April, 2017


Feeling: Frustrated

  • Republicans once again fail to be fiscally conservative. With Trump's massive tax cuts for the extremely wealthy and increased spending being approved by his fellow Republicans, the national debt will be rising even faster.
  • Even Trump's most ardent supporters didn't expect much out of him, but he couldn't even meet their low standards. Trump has failed to make good on nearly all of his campaign promises (border wall, health care, Muslim ban, defeated ISIS, tough on China, etc.), but still likes to pretend that he's the most accomplished president in history. Well, he has accomplished some things. But let's not kid ourselves, he's making out like a bandit stealing tax payer's money.
  • Since he rarely has any idea what he's getting into, it's no surprise that Trump is shocked that being President is hard work. At least, it would be if he actually did any work. Thankfully, social media is having a field day with his whining.
  • The UK has conducted a study showing that they're polluting the air beyond their standards and it's killing around 40,000 people prematurely each year, however, politicians are trying to delay the release of the study because they think it will interfere with the nation's upcoming elections. In fact, a group of lawyers representing people who don't want to die from lung cancer had to sue the government to force them to release the study. Gee, I wonder what type of people would want to prevent the spread of life-threatening knowledge because it may hurt their chances of getting elected? In America, we call them Republicans.
  • The NRA's latest spokesman, Bill Whittle, believes black people are inferior to white people.
  • Betsy DeVos likes to talk about how her plan of destroying public school and replacing them with for-profit schools will be great, so let's look at what she's accomplished with all her hard work in Michigan.
  • Trump continues to be a puppet for oil companies.

The North Korean nuclear missile program may not be a problem for the US now, but it is expected to be a real problem in just a few years.

Yet another Pew poll shows that, the more education a person receives, the less likely they are to be religious.

PZ Myers has a good post about free speech. It means everyone has the right to say what they want, it doesn't mean everyone gets free access to university resources, especially when their speech is non-academic and factually incorrect, like Ann Coulter.

Pastor Greg Locke makes a very anti-climatic protest video about all the people who donated to Planned Parenthood in his honor.

The South still doesn't understand how honoring their Southern heritage really does honor slavery.

Non-believers are familiar with Christians threatening them with Jesus.

Atheists, much like people who don't play baseball, do not have a conduct.


Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump keeps making unconstitutional executive orders, and judges keep shooting them down. A sane person would stop making unconstitutional executive orders, but Trump's solution involves trying to eliminate the judges. Really, Trump has nobody to blame but himself, as he's responsible for filling the many empty judge seats that Republicans refused to Obama fill on the gamble that they would take power again, but he can't be pulled away from the golf course long enough to actually do it.
  • Republican Mike Enzi states publicly that people who dress according to his standards are kind of asking to get into fist fights.
  • We didn't elect Ivanka Trump or her husband Jared Kushner, but they're running the country anyway.
  • Republican Mark Green, who Trump wants as the new Secretary of the Army, can't stop lying about transgender people, even to the point of claiming psychiatrists call transgender a disease. They do not.
  • Trump tariffs Canadian wood is not the titles of a gay porn, but should be.
  • Trump believes that immigrants are dangerous people and the country needs to spend extra time and money focusing on them, when, in fact, immigrants are less likely than native-born Americans to commit crimes. This makes sense when you think about it. If you're driving without your license, aren't you more careful to follow traffic laws?
  • Donald Trump doesn't know how to pronounce the word "Nazi," which I guess is a good thing?
  • Trump on The Daily Show.

The Christian pastor who said the people murdered in the Pulse nightclub shooting deserved to be murdered because they were gay has just been sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison for molesting children.

The oddity of mirror image molecules.

Is Facebook help Pakistan catch blasphemers? You know, the country that executes them?

Why you're always tired, and what you can do about it.

This is why racial minorities don't trust the police.

