone Trump's massive military increase. Yet another self-proclaimed fiscally conservative Republican will ruin the economy.
  • Trump's team continues to lie to reporters about their connections with Russia, but more ties keep surfacing, like Trump's son, Donald, Jr., who met with a pro-Russia group in Paris just three weeks before the election, and Jeff Sessions who used Republican campaign funds to meet with the Russian Ambassador, as well as two other Trump staffers.
  • If you're a racist bigot, pretty much anything you do will look "more presidential," it just makes you a polished turd.
  • If you are a Trump supporter, you better not be a Christian.
  • Turns out, Jeff Sessions didn't even bother to read the accusations of police abuse and just ignorantly dismissed them. But he did finally realize that his massive involvement in the 2016 election means that he has to recuse himself from any investigation that may take place (if there ever is one).
  • For years, Americans were allowed to travel around Europe with only their passport, without needing a visa, but thanks to Trump, those days have ended. Because Trump is refusing to honor the same travel allowances Europe affords Americans, now Europeans will deal out the same level of scrutiny to Americans.

A nice postmortem of Pitfall!.

The important reason why the FDA banned antibacterial soap.

An interesting look at the font, Futura.

You cowards and your wrathful god will see what power means when the Dragon comes, His will be done, in the fires you'll be cleaned

Feeling: Annoyed

  • For the first, and I'm sure not the last, time, politicians are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from a Russian inquiry due to his pre-election contact with a Russian officials. Sessions gave testimony during his hearing that he had never discussed the 2016 election with Russian officials, but his own spokesperson admitted that Sessions talked with the Russian ambassador twice while on the campaign trail.
  • On the topic of Jess Sessions, Republicans appointed a know racist, and they got one! His liberal use of the N-word aside, Sessions just dropped the case against Texas's anti-minority voter laws and put a stop to the federal investigations of those police departments where officers have a history racist complaints.
  • There is a lot of circumstantial evidence both from US intelligence and foreign intelligence that ties Trump and his cronies to Russia, and while it would be wonderful to know the full depth of Russia's involvement in Trump's election, Republican's refuse to ever investigate their own crimes. The little we do know is thanks to the fact that the Obama Administration actually took the Russian threat seriously, and kept detailed records.
  • Trump's speech was not "presidential" it was dictatorial, and the major points were all lies.
  • The sad state of the State Department under Trump.
  • It makes my black-little heart proud to see protesting so effective that it keeps oppressive assholes like Marco Rubio out of his offices.
  • US Border Security detained an Afghani man for five hours badgering him about his "tribal chief." The man is a doctor. A Nigerian software developer was detained and Customs demanded that he prove his skills by answering several tech questions like how to optimize a binary tree and describing why you need abstract classes. According to the developer, the quiz was clearly created by someone who didn't know anything about computer science, and the Customs official who administered it knew even less. And, even after supposedly failing the quiz, Customs let the man enter the country.
  • White House staffers are leaking so many embarrassing stories about Trump that they've decided to take action. No, they're not going to clean up their act, they're going to violate their staffer's privacy by performing random cell phone checks.
  • Trump's nuclear plan is basically to go back to the Cold War.

North Carolina is still sexist.

A wonderful postmortem on Prince of Persia.

Why don't women's sizes make sense? It's not just because of vanity sizing (which also exists in men's clothes), but because women's bodies are so varied, a simple waist and inseam system wouldn't be very useful.

Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clean water after Republicans ruined the entire city's water system, a misstep that has cost the state over $40,000,000 to subsidize the poisoned water supply. But even though the water still contains toxic amounts of lead, and even though Republican Governor Rick Synder promised he would keep helping until March 31st, he's decided to end the support prematurely. Flint citizens are now expected to pay full price for their poisoned water.

The dragon's on the rise

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump's first Congressional speech was mostly lies.
  • The Trump administration's Russian connections run deep, but we may never know how deep, because Republicans refuse to investigate them, interfere with intelligence investigations, and keep matters secret.
  • Trump claimed that all these bomb threats against Jewish Americans are might actually be false-flag operations designed to make people look bad! What Trump is too stupid to realize is that the only people who are made to "look bad" by these terrorist threats are anti-Semites, which means Trump doesn't already think that anti-Semites look bad!
  • Trump cited a study by the National Academy of Sciences to back up his belief that immigrants strain the economy they enter and lower wages, but the study actually shows that immigrants invigorate the economy and do not lower wages. His incompetence is probably why he's declared a military operation against Mexican immigrant, except that it's not a military operation.
  • The additional amount of money that Trump is pouring into the US military, not the total, just the increase, is almost as large as Russia's entire military budget. The rest of Trump's tax plan is equally unsustainable.
  • Thankfully, the Republicans who were trying to criminalize peaceful protests had their bill shot down. This is good news considering it's usually the police who incite violence, not the protesters.
  • Republican Governors are taking a lot of heat in town hall meetings what with the destruction of health care, and Republican's inability to hold Trump accountable for the terrible things he does. This has led some Governors to just simply stop meeting with the public.
  • If Trump is the kind of man who blames the US military for his botched Yemen raid, how do you think he's going to act if he starts a war?
  • Trump keeps claiming that the New York Times is failing, even though they're seeing a massive boon in sales due to his dangerous policy decisions, and continues to praise racism rags like Breitbart, which is now losing tons of money because they keep losing advertisers.
  • Trump decides to take water back to the good old days when rivers caught on fire and we didn't have protections.

It's always heart-breaking when a man who identifies as a feminist is discovered to be abusing women. Self-proclaimed feminist Jamie Kilstein was kicked off Citizen Radio for doing just that. I can relate to Kilstein because, I too have the hormones that make me want to have sex with everything that moves, I too grew up with movies where manly men forcibly grab non-consenting women and kiss them to make them fall in love, and I too sometimes have a difficult time squaring my new-found feminism with what I've been told is romantic or passionate. But I hope to do something that Kilstein has not done: admit that I have wronged women. I understand that the American legal system punishes the truth, and that Kilstein may be keeping quite for fear of a lawsuit, but he should at least have the decency to say what I'm saying now, "To every woman whom I have hurt, I sincerely apologize. It is wrong to make women feel pressured or frightened, and that is never my intention."

Adding lyrics to the music of Civilization.

A postmortem for the game Myst.

When you finally tell your adult son there is no god.

Why Hollywood has gotten better at depicting science in the movies.