Such a failure

Feeling: Annoyed

  • Donald Trump made a big deal about all the major changes he was going to get done in his first 100 days in office, but with nothing done and the 100 day mark nearly upon us, he is now trying to distance himself from his ridiculous claims and is even threatening to shut down the government if his fellow Republicans don't give him what he wants.
  • Trump's tax plan is really truly awful. He stands to personally gain tens of millions of dollars by cutting his own taxes (and other extremely wealthy people's) in half, while the rest of us will only see minor cuts. And how will the government continue to function with all this missing revenue? Trump claims the economy will grow hugely to make up for this loss, but there isn't an economist alive who think the tax cut could possibly grow fast enough to make up for the loss. Essentially, the government will once again be running a severe deficit, which happens every time Republicans are in charge.
  • Trump continues to overstep his authority, this time by trying to withhold funding to states that help refugees and immigrants. Thankfully, the Judicial branch of the US is still putting him in his place and blocking his unconstitutional bills, but if Trump ever does his job and appoints the several dozen judge seats that need to be filled, we may not even be able to say that.
  • No Ivanka, your father is not a champion for women's rights, he's a serial sexual harasser. And you're not much better since your clothes are made in Chinese sweat shops.
  • An interesting point, Trump has no values, no morals, no beliefs, no ideals, he is a nothing.
  • Bill O'Reilly has been fired for years of sexual harassment and it's great to play him off.
  • Peggy Whitson, who has become the Astronaut who spent the most time in space, made a great jab at Trump about drinking pee.
  • Republicans are still trying to destroy health care, but this time they remembered to exempt themselves from their own shitty bill.
  • More information has come to light about Trump's original security advisor, Michael Flynn. As a retired Lieutenant General in the US military with access to State secrets, Flynn is supposed to obtain government permission before receiving money from foreign countries. Flynn claims he spoke with a Defense Intelligence Agency before and after speaking in Russia, but he somehow forgot to mention that Russia gave him tens of thousands of dollars. There is also evidence that he failed to disclose money received for helping the Turkish government as well.
  • Trump had to be reminded 11 times that he couldn't make a trade deal with Germany (or any other EU country) directly before finally understanding that he had to make trade deals with the EU.
  • Are your appliances Energy Star compliant? Well, that's another piece of environmentalism Trump is trying to eliminate.

You can now buy Plan B in vending machines on the University of California, Davis campus. Naturally, Christians are freaking out that other people be allowed access to birth control.

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin prison slowly tortured one of their their mentally-unstable inmates to death by shutting off the water to his cell and refusing to give him water with his meals until he died.

Keep you chin up, you're doing better than you think.

Some interesting facts about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game franchise.

What's the deal with menopause?

Not with a whimper, but with a bang

Feeling: Annoyed

  • It looks like the same hackers who successfully destabilized democracy in the USA by helping Trump get elected are now working to get another White Nationalist elected in France.
  • Trump is calling all US Senators to the White House to talk about North Korea. Which of the two tubby narcissistic unstable power-hungry men with a bad haircuts and daddy issues might kill us all? Hard to say, but one thing we do know for certain, Trump really has a boner for authoritarian dictators.
  • If you go through an airport, you may be forced to give the US government passwords to your private devices and applications or denied access to your flight (with no refunds) thanks to the current Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, appointed by Donald Trump. When confronted about the viocation of their civil rights, Kelly said Americans should shut up.
  • Only the stupidest of Trump voters actually believed Mexico would pay for a border wall, and now Trump is threatening to shut down the government if his fellow Republicans won't divert $21,600,000,000 from their own programs to pay for his useless wall. The last three times Republicans shut down the US Government because they couldn't have their way had some pretty dire consequences, but if my options are no government or a government with Trump in charge, I think I'd prefer no government.
  • They're few and far between, but I have to hand it to Judge J. Douglas McCullough who purposely stepped down a few days before his mandatory retirement to prevent a Republican power grab from taking place.
  • Trump is using official government websites to advertise for his property.
  • Who will Trump pick? His inexperienced Jewish son-in-law, or his experienced white supremacist?
  • Just a reminder that our president cannot speak in coherent sentences.

Islam is the religion of peace.

A day in the life of useless robot builder, Simone Giertz.

The importance of teaching computers to know fact from popular fiction.

That Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad would have been a lot different if she were black.

Protest was great!

Feeling: Determined


The March For Science was wonderful and the signs were hilarious. I don'cease funding to scientific research, but it was a great way to let the public know that he is cutting funding for something useful to afford more war.

I beat all of the maps in Mini Metro in normal mode. I also finished reading Catcher In the Rye, and thought it was terrible.

  • The Murdoch family (ultra-Conservative owners of Fox News, and many other propaganda mills) has their hands full. All the sexual harassment settlements between Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly and the bribery and hacking scandals may prevent them from ever buying Sky.
  • Trump still wants to send the US back into the stone age with coal-dependency, meanwhile Great Britain is officially coal free.
  • Ah yes, more of that small government state's rights that Republicans are always demanding.
  • Trump is eliminating public access to the EPA's data.
  • The female Trump that might become Prime Minister of France. I hope the French aren't as stupid as Americans.
  • Most Americans are now in favor of the legalization of marijuana, but Trump's cavemen are old enough to still be hypnotized by Reefer Madness!
  • Despite Trump censoring the White House's visitor log, someone was able to get a hold of it!

Police officer Caleb Johnson of Grand Rapids, Michigan pointed loaded guns at several children between the ages of 12 and 14 as they were walking home after playing basketball. The boys begin crying and begging not to be killed after officer Johnson demanded they get on the ground. Afterward, they were handcuffed and questioned. Why? Someone called the police about a fight in the area, and one person may have a gun. Why did the officers think these kids were involved? Probably because they were black. The police insist they were just following procedure and didn't do anything wrong.

Want to be depressed? Read some of the posts attributed to #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear.

Saudi Arabia has a very poor track record with women's rights. Women are not allowed to do even simple every-day tasks like drive a car or comb their hair in public. So, why are they now part of the UN's Women's Rights Commission?

Court ordered rape is a thing in Swaziland.

If you're poor, San Antonio, Texas Mayor Ivy Taylor has the solution, become a better Christian and you won't be poor.

Feminist Frequency visits Spotify.

Heading to the protest!

Feeling: Excited


I'll be protesting for science tomorrow in Ann Arbor!

  • If you want to stop people who protect unscrupulous serial sexual harassers (the way Fox News protected Bill O'Reilly), don't bother appealing to their conscience, appeal to their wallet.
  • Trump is gouging the American science budget, but Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains why America needs science.
  • Racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions is amazed that a judge on a tiny island in the Pacific can block Trump's Muslim ban. So, Hawaiians had to remind Sessions that, Hawaii is actually a state with 1.5 million Americans living in it, Hawaii isn't an island, but a collection of several islands, and the US Constitution gives the state judge the authority to stop Trump from violating it.
  • After a long fight for equality, atheists were finally allowed to give invocations at the Arizona State Capitol. However, the Republicans there refuse to accept philosophically secular invocations, so they keep holding Christian prayers after the secular invocations.
  • Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the Conservative who wields his gavel as a political tool by refusing to uphold national law, is on suspension, and will likely remain so after a special court of his piers convened!
  • Remember the judge who Trump said couldn't be trusted because his parents were born in Mexico? Well, now he's hearing the case of a man who claims he was illegally deported by Trump.
  • The Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, better known as the G.I. Bill, is a law created to aid veterans returning from war by helping them in finding work, a place to live, and an education. Soldiers usually lose their jobs when they enter the military and, though they receive a military education, knowing how to reload a battleship's cannon doesn't transition well into the civilian job market. This is the least we can do for people we send to potentially die in a far away land so we can have cheaper gas prices and the G.I. Bill has been hailed as a success by economists and sociologists, but there is no success that Republicans can't ruin. A Tennessee Republican is trying to pass a law that would force US soldiers to buy into the program at a cost of $2,400. I wonder if the goal is to make it so really poor soldiers can't afford to buy in, and then the US won't have to pay for any of their future benefits?
  • Frank Artiles, the Republican who likes to throw around the N-word, well, one of them anyway, is resigning.
  • Trump's pick for Army Secretary, Mark Green, believes that transgender people, like ISIS, are diseased, evil, and need to be crushed because the bible tells him so.

Oprah is a terrible person for promoting fake medicine, but now she's promoting Christian pastors who spout hate-speech against the LGBT communities.

An atheist football player talks to Bill Nye about science. Also, Bill Nye answers questions.

When the US court system has to decide if ghosts are real.

The complex way the SNES handles graphics.

Iranian women are protesting their country's mandatory head-scarf laws by posting pictures of their hair on social media.

Pepsi sucks.

Happy Ask an Atheist Day!

Feeling: Happy


How and why random numbers are generated in Super Mario World.

A lot of Christians are afraid that by doing Yoga they're accidentally worshiping Shiva and angering their wrathful jealous god, so one Catholic School has decided to rename Yoga to "Lifestyle Fitness," in order to prevent the "spiritual harm" caused by Yoga.

In case you haven't seen enough videos debunking Pascal's Wager AKA the What If You're Wrong argument.

Cults and religions differ more than just their age. It's really about control.

Why is North Korea so odd? Mostly because other nations kept screwing with them.

A glimmer of hope?

Feeling: Annoyed

  • The disappointment in Republicans is making it possible for Democrats to almost reach victory even in Georgia. I hope this hate-fire burns as bright come the midterm elections.
  • Trump praises the new autocratic leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who took power after a rigged election. Is Trump knowingly applauding dictators, or is he just trying to curry the favor of dictators because he owns buildings in Turkey?
  • Two facts. One, Trump made his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the head of several major aspects of the Federal Government. Two, Steven Bannon hates Democrats and thinks everyone who isn't as bigoted as he is is a Democrat. But why is Bannon mad at Kushner? The majority of the world is less-racist than Bannon. Bannon should really be mad at Trump. After all, it's Trump's incompetence that put someone woefully unqualified like Kushner in charge of everything, Trump is the one ousted Bannon and couldn't even replace him properly, Trump is ultimately responsible for the many, many failures in his presidency so far. And yet, like a child who hates his sibling because Daddy likes him best, Bannon lashes out at Kushner.
  • It looks like Fox "News" is going to fire Bill O'Reilly. No, not for sexually harassing all those women, but because he's losing advertising dollars.
  • Trump has complained that all these Liberal judges are obstructing his work, but his administration has the authority to appoint new judges, and they just haven't gotten around to it yet. Turns out, when you play golf every other day, it's hard to get your job done.
  • CNN is less of a news channel and more of an entertainment channel. Much like Fox "News," They hire people to say incorrect, often racist things, to create a false conflict, to increase ratings. This makes CNN viewers less-informed.
  • Alex Jones is a certifiable nut case--racist, sexist, and bigoted all around--but when he wants control of his children, he pretends it's all an act.
  • Trump is too incompetent to even know what his own navy is doing, but he could start a nuclear war with North Korea, so, there's that.
  • Trump supporters used social media to organize a riot at a peaceful Berkeley protest, even to the point of training other Trump supporters on how to smuggle weapons past security. And after they attacked and injured several protesters, most of the rioters avoided arrest. This sets a pretty dangerous precedent for future peaceful protests, like the March For Science which I'm attending this Saturday.
  • In order for dictators to thrive, they need to control how their subjects receive their information. This can be done in various ways, creating false new, censoring information, and ceasing all public discourse. Trump's administration is guilty of all three.
  • Like everything else the White House does, their children's Easter egg hunt was a mess.

Where did the antivax movement come from? It's a combination of ignorance and greed.

Meet the scientist who ran the lab which synthesized several of the heaviest elements.

Not so shocking, the "non-profit" PhRMA which is trying to keep prescription drugs from other countries banned in the US is funded by American prescription drug companies.

Four science riddles and their solutions.

Country still off track

Feeling: Annoyed

  • The US military claims they bombed an al-Qaeda meeting site. But locals and a London-based human rights watchdog group says they bombed a peaceful mosque killing 38 civilians.
  • Donald Trump is still dealing with countless lawsuits, but his lawyers are trying an interesting tactic. They're claiming he can't be sued for damages because he's the President. Their hope is, Presidents, like kings and pharaohs, are above the law.
  • Let's hope France doesn't screw the pooch the way the USA and the UK did. And speaking of John Oliver, Christian Republicans love killing people, Trump changed his mind on everything he campaigned for, and Sean Spicer doesn't know much about the Holocaust.
  • Republicans have had enough of those damn voters using town halls to express their political concerns! Of course, Republicans don't go to their town hall meetings, so...
  • As Trump destroys safety regulations and watchdog organizations between rounds of golf, there is a massive tire fire in Texas billowing toxic smoke into the neighborhood and the nearest fire hydrant is four miles away.
  • Recently, Chechnya, a republic of Russia, has been accused of having a homosexual prison where inmates are tortured for the "crime" of being gay. Chechen politicians say it's a lie, but they refuse to let independent journalists investigate, and those who originally broke the story are in hiding due to death threats.
  • Trump's ultra-Conservative judge, Neil Gorsuch has already embarrassed himself on his first cases, asking and re-asking the senior judges why they don't just go with the plain-English interpretation of the law for their rulings. The other judges, and even the lawyers, had to keep reminding him that there are no plain-English interpretations on these laws because they're all ambiguously worded. Gorsuch reminds me of a young-earth creationist who claims to believe in a literal interpretation of the bible, and can't comprehend why every other young-earth creationist who also claims to believe in a literal interpretation of the bible disagrees with him.
  • Another rich white man busts unions.
  • Betsy DeVos, Trump's Secretary of Education who is trying to replace public schools with for-profit Christian schools, "forgot" to disclose a $125,000 donation to the Republican group that is trying to eliminate worker unions in Michigan. And her employees can't spell "education."
  • Not so surprising, the Office of Government Ethics has seen an unprecedented surge in complaints and requests since Trump took office. Unfortunately, it's the Republicans who get to decide if anything gets done about it, and they're being as hypocritical as ever.

Delicious schadenfreude, despite getting a massive state tax break under the pretense that it would be a big draw for the local economy, Ken Ham's Ark Encounter is failing to draw any visitors.

Black holes from the beginning of the universe. No big deal.

Another bashing of The Case For Christ, where a journalist shows how they don't care about journalistic integrity when it comes to religion.

The always boring ontological argument.

Nation is still in reverse

Feeling: Frustrated


I hear Trump's increasing the chocolate ration to 20 grams. That's doubleplus good.

  • Why did people vote For Trump? Was it love of authoritarianism? Was it hatred of the poor? Yes, it was those things, but more than anything else, it was racism.
  • Trump's father may have given him millions of dollars when he was young, but he didn't give him even a single lesson in self-control. Because of this, the US military strategy under Trump can accurately be described as, bomb whoever last mocked me on Twitter. This makes me a bit apprehensive to hear Mike Pence say we're done with an era of strategic patience with North Korea.
  • Berkeley, California saw a violent protest between Liberals and Trump supporters, and, by Trump supporters, I mean KKK, alt-right, neo-Nazis, and various other white supremacists.
  • Millions of protesters in over 150 cities across the nation gathered to protest Trump and demand the release of his tax returns. Trump responded by claiming the protest was both small and full of paid protesters.
  • Even in Kentucky, where 90% of the state's energy is from burning coal, businesses are pressuring the state to switch to greener renewable energy. Trump will not bring back horribly dangerous energy.
  • More of the unintended consequences of Trump's bigotry, rape increases.
  • What most Americans don't know about taxes is costing them a lot of money, and favors the wealthy. For example, by re-branding the estate tax as the "death tax," Republicans have convinced a large percentage of Americans to dislike the idea, even though it only affects the extremely rich. Also, most Americans think the rich pay more in taxes than they used to, but they actually pay far less, and sometimes none at all. This will only get worse as Trump plans to cut taxes ever further for the richest people in the country.

An in-depth video about how a Muslim apologist decided to finally treat the religion with the same objectivity as any other bad idea. The reality is, the only was Muslim apologists can make the religion sound less evil is to lie about it. However, there are still plenty of progressive Muslims out there who aren't nearly as evil as their religion demands they be.

Judge Thomas Low calls a man "good," "great," and "wonderful," after he was found guilty of raping two of his own relatives, even as one of the victims was present in the courtroom. Why would the judge praise an incestuous rapist in front of his victims? The rapist was a Bishop in the Latter Day Saints church.

Bayesian analysis is often counter intuitive, but extremely important to know.

A generous man who makes the rest of us look bad.

You can't kill a hydra by chopping off its heads

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Trump and the US military may be patting themselves on the pack for bombing some ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, but, because the bomb was so large, several houses within a three mile radius were destroyed by falling rocks. A tribal elder near the detonation site explained that several civilians were still living in the blast area and those who survived are now horribly injured. We've know this for many years now, you can't stop this type of terrorist uprising with bigger bombs. You may kill some fighters, but you create several more by destroying all the reasons they had to live a normal life in the first place.
  • Another air strike in Syria, another 18 allies dead. Obama certainly killed his fair share of civilians and allies, but at least under his administration the White House scrutinized every military strike; Trump gave the US military carte blanche. Bombs away!
  • NPR shows, using Trumps own words, how he has been outspoken both for and against every major political issue. He really has no beliefs at all.
  • With Steven Bannon on the out, Trump is trying to distance himself from him claiming he didn't know him until just before becoming president (so why did he choose him?), but that is a lie, the two have been in cahoots since 2011. The New York Times calls him out on several more lies as well.
  • The Late Show has come up with some pretty clever descriptions for the monsters in the Trump Administration.
  • Republican Markwayne Mullin was reminded by one of his constituents that his salary comes from US taxpayers, to which he responded, "That's bullcrap... I pay for myself! This is a service, no one pays me to go." Yes, he's doing his voters a favor just by showing up and looking so pretty.
  • Trump lost another one of his lawsuits today. Back in 2014, he hired a painting company to paint one of his golf courses, and then, true to form, refused to pay them after they finished. It took a couple years, but the lawsuit has finished, and Trump will have to pay the original cost, the lawyer's fees, and a penalty fee, but it's still chump change to him. Hopefully, as he continues to lose lawsuits, he will end up having to declare bankruptcy for a seventh time.
  • Esquire points out the fact that Republicans are delicate snowflakes.

Christian Pastor Kevin Swanson is human garbage.

Want to know more about SHA?

When pressed for examples, American Christians often cite their inability to indoctrinate other people's children as an example of their persecution. This is slightly different than the persecution of secular people in Muslim nations where they're routinely murdered.

Why it's a horrible idea that the USA uses your Social Security Number as a unique identifier.

Sheesh, you stop a few handcuffed people, and suddenly you're not fit to be a police officer anymore?

In Canada, the state can take away your foster children if you refuse to lie to them.

Why you see strange colors at the edges of the screen in some Nintendo games.

To recap the Michigan water problem, Flint still has poisoned drinking water, but the state is considering letting Nestle pump 400 gallons of water a minute for it's Ice Mountain bottled water. It already pumps 250 gallons every minute.

Another day, another despicable act by our president

Feeling: Frustrated

  • A couple of minor issues with Trump's explanation of his bombing of Syria. He couldn't even remember which country he bombed, but he did remember what he had for dessert (his country club serves the best chocolate cake, it's beautiful!). He was amazed that all 59 missiles hit their target (they are filled with sensor equipment and cost $1,870,000 a piece, they better hit their target!). And, even though the bombing cost US taxpayers $110,000,000 in missiles alone, the airfield Trump bombed is still operational. Mission accomplished!
  • Speaking of bombing, today the US military dropped a bomb in Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border. They claimed the area contained ISIS tunnels, but also wanted to take revenge for the death of a US soldier. The bomb they dropped was a GBU-43/B MOAB which is 30' long, weighs 21,600 lbs., has an 11-ton yield. To produce the bomb, the US spent $314,000,000, and each bomb made costs $16,000,000 (had we not made this bomb, we could have sent 1,820 people to Harvard for four years each). It's the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal, and, even though it has been in service since 2003, it has never been used before today because the blast radius is so large it's very difficult to avoid killing civilians. The White House and the US military are all smiles, but neither they nor the Afghani government seem to have any idea how many civilians, Afghani troops, or ISIS fighters were killed in the blast, if any. Despite their ignorance, Trump says the bombing makes a "tremendous difference" in stopping ISIS. Mission accomplished!
  • Trump is still claiming that Obama wiretapped him, which will cost taxpayers even more to continue the Congressional investigation, even though the team can't find any evidence to support his baseless claim.
  • Americans often mock Islam because many areas have religious police, policemen who roam the land enforcing Koranic rules. Well, Alabama is trying to copy them.
  • Everyone's favorite fake-historian, David Barton, rewrites a Thomas Jefferson quote about Yellow Fever to make it about anti-immigration.
  • Kentucky has problems. They rank high in levels of poverty and incarceration, but low in quality of life and GDP. But don't worry, Kentucky Republicans have devised a way to solve all these problems. They're going to force all government documents to list the year as, "2017 In the Year of our Lord."
  • Nazi and KKK vandalism has skyrocketed ever since Trump was elected.
  • Republican Larry Pittman believes that Abraham Lincoln was the same sort of tyrant as Hitler because he started the American Civil War.

Ellinor Grimmark argued that she shouldn't be expected to do her job because she was a Christian. While this may fly in the USA, Sweden doesn't allow that crap.

Why aren't there more atheists in Congress?

There is an important distinction between something drying out and setting.

If the sale of college textbooks were honest.

George Hrab's Misconception Song. How many do you believe?

And it just so happens

Feeling: Frustrated

  • Bill O'Reilly is taking a two week vacation, but if has nothing to do with him losing all his sponsors because he paid out $15,000,000 in lawsuits for sexually harassing so many women and masturbating to them over the phone, and it has nothing to do with him laughing David Dao, the Asian doctor who was knocked unconscious by Chicago police for refusing to give up the seat he paid for on a United flight. No, he wants to spend more time with his family.
  • Robert Bentley, Republican Governor of Alabama, just resigned after it became public knowledge that, while preaching a message of the importance of Christian family values from his office, he had been cheating on his wife with an employee.
  • Trump's air strike was just like the man himself, misguided and impotent. The millions of dollars we spent on missiles to destroy the airfield didn't even destroy the airfield! If you're wondering about the whos and whys of Syria, here's a quick recap of the conflict, and Trump's hair-brained reaction.
  • Like every move Trump has made so far, his poorly-thought out halting of all Federal hiring has had disastrous effects. The FDA hasn't able to approve new drugs, the Veterans Affairs offices haven't been able to treat veterans, social security checks haven't been mailed to seniors on time, prisons don't have enough guards, military bases haven't been able to provide childcare to the families of soldiers, and so forth. So, Trump is finally lifting his stupid ban.
  • Where did the $15,000,000 come from that helped get Neil Gorsuch appointed to the US Supreme Court?
  • Betsy DeVos is making it easier for companies to target students with predatory lending practices.

When a Texas gun fondler doesn't understand why it's wrong that you can have a gun in public, but not a dildo.

Christian pastor Kenneth Adkins has been found guilty on 8 counts of child molestation as he was a 50-year-old man who repeatedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl. Adkins's lawyer kept trying to convince the jury that the accusers were liars, sociopaths, desperate for money, and trying to hurt Adkins because he is a well-known hate-preacher against homosexuals.

If life was a video game.

The new £5 note is pretty tough.

Why can't tax returns be this fun?

And when I meet Thomas Jefferson, I'm-a compel him to include women in the sequel

Feeling: Excited


I'm officially older.

  • Boming Syria doesn't make Trump seem more presidential. He is a man-baby who constantly throws tantrums.
  • The Republican Party will be forever be known as the anti-intellectual group who ruined American democracy because they people wouldn't vote for their terrible ideas.
  • Trump has really brought the White House back to its Whites only roots, and while he may not have a token black man, he at least allows a token white woman sit in the same room. Oh wait, this isn't the White House, it's his vacation resort that we're paying for.
  • Texas Republicans are following Trump's lead and taking $20,000,000 from clean air funding and using it on anti-abortion propaganda.
  • Trump is probably golfing as I type this, and while he doesn't want to have to do the work a president is expected to do, he doesn't want anyone else to get credit for doing his job for him.
  • Christian white male Republicans want everyone to know that they own the USA, and are looking forward to the passing of their law that allows tax-exempt preachers to tell their congregations to vote for them. An they seriously still believe that Trump is a good Christian.
  • It bothers me a little that there are self-proclaimed news sources out there where real news is ignored so they can promote propaganda, but it bothers me a lot that they're watched by Americans more than real news sources.
  • Authoritarians like the Trump administration eliminate the arts, not because they want to save money, but because they understand that art provokes anger at anything that discourages freedom.
  • Two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef are now severely damaged due to the Chinese climate change hoax.
  • You know Trump isn't having things his way when a Kentucky Coal Museum has to install solar panels to save on their electricity bills.

It's amazing to see such a global shift from a couple decades ago when homosexuality was illegal in dozens of nations, to now when straight men are holding hands in public in a show of solidarity against those who still have such backward views.

There aren't nearly enough educated people in politics, probably because they have such a hard time dealing with all the bullshit.

You know Christianity is on the decline in the UK when a quarter of the people who call themselves Christians don't even believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

How scientists found water on the moon.

Provoke outrage, outright

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Having an early birthday party tomorrow, like a boss.

  • During his election campaign, Trump said it would be foolish of Obama to attack Syria. But, as the breeze changes, so does Trump's tiny mind, and his America-first attitude has been replaced with the bombing of Syria. Trump refused to let any refugees into the safety of our country, but he has no problem obliterating the nation. Russia is calling it a violation of International Law, but Trump wasn't even able to issue an air strike properly, because Syrians appear to have anticipated his attack and move their more important vehicles out of harm's way.
  • Neil Gorsuch, a true unAmerican hero, has been confirmed for the US Supreme Court. This is a sad day because, even if the Trump administration goes down in flames, he will still be there, casting a pall on our nation's future. Naturally, ever group that favors the separation of church and state is thoroughly pissed.
  • If there's one thing you can say about Republicans, they stand together in solidarity to protect each other from the enraged hordes of women they've sexually assaulted.
  • Meliania Trump does not keep her father in check, despite her simple-minded beliefs.
  • There really isn't any doubt anymore, Russia spent a lot of money, time, and effort to undermine the US election in favor of Trump.
  • Sean Spicer's rhetoric makes a lot more sense if you assume he's talking to little children, well, except when he's trying to denounce hate crimes, which he can't seem to do.
  • Trump may have put his son-in-law in charge of most of the US government, but that doesn't mean he isn't also a big player in the Russian government.
  • Why did Trump demote Bannon? Apparently, he called Trump's son-in-law a cuck.
  • The Obama administration helped students pay back their student loans through payments rather than default and ruin their credit scored. Betsy DeVos, who cares more about banks than students, rescinded that help.
  • Trump claimed that Democrat Elijah Cummings said, "he would go down as one of the great president in the history of our country." Needless to say, Cummings said nothing of the sort.

How YouTube monetizes advertisements.

Why did Americans stop going to the Moon?

Simone Giertz tries out her new manicuring robot.

Another immigrant comin' up from the bottom

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  • The US Senate requires more than a simple majority vote on issues of major political importance, like, for example, voting in a new Supreme Court Justice. By needing a 60% agreement, the country is kept on a more stable path. Republicans, in particular Trump and Mitch McConnell, just used the so-called nuclear approach to get their pick approved, which means Justices can now be approved by a simple majority. While this favors the Republicans for now, they're going to be very upset when a Supreme Court Justice needs to be approved when Democrats are next in control of the Senate. This is typical of what we've come to expect from the very short-sighted Republican Party. They would never pass the marshmallow test.
  • Even more frustrating is that this major decision was made in light of the Russian investigation that continues to get worse. The lead Republican investigator, Devin Nunes, just stepped down from the committee now that he is the target of another an ethics investigation!
  • Is anyone shocked that an admitted sexual predator signed an executive order to eliminate sexual harassment protections for women?
  • After appointing his family to be in charge of pretty much the entire Federal government, the Secret Service is now pointing out the fact that they don't have enough money or manpower to protect his moronic spawn. In fact, agents have been pulled away from their real work to guard the Trumps on their extensive vacations. Trump is not only burning our tax money, he's also making the country more dangerous.
  • Sean Spicer keeps getting smaller, just like the nation's chances of remaining solvent.
  • Republicans get more upset with the people who expose their criminal acts than the people in their party who actually commit criminal acts.
  • As Seth Meyers points out, Trump continues to suck.

When high school student journalists discover their principal lied on her resume about her degree forcing her to resign.

How to dodge traffic.

An interesting study shows that students who attend ivy league colleges don't go on to earn more than those who attend regular state colleges.

Some wonderful new subtitles for this creationist propaganda film.

If I go there's just no telling how far I'll go

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  • Did Donald Trump and Steve Bannon break up?
  • ISIS often had a lot of terrible things to say about Obama, but they've been strangely silent about Trump. Why? Well, Obama made it clear that Muslims were welcome in America and part of American culture, and ISIS saw this as a threat to their message of violence and hate, but Trump, Trump outright bans Muslims from entering the country and says Islam hates America. He does more damage to America than ISIS could even dream of doing.
  • Trump, once again, lies his ass off. He claims that Obama spent $1 trillion and nothing was built, all the money went to social programs, but he's wrong about everything. It was actually $800 billion, there were thousands of construction projects spanning several years, and only a portion was spent on social programs. Of course, the social programs were wonderful and included increased education and vocational training, tax breaks, improved health coverage, and food stamps. Hilariously, at the time, Trump applauded Obama's stimulus package! Speaking of Trump sticking his foot in his mouth, remember when he said people only ask for immunity when they're guilty?
  • I'm really hoping the Republicans fail as bad as they did with health care reform when they get to putting slime like Gorsuch in the Supreme Court. Even though they're seeing fewer cases now, they still make a lot of very important decisions.
  • Christians are still fawning over Trump, even to the point of claiming that if you criticize him, their god will curse you!
  • Life for D'Ann Loop is difficult living in the USA, but still behind the border wall. This will become even more common with the expansion.
  • Whelp, it's official. Trump signed the repeal of the Internet privacy bill. Every aspect of your private life online can now be bought and sold without your consent.
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan is fighting Trump's bigotry by making it illegal for police to ask a person's immigration status. By not collecting the information, it's hard to be bigoted about it.

The Arch Bishop of York is very mad at Cadbury for having an "egg hunt," but not an "Easter egg hunt," because children searching for Pagan symbols is a very important part of Christianity.

Feminist Frequency shows up for GDC 2017.

Malaysian Muslims believe that life would be better for rape victims if they would just marry their rapists.

An early study shows that video games may be helpful in treating post traumatic stress disorder.

Watch me sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck

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Spent about three hours working on crown molding for our second bedroom. 20% finished! >:-(

I added a new Flash Card set for Discoveries By Scientists.

  • Republicans: See? Trump donated his pay checks to the National Parks Service! Sane People: He just cut the programs by $230,000,000, and he's only doing this to get a tax break.
  • One of the best things about Obamacare is that it forces insurers to insure people even if they have a preexisting condition. Before Obamacare, if someone was diagnosed with something awful like a brain tumor, it was pretty much impossible for them to get insurance, and unless that wanted to become a meth kingpin, they would probably die from their disease. Well, the Tea Party Caucus refuses to vote in favor of Trumpcare unless the preexisting condition is removed, effectively forcing sick people to die again. This is all part of the Republican's vile plan to make health insurance worse for the poor.
  • Trump's cabinet is just a hive of uneducated conspiracy theorists, and they can't learn from their mistakes.
  • Where traditional media fails at covering a non-traditional president, satirists succeed.
  • John Oliver explains why marijuana is illegal, argues in favor of state's rights for legalizing it, and shows how Federal Republicans are preventing it.
  • The Late Show does a recap of last week's talking points.
  • Trump's pet Devin Nunes is doing his part to ruin democracy.
  • Even George W. Bush thinks Trump is some "weird shit."

The US government is getting more bold at demanding private data from social media websites. All the more reason to not include your private data on web sites.

Pat Robertson cries that Christians like he are being "dominated" by homosexuals. Phrasing!

Mormons are becoming more and more like Evangelicals. This preacher says parents should give money to the church even if it means starving their own children.

The problem and joy of dams.

The FFRF goes to the Ark Encounter.


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Another high school creates a ridiculous girl's dress code for a dance, but to top it off, the girls who wear a modest enough dress get a lovely endearment for dogs.

Why does it feel like you've lost a family member when a dog dies? It might have something to do with 10,000 years of co-evolution.

Some rather odd results of food studies.

An interesting lecture by Bart Ehrman on the New Testament.